White People are a Highly Intelligent Race

Of all the races, one of the smartest races is the Caucasians. Of the Caucasians, the smartest are the Europeans. Some of the smarter Europeans come from the north of Europe, where blond hair and blue eyes are common. So all those blond jokes really make no sense. Blonds are some of the smartest people on Earth, as this video attests.

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35 thoughts on “White People are a Highly Intelligent Race”

  1. Kinda cute blond chicks like that get an artificial 20-point IQ bump in real life. Physically undesirable guys like me get an artificial 20-point IQ reduction in real life 🙂

    1. They picked the most inarticulate people to talk with out of a crowd of 150 people, and probably selectively sampled what they said. It was obviously produced by and for people who are/were prejudiced against the occupy movement.

  2. And she’s so fucking stupid! Alfred Hitchcock knew what a really good looking blond looked like.

    1. It reflects poorly on that guy or any guy that he would choose to breed with someone like that. That’s one thing that’s at the root of what’s wrong with the human race.

      1. Please, this video is nothing but entertainment value! A jewish probably made it to make white people look bad.

  3. That was priceless. I had seen that before , forgot how good it was.
    I loves me cute dumb chicks. There’s a certain charm. It’s like that real cool song you hear on the radio with the fresh simple beat . It perks your ears and makes you sing. Then the lack of complexity and hearing it 29 times a day on every radio station makes you weary of it real fast.
    You don’t marry chicks like that. Sure , dude thinks it’s all hi-jinks and kitten farts , what happens when you have to explain how to balance an account ? Or what a mortgage is ? Or where babies come from ?
    Have fun before for the bonbons kick in young Al Bundy, have your fun.

  4. The Aryan Blonde Man is the chosen race of God. Jesus had blonde hair and blue eyes. God was an Aryan man. He created Adam as an Aryan Man. His son Cain sinned and was cursed with a Mark, and his sons gave birth to Mediterraneans, Slavics. Abels sons were Aryans. Niggers and Mongols are not actually made in the image of God; they are not humans, but monkeys which God granted the ability of speech to serve Aryans.

  5. Blonde hair is heavenly symbolic of Gold. Blue eyes are the gemstone of Heaven. Dark melanin is Satan’s 666 Mark. All Aryans go to the New Jerusalem after death. Mongols, Niggers, and mudbloods go to the realm of Hades to suffer Gods wrath at their forefather Ham’s uncovering of Noah’s drunken penis.

    1. I have blond hair and blue eyes and I do not want to go to jeruselum after death! It is bad enough I had to put up with Zion’s while alive! I better not be going to that diabolical dessert after I kick it!

  6. This is a excellent post Mr. Lindsay. People like you are the last fighting hope for Blonde Aryan white man. Keep on preaching God’s good news; you have been chosen by God, you are His Aryan son created in God’s Aryan image. Have lots of Aryan babies with a Aryan woman and tell them the same. Mr. Lindsay I salute you for being Aryan sword against white guilt and nigger oppression, and Hitler should have killed all Jews. Are you involved with any Loyal Knight’s branches or Klans, or Aryan Brotherhoods near you locally? If not, join today. You are fine Aryan. Although I am a bit disappointed you allow nigger commentors on your site, and give them honour of debate. However, you can still preach word of God.

      1. Technically, I am not allowed to join Ku Klux Klan because I was born in Germany….membership only open to white born in America. I have tried multiple time to join KKK, but they said I have to be American born. I am blondie Aryan still, and my eyes are blue enough to crush a soldier with my gaze. I already joined Aryan Brotherhood and Sons of Aryan Warriors. I even have swatsika tattoo on chest over heart, in Germany, they frown strongly on Nazi stuff, so I wait till come America, then I get swatzika tattoo on left chest and another on arm. I am strongly built and display swatszika openly on street, so “gangsta” nigger dont mess with me, I look like Viking, with proud goatee that is blond colors. I stare Chinaman down yesterday, he looking at me, admiring superior Aryan physical characteristics of mine, I stare at his slant chink eyes and he quickly divert line of sight. I called a nigger bitch a nigger in front of her nigger husband last week, and the pussy just says, “Man, dont you have respect, this is 2013” haha! Stupid pussy nigger, only have balls in 20-1 ratio advantage, size advantage 100lbs, but when faced 1 on 1 with big bad Aryan warrior like me, they quickly become real pussy mind. I work at mechanics, fix cars, and I build lots of muscle during spare time, I have conceal and carry license, no nigger going to mess with me. I marry American Aryan woman here, have three Aryan kids. We are pregnant with the 4th, and we do not plan to stop until we have 7 Aryan kids in total. 7 is the number of God. I tell my brother in Germany to have lots of babies. He has 5 Aryan babies. Robert, it is still not late to have baby. Men do not become complete sterile until 60-70, judging by your picture, I say you are 40-50. Go fuck Aryan girls, have babies, lots of them. Pay for child support, it is worth money to save Aryan race.

        1. Hello Bob .
          I would like to take a moment to comment on the impressive variety of commenters to your site. I’m usually here for your level headed take on controversial topics. I do enjoy the comments as well. Quite the spectrum indeed. Every once in awhile you get one that knocks it out of the park. You are quite polarizing so it actually happens with frequency here. Some of these special posts are just like brain candy. They are so well crafted as to leave a very piquant image of the contributor’s state of mind and personality. Nothing vague at all. I was quite taken with the other dood y’all just banned. I’m interested to see the shelf life here.
          Good stuff man, good stuff.

  7. Get firearms permit and conceal weapon on your person at all times, because niggers they are savages and will rob and kill you. Always be ready to defend Aryan children and raise posterity for continuation of Aryan race. More dead niggers=Yay!

    1. There’s supposed to be a “not equal” sign between Carpet and Drapes, but the HTML removed it.

  8. Blazin Amazing,
    preaches the divinity of blonde people but forgot to preach the goodness too. Not be killing nigger randomly, because a minority of blacks are not nigger and deserve all our respect.

    1. Obviously not all Black people are a bunch of ghetto niggers. In fact, it is uncertain how many Blacks are “ghetto” like this. I have Blacks on my blog who are not even 1% ghetto.
      Hating all Black people just because a certain number of ghetto niggers act bad is WRONG. It’s racism. Racism is immoral. It is a wrong, an evil.

      1. WTF Robert? I thought you were proud Aryan!? Niggers are antithesis of Aryans. I do not mind some races like Japanese or Cherokee Indians, but ALL niggers are useless. Even if they are civilized, what do they contribute? At least Aryan man can use Asians as slave labor to make iPods and Toyotas, but niggers outlive usefulness since cotton field. The only use nigger have to Aryan man is to be used for medical experiment and testing new weapons on them. Aryan should NOT breed with Asian but can keep them as slaves to make iPhone and TV and cars. Nigger not needed anymore, we should kill all nigger along with Jew.

        1. You are a fucking filthy nigger lover Robert, you fucking antiwhite race traitor. Your mother is a whore and your father is a homosexual childmolester. Faggot worm you burn in hell. Jesus was Aryan and so was Hitler. Heil Hitler! Fuck Robert Lindsay; the race traiting Jew-loving nigger-loving Chink-loving manwhore. Banned? I hope so. I have had enough of this filthy Zionist blog. Heil Hitler! Robert Lindsay=Verboten!

      2. I believe that 30% of blacks are not nigger ghetto. Extrapolating to the numbers that would give a few million people in the U.S..
        The black race as a group is definitely lower than in all others, except perhaps to Aborigines, however, individually speaking a minority of blacks who are definitely not inferior to anyone. For the future, we must help this minority progressing in numbers, surpassing their inferior ” brothers” With this genetic manipulation could have an even be at the end of this century.
        Rather than wait longer until the deleterious genes are permanently stored in memory genetic archaic black man, with genetic manipulation, this amount of time can be reduced by half.
        The true and only logical racism, which can exist is one where you consider all blacks as similar to dumb animals we see in most of the periphery, it is clear that these people are not equal and should be preserved. It’s funny because we have a strong tendency to separate the whites into categories, but the same does not happen with the” minority”. There are minorities of Hispanics and blacks are definitely not bad people and should not be confused with other subtypes of its kind.

  9. Thanks Bob.
    I know you had some momentum in banning people and don’t like to do it, but…I knew that guy’s time was coming – and fast. At first I thought it was an act. However you do get some fringe types here and BAC sure seemed married to his ‘bit’. Guys like him make me feel a little embarrassed to be white. What a knuckle dragging turkey.
    Anywho, congrats, well done.

      1. I think that guy was kidding (“Jesus was an Aryan…”) In other words, we wasn’t who he claimed to be…I’ll let you decide what he really is…
        To all the genius commentators here- I have watched this video, and have determined that they, too, were also kidding…
        Come on, get your irony detectors out, you Einsteins!

  10. We can’t stand you either you POS! I bet white women dont give you the time of day cuz you are a huge YUK!!’n

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