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Here. They really tear me apart on this one. The title is, referring to me, “Crazy Racist Asshole (also a misogynist pig who LOVES sex-positive feminism, maybe he and SRBtP can hang?).” That’s great. I haven’t been complemented like that in a long time. God I love being called a crazy racist asshole and a misogynist pig! Few things light my fire like that!

I was searching for a final death toll for Katrina (re: linnjob saying “thousands” of black people died) and came across this crazy white power asshole (that would be me). Between the bland design and pseudo-academic writing, it’s easy to happen upon and not think much of. But the I checked out the About to see if he was legit before posting it here.

He goes on, freaking out on my About page, which most people don’t understand because most of it is tongue in cheek.

My About Page: Although I am generally opposed to racism, I do hate Gypsies.

I mean come on, man! That’s not even serious! It’s supposed to be funny, kids. They are also upset that a misogynist pig like me (Hey! That’s Mister Misogynist Pig to you!) could actually support some sort of feminism, but I do. So they think this part of the About page is nuts and baffling.

My About Page: I also support sex-positive feminism, riot girrls, (Naomi Wolf – qualified approval) and especially post-feminism. On the other hand, I am also a masculinist: I am a man, and I must be for myself. As a masculinist and a devoted libertine, I am opposed to gender feminism and radical feminism.

See below. It’s been quite some time since anyone has called me an over the top psychopath. That really made my day.

The point was that sex positive feminism, as I was pointing out, was attractive to self-interested straight men. In this case, an over the top psychopath was still able to find it useful. That does not discount it (something I never argued) but does buttress my point: straight men defending criticism of sex-positive feminism are quite possibly speaking from self-interest.

You got it! A lot of jerky, scummy, misogynist pig straight guys are totally down with sex positive feminism because they just want to get laid! Absolutely! They discovered our dirty little secret, damn. Honestly, these posts are so tiring. I do not consider myself to be any of these things:

  1. A White Supremacist – opposed to White Supremacism
  2. A racist – consider myself nonracist at least and am against racism in general
  3. A misogynist – Do not like misogyny or misogynists, never have
  4. A psychopath – psychologists have even told me I am not one

The Identitarian Left won’t quit calling me this stuff, and it really gets old.

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16 thoughts on “Robert Lindsay Hater Link for the Day”

  1. Political Correctness is a religion to the Identitarian Left who are intellectually bankrupt and poorly educated.
    You did say that if you not making someone, you’re doing your job. So it looks that you have been doing your job.

    1. Made typos in second paragraph. I meant to say:
      “You did say that if you not making someone mad, you’re not doing your job. So it looks that you have been doing your job.

  2. I think one of the reasons the Identitarians rag on you (and others) so hard is because they’re mandated by their religion to find prejudice and racism and misogyny (all of the White Male variety) literally everywhere.
    When they can’t find it in daily life (because most of it is made up) they scrounge the internet for whatever they can find. RL, you’re some of what they find so they need to paint you as the mythical Evil White Man.
    Predictably, this person did not try to engage with your views in anyway beyond damning them as “racist” and “misogynistic.”
    Ironically, these people are screwing themselves over by diluting the meaning of those words. As the saying goes, if everybody’s somebody than nobody’s anybody! So if everything is racist, than nothing is.
    Their shrillness and tendency to castrate and demonize people also makes them a lot of enemies.

  3. Not only is political correctness a religion for the Identitarian Left, but they have a non-White race fetish and it’s not healthy.
    It scares that they can vote, have children, teach children, hire & fire, and God knows what else.
    Those people either need help or be put on a island.

  4. “A psychopath – psychologists have even told me I am not one” big that means you are not one then?

    1. Sure, of course it does. Why wouldn’t it? I am sure they would have told me if I was one. With one of them, I even told him to go down the list and give me all the disorders that I qualify for, go for it, I can handle it.

      1. Once again Glorious bharat is getting exposed.
        Many indians schools have launched a Food program for Kids who cant feed themselves, this Auspicious program was full of hype and glory in early 2007, Indians were boasting that by 2015 , there will no hungry child left and all malnourishment will be abolished
        They even called UNICEF and WHO as Racist for publishing a review that over 52 percent of Young kids in india are severely malnourished
        Now coming to Food for all Program,Indians are right, they want to abolish child malnourishment by Killing children
        Many Indian schools are feeding poison to Poor kids, recently in one state 20 schools were told by Indian Education minister to mix Pesticides in Food and feed kids,many kids have died and the number is increasing
        Welcome ,Ladies and Gentlemen to Glorious India
        If you are born poor, you will treated like beggar, All hype about eliminating hunger is bullshit, all those NGO’s,Foreign Aid organizations of USA who are financing/Donating for this Program Launched by Indian government to feed indian kids, you are duped big time ,your money is wasted of Feeding indian EGO not hungry kids

        1. Hindutva is on full swing in India, the champion of Hindutva movement is dreaming to become a Prime minister, perhaps he might end up becoming one.
          How his cheerleaders and chest thumpers of India have made this man an Avatar.

          There are over 18,000 Online Hindutva volunteers who get 2 INR for post, Basically Hindutvas have entered into mainstream through great PR and perception management.

    1. Yep he made it all up. Not only that, but I have a teaching credential with the state of California. They go over your whole record for that, even arrests, not just convictions. You have to have a pretty clean record. I have had a few arrests, and there my case had to go before a committee to be approved before they let me into the program.
      If I have any convictions or even arrests for any crimes involving children, God forbid child molestation, they would pull my credential just like that, I assure you.
      All lies. Was not arrested for child molestation in 1987. In fact, never been arrested for child molestation ever and never been arrested even for any crimes involving minors.

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