Bigfoot News July 14, 2013

Chris Sands sees Dyer’s Bigfoot body. From everything I can gather, Chris Sands was able to view Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot body on his trip to Las Vegas on the weekend of June 21. However, he doesn’t seem to be talking much about it, probably due to his NDA. However, others that have seen the body are talking despite their NDA’s, but I will not name those people.
Frank Cali talks about me on Dyer’s Bigfoot blog. It’s a stupid waste of a post, and I am not even going to bother linking to it. I don’t even know why he bothered to write it. Frank is in very deep with Rick now, and he is nothing but Rick’s echo chamber. In my post, I said if Frank is writing all of Rick’s posts now, he sure is a lousy writer.
Embarrassingly oblivious to his own seventh-grade writing level, Frank Cali has made my point for me. Just a few examples out of many, Cali’s words beside the correct words:
*”self claimed”/”self-proclaimed”
*”Lindsay don’t want to know the facts for he so called blog”/”Lindsay doesn’t want to know the facts for his so-called blog”
*”While I may not be the best writer in the world.”/end of sentence? this is not even a sentence
*”They will never got within a mile of the body and you and they never will.”/huh?
Some see making such criticisms as being a grammar Nazi, but broadly speaking, there are two categories of writing skills: adult writing and child writing. David Durrett used to practice adult writing in the service of Rick’s blog. Not so with poor Frank Cali. The more Rick alienates the competent members of his circle, the more he finds he must rely on those with no backbone or talent.
This comment appeared on Rick’s blog but was quickly taken down. I print it here because it sums up my feelings about Frank.

I have to say, I am very disappointed in Frank Cali. From listening to him a few times hosting Rick’s radio show, I got the impression that he was an adult and cared about the welfare of Bigfoot. But during Rick’s bloodthirsty rant last Sunday, Frank chuckled along in agreement with his call to murder all Sasquatch on the face of the earth and with his slander of Christopher Noel.
It’s now clear that Frank has no moral core either, and the blog posts that he’s written since then demonstrate the very same childishness that Rick has come to stand for. When David Durrett was still on board, his excellent writing skills (which Frank utterly lacks) and more refined mental and ethical functioning helped to lift the whole operation to a more professional plane.
But David quit out of moral objection to Rick’s burning of Meldrum’s book and taking out his penis (on camera) to urinate on the fire. It seems that Frank Cali has zero moral fiber of his own and will enthusiastically follow Rick’s lead, in whatever juvenile and sadistic direction, like a loyal panting pet.

Todd Standing raids a known Bigfoot habituation site in Canada. This is a very sensitive issue and I am not sure what I can write about this. An individual has been cultivating a Bigfoot site somewhere in Canada (I won’t tell you where). There are seven Bigfoots known to inhabit the site, which is extremely remote. The researcher worked with a man who worked the area for a long time and kept the site a secret. It was known that the BFRO wanted very much to find out about the site so they could raid it like the always do.
The problem is that when idiots like the BFRO and Standing raid sites, they tend to ruin the site and whatever Bigfoots are there take off and are not seen again. Plus the BFRO and Standing get nothing out of their own raid other than scaring off the Bigfoots, ruining a good site and making a researcher mad.
Todd finagled his way into this site through some very morally dubious means, but after all, moral sleaziness is Todd’s middle name.
I may be able to tell you more about this site in the future as it is very interesting.

Dyer bashing site revealed.
Bigfoot Tacker News is a site designed solely for trashing Rick Dyer. They insist that Dyer did not shoot a Bigfoot recently and he has no body, so we don’t agree on that. In the comments section, Mata Hari said that in the comments on this website, one theory is that Morgan Matthews and Minnow Films made the suit for the Bigfoot in the movie Shooting Bigfoot. No way is that true, sorry.
Rick Dyer urination video. You can find very nice videos of Rick Dyer setting Jeff Meldrum’s book on fire and then urinating on the fire to put it out. Rick whips out his penis in front of a group of people and you can see it clear as air. Amazing stuff.
Questions about authorities appearing after Dyer shot his Bigfoot. A frequent criticism of Dyer’s story is why have we not heard from any Texas authorities, especially law enforcement of Fish and Game folks, after the Bigfoot was shot. The reason is because none of them ever showed up! The Bigfoot was shot at night, and Rick’s investors and associated folks appeared very quickly the next morning as Rick and some others worked very hard to load the Bigfoot onto a truck with a tarp. At no time did any Texas authorities, law enforcement or otherwise, appear at the scene, and apparently they were not notified either.
A visit to a university. Rick’s first stop after he got the Bigfoot in the truck was a visit to a university. We do not know the name of this university or why it was chosen. A woman met them there dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. She apparently represented a government branch, possibly a US government branch. She examined the Bigfoot and apparently wanted to make sure that it was a Bigfoot and not a human being.
Apparently she was well aware of the existence of these things, which implies that the US government or at least one or more branches of it, knows of these creatures. She congratulated Rick on shooting the Bigfoot and shook his hand as he left. Apparently she was congratulating him that Bigfoots could finally be proven and would no longer be a mystery or secret.
Why do I write about Rick Dyer so much? First of all, I believe that he shot a Bigfoot and has the body of a Bigfoot. Second of all, there seems to be little if anything else worthwhile to report these days in Bigfootery. If any of you readers are aware of any good stories or videos out there, please let me know.
Rick Dyer’s book. I am currently reading Rick Dyer’s ebook. Don’t ask me how I got it. Haha! It is not a bad book, and it is very short and to the point.

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9 thoughts on “Bigfoot News July 14, 2013”

  1. I agree with you about the book; we have David Durrett to thank for its conciseness and literacy. Regarding Frank’s spelling errors pointed out above, I think they have more to do with him not properly proofreading his work (a reliance exclusively upon spell-check, likely), though the bizarre grammatical mistakes couldn’t be attributable to that. He certainly doesn’t appear to be a very experienced writer, in any case, and also seems to write in considerable haste.

  2. Scott, could you be specific and let us know where or what the bigfoot titles on youtube you speak of. I enjoy the stories of bigfoot aiding someone and same thing about speech.

  3. Your comment about why no authorities visited doesn’t sound right. Regardless of what time the beast was supposedly shot, the authorities would have certainly paid him a visit especially with all of the hype surrounding the issue. If you murder someone at night and have the alleged body hauled off somewhere the police don’t just ignore the entire case! They hear about it, investigate it and if it has any validity act upon it….IF IT HAS ANY VALIDITY. Isn’t it strange that the “Investors” have not let one single mainstream news outlet in on this INCREDIBLE discovery? It’s funny…just to compare…my friend shot the state record white tailed deer with a bow a couple of years ago. Not only was he paid handsomely for the final mount of the deer, it was ALL OVER THE PAPERS and I can’t tell you how many news vehicles were in and out of his driveway. HE SHOT A DEER! This is a known, proven animal and it got all of this press…strange don’t ya think? I’m surprised he didn’t keep it a huge secret.

    1. My response would be how do you know that the authorities haven’t visited? I’m not saying it’s true, but the claim is that the body is housed at a government contracted building. The other claim is that one female government official visited Dyer with the body. Dyer played a message from a Texas game warden that was left for him on his voice mail that requested Dyer call him- this was early in the year. I don’t think Dyer ever returned the call but by all accounts it was genuine and at least indicated that there were some rumors going around.
      I’m certainly not an expert on government protocol, but I don’t believe it’s general practice to announce information about private citizens unless there is a specific request. I think the deer story indicates what happens when the press gets involved. Again it may be all bunk, but who knows what would happen for sure.

      1. So you are saying that the govt. knows about a species that up until now has never been proven to exist and they just go on their merry way trusting that a known hoaxer and his mysterious investors will do the right thing even though it has been almost a year???? Let me answer for you, of course not. They would immediately move to recognize the species and provide it at least protected/endangered status to halt all hunting. Look at any rare animal within the past 100 years and show me a situation where the govt just shrugged there shoulders and let the person discovering it decide what to do with it. C’mon man, this whole hoax has been entertaining but please don’t pretend there is anything besides wishful thinking and wanting to believe.

        1. I have no idea what the actual process would be. If you have the credentials or know the reference materials which would point to the answer fill us all in. The story as told (for what it’s worth) is that the government is connected to the documenting of this specimen. The whole story may be bogus but some of the assumptions people are making aren’t in agreement with the way the story was presented in the first place. Personally, I question if Bigfoot even exists to begin with.

  4. What if Rick Dyers “investors” are with holding the release of the Big Foot Body because they are negotiating with various industries that would be effected by the official Scientific and Government recognition of a new species? The timber industry might stand to lose much money in the future
    due to environmental regulations if a new species such as Big foot were proven to exist. If Dyers investors are paid more by the various timber companies then could be made by promoting the body to public, the body might sold where it will never see the light of day. It depends what the ultimate motives of his investors are is it money and scientific validation or possibly more money and suppression?

    1. I think suppression at this point is unlikely. If the story is to believed the wheels of government and scientific recognition is coming and all the politics and money can’t stop it.
      Dyer is spinning out of control trying to cash in and it’s making everyone discount the whole affair. Chances are Dyer has already lost part of his paycheck due to his loud mouth and can’t wait for the release of the body. He has no control, of the body or himself.
      The investors are probably sitting on the scientific verification before announcing their discovery to avoid the fake allegations that would accompany a public displaying of the body.

  5. The no police angle of Dyers story is new,as I heard it originally they came but then let him keep the body,bullshit,and now since its obvious that there is no police report we get a brand new story,bullshit,explaining away the police report. Its almost August and that body must be pretty shriveled by now,don’t beshocked when the date is pushed back again.

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