Bigfoot News July 10, 2013

The Rick Dyer story gets nuttier and nuttier. I have been reporting Rick’s ongoing on-air mental breakdown for some time now. Rick continues to unravel. He is now taking on everyone who ever talked against him, but he’s always done this. This is how narcissists operate. They simply can’t abide criticism at all. You’re either with them or against them.
I continue to believe that Rick shot and killed a Bigfoot and that it is being stored somewhere near Las Vegas. If you figure out the government agency that is holding the Bigfoot at its research station, you can figure out where it is being stored because you look on a map for research stations for that US department. A couple of folks already pinpointed the storage location that way. That’s why no one is being told what branch of the government is holding the Bigfoot.
As I mentioned earlier, this story is more or less dead for the moment, but it is still interesting to speculate on since we do have a dead Bigfoot in storage. The main problem is that the man in charge of that Bigfoot (Rick Dyer) is completely insane. Therefore who knows if it will ever see the light of day? Nevertheless it is still an interesting story because someone is holding a dead Bigfoot.
Dyer says he is going to require NDA’s for all Team Tracker members. This is the latest raving from Rick, but TT members have not yet received any of these NDA’s. If and when they are forthcoming, they will probably come from the investors, who are the ones really running the show.
Dyer’s investors. There really are only 3-4 investors, and Rick has only been in direct contact with one of them. The investor he has met was backing his expeditions. Rick was introduced to the man by his mother, who knows him. Rick’s Mom used to work in the aircraft industry, and the investor is some rich guy who owns a company. The 2-3 other investors were secured by this man, and they do not want their identities known and hence have never revealed them to Rick.
The Bigfoot is 100% the property of the investors. Rick has limited access to it and is not allowed to take any photos of video of it. Rick has been in violation of his NDA’s with his investors since the release of the Tent Video. Rick cannot change the release date of the body; only the investors can do that. So no one knows if the August 15 date is still on.
Rick keeps trying to imply that he is in more control of the body than he really is. Dyer probably messed up with his investors by selling TT memberships and promising them exclusive photos of the Bigfoot. Selling the memberships is problematic because it may well be the subject of a class action lawsuit for fraud (Rick was an idiot to ever try to profit off this Bigfoot before it was proven to exist), and the investors don’t with to be associated with someone who may be at the end of a lawsuit. Promising the photos is problematic for the investors because they do not want their property released without their permission.
Rick is probably in deep trouble with his investors. He probably screwed up their plans with his big mouth and bragging and now they want to move as far away from him as possible without completely violating their legal agreement with him.
In other words, in addition to the millions of other folks Rick has alienated, he has also alienated his own investors!
Frank Cali apparently writing all of Rick’s blog posts lately. This is pitiful if it is true because apparently Frank can’t even write much better than Rick, and that’s sorry. Furthermore, Frank is penning all manner of scurrilous to libelous screeds, which reflects very poorly on him. Looks like Frank is Rick’s bitch.
Chis Sands apparently saw Hank, Dyer’s Bigfoot, on June 21. I can’t prove this, but I definitely believe it is true due to my contacts. Chris was apparently very impressed with the Bigfoot.
So now we have five people who have seen the body:
Rick’s truck detail guy
Musky Allen
Frank Cali
Unknown Team Tracker member
Chris Sands
Of these, I hold Musky and Chris in very high regard.
Musky Allen’s criminal record. Much has been made of the long criminal record of Musky Allen. You can go look it over at Steve Kulls’ website, but really it is scarier than it looks. Musky is in his early 40’s and has ~8 arrests already and maybe 4-5 convictions. He also has an awfully long string of traffic violations.
The arrests/convictions seem to be:

  1. Beating up a girlfriend/domestic violence
  2. Telephone harassment (maybe of an enemy, but more probably of this same woman who he was fighting with)
  3. Drunk driving/resisting arrest
  4. Driving on a suspended license
  5. Drug possession of an unknown substance
  6. Violation of restraining order (possibly an order taken out by the same woman above or maybe another woman).

This stuff is pretty typical for a working class, non college educated White guy in our modern era.
He drinks too much and then drives his car. Then he drives on a suspended license, which is a typical crime after a DUI. He likes to get high on some sort of drugs or other. He fights, probably with girlfriends, and then gets into stalkerish situations with them afterwards where he harasses them, they take out restraining orders against him and he violates those orders. In other words, he is a drinking, doping hothead who gets into it with the women in his life. He hasn’t killed or seriously hurt anyone yet as far as I can see.
More or less a typical scenario for a lot of younger men, and not the history of a master criminal or even a very bad person by any means.
Not much else to report on the Bigfoot scene unfortunately. If you can think of any good news, let me know.

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18 thoughts on “Bigfoot News July 10, 2013”

  1. When I consider whether Dyer has a body, I always return to the importance of being “first to market” with a specimen. If there was a real body, the investors would insist that the financial exploitation of the specimen begin before another group produced something that could diminish Hank’s value. One has to remember that there are far more people actively searching for and attempting to capture or kill a specimen than ever before. Any investor actually in possession of one would fear losing the wealth and notoriety being first would produce. Thus, I don’t think Dyer or his investors have jack.

    1. Exactly!!! Aug 15 is a month away, and the investors are the worst advertisers in the world. They would have hyped this thing since day 1, released bits of info here and there, probably some viral marketing with clips of the animal. Why would a govt facility hold a sideshow exhibit? Connecting the dots, maybe that was brought in to the story to fall in line with Dyer’s Big Lion Films documentary regarding Men in Black. Of course right after the release of 2013 the Year of Bigfoot. I believe there is a fake body, just enough gullible people to see it, then poof it disappears. Dyer will milk this thing for years to come and the sad thing is that people will fall for it. He has now figured out that he can make money off these expeditions so that is his next gig so he can milk that until attendance drops.

  2. There are ZERO investors. Think about it…you are in posession of the greatest discovery of all times and wait this long to show it to the world??? The so called investors would have been advertising the release date like crazy from day one. You become a wealthy investor by allowing people like Dyer control your destiny. Also, if the investors were in 100% control ten they would have had to buy the body from Rick. This would be several million dollars. Have you seen his house? Have you seen where its located? It’s a dive! Not what you’d expect from a multi millionaire.

    1. If there are actually investors and a body I believe there would have been a contract in place when Rick actually produced a specimen. His percentage of a sale would come later after certain things were finalized. I’m not saying I believe the story, but the investor angle is not hard for me to imagine.

  3. You DO wait this long if you are having proper science done on the specimen by REAL scientists first.

  4. Most texts on Dyer`s blog now seem to be written by Cali. But sometimes there are “guest authors” , mostly members of the TT team. And surprise: the posts of one of them, Alexes Pereira, are really well-written and thoughtful. She should take Cali`s job, much could have been avoided.

  5. Every now and then I would hear somebody making fun of people who claim to see one, I tell them this story.
    In the mountains of Africa, there was native folklore about a creature that had the characteristics of both man and beast. That gets a big laugh. Then I tell that roughly a century ago, the mountain gorilla became known to the Western world.
    The Komodo Dragon was also thought to be native superstition. Sounded too much like a dinosaur.
    Point is sometimes folklore is not always baloney.
    PS: Have you seen this Hammer film classic ? I think you might like it with it’s Rod Serling type twist.

  6. Sorry, my last comment was missing a VERY important word..I meant to say “You DONT become a wealthy investor by letting someone like Dyer control your destiny.” Someone made the comment that you would wait this long to release the body to allow for credibe scientific study of the creature. Some problems with that …1. Scientists could do tests on the body all they want. Publicizing the body has nothing to do with research. 2. Most bodies DECAY!!!! This one isnt frozen or embalmed and is still around almost a year after the fact…AMAZING! 3. No one who would be wealthy enough to be an “Investor” would allow someone with Dyers past as well as his obvious state of mind to have ANY control of something like this. Im not saying bigfoot doesnt exist….Im saying Hank doesnt. There is not one single shred of proof. Not one…and im not talking about some grainy video shot by a known hoaxer who by the way originally posted the video under a ficticious name and made no mention that along with the video a specimen which would rock the world as we know it was killed. C,mon people!

  7. Rick is a sly salesman…snake oil variety. He probably does have investors, some who ponied up funds for a highly sophisticated FAKE body that will fool many people. Rick/investors may even come up with some FAKE reports, “government” confirmation, etc., to further the circus sideshow. But, that’s what it is…a circus located in VEGAS. Rick is making $$ and likely has assured the investors they will make a load of dough once the body is put on display.
    Above commenters are exactly correct when saying if this was the real deal, the investors would be sitting on a gold mine. And it would make no sense to hold back release…unless there is an agenda. And, that agenda is to milk this *hoax* for all it’s worth.

  8. I think Dyer is just about to do something that will put him in prison or a mental hospital.It would be a shame if this wacko actually shot a bigfoot.

  9. If no one has the guts to defy the NDA’s and spill what they know, this story means shit to me. I feel nothing that will come of it. In terms of legality, I’m curious to know the process upon somebody violating an NDA. Given the subject is Bigfoot, I don’t see how charges go anywhere. If it were me I’d just get a public defender. Fuck it, I’m not going to pay for shit defending myself against someone for their Bigfoot.

  10. I thought that Dyer postponed the release of the body? And will not be giving a release date or updates of any kind.

  11. Actually I would bet that the money is not coming in nearly as much as it once did. I think the people who would have bought memberships already have and the buzz is dying down.

  12. Wow, the fact that this conversation continues befuddles me. Once and for all, lets lay down the facts. Lets forget about “Who” supposedly shot the beast. Lets just say it was you. You’re a nobody, you shoot the most elusive creature on Earth….on film with…. a movie producer present and filming. Now, movie producers don’t make movies because its good for their health…They’re out to make a buck. They WOULD NOT do creative editing to make more money later on a sequel. REALLY? You just shot Bigfoot on film and your worried about a sequel? Every person on the planet would want to see this footage if it were real….IF IT WERE REAL..Key words…. Just look at Dyer. Look at his home, look at his cars ( he has investors for a bigfoot body and lives in the dump he lives in? He wraps a used Mercedes ML? This is probably the cheapest and most incapable Mercedes/4 x 4 you could possibly own) If I were backing someone with a proven bigfoot body, they woud have no less than an H1 with my name all over it! Think about it….. It just isn’t true. This guy is a fraud.

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