Alt Left: Not All Conservatives are Racists, but All Racists Are Conservatives

RL: All of the hardcore, out and out racists that I know are conservatives.

Anonymous: All the conservatives I know, vehemently insist that they AREN’T racists, and that their politics aren’t racist either. They truly, honestly believe they are just trying to be FAIR, and if a certain policy (eg, dealing with crime or welfare fraud), happens to have a “disproportionate impact” on a certain race, that’s their own damned fault for their disproportionate misbehavior. FWIW, a few of them are interracially married, or the product of such.

You can disagree that conservatism actually is fair or wise (in fact, I know that you do – this is a socialist blog)…but…as an insider, I’m telling you their true inner motives. Correct or not, in their heads and hearts they THINK they’re just doing the right thing – they are NOT, repeat NOT, acting out of hate.

Same for voting Republican. They honestly thought, 20 years ago, that the Republicans were the good guys. And they still honestly think, today, that the Republicans are the lesser of two evils. THAT is why they vote Republican. It has nothing to do with sending a “f*** you” to blacks.

You must know a very strange set of conservatives. OR perhaps we define the term differently.

Not all conservatives are racists. I am quite certain of that. But almost all if not all hardcore racists in the US are conservatives, and they are all Republicans. I have known many, many, many racist to very racist White people, and every single one of them was a conservative and a Republican.

Never heard of a White conservative or Republican who was married to a Black person. It almost seems impossible.

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9 thoughts on “Alt Left: Not All Conservatives are Racists, but All Racists Are Conservatives”

  1. Not necessary. The wife of former secretary of defense under the Clinton administration William Cohen who is a Republican is black.

  2. I dunno, I know a white guy who supports and voted for Obama, supports liberal causes but absolutely fears and loathes blacks.

  3. You forget the laws on the books in India making it illegal to hire whites there. Rahm Emmanuel is liberal but he’s obviously a Jewish Zionist Supremacist. Once again your liberal blinders are blinding you. Chinese are highly racist. Indians are highly racist. Japanese are highly racist. Blacks are highly racist. So white conservatives can be too. When you give up your double standards, then maybe you have a leg to stand on.

    1. Chinese in the US are not all that racist. Not sure about Japanese. I worked around a lot of them, and I never heard much racism. I believe they don’t like Blacks too much though. I taught at a school full of Japanese and Blacks. Mostly they did not associate together, but to say that the Japanese hated the Blacks would be wrong. They just did not have much to do with them is all. And the Blacks felt the same way. Each went their own way.

      1. Japanese are polite purists. So racism will not be visible in the open, but a Japanese anything will be favored. They basically think a non-Japanese Japanophile wearing a Japanese jacket is a joke and a Japanese person being too Westernized would likewise be a joke. Japanese nationalism is perhaps the most strict form of nationalism; they even exclude anything Chinese or Korean.

        Blacks and Whites have intertwined in the West, but White racism is a joke compared to a Japanese racist purist.

  4. BOOOO… ”racists” are very baaad…
    Tell us how walk the ‘Walking deead series’?
    I’m lost to part that the BAAAD RACIST SOUTHERN WHITE AMERICAN kill innocent people!!!
    I’m the mix of liberals and conservatives (well, i’m really don’t know if i’m most lib or con, but i Know that i’m non-religious, pro-abortion in necessary cases , extreme- animal rights, endorse environment laws and yes, i’m not tolerant with the stupid people, specially extreme libtards intolerants and blacks. But, i’m not ‘racist’ with japanese or other asians (non- cat or dog eaters), indians or any non-white (kind) people that is intelligent and rational.
    Racist, sexist, anti semitic or other crap newspeak word is a verbal artefact created by Frankfurter semites in 30’s.
    Racism intolerant libspeech is a enemy to real free speech.

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