Indians Angry at Indian Hindus

Jerome writes:

Just for the record, the Goans were and continue to remain unhappy about India’s occupation of their land. If India’s ‘liberation’ was in any way legal, then so was what Hitler did to the Jews and Pol Pot to his countrymen. The following are a list of people who seriously have a problem with Hindus and their oppressive regime: 1) Northeastern peoples: Who want’s to be known as a ‘chinky’? Who want’s their women raped and stereotyped as loose? Why should these people love India? They rightfully deserve independence or deserve to be merged with China. What good are the Hindus doing them? 2) Sikhs: It’s a well-known fact that Nehru promised these people freedom from India. Just like he did for Goa. He lied – a common Hindu ‘strategy’. Since independence, the Sikhs have been murdered and killed and forced to serve the Hindus. Research the 1984 anti-Sikh riots instigated by Hindus to get a glimpse of what this is about. They continue to fight for their freedom. Research – The Khalistan Movement. 3) Kashmir: Every Indian knows that Kashmir doesn’t belong to India. Typical Indian strategy – create a religious problem where there isn’t one, then say Hindus are being oppressed – then walk in and destroy the indigenous peoples while encouraging native Hindus from India to settle there. The same strategy was used in Goa. 4) Lower Caste Hindus: Interestingly enough, the group with the biggest issues against Hindus are their own lower castes. Many are now converting to Christianity (this pisses of the upper castes who won’t give them a fighting chance at a decent life but want them to remain lower caste slaves) or even Islam (Maybe this is a better option for them?) Research ‘Lower Caste Oppression’ 5) Groups of organized militia throughout central, eastern and western India known as the Naxalites: These people are disgruntled villagers of every religion who have decided to throw off the shackles of a nation that does nothing for them and fight for their own independence. They are communist and often resort to Violence. A few weeks ago over 100 (!!!!) policemen were killed by them. Research the ‘Naxalite movement’. 6) South Indian Tamils: For decades, these people have been fighting for independence from India. They rightly claim that India has forced cultural attitudes, an official north Indian language, etc. while doing little to educate or help the people. Interestingly enough, it is the Catholic Church that has and continues to play an influential role in educating the poor here, caring for the sick, dying and homeless and helping people in general live decent lives. The Christians are hated for this. Research the ‘Tamil Eelam’ movement. 7) Muslims: India is 1 8) Christians: Last, and certainly the least since they’re the smallest and most helpless minority, the Hindus have now begun attacking us – the Christians. They allege forced conversion of Hindus – a laughable allegation. Christians have had to face genocides in Orissa in 2008 and Karnataka, Goa and Madhya Pradesh more recently. Interestingly, each of these states were run by the Hindutva fascist BJP government which directly advocates the killing of minorities and the imperialist expansion of India’s territory. Research ‘Hindus killing Christians’. Hindus – Do you still wonder why India is such a F*****G mess? Readers – Don’t fool yourself – Hinduism will spread in your country and then attack you using the freedom and liberties you’ve bestowed upon them. Do no underestimate the hate of the Hindu. You will be sorry that you did.

Northeasterners: I think there is a lot of truth to this. I never knew that the Hindus hate their very own northeastern people. The term “chinky” and their belief that the women are loose applies to their very own Northeasterners who are apparently hated. Sikhs: It is true that many Sikhs do not want to be part of India. However, I live in an area where there are many Sikhs and I have spoken about this with many of them. Most of them are anti-independence at this point, possibly because they think it is a lost cause. There were more pro-independentists around in the 1990’s. Worse, many of the anti-independentist Sikhs are wild Indian nationalists, which is really tragic. Kashmir: I think it is clear that Kashmiris do not want to be a part of India. That is obvious. India never had a right to it in the first place, but neither did Pakistan. Most Kashmiris apparently want independence, and only Lower caste Hindus: Some lower caste Hindus have become members of the Hindutva movement, but many others are estranged from Hinduism and seem to hate the religion. Thing is on the Net you will see almost exclusively high caste Hindus, and you will almost never see a low caste Hindu, so it is hard to get a feel on how these people feel. It is true that many of them are converting to Christianity and this infuriates high caste Hindus who accuse Christians of “proselytizing.” Naxalites: For the time being, these are mostly tribals in the forests of India who have been oppressed since time immemorial by their Hindu overlords who consider them as worse than Dalits because they are not even Hindus. Most of them still practice tribal religions and they are outside of the caste system. The Naxals have not done a very good job of expanding their movement to at the very least Dalits, not to mention the cities as a whole. South Indian Tamils: I am not aware that there is a big independence movement among this group. Notice the rage and fury the Hindus have for the Catholic Church since it cares for the sick, the hurt and the dying. Muslims: I did not know that Hindus do not allow Muslims to settle amongst them. Interesting fact. I also did not know that public services are cut off to Muslim ghettos. The Jews of Israel do this same thing to the Muslim towns and areas of their own cities. Yes, there are frequent pogroms against Muslims in Indian cities and towns. Christians: The Hindu hatred for Christians is absolutely off the charts. I have never in my entire life met a single group that hates Christians as much as Hindus do. In recent years, pogroms have been organized against Christians in many villages, and many Christians have been murdered. I doubt if Hindus will attack us in our own country, but this people are so morally depraved that we really should not be letting them into our country.

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68 thoughts on “Indians Angry at Indian Hindus”

  1. Let me add to this post by providing helpful links. I will address each group separately so they can be commented upon individually by interested readers and Hindutva trolls (who will emerge soon enough).
    1) Northeasterners (Chinkies as they’re called by Hindus):
    (India’s racist streak – 1 of 2 – NewsX ) (47,000 likes!)

      1. They are just a poor culture that want to see other inferior to feel themselves better, the facts speak for themselves who is better, no matter what he said, the “chinkies” from China surpass India, the Indians have a trade deficit with China
        Also India need japanese and korean technology, their racism is against mongoloid North East Indians, but they are mongoloid closely related to East Asians, lets see what India could do without Suzuki cars or Samsung cellphones, and finally they buy and license lots of anime to children; (it would be awesome that they license Anime for older audiences teenagers or younge adults ,animes like One Piece,Naruto or Bleach but oh well) as i posted in other threads, animes like Doraemon are a hit in India

        1. I don’t feel ANY sympathy for Muslims, the only progressive Muslim country is Turkey, the rest of Muslims discriminate Homosexuals and Atheists, at least Hindus respect those two people. Of the top enemies of United States, most are Muslims like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan.

        2. Whelp although many Indians call NEerners Chinkes such trash talking is pretty par for the course when among other Indians… So Calling NEers chinkies just means that Indians consider them their own kith and kin and trash talk with them
          You see, in the last 5000 years Indians have never ethnically cleansed one another…although they do trash talk and call each other names,., NEers are not singled out.
          Indians have no history like the NANKING Massacre thye Japanese did the Chinese for instance
          You know what I mean
          Hindu culture has inoculated people of India to not do the worst horrors that christian culture and other peasant cultures cultures have influenced aholes to do.
          Do yoiu really see the truth now?

    1. The important thing to take not is that although Indians call the NEers Chinkies like the Malalayies call the Tamils Pandies and the North Indians call the South Indians Madarassies and the Sikhs all kinds of names
      There is no history of killing the NEerners…People of India do not go around killing one another.. (And Islaimists do not count. since .they instigate violence and they are not part of India’;s culture)

  2. 2) Sikhs
    Still no justice since 1984:
    An excerpt from some comments:
    1. [1950] the indian constitution was adopted. the sikh leaders did not endorse it because all promises and assurances previously made were ignored.
    2. [1954] when jawaharlal nehru was reminded of past promises, he answered, “the circumstances have now changed“
    3. [1956] indian states were reorganized on language basis. only punjab is left out
    4. [1966] after a prolonged struggle and peaceful agitation, a punjabi speaking state was created by divding punjab further into three states. punjab, haryana and himachal pradesh.
    5. [1975] indira gandhi was found guilty of election fraud by the indian courts. she suspended the constitution to stay in office. the sikhs spearheaded a non-violent protest against this blow to democracy. 50,000 sikhs went to jail. indira gandhi never forgot that the sikhs had opposed her one person rule.
    6. [1981-1984] more than 250 sikhs were butchered by indian security forces in fake encounters. more than 250,000 were arrested during this period while peacefully demanding state autonomy for punjab and the rest of the state in india and their just share of punjab waters as envisaged by international riparian laws.
    7. [1984] indira gandhi`s response to the sikhs was uniquely senseless. from june 5-7 a full scale army attack was launched on the golden temple and 40 other temples, killing thousands of innocent sikhs – men, women and children. many of the dead have never been accounted for.

      1. It was the Catholic Italian Sonia Maino and her christian MAfia and the Sicular Liberal Leftists who did the Sikhs in.. Just like the christian NAzies did the JEws
        As a Hindu I am for Sikh Indepedence and their Khalistan if the Siklhs so desire
        This is my Dharmic Duty to support Righteousness (The Sikhs) against the christian evil of the congress leftist.

    1. In 1084 the the secular liberal left Congress and the Catholic Sonia Maino (the italian) and her gand wen about ethnic cleansing the Sikhs (The Dharmic people) As a a Hindu I witnessed this Secular Kriostalnachkt in New Delhi
      If the Sikhs want separation I would totally support them
      As a Hindu, My Dharmic obligation is to stand with Righteousness and I stand with the Hindus and Sikhs against the liberal left congressie Secular leftists

        1. The Hindutvadies do not go around killing peiple..the fat left Maoist and the leftist Arundathi Roy and her leftists klan of the world kill innocent people of India.

  3. I came across an article in Times of India of 26th June, 2013 titled “Bhutan’s road to democracy leads to China?” I have made my comments subject to limitations imposed by the Times of India webpage. The following is my full comment.
    I think it is an insult to Indo-Bhutan friendship and trust and a display of Indian media’s arrogance and ignorance. The worse thing is that the article expounds the same theme that few unscrupulous Bhutanese politicians have accused the 1st democratic Prime Minister of Bhutan, “complicating relation with India by meeting Chinese Premier”. We have in Bhutan our own brand of hungry politicians the likes of Kazi Lhendup Dorjees who are ever ready to trample genuine national long term interests to achieve personal short term political ambitions. Therefore the article is an unwelcome attempt to interfere into the internal affairs of Bhutan during the 2nd General Election.
    What audacious assumptions the writer makes when he states to quote, “it now appears that the King wasn’t quite in the loop as Bhutan expanded its diplomatic ties with 53 countries, as against 22 in 2008, as well as its overture to Beijing.” Where does he think the King of Bhutan was in the last 5 years? And how come Indian leaders were not aware of Bhutan’s attempt to gain a non-permanent seat at the Security Council. I thought it was pursued at the behest of India. How does Bhutan achieve any UN ambition if she does not develop diplomatic relationships with other UN members and does not accord proper cognizance to China, her closest neighbour and a very influential permanent member of UN Security Council? The writer’s whole assertion seems to be a repeat of few very dangerous Bhutanese politicians who are ready to compromise the sovereignty of Bhutan in pursuit of personal political power. As a matter of record, it is not the task of any Bhutanese Prime Minister and government to loop the King. The democratically elected leaders are required to serve the people and national interests of Bhutan in the footsteps of the Kings of Wangchuck dynasty. His Majesty the King and the people of Bhutan are the real masters of the Prime Minister and any government elected. So no one especially our friends from India or our own ambitious politicians should attempt to sow discord between the King and the people who elect the government.
    National interests of Bhutan have to rise over and above the politics of always playing the Indian tune. We are not just good neighbours of India. We are a good and reliable friend of India. But Bhutan and Bhutanese are sovereignty unto our self. Therefore Bhutan’s paramount national interests and affairs just cannot be only pleasing India. We have to please ourselves too!
    Why do Indian media and politicians want to castrate Bhutan for the most harmless relationship effort with China? Just the other day, I heard a rumour of a bureaucrat of India chastising Bhutanese leadership of being “dishonest”. What the hell is that suppose to mean? Which national leaders and governments bare its soul to another nation? We are not paid sex workers that benefactors need to know when our eyelashes and asses move and in which direction.
    In a kingdom of 600,000 population, we have in Bhutan around 200,000 Indians in the forms of Indian Military teams, Indian Border Road Organizations (Para-military force), contractors, business firms, workers etc.. Almost all our imports are from India and all our water resources are harnessed for mutual benefit of the two countries. Bhutan is heavily dependent on Indian goodwill and financial assistance. All Bhutanese realize that our livelihoods have improved greatly beyond our wildest dreams because of the generosity of Indian Government and Indian people in the last 50 years.
    Pray! Tell me what more testimony does Indian politicians and Indian media and for that matter even our own India hawkers need to underline the dependence and trust of Bhutan upon India?
    So what if Bhutan endeavors to improve its relation with China? We do not wish China to take a morning walk over Bhutan. And in my humble view, maybe it would be a big relief if we can get some financial assistance to cover shortages in planned budget equivalent to र 242B for the 11th five year plan. Bhutanese media is already expressing government’s fear that existing donors including most generous India is yet to commit fund for the 11th FYP. Leaving aside my personal thought on financial assistance, India, I think can rest reassured that there will be no Chinese presence in Bhutan replacing Indian Military Training Teams (Imtrat) and Indian-Para-military force (Dantak). The hydropower projects would still be cherished joint ventures of Indo-Bhutan. And there is not a China man residing in Bhutan verses more than 200,000 Indian friends living and rendering assistance to Bhutan.
    There is constant talk of delay in release of project tied finance and other committed fund from India (including र 4.2B for the 10th FYP which ends on 30th June, 2013) every time Bhutan or Bhutanese leadership acts to preserve national interest. It sounds more like a benefactor tightening the purse string whenever the mistress is unable to comply with every whims of his fancy.
    The first line of the article “Bhutan’s road to democracy leads to China?” states to quote, “what’s arguably India’s only friendly neighbour, Bhutan”. It speaks volumes of Indian politicians and Indian media attitude. If you keep dictating and bullying, there will be no neighbours, only disgruntled and venomous nations surrounding India.
    Bhutan is not just a friendly neighbour. We are India’s friend and I, for one wish Bhutan to remain so. So treat Bhutan as a friend, not as pawn to be manipulated for every whatever reason. Stop herding us like lambs in a Penn to be slaughtered whenever India desires a dish of lamb stew.
    This is what a blogger in Bhutan wrote about India. Bhutanese are Tibetan and they speak a Tibetan dialect. Many people think Tibetan hates China but actually, China and Tibetan outside China have a lot of communications. China is slowly moving close to Bhutan, not wanting any overboard response from India. Bhutan army is staff by Indian officers even as low as company level, not to mention all senior Bhutan army officers are Indians. India could do a Sikkim again in Bhutan. Many Bhutanese hates India want want to get close to China.

    1. I believe the JApanese did good in Naniking..They were only trying to save the Chinese…but these ingrates rebelled against the Japanese

  4. 3) Kashmir
    Atrocities against the native Kashmiris. Hindus say that these people deserve what’s happening because they forced the Hindu ‘Kashimiri Pandit’ brahmin caste into exile.
    I ask, why do Hindus not have a conscience when it comes to other communities? If they know what it feels like to be victimized, why do they continue to hurt and suppress minorities?
    An excerpt from the article above – told from the POV of a Kashmiri man growing up under Hindu oppression:
    “Indeed, this Kashmiri youth has grown up in the shadows of Indian military operations since 1990 and have witnessed the indescribable human rights violations through their own eyes, rather someone telling them like fantasy tales. They have witnessed killing through torture of their fathers and brothers and raping of their mothers and sisters by ruthless Indian Army, personally. They remain quite over their helplessness until they have grown to their youth. Their forefathers wanted to get rid of Indian rule, thus struggled to over through that, initially through political means, but subsequently forced to take arm, following the Indian military operation in 1990s. “

    1. Kashmir Sufi religion is Islam with Hindu influence..basically Its Islam without the intrinsic hate that it its born…. So Kashmir Sufi is Islamic minus its toxic nature due to the influence of Dhamric Hindu culture.

  5. 4) Atrocities against Lower Caste Hindus:
    This is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Pathetic to see this happen in our day and age.
    An excerpt :
    On April 25 afternoon, a mob of Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) workers, all of them caste Hindu Vanniyars, stormed into Kattayan Theru and threw petrol bombs at Dalits’ huts. […] It is not surprising that Kattayan Theru was chosen for the attack.
    “The body of a 20-year-old Dalit youth, who reportedly died after some persons allegedly tied him to a tree and repeatedly rammed a car into him, was found in Devsar village of Haryana’s Bhiwani district on Wednesday. His body was found abandoned in a car on the roadside between Devsar and Kusumbi villages. […]
    “Five years after Madhukar Ghadge, a Dalit who decided to dig his own well, was allegedly brutally murdered by 12 caste Hindus of Kulkajai village in Satara district, his nephew and the sole murder witness Viabhav Ghadge was brutally attacked on January 22 by three persons at the same village. […]

    1. Upper caste Hindus running and having a bath when they touch an untouchable is silly and comical..Its not a crime.
      No civilized nation has a law against people running and having a bath when they come in touch with another because they think they are the the coolest and awesome upper caste people/

  6. Tamils:
    To blossom Tamil Eelam, a new movement introduced. Tamil Nadu transpires like tigers,-Protestant-Christians-still-targeted-by-Hindu-extremists-25133.html
    The tensions erupted on June 21 when a mob of Hindu extremists from the Bharathia Janatha Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) went to Vanagiri Menavar and ordered the Hindu population to boycott the Christians, impeding them from praying and going to Mass. The extremists had already visited the village in May with the same demands. To avoid clashes, the local authorities on June 23 organized a meeting of reconciliation between the two communities. The meeting also involved Thiru KA Jayapal, Minister of Fisheries, who however failed to convince the extremists to leave the village. In the evening, the Hindus attacked Christian homes with swords and sticks, burnt and plundered four buildings, forcing the population to flee. 15 people were injured in the clash, including two in critical condition. After the assault, the remaining families in the village contacted the police station of Poompuhar, which, however, refused to cooperate, forcing Christians to go to the authorities of the district of Nagapattinam. These authorities allowed them to file a complaint, but DID NOT initiate an investigation, leaving the authors of the act unpunished.
    In the village of Nadaikavu, a group of 15 RSS militants went on a rampage. When they began breaking the windows of a shop, Edwin Raj, 29, son of the shop owner, tried to stop them but was instead brutally assaulted. Eventually, the young man died on his way to Thiruvananthapuram Government medical college.
    Sajan George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), condemned the attacks, warning that the situation in Kanyakumari District was “rapidly deteriorating.”
    He noted that in the same area on 13 August, three Christian women, a 44-year-old mother, and her two daughters, respectively 25 and 22, had also been attacked.
    When the two young women went outside of their home, neighbours began harassing them. After they retreated into the house, they were followed and beaten up along with their mother. Two weeks after the assault, all three are still recovering in hospital.
    Local BJP boss C. Padmanabhan is also thought to be involved in this attack as well.
    Hindu Radicals Attack Christians in Karnataka – Another south Indian state which hosts most of the call centers which OUTSOURCE business from the USA and UK.
    Some comments from Brave Hindus:
    Abhinav Singh 3 weeks ago
    christ is killing hinduism and we hindus will do everything important to save our identity in india…we r nt bother abt christian countries bt india!!! india is our motherland we cannt let jesus occupy my nation.
    dhanu4080 1 month ago
    well done tis shud happen in whole india
    theHINDUZIONIST2611 1 month ago
    we will get rid of all british cock suckers.
    at last Hindus have started reacting to these ruthless creatures, and they deserve it. Hindustaan for Hindus, so if you don’t like it here just F O.
    “Video clippings of the attacks on Catholics and Christians at various places of worship in Mangalore, Karnataka (India) on September 14-15, 2008 -Milagres, kulshekar, Vamanjoor and Permannur, ”
    This the attitude of Hindus against Christians and the West. Yet, they’re all DYING to enter the US and other Western nations. Are they persecuted the same way there? Robert, have you ever seen Hindus persecuted, killed or beaten for building temples in your nation?

  7. Muslims:
    If you want to understand how scary the genocides against Muslims are in India, you HAVE to watch this video. WARNING: NOT for the weak-hearted.
    The Final Solution is a 2003 documentary directed by Rakesh Sharma about the 2002 communal Gujarat Riots that arose as a response to the Godhra Train Burning incident on February 27, 2002, where 58 Hindus were burnt alive on a train carriage. An official estimate states that 254 Hindus and more than 790 Muslims were killed during the riots, with 223 more missing. The documentary consists mostly of interviews, with both Muslims and Hindus, of multiple generations, and both sexes, with different views regarding the causes, justifications, and the actual events of the violence that occurred, as well as their prospects for the future. The government of Gujurat at the time, led by Chief Minister Narendra Modi, was highly criticised throughout the documentary and was accused of inciting much of the state sponsor terrorism and doing nothing to halt it.
    Sexual Terrorism of women during Gujarat riots
    Hindu Zionist leader NARENDRA MODI abruptly ends CNN TV interview after being quizzed – . This man is said to be running for PRESIDENT in India!!!!
    Only in India, ladies and gentlemen 🙂
    I challenge viewers to watch just 10 minutes of this documentary and not walk away shaken.

    1. People like Modi are awesome for they stand against the evil Evangelicals and Islamists of the world.. I tonally support people like Modi. and I am liberal and I support the underdogs of the world..Christian evangelicals are fktards. and so are the Al Queda Whaabbi Aholes and commie bastards.!
      Take that!

    2. Gujarath was a reaction to Muslims burning a train full of Hindus…IF the Muslims aholes had notm done it ther would not have been a Godhara.. Capish?
      So the lesson learned is,,mind your own religion and leave others alone..
      No more religious supremacy!
      Get it ahole religious uuprme,acists? I am talking to you you evanglecails ahole kunts!

    3. “Burning incident on February 27, 2002, where 58 Hindus were burnt alive on a train carriage. ”
      That is the impetus for the religious Riots.
      IF christians, Muslims and Secularits leave the Hindus and Budhists and Sikhs alone r there would be any such retaliation and reaction.
      Its a good lesson for christians, Muslims and Secularists who cannot leave the Dharmic people alone.

    4. It logically follows that it is the business of the world at large to interpret, question, and challenge those aspects of a religion that take a position concerning outsiders. If I am the subject of some other religion’s doctrine, and such a doctrine states how I am to be treated. if I am to be converted, what is to be done to me, what I may or may not do freely, then, even though I am not a member of that religion, it does become my business to probe these doctrines and even to demand a change. On the other hand, if a religion minds its own business, and has little to say pertaining to me as an outsider, then I should respect its right to be left alone.
      In other words, a given religion’s right to be left alone by outsiders should be reciprocal and contingent upon its responsibility to leave outsiders alone.

  8. Tamils never considered the conflict as a religious conflict (Hindus versus Buddhists). Tamils have always considered it an ethnic conflict or a national war of independence. On the other side, however, the Sinhalese projected it as a two-pronged war: The Sinhala Nation against Tamils, and the Buddhists against Hindus. Hindu religious leaders or priests of the Tamil community were never at the forefront of the Eelam independence movement; they kept themselves to religious duties at temples. On the contrary, Buddhist priests were at the forefront of the movement against giving adequate devolution of power to minority Tamils, and projected the ethnic conflict as a religious war between Buddhists and Hindus.

    1. Prabakaran the terrorist is a Christian Tamil and so is his son (Charles Anthony.
      Its a Buddhist vs Christian violence

    2. And Sonia Maino the Italian Catholic and her christian mafia killed the little chrisitan boy Charles Anthony. Yet another Christian on Christian violence

    3. so christians are persecuted if they are not given a free hand to culturally cleanse Hindu India they way \hey wanted to culturally cleanse the JEws during the christian Germany Nazi holocaust?
      The whole Tamil conflict in SriLana was a christian machination against the Buddhists of Sri Lanka.

  9. Christians are not minorities anywhere…they are the Goliath aholes and predators..100 times worse than any Islamist s.. I find an average Muslims better than an average religious chiristian. Particularly white christians.

    1. Don’t say it, Muslims are the worse, the only exceptions are Muslims from Turkey, but Muslims from most Muslim countries are intolerant people against gays and Atheists, at least Christians and Hindus respect different sexualities and religious views.


      1. Actually no. Although Pakistan is an enemy of India….Its christian evangelicals who are enemy of of Hindus.

    1. Buddhists of Burma take on Muslims
      See..there is only so much Hindus and Buddhists can take from Evangleical ahole bastards of the world

  10. “The Hindu hatred for Christians is absolutely off the charts. I have never in my entire life met a single group that hates Christians as much as Hindus do”
    I know about some Hindu intolerance against Christians, but i have my doubts they are the biggest Christian haters, in Hindu India Christians and other religious and sexual minorities have more freedom than in most Muslim countries (except Turkey maybe) ,the worst of Hinduism is caste and Hinduism could get rid of it ( Arya Samaj or Bhakti movement) but the only sucessful Muslim democracy is Turkey, i think is more difficult for Muslims to get rid of intolerance than for Hindus to get rid of caste, these list are the biggest Christian haters.

    1. This is like Pedophiles crying persecution. Christians are the Golaith Predatory aholes… They are never the victims..Capish?
      Hindus don’t hate christians.. Hindus like me hate christianity.
      You know..hate the sin..but love the Sinners?
      I want to save christians from that bigoted ahole Christ whoi spammed the world with the vile message of hatred “You can reach god only through me”

      1. Caste is disgusting and most people naturally would dislike it, the best way to stop Muslim conversions in India (Islam is the second religion in India now) is to get rid of caste, that is what hindus in Guyana did to stop Christian conversion:
        Guyanese practising Hinduism are with 213,282 (28.4%), During the indenture period, the East Indian caste system, with its reinforced variations of rites and beliefs within the Vishnu cult, broke down. Hinduism was redefined, and caste-distinguishing practices were eliminated. Christian missionaries attempted to convert East Indians during the indenture period, beginning in 1852, but met with little success. The missionaries blamed the Brahmans for their failure: the Brahmans began administering spiritual rites to all Hindus regardless of caste once the Christian missionaries started proselytizing in the villages, hastening the breakdown of the caste system. After the 1930s, Hindu conversions to Christianity slowed because the status of Hinduism had improved and discrimination against Hindus had diminished. Since the late 1940s, reform movements have caught the attention of many Guyanese Hindus. The most important, the Arya Samaj movement (Aryan Society), was founded in India in 1875; the first Arya Samaj missionary arrived in Guyana in 1910. Arya Samaj doctrine rejects the idea of caste and the exclusive role of Brahmans as religious leaders.

        1. Christian caste system is 1000 times lot worse with its Lynchingsand Slavery and the Holocaust
          The Indian caste thingi has no such vile history..its more benign case of trash talking-and giving slight to others…
          Christians is a million times worst than any caste thingi

        2. Yes ,India still has its fair share of religious intolerance, but to be honest, India or Hindus are just like the 3th biggest persecutor of Christians, Muslims are the number one, but the 2th? the Communists countries of China, Vietnam and North Korea, and even the Buddhist Myanmar has its share of intolerance, i think we need to see more posts about Islamic intolerance and Comunist intolerance too; i appreciate the most the Hindu India culture in the values aspect ,because they are less far from democracy and tolerance than other non Western cultures, with the exception of Muslim Turkey (the only Muslim country i appreciate) and some Latin and East Asian countries that are pretty democratic and tolerant due to Western influence (like Japan and Mexico)
          Most intolerant countries.

        3. No Christians are the wurst persecutors of unbelievers and 1000 times worse than Islamists
          Even Saladin during the Crusades spared women and children..But the christian relished in killing little non christian babies.

        4. The only good Muslims are Turks, also Turkey is the biggest Muslim economy and its popular culture is spreading, i am not very familiar with it, but i have watched one Turkish TV series that i liked, i support them and Bollywood too, but not anything coming from the rest of Muslim world.

  11. The only good christian in this world is a christian who don’t give a shit for the church and christianity. And this is the majority! so I love the majority christians for rejecting christianity and its evil doctrine.

    JAI HIND!!!

    1. Feminism is more compatible with Hinduism ,because in the other religions god only has a male form, but in Hinduism, you can see also female forms of god.

  13. Ok my turn to give this a go. I can see that we’ve attracted at least one Hindutvadi urine drinker 🙂
    1) Hindus persecute Christians because we’e helping the poor, the downtrodden, the lower-castes. Research is the key word here. Make your own judgments.
    2) Hindus HATE the West. Wake up and smell the cow-urine. When I say Hindus hate the West, I mean they HATE it with a vengeance. If you’ve ever heard two hindus in the West passing remarks in another language and laughing in a snide manner, you can BET its something anti-Western/White.
    3) Hindus have a deep-rooted inferiority complex. Not without good reason.
    4) Hindus regularly troll the internet spreading propaganda and posing as White people to try and divert attention from their true agenda. Sorry my happy hindu friends – it’s too late. We’re onto you and we’re going to mess your plans up 🙂
    5) Hindus DONT advocate democracy. They don’t believe that every man/woman should have the right to decide their own beliefs, etc. They will go as far as advocating cold-blooded MURDER to push their beliefs onto others.
    Good luck Hindutvadis 🙂 We will bring the battle home to you.

  14. Rodrigo I agree the Hindu character is quite troublesome. Compared to their Christian and Buddhist counterparts, they are very malicious. I have no ill feelings towards Indians, but rather the Hindu culture. If you look at other Hindu colonies, like Cambodia, Laos, Bali, Nepal, etc they still practice that evil caste system. In a modern world, how can one practice caste?!

  15. You missed out another group, the noble aristocrats, whose ancestors were rulers, and were pushed out of power, by these hindutva people, using all sort of methods. We also hate the fascist hindus, as they promote race mixing.

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