Hindu Posing As a White Man

This guy posted on my blog recently. With a little work, I figured out that he is a Hindu Indian posting from the UK.

Hello Robert, I am a British white man with no Indian blood in me whatsoever, and I would just like to say something. I, as a white man, find your criticism of Indians and Hindus very disturbing. I find Indians and Hindus to be the most honest, hardworking people out there. I have met many many Hindu Indians.
India is not a shithole, I have been there, and it is much cleaner and richer in culture than England. Did you know that the Indians invented atomic warfare in 300 B.C.? The Rig Vedas show that Indians could split a tiny thing and bring forth a great fire, aka nukes. Also, Brahmin Indians have no dirty Black or Asian blood. They are purer than you or me. Blacks and Asians are not fully evolved from monkeys. They are inferior. Slaves to Aryans.

This is very interesting. It is stunning how many of these Internet Hindus pose as Asians or especially as Anglo White people. I can’t tell you how many of them have names like “Paul Jacobs.”
Notice also the nonsense about Indian Hindus inventing atomic warfare in 300 BC. It is utter nonsense, but recently the History Channel made an episode claiming this to be true. Sad how many Westerners get sucked into the Hindus are their crap and lies.
Note also the extreme racial supremacism of this high caste Indian, who claims to be an Aryan. He considers all races to be inferior to Aryan Indian Hindus, and in fact, they were put here to be the slaves of Aryan Hindu Indians.
This resembles the Jews at the very worst of their religion. Looking at the Jewish religion in the worst possible way, one can interpret it as saying that the Jews are most superior tribe of all – chosen by God – and all other humans are less than human animal types who were put here by God to serve the Jews.
The Nazis also had similar beliefs – that Nordic Whites were the superior or master race and that all other races (more or less) were to be either conquered by the Nordics, destroyed, assimilated to Nordicism or to be colonized and settled.
The Japanese may have held a similar view towards other Asians in WW2.
In addition, Islam at its worst says that all non-Muslims, if they refuse to convert, must serve the Muslims or even be the slaves of the Muslims It also advocates the assimilation – extermination project for the non-Muslims, similar to the Nazi project. Assimilation – extermination was also used by European Whites in the colonization of the Americas and especially Australia.
This sort of racialized supremacism is quite common among human groups. You can see three examples above, and these are surely not the only cases among human history. Humans have been enslaving each other forever. Nazism was not an aberration but instead was the typical racial or tribal supremacism and subordination instinct common to all of humanity.
It is interesting that these Aryan Hindus think that Asian or Black blood is dirty. They are correct that Aryan Hindus have little to no Black blood, however, this same group probably does have some Asian blood. I know that Punjabis are about 14% Asian by genes. Amazing that they think Asians are inferior and close to apes. That is not a common view of Asian people, and in fact, a more common view is that Asians are the most highly evolved race of them all – neotenic, virtually hairless, high intelligence, high impulse control, reduced sex drive, controlled emotionality, capable of highly civilized behavior and building highly complex and smoothly working civilization, long lifespan.
These Hindus are scary people. They are a bunch of Nazis!

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78 thoughts on “Hindu Posing As a White Man”

  1. It’s especially funny because India is miscegenation central. Even Northwest Indians have considerable negrito and Proto-Australoid blood in them. On the genetic level, Northwest Indians certainly do not cluster with Europeans. They cluster with themselves and those surrounding them.
    Furthermore, the average IQ of India is only 82 (see IQ and the Wealth of Nations).
    Indians are fanatics.

      1. In call center Outsourcing Job, you have to take the name of White man and train yourselves in his accent ,this is quite common phenomenon in urban india, most young indians live 2 lives,with 2 names
        At night they take White man’s name and speak in Worst possible accent in call centers.
        Indians are crafty when it comes to self praising, Internet is full of anonymous people ,Indians do the same stuff in ROOSH V forum.
        There are many indians in that forum who take Slavic names,German names and American Names ,Their posts mostly center around how glorious and attractive most indian men are, worse some guys even take White girls name and spam the forums that they had sex with indians and they are most attractive men over there.
        I have mentioned it several times, In germany ,Indian guys of my Age behave worse during weekends, Many German News papers and Gossip columns published this new phenomenon where indians guys take up toilet cleaning jobs and Door men jobs just to touch the private parts of Drunk German Girls during weekends.
        Honestly, I feel most indians are proverbial frogs, and worse culture,family system and Hindu televangelists have brainwashed them to feel superior over others and they bring that same attitude to every country they migrate, most of them never travelled abroad nor fully aware of Diverse and often more superior cultures.
        Indians students here form groups, live in some discoursed Ghetto homes,with cheap rent,behave worse with women and to make matters worse they look creepy.
        These Teen age virgin indian guys get no attention and often they see themselves as inferior to other European guys, so they resort to making Youtube videos or spamming about their superiority and in some cases here in Germany,they take toilet cleaning jobs during weekends to touch white girls.
        Just mix with these indians guys you will understand that most of them have no confidence, they hunt in packs, believe in all crazy things,and are loud and throw the dirt, you are not just importing cheap labor but you are importing dirty culture of Hindu indians

        1. Hypocrites, talking in the backs of Asian yet clearly enjoying not only their products (Suzuki) but lately also their popular culture, Hungama TV airs popular kids anime Like Doraemon and Shin-chan and live action shows like Hero which are very much loved by kids. Hungama TV focuses on anime for children’s aimed at kids and preteens (ages 4-14). Shows like Doraemon, Shin-chan, Chimpui, Detective Conan, Hero and etc. were the biggest hits on Hungama TV. Also Anime satellite TV network Animax Broadcast Japan Inc. will begin airing the new India-produced “Ninja Hattori” animated series on May 13, which has stayed true to its Japanese roots. It will mark the first time in nearly 25 years that a new “Ninja Hattori” series has aired in Japan. The original “Ninja Hattori-kun” series, which was adapted from a manga of the same name by Fujiko Fujio A, was a popular anime in the 1980s. The new 26-episode series will air weekly, with each episode containing two short stories. The Indian remake was jointly produced by Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi Corp., anime studio Shin-Ei Animation Co. and Reliance MediaWorks Ltd., India’s entertainment services company. The remake was produced to meet the needs of fans in India, where the original series has been popular after it started airing in 2006. The new series premiered in India in May 2012 on Nick India kids’ channel. Although the animation production was done in India, the characters and stories faithfully follow the original series.This is in stark contrast to “Suraj–The Rising Star,” an Indian animated TV series. It was adapted from the Japanese baseball manga and anime series “The Star of the Giants,” but is centered around a young boy from Mumbai who wants to be a cricket star.

        2. Hypocrites, talking in the backs of Asian yet clearly enjoying not only their products (Suzuki) but lately also their popular culture,
          NO SHIT!
          Psy the Destroyer. The Ying/Yang Master. Darkens the Crackers, Whitewashes the Niggers. Marginalizes the de-Spic-ables. Carbon-14 dates the Kikes.

        3. From reading your post, I had this mental image. How should I describe it… Have you seen the theatrical trailers for the film World War Z? These Hindu perverts remind me of the zombies in that film. They go batshit berserk over any female they regard as easy targets, relentlessly hunting them down in packs like clouds of locusts.

        4. Indian men statistically marry out more than Indian women in every country on the planet, last time I checked, no Punjabi has Mongoloid blood, the ASI is a proto Australoid component.

      2. Indian hindus lust for White Italian women and molesting them is published in italian magazines
        I have been saying all this in my recent posts , here in germany indian students take up toilet cleaning jobs during week ends at bars and strip clubs to touch private parts of White girls
        This phenomenon is spreading across Europe or it seems this behavior already exists and i have noticed it very recently
        In germany some German bars are advertising no indians wanted for toilet cleaning jobs
        Its a shame that these hindutva sex repressed indians resort to such behavior, Come to germany and see how these clowns behave,and how they express their uber patriotism…

        1. Islam has its its Karma..today Islam is the worst hated religion and culture in the world.
          Do you Muslims realize that?

  2. Mr. Lindsay, don’t forget, both Hindu Brahmins and Zionist Jews had supported Adolf Hitler. The Genome Research Journal (May8, 2001) reported that the upper caste Brahmin Hindus have common traits with the Jewish people – such as the caste superiority (racism) and ethnically the great majority of both Brahmins and Jews is rooted in Khazar tribes of Asia.
    V.T. Rajshekar, editor fortnightly Dalit Voice, Bangalore (India) wrote: “India’s Brahminical rulers called the “Jews of India”, being blood brothers of the Jews, are in tight embrace to fight their latest enemies Islam. Israel fears attack from the nuclear armed Iran. India’s 2% Brahmins cannot survive without war and violence which are their staple diet. Both the Jews and the “Jews of India” say they have been able to win over President Obama to tackle their common enemy. But our friend Alan Hart fears another anti-Jew violence in the West. We have the same fears in India: the rise of anti-Brahmin war and violence. The unity of China with Iran, Pakistan and other revolutionary Islamic forces including Palestine plus the Indian original inhabitants will produce a gigantic force before which the micro-minority Jews and “Jews of India” will pale into insignificance”.

  3. Here is another role, Hindustani’s play in America.
    Many psychiatrists in the Veteran Administration are from the Near East.
    Many veterans request to have physician assistants or nurse practitioners instead.

    1. Care to elaborate? I’m not surprised that “vets” don’t want a doc who is “Middle Eastern,” regardless of the fact that’s it’s a free service to them. It’s just the times we live in.
      I just don’t understand the “Hindustani” angle you are alluding to. Care to elaborate? I am genuuly curious. It’s wouldn’t surprise me at all if there is one, to be honest.
      P.S…A former boss of mine hates with a fiery passion Middle Easterners, Muslims, Arabs, etc. He is a Vietnam Vet and a diehard tea-party conservative type. He recently lost his insurance, and can’t afford to see a cardiologist that he badly needs(And that I believe he should be entitled to, as a basic right of all Human Beings everywhere). His ex-wife is a nurse(and a liberal). She recommend a “low-cost” cardiologists who does work for the needy and poor in the L.A area. He is also noted as being very well renowned in his field. The catch you might ask? He is a dreaded Middle Easterner of some sort. Ho-hum… 😉

      1. I used the term ‘Hindustani’ because the term Indian from India gets confused with American Indian. This confusion leads some people to ask ‘dot or feather?’.
        In having foreign doctors from the middle or near east leads, one or two problems arise:
        1. Some people can’t understand what people with foreign (to them) are saying to them even if they are speaking English. (Fortunately, I don’t have that problem as long as they speak English.)
        2. I find many of them condescending and/or bad listeners. They make assumptions and won’t consider maybe their thesis maybe mistaken. They seem to get their views of American culture from a Marxist college professor or a Norman Lear comedy. I am not saying all are like that, but way too many of them are.
        That is at least how I see it.

        1. Buddy, you ain’t making any sense here. Are you talking about Indians, i.e “Hindustanis,” or people from the Middle East, i.e Arabs, Iranians, Armenians, etc. There’s a huge difference between the two, and only inbred rednecks tend to conflate the two together.
          Besides, if a veteran doesn’t want to have a “Middle Eastern” doctor look at him free of charge, the reasons is 100% racial. He doesn’t want a sand-nigger in the same room as his/herself…That simple.
          I highly doubt your average Hindoooooo has that problem at the V.A. Hindooooos are always quick to point out how they are not Middle Eastern or Muslim to Americans, and as we know, Americans listen. Especially the “vets”. 😀

  4. As a Chinese, I can tell you that North Asians view Indians as Asia’s “ni***rs”. They are seen as inferior.

    1. At least the facts support the chinese views, Indians feel they are better out of nowhere, cough cough, India has a huge Trade Deficit with China

    2. Xu,We see you chinese as yellow monkeys you chinkie geek faced lunatic. We call you fucking freaks as hinkies most of you fuking faces work a ghoorkahs and we kick them to ourt peril . Talking about inferiror you yellow monkeys will remain the most inferior with names like xu, fu, po, si, ku . We throw stones at monkeys not embrace it because it reminds your faces.

        1. i have been saying this all along, Hindu Superiority is nothing much than Indians trying to cover up deep hidden insecurity ,incompetence and inferiority complex.
          So called Hindutva cheerleaders actually quote,use western sources to bolster their legitimacy
          Read this amusing article about hindutva
          Please come to india and see how many hindutva cheerleaders think themselves as blonde hair blue eyed boys ,they even feel because of islam they have become brown,its quite amusing and at same time frightening, you almost see South indian Australoid dravidian saying that his forefathers were original aryans and had blonde hair and blue eyes.
          Indians love Fascism,perhaps its because we have never been under fascist rule thats why we yearn for it..

  5. ” these Internet Hindus pose as Asians or especially as Anglo White people. I can’t tell you how many of them have names like “Paul Jacobs.””
    There are a lot of non-hindu Christian Indians with names like these… they often have a biblical first name as their last name and are descendants of Christians who have been there for thousands of years.

      1. Robert, do you treat Indian Christians as Hindus? in DNA or nature? Christians are nothing alike Hindus.

  6. “They are a bunch of Nazis!”
    That’s insulting to the Nazis. At least the Nazis didn’t go around gang raping hapless women.

    1. Yes Indian hindutva idiots are insult to nazis .,Infact nazis are brave and quite intellectual in Technology
      Where as Hindutva idiots are just posers with bronze age intellect, if not for british and USA , these people would be living like Nomads in afghanistan
      Every thing in India looks artificial, Even so called Computer programmers in India are aint that great, they are just cheap, Infact i hire American and British guys and mostly german Guys in my Lab for Internship positions
      I get mails from Indian students from India seeking internships in my Lab and Research center where i work, i reject all their applications, because i instinctively know that these people come posing for internships , later they use their influence and get some contacts with other indians working in my Research firm or University, they use this leverage to get research positions and permanently settle down in Germany, worse once they infiltrate into any group they behave so badly and they spoil entire work ethic of team, they bring their culture, they distribute sweets, home made foods here , some times they even bring in Idols of Hindu Gods like Ganesh Elephant God or Hanuman Monkey God and celebrate the birth day in Research center.-…
      Basically indians create a degenerate work atmosphere every where they go,This is why i never hired an indian so far in my 3 years of research life.
      Most of applications from International Students pass through me as I am the one of International Research Student in the group, all indian applications were rejected by me.
      I basically hire only germans,Austrians, American students and British…Sometimes iranians from Sharif university or Tehran university and Amir kabir university, not arabs .

      1. If what you say is true, then it would seem that European academia has a gypsy problem, just as the Louvre museum, but you Europeans are too straitjacketed by ‘multiculturalism’ to act out of common sense, I’m afraid.

      2. You’re comment is like your face so pathetic!!! dont generalize every race has its positives and negatives.. generalizing wont help in any cause !!! Idiot get a life!!

  7. @Cyrus
    If you would pull your brainless head out of your smelly ass, you would understand perfectly what I tried to tell you to no avail.
    It is not the ethnicity of the doctors, free or not, that is the issue. It is the objectionable attitude of said doctors to the patients of all races (not just us rednecks inbred or otherwise) that is the issue.
    So prejudice against veterans or rednecks of all races is okay?
    You call middle easterners ‘sand niggers’ and I’m the inbred redneck?
    You are beyond contempt.

    1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! We now have the dumbest motherfucker to ever post on this blog!
      Another Hinduvata in the house! Give him a round!
      Man, you’re so stupid! I still can’t figure out what you are trying to say!

  8. Damn man, fucking Hindutvas. They’re relentless!
    You really opened a pandoras box when you wrote your “India is a Shithole” post, haha.

  9. Bobby,
    Can you ban the ones whose only contribution is bitching about other posters. It’s getting DAMN annoying.

  10. I don’t know what percentage of Brahmins are Brahmin supremacists or what percentage of them believe that they are Aryan.
    My mother is a Brahmin supremacist that believes she is Aryan (and she does not at all look Aryan). She looks like an average south indian. Quite dravidian. My father is not a Brahmin supremacist and does not believe he is Aryan. He thinks he is south Indian though my father is actually fairly “Aryan” looking and could pass for an Afghani or Persian.
    Most of my family is not Brahmin supremacist and they do not believe the castes are ethnically different. Some of my family members are partial to Indian culture and would call it superior in some ways, but not really much more than a lot of immigrants are partial to their cultures.
    Though Brahmin supremacists may have a delusional worldview, I don’t think they are nearly as dangerous to the world as Islamic supremacists as Brahmin supremacists tend not to have an organized agenda. They also don’t necessarily oppose liberal policies and can support women’s rights and economic liberalism.

    1. The ones that come over here are probably the more progressive ones.
      What is economic liberalism?
      Brahmins and upper castes in general have utterly failed to promote any kind of progressive or liberal project in India and the failure in women’s rights has been horrific.
      The clown who posted is an “Internet Hindu.” This blog is swamped by these nutcases on a regular basis. Basically Hindutvadis, Indian nationalists, Hindu nationalists. The worst of the worst of the worst of India.

  11. “Brahmins and upper castes in general have utterly failed to promote any kind of progressive or liberal project in India”
    Can we say that this is an upper caste problem? It seems that Pakistan and Bangladesh, where there are almost no Brahmins, have even worse problems with economic development and inequality.
    ” and the failure in women’s rights has been horrific.”
    Again, the failure in women’s rights in the neighboring south asian countries without hindus is even worse, so to me this looks like a South Asian problem.

    1. Not really the human development figures are a lot better for Pakistan and Bangladesh than they are for India.
      Those Muslims in those countries are Hinduized Muslims, that is why there are such horrific problems like awful inequality, poverty, starvation, malnutrition, feudalism, lack of sanitation, slums, lack of clean water, etc. You generally don’t find too much of that in the rest of the Muslim world. They do a pretty good job of dividing up the pie. Feudalism persisted in Muslim South Asia because those are Hinduized Muslims. They even have castes! Hinduism ruined the whole region.

      1. “Not really the human development figures are a lot better for Pakistan and Bangladesh than they are for India. ”
        What figures? This seems specious to me as both countries are widely reputed to be “worse” than India. Seems like most westerners regard India as a developing democracy with decent prospects and Pakistan as an unstable series of dictatorships with some taliban like laws here and there and direct supression of religious minorities/secular types.

        1. Malnutrition is much worse in India than it is in Bangladesh or Pakistan.
          And sanitation is much better in Bangladesh and Pakistan than in India. Only 7% of Bangladeshis shit outdoors whereas 60% of Indians do.
          Those are just a couple of the figures that I know about. All Muslim countries suppress religious minorities. It’s the way they operate.

      2. what is hinduized muslim,pls elaborate…poverty starvation,inequality,poor sanitation also exist in other parts of the world which were rampaged by islam & later colonized by britain n america..same problems exists with india.they fucked these countries so bad they never civilized till date….what is hinduized muslims?..just remove the poverty porn of india combined with massive inequality for a moment hinduism is a much beautiful religion..it is horrific for me to see how u compare it to islamic culture which is based on cruelty..the only plus point of islam over hinduism is that they were an organized religion right frm the start,that is not the case with hinduism..hinduism is a peaceful religion who wanted to live in peace but they were sucked into horrible miseries by hostile outside invaders who destroyed(corrupted) our culture to the point of no return.

    2. I looked on Wikipedia and it said Sri lanka had 7% hindus. Is sri lanka more progressive or better for women than India? It is both without a large population of Hindus and Muslims. I really don’t know much at all about Sri Lanka.

  12. The French-born White Christian Maximine Portaz (Savitri Devi), idolized Adolf Hitler and Nazis’ belief in the supremacy of the Aryan race. She found common grounds with Hinduism and immigrated to India and converted to Hinduism. She later married Dr. Asit Krishna Mukherji, a Bengali Brahmin who edited the pro-German newspaper New Mercury .
    As a youth she visited British occupied Palestine and felt supporting Palestinian struggle against British and Jews.

    1. I meant to say/ask how those religions got there and spread so widely amongst the indigenous many centuries before British conquest. Anyway i’ve already found a good source about this subject.

      1. Waves of refugees, and I wouldn’t say the spread at all. In fact, just the opposite. They’re numbers have remained very small due to the fact that neither Zoroastrians(Parsis and Iranis) and Jews(of the Mizrahi flavor) excepted converts. In the case of the Zoroastrians, it was on condition of refuge, as they fled from Persia to India about 1,000 years ago.
        I was also under the impression that amongst Muslims, the Shia and old-blood ruling Sunnis also somewhat abide by this approach. The unkempt and unclean lower castes of Hindus that converted to Islam, did so under the guise of Sufi missionary types.

        1. In iran “Death to America!” and now out of Iran “Death to India!” What is it about you “Death to …………”Iranians, Mr Cyrus.. Do ever stop to wonder how to fix your own islamofascist government/country which can not even build a nuclear bomb when the neighboring countries of Pakistan and India figured it out in the last century. Oh yeah too busy doing the “Death to Israel” number after Friday prayers at the mosque. Ahhh well it stops you thinking about fixing the slums in your own country when you can focus elsewhere. Way to go genius. Talking about genuine genius the Jews figured i out how to make a nuclear bomb in the forties of the last century. Keep figuring it out; maybe the Russians and North Koreans can help you figure it out since you will not let the Jews do that little bit of work for you.

  13. Of course dirty Hindu and Indians want to pose as white man. Hindus have lots of nigger blood and are breeding like cockroaches. Did you know that Hindus,Indians, Nepalis, Pakistanis, etc have lots of slave niggers to bear children and adding a lot of nigger blood. I immigrated from Germany with my parents, and while I lived in Germany there was disgusting Hindu guy who smell like shit. Hindu is threat; there are 1 billion of them. Hitler should have gassed them in Holocaust. Both of my grandfathers was Nazi Party, Heil Hitler! And for Germany the parent country, kick out all Hindus, niggers, and Italians. Aryan only!

  14. Dumbass Hindu think he is ARYAN?! HAHAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL8,9000000000X!!!!! Tell that to a German guy and Hindu face will get punched the fuck in. Any of us German true Aryan ppl will get very hot blooded furious if Hindu or Indian try to say they are Aryan.

    1. Fucking asswipe, the word aryan is neither english nor germanic its originated in middle east. White cave monkeys like you do not get considered as Aryan dickwad. There is infact no pure aryans in the world. Indians are indigeneous and you and this pathetic blogger are part of caucasian race

        1. lol, Indians desperately try to look Aryan/Caucasian, while they say “indians are good looking”. But no amount of makeups, skin bleaching, plastic surgery, nose jobs, hair straightening is able to hide the ugly munda mixed mongrel face, for ever. It takes only a morning shower/ 5 minutes in sun to expose Bollywood beauties :p
          No wonder why those lying, ids degenerate Zionists are India’s biggest friends.

    2. You Germans are phags with needle d/cks, stupid sh/t would easily get beat up in places around India if stepped there.

  15. Robert when did you get into the groove of being a red neck leftie activist on the net. When did that moment occur when you decided to spend your life as the leading leftie racist on the net. I know pull the lever: Bye Hindu.

        1. I used to have a very good image of Indian simply because I don’t know much about them but after reading Indian newspaper for some time and also reading a lot of things written by Indian two things stand out that are definitely not part of Hindu culture. The first is humility and the second is honesty.

        2. In India ,Kerala is not bad at all, the trash that many parts of India are, Kerala isn’t, they are different worlds, i remark this to Indians’s credit, if only the rest of India were like Kerala.

        3. If the rest of Indian were like Kerala they would all have to leave like their states and go find work in captialistic society while spitting on capitalising and talking about grlowy of their communistic culture of back home.
          Thats what Keralites do. Those ingrates and their ahole culture of India is the worst
          Kerala is an economic basket caste. people do migrate from other states but others also move into their state..its mutual exchange of migration.
          Kerala outsiders cannot find jobs in Keraa and Keralites look for job outside Kerala..they have to to survive..so KErala culture is a thieving culture is a theiving culture..they just steal and spit on the hands that feeds them

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