The George Zimmerman Trial

Crime scene photo of Trayvon's body covered with a yellow crime scene sheet. Nasty stuff.
Crime scene photo of Trayvon’s body covered with a yellow crime scene sheet. Nasty stuff. Look at that tennis shoe sticking out. I am looking at that shoe and laughing right now. Does that mean there is something wrong with me?
Fred on Everything on the Zimmerman trial. Fred says there may be riots if Zimmerman is acquitted, as I certainly hope he is. I have said it before and I will say it again, Zimmerman is a hero in the ongoing war of the civilized people against the Black ghetto thugs, of which Trayvon was a member. Photo of a dead Trayvon Martin from the crime scene is here. Will they riot? Who knows. Black folks tend to riot when things don’t go their way. There are many Blacks on Twitter saying they will riot, attack random Whites or kill themselves if Zimmerman is acquitted. We can only hope for the latter of the three choices. White people don’t. They just seethe, move to the suburbs or country and vote Republican. Voting Republican is a way for White people to say, “Fuck you niggers!” That right there is a large part of the reason why so many Whites vote Republican in the US and why they have been doing so for quite some time now. Not that voting Republican helps with the problem of Black people. So you hate Black people. Therefore you vote Republican. Ok, how does voting Republican “stick it to the niggers?” Not sure if I get it. I mean if there were an openly White nationalist party out there that had as an actual political project “sticking it to the niggers,” or better yet, ameliorating Black problems that affect the rest of us so much, it might make sense for a Black hating racist to vote for that party. Have you noticed something else? Have you noticed that 10
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185 thoughts on “The George Zimmerman Trial”

  1. I am a democrat. I don’t know if I would describe myself as a liberal, but as we all know, Dems tend to lean that way. I feel Zimmerman should be acquitted and there shouldn’t of been a trial in the first place. The only reason we are even talking about this story is because certain politicians and “celebrities” took it upon themselves to scream from the roof tops a little black boy was killed by a white man. Here we are a year later, now knowing Zimmerman is not white and Trayvon Martin was not the innocent little boy in the pictures Nancy Grace so wants us to think he was. I am certainly not thrilled about anyone losing their life, much less a 17 year old. However, George Zimmerman was being attacked and feared for his life. In the state of Florida, one does not even have to prove fear of death, but simply battery. It is also the law that one is not required to retreat. It is quite evident that George was attacked and his headed was slammed on the concrete. I live in south florida. I am actually scared of the time when they read the verdict, if he is found not guilty. I will be locking my doors and staying in my home that day.

    1. That’s bullshit, and it’s your choice to go all ignorant on this incident. This was a national story for two reasons: Zimmerman was armed with a ridiculous law of gun carrying and gun use, and because Martin was singled out for being black with a fucking hood on (thanks to Zimmerman’s well-documented paranoia), so he couldn’t resist defying the police’s order to stay away from him. No one deserves to be approached for wearing a hood and being black alone. Martin was minding his own business. By yours and Robert’s logic, Malcolm X should have been shot dead by a white man who didn’t like “his kind”. Well Malcolm was a criminal then. Martin had no such record. People reform. I was a trouble making kid. I’d stand up to someone fucking with me. But people sometimes reform and learn from their misguided youth. It’s no one’s place to say someone would not have reformed, especially if the antagonist doesn’t know the person who they interpret as being “suspicious”. And even if a person does not end up reforming later, they have the damn right not to in this country, We citizens don’t get to decide who lives and dies based on who we unfairly deem to be “thugs”. What the fuck is a thug anyway? Broad definition for sure. If Robert, myself, and several other men on this blog, resent being called “creepy”, young black men resent being called “thugs” in the same damn way. If someone wants to do drugs, an anti-drug advocate shouldn’t shoot him. If someone has below average character, someone self-righteous shouldn’t snuff out their life. Someone who doesn’t hold their fire on a fist fight as a last resort when being confronted by a stranger for no just reason, shouldn’t be the victim of gun violence from a person who uses it as a first resort.. Imagine everyone who gets in a fight getting shot to death.

      1. the real problem even hear is the ability to learn. outside major cities everyone protects themselves with a gun. trevon was a schoolyard thug displaced in an area outside his street knowledge. the lesson here is don’t bring your city thug mouth to a gun fight,, period.

        1. The lesson ought to be don’t create a gun fight. Coming from someone who hates the 2nd Ammendment, millions of gun happy people are cowards to me.

      2. Excellent reply. Just a quick point, much has been made of Trayvon wearing a hoodie. It might help to know that it was raining when this incident happened. It’s not unusual to put a hoodie on when you’re walking in the rain.
        And to Big G, fuck you. It makes no fucking difference what Trayvon’s background was as it’s immaterial to what actually happened that night. If that had been me walking down the street, Zimmerman would’ve have done the exact same thing.

        1. Yeah, and he would have shot you in the chest after you said, “WTF?, broke his nose, then sat on his chest pummeling him and bashing his head into the concrete. And he would have been acquitted again!
          Another victory for white Hispanolas?
          Give up that Ace of Spades, Julio!

        2. I give you the facts and you go off, my point is people outside of gun controlled city’s don’t believe there is an acceptable amount of abuse. If it was dark and raining how could Zimmerman tell that trevon was black. Zimmerman didn’t follow trevon to kill him . the police were on there way. trevon doen’t have the right to provoke a physical situation. he does have the right to run or call the police. he didn’t and he’s dead. its unfortunate. but have we learned anything. we will protect ourselves against violence and people who provoke physical confrontations. and the aggressor will be shot. welcome to middle America.

      3. Nomin-J- And who shot Malcolm X, for the record?
        A fist fight involving head-bashing into concrete is no longer fist fight.
        If you are a liberal, I’m burning my membership card!

        1. I forgot to add, I had meant in 1945, when he was a petty thief, and not when he was in the middle of a burglery either. One of the people who shot Malcolm was named Eugene Hayer. He was the only one held accountable for it, and he got released from prison just a few years ago. I’ve studied ZimmerMartin case more since my last posts on the subject, and I’d like to backpedal on my opinion. What we have are two bad actors, and my opinion is now neutral. It’s no big deal to admit you may be wrong, but have you ever done that, biggie man?

        2. You have earned my respect, Nominay, for that comment.
          I admit all the time that I may not have been 100% correct on 100% of occasions. I’m trying to think of one, I’ll let you know when I can remeber one (G.W. Bush reference).
          I didn’t research the TrayZim bashup until the last 3-4 weeks, long after everyone else, on the right and left, had already knee-jerked over to one extreme side or the other.
          You’re right- both of them screwed up.
          Trayvon was no child, no angel, and Georgie was an idiot to say the least. They both deserved something- but not what they got (G’s life is ruined, Tray’s is over).
          Moral: When Stupid meets Stupid, the result is even Stupider. (old saying I just made up)

  2. I can understand your distaste with the American Renaissance crowd, but I think there has been a sea change over the last few years, which you may have missed. King antisemite Kevin Macdonald recently published a piece by Tom Sunic subtitled “Capitalism: The Real Enemy of European People.” A lot of the bloggers (like Mindweapon) have the same obsessions with collective farming that one typically associates with people on the Left. A thread about John McCain is more likely to evoke animus from the Amren crowd than one about Obama. The white nationalists hate Israel, for one thing, and mainstream republicans love to coo about “God’s chosen people.” I’d hazard that if Sarah Palin ran against Noam Chomksy in a national election, and only the Hunter Wallace/ Taylor/ Sunic/Macdonald types were voting, Chomsky would win in a landslide.
    Still, there are some ways that voting Republican makes sense. Let’s say you are in a war, and you are on half rations. But your enemy on the other side is down to quarter rations. You see a plane careening into view, about to drop supplies in the no man’s land between you two. Blowing up the plane will deprive you, but it will doubly hurt your enemy. There is a chance your guys will make it to the booty first, but why chance it? Social Darwinism hurts white proles, but it really hurts blacks, and who can honestly say they’ve never fucked themselves over a bit in order to really, really fuck up their enemy? No, it’s not a hundred percent logical, but it is a form of human psychology we are all prey to from time to time.
    As Thrasymachus said in his deconstruction of one of your posts a while back, one thing that keeps the liberal dream of “Green” European-style cities and social democracy in America from coming to fruition is the behavior of liberals’ favorite pets, whom they continually enable (though I think even liberals are tired of blacks at this point, even if they can’t muster your honesty).

    1. We simply do not hate Blacks so much that we are going to orient our entire politics around racism against Black people. That just makes no sense at all. Truth is, we try not to hate Black people at all or to hate them as little as possible. As a liberal, once you start hating Blacks, you have morally failed in a bad way.
      I don’t see how liberals “enable” Blacks anyway. We believe in helping Blacks and all other poor people. A lot of poor people do not act very well, but a lot of others act pretty good.
      Anyway, I don’t see how Black people are going to act any better if you cut off their social programs. They will probably act even worse.

      1. I don’t think liberals are one iota less racist than conservatives. We’re told that Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio are the devil for believing that once someone is in a state of prior detention, you can ask them for their proof of citizenship. The Left emits far less of a hue and cry (except for show) against Bloomberg’s stopping and frisking of random Hispanics and blacks. The constitution is open to interpretation, but not even a Bangkok contortionist could tell me that Brewer and SB 1070 are anywhere near as gross a violation as Stop-and-Frisk.
        What’s the difference between say, a progressive like Chris Matthews and a racial extremist like Jared Taylor? Chris Matthews lives in an all-white enclave, married a white woman, sent his children to all white schools, and he says he loves diversity. Jared Taylor lives in an all-white enclave, married a white woman, sent his children to all white schools, and claims that diversity is a weakness rather than a strength.
        There, I have successfully delineated the differences between white progressive liberals and white supremacists, at least on the subject of race. And Rob, whether or not you think you are a racist, any good PC progressive bot who went through the archives here would lump you in with David Duke in a heartbeat.

        1. Liberals are generally a lot less racist than conservatives, though not all conservatives are very racist. To be an out and out racist and still be a liberal is considered to be a real failing on your part. I know many liberals, and most of them are not all that racist. If you are a liberal, you are not allowed to engage in racist speech. You can’t bash Blacks, you can’t use the word nigger. The people around you will pretty much tell you to shut up if you do that.
          All of the hardcore, out and out racists that I know are conservatives.

      2. Initially, everyone who was not “black” claimed the blacks were pulling a race card… and yet, every time Trayvon is mentioned by anyone who isn’t black, his race (especially in offensive slur or stereotype) is mentioned twice as much as the blacks pointing it out.
        Thus, our nation really has a Civil Rights case, in every sense of the word and all the groups who have experienced being discriminated against, bullied, chased home, beat up,hindered or suffered infraction while going about one’sown business, etc. because he/she didn’t dress/look/speak/behave as someone thought you ought to—should be jumping into this case… but why would they? All those who advocate this kind of behavior (Bullying), will merely start name-calling , saying things like “go home”, ” move” and harassing them more than previous years.The Imperiously prejudicial,Robert likely hate having this dialogue as much as you claim Blacks would acts worse when losing their social programming.
        I watched the case as soon as news broke…and my focus wasn’t about race at all. Nevertheless, race is apart of Civil rights… but Whenever I blogged about the issue or wrote comments as to my concerns,every reply I got back was laced with racial slurs or some other ethnic assassination of my character.
        The replies maybe slightly disturbing and certainly are crass. Yet,my bottom line is…. think what you want, call me what you like… but does it give you reason or right to follow me, fear for my safety and kill me?
        The Klan (among many other hate groups) marches, says mean things about others, and wears hoods, cloaks, capes, too… and is that reason or right to follow them based upon your suspicions, fight them, then kill them?
        I’m a vet’s kid,so rules and rank were my child-rearing. I’m grateful because it taught me much respect for our laws and those who uphold them. You have no right to drive without a license, despite being able to, and by law you should be penalized whenever you get caught.Law Enforcement and only Law Enforcement is authorized to pursue with or without a warrant when they have probable cause. When being an outlaw behind the wheel costs someone else their life, murder has been added onto illegal driving. It doesn’t matter whether that person is young or old, drunk or sober, a criminal or an angel. Assassinating the character of another doesn’t remove My culpability if I breaking the law or , in this metaphor? disregard the driving rules. The words WATCH and FOLLOW aren’t the same and never have been in any dictionary. Zimmerman was neighborhood, what?… “Watch”.
        2+3 will never equal 9 no matter how much I watch the numerals, follow them, call police on them when they add up to 5 or shoot them down for equaling 5. Supposition isn’t certainty, when it comes down to the LAW, So, why so eager to make them the same?
        Would the case go the same way if the dead person were 17-year old Shanice, Alison, or Rosita–regardless how tall/short/skinny/ etc she was, wearing a hoodie or haute couture? Is sex with a minor ok because she “looks” 19-years?
        Put together other valid clues alongside these, even those about real gangs, and you have all the makings of a Bully.Seeing as Zimmerman ventured into similar career routes early on and failed, since he’s allowed to assume a kill… I’ll wager Professionals saw this kind of character festering and “Watching” neighborhoods was the closest he’d ever get to a real Police work. Bullies never look for opponents who equal them in EVERY way.They long for merit and attention they don’t deserve, to be treated “above the rules” which apply to the rest of us, and while victimizing, they love playing the wronged fellow. They could join theatre for all the acting they do. Shooting someone over what they are wearing while on your turf or theirs, is a common protocol for ALL street gangs and thugs. Based on Zimmerman’s call to 9-1-1 about the nigger in a hoodie… punk in a hoodie, up to no good… …wouldn’t being killed over clothing equate to the gang violence, the kind so common to those who meet someone whose clothing or it’s colors offend them? Maybe watching the film, “Colors” can refresh a memory.
        Businesses, jobs, schools may standardize/uniform dress…i.e. ” no shirt, no shoes, no service”, business casual, all-white party, black-tie event… but when is the last time a principal, judge, CEO, or hostess followed and killed someone who didn’t dress as they thought one should or according to the standards of the organization? NO; in all those cases…. You are dismissed, sent out, sent home, or jailed at the most–by one with authority to do so.
        If professionals operate in this manner then what right does the average Joe (or George, rather) have to do otherwise.. or even worse?
        I didn’t see race: If a young girl, Trayvon age or size is dressed like the town tramp or prom sweetheart or “looks like” she is 19-years old, that makes it ok for men or anyone else with a notion, to watch her from their cars and then follow her on foot? Is she wrong to run, or taze the man? I have a little girl and she is tall for her age.
        In hindsight, running away or walking home isn’t good enough for the typical minor, who is too tall, fat, or whatever other reason one seeks to follow them. Trayvon should have stopped and began yelling (and kept yelling) to the top of his lungs, Help me, please! I’m being followed, I don’t know him at all! Call the Police! Since people can now be followed on a whim but prohibited from defending themselves, this appears to be their only recourse, even if that is their last words. What do we care?
        To make me feel unsafe in my own neighborhood, first from your vehicle, and then later on foot… you are stalking me.
        Unless you’ve been in that situation, you don’t understand it and it is only natural for you to call me a whiner, and you know what? I forgive you because you don’t know any better.. all you know and seek to know is what makes you comfortable.
        My homosexual friend was chased and nearly beat to death by some guys carousing in a vehicle, who saw him leaving a Men’s Fashion store. Why? He was dressed professional and more masculine than he normally would be on that day and rightly so, since he had an interview there:”You’re trying to be man today? Well, let’s make it official and beat the b–tch out of you for good”…
        I find it ironic, especially since it is July… that many of the same things our Declaration of Independence protested against regarding the King of England’s treatment… are many things this nation yet grapples with in 2013. One of the first things addressed in the declaration was inequality… and we’re still not there.
        Whether in a hoodie or haute coutre, dressed as a drag queen or a Goth…with the hair of a hippie or a mohawk haircut the color of the rainbow… with several piercings and tattoos or none at all…If I’m not bothering you, then you out of place to bother me, and utterly wrong to killl me.

        1. WOW there is thirty minutes I wont get back. Lesson for the next generation since this one is stupid. 1 if you are followed by anyone run. If you are followed by any one run and call the police. Never and I mean never confront anyone when you can run. never assault anyone . never assault anyone with a gun. Still know one asks where the police where. How long is okay. And why would a nieborhood need a watch if the police could be there sooner.

        2. ‘If I’m not bothering you, then you out of place to bother me, and utterly wrong to killl me.”
          However, should you lift a hand in anger to prove your point- like Trayvon did- You DO deserve to be shot.
          That whole screed you posted was pretty lame. Trayvon wasn’t that innocent. HE could have called the police , he called his girlfriend instead.
          After some time to reflect on this stoopid case… and again I fully believe that if you believe this was a case of racial intolerance, you -yourself are in fact a racist and pushing an agenda.
          Do you know who is REALLY at fault here ? Trayvon’s parents.
          How come they raised this fucked up individual that thinks it’s O.K. to solve problems with violence ? If he had a verbal interaction with George
          and not tried to solve it like a thug , well it might have been different. If he didn’t try to beat on George , George prolly would have never pulled the gun. If Trayvon wasn’t an angry little prick with a foul mouth and temper , if mummsie and daddy had given him some more hugs and direction, well this shit might have never gone down. The more I read bullshit from Trayvon supporters I’m more inclined to be on George’s side.
          Again, this is NOT a race issue. This is two stoopid guys with bad attitudes running into each other. No right or wrong, just the result of two inferior individuals. I have no doubt somewhere in America a black dood has offed a white person since Trayvon was done in. So fucking relax, the score has been evened… if you are animal enough to care about shit like that ? Or is looting and vandalism qualified as justice ? Here in California they ransacked the jewelery section in a Wal-mart in south central.
          IS THAT JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON ? How does he and his family benefit from that shit ? He doesn’t . It’s subhuman racists looking a reason to behave poorly. Actually they don’t care about Trayvon either. They are criminals. THe only thing that Trayvon’s death has accomplished
          is to install TRAYVON MARTIN as the patron saint of looters.
          Seriously , lets knock off the racist bullshit about the Trayvon case. It is so fucking lame.

  3. I should add as a caveat that the mood among white Americans is vastly different than it was when we had our last category five chimpout back in 1992. White guilt is in deep abeyance (outside of the churches and college campuses where Tim Wise hectors the starry-eyed teenagers and the wizened blue rinse brigade). If someone pulls some hapless white prole out of his big rig and attempts to toss a brick this time, he might be soon to join Saint Skittles up in that great watermelon patch in the sky. Ammo has been flying off the shelves, and the overreaching Jewish lesbian hyenas who control our legal culture have failed to strip us bitter honkeys of our guns and bibles.
    Let the games begin.

  4. “The verdict in the Zimmerman case should be no riddle/
    For Zimmerman is guilty, because Trayvon had Skittles”
    -Ghost of Johnny Cochran

  5. It seems to me you’re all reacting to this case as a symbol rather than what it is, a murder or manslaughter case. It makes no difference whether Trayvon was a bad guy, smoked marijuana, or reminds you of someone who bullied you in school. GZ pursued and stalked him with a loaded and unsafetied weapon,ignoring the many options that did not include killing Trayvon, even if Trayvon was all those things and more. The bare facts as they appear to me: he murdered Trayvon, or at least didn’t not murder Trayvon. You talk about civilization. Well, fundamental to civilization are laws that protect and apply to the nice and the not so nice.

    1. wow how can you ignore that many people were bullied by blacks . and excuse that horrer. don’t bring your city mouth to a gun fight. the situation could have been handled differently by both. but outside the city the one without the gun should flee.

  6. Zimmerman is not a hero, he’s a coward and a bully. There was no reason for him to purse Martin in the first place. It’s dubious that Martin was suspicious to begin with, and even if he were, that’s the job of the Police to act on, not Zimmerman’s. The police told him this much. The police operator was very clear to him – to not get involved.

    1. Let’s face it, Zimmerman would not have gone after Martin had he not been black. Robert calls him a hero, but he was a paranoid. This has been investigated and documented.

      1. Look Coward I am banning you. You are trolling the site again with a bunch of new names and wild off-topic posts. Obviously you need some sort of help, and I am not sure that hanging out on this site is the best thing for you.

      1. It’s called murder. We don’t thrive as a society by unwarranted killing of every degenerate citizen. If I were to go out and scope for an aggressive kid after antagonizing him, I hope that you wouldn’t call me a hero after shooting him dead. If Zimmerman wanted to go looking for trouble, he ought to look to fighting like a man. Barroom brawls are also unfortunate, but they are not worthy of lethal combat by two bad actors.

      2. So what if a black man killed a white thug? What if I went and shot some asshole in the Hell’s Angels with a criminal record, would I be a hero too?
        I don’t know how someone with a high IQ like you have can have such large gaps of logic. It’s clear your position is based entirely in emotion. I tend to expect more intelligent people to view situations more objectively and with less haste.

        1. Yeah if you killed a bad White criminal with just legal cause, you would be a hero to me, correct Tulio.
          Zimmerman is not exactly a hero to me actually. I just say that to get troll the blog and get people all riled up and provoke wild emotional responses hehe.
          I am a provocateur.

  7. I’m a white and you people make me EMBARRASSED and SICK! You people show that NIGGERS come in all colors especially WHITE!!!!!!!!

  8. My dad (Italian) moved to this country because he was offered executive job at a firm that was starting to show real growth and we have been living in Seattle ever sense. Lets cut to the chase, the pure savagery of these people is disgusting. I am home schooled but I play goalkeeper for a neighboring school (despite my clumsiness) and I have had my cleats, watch, water bottle, wallet and pendant stolen. I have seen them abuse other students (mainly Asian, whites, Hispanics and lighter skinned Africans mainly from North Africa or Ethiopians from the horn). I used to think before I moved from Europe that no matter who the man was, every man wanted to better himself regardless of how but with blacks bettering yourself means being a savage more than the other savage down the block. A bunch of Somalians are joining them also and to that I say good riddance. I don’t care if you are my skin color, my nationality or my tribe you are no brother of mine.

  9. All of the hardcore, out and out racists that I know are conservatives.
    All the conservatives I know, vehemently insist that they AREN’T racists, and that their politics aren’t racist either. They truly, honestly believe they are just trying to be FAIR, and if a certain policy (eg, dealing with crime or welfare fraud), happens to have a “disproportionate impact” on a certain race, that’s their own damned fault for their disproportionate misbehavior. FWIW, a few of them are interracially married, or the product of such.
    You can disagree that conservatism actually is fair or wise (in fact, I know that you do — this is a socialst blog)… but… as an insider, I’m telling you their true inner motives. Correct or not, in their heads and hearts they THINK they’re just doing the right thing — they are NOT, repeat NOT, acting out of hate.
    Same for voting Republican. They honestly thought, 20 years ago, that the Republicans were the good guys. And they still honestly think, today, that the Republicans are the lesser of 2 evils. THAT is why they vote Republican. It has nothing to do with sending a “f*** you” to blacks.
    You must know a very strange set of conservatives. OR perhaps we define the term differently.

    1. You can’t say each and every conservative in America are like the folks you know. What is that, 20, 50 folks mainly from one local environment? I know the kind of conservatives you’re talking about – I have a foot in that world too. But I also have a foot in the ugly conservative world as well, where they all feel everyone who does not think like them, is inferior to them, including “niggers”. I may think they are stupid, but not unequal.

  10. No the ban is staying. You had two bans on this site. All people who get banned 2+ times are incorrigible. Also even when you are not trolling, you are scaring off the other commenters. Your style just rubs people the wrong way.

    1. Sorry to see you go Cowie, you’re a smart kid and I like you, but you need to get your shit together man, take care.

    2. I thought Coward was following my lead. I gonna miss that spastic niglet.
      I hope for the day a master’s degree level blog intelligently run as this blog sometimes is can tolerate “nigger, chink, gook, fag, kike”. For truly, hatred buried, hatred concealed leads to a totalitarian condition and is hateful in the eyes of God. First and foremost, understand these insults to be just bits 0s, and 1s, aimed a other 0s and 1s, you self-important fucks. Even if they come from the most mentally ill negro out there.

  11. I suspect ur position on this and ur use of the word “thug” Robert may be a kind of inside fishing expedition for ppl’s attitudes.
    Trayvon was a good kid.
    He had no problems at school or in his personal life.
    I don’t know anyone that wasn’t suspended from school, or that didn’t smoke pot. I was first suspended in the 4th grade and i was a good kid.
    There was no thc in Trayvon’s system, a trace amt was fpund that could’ve been from a toke a month earlier.
    The comment that you have a right to shoot someone in Florida if they hit you is false. I live in Florida.
    GZ (cac) was a coward. He stalked that kid and when the kid confronted GZ, the coward shot him.
    What kind of society have we become when it’s OK to shoot someone because they punch or shove you?
    A pussified one, in my opinion.
    GZ was an adult with advanced martial arts training, and he outweighed martin by 65 lbs.
    Good grief.
    Also, the bizarre comment that “dems are just as racist as repubs” is silly…guess what side conservatives took during the civil rights era.
    I have no guilt, never have felt any.
    I just know that ppl need to be judged by their individual actions, not as a group.
    That’s my opinion.

    1. Zimmerman on the other hand was a pedophile. I’m kind of shocked still that Robert essentially advocates murder of anyone he doesn’t like. It reminds me of why I left the back in ’08. Those intellectual cunts cheered the death of Tim Russert, saying he deserved to die because Russert supported the run up of the Iraq war.

        1. Robert I came to you site for something else but the more I read your comments the more I like you. every bully should be killed. we shouldn’t let that gene into the next population.

  12. I’m really on the fence about this Zimmerman/Martin case. I think both of those fools were in the wrong. Zimmerman shouldn’t have been playing neighborhood watch . There’s people out there like that though. The amount of folks out there in ‘merika packing heat – both legal and not – is really astounding. It’s part of the ‘freedom’ of living in ‘merika. Just about anybody can get a gun. That’s reason right there not to go running yur mouth off at random strangers. Which was Martin’s mistake. He escalated the situation. A little more civilization on TM’s part might have gone a long way. “Hey Man -just got some skittles and heading home , My names Trayvon , you live in the neighborhood ? ”
    Instead of Fuck you and lunging at the guy , might have gone a long way to have him around today.
    It’s like a perfect storm of two stoopid people with ego and no manners.
    I would also like to nominate Dano’s comment for IDIOT comment of the day
    “What kind of society have we become when it’s OK to shoot someone because they punch or shove you?
    A pussified one, in my opinion.”
    Oh please just go and fuck off. How much physical assault are you willing to take ?
    A civilized society would say that no amount of violence is acceptable. Pussified ? No . Evolved ? Yes !

    1. civilized society would say that no amount of violence is acceptable.
      Does that mean we need out law boxing, basketball, football, rugby, meat eating. What about the CHANCE of violence. Like fast driving.
      While I’m not for violence for its own sake, I DO believe in just desserts.
      Americans don’t deserve total peace, that for fuck’s sake is certain. And neither do you, you sanctimonious fuckhead.

      1. Hacienda
        “Does that mean we need out law boxing, basketball, football, rugby, meat eating. What about the CHANCE of violence. Like fast driving.”
        You fuckin idiot. What a way to twist words. This is such a bone headed
        low brow response I don’t even know where to begin.
        Perhaps your ass would be off in Russia or somewhere off the coast of Africa were people have a much better chance to survive by behaving like animals. I’ll stay here with the intelligent folks and try to further society.
        Do us all a favor and don’t breed.

        1. This is such a bone headed
          low brow response
          You don’t get it. It’s not low brow. It’s beyond high brow. Dumbfuck.

    2. Pussified, Edie. As in “lost our manhood”. If you get the short end of a fight, NAD up and take your medicine. Be a man.
      I’ve had my ass beat many times, and delivered royal ass beatings many times…gotten a broken nose (which GZ didn’t have), broken ribs, knocked out 3 times, fat eyes, fat head, left one guy permanently without a sense of balance so 20 yrs later he still stumbles…that’s the deal. I’ve gotten in fights where we were both bloody and shook hands laughing afterward and gone for a beer with the guy.
      But that’s not even what happened in this case. GZ got nuthin’…he outweighs a kid by 65 lbs and goes into pussy mode right away after being shoved?
      The Uncivilized society is the one where everyone shoots each other the minute it becomes physical. Undertakers would be the nuveau riche.
      Remember those old westerns? Remember the guy that shoots another during a fight?
      He was always the villain.
      Rightfully so. Art imitates life.
      Time to check your pkg edie.

      1. Dano … that post was complete bullshit. It’s little more than a macho fantasy of yours. I would like to welcome you shave the unibrow on that massive overhang of a forehead and join us in the real world. Where it is illegal to touch someone with any kind of aggression. That is simply the reality of the entire world , except your post.
        The whole bullshit about all your fights is just that…. bullshit. If you did leave a guy without his balance for over 20 years he probably still has grounds to sue your ass. Moron.
        As for checking my package ? You would be proud to have it. It’s seen more action than yours for sure. I know it’s really easy for you to think my
        point of view is of some pussified egghead, but my point of view comes from experience.
        I am working on my 3rd black belt.. in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I am well ranked in Kenpo karate and have a black belt in another obscure kung-fu style. I have kickboxed competitively in my teens and early 20’s and played one year of university football ( I was a linebacker) . I have more than3 years work as a bouncer. 2 years at a nearly lawless country bar in Canada and 1 1/2 at an L.A. spot. I have been in way more real life scrapes than the fiction you posted. The reality is whoever gets hurt immediately sues or calls the police. They don’t go out for beer afterward…… sooo much B.S.
        So ya, grow up Drano……………

        1. Bullshit, huh? I was being conservative.
          What world do YOU live in? How many times were you shot at by the time you reached the 10th grade? None? Sissy. 3 times for me. You must’ve gone to a sissy private boarding school or something. Most kids in America have been shot at, been in numerous fights, been knocked out, been suspended///I mean, c’mon. Were you raised by 2 gay men?
          The guy with no balance? I was 15, he tried to rob me as I came out of a bar, I ran, he chased me with a gun, I turned a corner, found a serendipitous 2 x 4, and bushwhacked him across the forehead as he turned the corner behind me.
          Out cold, I took his gun, didn’t know if he was alive or not, but I was satisfied and didn’t need to call the police. And I had a nifty gun.
          Just another day in capitalist America.
          Tortured by a rival gang at 14, tied to a chair by the rr tracks and stoned, par for the course. took it like a man, no crying.
          Getting knocked out ain’t shit. You see a burst of stars/sparks, and you wake up with no sense of time passed. Looking at the sky. BFD.
          Getting punched doesn’t hurt. Something about adrenaline, it feels like a light tap. nothing hurts till the next day, and then it’s just a dull background badge of honor. BFD.
          This isn’t macho edie, it’s a day in the life of a normal MALE.
          Don’;t get yer panties in a wad because your dad wasn’t around/interested enuf to teach you how to act..
          Not my fault. If you think surviving is more important than how you feel about yourself, go ahead…survive at all costs…try to be happy. Good fucking luck!
          I prefer not to stab in the back. I prefer a direct confrontation…that way, if you lose, you feel better about the defeat and if you win, you feel the satisfaction of victory more deeply. And people have more respect for you. No one respects a coward or a pussy.
          GZ is a pussy. He had no business chasing anyone, no biz carrying a fully loaded gun with no safety, no business running around looking for blacks to assume were up to no good. Cuz that’s what he was doing.
          He gets allegedly overpowered by a skinny kid when he’s a hulking martial arts dude? yeah, right.
          All that crap you posted about yourself…i’m not fooled mr. “shoot if you get punched/shoved”…in all the fights I’ve been in, no one EVER called the police or sued. You’re a fraud.
          Man, you sure get histrionic when someone points at your shriveled, empty sac.

      2. dano, you’re so full of shit. Yah, getting into fights chronically is a badge of honor…or a symptom of seriously twisted and histrionic dysfunctional piece of riff raff. And if you’re stories are true, you’re indeed riff raff.
        Men — civlized men — don’t feel intimidated by your chest-pounding gorilla buffoonery (fictional or true). We might be put off by the growling of a wild animal–but we regard you as just that, a wild animal. Not human. Another stupid, self-defeating rube of “Capitalist America” as you call it. Do you think anyone with any real power cares about your self-described martial prowess? No, they just find another gorilla to fight you. Cock fight. Animals.
        If two guys get into a scrap and beat the shit of each other, okay. That’s they’re prerogative. But if one guy repeatedly gets into fights (real or imagined) then that’s a sure sign of a dysfunctional human being.
        You stupid bully. You’re the reason smart people invented guns.

    3. dumbass a punch can go a long way .when the right person throws it i punched some dumb sob once crushed the orbital bone an detached his retna hes blind in his left eye now.he was my friend not so much now.people die from one well placed punch.

    4. I think both parties were assholes as well. I don’t think Zimmerman should’ve gotten 25-life or anything, but I think 5 years in protected custody would’ve been fair. We can’t set a precedent that it’s okay to murder someone because you are losing a fight. We’re talking about a one on on fight. Martin had no weapon, he was 30lbs lighter. If you need to pull out a gun and kill someone who you outweigh by that margin you are fucking pathetic. And so what if his head was slammed into the ground. I saw the photos, I saw some cuts and blood, but nothing that indicated a life-threatened injury, no deep head-splitting gashes. Guys in the UFC get ground and pounded every fight with blood all over the place and have any of them died from it? And these are from trained hand to hand killers.
      I don’t care what anyone says, Trayvon’s death was unnecessary and for Zimmerman to walk without even a manslaughter charge is a mockery of justice.

      1. Most revealing about this stupid Florida trailerpark trashy cluster-fuck is the fact that it’s captivated the public’s attention so much. The dynamic that led to Martin’s death plays itself everyday, everywhere, in the minutest degrees of banal interpersonal conflicts. In fact, Zimmerman vs. Martin, with its rent-a-cop uniform and Skittles props, is the ultimate exercise in banality. The media and ideological crusaders turn some events into periodic microscope slides that allow the general public to discuss shit that obscure bloggeristas have been talking about forever. Once the general public is talked out, their catharsis purged, the obscure bloggeristas can continue discussing this stuff in the shadows again.

      2. Who said that TM sucker punched him? It was Martin that was being stalked, not the other way around.

      3. Tulio
        We can’t set a precedent that it’s okay to murder someone because you are losing a fight. We’re talking about a one on on fight. Martin had no weapon, he was 30lbs lighter. If you need to pull out a gun and kill someone who you outweigh by that margin you are fucking pathetic.
        Perhaps all all female jury and judge saw it differently.

      4. our society has set safety standards. I believe that everyone physically abused would not have had they been armed. why haven’t all you said a word about abused women that died as a result of a beating. if Zimmerman didn’t have a gun what would have been the out come. if trevon had called the police and ran what would have been the outcome. I don’t agree that we are civilized until we look at all the facts. if it was dark, if it was raining how could zimmermn see trevon was black.answer these questions. I’ve read a whole bunch of bullshit and still no one will answer these questions. I know trevon at 17 could out run Zimmerman.

  13. I looked at that photo of dead Trayvon all splayed out. The expression on his face was some frozen rictus of Lovecraftian horror. I am relieved that he is dead. I hope that blacks riot and chimp hard, and I hope they attack a lot of white people when the verdict of “Not Guilty” is read, and I hope that all of those white people they attack kill them in self-defense. Then we can have some more show trials, and the innocent whites can be released, and the blacks can riot and chimp out again. It will be a feedback loop designed to rid the world of everyone’s least favorite subspecies, and it will go on and on until blacks are stacked up like cordwood, and America is a peaceful paradise where a ninety year-old white woman can walk from one side of a city to another, at any hour, free from the fear of black violence. Amen.

    1. Hizzle, and if black people don’t riot, halting your feedback loop masturbation fantasy, will you still be mediocre and insecure?
      Probably… Damn, that sucks.

  14. Why Zimmerman shouldn’t be allowed to patrol his own neighborhood doesn’t make sense to me. He should be able to walk wherever he damn well pleases in his own neighborhood.
    All the talk about White’s hating Blacks is missing the point. WE’VE GIVEN UP ON THEM. We don’t wish them ill will we just want them to stay away from us White’s. White’s don’t wish to be attacked or die to make them happy. This will not end well.

    1. Well, if you read Hizzle’s comment, I think he does wish ill on black people. All black people, apparently, and without discrimination.
      Though rioting is unlikely given a televised trial where visibility minimizes hijinks, the blacks who would riot would be the miscreant segment. If they were killed, only good blacks would be left. The result could be very nice, though not for Hizzle, whose personal inferiorities would remain.

    2. And Martin has the right to walk through HIS neighborhood, you fucking moron. Are you not aware that his father lived there? Next time you walk down my street, I’m going to grab my pistol and then follow you around because I don’t like the way you look. How about that?

  15. Per Hacienda;
    “You don’t get it. It’s not low brow. It’s beyond high brow. Dumbfuck.”
    Uhm No. I completely get it. You have a substandard view on molesting people. The problem with your line of thinking – we are pussies if we get upset over being punched or shoved- is that you are probably a hypocrite about it. You think SOME physical aggression is O.K. until it’s you that gets your teeth knocked down your throat , then it’s cry,cry,cry call the police, sue, sue , sue.
    There’s absolutely nothing Highbrow about that.

    1. Actually you have it all wrong, dumbfuck. And don’t worry yourself about how I react to fights. You wouldn’t and shouldn’t believe me, anyway.
      I’m top 1% when it comes to physical bravery. I’ll spare you the idiotic details. Like the times I’ve knocked heads with bullies and shut them down.
      And I didn’t do it with some faggot jitjitsu, kendo, tae kwon do, etc.
      LOL. You actually DO that shit and believe you get cred? Dumbfuck.
      Not with me, dumbfuck. Not with me.

      1. You are truly an internet warrior halucienda. In the very most cowardice way.
        ‘ I’ll spare you the idiotic details. Like the times I’ve knocked heads with bullies and shut them down.’
        in your dreams cupcake. People with attitude like yours can only tell stories and never back them up. It’s all in your head.
        You and Drano should get together and have a circle jerk while you tell each other violent fantasies. That’s as far as you will ever get to a real physical confrontation.

        1. My love Huax, actually i liked him and Xera too, i hope both of them are doing evil and misbehaving 😉 yes, I am one of those chicks who are into bad guys, Huax was my favorite, he almost always was the bad guy, but Xera sometimes tried to be the nice guy a lot, but his sexy bad guy side always returned , forgive my vocabulary but I got wet thinking in them, anyways i never will know them, and i just commented today to express my love to them 😉 now is time to go to the movies.

        2. PS. besides according to them they were handsome, good-looking bad guys, i can’t hate them. ❤ I always prefered to imagine them as with looks of actor.

  16. “That is not a common view of Asian people, and in fact, a more common view is that Asians are the most highly evolved race of them all – neotenic, virtually hairless, high intelligence, high impulse control, reduced sex drive, controlled emotionality, capable of highly civilized behavior and building highly complex and smoothly working civilization, long lifespan.”
    Really? You seem to be forgetting the single worse mass murdering in all of history, the heartless vicious Mao Zedong, who murdered at least a hundred million Chinese, burying half of them alive to save bullets.
    “…virtually hairless …”
    Just about all of my Asian clients seems to be desperate to grow a decent beard; most of my clients are Asian. Somehow I don’t think being hairless has anything to do with the Creator endowing mankind with a sense of civility, certainly not in the case of Asia, anyhow.

      1. Of course you don’t, Mr. Lindsay. I was just wondering how a socialist might react when faced with the facts. Thank you for not ripping my head off. Have a good one!

      2. I guess you were in the moved to rip my head off, but like Mao the murderer of tens of millions, you got your soldier Calvinthedog to do it for you. Thank God not a whole lot of sane people are bamboozled by his phony stats. And by the way, I’m not a right winger, I just simply love God, family, and country. One things for sure, I won’t be engaging anymore socialist … I’d like my head to stay on my shoulders.

  17. Guys, no need to get so worked up over Hacienda’s buffoonery. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, he’s a bit of a troll.
    Although, once question, internet warrior Hacienda. When are you going to take up Tulio on his challenge to go to L.A. and defiantly say “nigger” in his presence?
    I mean, for a guy who’s in the “top 1% of physical bravery,” that shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

    1. You’ve always been one of the more interesting commenters, Hacienda. Your lame, pseudo-intellectual attempts to insult me, combined with your tired pop philosophy, don’t really bother me.
      Though I must say, I feel for you. Without your buddy Huax to back you up, you’re the only loony East Asian left here.
      KKK? Haha! You can do better than that, Halucienda.

      1. Huax was great wasn’t he? Not the usual slinky Chinaman.
        And in a internet version of white flight, you crackers all ganged up on him and banned him cause you got ur feelings hurt.. Weak, by so typically cracker modus operandi.
        Don’t worry about me. I’m like Flavius Aetius. The Roman general who was raised by Huns and later used that knowledge to defeat them.
        Me, I was raised by WASPs and like Flavius, have used that understanding for a “better” world.

      2. And in a internet version of white flight, you crackers all ganged up on him and banned him cause you got ur feelings hurt..
        Umm, I don’t quite think you know what flight flight is. If this blog had followed the white flight model, we would have all abandoned Robert’s blog following Huax’s arrival. We wouldn’t have stuck around to give him grief.
        And I must say, Hacienda, you’re quite adept at constructing false narratives. Huax was banned because he was a consistently disruptive presence, who constantly derailed the blog and caused the comments page to be dominated by his flamewars. Xera was banned for a similar reason.
        Don’t worry about me. I’m like Flavius Aetius. The Roman general who was raised by Huns and later used that knowledge to defeat them.
        Ha! 🙂 Oh Halucienda, this is why we love you so much! Even though you’ve irritated me at times, I never got on the bandwagon calling for you banning, for just this reason.
        Your delusions of grandeur can be quite amusing at times.
        Don’t get me wrong, the white man will fall, at some point. All empires/powers do. But he won’t fall courtesy of some goofy, random Korean internet warrior, that’s for damn sure.

      3. All the trappings of white flight. White females bitching about neighborhood. A managerial white opinion leader imposing whimsical rules on said neighborhood. A couple of nigger “chasers”- Tulio and Coward. Even Car Guy chipped in this time. The California innovation of Asians intimidation the fuck out the neighborhood. The movement is an afterthought. It’s all about frames of reference. Einstein.

      4. What are “chasers”?
        Aspirational blacks who chase aspirational non-blacks. With the result being “white flight”.

  18. Roflcopter coming in hot !
    ‘Pathetic. BAG. I would feel sorry for you, if you weren’t so defeated and karmically deserving.’
    Pots and kettles and all that…….

  19. “Bullshit, huh? ….Man, you sure get histrionic when someone points at your shriveled, empty sac’
    Hey Drano,
    Look this whole spiel of yours is sad. Sad . YOU apparently didn’t have a parent that loved you and allowed you to grow up in a shit hole with no hope of redemption. Your dad was bumping horse and mummsie was turning tricks to support her habit , so there was no time to check in on little Drano.
    In a civilized america , there would have been an intervention so you didn’t grow up semi literate and violent. Sorry that didn’t happen for you. The story you describe is well, pathetic. How come you didn’t get out ? Get an education or call the authorities ? I know why. It’s too hard to rise above the status quo.
    Everybody has their poor me story . You take yours to an extreme. SO extreme that you try to rationalize it. If what you say is true, then y’all didn’t grow up normal. And if you think you did and it was o.k. go ahead and check yourself into an insitute somewhere.
    The rest of your childish bagging on me because of my credentials ?
    I know it’s because your jealous and could never screw together the huervos to do something above board and really competitive.
    Your perspective is as a common thug and that shit needs to be done away with. You need to be rewired Drano. You are not going to succeed in life.
    Again, I will re-iterate .. you would be jealous of my sac ( you are a little obsessed huh? how freudian…)

    1. Poor Edie…desperately trying to spar on the internet with adults.. unequipped.
      What’s a Canadian “country bar’? Is that like a German “rock group”?
      Scooter, the only bouncing you’ve ever done is atop an inverted stool in “mans-country” lounge.

      1. Hi Trano
        I bet you were up all nite thinking of your comeback. Then hammering it out on a rock with a chisel… like the fucking caveman you are. Then loading it into a stolen shopping cart to wheel to the library to have it deciphered by the librarian and transcribed to the internet for you.

        1. Actually, shaky puddin’, I thought it up while snickering at your last easily-induced kabuki dance.
          Man, you’re easy.
          Axum: I can’t speak for others. Personally, there’s mild entertainment value in stirring up bigots and poseurs.

  20. “This isn’t macho edie, it’s a day in the life of a normal MALE.”
    It’s not nor should it be. Again, so sad you grew up all fucked like that, scared to do anything about it.
    It was probably Trayvon’s perspective as well.
    How well did that work out for him ?
    See ya Trano….

  21. What I don’t understand is:once a homicide has taken place in which there are no witnesses and self defense is used as justification, why should the prosecution carry the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the homicide was not in self defense? Shouldn’t the killer, in this case, Zimmerman, carry the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt that it was in self defense? Doesn’t this make it easy for someone to get away with murder? Just find your victim alone, shoot him, bloody yourself up and say it was self defense (which is what I actually think happened in this case, Zimmerman’s injuries are not consistent with bashing head on the concrete – expert witnesses have said so).

  22. It’s sure been a slice battling wits with unarmed opponents , however I’m gonna step off the thread for the rest of the weekend . I know I’m provoking a flame war and tweedle dee and dum are too eager to play.
    I’ll leave with these comments. I still believe that the whole Trayvon Martin incident was a perfect storm of stupidity. However, the modern preference for escalating any confrontation is not any kind of indication of society moving forward.
    Stuff depicted in rap videos and the pure fantasy that was on display here by Trano and Halucienda needs to be done away with. If the heard gets thinned because of these defective opinions and personalities…. I’m perfectly cool with that.

    1. out here in the real world any one could be packing . when a bully leaves his respective school yard and finds out for the first time that he controls nothing its sometime too late. our prisons are full of bullies that didn’t get shot. but the space that trevon would have held is open for another city bully that never brought his thug mouth to the country. we don’t fight out here cause we have guns.

  23. Robert
    George Zimmerman is guilty of involuntary manslaughter at the very least. Even though at the very moment that he shot the punk ass kid he might have been acting out of self defense (if his narrative is to be believed), there was no reason to pursue the black thug in the first place.
    Robert, imagine this scenario: you have a gun and see a person walking on the road that you don’t like (say, he is a Hindu). You confront him, throw some expletives, call India a shithole or just plain get him mad when you have the option of doing nothing. He doesn’t realize that you have a gun yet (or maybe he is reckless) and starts attacking you. He lands a few blows, kicks your nuts and bangs your head on the ground at which point you shoot him dead in self defense. Murder? Maybe not. Because the other guy also has the option of doing nothing and invited a shot up his ass by attacking you. Manslaughter? Definitely. Voluntary Manslaughter? Probably not as you never had the intention of killing him in the first place. So most likely involuntary manslaughter.

    1. Pee Pee Trish Trash
      My favorite tramp, thanks for another great cut paste job. Zimmerman is guilty bitch. I’m with my black friends on this one.
      By the way, you begin any of your emails with “wrong again Aakass, I can type emails”? Or wake up in the morning and shout “Wrong again Aakass, I CAN take a cock in my mouth”? Do you?

      1. Yes you are right Cyrus. Position and momentum are such bitches. Like this:
        Black dong in Cyrus’ ass
        But then it is not. Where’s it at?
        Black dong in Cyrus’ ass….its coming.
        Hint: the answer is with Heisenberg.

  24. Zimmerman walks. He’s the white OJ now.
    He wasn’t found to be innocent…the jury simply didn’t have enough compelling hard evidence to convict on 2nd degree murder. The Prosecution turned in a lackluster effort, The defense was in full “utter bullshit” mode.
    I mean…Trayvon attacked GZ with a deadly concealed weapon in the form of a …sidewalk?
    First the twinkie defense, then that?
    If trayvon had been the Stalk/shooter, and GZ the dead victim walking home with skittles, you can bet your ass the cops would’ve arrested Trayvon and the judge would’ve never offered bond. You can also bet he would’ve been convicted.
    As I thought, racism in America is far from a thing of the past…the election of a black man to the presidency was a forward stumble, helped along by George Bush’s pretzel lying on the sidewalk.
    In the end, a young life is over, and GZ is still a coward and menace, walking among us. But he will pay a price (in this world ).
    He won’t get to be a cop, He won’t work in criminal justice, he won’t even get to work as a $9 an hour security guard. Unless one of the racist conservative rich white guys that supported him offers him a mock-job, just to annoy the NAACP and the SPLC.
    In any case GZ will live a life similar to OJ. He’ll probably be welcome on golf courses, the bastion of white republican privilege, the game that’s naught more than a stylized ritual meant to convey cult-allegiance to the GOP and “you can make it too” avaricious ambition.
    But he’ll have to buy his clubs and balls at Walmart.
    Maybe he’ll be a snack cart driver, selling cans of Miller lite to golfers for $4 each, or a groundskeeper, working the ball-cleaner while surreptitiously eyeing the rear-ends of doughy, rich, 60’ish wives of businesswanks as they tee up.
    But his perjurious wife will be the breadwinner now, if she stays with him.
    I mean, she know’s his character, so that indicates HER character. I predict a divorce within a few years.
    GZ’s not walking scott free. We’ll just have to settle for that level of justice.

      1. of course he is. His father is white, his mother is mostly Euro-Spanish, with some S. American-indian. That’s white. Spaniards are white people. If you want to claim they have black blood thru the Moors, then you have to admit that all Whites except Justin Bieber are really black.
        Sorry, this case has a racial component.

    1. This.
      P.S.: What does this mean – “…helped along by George Bush’s pretzel lying on the sidewalk.”?

  25. You clearly have no ability to separate your emotions from your ability to look at an incident objectively. A guy is a hero because he stalked a 17 year old kid he knew nothing and then shot him after a fight? What kind of suck fuck are you?

  26. Anyone with any statistics about how many white teens are killed by blacks over the age of 21?
    I do realize whites are in a historic period of self-flagellation over their destruction of planet Earth. But just for perspective’s sake, I’d like to know.

  27. I’m glad that I wasn’t a juror at the trial of Zimmerman. However, i accept Tulio’s position that it isn’t plausible to assume that Trayton was a mortal threat to Zimmerman, a physically strong man. If Zimmerman felt compelled to use his gun, couldn’t he have shot his enemy only to wound him. To me, it seems that Zimmerman got very angry and therefore decided to use deadly force. He acted like a self-appointed judge and executioner. The thought that must have crossed his mind was: “I’m going to kill that bastard, so he will never bother anyone again”.

      1. You are right, Cyrus, I have never been involved in a real fight, but I was once cornered by 3 young guys who were insulting me and threatening to kill me. It turns out that they didn’t mean to attack me, just scare the wits out of me. They were laughing after they left me alone. They had had their fun at my expense.
        What would I have done if I had had a gun on me? I would have shot one of them in the leg and hope that they would then flee. I would not have aimed at any chest in the hope of killing one of them. There were 3 of them and they were about 20 years younger than I was.

    1. what does anyone think in the same position. what was trevon thinking. maybe when Zimmerman was confronted he could actually see that trevon was black. then he is on his back . anyone who uses a gun doesn’t shoot to wound. that’s for the police. if you are physically attacked you have the right to defend yourself. in America outside several city’s this right means deadly force. the second amendment will stand and to all those apposed remember you would have none of the other ammendments without the second.

  28. Frankly I just don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. From what I’ve seen mulatta women are highly sought after by black men.

  29. To all the people saying Zimmerman is “white,” look at some damn photos of him. Only in a parallel universe is that guy white. He even racially identifies as Latino.
    I guess shooting a black male and conforming to the narrative of an evil, oppressive, brutal white enforcer is enough to change your phenotype and biological race.

  30. Dear BAG
    He certainly isn’t a pure white, but I would estimate that he is about 3/4 white, so he is predominantly white. Only in the US are Latinos considered a race. Racial self-identification in the US is meaningless because in the US a person with 7 white great-grandparents or 15 white great-great-grandparents may have a non-white racial identity. Such identity is a case of false consciousness. People can call themselves whatever they like, but they can’t alter their ancestry, and in racial matters ancestry determines who you are.
    Regards. James

    1. Only in the US are Latinos considered a race.
      Agreed. I’ve travelled to Latin American, and have even stayed with white Latino families. I know that there are white Latinos.
      But still, just look at pictures of Zimmerman. If you didn’t know his name, you would just think of him as another Mestizo.
      Does this guy look white to you?
      He looks like he could be in one of those early 90s cholo films.

      1. Dear BAG
        He looks like a mestizo alright, but the question is who his ancestors are. He has one white parent, so that makes him already 50% white. If his Peruvian mother is 50% white, then he is 75% white. We have to look at his mother also. The more racial mixture there is, the less indicative phenotype is of genotype. One full sibling may be dark-skinned and the other one light-skinned, just as one full brother may be much taller than another. It so happens that Zimmerman took more after his mother than his father.
        Not only are there white Latinos but also black ones, red ones and all mixtures of the three. It varies from country to country. In Brazil, for instance, 52% of the gene pool is of European origin, 35% of African and 12% of Amerindian origin. The remaining 1% is of Middle Eastern or Japanese origin. Of course, pure Europeans and Africans are rare there, and pure Amerindians even rarer. In Argentina, the composition is probably 80% European and 20% Amerindian. In Paraguay, 55% Amerindian, 40% European and 5% African.
        Anyway, we are agreed that it is absurd to regard people from Latin America as a separate race, especially when they have only one parent from Latin America. If everybody with at least one know ancestor from Latin America will be regarded as Hispanic, then the number of Hispanics will of course rise very fast because of intermarriage.
        As I said before, the American tendency to think in terms of a racial dichotomy of white and non-white and the practice of assigning all hybrids to the non-white category will only weaken whites. In racial politics, the insistence on racial purity is a source of weakness because it reduces your number and increases the number of your rivals.
        Regards. James

        1. Peru has a high number of indigenous people, only 2nd to Bolivia in South America. So if his mom was completely indigenous in bloodline, then Zimmerman is a mestizo.

        2. Welcome to the future America…The term “white” itself is already becoming obscured. It will more likely take on a solely greater cultural meaning with time, as opposed to just the visual phenotype caused by the reflection of light off of one’s outer epidermal layer.

        3. In that sense of the world then, Zimmerman was “white”…As most Hispanics are within about two generations time, three tops. As I’ve said it before, they are simply the Italians and Irish of the late 20th and early 21st century. With of course a very different political and cultural reality to experience.
          Of course, who’d ever would have imagined affirmative action for all the Ian’s and Tony’s, like Jose gets today?

  31. By the way, it looks like the justice department is still going to try to nail Zimmerman.
    I can understand prosecuting Zimmerman in a civil trial (like what happened with O.J. Simpson), but this seems like a violation of the double jeopardy clause of the fifth amendment.
    I confess, I’m no legal expert, so perhaps others can weigh in.

    1. I’m no legal expert either. But it’s clear that crackers + niggers are not up to running a country. Not even close. What a fucking joke!
      Add spics and kikes to the mix and you have THIS!
      I’m taking a step back and have a good guffaw. LOSERS. Dumbfucks. Just Dumbfucks.

      1. The “blacks” are genuine bullies of the worst possible kind, of any racial group. It is how they are brought up. It is in their culture. Work in any environment with them, and you will quickly learn this. They don’t build a system, but they are sure quick to take it over and claim it as their own, even while driving it into the ground.
        They are “entitled” to it, and if you stand in their aggressive way, it’s because you are a “racist.”
        The “whites” have managed to allow/create an environment where they are utterly afraid of the blacks on almost every political and social level. But hey…The real problem for America is Al-Qeada and Iraqis, right? 😀

        1. I know the score. As I stated in thiis thread I’m like Flavius Actius, raised in an alien culture. There are profound epistomological, ontological, ethical insights gained in such an upbringing.
          Years spent in public schooling with busing as a desegregation deal. Years spent with Mormons, Jews, Catholics, black and white bullies, black apologists, the humble “house” black, etc.
          It creates Trayvon, George “The Feral Son” Bush II, autistic pietistic Catholics, predatory kikes with powers of mind control and propaganda skills of Unified Field Theory proportions.
          Muslims, LOL, You’re not off the hook just cause you don’t exist in the good ole’ USA.
          Bur REALLY, people wonder why I’m for mass immigration into the USA. It’s from what I know about Americans.

      2. …aaaand like clockwork, Hacienda lashes out at Crackers, Niggers and Spics.
        Do you actually believe half the shit you say?

        1. Right on, man. Crackers, niggers, spics and kikes are my people too. It’s the new post-racial blend in the United States of Brazil. White people are turning Black and Black people are turning White. Everyone is starting to screw each other. Once you sleep with the enemy, the war is over.

    2. BAG- It is double jeopardy- it is a clear violation of the 5th. They get away with it because they say civil is a totally different thing- where they are “just after money.” I say horseshit.
      We violate the Constipution all the time. War Powers, anyone? The right of House committees to haul anyone in for questioning, under threat of jail, w/o 5th protections? Horseshit.
      Then there is the “DUI Checkpoint Exception to the 4th” which our F-ing Fathers left out…seizing cars and property under Drug War laws…the list goes on and on…
      I do support the right of the Feds to bring federal civil rights charges in extraordinary circumstances (e.g. R. King) when local courts are obviously corrupt…that’s not double jeopardy, that’s federal supremacy.
      Being able to sue someone when they were acquitted criminally, is, in a word, criminal. (even when we “know” they are guilty- re: OJ)

        1. I’ll stick around as long as there’s such ripe stuff as this…Nominay droolin’, Tulio stoopin’, Halucienda spewin’…doesn’t get any better!

  32. Notice the nature of white racism. On the left you have Robert Lyndsay, a white leftie racist who targets indians principally, and will not let anyone call him a racist which annoys him and makes him mad and silly. He is against free speech. On the right you have the racist who target blacks, and jews in the main. They do not mind being called racist and are for free speech.

  33. Notice how the white racist think. If they are leftwing they hate indians and target them. If they are white racists on the right they target blacks and Jews. The other tribes get a look in and then jostle to impress the left wing and right wing racist by aping the white racist and his behavior. Like a pack of chimps with the white man in charge they attack their target.

    1. to all the retards who think the white man is in charge. The corporation is in charge and your an idiot to let them keep us separated so they will stay in charge. try waisting all your racist bullshit and free speech to free us from the corp. a free society isn’t free if even 1 corp exsists. right now its government by the corp for the corp sponsored by the people. wake the fuck up. drop the racist bullshit, pick up a pale and start bailing the ship is sinking and you fucking idiots are ignoring the leak cause someone who looks different than you drank more than there share of water.

      1. Hey Big G
        I agree with your posts especially this one ^. Whitey is controlling nothing. It always bugs me how Blacks will stick together just because of their color. Whites don’t do that so much. Everyone thinks being white is the best , but it’s not really. There’s always some level of hierarchy or judgement being played. Did you go to college ?( yes whites hear that from other whites), East coast or West coast ?, Protestant or Catholic ?. We are apt to make judgements and be prejudice for a whole hosts of reasons , not including skin tone. I personally judge people
        based on intelligence and social skills.
        W.C. Fields said ” cigars were idiot detectors”.
        We have a similar thing with the Z/M case. This isn’t a racial motivated crime. This is a perfect storm of two LARP ers, -one thought he was a gangster the other thought he was a cop -meeting reality. If both their delusions of grandeur were tempered with reality , there would not have been a problem. Anyone who sees this as a race issue is a racist themselves and desperately trying to make the scenario fit within their
        perspective. Only a racist sees this as a race issue ( I’m looking at you Rev. AL). Rational people view it as a gross indiscretion by both parties.

    1. Julio- I just watched this whole screed. I usually like these Young Jurks, but not this time.
      By my count, he called me an idiot and and a racist about a dozen times- every time he made no sense and dared me to disagree with his false assertion. Good, powerful debate tactics. Also complete bullshit.
      He ended well, but the rest was nonsense. Following someone is not picking a fight. Calling the police on someone is not “being the aggressor.”
      EVIDENCE101 RANT: Georgie says the physical encounter itself was accidental- he was obviously a pussy and was waiting for the cops to be there any second- why would he go and confront this kid (that he was afraid of) at that point? If Georgie pulled the gun, and was then assaulted by Martin (who did not run away, quite obviously), the Martin was even more stupid. If you have nothing to hide, just say, “Let’s wait for the cops, then.” Martin probably did not say that. Instead, he instigated the actual fight, but this just an educated guess. If you have a gun, you don’t start a fist fight- DUH! You just pull the gun…no? If you know the cops will be there any second- why start a fight? Would Trayvon have been screaming because he had a gun pulled on him? Not likely. From the marks on the combatants (and eyewitnesses), Martin was the aggressor, stupid! Both had an out- Trayvon should have just run, or just waited for the cops. But no one knows what really happened between the two- which means the accused has to be acquitted, perhaps unfortunately, some would say. Gross stupidity is not an actual crime, neither is following someone, calling the police on someone, or asking someone who they are, what they are doing, etc. However, gross stupidity in the form of beating the snot out of someone who has called the police on you, and who is armed, is unfortunately (for T-Von) punishable by death, in this case. NOW SHADDUP.
      I can only find solace in the fact that apparently the only way Georgie got a fair trial was because they got all (intelligent) white people on the jury. Had the jury been composed of Julios…

      1. Typical Mott post. Even when you’re going 100% your defect rate is too high.
        Julios (generally meaning latins) would definitely set Zimo free.
        No, question where their mixedtec racial interests lie.
        As always, this about a lot more than encounter. It’s about black preference for low tech engagements vs Euro/Hispanic preference for tech management and control. It’s about black dependence on federal radical simplication, the Southern white/hispanic love for local power.
        This is Not 1960’s America, Mott’s Rotten Apple Sauce.
        BTW, Tulio’s defect rate is preposterously high in his posts. In the age of Google, just fucking inexcusable.

        1. Haluc-
          I was calling Tulio “Julio” just to get his goat.
          I am aware that a “julio” is a slang for Hispanic. That was the joke. I know Tulio is self-declared “black,” and I thought he had some ‘Spanic in him, maybe, was well. Perhaps I’m mistaken? (Tulio will not talk to me which is just as well)
          I was NOT saying that “Julios” (Hispanics would’ve convicted Z-man. They most certainly would not have- one of the 6 “white” jurors was Hispanic, correct? And the verdict was unanimous. I should have re-phrased it.
          Nice detail work catching the (slight) error, Halucienda.
          Now, stop making sense and go back to chasin’ that opium dragon!

        2. No, Mott. No opium, no nothing. I’m not the “Artiste” here. Where the fuck did you find that style of writing, anyway. Burn it, and trash it. It’s psychedelic horseshit.

        3. Big H-Man-
          You’re cracking me up!
          “I’m not the ‘Artiste’ here”- BAG and I are Rolling On Floor… You’re not the pretentious, effete, pseudo-intellectual mumbler we’ve always known you to be?
          “Where the fuck did you find that style of writing…psychedelic horseshit”
          Again, BAG…are you reading this?
          Haluci Baby, you’ve finally found the perfect description for your own writing, which gives us all a headache just trying to read it. You don’t make any sense, dude, even though there is literacy and intelligence in evidence in your ramblings.
          Which makes it more puzzling as to why you can’t write with any coherence. No drugs? You’re a liar…you write like you either landed on your head when you fell out of the dumpster, or you ate way too much of the Brown Acid.
          Re: Mott’s Rotten Apple Sauce- The name “Mott” is NOT a reference to the sauce/juice. (Which is tasty stuff, I might add. Tastes better than your fav Korean BBQ treat- Par-boiled Puppy on Poo Poo Stick. Go eat a bear claw instead!)
          BTW- You’ve never read a rant before? I just got tired of using paragraph breaks…

        4. Again, BAG…are you reading this?
          Oh yes. Thing is, it’s hard for me to get too mad at Halucienda, because most of the time, the shit he says doesn’t even make any logical sense.
          I don’t know if it’s his poor prose, or that he has trouble organizing his thoughts, but it’s just painful reading his comments.
          One wonders how he passed any of his English classes.

        5. Yeah, BAG, I find it tough getting too mad at Brain on Vacation (Hacienda). I wish he would not respond to me, like Tulio-Julio. Waste of breath, time, energy.
          And ya know, my mother is tutoring an older Korean guy in English- cool guy, very respectful, proper, likable. What happened to Halucio’s generation? Ungrateful, hates whites cause he was teased and called slant-eye as a kid? His elder’s generation would’ve bucked up instead of internalizing and lashing out neurotically.
          On the lighter side, they released the names of the Korean flight crew who crashed the 777 at SFO. They are, in order of rank:
          Capt. Sum Ting Wong, Co-Pilot Wi Tu Lo, Co-Pilot Ho Lee Fuk, and Navigator Bang Ding Ow, Flight Intern Wi Fukt Now
          check this link:

        6. It’s interesting, Mott.
          This is purely anecdotal, but of all the Asian Americans I’ve known, it always seems to be Koreans who have an inferiority complex and a chip on their shoulder against whitey.
          As one Korean girl once told me, Koreans feel very inferior because “they were China’s bitch, they were Japan’s bitch, and then they became America’s bitch.”
          Honestly, it’s hard to take the anti-white rants of a Korean seriously. When they contribute 1/100th of what white people have contributed to global civilization, then we’ll talk.

        7. BAG,
          Bitch more about all the bitches that won’t fuck you. It makes me not wanna smack your pathetic two-faced. Restrains me, you know. That’s the truth fuck head.

          1. Look Hacienda, I am banning you. I have had too many people call to have you banned. I have people who are refusing to come to the site anymore because of you. You are driving away posters and making everyone mad. You just attack too many people. I tried to keep you on here for as long as I could but I just got too many calls to ban you.
            Have a good life my friend.

        8. BAG-
          I haven’t known many Hyphenated-Koreans personally, but, yes, I totally agree with you- they are DEFINITELY the most insecure of the lot. And they have attitude.
          Precisely because “they were China’s bitch, they were Japan’s bitch, and then they became America’s bitch.”
          I do feel for them as a people, they are potentially very likable and adaptable, they could be more like well-adjusted, non-insecure Jap-Americans, or secure in their Sino-Superiority, like Chino-Americans…but they aren’t…Margaret Cho is the least neurotic of the bunch- what does that tell you?
          I went to a Korean restaurant one time- rudest, worst service, ever. And I didn’t even ask for a “doggie-bag” for the entree when it was served…
          I decided to change my approach, went to another restaurant and ordered round after round of kimchee, then the noodle bowl. Finally got them to relax and be friendly. Wasn’t easy!

        9. Mott,
          That’s kind of it. Most Koreans ARE assholes. That’s not news. No argument from me there. But you should get to root of it. Not be a pretentious California dumbfuck cracker. Dumbfuck and dumbfucker. Hollywood kikes know more about Korea than you do. Fucking hick-artiste.

        10. @Hacienda a friend of mine in Manchester, an older guy with a family, used to take in foreign students for a few months at a time. He had two daughters so he always took in girls and they were from either Japan or Korea. He found the Japanese ones to be very shy and reserved, whereas the Koreans were more playful and outgoing.

        11. Steve,
          Yeah. Korean girls are Kpop. Japanese girls are Hatsuna Miku.
          American, black, Mexican girls are fat and angry after 25.
          That’s just my ancient dick wisdom opinion.

        12. BAG, you’re a little piece of shit. Always have been.
          Haha, what’s the matter, Halucienda? Touch a nerve? Thank you for unwittingly proving my point.
          It makes me not wanna smack your pathetic two-faced. Restrains me, you know.
          “Restrains” you, eh? The internet tough guy emerges again.

        13. BAG,
          I tend to see a lot of my dealing with whites through the lens of the whites I knew in Indianapolis. One type I saw everywhere was the pipsqueak. country club white. A state school weasley dumbfuck living off daddy’s glad handing. Talking big when surrounded by other whites, but just a pussy when blacks were around. I mean really, just a fucking ladyboy when blacks were there and he was by his lonesome. You strike me as being little California version of that. True? Yeah, true.

        14. Korean Troll Boy (formerly known as Halucienda)-
          I’m a hick? Really? I was born in the San Fernando Valley, grew up at the beach in O.C., spent most of my life in L.A. and O.C. I hung out in Downtown L.A. for years as part of the roots-rock and punk scene. That makes me a hick?
          Get a job Dragon Express Bus to Vegas, Mr. Worldly.
          “Most Koreans are assholes”- and you are no exception.

  34. Meanwhile, Blacks go on killing and maiming Whites in astronomically disproportionate numbers as usual.
    White people are running out of White Guilt and stocking up on ammo. If there are riots a la Rodney King, shit is going to hit the fan. And there will be a whole lot more Trayvons.

        1. It’s funny, black activists and leftists have been saying that it was racist and paranoid to fear potential riots, and yet lo and behold…

        2. There have hardly been any riots at all, just a few little disturbances here and there, no big deal! The great riots the WHITE race baiters kept predicting and HOPING FOR never showed up, thank God.
          There are race baiters on both sides of this crap, Black and White. Everyone who made this a race issue is a race baiter if you ask me.

  35. Robert
    Based on the rioting, it can be concluded that the black mofos going retarded over the acquittal are closet anarchists (may even be supremacists) in the guise of the oppressed. Waiting for their chance to cause mayhem based on any excuse that they can conjure up. Their ego punctured by some silly acquittal of a latino man who suddenly transformed into a white to fit the storyline. Has a white name too.
    The only question is: how many of these fuckers are there biding their time? Baptist churches seem to work wonders for them. Go Jesus.

  36. Black people also need to own up to their contribution to their own problem ..which is to follow their tyrants religious culture.
    I never understood why so many african Americans are even christiians let alone a Baptist. This is the cuItture that enslaved them and lynched them and continously persecutes them
    Its the babelbelt that is the source of racial surpemacy and religious supremacy… this christians culture and the alleged “inerrant” word of god condones slavery..
    What more hints do black people need to get out of this religion? And no Islam is no better. There are so many wonderful asian faiths outthere that are philosophical in nature which gives moral courage for folks.
    Get out of christianity people ASAP and save your soul.

  37. I reject JESUS.
    But does the christian deity have a right to send me to heII ? If so do I have a basic right to destr0y this eviI christian god and JESUS who is out to b_urn me my famiIy aIive?
    Do have I have 10% of the rights as zimmerman had?

  38. Has anyone noticed that the crime rate went down after the shooting in this area. Listen people and arm yourself. your family depends on you for protection. Arm yourself and watch your nieborhood. the crime rate will go down.

    1. I agree…its tiome for all black people or rather all non whites to arm themselves to the teeth and blow =the stalkers if they feel threatened by any white person.

      1. ‘I agree…its tiome for all black people or rather all non whites to arm themselves to the teeth and blow =the stalkers if they feel threatened by any white person.’
        ……..because white people are walking around throwing punches at people who ask them questions ??? rofl. dummy.

  39. I can’t believe what I just sat here and read.
    So many things come to mind and that is because so many people have taken this case/situation and hung it up on so many signs of personal and special interest for some form of gain. Very few have addressed it for what it is. Very few understand it and so very very few are well informed before they spout off baseless opinionated and emotionally charged rants.
    Many of our laws in this country (and states) were put in place to protect those that misinterpret, miscite, and critique them. Those that are often opposed to certain laws often benefit from them and they remain clueless.
    Here are some of my personal highlights from the “Zimmerman/Martin” case:
    1. People calling for boycotts of Florida. People have called for boycotts of Florida’s products and services and even some artists have said they will boycott performances in FL. (i.e. Stevie Wonder)
    Did anyone tell these people that there are over 20 more states in the US that have the same laws? (Referencing the “stand your ground” laws there.) Depending on your source 22-28 states currently have the same law. Wiki currently lists 26.
    2. People bringing up the second amendment, again, and again, when it doesn’t apply and they don’t even know what it is. Learn what it is. Familiarize yourself with its purpose. The second amendment isn’t half as dangerous as its misinterpretation.
    3. People injecting race into this case. If you want to believe this is a racial issue than there is no point discussing the matter. There are many opinions from no reputable sources, that may be based on transference and speculation, to support the idea of racism in this case. To the contrary, there are facts showing the extremely high likely hood of no racism whatsoever. Many people are screaming racism and profiling ignoring opposing facts.
    Actually, I think I may just cut this reply short. I am fairly certain it will do no good. There is one simple point though that I think escapes many. Many people focus on the events that led up to the shooting and “fill in the blanks” to try and get an accurate picture of what happened. This is futile and only serves the individuals wanting to pass judgement. Legally this case is about 1 thing and that one thing isn’t arguing about who started it. Just like the parent parent to the child, teacher to the student, or law to the public, “I don’t care who started it. Here is what I know happened.”
    The law asks, “Did he (George) at some point fear for his life?”
    Half the people respond like children, “He’s a racist!”
    The other half retorts, “He’s a thug!”
    The law states then re-asks, “Stop name calling now children. Did he(George) at some point fear for his life?”
    Half the people respond, “George shot an innocent kid! Murderer!”
    The other half counter, “Trayvon was on top and beating George!”
    The law just wants to know 1 simple answer and people in general can’t even acknowledge the question because it forces them to give an answer they do not want to accept.
    My final thoughts are:
    If I were on the jury for this case I would break it down to these unbiased facts (removing all emotions, personal influences and preferences, etc..):
    – George sees Trayvon and calls 911. (Important note: 911 operators ARE NOT the Police.)
    – George knows the Police are en-route and agrees to meet them and even suggests that the Police call him when they arrive. (Pretty key point)
    – Trayvon knows he is being watched/stalked/followed based on his actions reported by George and conversation(s) with Rachel Jeantel.
    – Trayvon doesn’t call 911
    – Trayvon runs and COULD HAVE been within 50 yards of his house but somehow converges back with George.
    – Witness places Trayvon “on top” assaulting George
    – Evidence suggests George fired his weapon from a “bottom” position
    I could come to a verdict that I could live with based on that unbiased and factual list.
    Feel free to respond with irrelevant and racially and emotionally charged comments. I will ignore them just like the law/jurors did in this case.

    1. I feel you covered the facts as the court case suggested but i’ve heard so much more interpretation that clearly sees the ability to ignore half of what went on. I can’t imagine that anybody would think it was ok to come back and provoke a situation with the unknowns that faced trevon. especially the fact that it wasn’t a school yard with unprotected children. You don’t have the right to assault anyone. you have the right to run and dial 911.

  40. Where is the outrage for Channon Christian and Chris Newsome? Why didn’t their carjacking, rape, multi-day torture, mutilation, and murder at the hands of a gang of blacks get national attention? What about their civil rights?
    What about all the black on black violence and black flashmob attacks on whites? Where is the outrage over that.
    Here’s some reality:
    The rate at which Blacks commit murder is thirteen times that of Whites. Rape and assault, ten times. These figures, as given yearly by FBI and DOJ reports, vary somewhat from year to year but accurately represent the trend for the past 4 decades. The annual report from the DOJ reveals that when Whites commit violence, they do it to Blacks 2.4% of the time. Blacks, on the other hand, choose White victims MORE THAN HALF of the time. Although only 12% of the U.S. population, Blacks commit more than half of all rapes and robberies and 60% of all murders in the U.S. Approximately 50% of all Black males will be arrested and charged with a serious felony during their lifetime. A Black person is 56 TIMES more likely to attack a White person than Vice Versa. Black rapists choose White victims over half (54.9%) of the time, 30X as often as Whites choose Blacks.

      1. White people had much higher crime rates during the early years of America. However, modern Whites have the 2nd lowest crime rate in America. What does this prove? Crime rates are a sole result of environment, no genetics are involved here. There is no genetic difference between the races, only a gradual blending of allelle frequencies in populations. Also, many blacks in Africa such as Mbuti Pygmies or Khalahari Bushmen have comparable crime rates to the Japanese. How do you explain that? Again, crime is 100% environmental, no genetics involved. All the races and sub-species talk is not 100% realistic.

        1. Those Pygmies and Bushmen are a completely different race than the Bantu Negroids. Bushmen have very low testosterone for instance and Negroids have high testosterone due to selection during the development of agriculture. And Bushmen have a pretty high homicide rate, way higher than the Japanese.
          Black people commit tons of crime, especially violent crime, in most places on Earth that they inhabit. In Africa, in the Caribbean, the US, Canada and Europe, lots of crime, lots of violent crime.
          I am convinced that the Black race on average is predisposed to crime somehow. This does not apply to all Blacks, as some Blacks, especially the more intelligent ones, are no more criminally minded than White people and may even be more moral and less criminally minded than your average White person.
          At the end of the day, it matters not to me whether Blacks commit tons of crime due to environment or genes. Who cares! Bottom line is you are a non-Black with any sense at all, you do not want to live near large numbers of Blacks due to the crime and especially violent crime.
          High testosterone may be one thing predisposing Black males to crime. Another may be lower time preference. The candy bar study has been done many times over the years. You can have one candy bar now or hold out for a week and get two candy bars. White kids are way more likely to wait a week for two, and Black kids want the one right now. This implies that Blacks on average tend to be more impulsive, reactive and less patient and persevering than Whites. If you spend a lot of time around Black people, you will definitely get that impression.
          I taught in ghetto schools for years so I know Black people pretty well.

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