Bigfoot News July 8, 2013

Rick Dyer implodes. So much has been going on lately in the nutty Rick Dyer saga that I don’t even know where to start. First of all, Rick declared that the unveiling of the body would be postponed until further notice, which means maybe never. His investors are in full agreement with this decision. Facebook Find Bigfoot and Christopher Noel were scheduled to be on Rick’s show the next night, and they both issued a statement saying that they were canceling due to Rick’s very bad decision to postpone the unveiling of the Bigfoot on August 15. They said this was very bad decision. I certainly agree. Statement is here:

Statement by Jack Barnes and Christopher Noël Due to Rick Dyer’s highly problematic announcement earlier today, we are unable to take part in tonight’s scheduled round table discussion. We find that the announcement was written in such a manner as to create much more confusion and ill will than existed when we agreed to appear. The new atmosphere is certainly not conducive to a fruitful discussion. The announcement is sloppily articulated and full of opaque statements, which will only add fuel to the ongoing heated and toxic debate within the Sasquatch research community. We will be delighted to participate in the round table discussion at a future date, when Mr. Dyer finds himself able to clarify his statements, for the benefit of all, and thus to improve the general conversational atmosphere.

Bottom line is we may never know whether this story is true or not because the body may never turn up. So at this point, with the unveiling of the body postponed until further notice, it really doesn’t matter whether Rick shot a Bigfoot or has one or not. The whole story is now completely meaningless from this point on forward because without proof, we can’t be sure how much of it, if any, is true. So this story really needs to go off the radar for a while, or maybe even a long time. Rick reacted to Noel and FB/FB’s announcement with the usual nuttiness. He made a video burning the Bigfoot Tracker of the Year award he got from FB/FB. Then he made another video tearing Noel to shreds and saying that all Bigfoots in the US should be hunted down and shot as dangerous animals. This was done to stick it to Noel because Noel thinks they need to be protected. It’s clear from all of this that Rick is completely off his rocker. I have been saying this forever now, and even offered some tentative psychiatric diagnoses of him, for which I was endlessly trashed. But you see I am right once again. Rick really is nuts. Not just now, but he has probably been nutty for a very long time, maybe his whole adult life. I don’t want to get into diagnoses because it’s really not important, but the guy is obviously unhinged. Pinkfoot Cindy Schafer has many questions for Christopher Noel, FB/FB and Musky Allen. From her Facebook page, here they are: For FB/FB: Jack Barnes:

  1. You say you are in possession of smuggled footage and stills from the documentary, and are not able to publish them for fear of copyright infringement. But you say you showed them to Musky. Have you at least shown them privately to anyone else in the Bigfoot community you trust besides Musky?
  2. If not, why would you not show some of the stills to BF community bloggers like Robert Lindsay so that they could judge them and describe them without publishing them?
  3. Why would these people not be able to comment on the footage without showing it, just as Musky has?
  4. You seem concerned about people believing you, even if Dyer doesn’t. Why not show them to someone trustworthy like Derek Randles and start a conversation about this footage, which you say compares to the Patterson film?
  5. Has Christopher Noel seen any of these photos or footage?
  6. How did you come by them after you wrote your scathing review of the film?
  7. Do you regret that your review cast a negative spin on the film that couldn’t be undone by your later announcement of the high quality of the smuggled footage?
  8. How did the person who shot the footage in the theater come by it, and why did the person not show it to you at once after the film?
  9. Have you purchased Rick Dyer’s gun that he says was used to shoot the Bigfoot?
  10. If so, did you spend more than $5,000?
  11. More than $100,000?
  12. Have you worked out a deal in principle with Rick whereby you lease the body from him for part of the year he says it will be in his possession?
  13. Have you seen the body?
  14. If not, do you know where it is now or where it was when Musky saw it?
  15. If you haven’t seen the body, have you seen anything else besides the tent video and documentary footage that constitutes proof of its existence?
  16. Have you made any investment in Minnow Films or any of their projects?
  17. Dyer continually stresses that the tent video can have no CGI elements because you can’t put an image behind a mesh screen. However, it would be easy to remove the original screen altogether and put another over the CGI work to get the same result. Are you concerned that the tent video may contain CGI effects, as others have suggested?
  18. How do you reconcile the lack of facial hair on the documentary creature with the full mustache on the tent video one?
  19. As the only well-known researchers or analysts in the community who believe Dyer’s story, do you wonder why you and Christopher Noel are being brought closer to the story now?

Good questions! For Musky Allen:

  1. The multiple and conflicting stories you told various people regarding the body’s location have become well-known over the past weeks. Were you hired by the investors after viewing the body to help them deflect attention from the actual facility?
  2. If not, was your purpose to confuse people who were looking at your story too closely?
  3. Do you now know the location of the facility where you saw the body?
  4. Do you think the doctor and VIP who verified the body while you were at the facility may have been present to intimidate you from looking too closely at it and to help you more confidently proclaim it as real?
  5. Why would Jack go out of his way to show you the film footage? Did he doubt that it was the same creature you said you saw, that maybe it didn’t fit your description?
  6. You previously stated that once you saw the body, your role in this story was complete. Now you are closely involved again. Why?
  7. Have you shown any of the smuggled footage to Robert Lindsay, who has identified you as a friend and source?
  8. What was the purpose of the meeting with Jack at or near an airport within the past six weeks?
  9. What do you know about the convergence of Team Tracker members that purportedly took place the weekend prior to the expedition weekend?
  10. Do you believe Frank Cali has seen the body?
  11. How do you reconcile that the vendor who does vinyl wrapping on Dyer’s trucks was able to see the body on the spur of the moment, while you had to preplan your viewing and sign a lengthy NDA that was negotiated with your attorney?
  12. Dyer has rescinded his invitation to Derek Randles to view the body, stating that he has been restricted from showing the body further. Yet he was able to get access for the wrap provider without notice, and also was able to negotiate a planned viewing for Frank Cali. Why would he not include Derek Randles in one of these recent viewings, knowing that if Randles verified the body it would add much credibility to the story, whereas the two actual viewings have actually cost him more credibility?

Musky knows where the body is. It is said that if you know the US agency that has the body, you can figure out where the body is very quickly by looking up locations for that US agency around Las Vegas. A couple of people have apparently already guessed the locale of the body based on this information. Musky has not given me the stills from the FB/FB analysis and I am not sure if he would do that anyway. For Christopher Noel: Christopher Noel:

  1. Have you seen the photos or footage that were exported from the movie premiere?
  2. Were you aware of the export before you left Toronto?
  3. If you haven’t seen any of it, have you asked to see it?
  4. If not, why not?
  5. How did you come to know Jack Barnes?
  6. Do you have any proof of the body’s existence apart from the statements from Jack Barnes, Rick Dyer, Musky Allen, and or any conclusive reasoning you’ve developed?
  7. Are you now working on any projects with Dyer or Allen?
  8. Why are you appearing on two consecutive Rick Dyer radio shows?
  9. Who asked you to be on each of the two shows?
  10. As the only well-known researchers or analysts in the community who believes Rick Dyer’s story, why do you feel like you and Jack Barnes are being brought closer to the story now?

Ontario Bigfoot organizations. There are multiple groups, Sasquatch Ontario, Ontario Sasquatch and Ontario Wildlife Field Research (OWFR). OS and OWFR are big name groups with many members and websites. Sasquatch Ontario is one guy, Mike Paterson, who works alone and has nothing to do with the other groups. He does not have a good personality and he does not get along with the other groups. OS and OWFR have a low opinion of his work and feel that there is a strong possibility that he may be hoaxing. Is Rick Dyer hoaxing? I find this very hard to believe, as it almost impossible. A few things have to be true in that case. Musky is lying. I do not believe that Musky is lying. Frank Cali is lying. Based on what I know about the man, I do not think he is capable of doing something like that. My source at Minnow is lying. Very hard to believe. Morgan Matthews is party to a hoax. Almost impossible to believe. Morgan got beat up by a stunt man hired by Rick and didn’t even press charges against Rick. So hard to believe. Morgan knows it’s a hoax, but he is still answering questions very evasively. Tent video is a hoax. If so, it’s one of the finest Bigfoot hoaxes ever done by man. FB/FB got the Shooting Bigfoot footage all wrong. FB/FB decided that footage was better than the Patterson footage. They messed this up. So hard to believe. FB/FB is lying and is in on a huge hoax with Rick. So hard to believe. Nevertheless, I suppose the possibility exists that this is one of the greatest hoaxes ever pulled off. Assuming that that might be true for a moment, Rick and anyone associated with him who took money for the hoax would be either civilly or criminally liable. Rick may have made $100,000 on Team Tracker memberships. No one associated with this matter, including Musky, Frank or others, should accept any money for this Hank story until it is proven once and for all that Rick has a real body. If any of them took money, and it turns out to be a hoax, they might be held criminally liable, but first the authorities would have to prove that they knew it was a hoax in the first place.

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0 thoughts on “Bigfoot News July 8, 2013”

  1. The guy has totally lost it. It sounds from the way he was hounding his people or team for money and threatening to sue them and postponing the release of the body that he id getting ready to take the money and run. I guess The Dumb and The Sasquatch will continue.

  2. Well done Pink Foot! Maybe with some help from all your new friends…I’m telling you she’s FBI. And I’m not the only one. She was there at the beginning, super mysterious, got access to all Dyers records, played everybody inside and out, now cleaning up the loose ends with these questions to spook the accomplices before the cuffs come out..look how the order is funny, like she sent out a call to her hater sources to give her their best and made one scary-as-hell list of questions for these jokers.

  3. With due respect, I’ll take you up on your arguments Robert…
    Musky is lying. I do not believe that Musky is lying.
    >>That’s an opinion a lot of us don’t share but I respect it. Musky is a strange bird, hard to figure, sometimes he and Dyer are like George and Lennie
    Frank Cali is lying. Based on what I know about the man, I do not think he is capable of doing something like that.
    >>Frank is VP because he lies lies lies for Dyer. Everyone who has a friend inside TT knows this. Talk to one.
    My source at Minnow is lying. Very hard to believe.
    >>Your source said a film crew was there but it was just Morgan there with Dyer, which makes sense if it was a hoax. Maybe they were wrong about other things
    Morgan Matthews is party to a hoax. Almost impossible to believe.
    >>Why? He shot whatever happened and showed it, He needed an end to his movie. His movie doesn’t say its a hoax. And anyway its a doc “about” hoaxers.
    Morgan got beat up by a stunt man hired by Rick and didn’t even press charges against Rick. So hard to believe.
    >>Morgan got more than he bargained for but knew what he had gotten himself into. Or maybe he and Dyer had a fight because the stunt man shoved him so hard.
    Morgan knows it’s a hoax, but he is still answering questions very evasively.
    >>He worked it out with Dyer to let Dyer be the one who says its a hoax, as long as it doesn’t take him forever. Dyer’s just not done a good job of making into an actual hoax yet, where people actually believe him, so it’s dragging on a bit. (Recall the body was first coming out right after the movie, when the world was in awe of Rick Dyer and he could then announce he had created the Hoax Of The Ages.) Remember we’re just talking a few showings of the movie so far, and nobody’s pressed Matthews hard on it because they think the question would be ridiculous. (Thats the one way to end this,,,somebody get to Matthews and push him for an answer.)
    Tent video is a hoax. If so, it’s one of the finest Bigfoot hoaxes ever done by man.
    >>The face has all the proportions of a human man. My interest ends there.
    FB/FB got the Shooting Bigfoot footage all wrong. FB/FB decided that footage was better than the Patterson footage. They messed this up. So hard to believe.
    >>They may have messed up before, or so I’ve heard. Also the footage story is fishy to say the least.
    FB/FB is lying and is in on a huge hoax with Rick. So hard to believe. >>Maybe they just believe because they want to believe.

  4. The thing that seems unbelievable to me is,if Dyer has investors who want to make money,how can RICK stop the reveal because his feeling are hurt? This is one thing that I don’t understand.If I paid for someone to hunt BIGFOOT and they shot one,I would be calling the shots,not them.

  5. My estimation as to why all the changes regarding the reveal etc, based upon how Rick has described his relationship with his backers:
    Rick has only ever been in touch with one backer and does not know how many others there are, nor their identities (his response, when asked directly, was “3 or 4”). The one backer is his original backer, the one who began financing his expeditions, introduced to him by his mother who has known him for a long time (she worked in the aircraft industry, backer is some rich guy who owns a company). The other backers were secured by this man; they have kept their identities confidential, for obvious reasons, they have not had contact with Dyer for same nor revealed their identities to him.
    Rick has no control over the body whatsoever. By contract, it is the property of the investors. They’ve granted him limited access and nothing more. He is not allowed to take photos and has been in violation of NDAs since he released the tent video. Any info he has about the body beyond his own personal experience he has heard from his single contact, the original backer, and it seems apparent that he has, more than a few times, gotten things wrong or only partially right. Any decision regarding changes in the release date are not under his control; as mentioned before, he has absolutely no say whatsoever, at this point, in what is done with the body, though it seems that he has attempted to give the appearance that he is somewhat in control. The call for NDAs now from website members is undoubtedly at the behest of the financers; he likely went off the reservation by selling memberships and promising exclusive photos and this is now damage control, since the investors wish neither to risk association with someone subject to a class-action lawsuit nor to have photos of their property released without their control.
    It seems quite evident to me that these current events indicate one thing very clearly: Rick is in deep shit with his backers, has fucked up their plans with his loose talk and bragging and they are now pushing him as far out of the picture as they can without totally violating the terms of their agreement with him.

    1. I was with you until the NDA part. No way an investor is going to let Dyer distribute actual NDAs to dozens (hundreds?) of people expecting him to manage all that. If the purpose was to let them see the “early” photos, the investor would have just said forget it.
      If an investor is upset with Dyer it would have happened months ago. There is a theory I know that all the recent stuff is a lie..the wrap guy, Frank seeing the body, etc…but that everything before that is true, including the August date still being real and Dyer is just baiting people to call it over because he pretended to move the release date.
      But this Vermont expediton is a real thing from all accounts, and there’s no way Dyer would be that out of pocket so close to the reveal date, as paranoid as he is. Why would you even leave the city in case something broke while you were away. Especially now, since who wants the headlines to be that you stood on a stage with the guy who shot a Bigfoot and wants to take a posse out to kill them all and put them in a pile and burn them.
      Theres always some way to make sense of what Dyer does and say he still has a body, because a crazy person can be crazy but still have a body. That’s Dyer’s ace. But if this was real and breaking in a few weeks he would have been muzzled a long time ago. No way theres an investor working with the US Government and scientists behind the scenes, and this maniac who is responsible for it all is allowed to run wild and do these money collecting schemes. You would have said, here Rick, heres another hundred grand till we get paid, get off the coke and knock it the fuck off. Somebody would have stepped in with SO much at stake long before now.
      We’ll know soon enough…somebody’s going to finally push Matthews into a corner and demand an answer. Someone who doesn’t mind looking stupid for asking it. Theres a sane person and an insane person who we KNOW were there if it happened. We need to stop trying to get the insane person to come clean and start working on the sane person. Don’t ever forget that its not just Dyer and Muskys show, real or fake…Matthews knows for sure.

      1. So far, no NDAs have been distributed, otherwise I would have received one. I have the feeling Rick was making the announcement in advance using his own “language” and that any NDAs sent out will have been provided by the backers. As far as confirming their signing by website members, I also have little doubt they would have someone they’ve chosen to oversee it. Again, a major pain-in-the-ass for them, courtesy of Rick.

    2. and richard you know this cause why ?????? sorry to say but your buddy dyer does not have a body there Richard and everyone knows that, only a FOOL would believe him……..

  6. This from fb/fb.
    Here may be your answer to some of Rick’s behavior:
    Mike Oldsberg: If you watch the latest RD video, the one about Bigfoot eating children, Right towards the end of his “song” he looks over and gets up to wipe a “powder” off a nearby table? May explain the irrational behavior? Thoughts?
    3 hours ago · Like
    Mike Oldsberg: See 6:54 mark.
    Watch what he does to the camera and look at his expression afterwards.

    1. Holy shit your right and watch he has a smirk like O My God the adjusts the camera…..Dyre is a toot head

        1. What? Do you think he fears people thinking less of him because their is a “dust bunny” on the table top?

      1. I so wanted it to be drugs and for Rick to have an excuse for being an atrocious human being. You could be right Bob, the fact may be that he’s
        simply an atrocious human being.
        Do they still do electroshock therapy like they did to Nicholson in one flew over the cuckoo’s nest ?
        Let’s ‘shock’ Rick into decency.

      2. “No one who uses coke or speed would wipe a pile of it off onto the floor like that. NO WAY.” – Thats exactly what i tought! So it is…

    2. Please, It looks like it is Dust and how casually he sweeps it off.
      He is smirking cause he knows what you all will be thinking.
      Which you just proved here.

  7. It’s annoying how everyone “involved” beats around the bush on Hank. If I was privy to the truth, I would just break the NDA and get sued. What’s the worst that could happen?

  8. Do any of the defectors of Team Trainwreck have a copy of the NDA that they are willing to share? I would think even the verbiage on that bad boy would guide us to the truth.

  9. I have to say Robert I am absolutely shocked that you still cling to this as being real. Let’s go back to the beginning, he shot a bigfoot in a 6 acre area in San Antonio behind a retail store crawling with homeless people. The only witness is a guy who was making a film about the crazy people in bigfooting including how they are hoaxing. Morgan is evasive because he knows the publicity helps his movie which is panned everywhere it shows. It’s been a year, Rick has provided zero evidence and every date he throws out that things are going to happen come and go. So we are supposed to believe that in a super secret govt. facility lays a body preserved by a top secret method that has never been seen before which Rick can’t explain. No one involved besides a couple of shady people have come forward including: govt officials at the facility, friends of the investors wanting to brag,people that helped him get the body out of the woods, janitor that cleans the bathroom in the top secret facility where Rick had one of his video reveals, etc. C’mon man, your whole belief is based on what you have heard from some people who either are lying to you or are unwilling participants in a crappy scam

  10. And for the record, much as I believe Rick is on something I don’t think that is coke. People on coke don’t just sweep it away like that. I imagine he was embarassed that he is using a damn cardboard box as a table and he was dusting off the remnants of the Taco Bell meal he had been chowing down on prior to the show.

    1. ‘ People on coke don’t just sweep it away like that.’
      I thought about that after I posted. Yur correct, that stuff IS expensive. Y’all don’t just brush that stuff away.
      Crystal Meth is s’posed to be way cheaper. I could see someone , while intoxicated ,notices the stash is exposed, brushes it away ….. cuz it’s only meth . Easy to make or get. His behaviour after seems a little guilty.
      Of course I’m just theorizing. Drug use would explain a lot of Dyer’s bizarre behavior and stories , so I’m inclined to believe it wasn’t just ‘dust’.
      Sad to think there might be somebody that unstable that isn’t fueled by
      something illicit .

  11. Holy shit! That’s coke or meth for sure! Coke most likely, he’d be completely out of control if it was meth. Look at his expression BEFORE he turns around. Someone in his chatroom alerted him to the residue, he had totally forgotten about it. Probably someone who was there earlier in the day and helped him make the pile disappear, A casual observer never would have noticed it. And yes the stuff is expensive, but that is not a “pile”. That is just incriminating coke dust left from where the pile had been. And look at his expression afterwards! Smile, nod, move the camera! See how the “dust” was arranged? That is exactly what it looks like after you cut rails! This explains a lot, holy shit. Too funny!

  12. While reading the latest childish verbal rampage against Robert on Dyer`s blog, I thought to myself: what happened to the FBI action against Dyer, the skeptics announced since February of this year, and the filing of the lawsuit, that will end all his hoax activities and bring him to jail?? Not much, or?! The answer, why probably nothing can stop Rick is, as we can learn from today´s post on his blog, he “has a heart of gold”. Isn´t this sweet and touching…therefore: haters stop hating!!!

    1. Yeah none of that crap he is saying about me is true either. I really do not care, but nowadays just calling someone a child molester is enough for others to beat you up, harass you, damage your property or even kill you. Even if it’s not true.

      1. But here is the thing, unless you stand up for yourself and demand he take that down he has won. He has slandered many people, just look at his blog. The one time someone stood up against him and threatened legal action he had to post an apology.

  13. So Robert…as far as misspellings and bad syntax and missing words go, that post about you on Dyer’s blog was somewhere above Dyer’s level but still pretty bad…just like all of Dyer’s recent blog posts which are written by…Frank Cali. Do you still hold him in high regard or do you now see him as someone who will do or say anything Dyer tells him to do?

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