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  1. That’s nothing next to my uncle Bo … he was riding his motorcycle on a 2 lane highway going at least 60 and smashed into the side of a Lexus that didn’t yield the right of way (the driver didn’t see him). It was like Wile E. Coyote .. you could see the imprints of the handle bars, the front, and even my where uncle’s arms and head hit. The bike also broke the right rear axle apart.

    1. Mentioning the emt-thing one more time.
      I had never encountered it, but it was a footnote in our training. It’s not uncommon for someone in a motorcycle accident, not wearing a helmet,
      to have the whole jawbone scraped off their face. I saw plenty of pics of that type of accident. Still sticks with me as one of the most heinous.
      Have you ever perused rotten.com ? I used to, it has a lot od stuff you would like.

      1. No, not in a long time. One time I saw the dead Columbine perpetrators on there. Eric Harris had his head blown clear off completely from the ear and eyebrow line up. Anyway, it’s hard for me to imagine what my uncle looked like, curious I may be. Someone with a tarp in his vehicle was nearby with a tarp in his vehicle when it happened; he ran out and covered him up immediately.

  2. Wait, no, the ex-boyfriend is a paramedic, not an EMT. Apparently there is some sort of difference, though I do not recall what that difference is.
    Oh yes. There be a difference. An emt is basically somebody who has advanced first aid and load ‘n’ go capabilities. A paramedic is a level between the advanced first aid and a Doctors care. I could splint broken bones and deliver babies, paramedics can also start IV lines and administer defibrillators (although were I wuz we were trained to do the same thing …. in case we were out in the boonies with no other trained folks around).
    I lasted less than a year and moved on. I didn’t enjoy the job and everybody I worked with was a headcase. Money sucked as well.

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