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  1. I’ve been avoiding some of the more grisly stuff y’all recently posted… just me , I’ve seen enough nastiness that I just try to avoid when I can. I understand the fascination. My sister is like that as well. Some doctors too.
    Anywhooo. this bruise is nothing. Right now I have a bruise running from just below my armpit to to just above my hip that is way larger and brightly colored than the one in the pic. I had an 84 pound boxer mix jump at me full speed while I was in the pool . His paws hit just below my armpit and slid down. I was in waist deep water at the time. Goofy dog thought it was a game.. he still had the ball in his mouth and was just bringing it to me.
    Didn’t realize he would jump at me at all. Didn’t break anything , but it hurt for a few days. It’s in the rainbow color faze now.
    Here’s one back at you I’ve been aware of but avoiding. Staph infection ! Yum !

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