US Soldier Throws a Puppy off a Bridge

Here. Sick video of a US soldier throwing a puppy off a bridge, either in Iraq or Afghanistan. I think it may have been in Iraq, but I am not sure. He throws it far into a deep ravine and it hits the hard ground below. No doubt it died from the fall. PETA is apparently trying to find out who the soldier is so he can be prosecuted.

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0 thoughts on “US Soldier Throws a Puppy off a Bridge”

  1. I never get worked up over muslim kids dying but I lose it whenever a soldier kills dogs or farm animals.

    1. Who wants to deal with those little brats anyway?
      OTOH, I’m a Caninite. Dogs have a sort of demigod status.

    2. I see GSG. I see your true colors now. Aren’t you the bitch that lets your young child stay up all night? My apologies if I got that wrong. I hope I did.

    3. Jeez you take every statement so literally. We’re just rebelling against how child obsessed society has become. Develop an ear for sarcasm.

    4. Fuck you Armpit. All you guys are imbeciles who imagine that the mission was something other than to form bonds with Iraqis and Afghanis, to help them build a new country, whether you were for the wars or you weren’t. That’s what actually happened. Tens of millions were protected by us from the actual terrorists. Ask 99 out of 100 troops what Iraqi and Afghan society is like. Independent organizations from our intelligence to embedded media to the terrorists themselves show that a radical few are against the peaceful populace. Innocent civilians have been killed, by us with counterproductive carelessness, and by our opposition who want to topple the mainstream of society and radicalize it like the Taliban. I’m not ever addressing you fucks again.

    5. Your sarcasm sucks if I were to even believe it. You’ve never been funny, just a pain in the ass dumb fuck who’s imagined yourself to be intelligent. Bye!

    6. Online discussion forums aren’t meant to be taken seriously You’ve been after me ever since I trivialized your idol.

  2. I didn’t click through to read the link , the title says enough.
    People who torture animals should be tortured in kind.
    I’m thinking the offending soldier needs to strapped down and have all his pubes ripped out with a rusty set of pliers , while holding an in-depth political debate with Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.
    After insanity has set in , his netherparts are to be smothered in peanut butter and cleaned up by two large bull mastiffs.

    1. Have had a dog in the family since I left the military many years ago. Great companions. Friends really. Never trust someone who’d harm a dog or any animal for that matter. MrE2me, I didn’t open the link either….

  3. That guy is going to come back in his next life as a puppy who gets treated worse than this. I’m serious. That’s how it works!

  4. I don’t think anyone here defended the invasion of Iraq.
    OASN: You’re going to encounter some grime on the black cloud that is the WWW. I suggest you grow a spine.

  5. 2) Have those expressing outrage over the dubious YouTube video expressed the same outrage at jihadists planting IEDS in sheep and dogs to kill American soldiers?

    1. Who cares? I mean, seriously…Don’t drive over IED’s in hostile forgiven countries, if you don’t want to get blown up.

    2. Cyrus is right. Iraq in particular was a stupid fucking war, and the troops are sheep that go along with a treasonous govt that makes them grist for the mill. They don’t mind being exploited over evil political bullshit. And Afghanistan has been handled as poorly. It’s over. Our imperialism is over. No amount of spying on the whole fucking WORLD will change that, only worsen it. And Iran will drive us out of the Middle East.

      1. Our own economy and decaying society, culture, infrastructure, scientific foundation, intellectual base, etc…Is what is going to drive us out of the “Middle East.”
        Can’t rule the world if you can’t even make shit people want.

  6. Judging by their uniforms and general idiotic attitude, these guys are proud “Marines”…An organization that really shouldn’t exist as far as I’m concerned.
    This evidently took place in Iraq in 2008, and the Marine chucking the dog was some kind of section-8 psyche case named “David Motari.” He was kicked out of the Corp of Angry Closeted Homosexuals shortly thereafter.
    Wonder if he did this to any Iraq kids? I’d day he’s got the brass for it.
    The douche even ended up getting his own Encyclopedia Dramatica entry.
    And that my friends, it justice unto itself.

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