Hindu Troll Posting as a Japanese

Here is another one of these cancerous Hindus posting to my site. This guy has been spamming the site for a little while. I posted one comment and then I have been deleting all the rest. But his comments are instructive.
I can tell it’s a Hindu in various ways that I won’t reveal, but we webmasters have web tools that reveal all sorts of things about posters. These guys are extremely crafty and if we tell how we figure out that they are Hindu poison, they will change their MO to disguise themselves, and a huge number of them disguise the fact that they are Hindus.
For one thing, it is full of horrible misspellings. Indians can’t write English to save their lives. And they often make similar misspellings across many individuals.
Another extremely weird things about these monsters is the lengths they go to to lie and say they are not Indians. Are they ashamed of being Indians. A vast number of them take the names of Euro-American White guys. “John Davidson,” something like that. Why is that? Why do they all pretend to be White guys? They jealous. This particular clown is pretending to be Japanese!
One thing that is instructive is the nearly insane levels of racism that almost all of these Indians have. Keep in mind that most Whites here in the US are pretty much PC-neutered, and White racism has been seriously toned down and ameliorated here in the US over the last 50 years, thank God. But Indians display the type of outrageous, in your face, extreme racism that has been anathema in White America for some time now.
We already know how much they hate White people. But have you ever noticed how much they hate Blacks? Their racism against Blacks is vastly worse than White racism against Blacks here in the US. It is simply off the charts. High caste Indians hate Black people! Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate. Blacks going to India have often reported on the out and out extreme racism that they have encountered in India. It’s not really a dangerous place to be a Black person like Russia, but instead, it’s just rude and annoying.
One other thing that comes through loud and clear is the extreme hatred these types have for “Chinkies,” which is what they call Chinese. The hatred that these Hindus have for Chinese people is simply insane. I am not sure if they only hate the Chinese or if they simply hate all East Asians in general. I say this because a lot of their attacks against Chinese are attacks based on the Oriental appearance of Chinese people, and Chinese people share this Oriental appearance with most East Asians. It’s quite possible that these Hindus also hate their own East Asians that leave in the Eastern part of the country.
Almost all Hindu trolls on the Net are high caste Hindus, so this gives you a clue into the mindset of the high caste Hindu. He is a racial supremacist in the premier sense, and he often has a genetic attitude towards race. They often say that high caste Hindus are the most superior people on Earth due to their superior genes. So really what we have here are “Hindu Nazis.” We really do not get a lot of low caste Hindus among the Hindu trolls on the Net, though we do get a few. The low caste Hindutvas are often a lot less racist and focus most of their rage and ire against Muslims. The only racism they have is against Arabs but that is part and parcel of their hatred against Muslims.
These high caste Hindus are frankly some of the biggest monsters on the planet. Their views are antithetical to everything America holds dear and certainly against everything we on the Left value. It seems crazy to let millions of these damaged, amoral, vicious people into our fine Western country.
With the Easterner comes the East!
West for the Westerners, East for the Easterners!
The only Easterners we should be letting into our country are those who wish to assimilate to our Western values, which probably includes very few of these high caste Hindus, I am afraid.

robert lindsey, i know peopul like you. You sea the Indian immigrants comming here to the UK and US and how they outcompete you american dogs, so you have to write up posts bashing us, because you are coward. I am not an Indian myself, I am Japanese from Tokyo, but I will stick up for the superior Brahmin Indian people, with no nigger blood in them, because I accept their amazing successfulnesses in the work and jobs, they are even superior to us Japanese people.
They are dephinetly better than american faggots u see because, because american faggots breed with niggers and chinks. And you dogs allow niggers to mass populate the american cities. The noble Indian people do not. Robert lindsey you are a racist piece of shit towards Indians. Indians are superior to you americans and to us japanese as well. India is best country in whole world.

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73 thoughts on “Hindu Troll Posting as a Japanese”

  1. hypocrites, good that not all indians are like that, in fact not only Suzuki are popular cars in India, indians are obssesed with a particular japanese anime called Doraemon, broadcasted in hindi in Disney India, that anime target audience is children, but it has some appeal to adult viewers, like Spongebob, i still like it a lot
    – The premiere of Doraemon – Nobita’s Dinosaur on Disney Channel has delivered the best viewership performance since 2005 for a kid’s show at 5.24 TVR among all kids (CS 4-14 ABC) in HSM, beating its own record rating of 4.3 TVR for Doraemon in Nobita’s Great Adventure in the South Seas which was telecast on June 5.
    The channel received an overwhelming response across all channels with 33% share of viewing in Hindi Speaking Markets (HSM) and 28% share of viewing in all India during the primary telecast of the movie.
    The premiere ranked #1 across the time slot in the kids genre with 66% share of viewing in HSM and 63% in All India among all kids (CS 4-14 ABC).
    The viewership in certain markets was particularly noteworthy with Punjab(1 Mn+) showcasing double digit TVR with 10.55. This was followed by Delhi at 8.71 TVR, UP at 8.11 TVR, among others.
    “It is wonderful to see kids and families enjoy Disney Channel’s rich menu of content. Doraemon has an engaging storyline and a familiar setting that every Indian kid can relate to. This success is testament to the unique way in which Disney engages with its kids and family audience at multiple levels,” said Natasha Malhotra, VP and GM, Walt Disney Television International India. Across the week, over 17.9 million individuals and 6.5 million kids tuned into movie from All India.
    In addition to its popularity with Disney Channel audience, Doraemon has also been ranked as the #1 character for kids across India by Ormax India in October 2011

  2. Dear Robert
    You say that Indians hate Chinese, but don’t the Chinese look down on Indians? It seems that Asia is like Europe before WWII, with nearly everybody disliking everybody else.

    1. It isn’t that bad tbh. I don’t hear a lot of Chinese people engaging in horrible racist bashing of Indian people. The racism of these high caste Hindus is really something to behold. It is out-front, obvious, in your face and very real. They are unashamed racists. Most of the Chinese you meet are pretty PC.
      I will say that most Chinese people hate the Japanese though, that is clear.

      1. This getting funnier by the day, I can’t stop laughing ! There is a famous proverb “Its takes one to know one”, so you are definitely of Indian descent in your distant past (not joking) ! Since you know the IP address of posters, its no doubt an Indian and a Hindu as well. Just to clarify, Japanese have had very good relations with India for the past 2000 years because of Buddhism & still do today. China also, though its been soured due to the 1962 war and recent rivalry. Yes, its true Indians are racist towards black Africans, but not all of them. And rather than the term “East” which is relative, you should use “Asia” instead which extends from the Middle-East to Japan. Actually no Asian likes Europe or those of European descent (white Americans) including Arabs, Jews, Persians, Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Japanese etc. The reasons are very ancient and not easy to understand.

        1. You’re an Indian, right Kratos? You’re a Hindu Indian, come on, admit it. Are you one of these Indian dogs?
          You usually do not hear your average Arab, Pakistani, Chinese, Japanese or Persian ranting and raving their racist hatred against Whites and Europeans. White hating and Euro hating is actually not that common. The high caste Indians have such an extreme form of it that is quite striking and shocking.

      2. Uhh, Robert I know several Singaporean Chinese who dislike Indians (and at least one Indonesian Chinese who dislikes Indians). It may not be racism on the Nazi level, but it is still racism. My experience is that the Chinese are only PC when you don’t really know them. But after you become friends with them they’re not so PC anymore.

        1. Indian better reflect on their sin. The Goa guy here is Indian and they hate hindus as well.
          Goa was a good place. Hindus came and become a shit hole.
          No one else is biggest racist than Indians.

        2. Because there are a lot of Indians in Singapore, and they caused some troubles. Search “Little India Singapore”.

      3. Bob is a looser who lost his job to an Indian and spends his time bad mouthing Hindus, he is extremely capable of insulting his own intelligence (apparently he thinks he has an IQ of 147) Bob’s eyes shine every time he spews hatred on Hindus, hating Hindus gives him peace and a sense of achievement also Bob thinks bashing Hindus will buy him a chinese lunch, not going to happen bob, the chinks hate you people, they are preparing their military to smash your country. They are not stealing Hindu’s jobs but american’s jobs, tch tch tch, poor bob, his 147 or is it 1.47 or 0.147 IQ does not help him too much to realise this. HAhahaah

    2. When you read Times of India (biggest english newspaper in the world) and read China bashing on daily basis, do you get angry?
      And TOI often make up their own stories against China. All India newspaper behave in similar way and they are more crap in any newspaper I ever seen.
      Al Jazeera is Islam and is very credible. India newspaper is the most Nazi newspaper in the world. It poison a lot of Indian mind.
      Its India who educate hate against China. And China react negatively towards Indians as a result.

      1. Do they hate Chinese specifically or do they hate all East Asians in general on a racial basis? Because when they rant against “Chinkies” they often use highly racist terms in their terms while ranting, especially about Chinese facial features, eyes, etc. If you are ranting about Oriental facial features in general, doesn’t that imply a racial hatred of the Oriental phenotype in general?

        1. There despise East Asian in general. High caste Indians have a superior Nazi mindset.
          But they hate Chinese specifically, due to the 1962 Sino Indian war.
          That hate against Chinese then further extended to Mongoloid Indians.
          The Sino Indian war is a small border war to the Chinese and most Chinese are not aware of it, other than the intellect class. Indians remember because it is the biggest humiliation they received since independence.
          They cannot accept the fact that a yellow defeat them. TOI is forever ranting for revenge.

        2. In India, people with Oriental features are labelled ‘chinkies’ by Hindus. They have also spread the stereotype that women with such features (who usually hail from the north-eastern parts of the country which were illegally occupied by India) are loose and work as prostitutes.
          Quite similar to the Indian notion that all white women are ‘easy’.

        3. not all indians despise all East Asians, maybe the Japanese are caught by default when Indians make fun of Chinese features P , they can’t think in other way to attack China, every bad thing of China is worse in India,China is corrupt? India too,maybe worse, China has some poverty? India is worse; so they attack what is different, the features : ) ,but they are caught just by default the japanese
          – Hungama TV is a TV channel for kids in India based in Mumbai. Hungama TV airs popular kids anime Like Doraemon and Shin-chan and live action shows like Hero which are very much loved by kids. Hungama TV focuses on anime for children’s aimed at kids and preteens (ages 4-14). Shows like Doraemon, Shin-chan, Chimpui, Hero and etc. were the biggest hits on Hungama TV.
          the future generation of Indians will love Japan even more, when they remenber Doraemon,all the nostalgia, however not all teens or adults like watching kids’s shows, they need to bring teenage animes to India, to keep those indians watching anime when they grow, teen animes like Naruto, Bleach and One Piece, i think Animax India at least broadcast Naruto in english dub

        4. here despise East Asian in general.
          India is full of mongoloid or mongoloid-like. The high caste Indian is responding to being “hacked”. It’s related to the way country club Anglos feared a Chinese incursion into their clubs. The high caste Indian is a nobody, much the way the golfing WASP fool is a nobody.
          “The world is a sacred place,…
          those who attempt to control it are doomed to fail.”
          Lao Tzu
          I’d like to see less SE Asian male bitching. More laying of pipe.

        5. those Hindutva are hypocrites, they consume japanese popular culture and they backstab the creators? i hope their attack to “chinkis” is against chinese or northeast indians, because against japanese would be too much hypocresy, however once the new generations of India get more and more used to East Asia through popular culture or economic influence or image, that will change ,you can tell in google trends how south asians in general are addicted for example ,to Doraemon, huge results, like 50 points or something for Doraemon in India, also In February 2013,the Government of Bangladesh banned the Hindi version of Doraemon. The reason behind the ban was that the Bangladeshi government feared that the Doraemon addicts would learn Hindi and find it difficult to learn their native and national language i.e Bengali. A ruling party lawmaker of Bangladesh also said that all foreign cartoons should be dubbed in Bengali before airing it into Bangladesh.Doraemon was the favourite animated series of Bangladesh before the ban.
          and here Google trend results for Doraemon, check it, impressive

        6. In simple words, Hindu indians(Majority of them) Dislike everything which is superior to them (West/China or anyone) and most often they wish to kill every one who is inferior to them, if you are inferior(In money,Education,Status or caste) to your hindu neighbor, he will never talk to you, he might even hate to Say “HELLO” to you.
          In order to understand Indians, you have to think through their opportunistic mind, their world revolves around me,my caste, my status,my home,my money,my education , etc..This is why there are over 10 million Full time spirituality Gurus in India, if not for this fake spirituality, opportunist Hindus will kill each other and trade their organs for money
          Even your average Spiritual Baba preaches non materialistic life while driving on Mercedes C class or Rolls Royce ,living in Private Ashrams,Fully equipped with Air conditioning and 24/7 Electricity,running water,Silver plated Toilets for his holiness

        7. The Hindus hate the Chinese because they felt that they are supposed to be superior to them but in reality, they are lagging far behind these supposedly inferior people. Their superiority comes from a deep sense of inferiority, delusions of grandeur and a flawed perception that they are more “Western” than the Chinese. It is like a richer person’s lap dog looking down on a poor person without realizing that it is still a dog not a human.

  3. Wow, Ichigo.. (Ichigo Kurosaki is a BLEACH character, Google it). Okay, I guess since I have some East Asian mojo I should break it down for you:
    Not much has changed since I blogged that in 2010.
    Some other notes as to WHY the Hindoos are hateful of…
    – The Chinese: Earlier the Hindoos were Communist, and there was a whole ‘Chindia’ boom back in the old country. With the help of their ‘little yellow friends’ India was going to encircle the west.
    Of course the Chinese were just USING THEM because ‘they’re not really Asians’… Chinese (and Japanese and Korean) are EAST Asian.. the Indians (and Pakistanis) are SOUTH Asian. That twain meets, and when it does hilarity ensues.
    The Chinese not only punked the Hindoos, they’ve fought them. And still do. The next war will be the Pakis (and Chinese, with permanent bases in Pakistan) versus ‘shining India.’ The PRC’ers are not shy about using nukies either.
    – Indians are all about the “fair and white”.. the paler you are, the more ‘high class’ you must be. Ironically the Chinese & Japanese also go for this — which is why you see Chinese women running around with umbrellas in the springtime. Google ‘Shiseido’ or ‘fair and white’… If you’re an Asian ‘darkie’ you must have come from the countryside or ascended from poo. Hence the deep ingrained hatred of blacks or the darkskinned.
    – Whites have this ‘fair & white’ thing built in to the point that it’s in the subconscious of the Indians. MOST of the East Asians have ‘grown out’ of that since WWII. Though the Chinese (either ROC or PRC) have not forgotten that it was the USA that helped them with the “Japs”.. also the Japanese (older gen) haven’t forgotten that we didn’t utterly rape their country like they almost did to the Chinese. They were expecting it.
    East Asian social issues are hard enough. South Asia is just some separate and distinct clusterFUDGE that the Japanese and the Chinese would rather not deal with. Though the Japanese are getting desperate for young, cheap blood, so you have Chinese (and believe it or not) Indian ‘guest workers.’
    -Drunky, as always only half serious.

    1. Yeah, Cablinasian.. that’s exactly it. Japanese & Chinese criticize anyone ‘from the countryside’… out in the sun, working like a farmhand, bad.. in the courts of the Emperor, government or university and PALE, good.
      That goes for the women too. Funny, the darker skinned country girls of Japan and China are a treasure… that their own folks kinda don’t want.
      OH WELL MORE FOR THE REST OF US. Some of ’em are damned smart too.

      1. As a Han Chinese from PRC, it’s interesting to see the way you describe us, most of which are true, but over exaggerated.
        Dark-skin means working a lot under the sun, therefore discriminated by elites of the society. It’s a pity indeed, and very hard to correct given the fact that it has been going on for so long.
        However, fortunately or unfortunately, the Cultural Revolution etc really slapped the Chinese elites VERY hard: they were sent to rural regions to farm, and get tanned. So after that, the whole discrimination was dramatically alleviated.
        Yet, as we opened our gate, all the bad things start to come back, but nonetheless, not so important as this is really minor problem compared to all the others, and we are being heavily influenced by the American ideology.
        I would say the “fair and beauty” thing now is 1/3 traditional rubbish, 1/3 advertisement to sell products, 1/3 ignorant of the racial issues.
        On the other hand, the slight-to-medium discrimination against Blacks comes from the fact that Black people haven’t built a successful country that make Chinese admire: we are pretty in favor of merits as it has been this way for so long, so that everyone in China has to go through that horrific College Entrance Exam to gain more opportunities.
        Anyway, the problem is there, but it’s very low on our agenda: pollution, corruption, poverty, inequality are the ones to handle.

  4. Robert, you’re right about Hindus, except their spelling. They win the National Spelling Bee every year:
    2008 Sameer Mishra
    2009 Kavya Shivashankar
    2010 Anamika Veeramani
    2011 Sukanya Roy
    2012 Snigdha Nandipati
    2013 Arvind Mahankali

    1. Those are Indians born in USA, and the culprit poster is obviously an Indian posting from India. But from those spelling bee results, its obvious Indians have natural knack for English, as there were many Chinese, Jews, blacks also competing in the spelling bee. I guess its because English is an Indo-European language and belongs to the same group as native Indian languages such as Hindi, Sanskrit etc. Thats why Indians once taught proper English, are able to win the contest more easily than those of other racial & ethnicities.

        1. I’m posting from Asia, you know that. And you’ve never seen me bad mouthing Whites nor Blacks. In fact I have lived in Africa for over 12 years. I’m not a Hindu, I’m a Christian. But you’re not going objectively. Indians may bad-mouth Whites & steal jobs, but who is causing the actual trouble ? Asians as a whole – Arab/Muslim terrorists, Chinese & Iranian hackers. And Black Africans cause the least trouble of all the races, other than some petty crime. So you are concentrating too much on one particular country !

        2. You’re an Indian Christian. Why you sticking up for these Hindus?
          My objection to these Hindus is that they are a bunch of monsters. And India is a sick society. And we are importing these moral monsters into our country. I mostly want to keep these depraved sickos out of my country. I fear they are going to poison this place with their diseased culture and mindset.
          I am not worried about Islam. It’s an ugly religion, but your average Muslim seems like a decent enough fellow. At least they have a very strong moral base. These Hindus seem like a bunch of depraved, debased, cruel degenerates on the other hand. I know some Muslims around here, and they are very good people. Why should I hate them because of what some terrorists do?
          I don’t care anything about Chinese people. We have Chinese people here in the US, and most of them are very good people. They are fine upstanding moral human beings. I have gotten to know some Chinese in China on the Net, and they were very friendly, kind and generous. Chinese society, despite some faults, seems like a fairly decent society.
          Iranians are very good people. I am glad that they are an enemy of the US. In the conflict between the US and Iran, of course I side with Iran. Iranians are a good people with good, high moral values. They run a decent society with a reasonable and moral culture.
          You mistake me for some kind of a nationalist bonehead? You don’t understand. I am a progressive person. I have risen above all of that nationalist garbage.
          PS you say you are living in Africa, but then why are you posting out of India.

        3. Christians have been in Asia in the Middle-East & India, long before the West. Since you have not lived in Asia, you dont know the problems here, it not specific to India but extends all over Asia. Indians love to boast & show-off thats why they appear as a easily visible nuisance, but the rest of the Asians are sabotaging the West in both direct & subtle ways. And I mentioned I lived in Africa before, not living there currently. Seems your English is also deteriorating due to excessive interactions with Indians and other low-life Asian scum ! Africans are not a disaster, you are forgetting the majority of Africans are forced slave migrants – if you see recent better educated African immigrants after 1960s they do much better, comparable to Asian immigrants.
          ps: you have to be Nationalistic, all Asians are one and the same, they are out to get Europeans since 45,000 years ago ! Black Africans are harmless.

        4. Re: Robert Lindsay – Socialism/Communism has also caused tens of millions of deaths, Hitler was a type of Socialist, Mao/Stalin Communists. Excessive socialism is caused the Euro banking crisis. You blog itself shows its against immigration. Who opened the immigration floodgates, its the Democratic party controlled by Jews (originally from West Asia) – Hart-Celler act of 1965 that has caused all the problems. Taking any immigrants especially from Asia (not only Indians) is not at all advisable. You dont have much experience outside America thats the problem. There can never be peace…..only Armageddon is inevitable.
          ps: Your racial/human origin posts are very interesting. In fact thats the reason that brought me to this blog. Something closely connected with this topic, which you have not yet realized. I guess enough of this discussion now, becoming too sensitive, I’ll mail you.

        5. No rightwing economics, Kratos. I ban on that. I figured you were a reactionary. It makes sense. The only people who ever come to this site are reactionaries.
          Hitler was a rightwing nationalist, like most of the posters on this board.
          Socialism never caused one death. Socialism never caused any banking crisis.

        6. Re: Robert Lindsay – Hitler was Socialist plus right-winger. He was exterminating the inferior beings, while running Germany on a Socialist, not Capitalist basis. i.e. Socialism for Germans, for the untermenschen the gas chambers, …so you cant avoid that, sorry ! Yes, Socialism has caused the Euro crisis. It was running successfully initially, but excessive spending & too many immigrants who dont contribute to tax revenues caused the issue. No, I’m not a reactionary. I believe all humans are abnormal whoever or whatever they are. Thats why your human origin theory was most interesting. So wait for an email.

        7. Look man I am banning you.
          You can’t say “Hitler was a socialist.”
          You can’t say “excessive socialist spending caused the Euro crisis.”
          You can’t say “socialism killed millions.”
          Rightwing talking points. You are just another hypercapitalist rightwing nationalist. You are going to need to go, my Indian friend. This is a socialist website and we try to keep the reactionaries to a minimum.

        8. You can ban me no problem, but I want to ask you something by email. This is a race/human origin website and socialism, capitalism, nazism are all very recent and not very important.

          1. My email is on the Contact page. If you are a reactionary, I need you to keep away from all this rightwing stuff. No rightwing economics, no bashing socialism, none of that. I ban on all that stuff.

      1. Its not Chinese hackers that make USA resent China. It is the so call Civilization War predicted by Huntington. China media often communicate tacitly that China is a big target of USA government hackers.
        Snowden gate shows that USA spy and hack all nations.
        Today, Europe feign victim claiming USA hack them. But anyone who is informed will know that Europe has their hacking unit.
        So is Russia and India.
        In fact, all core civilization engage in war or ally among one another. It happens that Western and Hindic ally against Sinitic, The reason is because Sinitic civilization today is the biggest threat to western hegemony.

        1. Re:Creaders – All Asians are against the West. Chinese, Indians have stolen all the jobs & technology. Chinese hackers & espionage happening daily. Arab/Muslims terrorists attacking frequently. Asians do have internal divisions like China-Japan, India-Pakistan, India-China, Arab-Jew, N.Korea-S.Korea among themselves, but they will all join together against the West. The real war is between Europe & Asia since tens of thousands of years ago, long before civilization.

        2. I honestly do not see why I should regard all Asians as my enemies! That’s crazy thinking. I am a socialist. I believe in solidarity. Endless war, rivalry and hatred has no place is a socialist world based on solidarity. There is no reason for countries to be endlessly competing with each other to screw each other over and fuck each other. That’s capitalism. As you can see, capitalism results in endless war, and all capitalists believe in endless war.
          So the Chinese hack us? So what? The Chinese people I know are good people.
          You are trying to tell me that Arabs and Muslims are my enemies because of a few terrorist idiots. Why should I hate all Muslims and Arabs because of a few terrorist boneheads? My Muslim and Arab friends are very good people, far better human beings, I would say, than the Indians I know!
          These Indians are just shit people. They’re lowlifes, morally debased, depraved, vicious, amoral monsters. Basically a continent with 1.3 million criminals. I don’t want these monsters in my country. They need to go home or stay the Hell out of my great and wonderful West before they destroy it with their poison, cancer, sicko culture.

        3. Re: Robert Lindsay – Socialism/Communism has also caused tens of millions of deaths, Hitler was a type of Socialist, Mao/Stalin Communists. Excessive socialism is caused the Euro banking crisis. You blog itself shows its against immigration. Who opened the immigration floodgates, its the Democratic party controlled by Jews (originally from West Asia) – Hart-Celler act of 1965 that has caused all the problems. Taking any immigrants especially from Asia (not only Indians) is not at all advisable. You dont have much experience outside America thats the problem. There can never be peace…..only Armageddon is inevitable.
          ps: Your racial/human origin posts are very interesting. In fact thats the reason that brought me to this blog. Something closely connected with this topic, which you have not yet realized. I guess enough of this discussion now, becoming too sensitive, I’ll mail you.

      2. Hindu civilization causes more death than anybody else, far worse than Stalin or Mao. Life expectancy of India, China and Russia as below
        1800 AD
        China – 32
        India – 25
        Russia – 32
        AD 1938, during Stalin and when China was fighting with Japan
        China – 36
        India – 32
        Russia – 41
        AD 1976, during the death of Mao
        China – 64
        India – 54
        Russia – 68
        While communist killings are quantifiable, the Hindic civilization kills stealthy. What people do not talk about is the trememdous life saved under the communist system. The amount of people “killed” due to Hindic system is ignore because everything seems like natural death, but in reality, it is systemic murder.
        What more not included is the level of misery living under Hindic civilization. You get wife killing, hereditary prostitution, caste system, no toilet, racism, no access to proper education, mal-nutritient…etc
        The Communist Party while itself is brutal did lift people’s standard of living, emancipate woman, achieve universal lieracy, fed the people…etc.
        Further, with a communist competitor, the capitalist world were forced to go socialist. That brought a lot of well being to humanity. When communist gone, so are most of the socialist system in the west.

  5. Hi Robert, USA need to bring in Indians as USA need to ally with India against China. USA and India has a low level alliance.
    I met my friend yesterday, who work in one of the biggest USA IT MNC. He informed me that his company recruit from India but not from China.
    And H1B visa is almost designed for India. India got 80% of H1B quota. USA IT MNC will find it more difficult to fence off Chinese company without access to Indian engineers.
    In USA MNC in Singapore, a lot of white man managers prefer Indians. The Indians who later become managers kick out Chinese. In USA, I have been informed that Indians are kicking out white man. In Singapore, I have seen Indians after hijacking a department start kicking out white man.
    The white man elites certainly know Indian style. They don care. The white man people suffer working side by side with Indians,
    Also yesterday there is an interesting news coming out from central asia. I have followed the news. USA despite of solicitation from China and discouragement from Kazak government wanted to sell stake of Kashagan oil field to India.
    Kashagan is the last giant oil field to be found. India thought they got the deal. Kazak government like China so much that they decided to do a high intensity meddling and make the oil field go to China.

    But Kazakhstan’s decision to sell to the Chinese will go down badly in India. Conoco initially agreed to sell its stake in Kashagan to India’s ONGC Videsh last year for $5bn, in a deal that was hailed domestically as a coup for the state oil company.
    But under Kazakh law, the state has pre-emption rights to any big strategic asset.
    On Tuesday, Conoco announced it had received official notification that Kazakhstan’s oil ministry was exercising that right to pre-empt the sale to ONGC and had designated KazMunaiGas as the entity that will acquire the stake.

  6. The man white ally with India. The white man is always covering India. White man media do not report the real truth about India and all India transgression was forgotten. India is a key player against China. But I will honestly say its not a Nato style alliance but a low level type.
    India invade Diu, Daman, Goa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli from Portugal, no white man newspaper ever bark.
    India invade hyderabad, white man keep quiet. India invade Kashmir, white man keep quiet. India invade Sikhim,
    When India invade Kashmir, India say kashmir ruler like India but so I don care if they people hate India. When India invade Hyderabad, India say hyderabad people like India, but I don care the ruler hate Indian.
    When India annex Maniupr and Sikhim, both people and ruler hate India. India say fxxk it, I just want your land, never mind if you hate me. In fact, Indian just know how to talk and talk. They are liars and can come out any reason to harm you.
    white man keep quiet. India invade China, white man keep quiet.
    China arrest India’s aggression in 1962 Sino Indian war, white man say China is aggressor and send arm to India.
    India is really a crap nation.

    1. There’s a couple of issues going on here: one is that the USA is too damned big:
      The Eastern NY NJ Washington DC types “side with India” — and yes, the politicians and Wall Street have BIG PLANS for what they call ’emerging markets, and of course they’d like INDIA to step up. UNfortunately the Indians have a competency problem. Too much corruption, and they’re just… lazy. Either really lazy or really incompetent.
      The Chinese, who have a MUCH deeper history with the Pacific Rim states have a big presence on the West Coast. In Silicon Valley, Los Angeles — up and down the coast. But the GOV and Defense types don’t trust them so they want them away from tech.
      Apple is one of those companies that, up until recently REFUSED to flood their ranks with H1Bs. That’s why they continuously got nailed in the press. This new guy Cook is letting the Hindoos in and now Apple’s quality is starting to show it for the worse. But: Foxconn, the Taiwan ROC company still has the contract to make Apple devices, and they’re STILL made in the PRC under Foxconn supervision.
      And now Apple is still getting their ass kicked over tax practices that other tech companies (like Microsoft, HP, etal) have been doing for YEARS. Those other companies are H1B’d up. Apple up until now wasn’t.
      It’s not that the USA has been ‘covering for India’.. it’s more that the American people outside tech really don’t care. South Asia is just someplace FAR AWAY, and Pakistan = India = Afghanistan. Obama spent a cool million on his trip to India to get them to buy US weapons. It was hardly a blip of a story, India didn’t buy our stuff, and that story didn’t make the US press either.
      It’s not ‘white man keep quiet’.. it’s more ‘white man don’t care unless you mess with his cash flow.’

        1. The whole world is sick. America/Europe is far better than Asia in most ways, thats why all Asians (Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Koreans etc) are trying desperately to immigrate there, instead of vice-versa !

        2. If you think ISLAM is bad, try hindu cult. full of degenerate and hypocrites
          Arabic Wahabi islam atleast tolerates fellow muslims, hindus are worse opportunists on earth
          Dig more into Hindu Cult, you will end up finding filth worse than what you read /Heard about SODOM and GOMORRAH
          I always hold same opinion about Hindu india, its a modern day SODOM

  7. Whatever they try to pose as they always make it so obvious that it’s a Hindu troll, so funny and pathetic they are.

  8. Dear Robert,
    Mui obrigado. Thank you for sharing the truth. As an Catholic with mixed Portuguese ancestry, you have no idea how wonderful it feels to see that someone in the West has picked up on the agenda of right-wing Hindus.
    As someone who is in the unique position of seeing both sides of the story with unusual clarity, I’d like to tell you that you’ve hit the nail on its proverbial head.
    I want to clarify, for the sake of other readers of every nationality – Hindus hate the West and especially Christianity. In Goa, we haven’t had religious riots in over 400 years. However, soon after India ‘liberated’ Goa, we had all sorts of problems.
    Visit any youtube video or article on Goa or Goan Catholics. You’ll find more Hindu Indians posting or commenting. What is their business there? The same as it is over here on Robert’s blog.
    They HATE Christianity and anything Western. For all of you kind-hearted ones in the West who have deluded yourself into thinking that India is an ally, you’re in for one HUGE shock when they start to attack your traditions and religion. That’s exactly why it warms my heart to see true patriots like Robert stand up to them.
    I want every Hindu reading this to understand – we Christians intend to bring out the truth about what is happening in India.
    I appeal to good human beings everywhere – please research Hindu hatred against Christians, Sikhs, Muslims and indeed any minority group in India. The Hindus create religious wars (while always portraying themselves as the victims) and have announced their intention to wage war against the West and especially Christianity.
    Robert is right in pointing out that they are a bigger threat than Islam – for they ride in on a Trojan horse. God Bless you Robert! I will fight for you.

  9. @ Kratos – you say you’re an Indian Christian. Can you please help elaborate on the persecution of Christians in India? If you’re truly a Christian who grew up in India, you’ll be able to confirm and add to what I’ve already said.

      1. These Indians are just shit people. They’re lowlifes, morally debased, depraved, vicious, amoral monsters. Basically a continent with 1.3 million criminals. I don’t want these monsters in my country. They need to go home or stay the Hell out of my great and wonderful West before they destroy it with their poison, cancer, sicko culture.
        Wonderful!!! shows how much you love India!!! Just replace the word India with anyother country and see much their country’s netizens shower their love on you!!!

  10. Indians are a jealous, lowlife people. They hate everyone because everyone else is superior to them.
    They invent a fantasy world where they see themselves as being the most superior race as a means to deal with the butt hurt they feel for being the world’s most inferior race.
    Indians are the lowest form of scum.
    All other races like whites, east Asians, middle easterns and even blacks are superior to the butt ugly and smelly Indian.
    Indians are cowardly and the biggest losers on the planet who are ashamed of their own race. That’s why they always try to hide behind other nationalities when posting their nonsensical rants in the internet.
    Indians are the most vile and should be exterminated.

  11. Indian rats, specially the hindus are the biggest cowards on the planet. They suffer from a major small penis complex.

  12. The worst aspect of Hindu-Indian society is that most Hindu-Indians still believe in slavery the same as their Muslim counterparts in Pakistan, Middle-East and places like Mali, Mauritania etc. Your average Hindu Indian does not even acknowledge the existence of this problem: he/she would just call it by different names like bonded labour, child labour etc. and wash his hands off any complicity in this institutionalized practice. The Government is largely silent on this issues as so many ministers and top bureaucrats themselves own slaves (after all who will maintain their bungalows, farm houses, garden plots and suburban properties). Yes, domestic help in India are for all practical purposes, slaves. Their only other choice is living on the streets to be exploited by organ thieves, pimps and other merchants of misery (seen Slumdog Millionaire? That was accurate portrayal of the problem).
    The only saving grace is that Indian slave-owners are maybe, not as cruel as Arab slave-owners (Dubai is notorious for exploiting migrant workers). Aspects of Indian slavery include grossly underpaying wages of the workers/maids/house servants, withholding salary for minor mistakes or being ill, over-working the slaves, no week-ends off on Sundays and Saturdays. The slaves in India migrate from villages and rural, backward areas to major cities and are the beck and call of their owners seven days a week and get, maybe,15 days off in a year during which they return to their villages with their measly earnings. Urban orphans are most vulnerable as they have nowhere to go to and easily exploited by their owners who were kind enough to “adopt” them. Often these slave children play with their owner’s children but are constantly aware of their status within the household. They’re not even supposed to use the bathrooms that their owners use, usually eat left-overs and sleep on the kitchen floor. Seemingly educated, middle-class Indians are blind to this problem; the cost of a live-in maid in Indian cities like Mumbai is 5000-10000 rupees per month (US$90-180 per month).
    India as a society is hardly taking any steps to eradicate this problem of slavery because it’s so deeply entrenched from top to bottom. Right from the most rich, powerful people to the middle-classes can afford to own slaves for life. With so many poor people having no economic opportunity and too many mouths to feed, slavery in India isn’t going to be eradicated anytime soon.
    Today, I went to a next door neighbour in my apartment building as I needed to give references in order to open a new bank account. I’m normally not on talking terms with any neighbours as I know they’re all a bunch of assholes. There was noone in the house and the door locked from outside. When I rang the bell, someone pulled open a lever and I saw the face of a scrawny, young girl (age 15-16). Apparently she’s the family live-in maid and the family seems to have gone for a vacation and will be back by day after tomorrow. It’s the maid’s job to look after the house in their absence. I did ask the maid how she felt about being locked from outside and she has no answer but a look of desperation. This problem is way too common to be taken seriously. Apparently, the owners even turn off the television and carry the remote with them so she’s virtually in a prison cell till they arrive.
    My heart went out to the poor girl’s plight and this is apparently, a kind-hearted family. But there is noone to hear her voice. If I call the Police Station, her owners would pose as the child’s “guardians” an open and shut case. There aren’t any NGOs that look after the plight of domestic workers but if I find one, I’ll surely give them that address.
    If you want to read more on how callous Indians treat their domestic workers, http://www.economist.com/news/asia/21568772-cheap-household-labour-no-longer-abundant-supply-cant-get-help
    The worst form of abuse happens in rich parties in Delhi and Mumbai. Here, every wealthy household has domestic servants at the beck and call of their owners and their spoiled arrogant children, 24×7. The slaves are like dumb and shattered confidence. They rarely raise their voice against such prevalent injustice. Bollywood movies and Indian television depict slavery in a matter-of-fact fashion. You often have depictions of 3 generations of domestic servants who have been working for the same family. 3 generations, wow.
    Even in USA, rich Indian diplomats have come in news for exploiting workers they brought from India.
    Robert you should do a blog entry on this subject. Slavery is totally unacceptable in the 21st century and these Indians should be shamed and reprimanded for practicing such vile behaviour.
    I’m also an Indian but have vowed to fight slavery in my own little ways. I have turned atheist, giving up on this barbarous cult of social control called Hinduism. I don’t patronize restaurants and chai shops that employ children no matter the urgency. Nowadays, if I have to eat outside, I do so only in McDonald’s/Subway/KFC and other US chains as they provide the highest remuneration salaries to their employees (far better than any Indian restaurant chain could).

    1. The plight of Nepali sex workers in Mumbai is indeed horrendous. Areas such as Kamathipura, Khetwadi, Fockland Road (no pun intended) house tens of thousands of destitute women from Nepal and poorer parts of India. I don’t believe in Christianity but I would love Christian missionaries to operate in these brothels as they will be a benign influence in the lives of these shattered women; Hinduism is evil and a despicable religious system. That’s what explains the so-called “cultural” credo but no amount of culture can justify such flagrant abuse of human rights.
      Most state governments in India DENY the existence of prostitution and sex slavery; in fact there is money to be made. The brothels of Mumbai have an annual turnover in excess of 2-3 billion dollars, a thriving illegal economy which supports a lot of side business. Over 100,000 women are being raped daily by >10 lustful men making Mumbai the official Sin city of India. The problem also exists in other major Indian cities including Delhi’s notorious GB Road, Kolkata’s Sonagachi and numerous small brothels spread in Tier-2 cities.
      Even Bangkok, Thailand has plenty of brothels but most of it is regulated and barring a few seedy Go-Go bars, the prostitutes are FREE to leave their bar owners and freely go back to where they came from, and also accepted by their families. However, in Mumbai, these girls and destitute women would have nowhere to turn to, not that it’s easy to escape the pimps, Madams, hijras (eunuchs) and corrupt policemen. Besides, prostitutes are tainted women for life and if they do escape, no other career opportunity is open for them because of India’s wretched caste system.

  13. @ Robert Lindsay.
    I am originally from the indian sub-continent i.e. the world’s biggest shit filled pit. And I couldn’t agree more with you on your opinion of Indian people. They are the most vile scum to walk on two legs.
    But my naïve white friend, you also have to look at the matter from other angles.
    Isn’t it the white people in the west who are helping to promote this shithole of a country (india) as a future economic, military, scientific and political superpower?
    As well as a rival to China which will overtake China?
    Nothing can be further from the truth. In truth India is an extremely backward and nasty place with a bleak future for the vast majority of it’s population.
    All this self-flattering propaganda about India being dished out by facist right-wing hindu ulta-nationalists with support from the west is making India a nation of foolish narcissists. Who are idiotic enough to believe that their garbage dump of a country is a global superpower. When it is nothing more than a major train wreck in the making with nothing being done to control it’s outrageous population growth, massive poverty, unbelievably high corruption and disgusting social apathy as a result of the vomit called the caste system.
    The west is wooing India to become part of the west’s anti-China crusade, which aims to cripple the rise of the Chinese dragon. Which in my opinion as well as in the opinion of many others, is the real Asian superpower. Not a bag of hot and stinky air like India.
    You whites shower false flattery on India to make India become your partner in your fight to contain China’s rise. You white people even promote the ridiculous and hyped up lie about India being able to surpass China as a superpower. It is simply laughable.
    It is just like saying that a 300 lbs morbidly obese person can rival or defeat a 300 lbs heavyweight boxing champion.
    In a one on one fight, China will mop the floor with India’s ass. I even hope that one day soon, China will invade and gang rape India, because that’s what a vile country like India needs.
    Another thing most white people in the west are not yet aware of is the treacherous and backstabbing nature of Indians. It is a character trait that is sculpted by the vile Indian culture and society.
    White people may think that India is a good candidate for a partnership against China’s rise. But Indians are friends and partners to no one. They serve only their own selfish interests and will bamboozle even their own mothers and fathers if it suited their agenda.
    To partner with India is like keeping a venomous snake inside your pocket. Even Richard Nixon saw how untrustworthy Indians are and choose to open dialog with China instead of India in 1972.
    And now the west thinks a snake can help them defeat the dragon?
    India can’t even handle a punk ass country like Pakistan, let alone a giant like China.
    Plus the western govts. are opening the flood gates to Indian immigrants under the pretense of meeting a labour shortage in the west. The truth being that the west is hungry for dirt cheap Indian labour.
    But in the end, the Indians will swarm and overwhelm your white countries like a pack of vermin. Who will take the blame for that?
    Indians are how they are as shaped by their hideous culture and crass society. Just as a snake is what it is, as how nature has made it to be.
    But are white people also gullible and stupid as made to be by nature?

    1. I think Western society is becoming morally corrupt and degenerate, perhaps this is why west is associating with india (I agree India is most degenerate nation on earth, far worse than saudi arabia).

    2. If you want to see naked exhibition of solipsism , look at this video, one of the main reasons why this land has become polluted
      All the people who are very eagerly waiting to take a dip in that filthy river have committed sins and now , they are washing away their sins, they have no time to wait, they are in hurry , they just want to wash away the sins and commit them again.
      Hinduism or you can call brahminism, has destroyed Reason and replaced it with ritual, for every thing in life you need a ritual to please certain god who is nothing but a stone idol crafted by brahmins , every god has a fabricated , often confusing mythological story and he will cure all the ills of society, no one in society must question or think,you simply have to obey your karmic path..
      Buddhism is think offers you a great answer to many moral question, buddha asks his disciples to trust their reason,rather blindly following him this is where buddhism differs from Brahmanism …What you witness today in India are the effects of Brahmanism, a full blown expression of ritualistic ,superstitious traditional culture which has nothing to do with reason and Pragmatism ,its all about illusions “maya”.
      Instead of facing life’s difficulties,Brahmanism offers you escapist Rituals ,illusions, where you permanently enter into the world of “Maya” and seek your Moksha -Enlightenment -Please note that enlightenment in Buddhism differs from brahmanical explanation.
      In buddhism you attain nirvana by following your own will and reason along with 8 fold path, in brahmanism you attain moksha through rituals,
      many idiots in Hindutva preach, that Hinduism has been around since 10 million years, this is a lie.The ritualistic religion of 300 million gods which you call hinduism is a very new religion, the traditions/rituals of hinduism which most people celebrate are brahmanical in origin, very few people use to celebrate them in olden days except brahmins, kshatriyas, vaishyas, the lower castes have never participating in these rituals,lower castes were not even allowed in temples 120 years ago.

  14. Robert
    I have been an avid follower of your blog, but its the first time i am taking the time and effort to comment. I am 25 year old india born into a ‘culturally muslim’ family who found refuge in New Zealand six year ago, when i left that shithole and came here for higher education and never dared to return. At that time, I ‘by choice’ didn’t go to USA or Canada because of the ‘genetic profiling’ after 9/11, but that’s a different area, of the cluster of dots that connect together which is not the prime topic of my posting here.
    What i have seen in my nineteen year of time, adjectives such as cacophony, limbo, rat raced chaos, could be easily denominated. My personal observation is used as the first hand account of most of the things I have or will state about India. But the most damaging part and the number one cause why India will keep climbing upon the scale of ‘shitholiness’ is the archaic education system, which glorifies dumfucks and rejects the truly brighter ones. Indian education system is failed estate and is going to be the primary reason why the country is going to the gods, because it doesn’t teaches anything of value and rejects originality and critical thinking, and at best after the perilous 12 year of grinding, ‘manufactures’ perfect blue colored zombies who would be the bread-lined to be exported to do blue colored sweatshop jobs of the richer countries. Trust me, it is an utmost glory for typical Indian parents when their sons/daughters work in “Amerika”. I bet even the parents of Iranian Astronauts wouldn’t troll with such vocal glorification.
    The second thing that is wrong with the country is the monstrosity with which religion dictates the everyday life of a typical Indian. A sheer glimpse of which is visible in ‘kumbh mela’ when millions take a dip in holy shitty Ganges to get rid of their sins, the riddance of which is a cheap wash away. Its a symbol of degeneration of humankind’s gene pool in its own class, and often the theory of evolution start looming before you when you see this monkey dipping of such width and length. Muslims are not spared either and go to any dargah or holy shrine and you see these fuckwits with a religious fervor that will kill the faith in humanity to any intelligent person. Christians are largely peaceful and underrepresented as most of the churches are located into the tribal areas with direct funding from the pope and massive christian conversions are observed, which often creates ‘gastric issues’ for the Hindu mercenaries, and they often resort to violence to stop the conversion.
    The third hole that is going to sink this ailing boat is the emphasis upon family structure and getting married, having kids and doing all the same old shit that the generations before have been doing. The males are often duped by the parents, as Indian society doesn’t permits sex before marriage, so the guy marries a women as that is the only way he knows he will get sex, and this lure is why he marries. When he is losing his virginity in his ‘suhaag raat’ he doesn’t even realizes what shit he is getting into. This has led to exponential growth of population and this is going to be nightmare, and not far are the days when the saviors of society will come up with some ‘dirty’ way to curb this cockroach invasion. Eugenics will be pushed to Indians one day, and no body can do shit about it. The sham democracy will besiege over it own weight and only the rich and corrupt will be allotted the ‘license; to reproduce.
    Fourth hole is what is going to seal the deal. That being the capitalism and globalization, and allowing of the Indian economy to be plundered by bankers and the ‘over printed’ rupee. The chickens are coming to roost, as it is evident by the over fifty percent currency devaluation in last five years, Indians are betting their luck upon ‘shark’ pseudo economists, who are mere ‘agents’ pushing bankers policy into play, hiding it into the usual lofty mumbo jumbo of economics. Just having a look at the graph of last fifty year of money supply in India will give anybody with basic understanding of economics, some serious jitters. An economic suicide is underway, and i had predicted that in 2007, when everybody was so confident, look at whats happening now. Real estate bubble is about to burst, inflation and unemployment figures are skyrocketing and the day 100 INR = 1 USD, that day will the final trumpet for the doomsday of the Indian economy.
    Fifth hole is, needless to say, corruption and babushahi. There is already so much said about it, i don’t feel the need to elaborate about it.
    FYI – To make my demographic attributes clear and also come clear of any possible bias, i would let you know a little bit more personal information about me. I come from a small town in naxal disturbed state of Jharkhand and my house was some two block away from the mosque, in the ‘muslim ghetto’ part of the town. My family belongs to the middle class, my father being a lawyer and mother being a lecturer, and they wouldn’t dare leave that ‘ghetto’, in-spite of poor water supply, electricity and other civic amenity problems, solely owing to the reason that no Hindu will sell them property in a so called ‘posh’ Hindu area.
    Also, I want to make it clear that i am in no way religious neither my family is. We barely associate anything with religion as per se other than the cultural and moral derivatives and that too to a certain degree. My grandfather was a well know landlord by inheritance, surgeon by trade and a vehement communist, who often enjoyed his whisky and rum at the tone of the Azaan from the local mosque. That was one reason why he was banished from the typical Muslim settings as he often petrified the local mullahs through his social communique on the ‘chowraha’ about the idiocy of the petty Islamist.
    Born as the grandchild of such a granddad, this apple didn’t fell far from the tree. So i stand aloof from the usual pettiness of religiosity, that being said i consider myself spiritual and in tune with my own calling.I admit that there is a problem with Islam, as much as it is the problem in any other religion, but Hinduism is a class of its own, when you talk about the religious ferocity especially exhibited by the ruling upper classes. The irony is that which their temple is full with gold probably worth billions, poor people would be eating and shitting on the street not too far away from it. Then there is an ultra right wing group called as RSS, which you already know about who ‘hand select’ the leaders for the BJP and push Hindu national interest forward and these motherfuckers finance crackpot historical revisionist like P. N. Oak, who claimed that Christianity and Islam are both derivatives of Hinduism, or that the Catholic Vatican, Kaaba and the Taj Mahal were once Hindu temples to Shiva.
    Robert, I truly appreciate and respect you for posting such unbiased, non PC commentary upon your blog and if you ever need a first hand account of the shitdom of India, just throw me an email.

  15. I believe the only good and with values Indians that I met are the Sindhis, the business driven ethnic groups that originated in present day Sindh,Pakistan that scattered across the Globe although most Muslim remains in Pakistan..i met a lot of them in Hong Kong..they are mostly different in complexion and features to the rest of Indians,(Sindhi language they say is a sister of Sanskrit but distinct like dardic..but they see themselves a different race within south Asia,in ancient times they had more affinity in Greater Iran like Iraq and some anthropologist say they are part of Hurrian Empire (area within Asia minor,aka Mittanis – the royal blood ruler are Indo-Aryan)…and luckily they do not have Complex Out of this world Caste system as the rest of Indians have!

  16. well the internet is filled with indian troll that’s why the name indian race troll or IRT exist especially on PUA sites. I share the same feling with you robert regarding indians and other south asian.i spend quite sometime with them and they are horible and terrible people. in fact my dad is an indian and that makes me part indian and i tell you one thing i HATE my indian blood in me.they have this really warped mindset and a very segregated community where indians who speak different languages, ethnic group,different caste and religion hate each other to the point they only marry amongst the same caste ,religion and ethnic group.the only good human beings from the indian sub-continent are the oriental looking people from the north-east and nepal and also substantial low caste and tribal people

  17. ” These high caste Hindus are frankly some of the biggest monsters on the planet. Their views are antithetical to everything America holds dear and certainly against everything we on the Left value. It seems crazy to let millions of these damaged, amoral, vicious people into our fine Western country.”
    Spot on . Preach it . You are the only Western person on the net calling out their attitude and shinning a light on them.

  18. I can’t remember, seems we had a poster ‘Attilathehen’ here at Robert Lindsay’s blog? He/she keeps posting pathological anti-Chinese racist comments at
    The following lines are just a sample of many
    ” …attilathehen says:
    March 1, 2018 at 12:50 am GMT • 100 Words
    @Joe Wong
    If China is going to get rid of toxic white culture they need to give up the car, telephone, computer, airplane, the list can go on and on.
    As to Japan, here is a history lesson. Japan invaded China during World War II. Have you ever heard of the Rape of Nanking? Japan has fought China and won. When Japan decides to start producing nuclear weapons again, China will tremble. Your jealousy of India is evident. They have an Aryan past. Chinese does not….”
    Can people here judge if he/she is hindu OR she could a fat post-menopause feminist abused by her dad when she was a child.
    To briandamage:
    The hindu hatred against Chinese actually is an archetypal case of human psychology of insecurity and pride deficiency. I actually have a certain amount of sympathy for them. Whenever I feel bored, I would browse certain Hindutwadis sites for fun. They resemble dispensaries of mental opioid or Hijras slap-dildo theatres.

    1. There was no India before the British consolidated the subcontinent. For the longest time, a large portion of the subcontinent was ruled by the Islamic Persian-Mongols with a brief period of Hindu rule before the British took over. Throughout history, the subcontinent had a collection of kingdoms. So to push for Hindu nationalism is somewhat of a stretch as the subcontinent had never been truly Hindu. The Dravidians probably had more continuity to their culture compared to the Hindus. The South was not invaded as often as the North.
      So all this huff and puff are just blowing hot air. In a few decades we will see the fragmentation of “India” into several nations. It is too diverse to unite as one nation. Hindu nationalists BJP and Modi can’t even unite their own people let alone the growing Muslim population and the Tamils. In just a short 3 years, Modi’s nationalist government BJP is losing steam and the National Congress might be back in business. And to think that they are going to overtake China’s economy. To diverse and fragmented for that to happen.

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