Bigfoot News Fourth of July 2013

Sasquatch Ontario Bigfoot videos. Some excellent videos from  Sasquatch Ontario. I believe I know this guy. At first I confused him with Ontario WFR (not sure what the WFR stands for). OWFR has a set of famous photos (Temagami photos) and a famous video (Go Pro video). I believe that both document a real Bigfoot. I have a lot of respect for them. Another individual, Sasquatch Ontario, has released a new set of videos which are very important. I have talked to this fellow via email for a long time now. His name is Mike Paterson, and to be honest, he has a lot of enemies. However, these videos show Bigfoot handprints, footprints, gifting and speech. The gifts include intricately weaved objects made of reeds. The speech is about as good as the Sierra Sounds. The video below shows some excellent Bigfoot speech, truly superb. [youtube=] This video documents footprints and handprints, speech and gifting of some pretty amazing objects. [youtube=] Here is another one with some great vocals. People say they sound like Yoda from Star Wars when they talk, and I think that is about right. [youtube=] There are a few more videos in this series, and they are all said to be great. I haven’t been following the Bigfoot videos much lately as not much seems to be going on, but these videos from Sasquatch Ontario seem to be excellent. I do not believe this guy is hoaxing. However, to be fair, Matthew Johnson’s group has accused him of being a hoaxer. But to be honest, Matthew Johnson is basically a flake and a kook in my opinion. I realize he is a psychologist, but he acts awful crazy in his public persona as the leader of a Bigfoot group. I don’t mean to say that he acts mentally ill. He simply acts like the typical belligerent, screaming, yelling, carrying-on, egotistical, out of control narcissist that tends to head up a Bigfoot group. He also seems to have few filters on what he hollers and bellows about. Some of my friends have seen the videos above, and they were quite impressed by them. And Matthew Johnson is simply a hair-trigger kook who bellows out with great emotion whatever thoughts happen to be passing through his brain at whatever moment. He’s always accusing people of being hoaxers, usually at the top of his lungs. He’s not really worth listening to. Alex Munoz doesn’t like Sasquatch Ontario either and neither does Don Boucher. Don is going to try to prove that the Bigfoot vocals in the videos are faked. Not sure how he can do that. Nice Bigfoot tracks and hair video from South Fork, Utah. I just watched this video tonight, and I have a high opinion of it. I do not believe these guys are hoaxing, but you never know to be honest. Has this video been making the roads of the Bigfoot sites? What has their opinion of it been? [youtube=] Controversy about the version of Team Tracker’s expedition to Las Vegas on June 14. I will repost Mata Hari’s comments from my site here:

Thanks for your response Robert, The reason that Chris Sands was in Vegas on the 14th is the same reason that all of the TT people were in Vegas that weekend. Rick offered up a ‘free’ for TT members expedition to Mount Charleston in Las Vegas to hunt Bigfoots. Basically the expedition was free, but each TT member including Chris Sands was to pay one ‘all inclusive’ fee of around $900 (to Rick) that included accommodations, food – to include executive chef on the expedition, transport to and from the airport AND airplane tickets. So while Rick DID provide the airplane tickets to the 12 TT members that attended, each member had to pay the all-inclusive fee to Rick, who I am sure made a good fat profit off of as part of his scam. Here is a good description I will cut and paste for you: ========START OF PASTE========= Just thought I would take a minute to write a summary of Team Tracker Las Vegas’ awesome (lol) weekend: What was promised: THE ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE: The Hike is FREE to all members, but the rest will be an all-inclusive package for $1000. An incredible weekend of Bigfoot hunting led by pro tracker Rick Dyer! For this price, you get a professional camera crew, high tech tracker equipment, plane tickets, accommodations in one of Rick Dyer’s 5 bedroom Vegas homes! Eat like kings when our executive chef will cook for the team during the hike! You also get to see HANK! Airport: Rick bought all tickets out of people’s money. Guaranteed a super fat skim on this. Friday what was promised: That the TT Vegas crew get to see Hank! Friday what they got: Rick apologizes for not being able to show Hank to the team because something came up, but I need you to all sign these bogus NDA’s so I can show him to you on Sunday instead. Friday afternoon: Was supposed to be at top secret Bigfoot facility. Instead: Rick took the flock of sheep downtown in his wrapped vehicle on the Las Vegas main strip with the windows down and country music blaring! Man that guy in the TT car must be soo cool, look at all his supporters!! Friday night what was planned: a party after everyone got to see Hank. What they got: an early night in Rick’s shithole $50,000 home in the ‘little Mexico’ part of Las Vegas slums. This IS a dangerous neighborhood. As for the awesome sleeping arrangements: Rick had literally NOTHING planned. 12 guys sleeping on the floor with no pillows, no blankets, no TV…NOTHING. They used t-shirts and shoes for pillows, and Rock gave them pink garbage bags to use as blankets (as seen in the photograph Rick put on his website). Saturday promised: Was to be a hike 6 miles into the desert forest foothills of Mount Charleston to the first camp site. Saturday what happened: This is a total HELL HIKE uphill up a mountain in the desert sun. The group of 12, which for some reason did not include the chef as Rick says he is going to meet us up there, (haha ya OK Rick!) The hike could have clearly been made by professionals, as it is hardcore hiking uphill, not designed for 5 people over the age of 70 and a mix of out of shape, overweight individuals. Dallas was smart enough to stay with his Oxygen tank and camp at the car. A few miles into the grueling hike, one of the men decided he could no longer go on and walked back down, quitting the entire thing. An hour later, one of the women did the same. A little later on, Frank, who is a senior citizen, started getting dizzy due to this insane punishment and passes out with a heart attack. He is taken down and out along with Rick and 3 others. The remaining 4 or so continued on alone for the rest of the hike without the MIA chef or their illustrious leader Rick. TOTAL Disaster! Master Tracker my ass, any good hike leader would look at his group and plan the difficulty of the hike around the people involved – Rick basically destroyed them all with this punishing hike from hell! Saturday night promised: full course meal served by their camp executive chef with ribs and ‘surf and turf’ before an intense night of stalking Bigfoot around the desert foothills of Las Vegas. Saturday night what they got: Half the team in the hospital with Frank while Rick is off packing his bags for Mexico as he was expecting Frank to possibly die. In truth I don’t know if he was packing bags, I just know on the radio show Rick was planning for Frank to possibly die, whatever that meant. The executive chef was nowhere to be seen, and no one ever saw this guy. Rick said he was going to meet them up the mountain…ya sure. The team on the mountain were so exhausted dead from sunstroke that after canned beans and hotdogs, they crashed for the night early. Sunday what was promised: Day 2 spending the day hiking to campsite #2 about the same distance as yesterday, even further up the mountain to the next site. Sunday what they got: Air was so thin at this altitude that breathing is hard, it’s hotter than hell and the remaining hikers are sore as hell from the day before. They hiked not very far… Sunday evening promised: An amazing spread of food with fresh frozen fish and filet Mignon before going into another night where Rick will have a conversation with a Bigfoot using his master tracker abilities Sunday night what really happened: Frank is OK, so they leave Frank in good hands, and Rick and the guys with him head back up the mountain. The chef is still nowhere to be seen. Funny how Rick says the chef tried to climb the trail, but it was too hard for him, but wouldn’t those who were camping in the parking lot have seen him at least if he tried? NOPE. Rick and friends make it to the other group in time for a glorious spread of hotdogs…again. After dinner, they go out and try to hunt Bigfoot in the dark. Using the thermal imager, they spot someone far off in the bush running from tree to tree hiding. At first it was thought this was a Bigfoot, but it was quickly determined to be Rick running around NAKED trying to hoax the group. Once he was caught, he said he was trying to imitate some hoax or other that is a line of shit. You got busted Rick!! This DID happen, as per radio show and what I have heard from our contact. The night investigation being a total bust did not stay out very long and still tired and beat yet another fairly early night. Last day promised: Remember Rick promised that he would take them to see Hank this day? Well after they get back to Ricks ghetto home Rick surprises them all by saying, I was only able to take SOME of you to see Hank this weekend, but those of you who saw him are not able to tell anyone else because of the NDA you signed. This trick worked on some, but not others. Bottom line NO ONE saw Hank. Frank turns out to be OK after all. The weekend is a POORLY planned disaster. Evening: Like in the 2008 hoax, Rick does the same book burning again, except this time he whips out his junk in front of everyone to piss on the fire. His wife leaves in disgust; the faces on TT members are of pure horror. Now Rick states that ANY comments on his website that have sexual content will be removed. That’s fine Rick, but it’s then OK for you to post a picture of your cock in a video on the internet? You didn’t even blur it out one bit for heaven’s sakes. REALLY CLASSY Conclusion: Now you may think that because we all saw that video where Everyone is happy saying how much fun they had right? Well they are at Rick’s home, and Rick is pressing them to talk about how great a weekend it was even though it was a complete disaster and the reason they flew down was to see Hank. What are they going to say in front of everyone – that they had a shit time? Nope, these people follow and won’t speak up about it. Since then I hear there is MASSIVE dissension in the ranks at TT. Also this huge video crew that Rick said was a big part of their all inclusive cost, well it was really a joke. This video they are also going to have to fork out another $30-$50 just to get a copy. Wow what a hoax.

There are some problems with Mata Hari’s rendition of the weekend’s events. It is not true that no one on TT got to see Rick’s Bigfoot that week. Apparently Frank Cali got to see the Bigfoot. Tragically, Frank also suffered a heart attack which is being blamed on Rick Dyer. However, it is dubious to try to blame this heart attack on Dyer, as Frank himself says he was ready to have a heart attack anytime anyway. Although the trail was very steep and not appropriate for Frank’s condition, Frank had only hiked about 50 feet up the trail before he had his heart attack. Apparently at some point during the weekend, Rick took Frank to go see the Bigfoot. Frank has now been talking about it nonstop on Rick’s blog. Every day he posts that he saw the Bigfoot that weekend. So it looks like he did. Since Frank had a heart attack on Rick’s trip, Frank ought to be mad at Rick and has little motivation to lie for him. Frank is not getting anything out of his admission, so he gains nothing from it. Sadly, many people have been mad at Frank for saying he saw the Bigfoot, and they have been telling him to not admit to seeing it or lie and said he didn’t see it since he had a heart attack on Rick’s trip. That’s too bad. Frank is showing the strength of his character and his dignity by telling the truth about seeing the Bigfoot. In addition, the story about Rick hoaxing his own TT is not true. Rick and the rest of the team were attempting to recreate Stacy Brown’s Bigfoot footage in Florida to show how easy it would be to fake. Rick supposedly proved quite well how easy it would be to fake that footage, but I do not believe he proved that. I think the Stacy Brown footage is real. So that’s why Rick was running around naked in the woods in Las Vegas. Also it is not true that Rick charged TT members $900 apiece for the trip to Vegas. It’s just not true. Frank confessing to seeing the dead Bigfoot (Hank) is great news. There are now three or possibly four people who have seen it and have talked: Musky Allen Frank Rick’s driver* Possibly another TT member who I spoke to *This is the guy who drove Rick’s truck with Hank in the back from Texas to Las Vegas. Musky has not motivation to lie. Musky has lost many if not all of this friends over this. He has gained absolutely nothing from his story of seeing Hank, zero. He hasn’t made a single dime off of it. One could argue instead that it has ruined his life. So he got his life wrecked with nothing to gain for telling a lie to benefit Rick? Why would Musky do that? There doesn’t seem to be any motivation, unless the guy is a masochist. Rick’s driver made an odd comment that the Bigfoot smelled bad when he saw it. That is about all he has said about seeing the Bigfoot. Assuming he is lying and making up a story about seeing the Bigfoot, why would his only comment be a strange comment about the foul smell of the Bigfoot?

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0 thoughts on “Bigfoot News Fourth of July 2013”

  1. Sigh.
    I liked the Ontario Sasquatch stuff as well. According to Senor Evidence, they have been labelled hoaxers by Dr. Mathew Johnson’s group.
    The unfortunate aspect of the reports is that everything can simply be declared a fake or hoax . Until there is an actual body delivered, or tribe discovered there will always be the folks to cry hoax.
    -Chuckling at the comment by RD’s driver. Duh ! Everything smells bad when it dies ! I wuz an EMT briefly and had to deal with dead bodies. The scent wasn’t reminiscent of a rose garden. Now that big ominous relict hominid is reputed to stank horribly while live. A dead one couldn’t possibly be less odiferous.

  2. Yes, poor sweet Musky. He’s lost all his Bigfoot friends and ruined his life. Source much? This is the same Musky who has bragged on Dyer’s show about having a very, very successful life outside of Bigfoot, doesn’t plan to be a part of the community in the future, and is not part of this story except for seeing the body…except now he suddenly is again. He’s not as good at this as Dyer, always giving too many details like telling about his airport strategy meeting with the Facebook guys, going on about how the Facebook guys visited him to show him the smuggled footage, and getting caught overdoing it with his “where was I when I saw the body?” stories.
    This is just some of the stuff thats lighting up Facebook lately. More Dyer team members were let go without notice just last week, so now there are some who aren’t as afraid to tell their private message buddies about the Vegas trip lie, the Frank lie, the reporters lie, and who are wondering why Dyer is playing this out like a hoax, even begging his own members for money when he has a big payday coming. We’re all hearing it second and third-hand…why don’t you talk to one or two yourself?
    And Robert, ask Musky to see that incredible footage and 65 stills that mysteriously appeared as the Facebook guys were leaving Toronto…come on, for chrissakes. You can’t publish it but you can certainly see it. Make your own decision about whether its the greatest Bigfoot footage ever and then tell us about it…if it exists.
    From where I sit, I just have to wonder why we’re now having to be shown lists of so many new people that have seen the body when the worldwide press conference is just weeks away. They’re still doing everything they can to make people believe them, including getting Musky back involved…they just won’t accept that their big “hoax of the century” and chance to flip off the Bigfoot world has been a complete failure. I guess it will be cool to see what the costumes looked like, learn when the Facebook guys got involved, and find out whether it was Rick’s or Morgan’s idea to go shoot a hoax at the last minute as the movie’s big ending…an ending that didn’t deliver on making Rick Dyer an international sensation.
    I’ve watched Dyers shows from time to time, followed along on Facebook like we all have, and had my fun with it too, but now enough is enough.

  3. Though I’ve never seen him ( I’m not sure I want to) the one around seems real enough but the whole subject has a lot of strange pesonalties in it. I’m thinking if people were somehow motivated in finding a 1967 red BMW there would also be a lot of strange reports.

  4. I also think Sasquatch Ontario’s findings are legit. I have corresponded with Mike for a while now, and listening to his blow by blow account how everything has transpired over the years in this case, and some of the eerie things he and the owner of the property have experienced, makes me think this is the real deal. No matter WHAT evidence is presented, and by whom, there will always be SOMEONE screaming hoax, and usually more often than not, its some competing research group who is envious that they are not the ones in the limelight.

  5. I know that Mike’s reports/videos are accurate and factual as I’ve met with him a few times. His locations are reasonably well known within the small, long-term, BF research community located here in Ontario, Canada.
    Obviously, there are many wannabees in the game who prefer to debase the legitimate efforts of those like Mike. Ultimately the safety and protection of Squatchy is the number one objective.
    Hopefully these numbskulls will sooner than later weary of the game and eventually leave the real work to the pros.
    – Dudlow

  6. Robert, what’s the word right now on Micheal Merchant? he just like totally disappeared for some reason?

    1. Really I’m surprised, he used to post a lot of videos on Shawn’s site, he was with the former team tazer bigfoot, he seems to have totally dropped under the radar.

  7. Robert, Mike’s recordings are awesome and do hope eventually we will have a way to objectively demonstrate sound as legit or not. But, I agree he has been forthcoming, in emails to me as well, and nothing he is claiming seems out of place with a habituation scenario…except some historical audio…! Thanks for the comments from those who know him.
    My question..and haven’t gotten an answer from anyone yet, but bet you know…Where can I find Scott Nelson’s statement, so often referred to, regarding these recordings…wasn’t that the basis for MJ’s pronouncement?

      1. That’s the rumor i would like to verify.. I have seen it around on FB..and BFE ran MJ’s blurb which said in effect, “Nelson says hoax, good enough for me..” but no one cites to the source…

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