The Problem with Writing about Race

Coward writes:

Robert, I have been reading this blog since I was 13, although I haven’t posted until I was 15. I remember back in the good ole’ days of this blog, you discussed race freely and notoriously with titles such as, “Black People Like To Fuck”, and “Are Blacks Closer To Apes Than Other Humans”, “Nigger Genes Ruined Portugal”, “Pictures from Shithole India”. Nowadays this blog is all about politics, economy, Bigfoot, and random shit. Now I know why you don’t want to post about race; some commenters, myself included, aren’t mature enough to discuss race. I admit it. I have contributed my fair share of Black-bashing and Asian-bashing. However, I don’t really bash Blacks anymore, and the Asian bashing wasn’t even serious.

One of the purposes of this site was to develop something called “Liberal Race Realism,” which is a movement that I started. Admittedly, it hasn’t gone anywhere at all. Actually, it has been a complete failure. But that is ok. Really what it shows though is just how messed up people, especially Americans, are about race. We simply cannot discuss race in any kind of a sensible way at all. There are really two options when it comes to talking about race: PC: race denial, no such thing as race, race is a social construct, etc. Focus on White racism against non-Whites as the cause of all problems among non-Whites. All discussion of racial differences banned as racist. No discussion of problems or failings of non-Whites allowed, as this is considered racist. The PC style is really the only acceptable way to talk about race in America. But obviously, it has got some serious problems. Mostly it just seems like another effort at self-censorship. Many aspects of the race question are simply banned outright as racist, and they are replaced with a strange and obsessive focus on White racism as the only kind that matters. The effects of this racism (which is real) are vastly exaggerated. White supremacism or ethnic chauvinism of some form or another. This is simply exaggerated, out and out racism, often of the worst kind. If you reject the PC game, it seems that you default into a Nazi or supremacist super-racist of some sort. Clearly this leaves something to be desired also. This sort of racism is ugly and nasty and we fought a world war against it already. In part, the two reinforce each other. If you stray the slightest from the PC line, the PC crowd gathers around and relentlessly bullies you, calling you eugenicist, racist, Nazi, KKK, on and on. So people who are forced out of the PC camp are labeled as members of the supremacist camp and are more or less forced into that nasty camp. The supremacist camp sort of does that too. Any attempt to be reasonable with those folks results in accusations that one is a PC anti-racist. Most folks simply default to the PC position since that is the one that is socially sanctioned by society. Truth is that both camps are pretty much nuts and neither one is an adequate way to talk about race. Ideally, the perfect camp would be in between the two. That is what I tried to do with Liberal Race Realism. However, LRR failed. My posts about race in general get taken over by nasty, ugly Supremacists of differing breeds, and the comments section degenerated into ugly race wars, mostly about whose race is superior and whose race is inferior. It appears the PC crowd may be right. People simply are not mature enough to talk about race without degenerating into horrible Supremacists of this type or that. So the PC crowd has decided to pretty much just ban the whole subject, which might be a good idea, as folks simply can’t seem to handle it.

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63 thoughts on “The Problem with Writing about Race”

  1. Issues of Race are often issues of culture. In America the races all have their own cultures and sub cultures. A person’s voice can often be a good indicator of race. I feel most conflicts about race are really about racial identity and its association with its corresponding culture. For example, in Northern Ireland, Catholics and Protestants would at their worst, refer to each other as dogs. In other words, Bigotry without race and we all know how much the Sunnis and Shiites love each other.
    Getting to know someone in a genuine way is where the fallacy of race is exposed. It really is only color. However, in order to do that it requires confronting one’s own prejudices first and having the same commitment upheld on the part of the other. Fortunately, more and more people are willing to do this even subconsciously because as most of us know, prejudices of any kind never stand up to real scrutiny.

    1. Its extremely naive to say that race doesn’t exists within humans. All humans are one species and very similar but there are also important differences between the races. For example – only black Africans have won the Olympic 100 metre dash in the past 40 years, no Caucasians or East Asians. Similarly no black African has won the Nobel prize in science only Caucasians & some East Asians. And its not solely related to color because there are dark Spanish/Italian/Greeks/Sicilians and light Persians/Arabs/Pakistanis/Indians who look like each other if they wear the same dress. Catholics vs Protestants and Shia vs Sunni are inter-religious differences and not racial & hence irrelevant to this discussion. And fyi, its very much used in many scientific field like medicine, forensic anthropology etc. This is not say any race is superior or inferior, only that there are differences which cannot be swept under the carpet, and each race has its strengths & weakness. Further the govt itself uses “race” in the census, admissions, jobs etc so its not going to go away anytime whatever anyone says.

      1. “Similarly no black African has won the Nobel prize in science only Caucasians & some East Asians. ”
        Dr.Abdus Salam from Pakistan won the nobel prize for theoretical physics, and he’s South Asian, so it’s not just East Asians that win Nobel Prizes.

        1. I hope you read & understand what I wrote before spouting off ! When did South Asians become black Africans ? Dr.Abdus Salam is a South Asian Caucasian, NOT a black African. Other South Asians like Raman, Chandrasekar have also won but no black African, thats what I mean.

    2. Google albino Africans. They look just as African as their dark skinned kinfolk. Its not only skin colour.

      1. Google asian albinos and they too resemble their brethren.However if you look up at South asian albinos.They strikingly bear an identical reswmblance to White Europeans.

        1. There are many Caucasians in North Africa & West Asia who can pass of as Europeans without even lightening. In South Asia the number is fewer. And Black Africans and Europeans make the best music without a doubt, not Asians (West, South or East). PSY Gangnam is a joke! I listen to about 3 hours of black music and 2 hours of white music every day.

        2. Re:ale – Those East Asian music are okay but its not really original, but almost an exact copy of European music. The blacks have invented some original genres like soul, rap, reggae.

  2. However, LRR failed.
    You think so? I would just say that it was a fringe movement… and remains one. But these things have a way of breaking out into the mass conscience at certain times. This is a distinct possibility with LRR, as genetic testing (with all its ancestry, inherited traits, etc.) features becomes more prevalent.
    Anyway, as regards LRR, there is now another blogger, Jayman who is politically liberal, quite left, and an HBDer. And Jamaican. Might wish to get in touch with him.

      1. Yes I checked him out already. He is not as Left as you think! That is what I have noticed about most of these types.
        Yah, I just went through his blog page…Certainly not my cup of tea.

        1. Interesting. I’m curious on what makes you say that…
          It’s called reading through your shitty blog…Did you even finish high school, buddy?
          Some of your comparisons are moronic at best. Especially the comparison of China to Saudi Arabia. Amusing to read through at first, until I suddenly realized you were trying to be serious.
          No thanks, I won’t be checking out your “work” again. 😀

        2. Oh, and your endless love of Satoshi “I wish a Black woman would rape my tushie with a Muslim dildo” Kanazawa should really win you points in serious intellectual circles.

        3. I wasn’t talking to you. You would have been put on moderation (if not banned) on my blog for that, BTW.
          Ah, poor little JayMan got his little feelings hurt. 🙁
          This ain’t your blog, loser. It’s Roberts. He calls the shots here. Not you. Your threats are just as idle as your blog’s limpet attempt at worldly philosophy…BTW. 😀 😀 😀

        4. Interesting conversation gentlemen……mind if I join in?
          Come on in! The waters fine!
          Just realize that JayMan wears a glass jockstrap. Careful with him, when you hit below the belt.

        5. I am a girl that loves Boy Bands, both Asian and Western, and many fans like the “Bromance” between members; And Within the Anime Fandom, a group of chicks love the Yaoi Genre, boys loving boys, i wrote this because i think male homosexuality should have a purpose, if you think female bisexuality have a purpose in your Blog because you wrote
          “And, of course, let’s not forget to consider that most men (those who don’t lie) are massively aroused by girl-girl sex (myself included), as the enormous popularity of lesbian porn attests. Perhaps then female bisexuality is so common because it serves some function. Perhaps the fact that men like (love) it is a clue.”

        6. I have always wondered why in Japanese anime for instance, the caricatures of males, regardless of how tough they are, in many cases are shown in a rather female type rendering…Many of the males heroes are drawn to a highly effeminate degree, regardless of their actual physical or combat prowess.
          P.S…I was an anime fan in my youth. Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Macross, etc.

        7. Sorry, i am not here to make friends, Just sharing some information; the world is very insecure and i don’t want strangers to know about me, we never would know each other, though thanks for calling me sweetie

        8. Lol, quit the paranoid, so to you everyone with interest in Anime is the same person, give me a break. I am new in the blog

        9. What? I am in the blog since like two weeks ago. Enough time to read many things in the blog, i am Ale and this is dragging on ,I just wanted to post some of my favorite Asian Music. Go think what you want, that I am boy, LOL

        10. I did the opposite. The conditions of ghettos were turning me into a conservative, until I understood IQ differentials. Now I think liberal programs help people, as long as the designers understand the moral hazards and how the target population will act under them.

        11. Hi Jayman, just a few things.
          You disagree with equal pay for women on some sort of strange MRA basis. Wow! Major liberal fail there.
          You want to get rid of Head Start because you say it doesn’t work. Liberal fail there, and not only that, but it’s not even true.
          Those were just two right off the top of my head…I kind of got the impression that this guy is not as liberal as he says he is…
          Do you remember the post where you laid out your philosophy where you I got those two nuggets? Can you link me to them again?

        12. Yeah I cannot agree with Satoshi Kanozawa either. I don’t care if what he says is true or not, he just offends me so much that I won’t even talk to him. He’s also a rightwinger too, right? Guy has an agenda.

        13. Why would ghetto conditions turn someone into a conservative? I never got that. I mean, I hate ghettos and ghetto types as much as you do, but it never turned me into a conservative. Why does the idea that Black ghetto people suck (and they do) turn people conservative?

        14. I thought ghetto conditions showed how too much welfare created a cycle of dependency; food stamps, AFDC, rent assistance, and Medicaid killed incentive to improve ones life. Now I know those people are of low average intelligence, not low initiative.

        15. I guess I feel that people have a right to survive.
          And I know Whites on Section 8, Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc. so no way do I want to cut off those programs. Most people I know who use those programs work as much as they possibly can.

        16. Ashh surprise surprise ,”Naruto” told me that this man can know the country you are,is an assumption, Lol, but in fact i am the real Ale, nickname of Alejandra, “Naruto” confesed to me about this blog and that He have used sometimes my email and others to write here, i know him in person :O, but he don’t want his parents and other people to know this, because he is afraid about the content of some of his posts, but i guess i am like his best friend : ) ,Thats why he revealed the “secret” to me, after all both of us like Anime, And i commented a little under my nickname, My identity, Not Anime names like him, Lol how You confused both of us, anyways i don’t plan to be a regular commenter, bye bye ; )

        17. Otra vez la burra al trigo… x) , i am visiting “Naruto”‘s house, because since his circumsicion he hasn’t been in the outside world in a long long time, he is sleeping now, i am pretty open minded i guess, He told me he wanted someone to talk about this site, but He has posted about Race, Bisexuality or his True religious views which i don’t mind, but other people do, and he needs to hide : ( .Anyways i need to go to a party now, So i will be go now ; )

    1. @Robert Lindsay:
      “You disagree with equal pay for women on some sort of strange MRA basis. Wow! Major liberal fail there.”
      I don’t disagree with equal pay for women, to the extent that those things are caused by discrimination. But the issue has been studied; the bulk of the pay gap is due to differences in work behavior/abilities of the sexes. That is not amenable to being changed, so it’s pointless to try.
      “You want to get rid of Head Start because you say it doesn’t work. Liberal fail there, and not only that, but it’s not even true.”
      That’s also been studied to death. Head Start does not work.
      “Do you remember the post where you laid out your philosophy where you I got those two nuggets? Can you link me to them again?”
      Can’t say I do… one major post where I talk about liberal policies where it relates to HBD was here:
      Liberalism, HBD, Population, and Solutions for the Future | JayMan’s Blog

  3. “It’s a black thang, you wouldn’t understand.” — 80s T-shirt
    The humanities semi-sciences decided some decades ago that within their realm there is no such thing as objective knowledge, only the perceptions of reality by each observer. This has turned into the socio-political dogma that only members of aggrieved groups can understand their lives and problems, and hence the solutions to disparities are the ones the under-performers prefer. So it’s irrelevant if whites think blacks need to improve their lifestyle decision-making in matters like fatherlessness and crime, when blacks believe they need race preferences and diversity initiatives. Women deserve fairer pay practices, regardless of their skill sets and work-life balance demands. Mexican kids will stop dropping out school after their parents get citizenship, but not before.
    I’m neither a liberal nor a conservative; I think the complexity of our society requires both. But if traditional liberalism combined with group identity politics becomes the unquestioned majority position, there will never be a place to oppose the erroneous assumptions of the latter.

  4. The HBD crowd seems to inhabit this middle region between the deniers and the supremacists. The problem is that the Steve Sailer types are just disingenuous (though by no means dumb) and they are just looking to put a patina on the ideas of someone like Jared Taylor.
    Taylor, for instance, will say that there are liberal and sane reasons to clap down on illegal immigration, such as the environmental degradation as well as the depreciation in wages for semiskilled and unskilled workers, but he’ll also readily admit that his own reason for wanting this policy is because he prefers America to remain majority white. A general serendipity gives some overlap between his desires and those of the liberal.
    Steve Sailer types, on the other hand, just act as if they are upset about the destruction of the prevailing wage, and would never cop to being something like a white nationalist; Sailer types are very libertarian, free market, Randian Darwinist types in most cases, but if they think they can co-opt pro-environment or pro worker positions to justify their prerogatives, they’ll use that as a smokescreen for their racial beliefs.

  5. “Liberal Race Realism,” which is a movement that I started.
    Aren’t pretty much all white pop musicians liberal race realists? I mean, except for those awful indie college dweebs. Think about all those liberal or left white kids who idolized the old blues musicians.
    I was gonna link to “Some Girls,” couldn’t find it on YouTube, so even though this isn’t really on topic, here’s the Ramones, “The KKK Took My Baby Away.” Based on Joey’s black girlfriend who he met in the psychiatric ward, back before the Ramones existed; the couple used to joke about the KKK.

  6. It’s not true of any group of blacks that have been filtered by some proxy for IQ or responsible attitudes, like at my office complex or in the military. If we could get rid of everyone (of all races) with an IQ below 90, almost all perceived racism would disappear.

  7. A lot of Blacks at my school and around my neighborhood are actually acting like White people.
    That is the key.
    There can’t be any significant racial harmony or cooperation without a large degree of assimilation.
    The current multicultural ethos insists that assimilation is a dirty word, that whiteness should not be normalized, and that we live in a “tossed salad” as opposed to a melting pot.
    But that’s nonsense. Even powerful minorities throughout history have had to undergo the assimilation process in order to legitimize their rule. The Turkish rulers of Iran claimed descent from Sasanian generals. The Manchu rulers of the Qing Dynasty, aside from imposing the loyalty haircut, heavily assimilated into Han Chinese culture and allowed the Han to retain local customs such as footbinding. Etc, etc.
    This notion that all cultures can coexist without some degree of assimilation towards a norm is lunacy.
    Whiteness and white culture should be normalized within a Western society.

    1. I have always subscribed to certain white nationalist views. I hold a dim view of open borders and multiculturalist ideology, and believe that Western societies should retain their white racial character.
      That being said, I have little use for HBD, and don’t subscribe to beliefs in genetic superiority or inferiority. I did go through my racially hostile phases during the early parts of my commenting career, but I’ve since mellowed out.
      Most white nationalists, aside from those hardcore HBD types, don’t really strike me as that racist. Xenophobic and tribal, yes, but to me that’s just a survival mechanism.
      Oh, and in honor of Joe Pesci’s return!

  8. Robert Lynch; you pathetic piece of shit, I have been browsing your mentally challenged blog for quite awhile now. You claim (falsely) to have a 140 IQ, yet you support those subhuman niggers and even admitted you don’t care about the genocide of the beautiful Aryan race. You sick piece of garbage, you make me sick to my fucking stomach. Robert Lynch; you are one pathetic pile of catshit, you even admitted to committing bestiality with niggers and chinks. I hope your dick falls off Lynch, this blog is a piece of nigger shit. White power!

    1. Hands off this blog,Ya cracker drummer
      Wn shit isnt permitted here..
      You just sound like that juvenile Coward.
      Anyways have a nice time dragging down the road if the gangs there ever happen to find out your skin deep laughable agenda

  9. “Robert, why do you ……………….robert fag.”
    That was hysterical. Especially because I suspect it was Milton Teagle Simmons who wrote that post. I could just hear his voice all the way through…….

    1. He was pretty funny, wasn’t he?
      Is there something wrong with me that these trolls don’t even hurt my feelings? Not even one tiny bit, I am so used to them by now. Is it normal to not feel hurt or mad by this stuff? I mostly just laugh at them.

  10. Liked your article though it seemed a bit despondent. Blogging just makes some people act a little crazy, it’s so impersonal and they can get away with anything they can think of. Makes it seem like people won’t be happy till they are shooting each other. But personally I wouldn’t give up on the Politically Correct issues. That stuff is just going to boil to a point where it explodes someday.

  11. 67% Hispanic, mostly Mexicans. 29% White, 4% Black (and ghetto as all Hell).
    Place is like a great big slum with 50,000 people in it. Ever heard of poor cities? This is one of them. It’s not Detroit, Baltimore, Newark or Oakland, but it’s a bit like that. This is a gigantic Mexican barrio. Not sure if you know what that is like…It’s a little bit dangerous but not really dangerous, mostly due to the few Blacks.

  12. Robert: “So the PC crowd has decided to pretty much just ban the whole subject, which might be a good idea, as folks simply can’t seem to handle it.”
    Check. Ultimately, the PC crowd is correct. The awful legacy of racism and all things racial in the U.S. runs SO deep, and has left everyone SO deformed, that the only thing we can do now, and probably for a long time, is pretend that race does not exist. It is the only option. I mean, save for regression to Nazi/KKK-ism, or something.
    PC IS CORRECT. All things considered, for the time being. There is no alternative.

  13. Maybe Alan is right though it seems to me that the PC stuff extends beyond racism, though racism portrayed as a philosophy is a good example. Just my personal opinion that racism has been taken from human interactions and now seems to be like some kind of political party with some utopian fantasies. I would prefer some kind of political action with positive effects rather than something like we believe this or that and you better believe it too or you are the racists.

  14. Well, after reading some of your comments (You were linked to by hbd chick), I can see why you’re giving it up—you don’t have the constitution for it. The key was your comment about your being “offended” by Kanozawa. Hardly a rational reason for not reading him. You can disagree with him but “offended”? Does your disagreement with him on one point lead you to discount all he says…are you so offended you can’t see the worth of any of his work?

  15. “It appears the PC crowd may be right. People simply are not mature enough to talk about race without degenerating into horrible Supremacists of this type or that. So the PC crowd has decided to pretty much just ban the whole subject, which might be a good idea, as folks simply can’t seem to handle it.”
    One of the most egotistical things I have ever read.
    This is just a play on the “everyone is stupid but me” meme.
    Who cares if people debate which race they think is “superior”? It’s like debating which sports team you like the most. It’s mostly just ethnic pride anyway. You know, that thing that every other race but Whites is allowed to have?
    If this was 50 years ago, you would be talking about how we can’t let the cat out of the bag about God not existing. The “people” wouldn’t be able to handle it and there would be chaos! People would be murdering each other left and right without a hell to fear!
    The only thing that would really happen in America would be a possible return to nationalism. You know, that thing that every country but White countries are allowed to have? More people would realize that America is going to become a third world slum, not a diversity paradise.
    I don’t really see that as a problem.

    1. It’s too late for any kind of White nationalism in America. White America is doomed and gone forever. Get used to the new look.
      Debates about which race is superior and which is inferior are hardly just good innocent fun, like arguing about sports teams. Talk about superior and inferior races is one of the most toxic conversations a human being can possibly have. Which why the PC crowd wants to shut it down. People just can’t have discussions like that and remain civil to each other in any way, shape or form. It simply doesn’t work. Can you imagine some nice, nonracist or antiracist people sitting down over cocktails to debate civilly and sensibly, which race is superior and which is inferior? It’s not even possible, especially in a mixed race setting.
      PS I am banning you.

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