Bigfoot News July 2, 2013

Not looking good for Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot. Mata Hari posted this in the comments section:

Robert Lindsay- How is it that you can lend any validity to the Dyer story whatsoever? David Durrett, Rick’s closest confidant and the guy who wrote his book, is quitting and I will say this – he DOES NOT believe Rick has a Bigfoot. This is shown because when David quit he announced that he would be handing over all book rights to Rick as he has no need for them anymore. Now think about it – if Rick actually had a body, David would want to hang onto those book rights for dear life because they would be worth a small fortune if Rick had a real body. As for people being flown out on Rick’s dime to Las Vegas – I suggest you check your sources a little better because this Is not true. Also, Rick did not show a body to anyone the last weekend. Rick SAID he showed the body to two people and would not tell anyone in TT Vegas or anywhere who those two people were and made them all sign NDA’s so they couldn’t talk about it. Rick is very smart to do this – this way his team thinks two members saw a body, but because of NDA’s, they cant ask around to see who it was that saw it. The story that Rick had national reporters there is also totally bogus. Whoever your source is is just repeating what Dyer told them and not seeing things firsthand, I can guarantee that. If Rick has a body, it’s definitely a fake behind some glass that no one is allowed to touch. Morgan Mathews is calling it a hoax now saying Rick is running a profiteering con and if Mathews doesn’t believe it, then Rick’s entire story doesn’t even work. This is because Mathews was there when Rick’s baloney Bigfoot was shot. According to Rick’s version of events, Mathews saw the dead Bigfoot and was there until the body shipped off to Rick’s top secret Bigfoot lab in Vegas. So you see with Mathews not on board with Rick’s hoax, it basically negates Rick’s entire story. With Durrett not on board, freely handing over his book rights of his own accord, it puts another massive hole in Rick’s story. What are we left with? A con man with a story about a Bigfoot he shot almost a year ago and a story that doesn’t make any sense at all.

Durrett does not say that there is no body. Durrett says that he is uncertain if there is a body or not. That is his latest statement. We have some other supposed statements from both Pinkfoot and Durrett, but those come from Don Boucher, and everything from Don is tainted unfortunately due to his constant hoaxing and extreme bias. Pink and Durrett left Team Tracker after Rick pissed on Meldrum’s book and set it on fire. I believe a number of others left after that incident too. Morgan Matthews is not calling it a hoax, and he does not say that Rick is running a profiteering con job. He simply refuses to answer any questions about the Bigfoot. So neither of those things are true. Also Musky Allen was apparently allowed to touch the Bigfoot, and he said it was not behind glass.

Thanks for your response Robert, The reason that Chris Sands was in Vegas on the 14th is the same reason that all of the TT people were in Vegas that weekend. Rick offered up a ‘free’ for TT members expedition to Mount Charleston in Las Vegas to hunt Bigfoots. Basically the expedition was free, but each TT member including Chris Sands was to pay one ‘all inclusive’ fee of around $900 (to Rick) that included accommodations, food – to include executive chef on the expedition, transport to and from the airport AND airplane tickets. So while Rick DID provide the airplane tickets to the 12 TT members that attended, each member had to pay the all-inclusive fee to Rick, who I am sure made a good fat profit off of as part of his scam. Here is a good description I will cut and paste for you: ========START OF PASTE========= Just thought I would take a minute to write a summary of Team Tracker Las Vegas’ awesome (lol) weekend: What was promised: THE ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE: The Hike is FREE to all members, but the rest will be an all-inclusive package for $1000. An incredible weekend of Bigfoot hunting led by pro tracker Rick Dyer! For this price, you get a professional camera crew, high tech tracker equipment, plane tickets, accommodations in one of Rick Dyer’s 5 bedroom Vegas homes! Eat like kings when our executive chef will cook for the team during the hike! You also get to see HANK! Airport: Rick bought all tickets out of people’s money. Guaranteed a super fat skim on this. Friday what was promised: That the TT Vegas crew get to see Hank! Friday what they got: Rick apologizes for not being able to show Hank to the team because something came up, but I need you to all sign these bogus NDA’s so I can show him to you on Sunday instead. Friday afternoon: Was supposed to be at top secret Bigfoot facility. Instead: Rick took the flock of sheep downtown in his wrapped vehicle on the Las Vegas main strip with the windows down and country music blaring! Man that guy in the TT car must be soo cool, look at all his supporters!! Friday night what was planned: a party after everyone got to see Hank. What they got: an early night in Rick’s shithole $50,000 home in the ‘little Mexico’ part of Las Vegas slums. This IS a dangerous neighborhood. As for the awesome sleeping arrangements: Rick had literally NOTHING planned. 12 guys sleeping on the floor with no pillows, no blankets, no TV…NOTHING. They used t-shirts and shoes for pillows, and Rock gave them pink garbage bags to use as blankets (as seen in the photograph Rick put on his website). Saturday promised: Was to be a hike 6 miles into the desert forest foothills of Mount Charleston to the first camp site. Saturday what happened: This is a total HELL HIKE uphill up a mountain in the desert sun. The group of 12, which for some reason did not include the chef as Rick says he is going to meet us up there, (haha ya OK Rick!) The hike could have clearly been made by professionals, as it is hardcore hiking uphill, not designed for 5 people over the age of 70 and a mix of out of shape, overweight individuals. Dallas was smart enough to stay with his Oxygen tank and camp at the car. A few miles into the grueling hike, one of the men decided he could no longer go on and walked back down, quitting the entire thing. An hour later, one of the women did the same. A little later on, Frank, who is a senior citizen, started getting dizzy due to this insane punishment and passes out with a heart attack. He is taken down and out along with Rick and 3 others. The remaining 4 or so continued on alone for the rest of the hike without the MIA chef or their illustrious leader Rick. TOTAL Disaster! Master Tracker my ass, any good hike leader would look at his group and plan the difficulty of the hike around the people involved – Rick basically destroyed them all with this punishing hike from hell! Saturday night promised: full course meal served by their camp executive chef with ribs and ‘surf and turf’ before an intense night of stalking Bigfoot around the desert foothills of Las Vegas. Saturday night what they got: Half the team in the hospital with Frank while Rick is off packing his bags for Mexico as he was expecting Frank to possibly die. In truth I don’t know if he was packing bags, I just know on the radio show Rick was planning for Frank to possibly die, whatever that meant. The executive chef was nowhere to be seen, and no one ever saw this guy. Rick said he was going to meet them up the mountain…ya sure. The team on the mountain were so exhausted dead from sunstroke that after canned beans and hotdogs, they crashed for the night early. Sunday what was promised: Day 2 spending the day hiking to campsite #2 about the same distance as yesterday, even further up the mountain to the next site. Sunday what they got: Air was so thin at this altitude that breathing is hard, it’s hotter than hell and the remaining hikers are sore as hell from the day before. They hiked not very far… Sunday evening promised: An amazing spread of food with fresh frozen fish and filet Mignon before going into another night where Rick will have a conversation with a Bigfoot using his master tracker abilities Sunday night what really happened: Frank is OK, so they leave Frank in good hands, and Rick and the guys with him head back up the mountain. The chef is still nowhere to be seen. Funny how Rick says the chef tried to climb the trail, but it was too hard for him, but wouldn’t those who were camping in the parking lot have seen him at least if he tried? NOPE. Rick and friends make it to the other group in time for a glorious spread of hotdogs…again. After dinner, they go out and try to hunt Bigfoot in the dark. Using the thermal imager, they spot someone far off in the bush running from tree to tree hiding. At first it was thought this was a Bigfoot, but it was quickly determined to be Rick running around NAKED trying to hoax the group. Once he was caught, he said he was trying to imitate some hoax or other that is a line of shit. You got busted Rick!! This DID happen, as per radio show and what I have heard from our contact. The night investigation being a total bust did not stay out very long and still tired and beat yet another fairly early night. Last day promised: Remember Rick promised that he would take them to see Hank this day? Well after they get back to Ricks ghetto home Rick surprises them all by saying, I was only able to take SOME of you to see Hank this weekend, but those of you who saw him are not able to tell anyone else because of the NDA you signed. This trick worked on some, but not others. Bottom line NO ONE saw Hank. Frank turns out to be OK after all. The weekend is a POORLY planned disaster. Evening: Like in the 2008 hoax, Rick does the same book burning again, except this time he whips out his junk in front of everyone to piss on the fire. His wife leaves in disgust; the faces on TT members are of pure horror. Now Rick states that ANY comments on his website that have sexual content will be removed. That’s fine Rick, but it’s then OK for you to post a picture of your cock in a video on the internet? You didn’t even blur it out one bit for heaven’s sakes. REALLY CLASSY Conclusion: Now you may think that because we all saw that video where Everyone is happy saying how much fun they had right? Well they are at Rick’s home, and Rick is pressing them to talk about how great a weekend it was even though it was a complete disaster and the reason they flew down was to see Hank. What are they going to say in front of everyone – that they had a shit time? Nope, these people follow and won’t speak up about it. Since then I hear there is MASSIVE dissension in the ranks at TT. Also this huge video crew that Rick said was a big part of their all inclusive cost, well it was really a joke. This video they are also going to have to fork out another $30-$50 just to get a copy. Wow what a hoax. ==============================END OF PASTE============= So in a nutshell, this was the next level in Rick’s scam, and it was a disaster. Most of Rick’s ‘marks’ are retired folks with money to spend, so he picked them well. Rick is making lots of cash off his scam still from stuff like this. Hope this helps, I know a lot of information like this doesn’t get out to the public. That post is from under the current news section In the comments. The entire website is comprised of people upset with Rick. There are a lot of ex-TT members there that are angry over paying memberships and getting nothing. There is more info in the current articles comments. I believe there are over 400 comments on the recent news posting.

These comments unfortunately look much, much worse. It looks like this whole expedition out to Las Vegas was a total disaster. In addition, Rick was caught hoaxing once again. Rick is definitely a hoaxer, and has done some hoaxing things even after he supposedly shot this Bigfoot. It seems that hoaxing is in Rick’s blood. Plus it looks like this whole trip to Vegas was nothing but one gigantic hoax. On the other hand, just because Rick hoaxes doesn’t mean he didn’t shoot a Bigfoot, but it sure doesn’t look good for his reputation. Rick Dyer’s very worst enemy is himself. As a PR man, he is a complete disaster. Chris Sands did not go to see the body on June 14. He went the next weekend. We still have no word yet on how that went. I do trust Chris Sands. No one knows whether reporters saw the body on the June 14 weekend or not. Rick said they did, but that is all we have to go on. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. However, I did talk to one TT member who told me that he saw the Bigfoot on or around that weekend. He said he was “very, very impressed,” that “it was the same thing that Musky Allen saw,” and that he was not the only one there, as there were also others present, including TT members and other people who he could not identify. In addition, the guy who drove Rick’s truck with the Bigfoot to Vegas has now come forward and said that he saw the body in the storage facility. He remarked that it smelled bad. People were commenting on why it might have smelled bad. So we now have 3 people who say they saw the body at the storage facility and have all come forward: Musky Allen The driver of Rick’s truck The unknown TT member We also have some other problems with the hoax theory. My original contact at Minnow Films was a woman who I have verified as working there. She told me that Rick Dyer shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas, and it was filmed by a BBC crew. I know that this woman told me this. Now if this is a hoax, why did this Minnow employee lie to me? What’s the motivation? Musky Allen. All of the attacks on Musky’s character have not amounted to a hill of beans. Musky is a friend of mine, and I believe him when he says he saw the Bigfoot. Musky’s description on video seemed very real and was quite detailed. Musky is confirmed as being a skeptic up until the point when he saw the Bigfoot. Musky has lost almost all of his friends because of his position on the Bigfoot, and he seems to have gotten absolutely nothing out of it. What was his motivation to lie and ruin his life? He hasn’t made one red cent off this thing, if indeed it is a hoax. There does not seem to be any motivation for Musky to lie and ruin his life like this. It makes no sense. Facebook Find Bigfoot has 65 stills from the movie Shooting Bigfoot. They have been reviewing them for a long time now and a friend of theirs told me that FB/FB is convinced that Matthews’ footage is the best Bigfoot footage that has ever been taken. Sure, they might have been fooled, but how could they have been fooled that badly. Did Rick Dyer really create the greatest Bigfoot costume in the history of the world just to show it in this film? How did he manage to do that? Morgan Matthews continues to refuse to answer questions about whether or not a Bigfoot was shot during Shooting Bigfoot. Why is he being so coy? It makes no sense. If no Bigfoot was shot, why doesn’t he come out and say so? Morgan Matthews as party to a hoax? Would Morgan Matthews really hoax his viewers by faking the shooting of a Bigfoot? One would think that being a party to a hoax would ruin Matthews’ reputation. Matthews’ beat up face. We see that Morgan was beat up very badly during the shooting of this movie. If he was beat up this bad by Rick’s Bigfoot stunt man, wouldn’t Rick have been sued by now? On the other hand, there continue to be lots of red flags being thrown up by Rick et al. If he has a Bigfoot body, he isn’t doing a very good job of convincing people of that. Dyer press conference to be announced. Rick Dyer has said that a press conference will be announced soon, presumably about the Bigfoot that he shot. Via this very interesting new blog here. Anyone know who runs it? Bad news for Melba Ketchum’s study. A team attempted to replicate the study, and came up with the result that her findings were “opossum plus other known animals.” Supposedly this is the death knell for the study. The author is correct that no one has presented any evidence that this is a hoax or it is real. There’s no good, hard evidence one way or the other yet. That’s really the best assessment of the Rick Dyer story right now. For the skeptics, it is correct that Dyer had a press conference during his last hoax also. However, Ketchum responded thus:

In response to the latest round of criticism. 1. We did give these folks access to the genomes. 2. They only pulled random sequences and did not look at the whole genomes. The person from UT that did our analysis told me that he never got all of the raw data uploaded to the second lab due to computer problems on the receiving lab’s end. 3. I offered raw DNA to this lab so they could extract and sequence themselves. They would not even give the courtesy of a reply. 4. They refused to even speak with me on the phone. The entire thing was completely and totally unprofessional. 5. They never tried to check the analysis done at the University of Texas even though the bioinformatics person put himself at their disposal. What findings they gave were impossible since both of our labs would have had to extract feces to obtain these results. If it had been feces, we would not have been able to obtain the preliminary results that we got prior to the genomes. After all, they were the same extractions. You can’t get feces from tissue, blood and saliva. If we did extract feces, the quality scores would not have been this high. That is in the literature. This leads to a couple of possibilities. One, there is a conspiracy to suppress our findings. Two, they just didn’t care and didn’t believe that there is even the possibility that Sasquatch exists and therefore just wanted to be done with it because they had other projects. Three, they themselves suppressed it for fear that their careers would be damaged. The things that I know for sure are that it was not an adequate analysis, they did not even try to double check or recreate our findings. If they really had an interest, they would have jumped at the chance to re-sequence the raw samples. Funny thing, I offered the samples to three other places also and nobody was willing to test. Something is just not right. I also offered several people an opportunity to visit a habituation site including this reporter and his lab people so they could have a sighting. Of course they didn’t want that either. Bottom line, nobody except a few of you here even care about the truth. Most would rather perpetuate that BF is a myth or an ape.

They did not test raw samples as the article says. She offered them raw samples, but they refused to take them. They only pulled out random samples of the genomes and did not test the entire genomes. In fact, the entire genomes could not be tested because they were not even uploaded to the tester’s computer. They never even returned her phone calls. They never talked to the man at University of Texas who did Ketchum’s work for her study. The results are only possible if they were testing scat. There was no scat in Ketchum’s analysis. Ketchum has offered samples to 3 other testers, but they all refused her offer. She has also offered to take various people, including news reporters, to a habituation site, and they all refused. Seems the skeptics have not been doing a very good job of refuting Ketchum’s study. This refutation, which is making headlines around the Web, does not add up to much and is really not much of a story at all.

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44 thoughts on “Bigfoot News July 2, 2013”

  1. I was always interested in the Patterson footage as a native Californian. I was 10 years old when that footage came out. I got interested again when the Knobby story hit. The story said that the BFRO said it was a hoax. I went to the BFRO site and researched for a long time and got back into Bigfoot again. Then I went on a wild research spree reading everything I could find about Bigfoot for months, and I started writing stories about Bigfoot. Then some big players in the community like Ken Walker and Richard Stubstad came to me and I broke some very big stories, including the Sierra Kills. I still think they exist.

  2. Good piece Robert. What might make for an interesting article is an analysis on why some people just go into a frenzy over Dyer and the body. It seems to have become a life or death issue for these folks. God knows what they would do if an actual body is revealed, We all get hooked by different things but this psychotic behavior being displayed is getting a bit ridiculous, if not disturbing.

  3. Most of what was posted about the events during Dyer’s exhibition are lies. He did not charge members $900, nor was there a hoax by Dyer. There has been an effort to post damaging rumors in various forums when people visited Las Vegas over the last few weeks. One rumor was that member Tom S. was kicked off of Rick’s team and was sent home. The poster was quick to remind everyone that “you heard it here first”. In the end this was an absolute lie as well.
    It’s amazing the lengths adults will go to in the “bigfoot community” to get at someone. Granted Dyer is far from a great person, but most people would ordinarily just ignore the man and not give him attention. The behavior is indeed disturbing.

    1. You clearly didn’t notice that Robert did not say what you just summarized, but that those were claims made by a commenter whose comment was, in order to make it clear to the mildly-observant that those were not Robert’s words, highlighted within a rather noticeable gray box.

      1. Richard, I know Robert was just repeating what MH was saying. My intent was to say that MH is not dealing with the truth, and spreading untrue rumors is becoming normal for those opposing Dyer.

  4. I had read Mata Hari’s comment prior and commented. I cannot restrain myself from commenting again..
    ‘At first it was thought this was a Bigfoot, but it was quickly determined to be Rick running around NAKED trying to hoax the group.’
    That’s priceless right there. It’s like Dyer has a super human power to climb to new heights of pathetic. It’s a shame one of the other TT members didn’t unload a few rounds at him.
    Melba’s got all kinds of tire tracks across her back. Can’t help but think it’s partially her fault. She’s had a rough go of it with her dna project , but she doesn’t actually seem to be a stellar person. Still, the science is there and she’s was willing to help them reproduce the results …… I don’t understand why they would refuse her offer of samples ? It just seems dishonest.
    Do you think Melbs would talk to you ? Yur a charming sort . A bit of swordsman from what I’ve read here. I’m willing to bet you have the same curse….. I mean luck … that I do . I have a ridiculously easy time communicating with portly females. Mebbe you could be a tad more sincere than Biscardi ? I’m not sayin you have to stare down some braided poonani hair but , hey, she did offer to take someone out for a sighting , why not you ?
    Either that or give RD a false name so he’ll show you his ‘body’ .
    Yeah, tell him yur Lindsay Roberts with Popular Science magazine…
    that’s the ticket..
    Then again these clowns likely have bupkis and yur better off dealing with them on the interwebs……..
    Thanks for the update !

    1. Mata Hari’s being dishonest, she knows damn well that Dyer and friends recreated Stacy Brown’s alleged FLIR Sasquatch footage by shooting Dyer running naked between trees. He’s been bragging about it every day since then and it’s being included on the DVD. Apparently, they nailed it dead-on and it looks as much or more like a Sasquatch than Brown’s vid.

      1. “Dyer and friends recreated Stacy Brown’s alleged FLIR Sasquatch footage by shooting Dyer running naked between trees.”
        That seems plausible enough. If it was in the context that it was agreed by everyone that it was in the experiment’s best interest that RD was bucknekid, well then o.k.
        Not just RD springing from tree to tree in his birthday clothes , surprising everyone. That’s kind of how I imagined it.

  5. Do we even have any confirmation of what Melba said were true? We need the story from the other labs and scientists otherwise it is entirely her story. She could be bullshitting and everyone just takes her words for it?

  6. Why did Morgan mathews decide to film Dyer again for the same movie? After the filming was finished? He had no ending to his hoaxer movie so he came back to let Dyer film the biggest hoax of all time to add a big ending, and promised to keep it vague so Rick Dyer could announce the worlds greatest hoax after he was famous for a day or two. But it was up to Dyer to make it into a real hoax by building up the story until the premier. Morgan just showed what happened and acts all mysterious becuse its a documentary no matter what it shows. The films failure to convince anyone was Dyers third strike, and thats why he’s gone insane: the tent video failed, his accomplice Allen’s story failed, and then the movie failed. Why was the body release waiting til after the movie came out? Everyone wondered. So it would make people pay attention. So now the body release is moved from just after the movie premier to August 15 while they try to figure it out. Facebook guys are likely involved, always lurking and going out of their way to have meetings with musky. Ask to see those amazing 65 stills, Robert…they can’t show them in public but why can’t they float a few to you so you can see them? Doesn’t Musky trust you? They don’t exist…the Facebook guys invented that story after they left the film fest with one photo and knew the story was over. They went straight to see Musky to figure it all out then he told us all about the great footage to try to keep up interest, just like he told us all about this big press conference after their big airport meeting a few weeks ago. Their motives? Facebook is doing some crazy social experiment or they invested in the movie and wanted to make it more popular, or they’re just crazy too. What does it matter anymore.

  7. Bigfoot is real. Pgf is real. Why there hasn’t been a body drug in by some farmer or regular joe by now confounds the heck outta me.

      1. “And unicorns are real too,Dumbass!”
        Where’s all the unicorn witnesses ? How come there’s no tv shows on ‘unicorns’ ( well there may be , but they certainly don’t generate the interest that bigfoot does or the amount of documentaries devoted to bigfoot… but I digress) ? Were are the unicorn dna studies ? Are there any phds studying unicorns at the moment ?
        Ignorant label volleyed to your court , sir Jordan.

      2. Hey Jordan, how’d you know my nickname was “dumbass”? Yep that’s me Emmett D.Von Schnit. And to think…. all these year I didn’t think unicorns were real but since you say they are who am I to question your vast crypto knowledge! I know your calling me a “hillbilly” was a term of endearment. I love ya buddy!

        1. Your ignorance is just going over the fence now.
          You’re one of the worst commenters albeit not a troll.
          Too proud to spell out your name loud,huh?
          This kind of overrated pride is what pisses me off about you hillybilly types

  8. Jordan,
    I normally let comments like yours slide, but I’d be willing to wager that you live in a big city and see anyone who doesn’t live in a big city as an ignorant hillbilly. How arrogant and crass can you be? You are the reason I could never live in the big city without committing murder. Stick to the socialite pages, check on Paris Hilton’s twitters and put your makeup and dress on while alone on the weekends!

      1. Hi Jordan, it’s me Dumbass. Now that we’re bff’s you can call me Dummy and I’ll call you by your nickname – “buttface”. Your mother told me when you were born they couldn’t tell your butt from your face so they started callin’ you Buttface. It’s on your birth certificate! Let me know when you start up a unicorn research group I wanna be a charter member.
        See ya later Buttface, your bff, Dummy

        1. Hi Emmett,
          I’m going to ignore Jordan form here on in. I would encourage you to do the same. He has nothing to offer to the conversation , as most pre-pubescent punks do. He’s all loaded with crazy hormones waiting for his testicles to drop and impressed enough with hisself that he can turn on a computer and string some words into a sentence. Sadly he has foisted his juvenile self upon us. All we can do is hope his mother finds out he is on the computer after hours.
          Cheers !

        1. Let me expound on my previous post so Jordan knows that I was responding to his “I’m a male” post. I know that you’re a male. A feminine, crass, idiotic, self absorbed male who probably wears dresses and applies make up during your alone time. I hate when I have to explain my criticisms to morons.

  9. Oh,What do we have here ?
    So you’ve finally gathered the guts to respond to my post
    Oh my!
    Now excuse me while I go get my shotgun
    Ahh This is just a blog…

  10. As I read your comment I was impressed with the passion you displayed as a young man; then I read your conclusion. My heart broke for you. You’ve been decieved. Something was stolen from you when you were young. The yearning to seek spiritual truth IS NOT natural. And exceedingly rare for someone that age. God planted that gift and it was to be used GREATLY for HIs glory, and it was snatched from you. Now you profess Jesus with your mouth but deny His exisitance as the One True God…can you see how extraordinarily evil that is?

  11. Nothing wrong with following the philosophy of Jesus or Buddha sans the religious bullshit. Religion sadly deprives so many of the beauty of the real world.

  12. I was just trying to figure out your lies about your so called I.Q.
    You being such a pick-on kid in addition to your ‘Blackness’ is just what confounds me.
    Had you really been this brilliant
    You wouldnt have been trashing your time on this blog
    Go lick up to the kind of course you in

  13. I was just trying to figure out your lies about your so called I.Q.
    You being such a pick-on kid in addition to your ‘Blackness’ is just what confounds me.
    Had you really been this brilliant
    You wouldnt have been trashing your time on this blog
    Go lick up to the kind of course you intend to pursue in your later life,Beaverface!

  14. My money is on Dyer now again. I became skeptical for a couple of weeks after I heard the Morgan Matthews interview on Canadian radio. But I do not believe in a “social media experiment”. Well, I would not bet lots of money, of course, but I am now pretty convinced he has one. That`s why he makes a “bad job” in convincing people. There is no reason for him to convince people (although his TT members like Frank Cali, who allegedly has seen the body, talks about it EVERY DAY on Dyer`s blog), because he knows he will win in the end – and this means very SOON. August 15th – then the drama will end (or just begin). But I am sure we will hear much earlier about it, I expect the end of a press embargo by last week of July, perhaps even earlier. OK, we will see, body or “social media experiment”). TickTockTickTock as they say in the business…

      1. Yes, this is correct. Well, not every single day, but rather often. Nothing specific about it (because of NDA presumably), but he always mentions that he has seen it and does not even think of unsaying that, just because some “haters” urge him to do so after his heart attack.

      2. Not on Dyer’s site, but on the blogtalk show. He won’t give details due to NDA, but he says he’s seen it and it’s real. BTW, Dyer wasn’t trying to hoax people by running around naked, they were demonstrating how easily that Stacy Brown FLIR footage could have been faked. Rick’s recreation will be included in the expedition DVD. Mata Hari should have known this, Rick’s bragged about it a million times since the expedition, she’s clearly trying to stir up shit.

  15. No, this is what she said: “This leads to a couple of possibilities.One, there is a conspiracy to suppress our findings. Two, they just didn’t care and didn’t believe that there is even the possibility that Sasquatch exists and therefore just wanted to be done with it because they had other projects. Three, they themselves suppressed it for fear that their careers would be damaged.”

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