Reddit Is Ripping Me to Shreds

Here. It is from my article on Smallpox.

Yes, which is why in the mid-1700′s, when the civilized world was starting to get themselves a country, or something like a country (monarchical empires) no way could the American Indians have made one. Why? Because they were so stupid that they had endless deadly blood feuds with most of the surrounding tribes such that they spent way more time fighting and killing each other than they did the White man. Any country they would have gotten would have fallen immediately into mad civil war, with no adults around to sort it out and send one to one room and another to the other.

Well, it’s true. Instead of joining together to fight the White man, they spent all their time fighting together. No nation of perpetually warring tribes ever formed a modern country that I am aware of. The only one I know about is Papua New Guinea. What do you expect? When you’re fighting amongst yourselves all the time so much you can’t form a nation, you get your ass colonized. Actually I think they could have formed some sort of a Papua New Guinea type country, but it might have been much later in time. They say the following is contradictory because earlier I said the Indians were childish idiots.

They didn’t invent any firearms, but they were smart enough to figure out its great value as a weapon real quick and they even got to the point where they were expert gunsmiths Pontiac was a master tactician

But it isn’t. The Indians were both smart and stupid. What is so unusual about that? Feel free to weigh in folks.

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0 thoughts on “Reddit Is Ripping Me to Shreds”

  1. I believed the narrative on Native Americans for a long time, until I started reading and thinking for myself. I read this one book “Headhunting, Cannibalism, and Human Sacrifice in North America” and it’s all been downhill from there.
    Mexicans (not the same exact phenotype as Indians) love to talk about how evil the white man was for conquering them in war and taking their lands. They devote much less time to chronicling their own sacrifices of thousands upon thousands of people, removing their still-beating hearts in order to make the sun rise every morning; or murdering hundreds of children to dedicate their temples to their pagan gods.
    The Blackfoot liked to cut a woman’s nose off for her infidelity; the Apache would typically bring the offending woman in front of the tribe, and would then invite every man in attendance to have a go at the loose woman.
    The bullshit narrative that evil whitey deliberately gave smallpox-infested blankets to the cherubic natives just doesn’t bear closer scrutiny. They didn’t understand contagion/ microbes until well after that event took place. Doctors didn’t even wash their hands between performing surgical operations, and they laughed at Joseph Lister when he suggested that invisible little beings were making everyone sick and killing them.
    The Indians were a martial culture that prided themselves on defeating their enemies; well, they met their match and got their asses kicked. Be happy with your casinos, Tonto.

  2. i’ve spent a good amount of time on reddit. it’s good stuff, /r/gonewild is the tits! but this reaction confirms what i’ve been thinking about reddit. that it is self-selecting, and it is dominated by one type of person.

  3. It doesn’t mean they were stupid. They were just at a certain point socially. Arabia was like that before Islam unified them. Its social evolution. There have been periods like that in Britain, a long time ago, too.

  4. Britain was once dominated by tribal warfare and a Celtic warrior culture. I guess there is something stupid about it but it doesn’t really imply a low intelligence population.

  5. There was earlier a peaceful period when Britain wasn’t as crowded, so its not absolutely inevitable but I think that kind of culture is common at a certain stage of history or social evolution.

  6. Actually, according to this: Native Americans often engaged in this activity but warfare occurs or occurred much more rarely in most hunter-gatherer cultures.
    Warfare is known to several tribal societies, but some societies develop a particular emphasis of warrior culture (such as the Nuer of Sudan,[2] the Māori of New Zealand, the Dugum Dani of New Guinea,[3] the Yanomamö (dubbed “the Fierce People”) of the Amazon,[4] or the Germanic tribes of Iron Age Europe).

    1. Thanks for the link. I was wondering what to call the behavior that goes on among African-American males in the inner cities of Chicago and Atlanta.

  7. Aye yie yie. Roberto.
    The great unwashed masses have now found yur site. I was amused at the recurring comments that felt sorry for you or implied there was something wrong w/ you. I visit yur blog here because I feel the opposite.
    I think you do have an intellectual take on matters . I think your politics are well thought out and … honest.
    Joke em if they can’t take a fuck Bob. They said Walt Disney was crazy too.

  8. Robert Lindsay, you have got a few things wrong. First of all, the Native Americans did war with each other, but only occasionally. The Native Americans were devastated by smallpox, which whites gave to them, which they had no immunity to. The Red Man would have won the war if not for that and superior white technology.

      1. The “whites” got small pox from somewhere else. Their survivors were more resistant to it. Also if the red man had won the war then words like atrocity and mass killings would be replaced by the word victory. Face it, we are now the same culture.

  9. I fully suspect that whomever started that “Reddit” thread about Robert Lindsay’s blog, was someone who frequented, and was likely banned from here…Just a hunch.
    P.S…I ran my own website from 2002-2007, a rather popular one dealing with military matters. I had banned users(it took a lot to get banned there) do everything from spam my site with child porn, to going to the FBI and claiming I was harboring terrorists.
    I even had my site directly copied and mirrored at one point, if I recall.

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