Computer Crashed

Had a power surge that wrecked my Windows 2000 install, so I had to take it up to the shop to get Windows XP loaded back on. I was without a system for a few days there. Also the surge shifted Windows from G: partition over to F: partition. Not a good thing. I used to have a UPS, but the battery on it died and I never got another one.

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0 thoughts on “Computer Crashed”

    1. Not much, really. Some stuff that I can’t really talk about. Sleep. Work on here. Read. Write. Run errands. Cook food. Exercise a bit. Drink coffee. Listen to the radio. Drink beer. I do talk to various other people all throughout the day and into the night.

  1. You are a very prolific writer. I wish I had your self-discipline. Instead, I spend my free time reading what other people write on blogs. I am addicted to information. I am addicted to the computer (mostly reading news and general commentary, & dating sites). I don’t like being this way. It is not good for me.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Yes, we are very similar. When I am wasting my time doing what I wrote about, but I actually enjoy it, unfortunately. I can handle being alone for long periods intoxicated by what the computer offers me. However deep down I know I am hurting myself and this makes me unhappy. I go in spurts. There are a few days where I am productive and get real work done and this makes me feel good in a different way. But then I slide back. Right now I have a stack on unopened mail, bills to pay, and loan deferment paperwork I need to fill out. It is almost like a form of masturbation.

  3. Cablinasian,
    Good point about knowing more than the average man. When I have conversations with others it’s easy for me to recognize that my breadth and depth of understanding of various topics far exceeds theirs, especially on topics relating to politically incorrect thought on race, evolution, paleo eating, and other topics not covered by the mainstream media
    I would like to limit myself to 15 minutes of non-work computer use in the morning. Basically I just want to get to the point where I scan a few blogs to see what’s going on in the world. I have found that reading offers the highest bandwidth in terms of absorbing information. For me, 15 minutes of reading the news exceeds an hour of non-commercial television-based news.

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