About the "Racism" Stuff on the "About" Page

From the smallpox article here.
They are also ripping me apart for this stuff. Bottom line is that none of those are real racism. That’s why I wrote that.

I admit I am what is called a “liberal racist.” I am also a “White man’s burden” racist, which is pretty much the same thing. I am also a “scientific racist,” but I just call that telling the truth. In addition, I am a “colorblind racist.” I’m comfortable with these political errors of thought.

Liberal racist is some BS made-up term. Basically a liberal racist pities minorities, especially Blacks. They are condescending. “Oh the poor Blacks! They are so screwed up! We need to help them!” So I am guilty of that, ok.
White man’s burden is pretty similar. “It is the duty of us Whites to uplift the poor, suffering Blacks and Browns. Supposedly what is implied is that we are superior and they are inferior, but really what is implied is we have our act together and they don’t. And in general, their civilizations are inferior, yeah. But have no fear, darkies! The White man is here to help! As you can see, that’s not really racism either. It’s just normal.
Scientific racist is anyone who says that there are differences between the races and they we should attempt to measure those differences scientifically, as in with IQ tests, and then discuss them. That’s all it is. Most scientific racists go far beyond that, but still the raw definition is not so bad. If you think the races’ differences are more than skin deep, guess what? You’re a scientific racist!
Colorblind racist is some other nonsense the PC people made up. Supposedly, colorblind racists say, “I don’t see color,” but then they act differently. It’s mild stuff. I guess I am one of these. Hey, why not be one, right?

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0 thoughts on “About the "Racism" Stuff on the "About" Page”

  1. Hey,Dickhead,Hows it going?
    Did ya have your dose of drugs or steroids
    Did you find any chick to bang,
    Oh anyways I can undrrstand how diffocult it must be for you ugly nutfag,
    Yes you truly are a coword,
    A sad kid wishing he were white 🙁

    1. Actually, Middle Easterners were the first to have civilization. But yeah, what have they done lately?

    1. I’m white and I love fried chicken and watermelon so I think they’ve got good taste if that stereotype is true.

  2. Dear Robert
    Scientific racism is a contradiction in terms. If it is scientific, it can’t be racist, and if it is racist, it can’t be scientific. Science is evidence-based examination of reality. If the evidence unambiguously indicates that races are unequal, then that is just a fact. Facts are neutral. What is not neutral are the conclusions we draw from them. For instance, it is a fact that men have on average greater athletic ability than women. If someone were to conclude from this fact that women should be completely barred from athletics, then his conclusion could justifiably be called sexist. Similarly, if the evidence demonstrates that blacks are, on average, less intelligent than whites and someone were to draw the conclusion from this that all blacks should be kept away from schools, then he would be drawing a racist conclusion.
    We shouldn’t argue against facts, but facts by themselves do not yield any guidelines for decision-making. Facts can only inform us, but not guide us, just as a roadmap can’t tell us where we should go, although it can help us to reach our destination. It is our values that guide us.
    Regards. James

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    Just go look at urslf in the mirror
    What would you see?
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    Ya love to dickmouth other races without admitting how much of a worthless pce of shit you urself are
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  4. ”Look at the history of Eastern Europe, it was only since the Russian Revolution that anything significant was produced there.”
    I strongly disagree.

  5. ”RWN, do you think that enough Whites with pureblood status will survive into the future to produce a White population with substantial numbers?”
    Yes, I think so.

  6. ”RWN, what do you think about the Amish? They are a White group that is multiplying fast and having lots of children, and they do not interbreed. Do you think they will have an impact on saving the White race?”
    Yes I do.

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