X-Ray Spex "Germ Free Adolescents"

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiWOuGC7Qy0] Very nice, great stuff out of 1978! I had this on cassette in 1981, and I wore it out listening to it. Someone made the tape for me. I forget who, I think maybe a girlfriend named Janet. I can never remember her last name. Lead singer Poly Styrene died recently. The album Germ Free Adolescents is an all time classic. Really the whole album is great; there’s not a bad song on it.

PIL "Public Image"

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylOCIP54PIQ] After the Sex Pistols broke up, John Lydon formed Public Image Ltd. I saw them in Los Angeles at the Olympic Auditorium on May 4, 1980. The Olympic back then mostly housed rollerderby (very popular back then) and professional wrestling. It was a strange place for a rock concert. It was one of the most horrible, but nevertheless, one of the greatest rock and roll shows that I have ever seen. This was at a climax of the punk movement in Los Angeles. There was a punker chick with a leather jacket that had the words stitched on it, “Southern California Anarchist Death Squad” on it. I thought that was a nice touch! As we were moving through the front door, there was a LA cop leaning back up against the wall with a huge smile on his face. His eyes were gigantic saucers. I thought at the time he had to be on LSD. A performance art duo named The Kipper Kids opened. One of them later married Bette Midler. It was two guys, completely naked, who mostly just threw paint on each other. The crowd hated them, but that was the whole idea. Next up was some traditional mariachi band (WTH?) playing traditional Mexican mariachi music. The crowd spit at them the whole time. I went with a friend of mine who had very long hair. He got up near the front of the stage and the insane punkers started beating him up because he had long hair. There was also a very frightening “crush” phenomenon where the crowd was so tightly packed together that it swept you off your feet and moved you along. The idiot LA punkers were spitting at the band when they came onstage and they kept it up for the whole show. There were these rain shower like waves up spit coming out of the audience and up onto the stage. The band, but especially John Lydon, were soaking wet with spit after a while. The bassist turned his back to the crowd for some reason (maybe the spitting) and the stayed that way for the whole show. It was very strange. he was giving all of us the finger really, but it was the right thing to do. At one point in the show, these two idiot punkers, a young man and woman, a couple, both drunk off their asses, were careening through the crowd. They were so drunk, they were crashing into everyone. That made me really mad. When they came careening towards me, I grabbed both of them and threw them both really hard right into the crowd in back of me. They knocked a bunch of people over and they fell down themselves. At some point, everyone picked themselves up. Everyone looked at me like, “That guy’s psycho!” and they made a circle around me. For the rest of the show I was sort of alone. I had this circle of space around me with no people. Everyone was giving me a wide berth. My friend had the car keys and I think he lost them in the fighting, so we had no way to get home. We took a bus from LA back to Long Beach where I lived. Then we ran and jogged the whole way back to my place. In downtown Long Beach, the faggots yelled at us and whistled at us as we ran by. We shouted back at them, “Fuck you fags!!!!” We got to a park in the Broadway district and things got even weirder. There were bushes all through this park and it seemed there were humans hiding in every single clump of bushes. The unseen figures were whistling at us and saying nasty things as we ran by. There were faggots hiding in every clump of bushes in that stupid park at 1 o’clock in the morning. We yelled, “Fuck you fags!!!!!!!!!!” and kept on running. Then a cop car picked us up. It was 1 AM. They said you should not be running around this neighborhood this late at night. The cops were totally cool and they gave me a ride back to my apartment. Some of the coolest cops I have ever met in my life, and I don’t even like cops!

Bigfoot News July 27, 2013

Possible location of US government building where Dyer’s Bigfoot was housed revealed. This is actually a good source, and it checked out very well. The file is from someone on the Dyer team who leaked it back in March. The place is called the U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center in  Maricopa, Arizona. The problem is that someone who had been to the facility described it as a “US Agricultural Research Station 90 miles outside of Las Vegas.” Then we get this photo of the Maricopa station which is 277 miles outside of Las Vegas. Doesn’t add up. Further, Musky said he was blindfolded and driven for hour hours out of Vegas to the place where the Bigfoot was held. It would seem that four hours driving out of Vegas would not be enough to get someone to the Maricopa station.

Here is a photo of the US U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center, Maricopa, Arizona. It is 277 miles south of Las Vegas.
Here is a photo of the US U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center, Maricopa, Arizona. It is 277 miles south of Las Vegas.
Skeptic argument that the Bigfoot in Shooting Bigfoot was someone on the Dyer team. The argument is that the Hispanic fellow on the far right is the guy who wore the suit for the Bigfoot that attacked Morgan Matthews in Shooting Bigfoot. There is some resemblance, but I do not believe this theory. In my opinion, the creature in Shooting Bigfoot is not a human being. It is either the best costume ever made or it is a real Bigfoot.
The Hispanic fellow on the far right is said to resemble the image of the Bigfoot from Shooting Bigfoot. Not sure if I believe that though.
The Hispanic fellow on the far right is said to resemble the image of the Bigfoot from Shooting Bigfoot. Not sure if I believe that though.
Dyer afraid of going to jail for manslaughter for killing the Bigfoot (Hank). People are saying that Dyer is afraid that he might be prosecuted for manslaughter for killing Hank since Hank is close to a human being. There has been no confirmation of this yet and it came from a Dyer skeptic, who as a group are not very reliable. Controversy about the $19,000 check offered to Dr. Jeff Meldrum by Facebook/Find Bigfoot. It is said that this check was offered to Jeff by FB/FB as a condition of seeing the Bigfoot, and Meldrum turned it down, asking for $15,000 instead. However, Jeff offers another version of that story that seems to make a lot more sense. A post on Dr. Meldrum’s Facebook page states:

The truth is while trying to persuade me to come to LV, saying that Dyer was like a little kid seeking approval from me, Jack Barnes offered to send me a cashiers check of some unspecified amount to hold onto and keep if it turned out to be hoax. He was so certain (short of seeing the body) that Dyer was telling the truth that he was absolutely confident that I would be returning it. I asked for several conditions: Naturally I was going sight unseen so 1) pictures posted on secure webpage and give me the password Since they already alleged to have experts experts involved. 2) provide names and affiliations and contacts for said experts and assurance that I could independently confirm their identities and testimony And since I was likely going to have to sign an NDA, 3) Dyer would sign an agreement that if it was indeed a hoax he would not use my name or likeness in any way and he explicitly acknowledged financial liability for libel and defamation. All reasonable requests if he was on the up and up. None of my conditions was acceptable, but Barnes offered me the cashiers check with the understanding that I returned it if the body was real, in the amount of $10K. OFFERED — didn’t send me anything. When I didn’t take that OFFER, he upped the OFFER to $15K, plus a plane ticket to LV. Still not interested.”

This version of the story actually sounds a lot more sensible than that first version about Jeff demanding $15,000 instead of $10,000. Bottom line on Rick Dyer and Hank. Soon Hank will be revealed to the world as the first Bigfoot body the world has ever seen. The main question after that is, whither Rick Dyer? The truth is Rick Dyer was just the instrument, the rifle, and after his trophy corpse is released, all of the world’s attention will focus on the body itself and the scientists who have been exploring its secrets. Rick Dyer is nothing in himself, because someone was bound to gun down a Bigfoot eventually, and it doesn’t matter who ended up pulling the trigger. This man and his inflated sense of self-importance will instantly vanish from the conversation, and to the extent that he continues trying to insert himself into the spotlight, he will only succeed in further reducing and caricaturing himself.

Rick Dyer: Portrait of a Caricature as a Young Man.
Rick Dyer: Portrait of a Caricature as a Young Man.
He loves to call himself “the greatest Bigfoot tracker in the world,” yet he himself has admitted that on his first 88 expeditions, he had no luck whatsoever, and then the documentary Shooting Bigfoot clearly reveals his impressive “tracking methods”: Sitting by the campfire with his rifle and waiting, and waiting….and waiting. If the San Antonio specimen had not been careless enough to wander into camp that night for a free meal, Dyer would still be batting 0.0 Musky Allen thrown off Facebook and thrown out of Bigfoot Warz by Rick Dyer haters. The lunatic Rick Dyer haters, who are about as nutty as Rick himself, reported Musky Allen to Facebook for having an underage profile. That means that Musky is under 13 years old, clearly not the case. They also reported Cathiee, a Dyer believer, for having an underage profile. She is clearly an adult. Bigfoot Warz taken over by Dyer haters. This used to be one of the best Bigfoot groups on Facebook. Not sure how it happened, apparently a coup de etat. Musky was the administrator of the group, and after the haters threw him off Facebook, they invaded this group and took it over. The group is now ruined, taken over by haters and full of nothing but anti-Musky and anti-Dyer posts. Sad story. Skeptic line that Facebook Find Bigfoot said the movie Shooting Bigfoot was a fiasco. This is not true. It is true that the first review said the movie was a disappointment, but later when they got home and looked over the 65 stills they shot from the movie, they were convinced that the movie shows a real Bigfoot. Not only that, but they said that the Shooting Bigfoot footage was better than the Patterson Gimlin footage. In other words, it is the greatest Bigfoot footage of all time. They showed HD video of the Shooting Bigfoot footage to Musky Allen, and Musky confirmed that the Bigfoot in Shooting Bigfoot is the same dead Bigfoot that he saw near Las Vegas. Skeptic argument that Hank would have decomposed by now or by the time that Musky saw it. The truth is that the Bigfoot was frozen by the time Musky saw it and it had been cut into pieces and then put back together, possibly as part of an autopsy. He was not allowed to disclose that information at the time because people might be able to figure out the location of a facility that could freeze such a large object. Many questions about Morgan Matthews and Shooting Bigfoot finally clarified. The mysterious, paradoxical and quizzical behavior of Morgan Matthews, his evasive answers and his curious editing of his film have caused many to shake their heads in wonderment. They simply can’t figure Morgan Matthews or his movie out. Why not? Because neither Morgan Matthews nor his movie “make sense” to an ordinary mind. The final shots were definitely caught on film even though Morgan was knocked down by the Bigfoot. Morgan followed Rick as he gave chase to the Bigfoot, but then they lost the creature. They were heading back to the tent when they realized that the Bigfoot had circled back around and was coming back in their direction for some unfathomable reason. This was because the Bigfoot had somehow run in a full circle and was now behind them. Was Morgan aware that Rick intended to shoot the Bigfoot? Both Rick and the crew had seen the Bigfoot that morning, and Rick said that if the Bigfoot came back to the camp for the crew to stay behind him because he was going to shoot at it. Why does Rick carry a gun? Due to his investors. Rick’s investors want a Bigfoot body. The best way you get a Bigfoot body is to shoot one with a gun. Gun = body. Why the silence from Minnow about Shooting Bigfoot in the months before the release of the film? The truth is that Minnow Films was under strict orders not to say anything about what happened in the movie as far as shooting the Bigfoot. Dyer would have been very happy if Minnow could have clarified what happened in the movie, but they were not allowed to do so. Who made Minnow be quiet? There are lawyers who are fighting each other on behalf of their clients over the ownership of the body. They issued Minnow Films a gag order not to say anything about what really happened in the movie due to possible confiscation of the film. Minnow actually had to fight hard to even be able to release the film in the first place. There was no actual risk that the movie could be confiscated if Minnow played by the rules. Minnow had a right to release the movie as long as there was no statement given about the shooting of the Bigfoot. If they talked about the killing of the Bigfoot, the movie may have been subject to confiscation. Who owns the movie? Who owns the body? Minnow films has 10 Frank and Dallas see a Bigfoot on one of Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot expeditions. On the recent trip to Las Vegas that included the hike up Mt. Charleston where Frank Cali had a heart attack, something strange occurred. 100 yards up the trail, Frank had a heart attack. Dallas helped him back to the camp, and Frank sat down on a tree stump covered in ants. Dallas said he was going to get help, but first he stopped and gave one of his trademark Bigfoot whoops that you can hear in the Shooting Bigfoot movie to great comedic effect. Right at that point, Frank had his eyes closed and he said suddenly he saw a vision of a Bigfoot in his mind’s eye. Just then, Dallas asked, “Did you see it?” Frank asked, “Did I see what?” “The Bigfoot,” Dallas replied. “Yes I did,” Frank said. His eyes were still closed. What he meant was he saw a Bigfoot in his mind, not with his eyes. “Open your eyes,” Dallas said. Frank said he opened his eyes and looked up at a nearby ridge, part of the Mt. Charleston system. On top of the ridge, he saw what could only be a Bigfoot, swaying back and forth for 12-15 seconds before it quickly moved behind a tree. What have Team Tracker Gold memberships received for their membership so far for their $99? Basically nothing at all.

  1. The August 15 “release date” for the body, which was made public knowledge a week later and which is no longer valid;
  2. A jpeg of the frame from either Jack or Jeff’s cell-phone bootleg taken at the Toronto premier of Shooting Bigfoot, which was also available to everyone on the Internet a week later;
  3. A self-shot iPhone video of Rick in a restroom which he claimed to be just outside the room in which Hank’s body was kept and which he promised was “just the first” of more to come (there have been no others).

In other words, Gold members have been completely shafted by Rick. Additionally, about 2 months ago Rick announced that Platinum Memberships would be available for $75.00 for a short time and that existing Gold Members could upgrade to Platinum for an additional $39.00. When someone commented in chat during that week’s Blogtalk show that it was hardly fair for someone to pay 25 dollars less and get more than someone who paid $99.00, especially not when the existing Gold member would wind up having to pay almost twice the amount to get the same thing, Rick made an asinine analogy about how Costco could change the prices for their memberships anytime they wanted. The commenter made words to the effect that, with a Costco membership, you can start buying stuff right away, you don’t have to wait outside for the doors to open for an indefinite period only to have other people show up late and get a spot in line in front of you for less than what you paid months ago. Rick got testy and said words to the effect, “It’s my site, and I can do whatever I want. If you don’t like it, you can fuck off, and I can cancel your membership for you.” A TT member who I am friends with told me that TT is turning into a huge joke. He described it as:

a redneck’s-only club, like a really boring cross between Honey Boo-Boo and The Howard Stern Show.

Bigfoot News July 25, 2013

New clue to the location where Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot was kept. I have just learned that the US department or agency which housed Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot was the Department of Agriculture. It may be this branch of the DOA. This specific subbranch may be the best one of all. On the other hand, the Forest Service is also part of the DOA, and the FS also runs research stations. As I know that it was a research station that housed the Bigfoot, it must have been at one of the Department of Agriculture’s research stations. There are 100 such stations in the US. Just look for one near Las Vegas, and that’s the building. I realize that it is possible that this information could be part of the false info that Musky Allen and others are putting out about the body location, but I do not think this is part of that distraction. Instead, I think this is the truth. Get cracking, sleuths! Rick Dyer is going on a camping trip! These expeditions that Rick is always touting are getting ridiculous. Really now, let’s get real. These are nothing more than “camping trips with Rick.” There will be a special 3 hour episode on Rick’s radio show talking all about Rick’s latest camping trip! Make sure you don’t miss it! Skeptic argument that Rick used two different costumes during the shooting of the Shooting Bigfoot movie, from the comments:

About the two different costumes: apparently Matthews states in the movie that he was not aware of the Tent Video that Dyer kept it from him. So there is no proof that the Tent Video was shot during the same trip. (Also, apparently the “Rick, Rick” that Matthews supposedly says during the audio can be heard in another context during the film.) There is an excellent enlargement and enhancement of the tent creature online that Adam Bird, who was once a believer in Dyer’s story, posted on Dyer’s fan page. The face has perfectly human proportions and appears to feature a modern version of the old-school Lon Chaney-style collodion build-up. This would be a much better way to go than a mask in building a real-looking face, and would be a good method for amateurs. The still image that was taken during the documentary bears a strong resemblance to one of Dyer’s earlier Tracker members or filming crew, if you allow for make-up built up the same way. They have similar bone structure, facial creases, and wide area under the nose. I would like to find a better picture of this individual, but this is enough for a hunch: The movie face: Look at the guy on the right: The point is not that it IS him, but it certainly COULD be, more likely than being a real Bigfoot. (And he wasn’t available when the Tent Video was shot, so Dyer just found someone else.) Remember Occam’s Razor when looking at these “Bigfoot” photos…there’s a simple explanation to these photos, whether it’s this particular answer or not.

I do not believe that there are costumes in either the Tent Video or the movie. If those are costumes, those are the two greatest costumes ever made. Theory on why Morgan Matthews is being so quiet, from the comments. This is a pro-Dyer theory.

As to the whole Morgan Matthews angle. How about this for a theory? Rick’s investor(s) are the ones who in actuality own this body. They have to be rich to be investing in something like a possible Bigfoot capture to begin with, and if one was indeed captured, they would have a lot of power. They went to Morgan after the filming and said he could still release his movie with the SA Dyer footage but had to remain ambiguous about whether the creature filmed was indeed real. This way the body reveal would still hold all the clout, but in hindsight the movie will still go down in history as documenting the event. This is the only explanation (if this is indeed real at all) that I can come up with for Morgan’s strange editing decisions and evasive answers. Just a thought. Keep up the reporting Robert. Some of us appreciate it greatly.

Another person agrees with the above commenter, adding:

This has been my theory too. Rick Dyer lost complete control of the Bigfoot when he made the call to the investors. They came in and took over. Rick said Morgan Matthews stopped filming after that night. (I believe the Bigfoot being real now would ruin his concept of the movie). So Rick and his Investors got a film crew of their own to film the transportation to Nevada. Rick’s investors approached Morgan and had him sign a NDA with them about any video proof of the killing and after stuff. They understand Rick’s past and need to make sure they have all the ducks in a row when releasing this so people will look at the Bigfoot, not Rick. Rick I believe understands this and has been milking what he can get now. I think the people who don’t believe this take so much of what Rick says. Even though they say they don’t believe what he says, they take it as fact. Rick doesn’t control the body or the presentation of it. I think once you see this, you can understand much of what has been going on. Rick leaks enough info out to make you understand this. I read on Racer X’s blog that people are trying to start a letter/e-mail campaign to Morgan Matthews to try to get him to admit it was a hoax. I have to also wonder why all these people who seem to believe they KNOW for fact Rick didn’t shoot the Bigfoot and it is a hoax spend so much time making blogs about it. If they really truly believe he didn’t do it, they would just let the whole issue drop, and Rick would fade away if it is true. Not a single person has been able to prove the Tent Video or the movie creature were hoaxed. They make up more stories up than Rick does now. WHY? Robert I may be a Team Tracker supporter at times. But I believe your insight is very good, and I like your reporting – please keep up the work.

The Future of the Hindutva Movement in India

Good comment from India Land of Rapes on the Hindutva Movement: Hinduism never had an identity to begin with. The British created this new religion of Hinduism. The Old Brahminical Order which you are talking about lost its identity during Sunga dynasty. Buddhism attained greater intellectual status during Sunga dynasty. War between Brahmins and Bhikkhus created a permanent chasm in South Asian society. You only see one side of story. Islamic invasions were not so fierce. In fact, many lower caste Hindus converted to Islam as this new religion gave them some social standing. South Asian society became too weak. Islam and other European invasions were able to control and rule vast regions of south Asia because South Asian tribes and princely states were in permanent war with each other. Society lost meaning and purpose. In the Vijayanagara Dynasty, they tried to resurrect this lost spirit, but they failed. In fact, corruption and incompetence led to the downfall of Vijayanagara Kingdom. The Kakatiyas collapsed due to same reason. They were busy backstabbing and preserving their rule. At one point, they became authoritarian and did everything to preserve their rule. The Kakatiya Kingdom was in a bad economic state. Internal chaos, low agrarian output and mass starvations led to food riots in Telangana region. Finally the Deccan Sultanate took over, and many in the Telangana region and Hyderabad converted to Islam as they had no hope in Hinduism or Sanathana Dharma as it was called earlier. Gandhi was right when he stated – “No one can take your freedom, Power unless you voluntarily give it or you become so weak that a Dominant force will overpower you”. Hinduism/Sanathana Dharma/Brahmanism became weak, arrogant, and closed-minded much like Islamic Mullahs. At one point over 90 percent South Asians were functionally illiterate, and superstition and blind rituals entered mainstream culture. Black magicians, con artists, and fake gurus became intellectuals. Society entered an abyss; chaos was everywhere. So called patriotic Hindus fought against the British, and when they lost, they sacrificed over 50,000 children for Lord Shiva, in hope that Shiva would reincarnate and destroy the White Race on Earth. Modern Hindutva is a reactionary movement. Brahmins have not accepted defeat. They are using new techniques now, new tools, new propaganda techniques. But they will fail, not because Hindutvas are bad, but because their influence died long ago. Now they have forced their ideology onto people, and I assure you that many Indians, especially minorities, will not take to Hindutva any longer. They should have settled down and allowed society to progress and adopt any new ideology which fit people’s reason, but they still believe that Hindus are like small kids who need to be taught “Hindu way of Life”. They think they own everything in India, but they are just blowing in the wind. The Hindutva movement is like the Muslim Brotherhood in Middle East. Political Islam is dead in Egypt. It brought only chaos, divisions, conflicts between Sunni, Shia, and minority Coptic Christians. The same will be the future of Political Hindutva. Caste based violence will increase, and this movement will alienate 210 million Muslims and over 70 million Christians in India.

India: Land of Survivalism and Chaos

This is an excellent piece written by India Land of Rapes from the comments section. I will let it speak for itself. Neither capitalism nor socialism will work in India because Indians are survivalists. Indians exhibit survivalism to extreme. Basically survivalism is an evolutionary strategy adopted by humans in Bronze Age. Perhaps the Bronze Age cult of Hinduism might have played strong role in creating this lifestyle among Indians. Basically, survivalists don’t care about others. For them, their own survival and survival of their offspring is paramount. For most Indians, a sense of nationhood comes last. For them, nationhood is a matter of projecting their own ego and pride. This is the reason why most Hindus emphasize pride. Extreme pride is a manifestation of your ego. For most Indians, their own family, caste, tribe counts. A sense of strong nationhood never existed. Of course it gets manifested in their hatred towards others like Pakistan, China, or White people. But without strong hatred or a greater evil, you cannot unite Indians under one umbrella, since for them opportunism, self interest, the interests of caste and family are more important than nationhood. This strong survivalism is shown by Indians when in danger. They just care about their own family first. The nation and others never come in picture – you might say all humans to an extent do this. Yes, every human exhibits survivalism to an extent, but once humans initiated trade, commerce and mingling with others, these tendencies disappeared for the most part. You can see how Indians rush to save their own and don’t give a flying fuck to others in danger. This is why your average Indians doesn’t give a flying fuck about other Indians. For him, family and caste comes first unless an external threat comes into picture. This is why socialism will fail in India – basically in socialism, you need to care about the less privileged and lend them a helping hand. This philosophy is completely alien to Hindu life, for only he and his genetic offspring or caste come first. Why will capitalism fail or eventually will end up becoming cronyism in India? Because in capitalism the wealth that you make and the power that you acquire comes with responsibility. Your average Indian is highly irresponsible, for his responsibility is only towards feeding his genetic offspring and maybe his caste. So capitalism eventually will end up becoming cronyism or nepotism in India. The interests of only certain families will get served, and the rest of population will end up in misery. What will succeed in India then? Harsh it may sound, I think the future of India is eternal chaos. Chaos is everywhere in India. You see it in traffic, family, and interpersonal relations. You never know when your Indian friend will stab you. Nothing succeeds in India. The Indian mind is still stuck in the Bronze Age cult of Hinduism. The national character never changed. Everything that Indians do looks fake…it doesn’t look natural. The roads, buildings, architecture, people’s dress, accent, and social relations – almost everything in India looks fake. It looks as if development and globalization is forced on them. For most Western societies, language, social life, civic duties, art and music took time to evolve. In the West, all the stuff you see is for the most part a natural evolution. But for India, it’s an artificial growth. Perhaps this is why the Industrial Revolution never took place in India. India is still knitted by strong family and caste lineage. Even in the 21st Century, they follow survivalism. For them, feeding and breeding is what counts. Even in dirty unhygienic surroundings, they continue to breed. The whole nation is driven by blind opportunism. Hinduism even offers many remedies for the sins you committed and opportunism you exhibit – just dipping in the Ganges or giving gold ornaments to God will whitewash your sins towards your fellow humans. It seems Hinduism has had to invent a ritualistic means of escapism from all social responsibilities and instead indulge in pride, ego boosting and exhibitionism. This is why your average Hindu is extremely blind to everything that happens around him and continues to live in past. Neither socialism, communism or capitalism will work in India. India is in eternal chaos. It might continue to evolve, or it will eventually destroy itself.

Underneath an Angry Man

Next time you see an angry man*, think of this: Underneath an angry man is an ocean, a bottomless well, of the deepest pain, far deeper than your mind can ever comprehend. The surface rage is only the reflection of the sun’s light on the upturned face of that sadness that knows neither a beginning nor and end, yet goes on forever apace. *Not sure if this is true of all angry men, but I think it is true for a lot of them.

Neil Young, "Four Strong Winds"

From Comes a Time, a great and under-appreciated album from 1978. The song was actually written by Ian Tyson in 1960. [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exEp5iy-XLQ] Think I’ll go out to Alberta Weather’s good there in the fall I got some friends that I could go working for Still I wish you’d change your mind If I asked you one more time But we’ve been through this a hundred times or more Four strong winds that blow lonely Seven seas that run high All those things that don’t change come what may If the good times are all gone Then I’m bound for movin’ on I’ll look for you if I’m ever back this way If I get there before the snow flies And if things are looking good You could meet me if I send you down the fare But by then it would be winter Not too much for you to do And those winds sure can blow cold way out there Four strong winds that blow lonely Seven seas that run high All those things that don’t change come what may If the good times are all gone So I’m bound for movin’ on I’ll look for you if I’m ever back this way Still I wish you’d change your mind If I asked you one more time But we’ve been through that a hundred times or more Four strong winds that blow lonely Seven seas that run high All those things that don’t change come what may If the good times are all gone Then I’m bound for movin’ on I’ll look for you if I’m ever back this way I’ll look for you if I’m ever back this way

Neil Young, "My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)"

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fpr8Y39FLMA] I love this song, and I love this album. It came out in 1979. The whole album is killer! Neil Young, “My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)” My my, hey hey Rock and roll is here to stay It’s better to burn out than to fade away My my, hey hey Out of the blue and into the black They give you this, but you pay for that And once you’re gone, you can never come back When you’re out of the blue and into the black The king is gone but he’s not forgotten This is the story of a Johnny Rotten It’s better to burn out than it is to rust The king is gone but he’s not forgotten Hey hey, my my Rock and roll can never die There’s more to the picture Than meets the eye Hey hey, my my

Neil Young, "Like a Hurricane"

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-WMbP1RcC4] From American Stars and Bars (1977). Nice! Too much man, too much. LIKE A HURRICANE Once I thought I saw you in a crowded hazy bar, Dancing on the light from star to star. Far across the moonbeam I know that’s who you are, I saw your brown eyes turning once to fire. You are like a hurricane There’s calm in your eye. And I’m gettin’ blown away To somewhere safer where the feeling stays. I want to love you but I’m getting blown away. I am just a dreamer, but you are just a dream, You could have been anyone to me. Before that moment you touched my lips That perfect feeling when time just slips Away between us on our foggy trip. You are like a hurricane There’s calm in your eye. And I’m gettin’ blown away To somewhere safer where the feeling stays. I want to love you but I’m getting blown away. You are just a dreamer, and I am just a dream. You could have been anyone to me. Before that moment you touched my lips That perfect feeling when time just slips Away between us on our foggy trip. You are like a hurricane There’s calm in your eye. And I’m gettin’ blown away To somewhere safer where the feeling stays. I want to love you but I’m getting blown away.

Normal Guy With Irresistable Urge to Kill People

Link here, and see responses. I have written about this before. This guy is now convinced that he has OCD, specifically Harm OCD. I know Harm OCD very well as I have spoken with and worked with scores of people who have it. There is no way on Earth that this guy has Harm O. Forget it. Not possible. Harm O doesn’t work like this. As far as what is wrong with him, I have no idea. Not all unwanted thoughts, feelings and urges are obsessions. Some might be more classified as “addictions.” We may be looking at more of an addiction here. I am also thinking, if he really doesn’t want to feel this way, why doesn’t he just knock it off? You don’t want to think about killing people? Great. Just stop doing it. It’s not that hard. That won’t work for an obsession due to the nature of obsessions, but it should work just fine for a non-obsession.

I’m a relatively normal, happy guy. I have an almost irresistible urge to kill people. What’s wrong with me? READ FIRST/UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM: I guess I should clarify that I am definitely NOT going to kill anyone. I only want to. I know the difference between wanting something and having to have something, and have never once in my entire life actually tried to hurt anyone. The furthest my desires have ever gone is thinking about how I would go about doing it. I have never owned a weapon or thought about obtaining one outside of knowing that I would have to in my little day-dreams. I am a normal guy in my early 20s. I work full time, I have lots of friends, people generally like me when they meet me, and I work very successfully in a people-oriented business. I care deeply about my friends and family, and I stand up for people I don’t know when I feel they’re being taken advantage of. I am of above-average intelligence, and I’ve been told by more than one person that I’m their favorite smart person because I never make anyone feel like I think I’m better than them. I’m happy with the person I am, and I’m confident in the decisions I make on a daily basis. I don’t have any money problems that can’t be solved by budgeting for a week or two, and generally always have the time and means to pursue the things I want. I am moderately successful with women; I’m no Casanova, but in general if I make an attempt to woo someone, they are wooed. I have recently been getting serious with a girl I’m really into. She’s smart and funny and full of life, if not a little talkative sometimes, which I find endearing. My ambition in life is to be happy without damaging the happiness of those around me. I get along great with animals and would never intentionally hurt or kill one, and hearing stories/seeing pictures of people who torture or even just mistreat animals bother me. Something as simple as a neighbor leaving their pet out in bad weather can ruin my morning. I don’t think I’m a psychopath or even a sociopath. I’m no more selfish than the average person, as far as I know. When I hurt people’s feelings I do everything I can to make up for it if I feel I was in the wrong, which is relatively often. I also really, REALLY want to plan and execute a murder. Or several. Usually the first solution that pops into my head when someone is in the way of my happiness is to murder them. I’ve gone as far as learning someone’s schedule and patterns and planned a fairly thorough method of killing them and disposing of their body without getting caught. Most of the people I contemplate killing are not people that are close to me, though I do occasionally get intrusive thoughts about taking the life of friends or co-workers I genuinely get along with. I don’t think I’ll ever go through with it, but if I did I would probably choke my victim to death with a thin, strong rope or wire of some kind. Guns don’t appeal to me and knives are messy. The main thing stopping me from going through with it isn’t a fear of getting caught or the belief that killing is morally wrong (which I do believe, but I’m not so hypocritical that I’m going to pretend I don’t betray my morals every now and then), but a fear of what it would mean about me as a person. I don’t want to hurt anyone, I just feel like I need to sometimes. Is there something wrong with me or are these just normal invasive thoughts? I feel like I should talk to someone but as far as I know I have my desires under control. UPDATE: Thanks for all the feedback guys. I’m getting an equal mix of Dexter quotes, troll accusations, and suggestions to see a therapist. Rathosaur’s post here made me realize I have probably have a pretty serious form of OCD that I’ve just been managing internally for a while. I plan on talking to a therapist as soon as I find out what kind of mental coverage my insurance has. I don’t feel like I’m a dangerous person, but I also don’t like having thoughts that bother me in my own head. I really, truly appreciate the input of those who have offered help.

One thing that jumps out loud and clear in this post is the narcissism of this fellow. It is also disturbing that the only thing preventing him from acting on these fantasies – and that is what these are – fantasies – is what people will think of him if and when he gets caught. People will hate him so much that his self-esteem won’t be able to handle it. What stops him from killing is how it would affect him, not the people he kills, his victims. That is rather disturbing right there. Posters post about how this guy is a sociopath or a psychopath, but I am not getting that. A sociopath could care less what anyone thinks of him. If he likes the idea of killing but does not do it (very common in sociopaths as many fantasize about homicide but few carry it out) it will be for reasons other than his own self-image and what others think of him, since by definition, the psychopath cares nothing about his self-image or what others think of him. If the psychopath is not carrying out these acts, it may be because he doesn’t want to go to prison. Many psychopaths have very active antisocial fantasy lives, but they don’t engage in a whole lot of illegal activity because they don’t want to go to jail or prison. So they become “legal criminals” instead. Here is what a poster posted about this fellow in saying he was a psychopath. Notice all checks by the narcissism stuff but almost no checks by the parasitic lifestyle stuff.

Factor 1: Personality “Aggressive narcissism” **Glibness/superficial charm** [if he woos her, she’s usually wooed] **Grandiose sense of self-worth** [he’s everyone’s favorite smart person] Pathological lying **Cunning/manipulative** [if he woos, she’s usually wooed; everyone likes him] **Lack of remorse or guilt** [see immediately below] Shallow affect (genuine emotion is short-lived and egocentric) **Callousness; lack of empathy** [isn’t worried about hurting his would-be victims, but is concerned about *his* self-image if he kills] Failure to accept responsibility for own actions Factor 2: Case history “Socially deviant lifestyle”. **Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom** [fantasizing about murder] Parasitic lifestyle **Poor behavioral control** [stalking people] Lack of realistic long-term goals Impulsivity Irresponsibility Juvenile delinquency Early behavior problems Revocation of conditional release

A Harm OCD’er would never, ever, ever plot of plan to kill anyone. They would never learn anyone’s schedule in order to fantasize a plot to murder them. It doesn’t work that way!

The Future of Caste in India

Dota writes:

Caste based occupations may lose relevance in our era, but not the institution of caste itself. Caste is the most fundamental facet of an individual’s identity as individualism is non existent in Indian culture. As long as the majority of Indians select for caste when mating, the institution will endure. And as caste has so badly damaged the Indian’s empathy and consideration for his fellow man (taken for granted in the west) that even if caste were to vanish, it wouldn’t follow that Indians would wake up the next day and automatically become law abiding, civic minded, and compassionate people. Doesn’t work that way.

This is my feeling about caste. It is simply not going to go away. I can give you as an example the Punjabi Sikhs I know around here. Keep in mind that these are Sikhs, and Sikhs supposedly are not allowed to practice caste by their religion. Nevertheless, they become contaminated by Hindu society and now almost all of them practice it. Only one man told me that he did not practice caste. All of the others, with maybe one exception, practiced caste. How could I tell? I told before, I can read minds. When I bring up caste, they do not say so outright, but I can tell by how they are talking about the subject that they practice caste, they are proud of it, and they are never going to give it up, ever. They act like they will defend til the end. A lot of them seem to know it’s wrong, too. They know it’s wrong, but they don’t care. I haven’t asked around, but I assume that almost all Punjabis in the US are high caste. High caste Indians ferociously defend caste and act like they will fight to the death to keep it. As I have never met any lower caste Punjabis or even Hindus, I do not know how lower castes feel about caste, whether they defend it the way the high castes do. Caste gives high caste people a built in lock on the good life. Power does not give up without a fight, as Lenin said. The people with the power, the high castes, will not unilaterally disarm and give up their power (their caste is their power) voluntarily. The first people to renounce caste will be those who gain nothing from it, the low castes. The high castes will be the last to go. Further, as Dota notes, millennia of caste has so damaged the Indian’s sense of empathy and the common good that even if caste subsides, the cruelty, callousness, lack of empathy and lack of communitarian feeling that callousness, radical individualism, survivalism, opportunism, amorality, corruption and a scofflaw attitude towards laws and rules (the glue that holds the society of men together) will continue apace.

Neil Young, "Campaigner"

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKLt4KoJZ-A] I always loved this song. It was never released on any album, and was never released as a single either, but he started playing it live in 1976. It finally appeared on the greatest hits “Decade” album. I never liked Nixon; always hated him. I came of age in the 1970’s, and in between chasing every surf chick and hippie chick with a pair of tits, living in a cloud of pot smoke and dropping the strongest LSD you’ve even tasted, one of our fetishes was hating Richard Nixon. If you were young and hip in the 1970’s (yes there were many hippies still in the 1970’s), you hated Nixon, hated the draft and hated the war. I remember once I was sitting on the lawn on campus with a bunch of chicks and my acidhead friend David. Someone said Nixon and David looked up and shook his head. “Nixon always looks like he hasn’t shit in a month!” he said. Well, that was Richard Nixon! Nevertheless, at age 15, I worked for the Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP) of Watergate fame. After it was all over, there was a photo of Nixon walking alone down the beach at his beach house in San Clemente. My next door neighbor said she saw that picture and felt sorry for him. Even after all he did, so did I. Lyrics to The Campaigner I am a lonely visitor I came to late to cause a stir Though I campaigned all my life towards that goal I hardly slept the night you wept Our secret’s safe and still well kept Where even Richard Nixon has got soul Even Richard Nixon has got soul The podium rocks in the crowded waves The speaker talks of the beautiful saves That went down long before he played this role For the hotel queens and the magazines Test tube genes and slot machines Where even Richard Nixon got soul Even Richard Nixon has got it – soul Hospitals have made him cry But there’s always a freeway in his eye Though his beach just got too crowded for his stroll Roads stretch out like healthy veins And wild gift horses strain the reins Where even Richard Nixon has got soul Even Richard Nixon has got soul I am a lonely visitor I came to late to cause a stir Though I campaigned all my life towards that goal

Bigfoot News July 23, 2013

Craig Phillips witnesses Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot: the interview. Rick Dyer’s head of security, Craig Philips, has been staying with Rick recently. Rick got a call saying that the body was going to be moved, and he asked Craig to come with him to see the body as it was moved. The video lasts 11 minutes, is very interesting and can be seen on Youtube. Christopher Noel has described it as “very credible testimony.” Locale where the body is stored: He said once you find out where the body was kept, you would never believe it. It’s amazing that it would be kept in such a place. He thought it would be kept in some secret military place, but that’s not the case. Heavy security around the building:Looking at the building, you would wonder why there is so much heavy security around the building, but apparently the owners of the body are not taking any chances. Enlarged doors at the facility:Some of the doors in the facility appear to be too large for the building itself. It was as if they were constructed separately in order to house this body. Small crane used to move the body: An interesting detail is that a small crane of the sort that is used to move extremely obese people was used to move the body. I thought that was an interesting detail. Large truck apparently specially outfitted to house the body: He said that the truck appeared to be specially designed to house the body. There are hooks or rings in the sides of the truck to hold the gurney in place so it won’t slip around. Apparently whoever owns the truck went to great lengths to specially outfit it to house this body. Presence of US government officials at the scene: US government officials were at the scene. Rick said that he and Craig wanted to observe the body being moved, and these officials nodded their heads to give the go-ahead. Presence of emotion in Craig: Craig appears to show genuine emotion as he describes the body. At one point, he seems to tear up. Craig says he could not sleep the next day. Body language: Craig does not look at the camera much during the interview. Instead he looks down much of the time. Make of it what you will. The interview lasts 11 minutes. There is a large and extremely stupid COPYRIGHT RICK DYER watermark running across the video which seems completely unnecessary. The watermark is huge and runs right across Craig’s face for most of the interview. It pretty nearly wrecks the video. One thing that is interesting are the curious details that Craig revealed above. Craig doesn’t seem like a rocket scientist, so I have a hard time believing that he thought up those obscure little details on his own. Is it possible that Rick thought up those fancy little details and fed them to Craig to say? That makes a lot more sense, but I wonder about even that. Rick made up a story about enlarged doors, a small crane and a specially outfitted truck down to the last detail? I don’t know. Dyer skeptics may wish to watch this video too for whatever reason, as it’s part of the story. The skeptics are already saying that Craig is lying and just saying whatever Rick told him to say because Rick gave him a job and a place to stay. Argument that Craig may be lying in the video. From the comments, an argument that suggests that Craig is lying for Rick:

Well, anyone can see the video now. Observations:

  1. Phillips never looks into the camera.
  2. There are many cuts, as though Dyer has prompted him with talking points like “in this part mention the haters getting their due.”
  3. It’s in a facility we apparently would recognize (“you won’t believe it”) but wouldn’t have expected, meaning it’s not a traditional military or government facility. (This is a familiar Dyer talking point meant to keep you from looking too hard.) However, there are a LOT of security people around, and they “may” have been there for the move or maybe they’re always there…what kind of place that would “surprise” you has a lot of security around normally?
  4. There were high-ranking officials who gave Dyer special permission to stay through the move after gesturing to him that it was time to leave. Why would that have been an issue? It just reinforces that Dyer has special pull.
  5. They used a crane to move the body like they use to move obese people, and rolled the gurney along under it? Why wouldn’t they just roll it out on the gurney?
  6. Lots of “special” stuff…special lift, special doors, special truck.
  7. He never ONCE describes the body. He just says he saw it and he was affected by it. How about some details to show you actually were impressed by it? Of course, you’re no Musky Allen.

Remember too that Phillips just got to Vegas, so he was suddenly a great person to make a corroborating video. Also, Dyer was supposed to be on a trip but got gout…very lucky he wasn’t on that costly trip when the body got moved, huh? And he apparently is getting around fine on those basketball feet. Beware of Dyer sucking people into a false close relationship and getting them to lie for him. He has done this for years.

Flood of fake information coming out about Dyer. Most of this stuff seems to be coming from the Dyer haters, who are flooding us with hoaxes, fake info and lies about Rick. At this point, Dyer’s haters are hoaxing more than Rick ever will in his entire life. Their reasons for doing this are uncertain. Are they trying to make Rick look bad? Are they trying to make me look bad? Are they trying to destroy my credibility as a “guy who will publish anything?”Are they just doing this for shits and giggles? I don’t get it. Journalists hate scumbags who deliberately feed them false information. We want to see all their throats slit. They’re the scourge of the profession. The profession can’t even function when you have idiots flooding journalists with hoaxes, lies and fake information. It just destroys everything. No journalist can ever hoax, knowingly participate in a hoax or deliberately spread lies (obviously this happens all the time in the political realm, so we will leave that part out for now). Once you do that, you are gone. No one will ever listen to you anymore. Accusation that I don’t fact check my posts. This is an interesting accusation. This site just prints whatever rumors are flying around Bigfootery at the moment. We often don’t try to figure out if they are true or not. We just throw them out there and let you decide. With a lot of this stuff, there is no way to check it out anyway. How am I supposed to check out a photo of the body storage site? I can only check it out with someone who has been there, and I don’t know anyone who has been there. How can I check out the fake photos of Rick’s body? I don’t know anyone who has seen the body, and those that have seen it, won’t talk. Furthermore, in this field, once you go to fact-check something, a lot of people are going to lie to you. So there isn’t even a good way to follow up a lot of these rumors, photos and whatnot. It’s a hall of mirrors and a miasma of fog. No evidence that Dyer is moving to Santa Rosa. Although Dyer told Rhett Mullis in March that he was moving to Santa Rosa, the word now is that we have no way of knowing whether he actually intends to do that or not. Dyer is notoriously unstable and he changes his mind constantly. Body has apparently been moved out of state and quite a ways away. The video above shows Craig Phillips witnessing the moving of the body. But we never knew where it was going. It turns out now that the body is going out of the state and quite a ways away. The decision appears to have been out of Rick’s hands and was possibly made by investors. Story about the fake body location photo. I got this from Melissa Graeme, who is said to be a Dyer hater. We were really worried about her as most stuff from haters turns out to be hoaxes and lies, so we checked her out a lot. I worked with one of my colleagues on this.We talked about whether or not to run it and decided it was harmless to run the photo. She told me she got it from someone who said they saw the body. It turns out that she got it from Greg Cannon, who she describes as close to Dyer. She is not sure why they gave it to her. She thinks maybe to see if she would pass it on. She now thinks the whole story is a crock because she says Dyer’s people are putting out fake information. Perhaps Dyer’s people are putting out false info about the body location in order to throw people off the trail so to speak. Perhaps Melissa herself cooked this up to make everyone look bad, but that is less doubtful. This whole thing is a mess of smoke and mirrors and no one knows what to believe. It is true that Musky has been putting out a lot of false information about the body location lately, apparently in order to throw people off the trail. Who is Greg Cannon? Greg is the artist who did the first full length drawing of Dyer, so he is in deep with him. Why is Greg deliberately spreading fake photos of the body location? Skeptic argument about why this is a hoax – the Dyer team is now lying as part of a “strategy against the haters.” Basically the argument is that now that Rick has decided its ok for him and his hanger’s-on to lie as much as they want to as part “the campaign against the haters,” this muddles up the story considerably. Once we know that Dyer and his followers are lying at least part of the time as part of a strategy, this tends to taint everything they say, and we wonder if this is a lie too. I agree that it is most unfortunate the Dyer has convinced people that lying is a great idea as a way to attack the haters. This was a very bad move on his part and tends to taint a lot of testimony coming out of their camp. Similarly, profiting off this story was also a very bad move as it automatically throws up red flags of possible hoaxing with monetary gain as a motive. From my comments thread:

The problem with this whole story is that – like you say – everyone in the Dyer camp says its OK to put out false info to cover the real info. Unfortunately that is a tactic of convenience for hoaxers, and now Dyer has all his team that’s left willingly telling lies because he’s convinced them its part of the game against the haters. This characteristic of Dyer’s – being an extreme pathological liar and being able to get others to lie for him – is something you hear from people who predate this hoax and why so many people immediately wrote him off this time and have been so loud in opposing him. He has been known to get people close to him to lie if he thinks they are weak enough or worshiping enough to carry it out. I feel bad for Craig Phillips, who is Dyer’s latest discovery and is certain to find he has been used for Dyer’s own benefit. Robert, I think if you reached out to some earlier Team Tracker members, from the old group, you might find that this whole story is following familiar patterns but with a new group of gullible followers who aren’t aware of Dyer’s extreme pathologies. That includes the Facebook guys, who I have come to believe are victims. Musky, on the other hand, has been too involved in viciously defending Dyer and spreading disinformation (despite an “NDA”) to be let off so easily. Some of their radio banter is so rehearsed its laughable (“Hey Rick I just got photos Hank being loaded onto the truck!”), and he appears to have been assigned to Jack Barnes (and you, I dare say) as the “smart one” to keep everyone in line while Dyer goes insane.

My source at Minnow Films, UK. I broke this story on December 12, 2013 when I reported that a source working at Minnow Films UK told me that Rick Dyer had shot a Bigfoot during the filming of a new movie by Morgan Matthews. There had been some rumors going around for some time before, but nothing had been confirmed. I have been asked how I know this source is real. I will tell you that is a woman, but I can’t tell you more than that as she fears for her job. She won’t talk to me anymore as she thinks I have leaked too much information anyway and I might get her fired. I don’t know she is real, and I never talked to her on the phone. All communications were by email. Skeptics are saying that she may not even exist and instead it may just be Dyer playing a trick and pretending to be her. I think that is dubious. I have confirmed that a woman by that name works for Minnow. Furthermore, all her emails came from a minnow.uk email address, which I have confirmed is the email address that they use. I also traced the IP back to London, UK. I find it hard to believe that Dyer somehow spoofed a minnow.uk email address. She originally leaked the story because she thought it was so important that she was upset that it was being delayed so long and she wanted to bump up the showing schedule. The movie was intended to be shown in November, and she thought that was way too long for such a killer story. As it turned out, the publicity engendered by my leak bumped the story up from November to spring. Could she have been lying to get me to promote the film? I suppose, but that seems dubious. Could she have been misinformed about what really happened in the film. Maybe, but why would someone at Minnow believe that a Bigfoot was shot in the movie when that never even happened? Doesn’t make sense. Argument that the Bigfoot in the Tent Video does not look like the leaked still out of Shooting Bigfoot. This is an interesting argument is used to say that the whole thing is a hoax. But that means that Rick had two different stunt men wearing two different costumes over a period of a couple of days. Two of the best costumes designed by mankind, too. Hard to believe. On the other hand, I have no answer to the question about why the Tent Video looks different from Hank in the movie, and neither do my colleagues who are also believers. It’s a good argument for the skeptic side. Argument about “3 minutes of HD video shot by BBC of a Bigfoot.” Rick said that the movie would include 3 minutes of the Bigfoot in the Tent Video eating the ribs at the tree. That never materialized in the film, and people are now using this to say that this is proof that Rick is hoaxing. However, when my Minnow source contacted me in December, she told me that there was 3 minutes of HD video shot at the time of the Tent Video, shot by the BBC (Morgan) in the next tent. So she told me the same story as Rick told. Why would she believe that footage exists if it doesn’t? Doesn’t make sense. That both she and Rick independently agree that the footage exists implies to me that it does exist, but for some strange reason, it never showed up in the film. Why it never showed up, I have no idea, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Photos of a dead moose and Bigfoot tracks from South Fork River, Utah in the Wasatch Range. Very interesting photos here. The first photo showed a moose with its neck broken lying on the ground. Bigfoot tracks were found nearby. Investigators went out and looked into the case and were excited about what they found. Almost the entire area is on private property.

This is the photo of the dead moose. Moose is lying on its head.
This is the photo of the dead moose. Moose is lying on its head, and its neck is broken.
The photo below shows the Bigfoot tracks found near the dead moose.
Bigfoot track found near the dead moose.
Bigfoot track found near the dead moose.
A video of the case follows below. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPVmSp0TmXA]

How Long Will Caste Last?

Steve writes:

The two were brothers, and yeah their parents care but they don’t care at all. Isn’t that interesting? The parents really care, and just one generation later and they don’t care at all. What about in three more generations when there is no first generation influence? Personally, I’m not sure they will even be Hindu. As for when it will die out in India. Caste is a rural, pre-modern social phenomenon. In cities, lots of people will enter jobs and professions that don’t match their caste. People will be forced to mingle more. Knowing human beings, people will fall in love and date outside their caste. There will be a gradual weakening of caste plus a significant influence from outside India as more Indians come online. People will become more open minded. As there is very little biological basis for caste, there is less reason for people to maintain its importance. There will probably be popular ‘liberal’ type of movements against it when India is more developed. It basically makes no sense and it will be hard to make an argument in favor of it. It will last longer in rural areas but what happens in the cities will gradually spread to rural areas. I might be wrong but I don’t see caste lasting on a time scale of one or two hundred years.

India has existed for 66 years. Has caste died out in that time? How many Indians now are marrying outside their caste? Look at all these Indian Hindu monsters who came to this blog. How many of them spoke against caste or denounced it? Basically not even a single one except maybe ILOR. High caste Indians don’t want to give up caste! Is caste dying out in Indian cities? Word is that 10 I have spoken to quite a few Sikhs around here, and almost all of them practice caste. If they come from India, they practice caste, period. They defend it, and they don’t want to give it up. 10 Bottom line is about 10 As far as the second generation goes, I have no idea. They are pretty Americanized.

Bigfoot News July 22, 2013

Fake photo of the location where Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot (Hank) was stored released. A fake photo of the US government research station near Las Vegas, Nevada where Rick Dyer was supposedly storing his Bigfoot. The Bigfoot has just been moved. Apparently more of the Rick Dyer haters spreading their endless tedious hoaxes. The image came from Jennifer Graeme via Greg Cannon.

Possible photo of the location where Hank was stored until very recently.
Fake photo of the location where Hank was stored until very recently. Where do you hide a Bigfoot in a place like that?
Another person comes forward to say that they saw Hank. Rick’s head of security, Craig Phillips, has been staying with Rick, and on Saturday, Rick got a call saying that the body was going to be moved, and Rick asked Craig to come accompany him to see Hank being loaded onto the truck. The video that was just released but can only be viewed by Platinum Team Tracker members describes what Craig saw when he went over there. A friend of mine watched the video and said it is very credible. I will put the video up here anyway even though hardly any of you can watch it. Fake pictures of Hank continue to surface. These pics come to us by way of Harry Allen Pearce, who claimed that he and another man, Elisha Wells, were invited to see the Bigfoot. They took these pics as proof. The pics surfaced briefly on Facebook but then mysteriously disappeared. This happened around March 17. It is a pic from an article about humanzees, apparently a Photoshop of a baby chimp mixed with a human. Pearce is another one of many anti-Dyer types who are trying to hoax Dyer of those who believe him.
Fake photo of Dyer's Bigfoot stolen from a Photoshopped Humanzee graphic.
Fake photo of Dyer’s Bigfoot stolen from a Photoshopped Humanzee graphic.
Another very weird apparent fake that came out at the same time, apparently also released by Pearse.
Another very weird apparent fake that came out at the same time, apparently also released by Pearse.
A Bigfoot hair with scaling. The scaling on Bigfoot hairs supposedly does not look like whatever is on a human hair.
Bigfoot hair with scaling from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Bigfoot hair with scaling from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Long road back again. Again and again, every time this endless saga becomes impossibly tedious, over ten long months, it has suddenly sprung forth into fresh and compelling drama. Just as “Hank” was killed and yet continues to live on in the imagination of the Sasquatch research community, the Rick Dyer story itself seems to suffer a final demise, only to be subsequently reborn with more vigor than before. Monday’s video release was the latest episode in this pattern…

A Crazy Hindu Is Trying to Destroy My Blog

This person is a woman, a Hindu from India. She has vowed to destroy my blog and delete it 900 times if she has to. I just caught her trying to hack into the blog. She also set up a blog just to bash me and libel me. Here is her post. What else did you expect from a person that is crippled ( both physically and mentally), has no job, lives on welfare, hustles in the food stamps line, thinks of himself no less than Stephen Hawking (some likeness you see) and has 24 hours on hand for…? I stumbled upon this blog just last night and he has banned me already, (thinking he could really ban me) and I’m just one step from taking his pathetic blog down, but I’m really interested in knowing what US citizens have to say about this parasite living (and hopefully breeding) in their society. Okay, let’s do a poll. I can take this moron’s blog down in a heartbeat. I want to see a 3:2 majority in favor in replies to this comment. Reply with Yes or No. Should I take this moron’s blog down? P.S: Robert, come on, start backing up your files! Oops, you’re an idiot; even that won’t help as I’d destroy your blog a 1000 times if needed, just thinking that I’m serving my nation. (See, I’ve used the same nickname and email so that it doesn’t get difficult for your diseased brain).

More Out of India Idiocy

Here. This is the latest nonsense out of India purporting to undo the Aryan Migration Theory. It is written by high caste Hindu idiots for political reasons, namely to swipe back at South Indians and Dalits who claim that Aryans imposed caste Hinduism on them at the point of a sword. The fact is that South Indians misrepresent the case. The Aryans did not sweep into Northwest India, conquer the Dravidians, and push them south. The Aryans conquered in the north, and they bred in with and mixed with the locals. In time, caste Hinduism spread to the south of India. Michael Witzel is probably the pre-eminent scholar of Sanskrit and the Aryan Migration question. Here is his response to this irresponsible study, which unfortunately was published in a peer reviewed journal. Briefly, the India Today piece completely misrepresents the study and the authors of the study also make many other misrepresentations of the data. I am afraid that this is the way Indians do science, just like they do everything else – with massive corruption and political overtones. As more and more Indians get into science, we can count on science becoming more and more corrupt and less and less scientific. I asked Prof. M. Witzel about a popular news item in Indian English press. Here is his reply. Happy Holidays! N. Ganesan From Michael Witzel answering my question. ————————————– Well, Ganesan, I have answered that, based on my genetic etc. background info and info from my geneticist friends [who include Thangaraj, Pitchappan 🙂 ] — but this msg. has not appeared on IDDOLOGY@yahooo yet, where this “news” was broadcast a few days earlier… Here a copy: =========== The INDIA TODAY article (below) bristles with misrepresentations and outright misinformation, in part by the authors of the genetic study mentioned here: On Dec 11, 2011, at 7:19 PM, Sri Venkat wrote: > Dinesh C. Sharma New Delhi, December 10, 2011 | UPDATED 10:22 IST > > Indians are not descendants of Aryans, says new study. > <> Briefly, it is well known that “The origin of genetic diversity found in South Asia is much older than 3,500 years when the Indo-Aryans were supposed to have migrated to India”. Geneticists point to the Out of Africa movement around 65-75,000 years ago. As a result, Reich et al. have shown that two ancient population segments evolved in South Asia around 40 kya, the ‘Ancestral North Indians’ (ANI), (genetically close to Middle Easterners, Central Asians, and Europeans) and the ‘Ancestral South Indians’. Add another, Neolithic migration from the Greater Near East some 10,000 y.a. Then, it is usually said that “migration of Indo-European speakers from Central Asia … was responsible for the introduction of the Indo-European language family.” Indeed. Indo-Aryan language, religion, etc. have been imported from the Ural steppes/Central Asia. Note the many *early*, pre-Vedic loan-words into *early* Uralic language, and now also loans from the Bactria-Margiana culture (2400-1600 BCE) into Indo-Aryan. By people with one or another genetic set-up (see below on R1a). The rest of the so-called “Aryan Invasion” is an outdated 19th century theory, just as the early 19th c. one that imagined Indo-Europeans migrated out of India (as some Hindutvavadins now reassert!). There was indeed a movement northward out of South Asia/Greater Near East during the warm period around c.40,000 y.a., but that is some 38,000 years BEFORE Indo-Aryans even came into existence. (Same mistake made in the 2005 CA schoolbook fiasco!) > > “Our study clearly shows that there was no genetic influx 3,500 years ago,” said Dr Kumarasamy Thangaraj. Absolute genetic dates (just as in linguistic reconstructions) need to be supported by outside evidence, such as finds of skeletons. For the period around 1500 BCE, we still have error bars of 3000 years in genetic reconstructions, which makes pronouncements about a non-existent “Aryan” move into South Asia very moot indeed. We will have to await the further, so far very uncertain resolution of the early Y chromosome R1a haplogroup (c. some 20-34,000 years old), to form an opinion. Ra1 has been attributed to speakers of Indo-European (as it is prominent in Eastern Europe), but it also occurs throughout South Asia, tribal populations included. We need to know which one of its unresolved sub-strains moved, when and where. We do not know that…yet. When L. Singh says, “It is high time we re-write India’s prehistory based on scientific evidence,” we can only agree. However, not when he says, “There is no genetic evidence that Indo-Aryans invaded or migrated to India or even something such as Aryans existed”. Dr Singh does not understand that Indo-Aryan language (and religion) simply could not exist in thin air. You need a population. Obviously they had Ural area ancestors, whatever their genetic set-up upon entering from Afghanistan. Even his assertion, “If any migration from Central Asia to South Asia took place, it should have introduced apparent signals of East Asian ancestry into India” is patently wrong as Eastern elements entered Central Asia only much later. For further details see my recent message to the IER list. Cheers, Michael Sequel to my last, general comment: 1. First of all, it is rather unfortunate that the authors of the paper have highlighted the “Aryan Invasion Theory” in their summary and later on as well. That is 19th century talk! Since at least the 1950s (FBJ Kuiper 1955, Przyluski even in 1920s, etc.), Indologists have stressed the complex interactions between Indo-Aryan speakers and local speakers both in the Greater Panjab and beyond, from the oldest text (Rgveda, c. 1200-1000 BCE) onward, which has some clear non-IA poets and kings. The great, late Kuiper’s last paper (2000) has the title a “bilingual poet”. Since 1995, I too have written about acculturation, and that maybe “not one gene” of the Ural steppes people had survived by the time the pastoral Indo-Aryan speakers arrived in the Greater Panjab (via the Central Asian river pastures/Tienshan/Pamir meadows, the BMAC, Hindukush, etc., with many chances for gene flow from all these areas). That Indo-Aryan language, religion, ritual etc. have been imported from the Urals/Central Asia (note the *early* loan-words into Uralic, and now also BMAC loans words into Indo-Aryan!) is beyond any reasonable doubt. By people with one or another genetic set up, — which one that is the question. I will await the further resolution of the Y chromosome haplogroup Ra1* –note the “western” affinities in the paper of Brahmins and Ksatriyas even in U.P. — as to see exactly which genetic strain may have entered South Asia around 1500 BCE, — if any. 2. Co-author Lalji Singh says as per the article in DNA : “We have conclusively proved that there never existed any Aryans or Dravidians in the Indian sub continent. The Aryan-Dravidian classification was nothing but a misinformation campaign carried out by people with vested interests,” Prof Lalji Singh, vice-chancellor, Banaras Hindu University, told DNA.” Again harking back to *supposed* British interests in the 19th century. But, the two language groups definitely are as separate as they are from Bantu, Chinese or Papua. Indo-Aryan is definitely not = Dravidian language or its original culture, just as little as Basque, Uralic are not Indo-European. Confusion of language, genes, ethnicity, etc. Well, Lalji has stayed at Hyderabad for a long time. Did he ever try to speak Hindi/Urdu to native, mono-lingual Kannada speakers? He would had have as little luck as I would have with any Indo-European language in Estonia, Finland or Hungary. Why does he have to comment about things (language, culture) that he does not understand? ““The study effectively puts to rest the argument that south Indians are Dravidians and were driven to the peninsula by Aryans who invaded North India,” said Prof Singh, a molecular biologist and former chief of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad.” Same mistake. Of course, South Indians are Dravidian speaking. And they even are genetically (ASI) different from North Indians (ANI), which this co-author should know from his own (and D. Reich’s) paper. Same confusion of genetics, language, ethnicity (“race”)… The idea of Aryans “driving Dravidians’ South”, too, is 19th century talk. See above. The reality is much more complex. For example, Frank Southworth has shown that Maharashtra was Dravidian speaking well into the Middle Ages, and Gujarat too has Drav. place names. There was a lot of give and take between the two language families, as is seen in the many Dravidian loans in Sanskrit, etc. and the many Indo-Aryan loans in Drav. languages. 3. Unfortunately, as some years earlier before, Gyaneshwer Chaubey chimes in: “According to Dr Gyaneshwer Chaubey, Estonian Biocentre, Tartu, Estonia, who was another Indian member of the team, the leaders of Dravidian political parties may have to find another answer for their raison d’être.” A clear, political statement based on wrong science: see immediately below. By Dravidian parties he means those restricted to Tamil Nadu. Well, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra too speak Dravidian, as do many tribes in Central India (Gonds, etc.) “We have proved that people all over India have common genetic traits and origin. All Indians have the same DNA structure. No foreign genes or DNA has entered the Indian mainstream in the last 60,000 years,” Dr Chaubey said.” Sorry, *all Indians* with the same DNA structure? Their own paper says differently. He could also say that all ex-Africa populations have the same genetic origin… And no “foreign” genes? What about all these Persians, Greek/Macedonians, Saka, Kushana, Huns, Arabs 711 CE+, Muslim Turks (1000+, 1200 CE+), Mughals, Afghans 1700 CE, Portuguese, etc., British….? Sure, they all never had Indian wives… “Dr Chaubey had proved in 2009 itself that the Aryan invasion theory is bunkum. “That was based on low resolution genetic markers. This time we have used autosomes, which means all major 23 chromosomes, for our studies. The decoding of human genome and other advances in this area help us in unraveling the ancestry in 60,000 years,” he explained.” I hope he will learn to distinguish between the Out Of Africa migration, the Neolithic one from western Asia around 10,000 y.a. (detailed in this very paper!), and the trickling in of Indo-Aryan pastoral speakers c.1500 BCE?? 4. Said geneticists *still* cannot distinguish between speakers of a particular language and their genes. Writing in English — are Lalji Singh and Gyaneshwer both Anglo-Saxons? Or me, for that matter? It is one thing to explain genetic results to the gullible public, but to confuse them with wrong data from linguistics, archaeology etc. is despicable. 5. “According to Prof Singh, Dr Chaubey, and Dr Kumarasamy Thangaraj, another member of the team, the findings disprove the caste theory prevailing in India.” ??? “Interestingly, the team found that instead of Aryan invasion, it was Indians who moved from the subcontinent to Europe. “That’s the reason behind the findings of the same genetic traits in Eurasiain regions,” said Dr Thangaraj, senior scientist, CCMB. Well, as detailed in my last note, the well-known northward movement into N. Eurasia from South Asia during the warm period around 40,000 years ago, has NOTHING to do with the 19th century’s “Aryan Invasion,” dated around 1500 BCE! I suppose they can count and calculate? 6. Finally, the unavoidable dot on the i, from the ubiquitous Dr K., — who has nothing to do with this genetic paper or topic. Bad choice by the DNA newspaper! “Africans came to India through Central Asia during 80,000 to 60,000 BCE and they moved to Europe sometime around 30,000 BCE. The Indian Vedic literature and the epics are all silent about the Aryan-Dravidian conflict,” said Dr S Kalyanaraman, a proponent of the Saraswathi civilization which developed along the banks of the now defunct River Saraswathi.” Through Central Asia?? There is no evidence at all for this, neither archaeologically or otherwise. Central Asia — deserts and all — was settled, pace Wells, only much later. Dr K. is not up to date: Rumania was reached already by 42 kya… As for “Vedic literature and the epics are all silent about the Aryan-Dravidian conflict”, he should re-read the Rgveda (in Sanskrit), not the outdated 100 year old English translation of Griffith. The non-Indo-Aryan speaking populations there (Dasyu, Daasa) clearly are in conflict with Indo-Aryan speakers… Finally, having studied *administration* (PhD Manila), he is not up to date on archaeology either. The Harappan civilization developed in the Piedmont west of the subcontinent (see books by the late G. Possehl) and it spread eastward, also to the Ghagghar-Hakra river, which Dr K anachronistically calls, in Hindutva fashion, Sarasvati — well before the river got its Vedic name, c.1200 BCE. In sum: for all discussants: as the old proverb has it, “shoemaker, stick to your own tools”! ‘nough said. Michael On Dec 11, 2011, at 11:50 AM, Michael Witzel wrote: > This paper  has been out for a few days, and I got a copy from a co-author, one of my Estonian friends. > > I have immediately protested to them and have also critiqued the comments published by DNA. Note that the latter comments are attributed just to three (not all!) Indian co-authors, but do not come from the slew of other authors. The reason, as usual, seems to be politics and notoriety (to attract more finances?) > > To set the record straight, a few general remarks first: > > 1. There is nothing new in the result about an early Out of Africa movement (to South Asia) of *anatomically modern humans* (not Neanderthals, Denisovans, Homo Erectus) at c. 65-75 kya. There are some hints about earlier dates but they are based on debatable stone artifacts, not skeletons. > > 2. And we also knew well about the movements from there to northern Eurasian areas during the warm period around c. 40,000 BCE: archaeologically attested by skeletons, both in the Beijing area (Zhoukoudian c.40 kya, via S.E. Asia), and in Europa (Rumania, c. 42 kya). > > See my friend Peter Underhill (Stanford) et al. 2010 paper: > > 3. Obviously this early movement has nothing to do with the current Hindutvavadin theory of an “Out Of India” move of the Indo-Europeans, who would have settled Europe: that would be tens of thousands of years later. (The same mistake was made during the CA schoolbook affair … by a CA biologist! They never learn…) > > For a popular overview with maps see St. Oppenheimer’s website  or that of the National Geographic. > > Around 40,000 BCE there were neither “Aryans” nor Indo-Europeans around, not even speakers of the giant Nostratic language family, at best of the still earlier hypothetical Borean super-language family, proposed by my friend, the Africanist Harold Fleming (see WIKI). Likewise, no Dravidian language family yet, which may in fact be part of Nostratic anyhow. > > This northward move is a general phenomenon, as is the subsequent severe contraction southward during the last Ice age around 20 kya, when the four or five major human types (not “races”) developed in isolation: Europe, S.Asia, (Sunda Land: S.E. Asia), E. Asia, Sahul Land (New Guinea-Australia), — for example with two separate, independent mutations producing white skin color in Europe and in East Asia. > > 3. The paper by my Boston geneticist friend David Reich et al. has shown that South Asia has two ancient population segments evolving from the early Out of Africa people around 40 kya, the ‘Ancestral North Indians’ (ANI), (genetically close to Middle Easterners, Central Asians, and Europeans) and the ‘Ancestral South Indians’ (ASI), so named after I had cautioned him and Nick Patterson about the political danger involving the naming of these groups. As you can see, even this nomenclature did not help to dispel preconceived Hindutva bias about “Aryans” and Dravidians. > > At 40 kya there were no “Aryans” and no “Dravidians” around yet. > > 4. If we then want to speak about “Aryans” (more correctly: speakers of Indo-Aryan language) and speakers of the early Dravidian language at all, we first of all have to disconnect language from ethnicity or “race”. I am not an Anglo-Saxon, just because I speak and write in English here, nor are Chaubey, Singh and Thangaraj. > > Language can change within 2 generations, as all Americans know and as Indians *should* know: not just in large cities, but also in tribal areas where people take over the dominant regional language, for obvious social reasons. > > The 3 Indian geneticists quote by DNA confuse language use with genetic setup, ethnicity, culture, religion etc. All of them easily (and *mutually*) transgress genetic boundaries. > > 5. If when then speak about Indo-Aryans or Dravidians at c. 3500 years ago, and want to link them with genetic data, we must take into account that all these studies are based on modern DNA, and depend on *assumed* mutation rates (going back to the Chimpazee-Human split of 5-7 million years ago); the genetic results thus provide good *relative* dates, but not absolute dates. > > Absolute dates (just as in linguistic reconstructions) need to be supported by outside evidence, such as finds of skeletons of anatomically modern humans, as mentioned above. (By the way these are earlier at Lake Mungo in Australia at c. 50 kya and Europe/China than in South Asia, where they only appear in Sri Lanka at c.30 kya. Facetiously: an Out of Australia migration to Eurasia?) > > 6. Worse, there are huge error bars in all these models. It may not matter very much if we have error bars of some 10,000 years for the Out of Africa move, but for the period around 1500 BCE, we still have error bars of 3000 years, which makes all pronouncements about a non-existent “Aryan” move into South Asia, based on current genetic data, very moot indeed. > > The “Western Asian/Central Asian” strain in northern India/Pakistan (as per this paper by Metspalu et al.) may well be due to Persian, Greek/Makedonian, Saka, Kushana, Hun, Arab (711 CE+), Islamic Turks 1000 CE/1200 CE, Portuguese etc. (1500 CE+) or British gene influx. > > I will await the further, so far very uncertain resolution of the Y chromosome R1a haplogroup to form an opinion. Ra1a has been attributed to speakers of Indo-European (as it is prominent in Eastern Europe) but it also occurs throughout South Asia, tribal populations included. We need to know which sub-strain moved: when and where. > > 7. All of which leaves most of the comments by Singh, Thangaraj and Chaubey high and dry. More about them in my next message. > > An interesting weekend, apparently. Luckily, the semester is over… > Cheers, > > Michael > If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. Donations are the only thing that keep the site operating.

Bigfoot News July 21, 2013

Rick Dyer’s failed Vermont expedition. This sad story reveals the depths of Rick’s egotism. The Vermont Expedition has been represented as going forward smoothly and as planned. The blog is calling it “Rick Dyer’s Expedition #91.” And yet, Rick himself never made the expedition because, due to an acute attack of gout, he was forced to stay home in Vegas. Apparently he is allergic to transparency before his followers, so he would rather pretend to have traveled to Vermont than fess up to this very natural malady. That is the level of ego involved in the Rick Dyer Show. Chris Sands already lives in Vermont and another TT member showed up in the state. Chris and the TT member decided to do some white water rafting. They took a lot of very nice pictures that Frank Cali has been posting on Rick’s website as part of the cover story to say that the Rick was there for the expedition and it went smoothly. Dyer moving to Santa Rosa and moving the Bigfoot body out of state. I reported both of these things last week, and said that Rick said so on his radio show. In fact, Rick did not mention these things on his radio show. According to Rhettman Mullis, Rick is indeed moving to Santa Rosa. Dyer told Rhett this in March. Rick did say a while back that he was moving the body out of state, but he hasn’t said anything about this recently. Rick Dyer’s NDA’s. Apparently Rick’s NDA’s with the Team Tracker members are complete junk, not professionally written and not enforceable. Most of the TT members didn’t even sign them, and most regarded them as a joke. Another Bigfoot researcher has seen Rick’s body. Apparently another researcher has seen Rick’s body, and they are willing to go on video and discuss it just like Musky Allen. I do not know who this person is, whether they are a nobody or if they are a major researcher. I am hoping it was Derek Randles, but I do not know that for sure. Obviously, I haven’t been able to find out the name of the person who saw the body. Hopefully the interview will be very interesting to listen to.

A Hindu Travels Back in Time

Very nice post from India Land of Rapes, one of my favorite commenters. He shows how a fictional Hindu is hired by a Hindutvadi organization to go back in time to research the early days of the Hindu religion. The organization he works for says that Hinduism has existed unchanged in India for from anywhere from 8,000-50,000 years. Our time-traveler finds that this is nonsense as he travels back in time, he finds that the religion that is supposedly “Hinduism” is no longer recognizable as late as 2,000 years ago. Hinduism is a name given the religion by the British and it is really just the name for the many pagan religions that Indians have practiced in India since Time Immemorial. There is no monolithic Hinduism, particularly in a secular (time-constant) sense. Who are modern day Hindus? Or Indians? — They are hybrids Hindutva paints them as some unique group, but they are not – they are slaves, immigrants and mostly settlers Hinduism is not some mythical old cult existing since 9,000 years ago as some Hindutvas paint – it’s a unique new cult, co-opting some Buddhism and other traditional values. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is a powerful organization founded on the belief that the Hindu religion is eternal and unvarying, that it has existed in India for thousands of years (the VHP’s chronological estimates vary between 8,000 and 50,000 years), and that its essence has never been affected by any foreign influence or borrowing. Hinduism is unique to India, and India is a uniquely Hindu country: such is the logic of the VHP. And yet, occasionally, the VHP is assailed by a sense of doubt. It is all very well to thunder at Muslims and Christians in self-congratulatory public meetings, its leaders say to themselves, but it would be nice to have some proof with which to fight off the scoffing scientists. And so, as documents recently made available to researchers reveal, the high command of the VHP decided to sponsor a time travel project, sending a fact-finder back to the glorious Vedic age to collect evidence of how the ancestors of the Hindus performed their rituals, worshiped their gods, and conceived of their relationship to the Divine. Thus a card-carrying member of the VHP, a Hindu of impeccable credentials, embarked on a pilgrimage through time, back to 1500 BCE. He must have been very excited at the prospect of seeing with his own eyes the Golden Age of his belief, when the tenets of Hinduism were still untainted by any alien influence. Landing on the banks of the Indus, he immediately sets out on a walk, eager to visit the temples of the area, to pay his respects to the gods, magnificently carved in stone, and to celebrate the sunset with the time-honored ritual of the aarti. Our contemporary Hindu searches in vain. He encounters some herdsmen, but none of them has heard of his supreme god, Shiva. Vishnu does ring a bell, but only as one of the names of the sun god. He stumbles from one shock to another: the mention of the loving Krishna provokes anger, for Krishna, they tell him, is a cattle-raider, the enemy of their chief god, Indra. And when he asks about Ganesha, most popular of today’s deities, they nearly chase him away—that dangerous trouble-maker, they whisper, can only be appeased by tribal shamans from the forest on the far side of the river. Eager to mollify his new friends, the perplexed guest asks about their gods. The ancients rattle off a long list — Varuna, Mitra, Agni, Kubera and others—but to him these are vague names, shadowy figures, either forgotten or demoted, as in the case of Kubera, to goblin status. I will find consolation in a temple, our time-traveler thinks to himself, but the locals do not understand his request. The word ‘mandir’ is foreign to them, as is ‘murti’. Where the heck are you from? they ask with growing suspicion. Are you one of us at all? After much to and fro, they lead him to a temporary altar by the river, around which several men are seated. But he can make no sense of their shamanic rituals of purification and praise; he does not know the guardian spirits and fertility goddesses that they are worshiping. In great inner turmoil, he proceeds to a sacrificial clearing in the forest, hoping at least to come across a familiar idol. But alas, there is not a single one there, only strange totems: instead of the mighty Shiva, he encounters a cobra; instead of the regal Vishnu, he finds a fish, a tortoise and a boar. And when the sun begins to set, he is all alone, and the locals give no sign of gathering for the congregational evening prayer that has been his daily spiritual fare for as long as he can remember. But the locals are hospitable, and after dinner (of which the less said the better), they sit around the fire with him, struggling to make conversation. Seeking common ground, he narrates some of his most cherished myths as best as he can in his high-school Sanskrit, the story of Rama and Sita, the saga of the feuding Pandavas and Kauravas, the legend of the rival sisters Ganga and Parvati. His audience is entranced by such beautiful tales from foreign lands, not only because of his story-telling skills, but also because their ears have never been charmed by anything similar to this. Even the most central of Hindu concepts, which he idiomatically mentions in passing—the karma of his life—baffles his Vedic ‘ancestors’. But there is one comforting moment, when they invite him to a sacrifice: the yagna. With enormous relief he casts the mix of sesame, clarified butter and kindling wood into the fire, to the chanting of Vedic verse. But his relief is short-lived. He is scandalized that the priests hand around a brew they call soma, and shocked by the readiness with which both women and men drink it, transporting themselves into states of dream. He is eager to return home, for he might as well have landed on the moon. But the VHP does not give up so easily. OK, they exclaim, so we exaggerated by a millennium here and a millennium there, but that doesn’t prove anything. Our researcher must have missed the great Hindu unraveling by a sliver of time—we just have to send him out again. This second journey falls under a bad omen right from the start. Bereft of hopes and illusions, our Hindu is mortified by the thought of what else he might find in this most alien land of all—history. Traveling ahead in time from where he left off, he labors on desperately. His patience is sorely tested. He has to overcome oceans of strangeness, to hack his way through jungles of disorientation. The forms of worship that he comes upon shock him with their earthiness and their lack of inhibition: the snake and the penis, the gnomes and goblins. Well, he says to himself, the temples must have been made of timber and brick, although he can’t quite imagine such constructions living up to the proclaimed greatness of Ancient India. He reaches the 5th century BCE, the epoch of the great religious founders Gautama Buddha and Mahavira, who were born just a few miles apart in North India. The way he has been taught history, Buddhism and Jainism were offshoots of Hinduism, but he has not yet come across a Hinduism he can identify with, except for a few hymns and some rudimentary rituals. Branches without a trunk? He ponders over the puzzle, slipping further into the marsh of confusion when he realizes that the very first monuments he stumbles upon—towards the 2nd century BCE—are Buddhist, the domed stupas of Bharhut and Sanchi. So if the Buddhists managed to build such impressive monuments in stone, why not the Hindus of that era? Soon after this, he comes across a glimmer of hope: a column, six majestic meters of sandstone, standing in Besnagar in Madhya Pradesh. It lacks any figural representation, but the eagle Garuda is perched on its top, a symbol of Vishnu, finally a sign that is known to our traveler. Reading the inscription he learns that the column is the gift of a prominent ‘Bhagvat’, a worshiper of Vasudeva. Vasudeva! That is, Vishnu, a properly Hindu monument at last. Our time-traveler exhales—he is home. Overcome by emotion, he bows down, and his eyes fall on the inscription. For God’s sake! The donor is a foreigner: Heliodoros, son of Dion. Our man sits down heavily, puts his head in his hands, and tries to understand this cruel blow of karma, this reversal of everything he has held holy. Apparently, this ambassador from the Greek kingdoms in the northwest (today’s Pakistan and Afghanistan) to the local court is the first documented Vaishnavite in history, the first known person to regard Vishnu as the Supreme God. Heliodoros’ is hardly the exceptional case of an eccentric convert, as is proven by the coins dug up in the surrounding region. They are minted by Agathokles, an Indo-Greek ruler, and also dedicated to Vasudeva, the very first known image of this deity. Meaning ‘the Radiant God’, Vasudeva is a new kid on the block, a recent composite welded together from Pan, Dionysos and Indra. But our traveler must traverse another two centuries before he finally encounters a Hindu iconic image of any kind: In Gudimallam, near today’s Madras, he stumbles upon a truly magnificent sculpture. One and a half meters high, this icon is widely regarded as the ‘earliest depiction of Shiva in Indian art’. Our traveler is further perplexed: the lingam is not an abstract symbol, but a rather realistic gigantic penis. The deity does not stand independently but steps out of the lingam, at the same time standing on the shoulders of a yaksha (a nature spirit), holding a water-pot in his left and an antelope in his right hand, an axe resting on his shoulder. Even more confusing, the figure is devoid of any signs which usually identify this God: the trident in his hand, the river goddess Ganga in his locks, the snakes around his neck, and the bull Nandi behind him—in one word, a depiction sorely at odds with all later depictions. Even the dating (1 century BCE), though widely accepted by scholars, may be open to doubt. It emerges from the connoisseurial mystique of stylistic comparison, particularly imprecise when there is hardly anything to compare it to, conducted by T. A. G. Rao in 1914 (a period when even the datings recognized the prevailing nationalist necessities, and it wouldn’t have been patriotic to dispute a century or two). After some reflection, the traveler shakes his head in doubt. Is he really standing in front of Shiva? Only when he reaches the Kushan period, in the 1st century CE, does the time-traveling Hindu breathe a sigh of relief. In Gandhara he comes across an idol he can immediately accept as Shiva: he carries a trident and rides on the bull Nandi. In Mathura, he finds a sandstone sculpture of Vishnu; and in both Kushan centers he recognizes Skanda, the war-god and son of Shiva, a popular divinity among the Indo-Greeks. In the icon of Govardhana-dhara — the young god bearing the mountain—he recognizes his own Krishna at last! But for the most part, the images show Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, many of them with faces like firangis. He wonders if there is some malfunction in his time machine. Where has the rest of Hinduism gone? Is this really India, or has he been sent somewhere else by mistake, to some kind of Buddhistan? He wants to check with the VHP control center, but the communication device has failed. In a Kushan royal shrine, for the first time, he sees the now-popular icon of the goddess Durga locked in combat with a demon. Why do I see the Devi for the first time on my journey? he asks the Kushan custodian of the shrine. Well, says the custodian, I don’t know what you mean, you look and sound like a foreigner; but if you really want to know, this is our war-goddess Nanaia. We brought her with us from Inner Asia, and now the locals are very happy with her. They bring her flowers; they sacrifice goats on her big feast day. We don’t discourage it. And although we would prefer her to be shown killing a bull, the local artists have been experimenting with a buffalo. And we say, why not, after all it is closer to their experience in this monsoon country, so let them sculpt her killing a buffalo-demon. Our present-day Hindu spends the rest of the day in a daze. He avoids entering the other shrines he sees, not knowing what further surprises lie in store for him. But never mind, he tells himself, he is the first living Hindu to have gone back to the past and seen what it was really like. He can make a career out of his stories. He relaxes a little at the prospect. When he finally makes it back to contemporary India, he presents his findings with great excitement to the VHP’s high command. He is promptly expelled from the organization, and his papers are publicly burned. Not for telling things that are untrue — the VHP leadership can hardly assert this claim against his testimony — but because he has dared to state, openly, facts that cannot be tailored to suit the myth-machine. You do not have to be historically correct to be condemned as a traitor, but in today’s India, large parts of which are dominated by the ideology of Hindutva, it certainly helps.

Problems in the Diagnosis of OCD

The criteria used to diagnose OCD give rise to a lot of confusion among sufferers and clinicians. Resistance: Resistance is certainly the hallmark of OCD. Obsessions often provoke the most ferocious resistance. However, not all OCD’ers resist their thoughts. Some just hate them and want them to go away. Also, when the illness gets bad, resistance is often gone and the thoughts just take over and resistance is impossible. Others choose not to resist. I talked to a female OCD’er with Harm OCD who said she didn’t want to fight off the thoughts because that would be “going against who I really am.” This is a case where the obsessions have taken over so badly that the person is starting to believe them. Unfortunately, this is quite common in the illness, and the sufferer often feels that the obsessions are completely real, because that is how they feel. Nevertheless, resistance is still an excellent marker for OCD. My feeling is, “If you try to stop it, it’s an obsession.” And that’s pretty much true. Resistance can turn into a cause of endless doubting and ruminations. I have talked to people who spend a good part of their time resisting and fighting off and trying to stop obsessions. Nevertheless, one of their worries was, “Am I really trying to stop the thoughts?” Anxiety: Certainly, anxiety is prominent in OCD. However, as OCD goes on, the anxiety often attenuates and the person does not feel so much anxiety anymore about the obsessions. For instance the Gay OCD’er feels that the gay thoughts do not cause anxiety anymore, so this means that they are gay. The pedophile OCD’er does not feel much anxiety about the pedo thoughts anymore, so that means they must be a pedophile. The Harm OCD’er finds that the violent thoughts do not cause much anxiety anymore, so they must be a murderer or a psychopath. It is uncertain why the anxiety goes down in OCD. Some think that the body simply tires of being anxious all the time and simply becomes attenuated to the anxiety. Feelings of numbness and lack of feelings: This is very common in OCD. Why this happens is not certain, but it may be because the anxiety has gone down.At any rate, numbness is very common. This often causes a lot of worry, particularly in Harm OCD, when the person feels that that they have lost their feelings and are turning into a psychopath. Lack of desire to carry out the actions: It is often said that the difference between someone with OCD and someone without it is the lack of desire to carry out the actions associated with the obsessions. “The person with OCD does not really want to do these things,” is how it is often phrased. However, this causes a lot of confusion because in many cases, the OCD will make the person feel that they want to carry out the acts. A person with Gay OCD will feel gay and feel like he wants to have gay sex, a person with pedophile OCD will feel like he wants to have sex with children, and a person with Harm OCD will feel like they want to attack or kill people. So this isn’t a very good barometer. However, in general, they do not want to have these feelings, and they fight them very hard. So you look at such things as unwantedness and resistance instead. Whether the person with OCD really wants to do these things is more of a philosophical question. They probably don’t, but OCD can make them feel like they do. Obsessions as repugnant: While it is probably true that the OCD’er finds their obsessions repugnant on a deep level, hence all the discomfort, anxiety and resistance, this can cause problems because when the illness is bad, the OCD will try to convince the person that they like the thoughts and don’t want to get rid of them. I have spoken to many OCD’ers who were panicked because they felt they were starting to enjoy the pedophile, gay or violent thoughts. This is just OCD trying to convince you that you like something that you really don’t. But the repugnant criteria can result in endless ruminations along the lines of, “Do I really find them repugnant?…Maybe I don’t…Maybe I like them…” Sometimes this leads to endless compulsions where the person tests themselves over and over again with the images to see if they are disgusted or not. A Gay OCD’er may look at gay images on the Net to see if they generate the proper amount of disgust. A pedo OCD’er may conjure up images of sex with children to see if they are properly disgusted by them. A Harm OCD’er conjures up images of crime scenes, homicides, or themselves committing a violent act over and over to see if they feel the proper amount of disgust and horror. I talked to one OCD’er who had an image of himself slitting his father’s throat in his head. He had to conjure up the image over and over until he “got it right” and had the proper feeling towards it. This compulsion could take some time and was accompanied by some interesting physical maneuvers in conjunction with it. “Am I really disgusted by the thoughts? Am I really horrified by them? Do they really bother me?…” These are the sorts of endless ruminations that one encounters. “I am going to do X…”: It is actually fairly common for an OCD’er to think that they are going to carry out the unwanted act. For instance, a someone with pedophile OCD may think, “I am going to have sex with this child,” and someone with Harm OCD may think, “I am going to kill this person,” or, “I am going to shake the baby right now.” Often these more dramatic forms cause a lot of anxiety because the person worries that the thinking is too extreme to be OCD. However, this thinking is quite common in OCD. Confusion of voices with thoughts: The person with OCD often describes the thoughts as “voices,” but what they are describing is their inner voice only, not external hallucinations. Also the inner voice in the person with OCD often goes through a lot of changes in tone, etc. to where it seems there are different internal voices going on. Sometimes the obsessions seem to be in a voice other than one’s own, and this is very frightening. An internal voice is just a thought. Thoughts are internal voices. You hear them in your head, as the phrase “inner voice” implies. You can have one internal voice or many. It’s probably better to have as few as possible since otherwise you might find yourself confused. A hallucination is something you hear with your ears. It is external to the environment. Confusion of “fake hallucinations” with real hallucinations: In the form of OCD called Schiz OCD, the person worries that they are developing schizophrenia. They often worry that they are starting to hallucinate. They listen intently for all sorts of noises in the environment and start to either mistake them for voices or wonder if they are really voices. A person with true hallucinations will be quite clear that they are hallucinating. Usually careful questioning can ferret out the fake hallucinations from the real hallucinations. “Lack of empathy” in Harm OCD: In OCD, the obsessions often feel very real. So a person with Gay OCD feels 10 In Harm OCD, many times persons report a “lack of empathy.” Many Harm OCD’ers have told me this. “I feel like I don’t care anymore…I feel like I don’t love people anymore…I have lost the feeling of love…I feel like I don’t care about others’ lives or value them…I feel like I could take a life and not even care…” One told me, “You know, when my grandfather died, everyone around me was sad, but I felt like I didn’t even care. I felt like I wanted to laugh.” He was terrified as he told me this. On the surface, this looks like the lack of empathy associated with psychopathy and I have had OCD’ers tell me that their therapists told them that this sort of thing was not associated with OCD and was instead associated with psychopathy. This just caused them even more worry as they were already afraid they were psychopaths. Typically, this person had felt decent empathy for others before the onset of the Harm OCD. They are generally alarmed that they “seem to be losing their empathy” and see this as a sign that they “are turning into psychopaths.” They make desperate efforts to regain their empathy and feelings of love, but it often doesn’t work very well. This often turns into a form of a compulsion where the person can spend hours a day “practicing feeling love or empathy for others.” Presumably, a person with psychopathy or a true lack of empathy would not feel bad about it. The “lack of empathy” is probably a “false feeling” created by the OCD. Confusing obsessions with delusions: Unfortunately, many OCD’ers are still diagnosed with psychosis. I have had many of them come to me with a diagnosis of psychosis. In all cases, I felt the diagnosis was wrong. However, at times, obsessions take a very strange form in which the content looks like a delusion. In these cases, you look at how much the person believes in the thought, whether they are resisting it, etc. Confusion of checking with interest: I have talked to some pedophile OCD’ers who had looked at child porn or had masturbated to pedophilic imagery as a form of checking to see if they were interested in it or not. They were now terrified that they did not have OCD and instead they had pedophilia. They were not doing this because they were pedophiles. Instead they were they were checking to see if they were pedophiles or not. Concerns about escalation: It is quite common for OCD’ers to accept a diagnosis of OCD but to then feel it is “turning into something worse.” In other words, at first they had Harm OCD or Pedophile OCD, but now it is getting worse, and they are turning into pedophiles or psychopaths. Escalation is a strong worry in the form of OCD called Schiz OCD where the person worries that they have schizophrenia. Invariably these persons feel that they are developing schizophrenia. Realistically almost none of them are. I do not regard this as much of a worry. My feeling is, “Once it’s OCD, it’s always OCD.” “Is it really OCD?” This is not so much a matter of diagnostic confusion as it is a hallmark of the disorder. I cannot tell you how many OCD’ers I have talked to who ask me, “Is it really OCD?…I am worried it is not OCD…What if it isn’t OCD?” It is called the doubting disease after all. My feeling is that if you are asking yourself over and over, “Is it really OCD?” then in all probability it may well be OCD. Sometimes a person without OCD will wonder if they have it, but they are not usually so obsessive about it.

My Site on Academia.edu

Some of my friends joined Academia.edu, and they kept sending me requests to join them on the site. I went to the site, but it seemed to be for academics only so I did not want to join. After a while, I finally joined though, but I didn’t upload any papers for a long time. I finally started uploading some papers. Most of the folks on there are academics, but there are also some independent scholars on there, which is what I am. You generally need to affiliate yourself with a university. I took some of my better, most academic blog posts and cleaned them up to make them more academic, and then I uploaded them to the site. There are 11 papers on the site now with more to come. Feel free to check it out if you want to.

Hacienda Was Banned

I just got too many requests to ban him and I have people who will no longer come to the site as long as he is present. He made a lot of good contributions, but he also antagonized many people and he fought with just about everyone. If you start getting a lot of people calling for you to be banned, your days might be numbered on this site.

Bigfoot News July 19, 2013

Rick Dyer selling everything but the kitchen sink. I pointed out the other day that Rick is selling his Mercedes Team Trackermobile supposedly because it has the face of someone he hates on there. Listing is here. He has also selling many other things. Stretch limousine for $5,000. Two dirt bikes, no price listed. A videorecorder for $800. A listing on Craigslist, since removed. Here is the text: Jul 8, 2013 – 702-659-2452. Location: LVB/Chey; it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests. Posting ID: 3922244134. Not sure what he was selling there. He also had a garage sale this past week selling everything from a playpen to clothes and shoes. Dyer’s NDA’s. According to Dyer’s NDA’s, you can be sued for $250,000 if you violate them. Apparently enforceable too. Why would anyone sign one of these things then? If it’s real and it’s going to be revealed anyway, save yourself the trouble and see it when it comes out. Why take the risk of signing the NDA? Bigfoot video out British Colombia. This video has been proven to be a fake. It was made by a cellphone company for some reason. However, I thought it was a well-done fake. A group of Asian tourists on tour, possibly of a national park, film a Bigfoot in the nearby deep woods, possibly grubbing for grubs in a log. The crowd gathers round, and they are all taking pictures of the Bigfoot, which is pretty much out of sight but nevertheless appears to be grubbing a log. We know this because at one point, a very long arm swings back as it grubs the log. At some point, a man asks in an Asian accent, “What?” Someone, perhaps a tour leader, replies in an Asian accent, “Sasquatch.” Then we hear several more Asian accented voices saying, “Sasquatch.” This video makes no sense at all. A Bigfoot in full view of a score of tourists with camera? No way! The Sasquatch is visible off and on for about 45 seconds, but at no time do we get a good view of it. [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0M2S11T_Nbk]

Player Killed, Ref Decapitated and Dismembered in Brazilian Soccer Match

Video here. In a soccer match in the Brazilian state of Maranhão, a referee ejected a player from a game. The player and the ref got into an argument, and the ref pulled out a knife and stabbed the player to death. The players friends and relatives then stormed onto the field and beat the ref to death, later decapitating him and dismembering his body. This video does not show the actual fights and mayhem on the field. Instead, it shows the aftermath at the hospital, with hospital stuff pulling the ref’s head off his body (it was not attached anyway). You can also see the results of the drawing and quartering. Hard to watch but it’s basically a medical scene in a hospital, nothing ER doctors don’t see.


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