The Male-Shaming "Creepy" Word Again

Some feminist bitch named Erin writes:

So very little of the collectivist and dehumanizing crap in the post or article merits response, but I do find it funny that this guys is all butthurt because women use the “male shaming” word “creepy” but has no problem calling women who reject him or his world view “feminist whores”. I’ve seen this time and time again. Guy wants girl; girl doesn’t want guy. Rather than accept than some people aren’t attracted to him and that’s not necessarily a personal attack on his character (or, maybe it is, and he needs to do some self work to be attractive to his desired romantic interests), guy collectivizes all women in this shallow, predictable, narcissistic stereotype and claims it’s impossible for him to get “high status” women (because that logic doesn’t take away from the idea of women as individual human beings) because he has to “compete” with other men. If only women could blame a perpetual inability to get laid on the wrong doings of “Men’s’ Rights douche bags”.

1. I don’t have a perpetual inability to get laid. Sort of like the exact opposite actually. 2. I don’t call all women anything. I singled the feminist bitches who carry on with this “creepy” bullshit. 3. Not that it matters, but I have gotten plenty of “high status” females in my life, and I actually continue to get them somehow, even though I am lower than low status myself. 4. Guy likes girl. Girl doesn’t like guy. Guy gets the hint and backs off. Girl calls guy creepy for trying in the first place. Bullshit on that. It is male shaming. They’re attacking the poor guy for trying to get laid/start a romance/or get involved in a romantic or sexual arrangement with a female, which is perfectly normal behavior. But feminists don’t believe guys have a right to try to get laid is what it boils down to. 5. It’s not true that only Beats and Omegas get called creepy. I know a guy who has had sex with ~200 females, and he tells me he has been getting called “creep” and “creepy” his whole life. He’s the very definition of an Alpha. Creepy is just a bullshit female term for “a guy who likes me but I don’t like him.” The more sexually aggressive you, the more of a flirt you are, the more passes, pickup lines and physical gropings you engage in with women you meet, the more you are going to get called creep. It has nothing to do with success or failure or any of that. Now mind you, the more Beta/Omega a guy is, the more he is going to get called that because the number of women who don’t find him attractive is large and the number of women who do find him attractive is very small to nonexistent. According to feminist scum, this poor shmuck has no right to even try to get laid ever, with any woman on the face of the Earth? Why? Because he’s creepy! I say so what. I don’t care how Beta or Omega the guy is. He still has a right to try to get laid any legal way he can using any technique, trick or game in the book, and he’s not a creep for trying! “Creepy” really just means “guy who is trying to get laid.” And what’s wrong with that? Up with the creeps! Up with creepiness! Down with the feminist scum!

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0 thoughts on “The Male-Shaming "Creepy" Word Again”

  1. Again raging against asians, then piss off and attack them, all ur rants will not harm them, jealous kiddo, anyways most sane people wont believe in such incoherences you write sometimes about asias, i didnt believe something as incoherent as whites, blacks and hispanics sharing common features contrasting with asias, so ridiculous

  2. There are some sexual double-standards that work out in men’s favor, while hurting women, some of them perhaps more significant than the “creepy” shame game that women use to sanction non-elite males. For instance:
    1). A talented yet ugly man would always have a certain number of women in his orbit who wanted to fuck him, many of them very attractive. The writer Charles Bukowski had, by his own description, a small penis and the worst case of acne vulgaris in the history of medical science. However, he was a famed poet and writer, and girls would travel all the way from Scandinavia to fuck him. As a male, if you were 400 lbs. but played brilliant piano in concert, you would have a certain number of women willing to fuck you. The inverse is not true, however. A talented yet unattractive woman would have to console herself with celibacy, unless she was also rich.
    2). Unattractive men can be incredibly critical of women and have impossibly high standards, and they can be very mean about it. The most egregious example of this would be on the Howard Stern show, where he would assemble a panel of ugly male fucks like Gary the Retard and Betelgeuse the Micro-cephalic to criticize attractive women brutally. Yes it was just a scripted TV show, but it was indicative of something I have seen firsthand, that is the guy who is probably a 2 out of 10 ruthlessly critiquing a woman who, while not perfect, is still far more attractive than him
    3). At the end of the day, I think being penetrated has to in some way be degrading. I know there are homosexuals and even straight men who enjoy prostate play or whatever, but the bottom line is that men enter women, and they lose a bit of their elasticity and vestal nature every time they are punctured. If they’re not careful, they will be saddled with an unwanted pregnancy. The consequences of sex for men are much less severe (STDs excluded.) People will jump up to call my theory crazy, to say there is no shame in being penetrated, but they’re lying to themselves. Women have the short end of the stick, they know it, and it makes them crazy, crazy enough for me to excuse them for calling men “creepy” and whatever else.
    I remember once hearing about a sect of Muslims or Jews who prayed to God every morning, thanking him for making them men rather than women. I’m not a misogynist in the sense of wanting to keep women down or not respecting them intellectually, but I am grateful ultimately that I am not a woman.

  3. Nothing will change. Females enjoy sexual attention, why do think they dress up the way they do for going out to a local nightclub or something else like that. All the cliched, unoriginal, faggoted and yearly released romcoms prove this.

  4. Simple stop taking offense to the word “creep”. We as men have right to reclaim our manhood from these self-centered bitches and their mangina male worshipers. Don’t let any shame or threat prevent you from speaking your mind. Of course, it’s wimpish to keep stalking a girl after she rejects you, just move on and ignore that bitch in future, no need to greet her or act friendly. If enough men follow this principle (not that it should matter to you), she’d soon find herself lonely and devoid of male admirers. Treat her as a non-entity, ignore her presence in groups. Just refuse to talk. I’ve had women who called me “creep” burn with jealousy when they found me laughing and having fun with other females in their presence. They have tried to win me back with calls for attention but no Ma’am, once you called me “creep”, you permanently destroyed that hallowed image I had for you in my mind. It’s the same as if I try to slander you in front of your friends, c’mon I love my reputation as much as you love yours so there’s only one time you’re allowed to call me creep, and that’s the last time! Really I wouldn’t be thinking of you again even if you offered nude massage in a honeymoon suite. There are enough women in the world to fill my needs. I wouldn’t be taking your phone calls, answering your text or add you back on Facebook. The only way we can ever get back to civil behavior is when you publicly apologize for having used the word “creep” (however, I doubt it as self-centered bitches like you are incapable of saying “Sorry” or “Thank you”). Men who agree to be trampled on by self-serving bitches really have no right to complain when they show their true colors. TWO CAN PLAY THE SAME GAME, BITCHES.

  5. Chris Rock said it best (paraphrase):

    “If a boss tells his female employee, ‘sleep with me or you’re fired’, that’s harassment. But everything else just falls under a guy trying to get laid. All sexual harassment is is when an ugly many tries to get some. Oh he ugly, call the police! Call the authorities! If my father didn’t harass my mother, I wouldn’t be here. This whole thing with Anita Hill wouldn’t have happened if Clarence Thomas had looked like Denzel Washington. If that was the case, Anita would’ve been like, “come here Denzel, with you and yo fine self!”

    I understand that women have the right to decide who they’re attracted to, and that attraction is subjective.
    However, feminists like Schwyzer seem to believe that if a guy is indeed labelled a “creep,” then it’s his fault, even though he could very well have done nothing wrong, and was merely the victim of an emotional woman’s subjective assessment.
    Just because a woman has feelings about something doesn’t mean that those feelings are rational or correct.

  6. Some people find themselves at the opposite end of Robert’s experience, where their whole life, for the most part, was a failure, ESPECIALLY with women. Well, I’m here to say that if you become a Buddhist and shoot for enlightenment, none of this shit matters. Fuck the world. You can be in it, but not of it.

  7. “Formerly” oppressed groups such as blacks, women, etc.? Seriously?
    I hope you were joking. We white males may get butthurt by the ego-eroding process of trying to get laid (oh no, I’ve been called a creep! Woe is me!) but that’s honestly nothing compared to the daily experience of living as a “formerly” oppressed group.
    Also, please stop with the implicit references to the “feminist agenda”. It’s a blinkered and retarded worldview, particularly considering that ‘feminism’ is the furthest fucking thing from a unified homogeneous movement.
    The experience of being alive can be quite shit no matter who/where/what you are, but the amount of bitterness and straight-up idiocy being displayed in this comments section is unbelievable.
    Be a fucking man and stop whining and indulging in your petty fantasies of a hostile ‘feminist’ world bent on castrating you and taking away your privileges. Just learn to accept yourself (a trite statement, but not easy to achieve in practice), stop being so dependent on external ego-stroking approval, and realise that everyone else is probably just as fucked up as you are. FFS.

    1. Sam, you’re coming across like bewitched.
      Sue, there’s some apparent exaggeration going on here, even in the term “formerly oppressed”, but that’s the nature of informal discussion, it’s not like this is mount Olympus and we’re Gods planning mankind’s fate.
      I didn’t see a claim of a vast conspiracy by gyno-Americans, just recognition of a new cultural trend/fad.
      There’s constantly new crazes, like the annoying fad by men of shaving their heads bald. Usually among alpha types, who are too busy measuring their useless penises to be bothered by hair maintenance.
      Or those “tramp stamps” women get.
      Are women better or worse than men? No.
      Are they different?
      Obviously. One example, it’s almost always women that tailgate. See someone tailgating? Probably a female. Women are as good drivers as men, they just have different habits.
      There’s probably no feminist movement anymore, but there’s attitudes among women that ebb and flow, like language as tools in power struggles.
      That’s just true.
      Lighten up Sam, twitch yer nose.

  8. 🙂
    Informal discussion is one thing, but the language one uses does have an impact, especially when its connotations ring false, or are misleading.
    Casual ignorance is still ignorance and can have harmful repercussions, if only in terms of misrepresenting things or spreading falseness, bile or hate. We are not Olympian gods, that’s true, but I find your logic facile in that it would implicitly excuse even the most flagrant cases of ignorance (such as casual racism or xenophobia) simply because they’re stated glibly, or informally.
    We are people living in a world of cause and effect. What we say and do matters. To pretend otherwise is to avoid taking responsibility for ourselves.

    1. Well, that’s true to an extant, but my logic is facile because I prefer to keep things easy and simple. I’m an engineer, we admire simplicity.
      It’s not like the casual banter includes firm declarations about the inferiority or moral haphazardness of womenfolk. I actually think airing these views helps society.
      I believe it can improve relations twixt men and women,
      I guess it boils down to whether you believe there’s a social trend among some women to use misapplied shaming in lieu of polite rejection or you…don’t.
      I’m comfortable with believing it. Observing human behavior is a pastime I’ve practiced for more than 5 decades.
      people often start doing things because others do it, all the while thinking they’re special and unique and trend-setting.
      I don’t know why. I observe human behavior, I’ll never fully understand it.
      That’s why i hold all psychologists in disregard…they profess to have a partial formula for not just understanding human psychology, but predicting it. They actually make a f’cking profession out of this palm-reading shit. They make damn good money with the scam.
      I dislike scammers.

  9. Robert, you must be educated enough about what feminism actually is to know that calling a guy creepy is outside the scope of feminism? It’s not anti-feminist. It’s just that feminism is about progressive social change to create transformative chance to a patriarchial heteronormative order.
    Calling a guy creepy is not about feminism. It is a legitimate female reaction to a guy she does not like. I do call guys creepy sometimes. It’s a way of signalling to them that the way they have expressed sexual attraction to me is not attractive to me. Some guys I call creepy are attractive and may have slept with many women.
    No one is saying guys don’t have the right to try and get laid, but you also cannot remove women’s right to reject those guys using methods that come instinctively to them. A guy who expresses sexual attraction in an attractive way will be called a lady’s man, an alpha male, a lady killer etc. A guy who is not adept at expressing sexual attraction to women will be called a lecher or a creep.
    Some guys dance a line. Sometimes they get it right and fall into the alpha category. Sometimes their horn dog is to obvious and they get called creeps. This is not about feminism or shaming men. Within a respectable and fair culture of dating, women will reject the guys they don’t want by calling them creeps sometimes. And the guy will then have to work on himself and become non-creep to next time he tries to get it.

  10. Also, guys, calm down.
    I have read complaints about the term “creepy” on like 5 different manosphere blogs. It’s a real fixation of men and it seriously concerns them to be called creepy.
    Are you guys not aware that women are not educated on the effects of calling a guy creepy? I have never heard women discuss the term among themselves. It’s not something women give much thought to. It’s some random word in our vocabulary. It is not known to be some kind of fatal blow to the male ego. But I have seen guys discuss being called creepy on many many occaisions in my life.
    I wouldn’t really worry about the term if I were a guy. She called you creepy. She doesn’t really know what she’s saying in the sense that she doesn’t understand how you’ll take it. Women have to reject men. Calling a guy creepy is some off the cuff way of doing it. It is not meant to twist a knife into a guy.

    1. She doesn’t really know what she’s saying
      This part is gold, everything else you’ve said is garbage. If I had to write a bible on Female bahaviour, that one statement would comprise the sum total of everything that needed to be said on the subject.

      1. Dota, then why are there blogs and blogs by the dozen dedicated to game?
        What women say has significance. Understanding it’s implications is very worth your while if you want to get laid on a regular basis by girls you are not paying.

        1. Searching for significance in the language of an impulsive, ADD stricken, overgrown adolescent is not only irrational, but also self defeating.

        2. Feministx, it’s not just Dota. He is right. This is not a manosphere blog that you can crudely stereotype. He also hit the nail on the head on who I once was: “Searching for significance in … an impulsive, ADD stricken, overgrown adolescent is not only irrational, but also self defeating.”
          I was absurd. I was a “creep”. Most pitifully, I was needy, and burned a fever of desire over what other people thought of me. I wanted so badly to be liked. Pathetic!
          Of the countless women I knew that I was interested in (in my Gen X-Y life), only 3 were not as Dota precisely describes. And they ALL wanted a gamer (and of course, they got them repeatedly). It’s the bad boys who have confidence, so the “cool” girls can’t resist them. The others like me are genuine, sincere, nice, serious about wanting a relationship, and have more qualities that would make them good boyfriends. But that bores todays, post-feminist women, especially upfront, and they can pick up on a guy’s insecurity from 500 miles away. That’s the kiss of death for a decent guy who only needed be given a chance. BUT I see a role reversal since I’ve been in my 30’s. All those cool bitches who strutted over how they could have any guy they wanted, when they were in their 20’s, now want guys like me, because their clocks are ticking, and they want to stop partying and settle down – but us good guys avoid them like the plague, either, because we finally got it through our thick skulls that they ultimately have nothing offer (other than that divine sex we missed out on), or because we won the hearts of the decent few, attractive gals out there – or both. It’s nice justice.

        3. How is this rational? ADD and impulsiveness are both traits more likely to be found in men. That is well known. Why would you say women were these things characteristically?

    2. @ feministx
      You know what, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll actually accept that it is okay for women to call men they don’t find attractive creepy.
      (now, before all the other men on this site attack me as a mangina, here me out)
      I’ll accept it if in turn you accept guys calling slutty women “sluts,” bitchy women “bitches,” and fat and ugly women “ugly.”
      Not holding my breath though. From what I’ve read on various feminist blogs (most notably Jezebel), merely finding the sight of fat women disgusting is enough to qualify you as a shallow misogynist brainwashed by patriarchal beauty standards.

      1. I don’t yell at random guys walking down the streets that they are creeps. I only tell guys they are creeps if they repeatedly try to get my attention when I am not into them. If a girl is mean to you, you can call her a bitch. If you want to reject women on basis of number of sex partners, go ahead. But that’s different than calling a random girl walking down the street a slut because she is wearing something revealing. Like I said, I don’t randomly go around calling guys creeps. I don’t make fun of guys who go to PUA workshops and say “ugghhh. those creepy losers!” You have to come bother me to be called a creep.
        If some ugly girl keeps trying to get your number, go ahead and call her ugly. I do it to guys.

        1. If some ugly girl keeps trying to get your number, go ahead and call her ugly. I do it to guys.
          Well, at least you’re honest and consistent, to a degree. Very rare virtues for your demographic.

  11. Are you guys not aware that women are not educated on the effects of calling a guy creepy? I have never heard women discuss the term among themselves. It’s not something women give much thought to.
    Ignorance is a defense now? So the next time a comedian makes a rape joke, he can dismiss feminist outrage merely by saying that he’s ignorant of the effects of “rape culture” and that he just hasn’t really thought about it?
    Yeah, fat chance of that.

    1. rape is dangerous to women. Calling a guy a creep is not dangerous to them.
      I’m just saying men shouldn’t be that hurt by the term because the word doesn’t mean very much to women. It doesn’t mean women hate you or that you make them cringe. It’s some random word they use to reject attention.

      1. Also, another question, feminist. If it’s just a “random word,” then why creep of all words?
        I think it’s a bit disingenuous of you to insist that it doesn’t have anything to do with women finding men repulsive or that they make them cringe.
        Creepy means “having the creeps,” which implies feelings of revulsion.

        1. I don’t use creep of all words. I use creep along with whatever word occurs to me. I say gross more than creep. Means the same to me.
          Creep means that the lechery is more apparent than anything else about the man. It’s fine to be forward, but it can be unattractive if it seems all about penis in vagina and not about personality interaction.

  12. “Creep” is a pretty foul and nasty term. It’s (IMO) much worse than anything else I can think of…dickhead, asshole, loser, sissy, misshapen mutant homunculus, prick, C**S**R, fag, you name it, a woman could call me any of these and it wouldn’t bother me in the least…
    “creep” OTOH, carries a special, nasty implication.
    It suggests a sexual pervert. A sick person…someone who’s repulsively deviant and makes the skin crawl. Creepy. A non-human, a serial killer, a corpse-fucker, a golden shower seeking scat muncher, a booger-eater, a urine-soaked panty sniffer, or worse…a regular reader of the national review.
    When Trayvon martin called GZ a “creepy ass cracker” he was telling Rachel that he thought he was being stalked by a white perverted juvenile-focused homo.
    I mean, if I called a woman who I wasn’t attracted to who had just made an attempt to be friendly with me an “aids-ravaged cunt”, it wouldn’t be as nasty as “creep” is to a man.
    I guess it’s a matter of perception.

  13. ““Creep” is a pretty foul and nasty term. It’s (IMO) much worse than anything else I can think of…dickhead, asshole, loser, sissy, misshapen mutant homunculus, prick, C**S**R, fag, you name it, a woman could call me any of these and it wouldn’t bother me in the least…”
    I don’t think any women understand that men feel the word has this implication. I have rejected guys with all sorts of terse responses- you are gross, you are on drugs, you are nuts, you are annoying etc. To me, creep is no worse than any of those. It’s just some negative word that appears to get rid of guys when I say it.

  14. I don’t think any women understand that men feel the word has this implication.
    It’s just some negative word that appears to get rid of guys when I say it.
    Well now that you know the implications of the word, are you going to continue using it?

    1. Something tells me you will still use it as member of class whose interests are diametrically opposed to Men.
      However, your response to my question was quite clever. You responded to my check by forcing a draw. Well played lassie.

  15. If I were a girl I wouldn’t want to be with someone who hates me just because I’m a girl and wants to strangle me to death during sex.
    Also why do you hate (or whatever) Asians?

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