Hugo Schwyzer Links to Me

Here. On the online version of the Atlantic Magazine! Wow! He neither attacks me nor praises me, just calls me a men’s rights blogger, which is true in a sense. The article is about females calling males “creeps,” and Hugo takes the total feminist position on this, which means he thinks creep-shaming is the greatest thing since Cheez Wiz. I beg to differ. There are many comments that follow. Feel free to head on over there and weigh in.

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0 thoughts on “Hugo Schwyzer Links to Me”

    1. @ Tulio
      At first I hated feminists such as Lindy West the most.
      (BTW, is it just me, or have you noticed that “fat acceptance” advocates tend to also be staunch feminists to boot?)
      But the way I see it, it’s their enablers like Schwyzer who are the worst.

      1. Manosphere writer Thutmosis put it best (when commenting on a feminist article about how a mother instructed her 8 year girl to run to the authorities when an 8 year old boy tried to show interest in her)
        This kind of sexual harassment hysteria and obsession with female “safety” is not going to to make us any safer or improve gender interactions. Instead, it’s going to create alarmist, hysterical women, and passive, awkward men, who won’t take the necessary steps to hit on and court women because they’re scared of being smeared with the “harassment” or “creepy” label.
        Then again, I’ve always wondered whether or not “feminism” by itself was to blame. There are other feminist countries in the world such as Iceland that have far healthier sexual dynamics than the U.S.
        I think the toxic combination of radical, left wing feminism, along with the U.S’s prudish, puritanical roots, in addition to a highly capitalistic and unequal neoliberal society that commodifies sex and romance (which results in women only lusting after high status men and acting indignant whenever lower status men try to hit on them) creates all the problems we discuss at length here.

  1. The fact that the law centers on women’s subjective experience is what makes so many of my students and countless men’s rights activists so indignant.
    Something tells me that if it were up to Schwyzer, men would be imprisoned simply for the crime of making a woman feel “unsafe,” regardless of whether or not he’s done anything wrong.
    And really, that’s what “creepy” means. I used to think “creepy” represented truly perverted or deviant behavior, like Glen Quagmire from Family Guy. But now I’ve come to realize that “creepy” simply means anything that makes a woman feel even slightly uncomfortable, no matter how trivial or irrational her feelings are.
    These same feelings that Schwyzer believes should be given legal sanction.
    This is just the tip of one very foul feminist iceberg, though. No less than Jessica Valenti argued that the U.S. should emulate Sweden and repeal “innocent until proven guilty” when it comes to rape cases. For some reason, one of the fundamental pillars of Western law should get thrown out of the window when it comes to rape.
    Feminism is the enemy of men everywhere.

  2. I’ve always thought, and still think that females are more mature than males. You’d never see a female get into a fight because of something petty, only males do that.

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