Huax and Xera Were Just Banned

There have been persistent calls to ban these two regular trolls, and I finally decided to take action. Last straw for Xera was derailing a post about incels into another one of his terminal race war threads by attacking Asian men for being weak, soft, wimpy, unattractive to women and having small dicks. He’s only said it 2000 times already! There have been many calls to ban this guy, and that was the last straw. I am getting tired of all the race-warring in the comments, but I am not going to ban on it unless people start complaining. But getting rid of two of the worst trolls on the site should clean up the Comments a bit.

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0 thoughts on “Huax and Xera Were Just Banned”

  1. “I am getting tired of all the race-warring in the comments”. But you’re running a blog with racial differences as the main theme, so how is it possible to avoid it going out of control often ?!

    1. This blog is not all about race. It’s about all sorts of things. Yes, there is some race talk, but I am a liberal, and I obviously don’t like all these racial supremacists trying to one up each other and insult and put down other races. I have no interest in conversations about which race is superior and which race is inferior. But this is the whole problem. You can’t talk about race at all apparently because as soon as you bring it up the supremacists come out in force trashing the races they think are inferior and elevating their own race as superior. So maybe it’s better just to leave race alone. Humans just aren’t mature enough to handle it.
      I wanted to talk more about race in anthropological sense than anything else. I don’t like to talk much about racial differences. It’s not my favorite subject, and you can see why that is.

      1. I guess they went overboard then ! Not been following their antics as I’m reading your blog only for the past one month.

    1. All my interactions with Hacienda have been quite civil. Plus he was even better at trolling Xera than Haux.

      1. I stuffed Genghis Khan’s dick up Xera’s ass from Day One.
        The dumbfucks you meet on the net. LOL.

  2. Since a thread on trolls is pretty close to an open thread (not much to say except “goodbye”), and I’m not a heavy spammer, I would like to sneak in video featuring a Jewish Armenian rapper from NYC. It’s been a long time since I’ve paid any attention to rap, but he seems to have a humorous take on the genre. Black popular culture has been on a nosedive ever since the era of the Temptations.

    1. All cultures are nosediving. Japan is running out of new ideas and is becoming stagnant, the UK has been in a state of relative stagnation and economic decline since WW2, and many european states have also struggled to revive themselves and are riddled with many types of tensions.

      1. “Becoming “stagnant”? Japan has been stagnant for years, much like the UK, France and Italy. Heavily dependent on exports, the country’s economy is only going to get worse as the Chinese economy continues to ramp up.

        1. My thoughts exactly….Hell, I wouldn’t be shocked if the fall out of the “western” orbit an into China’s at some point in the next decade or two…Any thoughts on that one?

  3. I’ve browsed this site on and off for a while and I just wonder why xera kept bashing E asians. Historically E asians and arabs have enmity since the mongol invasion. I could only suggest that the relative success of E asians probably has triggered deep insecurity and inferior complex of a small minority of arabs and tried to make up the mental deficit by bragging on his ‘mediterranean’ race, hoping we could ignore for a moment how destitute egypt is at the moment.

    1. Correction: It should be “Historically E asians and arabs have NO enmity since the mongol invasion…”

    2. He did seem to have a pathological disdain for E Asian for some reason. I’d like to know what. Maybe they just challenged his sense of superiority. I used to sometimes say that he shouldn’t upset the Chinese as they might be able to help with the crumbling Egyptian infrastructure. lol

  4. Good for you.
    A blog is like your house.
    No body has the right to go in someone else’s house and be a jerk.

  5. Good. I started participating in this blog because of RL’s vast array of interesting, no holds bar topics and commenters like BAG, GSG and Tulio.
    Bay Area Guy: A White nationalist who can speak with temperance and perspective about race-issues and who can admit there are many smart black people–try getting your average Stormfronter to agree to that.
    Gay State Girl: A Jewish woman who can speak with temperance and perspective about race issues and who can admit Jews are just as culpable as everyone else when it comes racial/ethnic chauvinism.
    Tulio: A Black guy that doesn’t do a black-flip into Afro-centric nonsense or become “deeply offended” when the topic of black people comes up and provides consistently thoughtful and temperament commentary.
    All of the above have a sense of humor and perspective. They are also quite intelligent. Now to the shit-mongering trolls:
    Huax: You’re typical Asian chauvinist. I grew up with many of these types. They are humorless cunts. They can’t take, get or make a joke. Everything is literal with them–they are literal minded, unimaginative dull bastards.
    Xera: For this guy, Asians are the worst people in the world. They’re a bunch of flimsy, beta small-dicked nerds. I’m sorry Xera, but there are plenty of Asian guys who though smaller (and smaller-dicked) than many of their non-Asian counterparts, do much, much better in every other sphere of life. Trying to discount all of their achievements just reeks of an inferiority complex.
    Hindu-cunts: The worst. They are obsessed with their delusions and paralyzed with an inferiority complex. They look at the modern world created by Whites (and increasingly East Asians), see that Indians contribute jack-shit beyond call centers, ill-prepared grads, and pro-conmen, and fall into vacillating mental gymnastics to explain it all away. The problem with these fuckers isn’t that they are aggressive or hostile per se, it’s that they need to derail almost every post into some diatribe of Hinduism.
    Good policing Robert!

    1. You take Haux and Xera to task for Asian chauvinism, but then you smear all Hindus as cunts, and group all Indians into a childish stereotype. So with them it’s okay to be chauvinistic, and yet you condemn chauvinism. You’ll never live down that double standard. I know lots of Hindus and Indians farm boy, and most of them are great people. You’re an internet hick who hasn’t dealt been around and gotten to know any.

      1. No, I have actually grown up with Hindu Indians. Many of them are good,. decent people. Apologies if I did not distinguish between Hindus and Hindu nationalists clearly enough: By Hindu-Cunts I meant Hindu-Nationalists. And just FYI, many, many Hindus are Hindu-Cunts.
        But if you take issue with me claiming that Hindu-Nationalists are indeed cunts, aka Hindu-Cunts, then you need to review the comments these oh-so-charming commenters have made on this blog and elsewhere.
        I am against most forms of nationalism and certainly against all forms of nationalism.
        Also, I didn’t take Xera to task for Asian chauvinism. I took Huax to task for that. I took Xera to task for belittling Asians unduly.
        I am a European — though not Germanic — but I do not like White Nationalism.
        Nationalism is poisonous. It forsakes your actual, real relationships with those around you (who may be Indian, Asian, Black, etc) with those an ocean away who have different economic, geopolitical and cultural interests than you.
        I may be White, but my interests align much more closely with my Black, Indian and Asian compatriots here in North America than they do with Russians or Turks half way around the world.

    1. Just coming back, to say that is not secret that we chicks, at least many of us, like bad guys, inside my heart i really will miss those 2 jerks, plus they used to claim they were both hot, kya! a hot chinese and a hot Egyptian, really will miss those two. 😉 my two loves Huax and Xera

  6. Xera was the most repetitive. He was just banging the same drum forever, saying the same things. The two H’s were pretty good at ripping him.

      1. No, it was a Hindu. The post was from UK and the spelling was horrific. Obviously English was his second language. Also the Hindu trolls tend to troll in a certain way and misspell words in a certain way. And he focused a lot on my hatred of Hindus. And over and over he referred to Chinese and Blacks in disparaging terms, the usual terms Hindus use to refer to these people.
        Hindus are EXTREMELY RACIST, and they REALLY hate Blacks, I mean hate the Hell out of them. And many of them REALLY hate East Asians, especially Chinese. Apparently because they fought a war with China. But they often make fun of Chinese looks.

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