Anarchists Play "Destroy the CCTV Camera" Game in Berlin

Interesting. I guess I am neutral on this subject. It’s annoying to think that our every move is being watched everywhere we go in public, but on the other hand, these cameras are catching a lot of criminals. These cameras are in a lot of the small corner markets, gas stations and pharmacies I go to now, and I don’t really care about that. I don’t like to see myself on the camera though. As you can see, I am obviously such a narcissist! How do you all feel about Big Brother and Brave New World and all of that?

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0 thoughts on “Anarchists Play "Destroy the CCTV Camera" Game in Berlin”

  1. If I may quote the comedian Jim Norton on the TSA at the airport, and violations of privacy in general: “Benjamin Franklin said: ‘A man who will sacrifice his liberty for safety will have neither liberty nor safety.’ Well, Benjamin Franklin never had to worry about plummeting several thousand feet through the air because some douche bag shouted ‘Allah Hu Akbar!’ before lighting his genitals on fire.'”
    Most complaints about violations of civil liberties are situational and intellectually inconsistent. A New Yorker columnist will make a big stink about an Arizona law saying an officer has a right to ask for proof of citizenship when someone is in a state of detention, but they’ll remain mum when a New York transit cop does random full cavity searches on Puerto Rican kids in the Bronx. Why? Because they like Bloomberg and they don’t like Jan Brewer.
    There is a small cohort of intellectually consistent civil liberties types, like Glen Greenwald or Noam Chomsky, but these well-meaning individuals are not practical and I don’t think they even understand human nature and manipulation. Christ, Chomsky’s been sequestered in the ivory tower since before I was born.

  2. If he is real, I gladly live the rest of my life in a prison cell with Ed Snowden, but I surmise there’s something more than the official story.

    1. @GSG
      You weren’t kidding about all this “tech” being used to turn our lives into a virtual-literal prison…It really WAS better of stuck in 1993.

        1. I let myself got infatuated with the design and engineering aspect of it, due in large part to my educational background…I forget how easily mere mortal mental midgets in governmental middle-management take advantage of the work of others for their own Machiavellian gains.

    1. I bought into the hype at first, but learned the hard the way that these conveniences do not simply exist for the public good. When I think it, it should be quite obvious, but I lost four years of my life, and possibly many future opportunities.

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