Movie About Incels

Here. It is called Shy Boys: IRL. This documentary was made as a student film by a young female film student. I actually thought it was pretty well done. She goes out to find and interview some guys from one of the most notorious incel sites on the Net. Basically, of these guys are young men who have never kissed a female, never been on a date, and needless to say, never been laid. One guy had had a girlfriend in high school (we meet her at the end of the movie) but apparently he was too shy to do anything with her. All of these guys are shy, some of them extremely shy. What you get off of all of these guys is overwhelming nice guy syndrome and passivity. I would say wimpiness, but I am trying to be kind. Most if not all of these guys seem like very good people. They just can’t get laid is all. This movie shows why it is true that “nice guys finish last.” It’s well known that women, especially young women, love bastards and even criminals, and they often treat nice guys like dirt. Men who are seen as wimpy or pussy are treated with particular contempt. There is a lot of talk about this movie on Tumblr, and the conversation is very depressing. Most of the women are feminists, and they are raking these poor shmucks over the coals, accusing them of being dangerous and of misogyny. Really, there is very little misogyny in this movie, and considering the contempt with which females have treated these guys, what is amazing is more their relative lack of misogyny than anything else. These guys simply don’t do aggression and they certainly don’t violence. They are nice guys with a capital N. Any aggression is directed inwards at themselves if it exists at all. There are many scenes of the guys together, and they are all very nice to each other. You don’t sense any hostility at all towards the other men. They’re basically the nicest guys in the whole world. They are not dangerous in any way, shape or form, but women always think that sexual losers are dangerous “creeps,” while they swarm all over the truly dangerous men and serial killers in prison get sacks full of mail from adoring women. The men on Tumblr are hardly kinder. These are “feminist men” who are lining up with the feminist women to pile on these poor shmucks. All of the men on Tumblr are ripping these guys into a thousand pieces. I will always support my fellow males when it comes down to men versus women. In the case of the incels, I can either line up with these evil bitches or I can feel sympathy for these forlorn souls, trying to get laid as best they can. In cases like this, it will always be bros before hos. I am with the men and against their enemies!

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116 thoughts on “Movie About Incels”

  1. Yes they are kind of hopeless and I think they mostly suffer from having no confidence and a serious lack of self esteem, I think if any of them had any positive experiences with girls when they were in their teens they wouldn’t be in the mess they are in at the present, the first kiss/lay is one hell of a confidence builder and I feel sorry for most of these guys that they never took that very important step that they needed to take in order to progress into manhood, and without being mean spirited as I say this I also think in reality that some in the video already were lost causes to begin with. I feel really bad for those guys and I don’t see any justification for bad mouthing them, they’re already in a very bad situation as it is, give these poor souls a break for God’s sake!

  2. I remember reading this book by the English philosopher/occultist/ True Crime author Colin Wilson called “The Origins of the Sexual Impulse” some years back. He described the loss of his virginity as a big letdown, that the moment he entered the girl, her vagina felt almost exactly the same as his lubricated fist. It was at this point that he realized that most of sex is mental. It’s true.
    Sex is free fun for poor people, as comedian Doug Stanhope points out in this brilliant bit, and it’s important to the perpetuation of the species, but ‘game’ is lame, in my opinion:

    1. “He described the loss of his virginity as a big letdown, that the moment he entered the girl, her vagina felt almost exactly the same as his lubricated fist.”
      I take it he was wearing a condom. You haven’t experienced sex until you’ve gone in raw.

        1. Not always.
          Were you diddled as a child or sumthin ? You have the most unhealthy attitude towards a healthy endevour.

        2. Rather I meant to say don’t go raw on girls with STDs. I don’t suggestion going raw on women you aren’t in a relationship with.

  3. I think I am one of them. Never had a girl friend in my life. I am quite good looking, my weight is 80, height 184, and I go to gym and run often. I do not smoke and have non no bad habit. I got a decent job in USA MNC writing program. I am born in 1974.
    I am not shy, just that I feel woman like another type of man.
    I have a brother, who look quite similar to me. He screw around. He seems to have an aura. He can get many woman and woman seems to fear and like him. His colleague fear him. My brother is quite alpha.
    The reason I do not screw around is because I read too much Bible and listen to my grandmother’s teaching when I grew up. My grandparents often told me that it is very bad to dump a woman after screwing her.
    That make me very serious in sex. Looking for a spouse to get married and have sex later is not so easy.
    I know similar personality guys who did that, but that is because of their wealth and their superlative IQ over compensate their weaknesses. Girls are attracted to wealth. Girls do not look for high IQ so much, but a real very IQ man can still somehow compensate their non-alpha behavior, but the price is the got to marry a less worthy girl. If this high IQ person behave like an alpha, he will get a lot of wealth and marry even a better girl.

    1. But you guys are Asian, and are the last race of male attractiveness by research alone. What kind of women were these lol?
      Your good looking is not what I think of as good looking since Asians have a different attractiveness scale and are not attractive by Caucasian standards.

      1. I can attract white woman and has done it. Just that I am staying in Singapore and she is a German staying in Germany. She is now married in Germany.
        I am not living in white man land, and I should not have problem with my own woman.
        There are many types of woman. Some of the woman who mature in age start to appreciate the sensitive type of man. This kind of man can understand her feeling and will not throw a punch at her.
        The highly intellectual man can understand Shakespeare and can share with her finer spirituality.

        1. Nevertheless I admit most woman prefer the macho type. The blacks who are full of muscles and tattoo type man can arouse woman easily.
          But the Chinese/Jap/Viet/Korean people who have a lot of Buddhism in them believe in this thing call 缘分. (Yuanfen)

          We believe that in marriage, the your girl will come to you. If you force yourselves to get marry, it will often lead to tragedy.

        2. If blacks are so attractive, then why are they repulsive to everything but coalburners? Who are usually fat and ugly?
          Why do better educated women period go after East Asian men in larger numbers?

        3. LOL, I knew that would burn up Huax. Black men are more likely to date out of their race than Asian men. They once did a study on and found that a black man has to make $150k a year to have the same level of success with white woman that an average white man has. An Asian man would need to make over $250k to do the same. E Asian and Indian men have it the worst in the sexual market place. At least blacks are smooth and can be funny with women. Asians and Indians are awkward.

        4. this is the truth: The stereotype that black-white mixed-race couples are typically black men hooking up with trashy, fat white women has a factual basis. White females with mulatto children are significantly less educated. They perform significantly worse on the ASVAB test. They average a higher body mass index [BMI]. In personality test scores they are, on average, more difficult, more quarrelsome, more stubborn, and less dependable. They are significantly more likely to say that they “lie and cheat often.” white females who report having black sexual partners are rated as less attractive, not as well groomed, and having less desirable personality traits. They are dramatically more likely to test positive for chlamydia or trichomoniasis. They perform worse on vocabulary tests.
          my source is this site

        5. The source of heartiste’s data is :
          The first major flaw of the study is that they are relying on self-reporting of sexual partners. There are two things people are notorious for lying about in surveys. Sex and race. And this actually combines them both. There is obviously a certain selection bias in women who admit to having sex with black men. I have no doubt many have had it who would not admit to it. Not long ago a story broke about this Republican activist school teacher, cute white woman who was fucking one of her students, this dreadlocked black dude. She seems just like one of those type of white chics would NEVER admit she fucked a black guy but is doing it on the download. I know some like this. I’ve experienced them myself.

          If the dude hasn’t shown the proof of what went down, she’d deny it till the end of time.
          As for the meat of the study, it’s mostly bullshit. The spread between most these scores seems to be statistically insignificant. The tip off is when they constantly say X is “more likely” than Y. That doesn’t mean shit without context. For example with regards to attractiveness on a 1-5 scale, the spread is 3.29 vs. 3.63. I mean is that really a significant difference? The spread between their “bitchiness factor” is 3.72 vs. 3.84. Wow, huge difference! I’m blown away. You can go down the line and see them doing the same on many other data point. Just a report by some racist who drew a conclusion first then sought data to justify it. There’s nothing here.
          Btw, I don’t have any horse in this race one way or the other. I mainly like Latina women, myself.

        6. from what i read in blogs about american women, i read many of them are fat and have bitchy personality, so if a lot of blacks have white partners, the probability of that their partners have those common characteristics (fat or bitchy) is high, so that isn’t much of a big conquest,a pair of comments in Heartise’s blog said this:” I’ve seen black men with these warthog monsters who are proud to have them” or “So the data says that white women who have children with black men tend to be less educated, less well adjusted and just overall “trashy and fat”?Ok, where’s the surprise in that?”” those are americans speaking

        7. I read about Thai prostitutes calling NE Asian men 222s. 2 inch dick, 2 minutes and 2000 baht. They are seen as a quick turnaround.

        8. Nigahiga obviously look asian, the Ainu phenotype is very diluted in japanese; they may be 40% Ainus by genes, but phenotype is another thing,separate things, Ainus themselves are asian genetically though their looks are different, this handsome asian is korean (btw i aren’t anymore a follower of the Korean Wave since november 2012, i lost interest and is mostly an asian wave unlike the Japanese Wave, but i remenber some actors and singers ,that why i know him)

        9. Ryan higa is an ugly pos, even I am better looking than him.
          ive never understood his hype, looks like a kid I would pick on. although he would be attractive by asian standards and not caucasian standards.

        10. This is so not true. Having been around a lot Asian females, I assure you that they are very much attracted to Asian males, especially the ones in Asia or from overseas. They love their men! Now maybe other race women don’t so much, but Asian chicks love their Asian guys just fine, and they also seem to be very attracted to them.
          Asian married females in the absolutely do not regularly cheat on their husbands with White men. It’s just not true.
          Where you start seeing some Asian women spurning Asian guys is among Asian women born in the West.

        1. those miidle class wasps arent attracted to those asians either and im sorry but those guys arent even as remotely good looking as caucasian guys. they dont have slit eyes and are still mediocre looking/bland boring unappealing.

        2. Well they seem to have features that signal high testosterone; prominent brows and large chins. They are certainly not neotenic.

        3. Those exceptions.arent even good compared to the exceptions of other races. the second looks feminine and homosexual, and there is nothing in the first one to suggest masculinity. i am sorry you are deluding yourself if you think any of those guys display high testerone.

        4. I was responding to this statement that you wrote earlier:
          “Have you ever seen just ONE Asian male that was attractive”

        5. you guys are so rude with asians, but i understand is jealousy and envy and the threat feeling you feel from them, Asians in their best potential are clearly better looking than many races, Korean actors and singers are kinda popular in some South American countries ,but Peru is very amerindian, but Chile is a lot caucasian, i think mostly caucasian than amerindian, yet many chilean women love korean singers and actors like him

        6. “Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics have normal, refined facial features, normal skull shapes” = insane, Hispanics are a mix of Mongoloid and Caucasoid, and clearly the 3 races have huge differences among themselves too,in all hispanics are a lot identified with asians; “Asians are cowardly, sumbissive, stale and uncreative” = Asians have created much more than Hispanics and more than blacks in fields other than music, pretty flawed and insane reply

      2. Look Xera, I am going to have to ban you. This thread was about incels and you are one of the ones who derailed this thread into yet another race war thread by posting for the umpteenth time how unattractive Asian guys are, how they look like women, how they are least attractive men to women according to surveys and how they have small dicks.
        That is a thread derail and you do this all the time, and also you troll endlessly attacking Asian guys and Asians.
        MANY people have been calling for you to be banned for a long time now and I think it is time. MANY people have been saying that you are one of the prime reasons this site has gone downhill.
        So I will have to ban you. Good day sir and have a good life in the future.

      1. Hate to break this to you, ugly sand nigger, but “rooshv” is not “research alone”. Maybe in incompetent camel banging nations, but not high IQ societies.

    1. I don’t see why I should be banned since I am not trolling but I am merely trying to state facts and understand the reality. I haven’t started or partook in any flame wars nor have I straight insulted someone.

    2. Ain’t gonna happens. Teutons of Bobby’s ilk “look up” to the Middle Kingdom. Teutons “look down” on Pyramiders. Consequently, all posts by Huax will be amplified. Nothing Xera posts will have significance. Not even worth banning. Ain’t I right, Bobby?

      1. That is right. I don’t get all these guys bashing Asians on here. The Whites I know and hang with all love Asians and most of us guys are Asiaphiles or Asian Fetishists or Rice Kings. No one in my crowd hates Asians, but I run with a highly educated crowd of middle class Whites. Even the ghetto Mexicans around here like Asian chicks and the local Arabs really love em. Everyone loves Asian chicks and no one cares about the guys.

      2. There have been calls for a long time on here to ban both you and Xera, Hacienda, I might as well tell you. I have been resisting those calls for a long time now and continue to do so. I will let you know if the situation changes and warn you ahead of time, ok?
        You and Xera both contribute a lot to the blog in addition to the trolling.

        1. Thanks Bobby, That’s mighty “sporting” of you.
          Unfortunately, in my case, it’s the high delivery trolling that more often than not adds the “value” to this blog.
          With Xera, it’s her catalyzing my trolling that has the value. Xera has no value of herself (himself?).
          The day I get banned from this blog is the day the Earth has lost his dick and become a planet of ladyboys. Not a sad day, mind you.

        2. The comments of Coward, the comments that bash asians, not all of them, are so immature, a teenager point of view, that cant be taken seriously really, all jeaulosy with poor excuses bashing someone, you know, envy lead hate

        3. Coward: you and others are jealous, i understand when people point reasonable flaws of japanese or asians and their culture, but things that some of you are too stereotype, cartoonish, parody; poor arguments that only reflect jealousy, envy and no objetivity,

      3. How can Teutons look down on pyramiders when their entire culture, science, mathmatics, religion, philosophy finance, and movie plots came from there idiot?

        1. You’re just a lonely and pathetic sandnigger.Ever dare to tell that to WN’s?
          Whatever it may be but I can assure you that the teutonics had been largely influenced by Romans and Greeks but already pretty much had a rich culture and a just and egalitarian society,It only needed some advanced inputs but that only came through graeco-romans and the egyptians for sure..

  4. Xera and Huax, you guys are really gay. Both the Middle East and China are incredibly lame and are disliked by most people in the West. Also this blog sucks the chrome off of a ’57 Chevy bumper.

        1. Barely a nickel. This blog generates like $5-10/month from syndication.
          But I generate counseling business off the blog because that is where all my clients come from, so it does make money in a sense. I made $190 this month as a counselor.

    1. Also this blog sucks the chrome off of a ’57 Chevy bumper.
      It used to be a decent blog. Now it’s a pissing contest of the mentally sick.
      I guess the novelty of “liberal race realism” has worn off.

  5. I watched up to the 17 minute mark. I get the jist of it I s’pose.
    I wonder how Michael and ‘Advanced’ were raised. My theory is that they were raised in a female dominant home. Mom was the head of the household and lots of aunts and maybe a grandmother or two. Minimal male (father) influence. Possibly mummsie was dumped and had to raise
    the child solo and the boy was inundated with a constant tattoo of ‘men suck’ beat into his eardrums. Of course they are nice kids and love their mommies and swore to her to put the wimmins on a pedestal.
    Tends to throw a wrench into the natural order of things.
    I always hated the ‘nice guys finish last ‘ stigma. It’s so fucking true.
    I’ve been burned and been turned down lots more than I scored. As I got older and jaded and didn’t give a fuck I had better success.
    Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.
    Those two both seemed handsome enough and smart enough to get chicks. Especially when you admit yur aiming for fat chicks and the bottom of the barrel. Those two jackasses trying to help them will just make them look worse. I don’t exactly have an answer for those two , but it lies somewhere in between being a jerk and being a bit more confident with a touch of maturity and polish thrown in.

  6. The Chinese culture is very strict on sex. Most Chinese do not fornicate until very recently where there is immense degeneration of moral values. My grandparents and parents often teach me that you will destroy a girl if you screw her as a virgin and dump her.
    I believe its quite true. Most girls who are dumped loss part of their soul. They appear spent. They pick up certain bad habits and could be prone to depression, especially if they ever go abortion.
    The traditional Chinese culture prize virginity. If you screw a girl and run, she will be despise by her future husband. Man do not talk about it but deep inside, many want their wife to be virgin.
    My friends often mock me for my moral values. I ask them if they want their daughter to get screw and loaded asshole with cum of many man, they got dumb founded. Then they get angry.
    All religion forbid fornication. I think there must be a good reason behind it.
    Actually, my love life is not as empty as many think. Other than a German girl, I have a Japanese girl who had flown to Singapore 3 times looking for me.
    Once she ask me whether I wanted to try sex, I told her I believe in God. She balk. I cannot forget the night when she requested to have sex with me. I really wanted to screw her, but I endured.
    Why I wrote I never had a girl friend. As a engineer, I benchmark having a girl friend by holding a girl’s hand. Since, I have never hold their hand and never kiss them, I do not consider myself having a girlfriend before.
    As a religious person, I often imagine what if I screw a lot of girls. I think the feeling is void. You will feel a immense voidness inside you after ejeculation. You will feel like crying. When you see a girl, who you never intend to marry, sleeping beside you naked, you will feel a sudden surge of emptiness.
    And I believe by doing righteous things, although it is very painful, you can face God. You will have no regrets. You have not destroy any people.
    Think about the girls who you take their virginity, and what if their life get mess up because of that. You certainly do not want people to do this to your daughter.

    1. Gag.
      Hang on tight to yer bebe Creaders. Most western guys don’t want a virgin and all the uptight bullshit that comes with one. Most guys are pretty happy with an experienced girl. Think about it. Experience. They know what to do. Why the fuck would you want a virgin ? Because the are tight ? They be tight once. After the seal is broken it’s like any other screen door. The more you bang them the looser they become.
      The horny experienced girls learn to manipulate and in many cases workout their moneymaker ( No Bigfoot reference intended). Resulting a
      pleasureable experience for the discerning man.
      All the god nonsense is screwing with ya pal. Studies show that the more intelligent you are , the more likely you are to be an atheist. I would like to offer you a little mental exercise. For a brief moment …. imagine there is no god. It’s an absolute possibility at the least.
      Now , because of a minute possibility that yur beliefs play out, the downside is y’all missed out. Happy legal females wanting naked time with
      you is perfectly healthy and moral. Make hay while the sun is shining.

    2. “All religion forbid fornication. I think there must be a good reason behind it”
      another truth that need to be revealed, clearly that is anti nature, i have more faith in the guy from Heartise’s blog and his commenters because they seem smart and know what they are talking about,many experts in love and wise people,his blog is extense knowlodge, it seems much more than the knowlodge some of you posses, here another truth : P

    3. You know, I had this Chinese girl once. She totally loved me, 100%. But she would not screw, cuz she didn’t believe in doing that before marriage. So I dumped her. Then she totally hated me and she seemed really devastated, like a lost and lonely soul, for months afterwards. She was like ruined. She also turned really icy, rude and mean towards me cuz she had heard why I dumped her. It was not a pretty picture. Her friends were telling me what an asshole I was, which was hard to take.
      Once you screw a lot of chicks, after a while, it is not that fun anymore. It’s sort of like screwing cows or something like that, if you could imagine. It’s like they’re not even human anymore, like you just did it with an animal. Also you think these women are all going to be really different and it will be really fun and interesting, but in the end, they are all the same. They all have the same parts, and they all act more or less the same: like a female. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Plus if you really screw a LOT of chicks, after a while, they tend to give you these little “presents” that make you go to the doctor and spend money and take pills to get better. Plus you might even donate some of these new gifts to some new women, which doesn’t feel very good at all, let me tell you! Personally, I am not too worried about catching VD myself. I am already familiar with the common illnesses and in general, they are no big deal. But what worries me a lot more is giving VD to a woman. Now that would make me feel really bad, and I would really like NOT to do that.

    4. Veritas seems happy even if he didn’t have sex… , though is for his decision,aparently his sexual organs are ok, but mine not all…after a circunsicion not only i am very sensitive right now, but i read with the time the contrary will happen, i will lost sensitivy, i know is not like i won’t feel sex, but i wonder how much sensivity i will lose, it will be almost like not having sex? since you will feel less…? my comment is weird… in this moment i am kinda shocked by my this experience, i am starting to think is better to change as woman… instead of a less sensitive penis, i would have an ok sensitive vagina, plus anyways i already like men… first i would need to do it without my religious parents knowing it and second i guess is expensive, many trannys look weird and not really like women, but some do… U,u all this mess because i wasn’t born normal biologically…mmm sad days, but circunsized Jewish men seem like normal and ok in sex, if i really lose much sensitive it will suck being a man and i will change to a woman for real in the future

      1. how paranoid and worried i am, but i remenber the video when some black women attacked a tranny in the women bathroom, they were able to tell him apart, changing into a weird looking woman…if my glans sensitivity is enough ok, i guess it will be better to stay as a man; but Veritas give me hope that even if i cant have sex in both ways, i still can have a good life…

        1. i finally i agregate these days of recovery after circunsicion sucks, i am really like a delicate flower, i need wet cotton in my glans to not feel pain and sleep well in bed, this is really annoying and horrible, my mom got the idea of cotton just today, yesterday i didn’t know what to do, so i didn’t sleep well, i just wanted to rant here a little, sorry

        2. because phimosis… i guess i would have been worse if i didn’t get circumsicion, but still these are painful days, hope that they are gone fast

        3. but you said you have sex with black women, and i guess you are a lot sensitive, i am afraid and paranoid about the sensitive loss, but if i turn to be ok as a circumsized man, i wouldnt really want to change to woman, it would be unnecesary and complicated

  7. Holy Fuck !
    I barely waded through that mostly estogen laden post and dareed myself to go back. I vomited a little in my mouth after reading this……..
    “As a religious person, I often imagine what if I screw a lot of girls. I think the feeling is void. You will feel a immense voidness inside you after ejeculation. You will feel like crying. When you see a girl, who you never intend to marry, sleeping beside you naked, you will feel a sudden surge of emptiness”
    Hey there Creaders…. I don’t know that eunache is an available job position in modern times. That last sentence there is pure bullshit. Spoken like a swim coach who is afraid of the water.
    The immense amount of pathetic that went into your post must have surely drained you.

  8. I am a mathematical person. Since I learn Newton’s theory of gravitation, I ask myself, who sets the celestial body in motion.
    Base on newton’s theory, the velocity of earth is so accurate that it generates a centrifugal force exactly cancelling out the centripetal force of the sun.
    Else, earth would move away from Sun’s orbit or would bang the Sun.
    I wonder when you guys open your eyes and see starts at night, have you wonder if movement of stars is so orderly that it would not have exist without a creator?
    If there is no creator, I think the most likely outcome of universe is a pile of pup a shit.
    I tremble.

    1. “I am a mathematical person….”
      Stephen Hawking has stated that the concept of god is mathematically impossible.
      Suck on them eggs and tremble weakling.

    1. Don’t knock it until ya try it ! It’s actually really nice. It’s like … what we were meant to do.
      Aksumites no. 2 , Do you live in a monastery ? You have the most uninformed view of the modern world .

        1. That is probably the lamest reply ever. Do us a favor. If you are in a tall building…. open the window and jump. If not .. .go play in traffic.
          You seem to be taking up space a normal worthwhile human being could be occupying.

  9. I was a high school teacher and high school teachers are afraid of their students. The students can punch the teacher and walk free, but if the teacher fight back, the teacher will need to prepare to go to jail.
    Singapore use to have the Chinese system where teachers can hammer the students. We now imported the USA system. No way you can protect a student in junk school.
    The laissez faire schooling system breaks down in all poor neighborhood. Such system can only work under the equitable socialist system like Nordic Europe. There people has high IQ and government ensure one teacher vs less than 20 students.
    If a country have a lot of criminals and also high student to teacher ratio, the laissez faire school system breaks down. Few of my colleague got punch by students. Female teachers got vulgarities hurled at them.
    In Singapore, though we have a shit schooling system, the middle class chinese compensate it by sending their kids to tuition.
    I think USA elites declare war on schools.

    1. In my school, in England, bullying was pretty bad (mostly verbal) and so was behaviour. Some teachers had a natural authority that enabled them to control behaviour but others seemed weak and got walked all over, sometimes to the point of a breakdown. They used ineffectual strategies in the classroom to manage behaviour and nobody gave a shit. I didn’t even really care if I got detentions, which is being kept after school.
      I read the account of an old ex student of my secondary school (a catholic school with a good reputation for academic achievement) who attended during the days of corporal punishment when there was a totally different culture in schools. I’m talking about maybe in the 50’s or 60’s. In those days, many of the teachers were bullies but I bet that behaviour was a hell of a lot better. If I was under some kind of threat from a male teacher, you bet I would have behaved most of the time. I wasn’t that brave. That’s about as sophisticated as teenage boys are.
      Draw whatever conclusions you want. Personally, I wouldn’t go all the way back to the way it was. But when you have a situation where teachers can’t even touch the students and the students know that the law is on their side, its really stupid. It not even natural. The teachers should be able to at least grab the students and move them around and assert themselves physically to some extent, and certainly defend themselves.

      1. disclaimer: I don’t actually know what behaviour was like back then. I just bet it was better. I really bet it was better. Also, behaviour in my school was moderate in many classes, not terrible, but it was shockingly bad for some teachers.

      2. As a former educator, I think the laissez faire system is an evil plan by elites to prevent lower strata students from gaining knowledge. Unfortunately Singapore follow the USA way. The Chinese disciplinarian way forgo by our government is the most effective way of increasing the aggregate IQ of society.
        I always argue in teacher’s college that the we can implement laissez faire way in posh neighborhood becuase the students would have parental intervention and the school have low teacher vs student ratio.
        I voice out that implementing this in poor neighborhood will be suicidal to our society.
        I was deemed a black sheep in teacher college.
        My professor told me that you draconian the students, you kill their creativity. I told my professor that you cannot have creativity with gangster student until they internalize all the knowledege.
        Professor hate me for that.
        I suggest in my thesis that we need a 2 tier school system. The laissze faire one for good neighborhood and the disciplinarian one for poor neighborhood. My professor accuse me of demoralizing poor students, and demotivating them to study.
        The situation I observe in junk school is that teachers are afraid of students. They cannot protect the weak students. Students challenge the teacher and those who punch teachers are deemed big hero. Students IQ get lower and lower. Girls go into sex…etc
        The USA school system is good for the elites and creativity of 1%, sacrificing the 99%. The Chinese school system will destroy creativity but bring forward a lot of stability.
        Its hard to say which is better. I think the top USA students will have the best school years compared to their Chinese counterpart.
        The junk students in USA will enjoy their school years and which at the same time destroying themselves.

  10. I didn’t have much sympathy for those kids in the video. They all seemed like losers to me. I call them losers because they’re just as judgmental about women the way feminists are towards men. Makes me want to be in support of prostitution to allow these kids to get some.
    The bigger problem is the breakdown of our economy, family culture and birth control that cause these full grown men (they are mid 20s I think) to stay in their house playing video games and isolate themselves from society.

    1. That PUA kid that’s still a virgin and no-chin are major. The good kid with blond hair finally got some girl at the end, so I’m happy for him. He didn’t seem too bad.

      1. The blond kid didn’t get that girl. She was his old gf from high school, and just came back to visit him once. They never had sex with they were in high school either. Who is no chin? I kinda like PUA. At least he is trying to get laid. Good for him!

  11. Asians are cowardly, sumbissive, stale and uncreative, have poor social skills and nerdy, passive, neurotic, overthinking everything and high anxiety, with extreme attention to detail. This makes them seem like Grey Aliens to the rest of us.
    Mongoloid Asian will fight. The Roman empire is destroyed by Asian Hun and Turks. The eastern europe got ravage by just a small mongol detachment, not even the main Mongol forces.
    USA 442nd Infantry Regiment which is all Japanese is the most decorated regiment in the entire history of USA, not beaten until now.
    We are not aggressive in daily behavior because we are principled. This principle also dictates that we do not loot even in extreme crisis. The Chinese do not loot and Japanese do not loot in Fukushima.
    I am quite a gentle person but I have served 2.5 years in the Infantry. During my conscription I am an entire different person, and could be a lethal fighting machine.
    Many westerners cannot understand why the seemingly gentle yellow can suddenly transform into a fighting machine. I would say this is inside our cultural DNA.
    The Japanese screwed the British in Malayan war with British out-numbered the Japan by 300%, and British fighting on colony homeground.
    When USA fought the Japanese, they could hardly even capture a prisoners. All fought to death. Without the atomic weapon, it is unclear if USA could have successfully invaded Japan.
    Then another miracle happen in Korean War. The humilated Chinese in WW2, got organized under Mao turned into an incredible fighting machine. We face a much stronger USA unit than Japan.
    When Chinese join the war, USA is at Manchurian border, when the war ended, USA is pushed to 38 line. This is a victory of Chinese. We fought with the most lousy weapon but we are determine.
    We do not surrender and many Chinese unit fought till death.
    Those races who are aggressive in daily life does not mean they are hero. We are meek and humble does not mean we do not fight. When the yellow put on uniform I think you better not play around.

    1. Its ok.
      I thank you USA for taking down Japan in WW2.
      The Germans are great warrior. The Russians are quite brave and they are willing to sacrifice.
      The French after Napoleon cannot fight.
      The USA fighting machine is sustained by high tech weapon when she fought oversea. We have not seen USA soldiers fight homeground. But I think if someone invade USA, her citizen will fight courageously.

    2. Sure they are Coward. They struggled to beat the Zulu, Asante, Ethiopian and Kongo kingdoms despite being way more technologically advanced.
      Whites are sallow skinned retards at fighting

  12. If whites are discovered to be superior i’ll commit suicide. My life has been shit enough already up to now, and they just don’t appear to be superior to me

  13. For A #2
    “If whites are discovered to be superior i’ll commit suicide. My life has been shit enough already up to now, and they just don’t appear to be superior to
    You should do it soon. Before you get a chance to procreate.
    Up a few posts our friend ” Cablanasian Coward” recently said this;
    “They are also racist and view everyone as inferior. They troll endlessly on the Internet trying to push an Asian supremacy agenda”
    That’s been my experience as well. I know people from Hong Kong very well and they are some the most racist people I’ve met. Educated , but unreasonably judgmental.
    From what I’ve learned racism is indicative of a closed mind , not and intelligent mind. In that regard I would say whites are the least racist and therefore infinately superior.
    Do have any large caliber rounds leftover from your conscript ? That would be easy. How tall is your building ? (try not to hit any kids on your way down please…). Here in America a fun way to do it is to point a toy gun at police officers. Quick and painless if you can’t actually do it yourself…. So many options. I almost envy you.

  14. Your still offended because of that comment under my name. Well, if you didn’t notice the other comment i put on this page i’ll type it below.
    My brother typed the aggressive comment toward you, not me. I’m sorry.
    I also won’t mention my asexuality again.

    1. Forget about the bullshit comment from your ‘brother’. It sounds like a complete lie to me.
      I didn’t like your racist comment towards whites. If you put a comment
      up on WORLD WIDE WEB and it is completely ridiculous , you should not be surprised to get called on it. Don’t lie and blame it on someone else. You just look cheap.

  15. How the hell did the subject of this post which was on a movie about incels turn into a racial bashing fuckfest?

    1. it was Xera’s fault, his comment was the first to mention explicity the race issue, everything else was a continuation of that start
      “But you guys are Asian, and are the last race of male attractiveness by research alone. What kind of women were these lol? Your good looking is not what I think of as good looking since Asians have a different attractiveness scale and are not attractive by Caucasian standards.”

      1. i disagree, he in fact started this flamewar because his envy against asians; i remenber i suggested Swedish Shit to cosplay Soul Eater’s Excalibur because he was annoying (yes, sometimes i kinda liked him, but sometimes he was annyoing : ( too, like Soul Eater’s Excalibur, thats why i got the idea) and now i think Xera should do a cosplay of Envy, 1 of the vilains of Fullmetal, a perfect outfit for him

      2. Why would I be envious of chinks when I get more girls than them and have a better social life than 99.8% of them? Not to mention being taller then 99% of them?

      3. Yes and now you are supporting Swedish shit who was banned, not good support to use swedish shit there homo-boy.

  16. It wasn’t a racist comment. I was saying that if whites are just more naturally superior than people like me there’d be no point living because of all the possible rage from whites, and myself probably just being an inferior being. My own father is white and i greatly respect and like him on the same level that i feel for my mother.

  17. And the comment i’m talking was about you looking at the worms in your mothers ***** was made by my brother. I don’t have that type of humor.

      1. Niggers syndicate beeyotch porn but the H factor introvertedly implies to quantify direct P-Branes in an entangles clusturmire of retrospect.
        The X chromosome originated in 300 BC in a Nigger beeyotch named Eve.

  18. Being love shy and an incel are not the same thing.
    Being love shy means you don’t try or you avoid the opportunity when it arises. being an incel means you actually try and fail.
    It’s not fair to confuse the two.

  19. Advanced (one of the characters in the movie) looks like a female. The type of female who is into Wicca and has too many cats.

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