Alt Left: India As a Poisonous Culture; Indians As Poisoned People

A good, decent, Indian Hindu woman named Sittingonthefence writes:

An advance warning.. this is going to be a long comment:
I am a Hindu Indian, and I felt a sting every time people are chided on this blog for being Hindus. However, I landed on this blog because I am frustrated and wanted to see what people out there think about India.

I was brought up to be an honest, hardworking girl. My parents taught me all the right things, lying and cheating is bad, work hard for what you want, everybody should be treated with respect, etc. Needless to say I grew up feeling like a misfit. Actually, my family was a misfit even among our relatives.

I was brought up to believe that a Hindu is a person who lives by his Dharma and lives a morally pure life, and this is what I try to live by.

I think the main problem with Hinduism is that it confuses ritualism and superstition with religion and God. Everywhere around me I see people having different values for themselves and others. Nobody respects other peoples time and space (be it on road…where people keep driving deeper into gridlocks, or in personal relations…where elders decide whom their children marry or what they study etc.)

My sister is married to an American (whom she met in Singapore while working there), is settled abroad and barely has any Indian friends. She is not in touch with any relatives except us (her immediate family). Me and my husband were also in the US, where I did a Masters in Social Work, and this urge to work for the betterment of my country took me over. Hence, we came back last year.

However, I am already frustrated…how do you help people who do not want to be helped or even understand and accept the deep-rooted issues in this country.

I have also met some amazing people here…Many of them are born Hindus, and all of them are either spiritual (not ritualistic) or agnostic.

However, I have to add that maybe religion is not the only culprit because I have seen corrupt, selfish and unreasonable people of all religions, castes and genders.

I want to delve deeper to figure out why? Is it because of insecurity (due to centuries of foreign rule), is it because of a corrupt upper class with absolute power (I am guilty of being born one)? Could it be a distorted interpretation of Hinduism? Could it be the genes (but i know many amazing people born out of the same gene pool)? I do not know the answer…however I do know that I don’t want my daughter to feel like a misfit growing up.

Welcome to the blog. You are a good Indian Hindu. Apparently there are a few.

India and Indians are sick and messed up because their culture is sick. It is like a poison that poisons everything coming out of it. Most Indians get culture-poisoned, so they are damaged people, poisoned and damaged by their culture. They could get rid of it, but that would mean renouncing just about everything they were brought up with. Few people are prepared to do that.

Indians are not really bad people. Most of them are good people who have simply been poisoned by a sick and perverse culture. So they are damaged people. They can be cured, but most of them don’t want to get better. I work as a therapist, and if people don’t want to get better, they won’t. Indians don’t want to get better because they don’t think anything is wrong.

Plus being an amoral, parasitic, opportunistic, somewhat sociopathic human is very profitable in a way. Sociopaths often clean up in life. Morals get in the way of getting all the money and stuff you need in life. The person mostly likely to clean up in life is the most selfish, opportunistic, parasitic and rather sociopathic person, as they are not encumbered by morals in getting what they want.

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128 thoughts on “Alt Left: India As a Poisonous Culture; Indians As Poisoned People”

  1. Now that you have made a post out of my comment, I am really tempted to rant here. I do want to start by saying that I still don’t believe that Hinduism is the root of all evil in India but I would say that I do have a BIG problem with ‘Indian Culture’.
    I am very vocal about my opinions when I talk to other Indians. A few days back somebody pointed out to me that I am lucky to be born in India rather than some Arabic countries because atleast I got education, I can go out unescorted and I can work. I think such comparisons are ridiculous as saying for eg: my husband is a good man because he only beat me but hasn’t killed me yet!
    Anyhow, living outside India and moving back has helped me articulate a lot of things that have bothered me since childhood.
    I think the empty values that the Indian culture upholds cause a lot of pain and suffering –
    Some examples
    Divorce is bad and hence suffering in a loveless or worse an abusive marriage is encouraged by the society.
    All parents are Gods. Even if they abuse their children, never care about their happiness and will not stand up against society for their children. Filial piety is the greatest virtue
    The concept that sex without consent is rape is completely lost on police and public alike. Hence, if a ‘loose’ (by their twisted standard’) woman accuses someone of rape then people are confused.. because didn’t she sleep with other men before?? In the same vein ‘virginity’ is treated as a valuable asset and even Indian courts are guilty of awarding stricter sentences to rapists of virgins against non-virgins.
    Everybody complains about corruption but they all bribe when the time comes to act upon their beliefs. I have a friend who never pays bribes, but his quality of life is really affected because of that, and he has turned into a complete cynic.
    I have been working to get children off the streets since I moved back to Mumbai. It is the most daunting and frustrating work anyone can ever do. Hundreds of children end up on streets in Mumbai everyday and the Government does not give a damn. There are some non profits running schools and shelters but they are inadequate to say the least.
    Rich people roll down their windows and drop a few hundred rupees at these kids to wash off their guilt and move on. These kids will tomorrow grow up to become local goons and thugs, petty thieves or even murderers and rapists.. People will point at them as the cause of all things evil, but no one will stop and think who really is responsible.
    My husband calls this the NIB (Not In my Backyard) attitude, which I think is to some extent true. Shirking responsibility is the easiest available antidote, right?

    1. Can you expand on your comment on filial piety? Most Asian (indian and chinese) people that I’ve known all had this type of utmost respect for their parents, which is admirable I guess, but can be extremely destructive when the kid steps out into the real world compared to kids in the West. Asians are seen as more submissive and are often used in the workplace because they don’t have the ‘balls’ or backbone to stand up to their superiors or promote ideas outside the status quo.
      Robert, if you have any opinions or older posts of the effect of filial piety and its effects on children, please let me know because I’m curious. For most Westerners, that breaking out phase from their parents in their teen years was very important to their independence and personal happiness.

    2. My reply is based on post of your comment by robert lindsey.
      Your statement “I don’t want my daughter to feel like a misfit growing up.” answers your question why indians don’t change. They want to fit in. They are scared to be misfit. And you too are one of them. You are thinking like indian. You dont want your daughter to be a misfit. You have to change first. You should encourage your daughter to be a misfit. I hope this answers your questions.

    3. I’m a Hindu and have commented here before, can’t recall which discussion.
      Honestly speaking I do not find Robert Lindsay’s attacks on us particularly offensive.
      For one thing, the amount and degree of injustice in India is collosal. Otherwordly, in fact. Indians are victimized an infinite times more by fellow Indians, usually those higher on the totem pole, than they are by some Western blogger’s criticisms. Rather than attacking Robert Lindsay, think of what you can do to improve your country.
      Secondly, Robert may be inadvertently doing us a favour. I’ve noticed that Indians notice it more when they are criticized by non-Indians, especially if they are white. While many here react badly (and some get banned for it), at least they have seen what he has written and if they have a few vestiges of honestly left in their brain cells at some level they must recognize what he is saying has some truth to it. A small percent might be influenced in a better direction, whether they realize it or not.
      I will admit to one main concern with Robert’s comments: I do sometimes wonder if it seems like he views Indians in a pretty uniform way, as if we are 2-dimensional cartoon cartoons with no inner life, and lacking better angels in our nature. (If this is not his intention I apologize in advance. It just kind of feels like that sometimes). I know for a fact this is false, there is a lot of idealism among Indians, many do genuinely want to do the “right thing” (some get it right more than others). There is also a massive amount of variety among Indian individuals, and also among the various Indian ethnic/linguistic groups.
      But in balance, I am thankful for what Robert Lindsay is doing here. He is contributing to discourse with thought and intelligence, not just random wanton hate.

      1. Hello Harjit. Welcome to the site. We actually have a number of Indians on here who agree with you completely. They are regular commenters.
        I hope I do not have a one-dimensional view of Indians. We have quite a few Indians around my town (mostly Punjabis and a few Gujaratis). The Gujaratis do not want to assimilate at all. Some of the Punjabis are like that too, but a lot of them are assimilating, some amazingly so. I am actually pretty good friends with a some of the Punjabi guys in my town (the women are untouchable so don’t even mention them). The Punjabis who are born here in the US are so assimilated it is simply insane. They are just like me for all intents and purposes.
        Trust me when I say that I only want the best for India.

        1. I think a lot of societies suffer from culture, tradition and often a made-up historical narrative with themselves (or people they identify with) at the center of the world. What’s interesting is what a different trajectory India has taken compared to China. Both countries had similar economies in the 70s (with India slightly ahead) and then things turned and China surged far ahead. Possibly an argument for a hybrid system here given China’s state planning that seeks to uplift the masses while also having a growing wealthy class. I’d even argue that China is heading towards its own version of Nordic capitalism-socialism minus many crucial freedoms such as free speech. India, on the other hand, has gone for the neoliberal US version that hasn’t done much for the poor masses and has led to (just like here in the US since the 80s) more income inequality. Now if income inequality was of the type where the wealthy were actually creating jobs and economic activity this would be fine. Instead, we see that the finance sector when unregulated gambles recklessly and many rich people shelter their money offshore, leaving the capital inert and not leading to crucial economy activity. Trickle down economics has not led to positive results after decades of trying it. One could argue that the wealthy also have a responsibility to do make their capital work that is more important than a welfare recipient sitting around and doing nothing.
          India’s ultranationalism is cartoonish at times (they’re having conferences on the Out of India theory that has little basis in reality: and for a “secular” country they appear to be headed towards a very religious trajectory. And I’d have to add here that many of these countries like China and India have learned the worst things from us. They see how we sometimes unilaterally go into other countries and have similarly begun to push outward to claim “their” sphere. Big problem. On the plus side it turns out imperialism is a universal problem that infects much of humanity. I’d just like it if we can go the Bernie Sanders/Rand Paul route (I agree with much of his foreign policy views) and stop policing the planet. Not sure how much of this progressive mindset is in India. Academics who disagree with the Out of India theory are being ostracized so things could get bad before they get better.

        2. Trust me when I say that I only want the best for India.

          I can believe it. Surfing around this site (not just the “Hindu” stuff), there is a lot of stuff about race and culture. Yet it does not seem motivated by racism or malevolence. Perhaps it’s a combination of bemusement and alarm at the state of the world?
          This leads to why I am here in the first place, and it’s actually nothing to do with India…
          I debated for a while on a WN site and realized I too have some “race realist” thoughts, or at least am open to the possibility they may be valid.
          At the same time I am turned off by all the free-floating anger and malevolence of WNs. I want the best for all nations and individuals. (Sure, unicorns and fairy dust perhaps, but it doesn’t mean a guy should give up and embrace malevolence).
          So I am trying to resolve this dichotomy (if that is what it is), and your site seems to touch upon this.

  2. Also, Robert thank you for the comment. I agree with you that acceptance of the problem is the first step in bringing about change. However, many people that I know get very defensive when I say anything negative about India and Indian culture.
    So you are right when you say that “Indians don’t want to get better because they don’t think anything is wrong.”
    Also, the ones who do accept that something is wrong keep finding somebody else (eg. foreign invaders, islamic invaders, hollywood movies etc. to blame). Nobody is ready to look within.. ha, and to think that finding self is one of the basic tenets of hinduism!!

      1. All the bullshit that Caste is british conspiracy and british tried to divide india and have exaggerated minute difference in India is bullshit.
        Biological,Genetic studies dont lie,Scientific results are open,and you can contact genetic and molecular institute of India
        Academics have nothing to do with Hindutva idiot propaganda ..
        Out of India theory is even bullshit, Ancestral North indian Genotype in India is related to Eurasian Caucasus region and South have greater relevance to African,Precisely west africa
        Some coastal african geneotypes have some common Mitochondrial structure with South india
        In South Asia, and indian subcontinent there have been inward migrations from Northen Caucasus and West coastal africa and small communities settled around and started trade among themselves.
        This is how south Asia looked earlier, most people have no contact with rest of the world and its a closed society.
        This is even the prime reason why Indians are closed minded and most have never seen any other country in their life and worse , very few people from other cultures contacted them.
        Only contacts that indians are aware of are colonial invasions, this created a mindset among South Asians, Every thing from outside is dangerous and disruptive to existing culture.
        South Asia was never a free flowing,Trading culture—-Only few communities engaged in Trade and Commerce, precisely there are few castes which have engaged in Trade, rest of the society is always stagnant ,poor .
        Please dont fall into trap of Hindutva propaganda, Hindutvas are laughing stock even among indians.
        Serious academics laugh at these Idiots, but most closed minded indians and highly ethnocentric indians, believe in Hindutva Fairy tales
        Unfortunately over 45% of india is illeterate,which makes susceptible for brainwashing and worse many indian youth are insecure,which makes them believe in Hindutva propaganda
        All the glory of Indian civilization and Great Indian inventions or India as Aryan race or Indians are origianal Aryan, all are bullshit fairy tales.
        Sadly more and more young people who were exposed to other Cultures for first time in their life,thanks to globalization are feeling alienated .
        Most hindutva young cheerleaders are insecure young men who cannot integrate into any European or Western culture and they are not part of mainstream.
        So they seek refuge in Hindutva propaganda and to get false sense of pride ..

      2. All these Out of india theories are lies fabricated by Hindutva idiots to cover up degenerate aspects of hinduism.
        Since independence indian media and many hindutva schools presented a Selective version of history.
        Almost in every history book, Hindus were described as most pious and innocent while occupying british and islamic people are barbaric and without any culture.
        Such Fabrications led to a prevailing Culture of Victimhood and Cultural jingoism among young indians
        The stupid brainwashed young youth of India are product of such disgusting propaganda which hindutva Cultural Warriors have unleashed in Academic circles
        They have even tried to exert their influence in US, but failed miserably .
        All the history of modern india and hinduism was given to indians by british, even The Brahmi script was unknown to most brahmins it was John princep British historian who translated Ancient Brahmi script.
        Basically ,British have given this false sense of pride and cultural history to these ignorant idiots who otherwise are busy worshipping phallus and doing rituals,dancing naked and drinking urine .
        Exactly 175 years ago next Thursday, an Englishman told us of the existence of the Indian king who began all of this civilizing. A king who was short, ugly and with a little paunch, according to writer Charles Allen, but whose title was “lovely-to-behold”. A man in whose kitchen two peacocks (every day) and a deer (most days) were slaughtered for curry, according to his own regretful admission. A man whose monuments Hiuen Tsang, the Buddhist monk from China, recorded 900 years after his death. An Indian credited in the Lankan texts with sending Tathagata’s message to them. A king whose name is mentioned once and dismissed in the Vishnu Puran. A man whose name means “without sorrow”, but whose most famous act was one from sorrow, after he butchered the Oriyas at Kalinga. A man Indians knew nothing about till James Prinsep unveiled him on 7 June 1837, at the Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal in Calcutta.
        That evening, Prinsep announced that he had deciphered the Brahmi script, in which mysterious and uniform inscriptions were found all over India, but not understood. One can imagine the excitement in him, and in his audience, as Prinsep read out the single most commonly found line on rock edicts that were planted in triumph from Afghanistan to Bengal—on pillars in territory governed by Alexander the Great’s Greeks, where the European submitted for the first and only time to the Indian.
        That night, after 23 centuries, from the time of classical Athens, our greatest ruler called out to us again: devanampiya Piyadasi raja evam aha(King Priyadarshi, whom the gods love, says this).”
        Functionally literate, but really only numerate, our learned Brahmins ignored the writing for 2,000 years. They were unable to find meaning in, unwilling even to observe, this spindly script. Prinsep, who was not a linguist, unlocked it quite easily by locating its vowels.
        The Indus Valley script will remain an enigma because the white man is gone and the Hindu is neither interested in nor capable of decoding his past. The foreigner must do this work for him. Rudyard Kipling knew this and rubs it in with pride and glee in Kim, when the Lahore Museum English director educates the stupefied lama about the treasures of his faith. Nothing has changed since then.
        Today, Scot William Dalrymple will instruct us about our last emperor. Frenchman Christophe Jaffrelot writes the history of the Bharatiya Janata Party rise. German von Stietencron teaches us how to identify which king built what temple. Finn Asko Parpola reveals to us that the Harappan script is actually proto-Dravidian. I could go on but thers no point.
        It is terrifying, because today we cannot even keep our neighbourhoods clean.
        When one points out that we make no contribution to science, the answer is that India gave the world zero. I dont disagree with that statement.
        Having vomited out all this, it occurs to me that there is another way of looking at it. If we view this less emotionally, and in a purely Darwinian sense, I am absolutely wrong.
        The truth is that the Indian subcontinent cannot be seen as a failure. There are 1.6 billion of us here, sending down our genes more rapidly than any other race in history. We live a parasitical life, off borrowed learning from the West and with nothing to offer of our own.
        I have a strong conviction that Indian subcontinent / South Asia will become Somalia in a decade or two.

      3. I do not agree with ILOR on this one. Depending on the chart, Indians line up either with Caucasians (but they are the most diverse Caucasians of all, way over to the Asian side) or they line up with Australoids (at least the Southern ones do). In particular, they line up with the Andaman Islanders to some degree. Up until 8000 years ago, most Indians looked like Aborigines. At 8000 YBP, they began transitioning from Australoid -> Caucasian.

      4. I really doubt if there is anything wrong with the genetics of Indians that explains their behavior. Genetically, they are probably just fine. The IQ is a bit low, but there are some very stable and low abiding societies with IQ’s like it, for instance in the Arab Gulf.

      5. Dravidians may go back to the Levant ~17,000 YBP. A Caucasoid type from that area may have moved to India around then. There was already an Australoid Aborigine type in India. Then, 3,500 YBP, the Aryan Caucasoid type moved in to the north of India. The Aryans are related to European peoples.

  3. Indians never had an advanced civilization..First question comes who are indians?… a Race? or a Monolithic Ethnic Group like Han chinese?– no.
    The word indian is coined by british,just like romans used the word barbarians to all non romans ,Christopher Columbus called all the indigenous tribes using the Collective Term INDIAN.
    Winston Churchill was right ,The so called modern India is british invention, there was never a country named india 100 years ago, The idea of India as a Nation state and Democratic parliamentary system elfwas not a natural ideological out come from indian society.
    The concept of democracy and Nation state is foreign to the people in South Asia,
    The modern day indians cant even build toilets and fail miserably in plumbing,and even building concrete roads, and how come these people 3200 years ago created a well functioning civilization.
    Answer is simple..Modern indians carry very less genetic pool of ancients, Indians ,especially Hindutva idiots always think that their past is Glorious and root cause for all poverty,Crime and suffering is –Colonial invasion,Especially Islamic and European.
    Its not true,Supreme court of India has conducted a DNA sample research of over 850 Distinct Tribes of India, along with Upper caste and tribes of Lower caste..
    Results show and most of modern day indians are immigrants, some from west africa, some from Arabian Desert, Some are from Persia
    A monolithic mythical Race Indian never existed,Its like German Propaganda of Aryan race, its an illusion.
    Hinduism is a new age cult, basically Word Hindu never existed in any of the religious texts and worse, not many indians are really religious either, most of them have been raised by seeing Religious Sitcoms, like Ramayan,mahabharat ,Om namah shiva etc, these sitcoms are the only sugar coated religious education that most indians know.
    Over 45% of indians are functionally illiterate and i can tell you over 95% cant read sanskrit.
    For most Sanskrit is mysterious language, and they feel Ancient Vedas contain all the answers to every human problem.
    If an Hindu listens something philosophical, he concludes that it must be output of Vedas.
    Hindus are seriously damaged because of Culture, a Ritualistic Brahminic culture that destroyed rationality,created numb rote learning brain, It even destroyed Work Ethic of lower castes.
    Since 1000 years these tribal people were despised for their physical labor.
    Modern India is lazy,Good at bullshitting,Fails miserably in Manufacturing, Largest import nation,Industrial production is barely 1.2% of its GDP which services contribute over 54%.
    Reason for poverty is ..Brahminical work ethic,Education has become a means to show your arrogance and social status,Educated indians are even superstitious, for them education is a means to make money,nothing much. They revert back to Hindu traditional life once they leave University/research institute.
    India is seriously damaged beyond repair, and its a stagnant society,and like stagnant water is a breeding ground for parasites, India is now breeding ground for all deformed psychopathic humans.
    Every change in Hindu culture is imposed on them by outsiders,English was imposed on them ,Modernism was imposed on them,the work ethic and values were imposed on them.
    Nothing in India is natural by product of culture except Rituals,Temples with pornographic Imagery and some 330million Gods
    Every time Hindu society stagnated,Outside forces invaded and colonized them, Hindus violently revolted against colonizing muslims,Europeans not because they hated Muslims or Europeans
    But Islam and Europeans have changed the moral fabric of Hindus,this is why Hindutva want to go back to their ancient age.
    Hinduism embraced stagnancy,and it should have died long ago like ancient Egyptian,Mesopotamian,Greek Pagan religions but it didn’t .
    Not because Hindu culture is strong, but other invading forces tried to resurrect dying society by imposing their values.
    If you leave Hindus on their own,they will dig their own pit and bury themselves, Lend them helping hand, either they will drag you down or they hate you for another 1000 years for letting them live.
    Its a self destructive culture and british were right, they should have let this cult die in 18th century, they tried to change it, failed miserably and hindus still hate brits.

    1. Not to forget most important thing, even Hinduism and Hindu moral code is imposed on most indians.
      Indians are superficial, most people in south asia are basically different tribes and they use to have different moral code.
      Brahminical dharma is imposed on them..and worse most Lower caste lost their own identity when they started obliging Upper castes.
      Society 100 years ago is quite different in south asia, Every tribe has their own God and followed their own cult and moral code.
      This is the reason why most hindus suffer from identity crisis.
      If you ask them about religion most go numb and some become suspicious because , 95% of people cant read sanskrit or understand it, not they know about their own religion except few basic things learned from Religious sitcoms.
      Upper caste always complain about Islamic conversion and Christian missionaries proselytizing hindus, Truth is most hindus are converted from their tribal religions.
      Brahmins used a politically correct statement in Indian constitution/–They called these people who converted from Lower caste into Hindu religion as –Backward Caste Hindus
      Its like saying we will call you Hindu ,but your social status is still backward-.
      But the birth rate among brahmins is falling, in my state only 3% are brahmins, basically if Brahmin dies,Tradition dies, and once it does,People will simply convert to other religions for money .
      so ,our modern brahminical elite have created Hindutva movement,to proselytize lower caste and brainwash them.
      Useful idiots suffering from stockholm syndrome have become obedient slaves of Elite, this is the prime reason for Insecurity of Hindutva idiots.
      Once Brahmins become minority(Which they are today),other religions will use their muscle to convert people, so you need to brainwash lower caste to uphold brahminical tradition and at same time, detest every outside force like islam,christianity.

      1. I’ve read somewhere that most brahmin communities are releated to eastern europeans particularly Ukrainians.I once had a Brahmin friend whose dad looked very european specifically eastern european.I honestly couldnt tell apart between him and any average european.Also R1a is the genetic bond connecting North Indians and eastern europeans.

    2. just save the hindu rituals and festivals 🙁 ,not the rest, european religious traditions are simple :(,just Christmas and Easter, and the evangelicals see Santa Clous and the Easter Rabbit as impostors so they get rid of them in their festivals which become more simple, paganism was more colorful , the best example of what i want is Japan, the Shinto matsuris are awesome

      1. as far as i have read, after christianity become dominant in Europe, the progress stagnated, not 100% like some think, but still a lot, more stagnant than the ancient pagan years; all you need is a high IQ to progress, the ancient greeks and romans, pagans and all, were more developed than other cultures without christianity, since they had their high natural IQ, and the japanese aren’t christian yet they are progressive, because the high IQ as well, i in fact celebrate Shinto rituals in my house, for the sake of tradition and culture ,not faith

      2. of course i do, like Hinamatsuri, many of you may have actually seen this festival on TV in the form of Pokemon, in the episode “Princess vs. Princess” we see the princess festival and a battle between Misty (Kasumi) and Jesse (Musashi) in a tournament for a set of one of a kind Pokémon princess dolls, you may never thought you were learning about Japanese culture while watching Pokemon

    3. Absolutely brilliant read…well done!!! I just wish more Indians will open their eyes & join the global world.

    4. I agree with this entirely – and suspect British falsified Indian history to feel better about a place they used, even though it is a pit of human devaluation and an evolutionary dead end.
      Looking at mentality of Indians and their physical characteristics, I believe it is the cowards from all regions that escaped there – betrayed their communities and relationships in Africa or the Arab world and ran for the place so miserable no one would bother conquering it (except the clinically insane British, driven by Macbethan guilt as outcasts from all over Europe of a similar nature of betraying all to grab a piece of shiny bling for themselves).
      Today that British soul misery peddles India as a success story, whereas it really is just a world parasite, convinced its parasitic ways are best and happy to export poverty wherever it can.
      Superstitious, lazy, insecure and uneducated as they are, Indians readily grab onto the feelings of superiority – Aryanism (a political agenda of the British), being a software development powerhouse (political agenda of America to demonstrate they are helping the poor while secretly hoping to create a local enemy for the communist China they so fear). Funnily enough, the British Commonwealth will essentially disintegrate precisely because it has imported so much Indian corruption, soullessness and misery, while supporting the ignorance and shifting the blame to the EU as corrupt Indians do.

      1. (Dalit)Ants among(brahmin)elephants–Interview with a dalit writress & her book
        “..GIDLA: Yeah. Untouchables are . . . the main features are segregation and the inheritance of caste. Caste is by birth. You cannot acquire caste. You’re untouchable if you’re born to untouchable family.
        This is maintained by endogamy, that is, marriage within one’s own caste. Marriage outside of the caste is very, very stigmatized and not allowed. It’s not allowed to the extent that parents themselves can kill the girl for marrying outside of the caste…”
        ”COWEN: If I think back in time a bit, people in the United States, they’re very familiar with the apartheid system of South Africa. There was here a very strong protest movement against that. There were boycotts. People talked about it quite frequently.
        With respect to the caste system in India, you have many millions of people existing in a segregated existence, segregated setup, and hardly anyone here talks about it at all. Hardly anyone complains. Why is there this difference? Why do we as outsiders have such an apparently indifferent attitude toward Indian caste?
        “GIDLA….The second thing is, while practicing caste, Indian castes and rulers are very secretive, very, very secretive about caste. They’d like to tell people that there is no such thing as caste. One of the reactions to my book is “Why is she washing the dirty linen in the public? Why is she telling everybody there is caste system?”

  4. ‘ The person mostly likely to clean up in life is the most selfish, opportunistic, parasitic and rather sociopathic person, as they are not encumbered by morals in getting what they want.’
    Robert,So you mean to say its right to be amoral,selfish and sociopathic?

    1. It isn’t right at all, but if you are a total motherfucker, you can reap a lot of rewards from your evil ways. And nice guys finish last. Just that I do not mind finishing last.

      1. “Just that I do not mind finishing last.”
        I don’t mind finishing in the middle, but last? No thank you.

  5. Robert, your too good….I suspect you have some Indian genes……it needs an Indian to understand another Indian ! And btw, there were Christians & Jews also in India long before than in the West. And all the rest of the countries in Asia are about the same. China is also a dump with pollution, corruption, SARs. Middle-East, Pakistan disintegrating. N.Korea better nothing said. Only Japan/S.Korea/Israel are prosperous & stable because they are closely controlled by the West. Singapore/H.Kong are tiny city states & irrelevant. Asia is Asia !

    1. -.-” all third world countries are the same, not just asia; Africa too, Melanesia too, Latin America too; this is not an asian thing, and anyways what a shame that a developed country like Italy, being western and all, is so corrupt, i agregate this; and Russia isn’t that poor, yet its corruption is even worse than China and India 😛

      1. They all have some Asian genes due to ancient interactions – Italy (Phoenician, Arab, Jewish, Etruscan). Melanesia (East Asian), Latin America (Ameri-Indian, Arab via Spanish). Russia & Eastern Europe have more Asian genes being closer to Asia due to Mongol, Hun, Ottoman invasions. All humans are corrupt including Western Europeans & black Africans, but Asia the most ! Google Top Ten Corrupt Countries, 7/10 are from Asia – North Korea, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Bangladesh etc. The reasons are very complex – genetic, religious & cultural cannot be discussed here. All humans are corrupt for the same reasons (unlike other species of animals) but its amplified the most in Asians and those with Asian genes. Even Robert who is an accomplished geneticist & very familiar with Asia & human genetics will not be aware of them.

    2. Not sure about China being a dump. Been there, seen the cities big and small and the countryside. Nowhere nearly as horrendous as India, which I’ve also visited (involuntarily). You need to travel.

  6. So when you couldn’t find anything brought this topic_well India has 20% Muslim scum,7-8% tribes(non Hindu) and 5-7% oriental(north-east India) and if you exclude these group 50% problems of India would be solved.
    I think you are commenting based on that blog-Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle created by John Jay but I’ve nothing against European/British but Muslim scum really spoiled the country.

  7. Coward, your mixed race. People like us have contributed so much to the world despite always being a mice minority.
    Cheesy, I know.

    1. Buddha was an some mongloid guy.You need to have a deeper insight into Indian history.Also the region where he comes from is predominantly mongloid and its somewhere bewteen Nepal and Bhutan.
      Look at his statues,You will realise that he has slanted eyes and mongoloid traits.The Aryan theory is still much debated and controversial.
      There may have been some small-scale migrations but they were just that-Small and insignificant.The majority of Indians are by all means indigenous to the subcontinent.
      Genetic research almost proves that too and Boddhidharma was clearly Chinese mongoloid master as well founder of most significant forms of martial arts
      Martial arts actually originated in India from where this style of art spread into east asia along with buddhism.Remember you yourself would be considered as non-white or possibly even a black by the WNs out there so why propagating their supremacist agenda?

    2. Coward, the Indians, Moors, Jews, Ethiopians, Nubians, Mulattoes and Central Asians are mixed race peoples. All of these races combined only make up a relatively minor part of the world population, but they have produced so much of its history and so much for the world.

  8. Its not so simple, European Caucasians (Minoans, Greeks) got civilized due to interactions with Asian Caucasians who got civilized much earlier (Mesopotamians, Ancient Egypt, India) and East Asians (China, Japan), else the whole of Europe may have been still living in caves. Now they got a leap in the past 400 years due to fact they lived in cold weather for 45,000 years hence they have become more intelligent & creative than the Asians who kick-started them in the first place.

    1. Sorry,But how could the minoans and greeks get civilised by an external group.They had developed their culture and everything all on their very own.There are nearly no signs of any influences from other peoples.Infact it was their culture and lifestyle that had influenced a whole array of peoples across central asia and northern africa and not to mention the romans themselves.They are the cradle of european/western culture and civilisation and very much the whole world since they were way ahead of thei contemporaries at that time.

      1. The Greek civilization was in a relatively peaceful region compared to the Mesopotanian and other civilizations that existed in the same time period. That by itself explains the Ancient Greek civilizations superiority over others in its time.

        1. Mesopotamian, Ancient Egypt (migrants from West Asia) started much earlier than Greek. Actually Greece & Crete were NOT a peaceful region, they were facing attacks from Assyrians, Persians etc. Scandinavia, Britain were peaceful but never got civilized first, why ?

      2. Is it a coincidence that the closet Europeans to Asia are Greeks & Minoans ? Why didnt the British, Germans or Scandanavians get civilized first ? There are many thing that are not there in the records and not known to scientists………

        1. The Ancient Greek civilization wasn’t attacked on a large scale until after it had totally developed and established itself, and became well known for its prosperity and advanced culture. The same is true for the Minoan civilzation.
          Also, the civilization of the Ancient Greeks was in the highly mountainous Balkan peninsula region that was very difficult, espcially in that time, for the hostile peoples back then such as the Scythians and Persians to penetrate.

    2. Your post is illogical,If according to you the greeks got civilised by the asians then who did the asian caucasians as you mentioned get civilised by?
      Aliens? Highly unlikely.

      1. Its not Aliens but something far more sinister. Read Genesis in the Bible, Epic of Gilgamesh & Seven tablets of Creation, all from or derived from ancient Mesopotamia…if you understand it, no one has upto now. All “civilization”, including Asian, European, African etc are abnormal. And dont ask me to explain it, because its not at all pleasant & cant be discussed here.

    RISHIKESH: In the midst of a sea of survivors at the Rishikesh bus terminal, a nine-year-old rushed about with a carton in one hand swiftly picking empty cans, bottles and paper bags. His mother followed him. She too went about quietly collecting the waste lying around. Contributing to the relief exercise the mother and son from Germany are in no rush to catch the first flight to the comfort of their home and have instead stationed themselves here doing whatever is required. But their concern for the environment at the camp strewn with plastic bottles, paper plates, empty cartons brings to the fore the reality that the nation, despite the disaster in the hill state, is yet to learn to respect nature.
    So far 35,000 survivors have registered with the administration, SDM Riskhikesh Ramji Saran Sharma told TOI on Wednesday. Rishikesh is the main transit point that evacuees have been brought to the last three days to catch buses, trains and flights from Dehradun. A sense of charity permeates the relief camps around these exit points with much relief work going on. But the environment is getting filthier every passing day. Dustbins are brimming, people are throwing plastic bottles in storm-water drains and the sites are marked by half-eaten eatables while paper plates are littered all over.
    It was this scene that 9-year-old Ramo reacted to on Wednesday when he told his mother he wanted to pick up the waste. NGO workers trying to get people to join the garbage removal exercise along with the sanitation staff were only too happy to provide Ramo and his mother with gloves to pitch in. As the mother picked up glasses, Ramo dived under chairs and tables pulling out what he could find. He had no time to talk and only stopped once to ask the NGO worker if the gloves were safe. His mother said her name was Kamala and they’d had been living in different parts of India over the last few years.
    The mother and son were in the upper reaches near Gangotri till a few days ago when they came down to Rishikesh. She said that Ramo studies in Rishikesh but will now be going to Europe to be with his grandmother for a while.

    1. Ancient Greece was in a relatively isolated and mountainous region. So it was difficult to get to and penetrate.

      1. Well,The same goes for mesoamerican civilization.They were far more isolated from the rest of the world.Their regions were far more stable and peaceful so they had the right environment too develop themseleves much better than other civilisations but they couldnt.They remained substantially primitive prior to colonization.I think you just dont want to admit that whites create the best civilizations.

  10. The mesoamericans weren’t in peaceful isolated regions. Why do you think there were so many different empires/kingdoms superceding another. The Olmecs, Toltecs and many other central american civilizations were destroyed and replaced with another.
    Also the Mesoamericans weren’t at all primitive. The Mayans developed an advanced mathematical system, invented cotton weaving machines, built vast megolithic structures, and much more. Historians say that the Mayans were on a par with Europeans in many technological areas, but of course little is known about the full extent of how far they advanced because they were destroyed.
    Whites don’t always produce great states/civilizations. Just because the Greeks invented democracy, that doesn’t mean their states weren’t corrupt, rife with crime, stagnant, etc. Most states that developed in Eastern Europe post-roman empire were all entirely just petty serf states, most of their population producing nothing but shitty agri-produce.
    If the Mesoamericans had been given metal working technology like the Greeks recieved it, and if they had beasts of burden, their civilizations could of become much more than they were when the Spanish contacted them.
    Also are you forgetting Eastern Asian civilizations/states. They independently developed iron working, seafaring, matematic, literacy, hydraulic, gunpowder, printing, administrative and many other important technologies.

  11. Its not the religion..its not really the country ..You cannot just pick up a religion and tell that this is why we are facing all the problem..just like its incorrect to say that Islam is evil because terrorists are evil….as simple as that…religion is there to show the right path to humans and Hinduism is one of the best be it just the religion or the spirituality….
    The problem is with the people…the people who want to read something …and understand some other meaning out of it….
    The problem is with the society …and its not only in India but everywhere..most of the people just do not agree that along with the changing times the rules need to bend and change accordingly in order to fir to the needs of the people…
    In every country there are problems…some people are evil some some are not…no religion is bad..they all tell us to be who we preach and practice what is right..and be with the truth…
    By posting your person view and just coming to a conclusion without a better understanding and blaming a religion…u are loosing the entire point need to first research and then write….because your ill researched article will create a bad impression on most of the people out here on internet who are not Indians or who do not practice Hinduism.

    1. For any and all practical intents and purposes, it is much better to assume that every part of Indian culture and society is poison.
      I would personally simply abandon any interaction with them – that is a place where souls who betrayed go to die or suffer out for hundreds of thousands of years (as an Indian doctor said to me on why they don’t know when to prescribe antibiotics even in Australia).
      Those souls that betrayed and went there should not be helped lest the rest of the world validates betrayal (and hence the corruption).

      1. No,This has been seriously taken into account by historians otherwise you wouldnt have had it feature on History channel and narrated by apparently a european or a white person.

        1. Why is it Indians seek validation from White man or White Person or Fair skin Brahmin
          Are you so insecure?, so any thing narrated by some White men without any concrete evidence becomes a Truth and if same White men denounce Hindu culture as filthy pagan cult, it immediately becomes an imperial conspiracy to malign glorious Bharat for you
          I know the problem of most indians, they are suffering from identity crisis, and worse they dont even know anything about their own religion, all the education that they have obtained regarding their religion is seeing Religious sitcoms directed by ramanand sagar .
          this is an attempt by History channel to tap into indian audience or to create a fake mythical fictional version of history
          all of that nonsense never existed, ofcourse , you will thousands of insecure hindus commenting on that youtube page, for first time in their miserable lives they were noticed by WHITE MAN, its a matter of pride for ignorant hindu

        2. Before 19th century , no one gave a damn about Hindu pagan culture, and Subcontinent is a closed society for the most part , All development or progress in Subcontinent is through Invasions or colonial rule.
          Nothing is built by so called hindus other than temples and pornographic imagery on temple walls
          Hinduism for most westerners is some strange weird pagan cult, and since most westerners were once pagans themselves before Christianity, they probably rediscover their past in the filthy cults of subcontinent

      2. History channel is another garbage, Ofcourse,this documentary will give immediate erection to many hindus.
        Just see the face of indians or how they change their attitude if one agrees to their bullshit version of copy cat Greek mythology
        Indians are insecure narcissists .they crave for attention ,seek attention and fame.
        Hinduism is a solipsistic religion,it creates narcissistic individuals
        I have seen this filthy video long time back, seems none of those historians have read bhagavad gita or any vedic texts, they are like internet hindus ,adding fiction and creating mythical nonsense
        Seems Stuckindilema is another hindu in disguise

        1. I am a white south african living in Saudi Arabia.Robert can validate it too.The reason I am intrested in Indian stuff is because we’ve had a close interaction with them back In SA.Infact Ghandi started his first agitation in my country and sided with the blacks.
          Another thing I hate about Indians is their consistent support for blacks and their endless crimes.
          I have lots of Indian friends but they wouldnt discuss deeply about their culture and heritage with me.However this Aryan stuff really got on my nerves and I was curious to know if whites had been to India way before the brits.

        2. That video just randomly appeared on the side playlist while I was watching a documentary.
          So I decided to share it with Robert and know his opiniin on this since It fascinated me alittle.

      3. Atomic warfare in ancient India??!!! LMAO!!! What happened to all of that technology?? Half of India today in 2016 now defecates in the streets, most people cannot even read, 80 percent of the population live in poverty. Most of the population believe in superstitious bullshit like astrology and numerology, follow dated beliefs such as Hinduism and Islam. Speaking of those two religions, for the past two centuries the two religions have caused a major rift and division so severe, when India finally got its independence from Britain, the country became divided into India and Pakistan. Later on Pakistan became further divided into Pakistan and Bangladesh.
        People talk about India is an up and coming power because the bar of success is set low for India. People today have cell phones, internet, computers, lousy Bollywood entertainment, but yet by most real measures, India is nowhere near the US or Western Europe in terms of human development, and will take decades to catch up to either…if ever.
        Even a former justice of India’s Supreme Court had his own opinion about why India remains so backward:
        China might be modernizing into a country that can match the West, but India has a long way to go before it can call itself an equal.

        1. India will remain backwards until there is no caste system and everyone is treated equally…Wohoo I even doubt if that will ever happen.

  12. Nope,
    Aryans were very few in numbers compared to dravidians and yes they were superior cause almost all the achievements of anvient India such as the conception of zero,etc. can be attributed to the aryans that mentally dominated the much larger dravidian population.Most of their genes have now been lost or diluted in the native ones as the dravidians lusted aryan women and likewise raped them a lot which led to the present day mongrelization of India.

    1. Like I just said and it is also confirmed recent genetic studies that Modern Indians are a mix of ANI and ASI the former corresponds to the aryans with the latter being dravifian.On average Indians are more ASI then ANI which explains the mongrelization.Since the Arayns had already settled down and interbred with dravidians.It is quite obvious that they must have left a significant genetic input in Indians.

  13. Its a well known anthropological fact that the Caucasoids are the most recent divergence in the human race.
    The first race to develop outside of Africa wtith distinguishable traits were Mongoloids and not caucasoids as they came much later.

    1. Hard to say. Modern Mongoloids only go back 9,000 YBP. Caucasoids go back 35,000 YBP, but those don’t look very Caucasoid. Australoids were the first to branch off.

    1. There is no pure Caucasian population in India, ,India is mixed , it doesnt necessarily means 50% aryan and 50% dravidian
      I think Eurasian component is higher among upper castes and very low among lower castes .
      I think most indians are Approx 70% dravidian and 30% Caucasian
      If you move down the castes you may notice 90% dravidian munda tribes and less than 10% Caucasian Gene mix
      Before Aryan Invasion or Migration of Caucasian Tribes into India, Most dravidians are Pagan worshipers and were mostly uncivilized.
      Worship of White skin is part of Indian culture, Seems Ancestral Caucasian humiliated Dravidian’s to such an extent that they ended up worshiping Whites.

        1. Hope that one day they will born with White skin and enjoy the previleges of Brahmin of Upper castes or White people..
          Dawkins examines where religion plays its cards and how you eventually end up with guilt,unhappiness and all worse feelings
          This documentary even tells how hinduism fucked up entire india

      1. If you thought indians are poor Think again, Indians are filthy rich, even lower castes are filthy rich, but they choose to act as if they are filthy poor and live in filthy conditions
        Its not about Aryans or anything, most indians are parasitic
        Just read the above news, the guy works as Compounder in a Hospital
        Its worse than clerical job, his salary is $400, dont assume he is poor on his appearance and his life style, he is so corrupt that he holds estates and bank lockers of worth $500 million
        This is what every indian is, Indians hoard wealth, they hide it and act overtly as poor, worse they even choose to starve than spend their wealth, most of the wealth is ill gotten and they are afraid that people may recognize the truth
        They send their daughters and sons to US,EU,UK , and most have millions of $ to spend
        There are many secret millionaires in India and most of them are illiterates.
        Its not due to Aryan invasion, Indus civilization itself is formed by People living along the coast of Afghanistan,Pakistan and West india, South iran,
        The landscape and Connections to persia increased the trade, most west indians are rich and filthy greedy to core, and are corrupt
        South and East indians are far more degenerate when it comes to hoarding wealth, even living in toilets, they hoard wealth in secret, breed multiple babies and send them abroad
        I always said same thing, lower castes have reservations, free health care, more public jobs, and free pensions, still they are neck deep in corruption and live in filthy neighborhood
        I can show you multi millionaires in India cleaning toilets, yes thats their profession, but make no mistake, they made money through illegal land acquisition,and selling the Govt allotted money to sanitation and making profit
        You simply give a chance to an indian, he will start his corruption,you have always keep an watch ful eye on indians, if not they will loot you naked and stab you, they have no remorse or human values
        That which you see openly is fakery, even indian to an extent is a crook, which includes myself, you have to be a crook to survive in india
        No man with little of integrity can survive in that culture
        This guy is janitor, his assets are worth over $700 million
        there are many such people in india, multi million janitors corrupt , and these same crooks are ultra hindutva idiots and protest on street against corruption
        Most of anti corruption committee in India was headed by previous rapists,and corrupt administrators,who have scams of worth over $50 billion on their name
        and these people protest on street want a hindu government to stop corruption and they dream of creating Glorious bharat full of prosperity and happiness
        Such is the hypocrisy of indians, every one is a liar to an extent and covers up his ass till his time comes then he acts innocent just to escape
        Indians invent different means of escapism and best means is to seek refuge in religion and build some temples or take a dip in ganges, to wipe out bad karma or they will bribe their gods to that in next life they can get away from their crimes
        India is modern day SODOM, on surface everything looks normal, a simple crisis will open pandoras box and you will see real hindu life and indian unity and all bullshit, Blind opportunism , corruption,degeneracy is everywhere in country
        And our usual scape goats are politicians ,if not politicians its british empire or muslims
        Indians always need some escapist route, they are too afraid to look their ugliness in mirror

      2. Before the barbarian Aryans invaded India, the Dravidians and other Indians had the Indus Civilization . Dravidian was once spoken in the Punjab ,along with Munda.
        Also it is religious brainwashing , caste system and media that has made many prefer White skin. It wasn’t always like that, Marco Polo mentioned that in Tamil Nadu parents rubbed oil onto babies’ skin to make them darker.
        “Returning home from China in 1292 CE, Marco Polo arrives on the Coromandel Coast of India in a typical merchant ship with over sixty cabins and up to 300 crewmen. He enters the kingdom of the Tamil Pandyas near modern day Tanjore…”
        ” Dark skin is highly esteemed among these people. ‘When a child is born they anoint him once a week with oil of sesame, and this makes him grow much darker’ (replaced since by ‘Fair & Lovely’ creams!). No wonder their gods are all black ‘and their devils white as snow.’ ”

  14. Hindus are an evil people. Yes, there are good people among them, but the majority think they’re better than everyone else and the hindutva troll (who will shortly reply to this) makes it a point to scour the internet looking to perceived ‘insults’ to his great ‘religion’.
    Ask the minorities being persecuted for their good works in India (Christians), ask the lower castes who are killed and raped for simply being born and ask the hypocrite hindus who move to western countries and do everything they can to undermine Western democratic values and instill their own corrupt, hate-filled beliefs.
    Hindus – stop kidding yourselves – you are a hate-filled, superstitious lot and have a deep-rooted inferiority complex. If you actually cared about your own people, you would focus on helping your poor, your uneducated, and your dying – something that Christians in your land do for free and are persecuted for it.
    Now, let’s here what the hindutva trolls have to say – something, something, hinduism is great, is old, is divine, is love, is lies.

    1. How true is your prediction. Looks like we have an immediate Hindu zombie ranting at others than answering the questions raised! Typical Hindutva turd!

  15. Hindu culture is poisned as compared to the middle eastern Goat hearding culture of christianity?
    One thing I know.. It’s important that we protect our munchkins and not teach them the immoral story of the “jealous god” that made its believers do these horrible things for their Jealous god.
    – Inquisition in Spain and Goa
    – Crusades
    – Ethnic cleansing of American Indians
    – SIavery
    – Lynchings
    – The Anti Chinese league of the Americas
    – Jim Crowe
    – The HoIocaust. Read the antisemitic rantings of Martin Luther the founder of the Protestant movement that was the impetus for the Holocaust.
    – Separate churches for blacks and whites in the bible belt.
    – BIood Iibel. Read in Wikipedia about this.. OMG! What eviI!
    – The whole world got to see the chrisitian caste system at work during Katrina disaster
    – What about Rwanda.. and the genocide there. Many Church pastors and priests have been arrested for their participation in the horrors.
    – Gays being targeted to be kiIIed in African countries on the instigation of the American Southern Baptist evangelicals. Search Y0u Tube with “P00 P00 Pastor”. I am not kidding the eviI they spread around this world.
    Thankfully, in today’s world the vast majority of so the called christians are fortunately social christians (church for weddings and funerals only). These social christians use their own moral compass and reject all the vile doctrine of this godforsaken storybook called the babel! At least other stories of the east are told as stories without compulsion to believe in em….not stories falsely sold as “history”, “facts” and “truth”.
    Many christian conveniently are unable to distinguish between western civilization’s contribution of philosophies of John Locke, Thomas Paine et all, all the way back Aristotle and Plato vis a vis the middle eastern Goat herders culture of Christianity. Remember the christians who burned down the Egyptian library of Alexandria… they were like the Pol Pot of those days who went after any educated people… It was mob rule. The uneducated and the peasants wanted equality with the smart people. You can read about it in Nietchie’s “Anti Christ”.
    The catholic Vatican hunted and persecuted thinkers and people of science.
    They were using the Roman I, II, III, IV system. How far in science could they have gone with that? It was the Hindu’s contribution of numerals …1…9 and the ingenious Zero (nothing//Null) that contributed and helped the west to prosper in science.
    Even the US, the founders had to keep christianity at bay to build a nation on the idea of liberty and equality of John Locke, Thomas Paine et all. Not Christianity. Christianity just steals and steals… It’s an unethical religion that keeps on telling lies …it sits on a house of glass of lies. That’s why christians have to continuously lie that the bible is history. If the “historical” records of the bible is dis-proven, this mythology falls flat on its face (Any 12 year old with common sense and decency can disprove it as part of his/her weekend homework )

    1. As a religion, Christianity believes in the equality of all men, and hence it is one of the most moral religions on Earth. Christianity’s sins are mostly in its past.
      Hinduism rejects violently the notion of the equality of men, and in fact, religiously instantiates the notion of inherent inequality among men. Hinduism is one of the cruelest and most evil religions on Earth today.

      1. Yes..that’s what I thought when the christian untouchables were treated like rats during the Katrina Disaster… And that’s what I think when gays are beaten up in the babel belt. And yes..that’s what comes to my mind when I see the white christian caste abandon a church when the black christian caste congregation number increases. And that’s why the Babel Belt is the source of racial supremacists and Christian supremacists.
        That’s what I think when this christian culture spreads to Africa and saw the ethnic cleansing in Rwanda and Darfur where priests and pastors have a field day in the those killing fields.
        Although the Hindu caste is nothing to Jim Crowe about, it is mostly a sin of giving slight to others…If an upper castes goes have a bath when he comes in touch with an untouchable is a sin of offense and giving slight..but he has a fundamental right to his sense of superiroty as long as he does not use that sense of superiority to exert dominion over others. unlike christianity which exerts dominion over others by lynching and enslaving (Which is condoned in the alleged inerrat word of the jealous petty christian deity).
        Please don’t urinate on my leg and tell me its raining. Thank you very much.

        1. Relatively speaking, Hindu caste is far far more benign than the christian caste system or the Islamic Caste system, Its not about killing others.

        2. Nope. I am in the middle of the totem pole in the caste hierarchy..but I understand what is fairness and what lies are being put out by the goat herding middle eastern cultures.

        3. Ok, I’ll piss in your mouth instead. Maybe the ammonia would be a cleansing agent. There is so much B.S. in your posts one would not know where to start. Entertain us for a while!
          My money says this piece of work is banned within 24 hrs.

        4. I am an upper caste brahmin ,Even today after unplugging yourselves from many Vedic scriptures that i was forced to regurgitate , I still don’t believe in the notion that all humans are equal
          Like me or hate me,I believe some humans are more evolved than others,Hinduism espouses 3 gunas 1) satva 2) raja 3) tamas
          Every human has these 3 gunas, but some people are born with Tamas guna and are violent and indifferent and Yajur veda says these humans are not evolved from their primordial instincts
          This philosophy makes me always believe that some people are beyond any change,and its not worthy to change them at all
          Even though i found it hard to unplug from all indoctrination in my childhood some fundamental concepts of hinduism still influence my rational thinking sometimes consciously and often unconsciously

      2. Second, There is no single authority of “Holy book” or “revalations” Hindus HAVE To follow for Hindus… Hinduism is liberty of faith for an individual. So you are now simply resorting to lies like many christian evangelicals do to tarnish others faith to establish supremacy of christianity. A “Jealous” deity to would send women and children to burn in hell fire for eternity is immoral and the ones who worship this fearful spiteful deity is cowards.
        First off I am a Hindu. I was born into one. I also love a nice prime rib medium rare and a hamburger once in a while. Now, do I fear that I would be excommunicated for that? Nope. Cause there is no authority that can excommunicate me in the first place. I am very much a Hindu. I am free to believe what the Bhagwat Gita says or not believe a good portion of what the Gita says and I would still be a Hindu. I may even cherry pick what I want to believe from the Bible and the Koran. But does it mean there is no structure of any kind in Hinduism? Are Christians and Muslims Hindus?. Well! let me bring a different context (Political) and see if that would help explain.
        Context 1:
        Western concept of liberty as a political system: e.g. “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. It’s a very broad framework. It does not go into the minutia or stipulate what it is that would make you happy etc.. Does it mean, that you can bring in a rigid system of communism or fascism ideology under that framework of “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”? Obviously not since those political ideologies would violate the basic framework of liberty in the political context. However, you can still have socialism as normative values within the frame work of “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.
        Now apply the same concept when it comes to Hindu religion vs a vis other religions. There is no set ideology that Hindus should adhere to, to be a Hindu.. Hinduism is freedom of spiritual quest for an individual as long as the framework is not violated. if you insist that your belief or ideology is the only true one and the rest are false or that every other faith except yours is in violation, then you are violating the basic freedom of spiritual quest and most Hindus would not accept that as being Hindu.
        Context 2:
        Another illustration is how western liberal ideology is pilloried by some conservative societies of the world by pointing out to the worst in western civilization as an excuse for they not adopting a free society. e.g. They often point to pornography in the west as failure of a free society “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. They conveniently do not realize that westerners do not necessarily celebrate pornography instead consider that a price they have to pay for living in a free society.
        Let me apply that to Hinduism. Because there are no rigid rules nor any Institution to enforce any in a “libertarian” faith called Hinduism, naturally you would find some odd and strange practices within Hinduism including some bizarre Tantric rituals. Missionaries and religious supremacists and leftists like Wendy often highlight these sects/practices to point to the failure of Hinduism just like countries that have a tyrannical political system who point to pornography as the central tenet of free society to rationalize the supremacy of their tyrannical ideology/belief system. Most Hindus would tolerate these bizarre tantric practices (within the context of a law and order) but not necessarily celebrate them as Hindu rituals/customs.
        Context 3.
        Process of scientific quest: Scientists and the process of scientific quest is about the pursuit of that never reaching wall of absolute knowledge. Its the pursuit and not necessarily about finding all the answers there is to know. They constantly keep pushing that wall of ignorance a little further and the constant debate to fine tune. Yet, you would find some individuals (Creationists) who would use this as a weakness to deride scientists and what they do for they claim their Green Goblin up in the heavens has created it all.
        In Hinduism, its not about a set of revealed set of truth given to 1 or 2 individual that has adjudicated all questions and that subsequent generation would just have to accept this “adjudicated revealed truth” into perpetuity and that they would be punished if they challenge these “truths” (Its really hearsay packaged as Truths). Instead, Hindu beliefs are really musings of individuals over 4000 years. Its intuitive perceptions of seers while introspecting and meditating deeply without guarantees to what they say is the absolute truth (They are opinions). Its devoid of compulsion by way of intrinsic threats for one to follow and believe what they sayy. These musings still continue and will never end just like scientific musings are a never ending pursuit.

        1. It is clear that Hindu culture has ruined India. That India is a wreck is due to Hindu culture. It stands to reason that why Hindu culture sucks so much is because of the Hindu religion. The Hindu religion obviously created Hindu culture. An amoral, cruel religion creates 1.3 million amoral, cruel individuals.

        2. For the last 1000 years, India had 700 years of Islamic tyranny followed by the Anglican tyranny for 300 years and in the last 65 years a single socialist leftist anti Hindu congress and the commie culture has ruled India.
          So I am afraid religious Hindu culture has not dominated India poltiically. Religious Hindus are a minority in India.
          Those anti Hindu cultures have managed to keep 700 million in abject poverty.and ruin India.

        3. I have never been inside a Hindu temple in over 15 years.. I have no Hindu iconography in my household.. I do not pray. I am not a Brahmin, I eat Beef.. I used to eat beef even as a child living in India. My religious views are close to Atheistic… and I consider myself a true liberal who fights for the underdogs
          I find the christianity as the Golaith predatory culture followed by Islam. Christianity as a doctrine is 100 times worse that Islam. Unfortunatelyon the account of Pakistan Indians dislike Islam.. But Islam and Muslims are much better people and culture. Christianity is the worst evil wrought on Humanity. The only good christians I find are often christians who don’t practice christianity which fortunately are the majority/

  16. This is what happens when christians spread their intolerant bigoted culture to Asia. It not satisfied with converting others to worshipping a christian deity… it now demands others reject their own deities and turn against their own people and culture and become enemies of their own people.
    S. korean christians praying for Buddhist temple to collapse””
    “Korean Christians Vandalize and Burn Buddhist Temple””
    If Hinduism is such awful religion, why target the Buddhists?

  17. “Plus being an amoral, parasitic, opportunistic, somewhat sociopathic human is very profitable in a way. Sociopaths often clean up in life. Morals get in the way of getting all the money and stuff you need in life. The person mostly likely to clean up in life is the most selfish, opportunistic, parasitic and rather sociopathic person, as they are not encumbered by morals in getting what they want.”
    Yes.. I concur.
    Doctrine of Discovery:
    The origins of the doctrine can be traced to Pope Nicholas V’s issuance of the papal bull Romanus Pontifex in 1455. The bull allowed Portugal to claim and conquer lands in West Africa. Pope Alexander VI extended to Spain the right to conquer newly-found lands in 1493, with the papal bull Inter caetera, after Christopher Columbus had already begun doing so. Arguments between Portugal and Spain led to the Treaty of Tordesillas which clarified that only non-Christian lands could thus be taken, as well as drawing a line of demarcation to allocate potential discoveries between the two powers.
    According to the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Johnson v. M’Intosh, this theory of Christian expansion and possession of newly discovered lands, despite native presence, was one by which all colonial powers operated. Chief Justice Marshall, writing the decision, held that the United Kingdom had taken title to the lands which constituted the United States when the British discovered them. Marshall pointed to the exploration charters given to John Cabot as proof that the British had operated under the doctrine.[3] The tribes which occupied the land were, at the moment of discovery, no longer completely sovereign and had no property rights but rather merely held a right of occupancy. Further, only the discovering nation or its successor could take possession of the land from the natives by conquest or purchase. Natives could not sell the land to private citizens but only to the discovering government.[citation needed]
    The doctrine was used in numerous other cases as well. With Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, it supported the concept that tribes were not independent states but “domestic dependent nations”.[3] The decisions in Oliphant v. Suquamish Indian Tribe and Duro v. Reina used the doctrine to prohibit tribes from criminally prosecuting first non-Indians, then Indians who weren’t a member of the prosecuting tribe.[4]:

    1. Firstly, Christian is not a culture you moron, its a religion. You are so filled with hate, your hate has blinded you. Read the Bible before you start spewing your hate around.

      1. Why?
        So Christianity can be filled with Indian poison of betrayal and soul destruction?
        How about we leave them alone in their misery – when they develop a civilisation they can interact with ours. In a 1000 years, on 10000 – or never.

    The Western Governments & Western News media are targeting the Islamic Radicals because the Islamic Radicals are targeting the WHITE PEOPLE. If the Hindu Radicals had also targeted the white people be 100% sure that the Western governments & Western news media would have also targeted the Hindu radicals.
    US Pastor Terry Jones has no problem with the Hindu Radicals burning Bibles in India. Hillary Clinton has no problem with the Hindu Radicals vandalizing Churches & Graveyards in India. Barack Obama has no problem with the Hindu radicals encroaching land belonging to Christians in India. Ban-Ki-Moon has no problem with the Hindu radicals preventing Christians from getting government jobs & facilities. The United Nations Security Council has no problem with the Hindu radicals threatening & attacking Christians in India.
    The Hindu Radicals not only have a large number of sympathizers in the police, army, judiciary, intelligence, Ias/Ips, administration but also have a very large number of sympathizers among the middle/upper class Hindus, Brahmins & OBC Hindus.
    The only three states in India where the Christians have not experienced the VENOM of the HINDU RADICALS are Goa, Kerala & Nagaland but not for long the Hindu radicals are expanding their networks in Goa, Kerala, Nagaland.
    The only state in India where the Hindu Radicals don’t dare to spread their venomous tentacles is KASHMIR. Even the Indian Government does not allow people from other parts of India to encroach land in Kashmir because the angry Kashmiri youth will not tolerate migrants. IF the natives of Kashmir succeed in getting independence from New Delhi then the natives of Goa, Konkan, Assam, Punjab, Tamil Nadu & North East States will also start agitating for independence from New Delhi. This explains why the Indian govt. is doing whatever it can to prevent the Kashmiris from getting freedom from New Delhi.
    The Indian Govt., the Indian Armed forces, the Indian police force, the Indian Intelligence Agencies, the Indian judiciary, the IAS/IPS officers, the Local Administration NOBODY is prepared to crush the Hindu radicals. Under such Circumstances WHAT are the options left with Christians in India ? Should Christians migrate to Christian countries as suggested by Hindu Radicals or Should Christians convert to Hinduism to avoid persecution from Hindu Radicals or Should Christians in India undergo Commando training and arm themselves with Guns & Bombs for SELF-DEFENCE purpose or Should Christians in India continue suffering at the hands of the Hindu Radicals???? The Indian Prime Minister, Indian President & Indian Supreme Court need to advice Christians in India which option to choose.
    The Secularization of the Church by the Clergy and the separation of the church and the state are the two main reasons why 90% of the white people have removed Christianity from their lives and have become Atheists. And obviously these Atheists will not bother what Dan Brown writes, what Hindu radicals do to Christians in India, etc.
    Wealthy Hindus in America donate millions of dollars to the Vishwa Hindu Parishads Branch in America which is registered in the United States as a charitable organization in the 1970s where it has, and continues to, receive funds from a variety of individuals and corporate organizations run by Hindus. The VHP also has registered charitable branches in Canada, UK, Australia and various other Christian nations. The VHP transfers the foreign funds to the various Hindu Radical organizations in India which are involved in various Hindutva missions including attacking Christians and bringing down Churches in India.
    The Hindus left India for earning big money in USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and yet, while enjoying the relative tolerance of their new countries, are funding hate campaigns in India against the minorities including Christians.
    Due to fear of the Hindu Radicals some Christian parents who had Christian names have given their children Hindu names in order to protect their childrens Christian identity.
    In the last two decades there has also been a deep infiltration of the Hindu Radicals into the press, as well as other institutions — political, military, bureaucratic, civic, business, educational and law and order — of India.
    All Senior leaders, Chief Ministers of BJP are selected by the people at the RSS Head Quarters at Nagpur. These senior BJP people in front of the media may talk of secularism but officially they do exactly the opposite. They give away government lands for building temples and training camps to Rashtriya Swamyamsevak Sangh, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and other right wing Hindu organizations. They authorize the Hinduisation of school text books. They select Hindutva sympathizers in the administration, bureaucracy, police, judiciary. They do whatever is necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of making India a Hindu Rashtra.
    When one Congress Minister talks of Banning the Hindu Radical Organizations other Congress Ministers talk of loosing Hindu votes if the Hindu Radical Organizations are banned. The Hindu Radicals are absolutely right when they say that no party in India can come to power without the votes of Hindus and ofcourse a vast majority of Hindus in India sympathize with the Hindu Radicals especially the middle class and OBC Hindus. Whether the Hindus vote for Congress or BJP is irrelevant because both the parties are two sides of the same coin.
    Governments have failed to create Infrastructure / Industries / Job Opportunities in Rural/Backward Districts due to which millions of people from rural/backward districts will continue to pour into cities & towns of India for jobs and the resulting growth of slums and illegal constructions.
    Governments have failed to strictly enforce the two child policy due to which the Indian population will continue to increase and the corresponding increase in the stock of poor & unemployed people.
    Governments have failed to setup fast track courts to deal with divisive politicians, rioters, arsonists, black marketers, scamsters, hoarders, marauders, female aborting doctors, slumlords, black money swiss account holders, slumlords, unscrupulous builders, money launderers, Hawala operators, corrupt Ias/Ips officials, corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt govt. servants, corrupt politicians, corrupt municipality ward officers, etc due to which these unscrupulous people who should have been behind bars are instead out on bail and living a luxurious lifestyle and are also carrying on with their unscrupulous activities without any fear.
    The Hindu Radicals are absolutely right when they say that Christianity & Islam are foreign religions on Indian soil but when the Hindu radicals are reminded that Hinduism is also a foreign religion on Indian soil brought from Persia some 2500 years ago by the Indo-Aryans (ancestors of present day Brahmins & Upper Caste Hindus) the Hindu radicals go into a defensive mode.
    Some Tribal/Dalit Christians have formed an association by the name Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) and are demanding that the Christian Missionaries stop conversions in India for the next 100 years and utilize the foreign funds for the benefit of the tribal/dalit Christians. The PCLM also wants the Christians/Catholic Institutions in India to reserve seats for Tribal/Dalit Christians. Because of the various demands of the PCLM the Bishops, Cardinals, Priests are at loggerheads with the PCLM.
    The PCLM has also urged the government that no clergy (Bishops, priests and nuns) be appointed in the government committee, commissions, etc. It has been observed that due to such appointments, the Bishops, priests, and nuns are deviating from their original work of the Church and misusing their positions and funds. Instead, the government should appoint ordinary Christians as the members in such committees and commissions. The PCLM also wants the Dalit/Tribal Christians to be appointed in the various committees of the Church and its various institutions (schools, colleges, hospitals, etc).
    The PCLM has also urged the Union government to institute a law allowing the Christians minority institutions to admit 50% student who are Christians. Any Christians educational institute claiming Minority Status be punished if they refuse admission to a Christian child. Currently, there is no such provision therefore the Church educational institutions are ignoring poor Christians. Those not following the directive be declassified and put under the Income Tax Act as commercial venture.
    The PCLM has also claimed that due to illegal sale of church properties in various diocese the Union government should setup a national/state boards similar like the Waqf board to protect church properties.
    The PCLM has also urged the Church leaders to prepare the laity for the more responsibilities so that the real message of Christ becomes acceptable to all without offending any other religion. The key word is respect all religions equally.
    PCLM has made allegations that the foreign funds coming to India are being misused by a section of Church. The PCLM wants the Church to use these foreign funds properly for the development & upliftment of Dalit/Tribal Christians.
    St. Peter has two keys. One of the heaven and other one of the treasurery. The treasury key must be handed over to the laity for transparency. Economic committees should be formed to oversee the fund’s expenditure. In every diocese the treasurer must be a lay person appointed on rotational basis – for two years. And must be changed after that.
    The Hindu fundamentalists have brainwashed the Hindu majority with a five-decade campaign that portrayed Muslims & Christians as disloyal, anti-national or criminal. Militant nationalists always need an enemy in order to grow. Hitler had the Jews. In India there are the minorities within and Pakistan, China and the West outside.
    The Hindu fundamentalists pack all the national parties with their people so that they will be in command no matter which party comes to power. This explains why the Congress led UPA has not banned any of the Hindu fundamentalist groups (RSS, VHP, BAJRANG DAL, SHIV SENA, etc).
    The Hindu fundamentalists are evolving new ways of humiliating, marginalizing and crushing their opponents (Muslims, Christians, Tribals, Dalits, etc ). They humiliate and disarm their critics by accusing them of being foreigners and anti-nationals. They provoke them beyond endurance and any self-defence is described as violent. They keep spreading misinformation in a studied and systematic way so that at least half of it will be believed. For this, they take inspiration from the manuals of the Nazis whom they greatly admire. They harass minorities with court cases so as to wear them down.
    The Hindu fundamentalists use the print, celluloid, audio and video media to further their cause, especially during elections. One cannot underestimate the vastness of their designs. If you send a Christian or Muslim explanation to the press against false accusations, it is ignored.
    The organs of the state bureaucracy, the judiciary, police and armed forces are polarised….when one officer takes action, another rushes to the rescue of the Hindu fundamentalists.
    Anti-democratic attitudes are today widespread in the same urban middle class in India that was the backbone of democracy……Gone are the days of slogans like “Unity in Diversity”.
    The Hindu Fundamentalists (Sangh Parivar, RSS, VHP, BAJRANG DAL, SHIV SENA, etc) clear sighted aim is to establish Aryan rule in India, and impose the Manu Code with its caste norms. Just as for the Nazis, the Jews were a great threat, so the Hindu Fundamentalists considers the Muslims, Christians, Dalits, Tribals, Socialists, Communists & Modern Hindus a great threat.
    The Hindu Fundamentalists definition of Nation, is not acceptable. It is monocultural negating other religions and people. The struggle between the Brahminical forces under the disguise of Hindu nationalism on the one hand and the dream of an egalitarian, pluralistic and democratic Indian State and society on the other hand, will determine the direction and the destiny of the Indian State and society.
    Why the Christians? Have the Hindus run out of Muslims and Sikhs, that a small and insignificant minority should be threatened, attacked, burned at will by right wing Hindutva forces? This may sound strange, but in a real sense that the saffron mob has indeed if not in words run out of options. This is why they have now turned against Christians. They are the last soft target.
    The Sikhs set the retaliation game in motion. They hit out, often randomly, at designated targets making it known to Hindu sectarians that taking on a Sikh will not be a picnic any longer. This stopped further attacks against the Sikhs. The Muslims picked up this lead and set their own pace by orchestrating the Mumbai blasts of 1993, and several after that in quick succession. So the Muslims can no longer be hunted down either for casual Hindu amusement.
    This only leaves the Christians. It must be borne in mind that Hindutva activists are at their predacious best when the kill is easy and their own safety assured in advance. This is why where Christians are in sizable numbers, such as in Nagaland, Kerala or even Goa, Hindutva sectarians dare not touch them. Instead they turn to areas like the Dangs in Gujarat or Kandmahal in Orissa where Christians are scattered and isolated. In these places it is easy to kill without the fear of being killed.
    Hindu extremist parties and organizations, all the way to the BJP, can encourage, condone and organize mobs to kill for Hindutva, but none of them is willing to die for it.
    Muslim terrorism in India has nothing to do with Al Qaeda, Taliban, Palestine, or even Iraq. These terrorists are home bred and are direct outcomes of Babri Masjid and Godhra.
    Why don’t the Hindutva activists go to Nagaland or somewhere else where Christians are in a majority ? Why is it that the Hindutva activists are active only where their safety is guaranteed like BJP ruled states ? In places where there is no administrative encouragement, sanction or connivance, Hindutva activists, of whatever description, dare not strike any minority community.
    Wherever Hindutva presence is built into the state administrative system, saffron forces are assured that every ethnic attack will be like a picnic.
    When it comes to linguistic and caste wars there is social science involved as jobs are to be won or lost on these grounds. But when Muslims or Christians are killed, nobody wants their income or livelihood. They are attacked only to make Hindutva organizations look good, and nothing else. This is why, in such contexts, social science of any kind is irrelevant.

    1. Stop Spamming. Christian!
      Did you know, Christ invented spamming?
      Go forth and Spam said the douche! Christians have been spamming the world with their christian lies for over 2000 years!

    2. I have an Indian friend George Thomas from Kerala who told me, his father was a decan of the Syrian Orthodox Church and these Syrian Christians were invited by Xaviers, the Pontif of Goa and then their artificats that they had brought with them were buned and these Syrian Christians were tortured and burned.
      Jews were also burned at the stakes by the Goan Catholics,.
      You Catholic aholes are pure Evil
      Why don’t you go burn down that shit castle where your Lord and Savior the Peodphole live eh?
      Go do some good for the children of the world.. you Catholic bastards.

      1. How dumb is a person, that Hindu worships the Pennies of Shiva?
        It is illegal to worship adulterated idols to kids ! Don’t spoil the Children s in the name of some religious stupidity ,encouraging to worship idiotic dumb LINGAM (Pennis )
        God must be an Example to you , who looks after you , Who cares you , Who protects you .More ever Holy .
        How dumb is a person, Hindu only can Worship Wooden carved image, Is not the carpenter is more skilled than the Dumb idol? God made you , How can it be god,If a goldsmith or carpenter can make a god ? Use Brain .
        How dumb is to put a elephant/monkey head to the Man & Say, You are my god!
        How dumb is to put some powder on the stone & say, you the god who can save me from trouble ,You Created me , You the god of stone, you are my Savior ! Help me to make more corruption ,increase my evil nature ,my lord to Rock ( god of Sacred Colored Stone)
        How dump is that to say to a tree, you are my god.
        By this we can say, Satan is crafty to deceive many dump people .
        Drinking urine ? Don’t you realize,it is Full of Bacteria ,Cannot be sacred ? No ,My dear friend .
        Can you be transformed into new person can stand against Bribery ,when you sink in the dirty water ? Never ,My dear friend . Be wise
        When we worship evil spirits, they can make you believe, animals dung is Sacred!
        Eating cow dung, can it make you clean? Can a thief character be changed, by any of these practices ?
        Can the corruption is reduced? Think!
        Worship ,who created you , Who Created the whole world .
        Worship the Creator ,Not the Creation , Animals, Nature , …… Not the wood, steel, clay , mud, … rubbish, shoes …. Garbage , can never be god .

  19. Your statement “I don’t want my daughter to feel like a misfit growing up.” answers your question why indians don’t change. They want to fit in. They are scared to be misfit. And you too are one of them. You are thinking like indian. You dont want your daughter to be a misfit. You have to change first. You should encourage your daughter to be a misfit. I hope this answers your questions.

  20. The problem with India is that it is always looking back into its past. Indians do not want to look into future, any new idea or forward thinking is immediately rejected as ‘western influence on Indian culture’. The truth is India is suffering from cultural identity crisis. It is a collision ground of old and new. That is why Indians are too immature. But though it has a poisonous culture, does not mean all the people living in it are poisonous too.

    1. How do you know they are hindus if you do not look at them?
      A better strategy is to wear a burka with sunglasses and if you see the vague shadow of a Hindu turn away and run like nun in drag.This system is the system I personally use but I did get in trouble once when I ended up in the women’s bathroom, as a result of my zeal.
      I was in town walking About and I had my hindudar on to help me detect a Hindu. I walked into a coffee shop and from the corner of my eye I saw one. I ran and ran to Iran (From Afghanistan) and once safely in the Islamic republic I decided to go the bathroom, but I forgot I was In drag. That is where my troubles began, but the Islamic police , though at first suspicious eventually, accepted my story. I even made the news that day and later in the year told my story to rapt reporters from Tehran.
      Now hindudar is an a powerful tool that we can use, and must endeavour to do so, in order to escape the Hindu.

  21. l0l, I don’t want to be Indian (sorry, no fucking way!) but somebody fucked and I popped out over here. I don’t like nationalism and patriotism shoved onto me just because I escaped from a yolk…

    1. You say you escaped from a yolk.
      Was that a yolk from a dinosaur egg?
      I noticed some yolk was missing from my dinosaur egg and here you are confessing to the crime! Gotcha!

  22. The poster is clearly sheltered – Ethnic Anglos and Ethnic Arabs are 100 times worse than sheltered Hindus in so far as Ethnic Anglos and Ethnic Arabs rape, murder, rob, cheat, kill, bad mouth, frenemy all other races.
    If you think Indians are so bad they are only guilty of being sheltered dimwits allowing these filthy barbarians to turn our country into a garbage bin.
    Thoughts of a random Indian guy
    P.S. Ethnic Anglos rape and murder Negros and North American Indians.
    P.P.S. Ethnic Arabs rape and murder everyone including themselves.

  23. Being an Indian born and raised in Europe I could take a stance from both views, western and Indian. With that said I agree with the cultural poisoning which is a toxic mix of social obedience and hedonistic extremism. It is like we all sin and then go to the church to speak off our sins from our shoulders. However, in the intensity which it is lived with in India is unique, maybe because of the large population and very strong social pressure. On one hand you are taught that you should act righteously and in the next sentence you are told that you have to be achieve big in order to be appreciated and be accepted or rather loved.
    And all is fair as long as you are religious enough at least fear god, instead of loving the god within. But that too is not the same for all hindus or Indians in general. Thankfully, many Indians are simply just spiritual and understand the essence of human spirituality.
    What bothers me is the hypocrisy in India of preaching good human and godly ways and when it comes to acting them out, they very much do the opposite. As long as your image is good enough and maintained it is all fair game. This is especially true when it comes to business in India, relationships there are disposable if you are not playing just the game. If you are not selfish enough to protect your own interest, mostly and usually (at least this is my experience) you will be taken advantage of.
    The next hypocrisy is about sex and relationships, especially the marriage doctrine. There is nothing wrong with being happily married and form a family, which brings a spiritual, emotional and character stability. However, in India the first purpose it serves is to prolong the family name and status and above all it seems to keep the status quo – The Lobster effect. What does this mean? Whenever I speak to my married friends, they ask me when are you going to married, This is the same question any relative would ask continuously and even the people you just met. But when you speak to them alone, they would tell you: “be sure first; take your time; don’t get married” only some would say its good. When you see a open box full of lobsters, the reason they dont escape the box is that as soon as one tries the others fang him and pull him back down. So maybe I am just rebelling like many these days, but also because I would not sacrifice my choices or my life to social expectations or any one else’s, unless I am really sure that the person is the right one and also the social and human condition at the moment would not take a toll on a common understanding. But that sadly is the case mostly.
    Sex is taboo and not spoken off, but we have sacred teachings like the Kamasutra. Yet Bollywood takes it into perversion and blows up lust within people. So what happens when a person of not so much education, sexual ignorance/oppression is bombarded with semi-pornography? Probably its a dictation to rape due to a people created to be lead only by screwed up emotions and really fucked up beliefs. Moulding criminals due to highly imbalanced nurturing.
    What about religion?
    Having a belief in God and being spiritual without label is legitimate, religion is a source of control, manipulation more than it is good teaching in my view. It is a club and at the same time also a safe harbour and protection from social damnation, many times also to do wrong in good disguise.
    Religions like hinduism have been compromised and high jacked by mafia like control structures to keep everyone in check. That is the purpose religions serve and not the real pathway to your own spirituality, maybe not in general but in democratic terms it is the heavy influence on the social condition.
    It is the ego’s gratification to silence the moral dilemma. The oldest hindu texts are the vedas and they display the pure form of hindu spirituality, which has been altered and adjusted to political causes only it seems.
    So yes Indian society is sick, as are other societies in the world. The only way to redeem yourself and society at large is to develop through an internal and naturally gifted spiritual compass, which provides balance and all goodies in every way.

  24. All we require is one strong parent to be strong & change. My dad did that for me & my siblings in the 70’s. The idea of absolute obedience to parents has to go if Indians want to truly achieve greatness globally. Encourage your children to ask questions, encourage them to make their own decisions.
    Encourage your children to read, to learn about other cultures, about evolution, about mankind. Don’t dictate to your kids, encourage vigorous debate. Give your children the freedom to express themselves, teach them spirituality rather than religion. Each one of us parents can change Indian culture for the better, it takes a brave parent to do so.

  25. LOL check this out
    A blog about scams in India. This is a huge list. Along with the usual mining and defence scams, there are scams on coffins of dead soldiers, scams on ice cream parlours, scams on fodder for cows, scams on shoes. This shit could not get better. India is scams central.
    Guess what Churchill said about India in the British parliament when arguing against granting independence to India
    “Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low calibre & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power and India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air and water would be taxed in India.”
    Some claim that this is a hoax, but hoax or not, this prophecy has definitely come true. I think the Brits were just happy to leave. India was just tooo much of a White Man’s burden. Too heavy.

  26. Robert I agree with you on a lot of things the problem is indans are passive people who like to live in denial, also they would distract themselves and would do nothing to help their own nations corruption is deep-rooted in every Indian.they will get defensive every time you try point the reality an blame the government but never themselves. Extremely superstitious even the so called educated ones,no regards for public property personal space and public health and hygiene are non existent concepts.
    In short this is a hellhole with no hope

  27. I am Indian and compared to people of the world, Indians are low in morale ,moral values and highly oppurtunistic. They are least aware of world values(at least pretend so) think that what they think is right,what they follow in India can also be followed in other countries.Basically they don’t want to change.

  28. Get and erection and fuck whom ever and who ever and when ever and where ever you like, Boys and Girls ….. I did just the same … so before your brain gets fried for ‘much ado about nothing’ ….. Me, and Robert, and You et all will eventually die one day … someday … Be happy where you are … leave India and Indians into their hole …. don’t waste you time in evil called religion … be marry .. drink vine and do a terrific sex act … straight or reverse … gay and homosexual or heterosexual or whatever type and style you prefer …. I have long walked away from any religion … current Hindu is one among the worst but so are others … religion is a quilt or mask one wears .. it doesn’t change the original human underneath … the animal instincts in anyone and everyone will take over at some point in time but not all the times … and yes, ancients enjoyed without any fear of reciprocation unlike today’s politically correctness … they rapped and still are worshiped for example the prophet raping Jewish woman and yet so much worshiped by billions … there was pedophile-sex everywhere and anywhere it was so common no one gave a damn about it … the ancients who we love or loath or both lived their lives to the fullest … they killed whenever they wished and there were no police, no arrests, no courts, no trials … nothing ….! they could take any 12 years old into the bushes and caves and had a terrific sexual gratification with whole society knowing everything but doing nothing or giving any damns, even parents didn’t care but will willingly sale their kids to those who wanted them and there were no regrets … religion was just as decoupled as it was forever … in this 21st century just imagine doing any of what your and mine ancestors did ….and we are fighting in the name of those dead clothes … no I am not a leftist nor a communist … but religion is a tool, extremely manipulative and controlling tool to control fellow humans … exactly what the governments today are … an individual may be sued for not paying a 100 dollar bill … but companies can siphon off and eat up billions of dollars ….this is how it worked … morals and rules are for others to follow !! stop dreaming and get a sound sleep … fuck off those ugly cheater con corrupt Hindoos and middle-easterners … ultimately it the uniform yellow shit and yellow piss .. someone becomes dominant sometimes, rises and then falls again and cycle keeps on repeating … this is how nature or someone superior supreme created us to be minions, to be extremely imperfect and dirty so we can ever not imagine even to be even inch closer to him or his powers … he made us all so imperfect and mortal … if you think deep, you can understand we are all just zombies, robots, toys in his vast superior design who he let loose to roam the earth for a few years … RIP everyone

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