Bigfoot News June 25, 2013

Morgan Matthews Shooting Bigfoot premiers in the UK. The movie premiered in the UK only just very recently, in the past few days. A UK researcher who is somehow associated with the Finding Bigfoot guys, went to see it with a friend of his. There was a post about it in Bigfoot Research UK, but he has taken down the post. However, it is still available at the link above. It is not known how he felt about Rick Dyer’s reported shooting of a Bigfoot before this took place, but after seeing the movie, he now feels that the shooting of the Bigfoot was faked by Dyer. In the movie, we see Morgan in his tent. Suddenly something large rustles his tent in a very aggressive way. Morgan comes out of his tent just in time to see Rick emerging from his tent with a rifle. Next we see a very large creature, hunched over and with extremely wide shoulders, running away very fast. Rick fires a few shots at the creature, and Morgan starts yelling at him to stop shooting. A big scene ensues. In the glimpse we see of the Bigfoot running away, it looks more like a part-ape, part-man. The apey component is quite prominent, however, it has a human nose. Next, at some point, the Bigfoot has circled back around. Next thing we see is the Bigfoot crashing into Morgan and Morgan falling to the ground. We hear more shots ring out. Then we see Morgan and Rick arguing inside of a tent. Rick is belligerently demanding that Morgan hand over his film, but Morgan does not want to hand it over. A big argument ensues. Later we see Morgan very badly bruised up on a plane heading back to the UK. The scene with the Bigfoot running into Morgan is replayed. It appears that this new cut may have more footage in it than the previous cut that was shown in Toronto. Afterwards, there was a question and answer session with Morgan. Morgan was asked whether he thought a Bigfoot was shot in the movie, and he said, “My first thought when I got knocked down was that a human had knocked me down.” He also said that the force with which he was knocked down was about what he would expect from a human. But that was all he said. Once again, he basically refused to answer the question. In addition, the UK researcher said that looking at the figure in the film, it seemed to be about as tall as a person (6 feet or so). Therefore, he concluded that Dyer had hoaxed the shooting of a Bigfoot in the movie, and he said he felt there was no Bigfoot in Las Vegas. He also said that when Dyer started selling Team Tracker memberships for $100/head, he  felt that there was now a profiteering motive that one might expect with a hoax. A number of Team Tracker members were flown out to Las Vegas on June 14 to view Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot boy. I know for a fact that at least two of those people were flown out to Vegas by Rick. I spoke to one TT member who saw the body. I asked him if he was impressed, and he said, “Very, very impressed.” I asked him if he had seen the body and what he had to say about it, and he said, “Yes I saw the body. I believe that what I saw was the same body that Musky Allen saw.” He also said that other TT members were there when he was viewing the body in addition to “other people” who he could not identify. One of the people who was flown out to see the body was Chris Sands, who is a very good friend of Christopher Noel. I asked Christopher if he trusted Chris, and he said he trusted him completely, 10

A photo of Chris Sands with Rick Dyer in Las Vegas on June 21 of this year. I believe that Chris was definitely with Rick in Las Vegas on that date, and that is when and where this photo was taken.
A photo of Chris Sands with Rick Dyer in Las Vegas on June 21 of this year. I believe that Chris was definitely with Rick in Las Vegas on that date, and that is when and where this photo was taken.
In addition, also on June 14, two reporters (identities unknown but possibly national reporters) also saw the body. They were carefully selected and will get the first story out when the press embargo on the Bigfoot body story will be listed. On June 21, even more people saw the body. All who saw the body are under NDA’s to not reveal what they saw until the press embargo is lifted, which according to Christopher, will be soon. I have a hard time seeing why all of these TT members would be lying for Rick. What are they getting out of it? Is he paying them? There is no evidence that any TT member is getting any money for being in on any hoax. So why lie for Rick? What is the motivation? Also many TT members have been suffering a serious loss of confidence lately due to Dyer’s constant antics and crazy, obnoxious behavior and just a general doubting of the story. So even TT members are not hardcore Dyer followers anymore, and quite a few of them have left the team in disgust either due to doubting Rick’s story or due to disgust over Rick’s behavior. Dyer freaks out over Dr. Jeff Meldrum book. In his website recently, Rick wrote that he first urinated all over one of Meldrum’s books, and then he set it on fire. This is some pretty whacky behavior on Rick’s part, but it all sort of adds up. Revelations about Musky Allen’s criminal record. The Dyer skeptics have been trying to dig up any dirt they can on Musky because they think he is in on a hoax with Rick Dyer. However, I do not believe that Musky is in on any kind of a hoax. It had previously been revealed that Musky had a drunk driving conviction on his record. There is a new story out that Musky has a “conviction for beating women.” This probably means a domestic violence charge where Musky got into it with a wife or girlfriend. Unfortunately, this sort of thing is quite common even in modern US society, and many men who do this are not necessarily criminal types. And I fail to see how these charges prove that Musky is lying about the body. Ad hominem fallacy: Musky has a minor criminal record, therefore, he can’t be trusted when he says he saw Rick Dyer’s dead Bigfoot. A guy with a criminal record is obviously a liar. Fails the Logic 100 test, sorry.

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30 thoughts on “Bigfoot News June 25, 2013”

  1. I think there is a body…an *expensive* FAKE one. So, his bleevers are not necessarily lying, they just think what they are seeing is real and I don’t believe it is. It might be a convincing – but fake – bigfoot body.

      1. Rob, how do you feel about other cryptids, like Chupacabra (or Loch Ness), and what is your feeling about the nascent field of cryptozoology?

    1. Sounds indeed like a reasonable explanation. But where is the return of investment? Because you do not just to have to spend money on the artificial body, but also on the whole infrastructure around the presentation of the body. The handful of platinum memberships and downloads of „I shot Bigfoot“? Not really. OK, many will say, like always, today you can make money out of everything, blablabla. But without any mainstream media coverage, staging of public events and large-scale merchandising there is simply no sense for spending so much money. And another point: there is no artificial body that could fool ALL people who have seen it. And at least those people, who were not fooled by it, would have told the public in the meantime, NDA or not. No: either there is a body or nothing at all – and all is just a big, well-planned conspiracy of all involved.

  2. All this sounds strange, like always. However: I now tend to think Dyer has a bigfoot – again. Matthews could easily have busted this thing in the meantime. But he didn`t. A joke: Adam, associated with Finding Bigfoot, NOW tends to think this is a joke?! Of course he did think this is a hoax BEFORE watching the premier. In the next five weeks Dyer has to deliver. And I guess he will.
    In the next five weeks Dyer has to deliver. And I guess he will.

  3. Bob ! You big Stud !
    I had realized the activity in the bigfoot community was at a standstill so I wasn’t expecting much .
    Quick couple of things;
    “In the new cut, we see Morgan in his tent. Suddenly something large rustles his tent in a very aggressive way.”
    – Everything I’ve read about bigfoot and this behavior is contrary. Usually it’s a probing type of action. Imho a possible indication of a hoax. Mebbe not that compelling , just something I noticed. Seems awkward about the argument in the tent . Would you conduct an argument with a near stranger in an environment were you had to be on your knees ? Stoopid details , I know. Weird shit jumps out at me.
    – When you mentioned some Team Trackers were allowed to see the body I reset to those Team Tazer guys for a second. I’m not a huge fan of his , but I would be interested in a report from Michael Merchant on that body. He’s a loudmouth fur sure, but more of a whistle blower type of loudmouth, than yur common bullshit artist loudmouth ala RD.
    Regardless, can we start a donation drive to provide You with a membership to Team Tracker ? Throw a hundy or two at ol’ Rick and then
    alude to favorable coverage on yur fabulous site. He’s an attention whore and you know it. Y’all would be in need of a shower every minute you were in his presence, might be worth it. I want Robert Lindsay coverage of a live dead body ! Yur public demands it.

  4. More weirdos than not in the bigfoot world. Something I’ve noticed is most of the men and women who run or are in charge of bigfoot groups and online sites (facebook) are full of themselves. I’m surprised at this point some aren’t wearing military style uniforms replete with medals and ribbons. I’m serious. Check out a bigfoot confdrence sometime. Sit back and watch the body language of the various bigfoot group members especially the group leaders. Talk about someone getting a spring in their step! You’ll see eyes wide open and chest puffed out. There are some good people too but my goodnessthe one’s full of themselves! LOL!
    As for Dyer’s bigfoot? At this point I ain’t buying it. He’s your typical bigfoot group leader on steroids. I believe bigfoot is real….. the people who search for BF not so much.
    Hi mr.e2me

  5. Robert did you receive those 65 stills from Minnow?
    Why is Morgan Mathews not forthcoming on whether he believes there was or was not a real bigfoot in his film. Did Dyer have him sign an NDA?
    If Mathews was hoaxed then surely exposing Dyer would have given Shooting BF more significance. But maybe Dyer was just too canny to get caught.

    1. Exactly, even the most classy and serious director would want to promote his film. By telling the public, that one of his “film stars” hoaxed him and someone in a costume attacked and injured him badly would have been a wonderful promotion tool. But I do want to speculate anymore – and Dyer now cannot hide anymore. August 15th or some date before will definitely mean the end of all his plans – or just the beginning…

  6. David Durett and Pinkfoot have left Team Tracker over the book burning/pissing. However, both still insist on the body’s authenticity. Regardless of the antics, which are wholly consistent with Rick and what he considers funny, there’s still no evidence that there’s a hoax; the shit is real.

    1. Pinkfoot was in an Fb forum yesterday saying she now thinks Rick is hoaxing. Durret is very much in doubt, but wants to be left alone. He is embarrassed, according to what he told a friend of mine.

  7. If every soul in California were a 1,200 lb. steer, they would be unable to generate the BS in 60 years that Dyer and company has with this “Hank” nonsense. If the guy had the goods, there’d be no need for the delays and hoopla.
    If you’re buying this from Dyer, that’s strike three.
    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.
    Fool me thrice? Your IQ is three.
    Just sayin’.

    1. You are correct, I meant to say “my” IQ. Sorry about that.
      It all just goes to show that PT Barnam was right.

  8. Where is Morgan saying that Rick is running a profiteering con? Morgan seems to be cleverly refusing to answer any questions about what happened to him during the filming of that movie. He has never said if it was a real Bigfoot or a man in a suit. Morgan has only said that he did not load a Bigfoot onto a truck and he did not help drive a Bigfoot to Vegas.
    Durrett officially states he is “unsure” if Rick has a body or not. Let’s leave it at that. Durrett quit when Rick pissed on Meldrum’s book and set it on fire.
    Well, I know for a fact that Chris Sands was flown out there on Rick’s dime to see the body, and there is a photo of Chris and Rick together in Vegas. Chris Noel is good friends with Chris Sands and trusts him completely.
    Are you saying that Musky Allen is lying and that he never saw any body? Musky is a good friend of mine, and I believe him.
    In addition, I spoke to a TT member who saw the body on June 14. He told me he was flown out on Rick’s dime, saw the body (he said it was “the same thing Musky saw” and said he was “very very impressed.” He also said that there were other TT members there viewing it and other folks he did not recognize.
    These guys, Chris, Musky and the TT member, are all lying? Why?
    Also I had a source at Minnow Films UK who told me that Rick Dyer had killed a BF in the course of the movie. This woman is lying?
    I hae sources who know the Facebook Finding Bigfoot guys. The FB/FB guys have 65 stills from the Shooting Bigfoot movie, and they feel that they are “better than the Patterson movie.” FB/FB is wrong about this?

  9. OK, that`s why I admire you Robert and visit your blog on a regular basis
    In contrast to other people, you are able to distinguish between the character of a person and the plain facts (or in this case: the opinions given to you by your informants) . Keep your natural intelligence and journalistic intuition – that sets you apart from most other people blogging about this subject.
    As for MH: Did you realize that she (he) does not answer you to defend her (alleged) citations/opinions of Morgan Matthews and David Durrett? In other word: she (he) was either lying about the alleged statements by both men or she was totally uninformed. Instead she just moved on to the next point, the alleged failure of the RD expedition. Come on: I do not know if RD has a bf body, but most of those “skeptics” are just the same people as Dyer – just on the other side of the fence. Irrational, closed- and petty-minded, obsessed and childish. In real life they all would make great friends, that´s the irony about the whole “Hank” debate.

  10. wow.
    I want to thank Mata Hari for that post . The cut n pasted article is truly
    eye opening. I didn’t realize I could reach such a peak of horror and amusement at once.
    It’s shocking how low that P.O.S. wil go. It’s shocking that people are still getting sucked in.
    Sometimes you wonder if karma is just a word. Monster like RD roam free with little to no repurcussions. We can only hope there’s a relict hominid sized dose of it coming his way and it’s only building to a crescendo.

  11. Mata-Hari,
    You keep spinning your lie.
    So if the hike was not for senior citizens then how did Wayne Make it up the hill?
    The whole team KNEW that the hike was.
    You still are on that Frank deserved the Heart Attack because he believes Rick.
    What about your comments of the M-Ice Man.
    You kept saying over and over that RICK purchased that.
    BUT WOW you were so wrong in that weren’t you.
    Come back when you have real proof of it being a Hoax

  12. Correction Robert. To quote you: “Unfortunately, this sort of thing is quite common even in modern US society, and many men who do this are not necessarily criminal types. ”
    In fact if you do beat your wife you are a fucking criminal and about as low on the scale as you can get.

  13. I am confident that there is no body. All of the convoluted bullcrap that has led to this point would not be necessary.
    Rick has already claimed that the body has been sold to a casino. Call up the PR office of any major casino with attractions and ask them if they had paid fifty million dollars for an attraction that would net them ten times their investment, would they agree to let the seller govern how and when they would be able to release it? I know the answer of two casinos who I emailed out of curiosity. Their answers were “No.” and “Not very likely.”

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