Why Do US Liberals Hate White Rednecks?

Hizzle writes:

Good post, especially the last paragraph, which I found incredibly profound. The thing is, I don’t care about the reasons that most liberals or the Republican elite agree on immigration. Whether the reason is racial tolerance or greed, both of them are hurting me, and no argument is going to dissuade Republicans away from their greed, and no argument is going to dissuade liberals away from their religion of racial tolerance and multiculturalism. I’m not sure that liberals hate all proles, but there are certain kinds of white proles who they enjoy eviscerating, and they can be very mean about it, i.e. on most threads on Huffington Post talking about gun control, they will ignore any rational reasons the conservative proles might have for wanting guns, and they will rant about “Billy Bob wantin ta get his shootin irons” and all of this kind of mockery of the inbred racist rednecks, ectetera. Liberals have an anti-intellectual visceral hatred many times for these tea-party types, who, no matter how misguided they are, are people who are at the very least more functional and responsible than the liberals’ clients and foot-soldiers (voting booth fodder) in the ghettos and barrios. Illegals consume quite a bit of welfare in emergency services, and if you consider border security, prisons, and other tools used to combat the flow of illegals something that is paid for with our tax dollars, then the cost burden is even worse. There was a huge jump in disability claims under Obama that a lot of the conservatives love to harp on, but I think this is BS. I myself am now partially disabled due to a shoulder injury I sustained in Iraq. I’m sure many other people who were injured in a war started and supported heartily by Republicans are now receiving this compensation. Republicans like to say “If you can’t feed ‘em, don’t breed ‘em.” I say “If you can’t feed ‘em, don’t bleed ‘em.” Raising taxes on the rich would be nice, but not only is it a political third rail, it’s just not feasible when there are nations that are still tax havens, and it takes .5 seconds to transfer your entire fortune over the internet.

Thx for this. We should oppose policies due to their effects, not due to their motivations. Who cares what motivates conservatives or liberals for their support for mass immigration?! It’s bad for me and bad for the country, so I am against it. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and I am starting to believe that even conservatives want to believe they have good intentions about most of their project. It is not a whole lot of folks who want to believe that they are pushing something nasty, but I respect those that do. We liberals don’t like those rednecks because they are conservatives, not because they are stupid inbred proles. I guarantee you if those stupid inbred White redneck proles in the mountains, swamps and deserts were down with social liberalism or socialism, we liberals would be falling all over them or at least we would not say such bad things about them. We hate conservative inbreds and rednecks, not inbreds and rednecks per se. Most of liberal dislike for various groups is due to their politics, not their behavior. It is true that Tea Party types are more functional than ghetto or barrio types, but we dislike them due to their politics, not their behavior. And ghetto and barrio types are a great vote bank for us liberals. Without them, our liberal project would have died a long time ago. So while these folks don’t act very good, they have great politics, and they vote very well, so at the end of the day, we liberals and not going to trash our political supporters. Most liberals are not anti-intellectual. If anything, they are anti-idiot. Conservatives are way more anti-intellectual and pro-idiot, although there are millions of bright to very bright conservatives in the US. I don’t agree that raising taxes is futile because the rich will just shift all their money overseas. Raising taxes in the past couple of decades has been conclusively shown to increase government revenues, so it’s not worthless.

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  1. Black conservative Thomas Sowell has written about Southerners (black and white), being more socially distinct from Northerners, than the two races are among Northerners. His long essay Black Rednecks and White Liberals explains how much of African-American culture is rooted in that of the Old South (and the Scots-Irish from which they’re largely descended):
    High levels of physical altercation and child discipline
    Loud, non-introspective religion
    Love of firearms and military service
    Emphasis on personal pride and ego, without regard to merit
    Low education priority
    Lazy attitude toward work
    Sowell says in the late 1800s, the degree of segregation between Northern blacks and whites was less than it is today. But when large numbers of Southern blacks came North to work in factories after 1900, whites started demanding increased segregation, and even the local blacks found the newcomers low-class and obnoxious.
    (Also recommend his latest, Intellectuals and Race, that reflects comments on another of our recent threads, that conformity of thought on race issues imposed by intellectual bullying, is ruining useful discourse on many issues.)

    1. I should have emphasized that it was the Redneck culture of the OLD South, that became black culture. TV and Interstate highways closed a lot of the gap between whites 50 years ago.

  2. One must travel to the UK and experience Yorkshire to Scotland (I’ve not been that far North) in order to understand why the South is the way it is.
    Watch “Filth” or “Trainspotting” or any film based on an Irvine Welsh novel-you’ll see the seeds of the Southerner.
    The South has washed out some of the cold misty gloom of these semi-Nordic people, however.
    They are a tough, gun-toting, moors-dwelling, fist-fighting, loud-mouthed group of people. Like Appalachia, their corner of the United Kingdom is a tough isolated expanse of moors, dirt-roads, cheap bars. Wild and untamed country.

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