Maternity as a Basic Human Right

Hizzle writes:

Republicans like to say “If you can’t feed ‘em, don’t breed ‘em.”

I do not agree with “If you can’t feed em, don’t breed ’em.” I believe that every woman has a right to have a kid or two, except maybe if they are retarded, have a psychotic illness or are in prison. There are Black women in the ghettos in their 20’s who have no man in sight but are starting to get the urge to have a kid. Some of them just go out and have a kid with Tyrone or Demont or whoever, knowing that he won’t support her. Basically none of the men in this environment are going to marry or support their kids, so it’s have a kid with a deadbeat or have no kids. These women are going to try to raise kids on their own, and that’s ok. My Mom doesn’t think these women have a right to have kids, but I disagree here. She said, “Well, you know, having kids is not as great as it’s cracked up to be.” People have the right to one or two kids, no more than that. You’re poor, so you can’t have kids! You’re not married, so you can’t have kids! Well, screw that. You can have a kid or two even if you are not married or even if you are poor. It is a basic human right.

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0 thoughts on “Maternity as a Basic Human Right”

  1. Yeah, I wasn’t quoting that “Don’t feed ’em” tripe because I agreed with it, but rather merely to make mincemeat of the Republican hypocrisy on this subject. Like your commentor BAG, I’m a conservative (culturally at least) but no Republican. Sanctions on professional females being forced to choose between career and children feeds into illegal immigration, since with a bargain basement nanny a woman can have the kids and the career. If we stop sanctioning these women, maybe they’ll at least reduce their support for the illegals, since the Guatemalan nanny will no longer be a necessity.
    One of those maids recently murdered her cares, the children of some successful East Side power couple in NYC.

  2. Strongly disagree. Wanting a child is not a good enough reason to have one if they cannot be supported adequately. The child deserves better.

  3. How do you ever expect rural reactionary whites to get on board with your populist project, especially since this blog operates under the premise that these irresponsible women and their illegitimate children should be supported by the tax payer?

    1. It doesn’t matter. Maternity is already a human right, and no one is talking about taking it away. Women and their illegitimate kids will not have to be supported by the taxpayer. Many of them will work. There are quite a few White women on welfare in the rural areas, and use of government programs by rural Whites is extremely high. We already support unmarried women and their illegitimate kids anyway and this is not going away anytime soon, so I am not advocating anything new here.
      Most of the rural reactionary Whites are a lost cause anyway.

      1. Once again, Robert… another amazing topic, and I’m right with you., All I can say is OMG at the hypocrisyof such a low-blow statement, hurled at women and children!
        I’m reminded of a concept Jesus taught: ” By your words, you are justified and acquitted; and by your words you are condemned and sentenced”. (Matthew 12:37)
        So, let’s define the word Breed, shall we?
        Breed: To cause or be the source of; procreate. To produce, to reproduce, to engender, to propagate, to raise or improve-be it by any of the following controls: of pollination, selection, mating or sex. An assortment or group made for humans to develop and maintain or ‘nourish’; foster.
        How about those business speculations, and other entrepreneurial babies prematurely bred, that require “feeding”, backing, grants, bailouts, and other pinches from Federal reserves? Or what about all the kids adopted by Foster parents Freddie and Fannie? Trump, and countless other tycoons define one’s business savvy BY the ability to breed ‘commerce’ that you can feed with as little of your own earnings and as much of another’s while yet generating cash flow. If I’m lying, then these and other tycoons aren’t collaborating with legislators either;particularly, if means their interests may hurt the masses. Right?
        Since breeding and feeding were attributed to only women, I find it fascinating that as human breeding, an egg AND a sperm are required. Additionally, no one could worry about women breeding, if women weren’t getting “fed” in the first place. Most married women today are as unsatisfied as their spouses, when considering the “swap-archy” they’ve donned which colonia-crificed everything they did or ever wished to do–for one deed: opening down. feeding and breeding, indeed!
        Btw, how many ‘illegitimates’ been bred from Senate,lobby trysts since the presidency started? Countless ones “can’t be fed” –at least, not in the public eye because of how damaging the exposure would be to a campaign–while we’re spouting off. Oh, I forgot about that double standard thing…so sorry….After all,Papa was just being a ‘rolling stone’. right? A voluminous and hard stone like that makes it difficult to “hush” about!
        (more on my own page)…

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