3 Jews, 10 Opinions

Hizzle writes:

I should add that the only intransigence to this project of transformation that I’ve detected from the Left came from the Jews Bernie Sanders and James Howard Kunstler.

What? Bernie Sanders is opposed to mass immigration?! I thought maybe Kunstler was. He is a great guy, totally outside the box. The thing about Jews is they like to think outside the box and take all sorts of wild, unorthodox opinions. They are natural rebels. 2 Jews, 3 opinions. Or rather, 2 Jews, 10 opinions. Jews do have a herd mentality on some stuff, mostly Jewish ethnic stuff, but there are always Jewish rebels no matter what cause you are talking about. Even Jewish religion says so. Jewish religion says that the Jews are always rebelling and God is always punishing them for their rebellion.

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7 thoughts on “3 Jews, 10 Opinions”

  1. Kunstler is indeed a character. The antisemites are forced to create all kinds of subsidiary clauses to their beliefs to explain him away. Mindweaponsinragnarok is a hardcore white nationalist who loves everything about Kuntsler, who is the antithesis of everything the Jew is supposed to be, that is urban and anti-agrarian. Hunter Wallace also loved him.
    Kunstler’s big thing is that the democrats and republicans are going to be overtaken by the Reality Party. The platform of the Reality Party in brief is:
    1)There is not an unlimited supply of oil, and alternative fuel is probably not going to produce 1/10th of the scale of life that we are used to now.
    2) People should learn real skills, crafts, and grow food, not for some survivalist Mad Max scenario, but to prepare for post Peak Oil exigencies.
    3) Bringing in millions of people from the Third World is not a smart idea right now.
    4) The investment bankers who violated our trust need to be punished (as in imprisoned) and the laws need to be changed so that the foxes are kept out of the hen house.
    His position is that Obama is a genial fellow who is in way over his head (My position is that Obama is an unlikable, insecure narcissist who is in way over his head). He believes the gross preponderance of Jewish surnames that come up on these affidavits (Blankfein, Fuld, Madoff) are going to lead to pogroms at some point. He’s also terrified of the “Palinites (sic) with pitchforks who spend their days cheering on microcephalics who wear Day-glow jumpsuits and race in Nascar” ((He has some of that anti-white prole loathing which, if not in abundance among all on the Left, is a crucial feature of the Jewish Left that Kunstler can’t shake, despite his love of yeomanry.)
    You would butt heads hard with him Israel, but other than that I think you’d get along. He is humble in person, and always responds to fan emails in a timely manner.
    Sanders isn’t so much dragging his feet on immigration as pointing out the obvious supply and demand issues. I don’t see the Jews as a big problem.

  2. You should realize that Jews while Caucasians are basically Asians. The have the same characteristics of all those who have lived on the Asian continent (just like Arabs, Indians, Pakkis, Chinese) for long periods of time. eg. corruption, cunning, trickery etc.

    1. Check the corruption perceptions index, asian japan and korea are notably less corrupt than european italy and russia,asians arent the most savage, in mexico the narcos mutilate their enemies, organ by organ, in africa some cannibalism and rape are common as well in melanesia

    2. KRATOS Turkic-Mongolian and European intermixed with some basic Arab out-migration.
      Average Jew in New York is a Central Asia/Arab/Slavic hybrid, in effect.
      Sephardic Jews of which fewer are in number, are more Arab, being from North Africa. But these folks were never the big immigrants from Europe to the U.S.

  3. Nominay’s Dad is Jewish as Hell. 500 years Kosher! Nominay’s Mom is some kind of blond shiksa trophy bride. LOL. Nominay himself has pretty much left the Jews and decided to be a citizen of humanity instead. I’m probably more Jewy than he is.

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