Mass Floods in India Bring Out the True Character of Indian Hindus

Mass floods have hit northern India. I don’t know a lot about what happened, but many homes were washed away and apparently a number of people have died. In addition, quite a few people are without food and shelter.
Here India Land of Rapes, one of our finest commenters, lays out the real deal on Indian morality, or the lack of it as such.

Only in a crisis can the real character of people and society can be understood. When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, the people who survived stood in queue and took whatever their government gave them to eat and remained disciplined and organized without any violent incidents.
The true culture of Hinduism is getting exposed in the recent Himalayan floods.
Politicians rushing to save their own kith and kin. Traders selling food for 2000% high cost during the tragedy. The so-called spiritual Hindus taking whatever gold ornaments left on dead bodies. People fighting with each other for food. Women becoming prostitutes after losing their bead winners and hoteliers using these women prostitutes as a easy trade for hotel booking and necessary massage facilities in town.
This is a true opportunistic culture folks. You wonder why India, despite all its fake spirituality, is such a shithole?
It is because everything in India is a lie.
You have to lie, stab each other and be a hypocrite to survive in that filthy place. Everyone in that nation is a crook; to be honest you have to be a worst crook and hypocrite to survive in India.
Read the great story of Hindu morality. All the idiot trolls who spend their time spamming this blog and bullshitting their nonsense about glorious Hinduism, read the fucking comments on that article.
This is a reminder to all those who believe in Hindu spiritual nonsense. Spirituality is for sale in India. It has always been up for sale, and morality is the last thing you will find in these people. Don’t let their fake smiles, cries and obedience fool you. As long as you have something they need, they will respect you. The moment you end up with nothing, these people stab you and move on to next host without any guilt or shame.
Hindu culture at its best for you. It’s far worse than the USA in many ways. That’s why to most hypocrite Hindus, the USA is paradise.
No wonder USA is turning into a shithole like India. Once Hindus entered US Companies and started their nepotistic work ethic, the entire business culture became corrupt. One wonders if there is a pattern here.

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43 thoughts on “Mass Floods in India Bring Out the True Character of Indian Hindus”

  1. I am here to blow the whistle on these people! They deserve to have exactly the same amount of contempt directed at them as the Muslims are getting. The Hindus deserve it just as much as the Muslims do, if not more. I know a lot of decent Muslims. Not sure if I know any decent Hindus. Just about everyone coming out of that place seems damaged or poisoned to one degree or another. I am not sure if you can make it out of a place like undamaged.

    1. Maybee outwardly but upper class Muslims from S.Asia are similar to Hindus upper class , and MENA folks are just as cutthroat.
      I detest doing any business with people from MENA and S Asia. My family is S Asian and we have soo many daggers embeded in our backs by S.Asians and Arabs, I lost count.

    2. I detest doing any business with people from MENA and S Asia. My family is S Asian and we have soo many daggers embeded in our backs by S.Asians and Arabs, I lost count.
      Petty mercantilism. Repeated small business transactions over time will always lead to some breaking point. Nature of smallness.
      Actually, repeat transaction in any economic or political sphere of any size will lead to breaking point- fall of Soviet Union, breakdown of WASP culture.
      “What rises, must fall.”
      – Tao Te Ching

    3. This is not Darwinism, In darwinism you expect survival of most adaptable and Intelligent and in some cases Stronger..
      But in India weak will rule over strong.
      This opportunism is part of hindu philosophy, you see when you commit sinful acts, in hinduism there is no such thing as Guilt
      You can simply visit ganges and take a Dip , all your sins are washed away, and you can again commit more crime,
      You can even visit near by Temple and Offer Gold Ornaments and Conduct 5 Day Ritual with 10 Brahmin Priests to please God Brahma.
      In this way all your bad karma you accumulated will be washed away and you get permission from God to re commit those crimes…
      all you need to do is bribe the near by God or if you commit murder , you can take a dip in ganges
      I have mentioned it several times in the blog, The culture never emphasizes of Self reflection.
      There are many rituals which will wash your sins, so there is no need to introspect.
      In a culture where You Bribe your GOD to white wash your crime,its not considered ethically wrong to bribe a Fellow human being
      Every one can be bought, even GOD has a price in Hinduism

    4. Indians abused British immigration system and now they need to pay extra deposit money for overstaying..
      Just look how indians are complaining as if this act is a discriminatory act
      But these scum have a nerve to abuse british immigration law, and bad mouth British while staying in their own nation and feeding like a parasite
      This is how ungrateful indians are, as long as you offer them something they will pay respects, once you recognize their inherent parasitic tendencies and completely avoid them, they will become your worse enemies
      Indian culture has become parasitic, they are in constant search for new host to feed upon,USA is already their next station for mass immigration.
      They will use all pretenses to migrate to USA, as india has become a Garbage Bin and nothing you can do to clean it, it might take another 1000 years to clean patina of Human excreta on every wall of the nation

    5. You are hilarious – but I think you can make it the whole of Asia – from the Middle-East to China. Jews & Japanese can be excused a bit now, but they were also barbaric before !
      Asia from the Middle-East to China is the most savage place on Earth, even Africa is not so brutal. They are still crucifying people in Yemen. Flogging & stoning women & amputating limbs in Saudi Arabia & Iran. Skinning & dismembering people alive in Afghanistan. Raping women with iron rods & burning brides in India. Blowing off heads & mutilating schoolgirls in Pakistan. Shooting people because they laughed at the leader in N.Korea. Executing thousands & harvesting their organs & aborting millions of girls in China. This all happening right NOW in the 21st century, not 2000 years ago. And all the time boasting of their “ancient civilizations, rich cultures & tradition”. What a lark !

      1. Just out of curiosity,I assume you play or have played god of war.right? which led you to using this name Kratos Lol.I’ve played it too and its one of most hardcore games out there.SPARTA!

      2. The MidEast region and parts of the Far East are more or less the same as India/Pakistan for cutthroat backstabbing business practice, it’s just that some cultures are better at PR and masking their behaviour.
        Having lived in the oil rich Gulf; I can say without a doubt the locals are 2nd to none in parasitical explotative business practice but they are not soo much into the petty behaviour of Indians but focus on the bigger picture.
        Now as far as poverty , callousness and overall sheer FUBAR goes, India/Pakistan (the SubCon region in general) is on another planet.

      3. Eastern Europe is no better, Kratos. In Romania, thousands of mentally retarded people are stuffed in sanatoriums where they’re also physically, sexually and verbally abused constantly. The Russians in the baltic states are harrassed and segregated, over a hundred where murdered last year. In Poland neo nazis are widespread and are horrifically violent towards minorities. Also in post war balkan countries, many orphan and homeless children are killed by mafia gangs for their body parts so they can sell to doctors whom pay them to kill children for their parts.

    6. To Robert ,
      As i said before,This crisis is exposing the underbelly of Indian society
      Now you in this video you will witness how middle class india treats lower class underprivileged peasant
      In the above video , a peasant kid is carrying a pot bellied journalist on his shoulder
      To some it may look like an awkward scenario or some mere exception, make no mistake, this is just a sample of india’s culture.
      If you are dirt poor, you far more filthy than fecal matter to upper and middle class
      Most indian middle class kids and people detest people from lower economic background
      You can even see this kind of thinking among most hindutva agents, like Jaipal, their arrogance and EGO gets hurt if you show these images.
      They simply wish to kill all the poor or gas them, so that they can feel proud of their status.
      As i said before every time crisis occurs in India, it exposes the degeneracy in Hindu culture. But Hindus are solipsistic, they simply turn a blind eye and revert back to their previous state of idol worship and arrogant denial of reality
      Even if 10.4 earthquake occurs in the country , nothing will change, except few people shedding crocodile tears.
      I personally know few people in my State Andhra pradesh selling organs of Dead tsunami victims during 2004 for $1500 a kidney.
      Some even boast that they made over $35000 and business was real good during Tsunami .
      I have listened these stories from Other Andhra pradesh people in Germany,some even bought a real estate plot and Gold ornaments for their daughter ,all the money that they got is from Tsunami relief fund from UN, and Foreign Aid organizations.
      Some Andhra people in US marched onto street and collected Aid money for Tsunami victims , that money went to Real estate Flats and Gold ornaments.
      The more you see such things and more you get to know the people, you will lose hope completely.
      This is prime reason why i always say, Indian Society is beyond Repair
      ..Politicians are by product of Degenerate indian society

      1. Here we go again. You know, I really didn’t want to say this, but there seems to be something wrong with you. Your rants are really quite monotonous. You are from the ‘Land of Rapes’ yourself, so as vigorously as you condemn ‘these people’ and as much as Robert considers you one of his ‘finest commentators’, you are a product of the same society. Since you’re comfortably ensconced elsewhere – Germany is it? – presumably you are a parasite yourself and know your stock well.

      2. ILOR is God! I love that guy so much. He is like an Old Testament prophet railing in the desert wilderness and against wrong and injustice. This man tells the truth. Preach it ILOR preach it!

    7. Hindu land is now a new Sodom and Gomorra
      India’s so called Educated Upper class, treat others like Filth
      even in US these people Treat White Employees like Scum and worse they dont even hire Black employees
      They are first to complain and Cry racism, Protest in australia while in most of the cases ,its one hindu cheating other hindu and killing each other for $100 AUD .
      One Guy pours petrol on him and complains racial abuse to cheat insurance agencies /international/indian-faked-attack-to-claim-insurance-australia/article99602.ece
      I still dont understand WHITE MANS infatuation with these slimy corrupt degenerates and Hatred towards Iraqis and Syrians
      Why is it White people like Indians, do they see their own corrupt degenerate self in these scum or do they wish secretly to become a filthy society like india?

    8. I think White people have a strange Indian fetish or they like indian mystic bullshit
      Just look at the sick minded perverts this society brings out, i am not talking about illeterates even the Foreign Envoys and Foreign Civil servants treat their servants worse than filth
      This is deep rooted ideology of Indian caste system ,Physical labor is absolutely chastised and the one who does such labor is considered filth of society .
      If you want to know why india looks so filthy, the answer is, Physical labor is never encouraged in that culture, hatred for physical work and love for Sitting and speaking bullshit spirituality 24/7 is indian work ethic
      Slowly this work ethic is transforming US Work culture, where Manufacturers and manufacturing jobs are detested and clerical and Service jobs are loved
      Every where indians occupy some position, nepotism becomes company’s work ethic.
      Interesting thing i have noticed is that–Many indians dont work in Mechanical Engineering,Logistics and even Clinical Automation Jobs which involve Physical work
      They love Software Testing,Software jobs,which involve Zero Physical work.

    9. You’ve mentioned many times that a decent indian hindu wrote bob!! count the number of times you’ve mentioned .. but you’re yet to quote a post saying a decent muslim wrote

  2. ‘I always thought Hinduism was a healthy New Age religion. I guess I thought wrong.’
    I was of that mindset as well. And I live in L.A. I get to mix and mingle with all flavors of people. I felt the same as you about the Chinese as well. Still do to an extent.
    What first caught my attention Bikram yoga. Y’all been following
    Bikram Choudhury ? Heard of him at all ? ‘Creator’ of Hot yoga ?
    Bikram had put together a specific set of poses to be done in a hot room as part of his yoga routine. Doing Yoga in a heated environment was nothing new… it had been done before. The series of poses are strung together by him (BC), but the poses themselves are standard well known yoga poses. So he has gone on and copyrighted his style of yoga and actively engages in lawsuits w/ folks who copy him, or do something similar.
    Yes it’s his ‘design’ , his property, but in a way he hasn’t created anything really new. He was just the first to copyright it.
    So , my gripe is that yoga is often promoted as this spiritual exercise. Good for the soul. But it’s actually a cult of profit. Bikram likes to get you so stoked about his yoga that you see him as the second coming. They make all kinds fantastical claims as to the healing power of THEIR style of yoga, to keep the sheeple brainwashed , while making sure you pay a premium for that privilege (Bikram yoga is pricier than most other styles).
    AND the scumbag at the top ! When in his presence you are required to call him ‘Guru’ and if yur lucky enough to have the girly parts , you will most likely be tapped for shoulder and back rubs , maybe some private time with the ‘Guru’.
    Basically he treats everybody like shit, super concerned about licensing and profit and behaves as slimy as the worst used car dealer.
    Howzat for Healthy New Age Religion? ( I know it’s not a religion …. but the similarities are there and this Bikram guy is what I think of when it comes to dishonest Indians…)

    1. India has over 330 million Gods Sir, and a Temple at every street corner in midst of Highway, Temples every where, holy gods everywhere—but corruption,crooked nature , opportunism is everywhere
      This is a reminder to west, that all those who feel anti materialistic and spiritual and wish to follow this hindu cult—-Trust me it will make more dumb and superstitious .
      The spiritual Gurus live in Air-conditioned rooms ,Travel in Business class , enjoy all luxuries and worse i know some gurus who preach their disciples to leave all their attachments including their family
      They even test their disciples, especially WHITE Guys to send their Wife for Sexual Ritual , this is a first test for you to become a spiritual Guru in “Nityananda Ashram”–Basically you have send your wife you have sex with Hindu Guru, and he will have sex with her before of you, this is a test to see how attached you are to your material possessions
      The Hindu cult has destroyed Work Ethic , created Lousy lazy class of bullshitters in Entire indian society, its even considered as profession by semi literate brahmins
      Mostly brahmins take up this bullshitting Swami profession,they have politicians,Mafia in pocket and they will lie through their teeth to fool you,
      Depressed ,Lonely people join the ranks of hippies and Spiritual seekers and eventually become victims of Hindu Spiritual Scam business
      Kick these scum out of west, or they will ruin entire culture, they will recreate India in every nation…

      1. christianity inspired beautiful architecture in Europe, but is poor in traditions, how many traditions or festivals have the west? christmas and easter, and they aren’t particularly rich in iconography, thats why the west infused the legend of santa clous to make more colorful christmas and the legend of the rabbit in easter; it would be nice if Europe, culturally revert to pagan traditions, Japan festivals Shinto are so rich

  3. Japan isn’t as great as India land of rapes has made out in his/her post. The suicide rate went up significantly after the Tsunami because many people lost their jobs, and unemployment is seen as delinquent and dishonorable in Japan. Also, the subsquent relief operation was seen lacklustre as the largely conservative authorities believed the people should mostly earn aid for themselves through hard work.
    Has Anyone here forgotten about the UK 2010 riots. Most of the rioters were white, and there were many whites on Facebook trying to encourage more riots across the country.

    1. I meant to type between, “their jobs, and unemplyment”, “their jobs as unemployment”.

      1. because the religion, many asian americans are in fact christian, if Europe or United States’s culture didn’t see suicide as taboo, then lots of unhappy europeans and americans would do suicide, in Japan culture suicide is honorable in certain cases, not a sin, Shinto and Buddhism don’t condemn it either

      2. proofs for my theory: Among the famous who have taken their own lives are Boudicca, Brutus, Mark Antony, Cleopatra VII of Egypt, Judas Iscariot, Hannibal, Nero, Virginia Woolf, Sadeq Hedayat, Sigmund Freud, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath, Marina Tsvetaeva, Yukio Mishima, Hunter S. Thompson, Kurt Cobain, Ludwig Boltzmann, Ian Curtis, and Vincent van Gogh…except for Yukio, all of them were caucasian and i guess they weren’t christian. Buddhism in the other side don’t condemn explicitly the suicide: For Buddhists, since the first precept is to refrain from the destruction of life, including one’s self, suicide is seen as a negative act. If someone commits suicide in anger, he may be reborn in a sorrowful realm due to negative final thoughts. However, unlike Christianity and other religions, Buddhism does not condemn suicide, but rather states that the reasons for suicide are often negative and thus counteract the path to enlightenment
        and last proof is: In general, the pagan world, both Roman and Greek, had a relaxed attitude towards the concept of suicide, a practice that was only outlawed with the advent of the Christians, who condemned it at the Council of Arles in 452 as the work of the Devil

  4. There have been Holy people in every part of the world, and certainly in India, however few the numbers. To suggest or claim that every single person in an area the size of India is bad, is childish. Robert once asked me if there were such Godly people in India, why didn’t they change their country from a shithole to something more humane. Well, that’s not their purpose. It’s never been the purpose of God to produce a better world. That much is obvious. It’s up to individuals to seek a better world. If people make the world worse by assassinating a true leader, trafficking people, shitting on the street, or however else, that’s free will. We are all to learn on our own, from our own decisions. That’s our path as human beings. But yeah, other than that, of course India is a disaster. That’s been proven 100 times over on this site.

    1. Me too. You could probably do several at once . I would make sure to bathe and lather them up as part of foreplay. But yeah, brown titties ftw.

    1. Unless that’s the opening to a vaguely bad joke……. you go on and listen to your Taylor Swift albums. The rest of us have bidness to tend to.

      1. You think being asexual is a bad joke?
        I think someone who’s obsessed with a two minute thing that involves people rubbing their sweaty flesh on each other, exchanging fluids like blood, urine and saliva, and risking the chance of acquiring an STD is a bad joke!!

        1. I guess it’s one of those …. If I have to explain , you will just never understand. It generally involves pleasure. A trait that seems to have been removed from asexual types.
          I can usually stretch it out to three minutes or longer myself….

    2. Gah!
      love the forum . Hate how I can’t predict where comments go. previous comment to ;
      previous comment per Taylor Swift Aksumite no. 2 ( no.1 wasn’t enough ?)
      ‘Hormones. Speaking of hormones, does anyone know if Pygmies have a low sex drive?’
      How do you make a horemone ?
      Lay her and don’t pay her……

  5. And this….
    ‘I prefer the Indian chicks with the jet black curly hair, big, saggy titties, and a crooked hook nose. A Hindu chakra dot on the forehead would increase the eroticism.
    I want them to have nice, yellow-brown legs and long toenails’
    urm. Wow.
    just wow.

    1. Nah mang.
      Don’t be sorry. Own it. It’s original. Stale curry gives you a semi . I get it. No judgement.
      I like ugly chicks with hot bodies and big feet. I want to tie them down and eat food off them naked. I know sushi is traditional, but too clean. Pasta alfredo. Chocolate sundaes off their generous melons.
      All black chicks. I gots near terminal case of jungle feaver. Especially in bikinis and hawaiin tropic sun tan lotion.
      Russian female shotputters. The straight ones anyway…. I like their accent and ability to carry me up a flight of stairs once I’m too drunk.
      I could go on……..
      point is…..
      no point. Fuck what brings joy to thee.

  6. ILOR is coming from Andra Pradesh; he is describing what he has seen in his state, Most of the H1-Bs are from this state, they fake resumes, degrees, Dowries etc. Ramalinga Raju of the erstwhile Satyam who made and presented a fake NJ Drivers License is from this state.
    This article kind of summarizes types of people in India, it is honest opinion of some one.
    Most Middle-Class people can be accepted as decent, most educated people in professional fields may want to emigrate and have a great life. Why do foreign companies market their ware here. Lot of public opinion and desires are a result of western marketing.
    To quote Desmond Tutu “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said “Let us pray.” We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land.”
    The result Americans are being displaced by some nitwit Indian is becoz American Manager wants it. Take your business elsewhere. As you said it is all cycles, it is true, it is cycles, within cycles, within cycles, within cycles, and so on.

  7. Lindsay u stray shit eating pig then you must have sucked atlleast half a thousand muslim dicks in your life.. lindsayy chutiya maderchod fuck off bastard

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