Project Middle Class Death: Rightwing Version

On the Right, of course, there is indeed a plot by all of the neoliberals and globalizers (even the super-rich “liberal” type) that intends to replace as many US workers as possible with scabs and slaves of various types, illegals, guest workers, offshoring, whatever. On the Right, the agenda is simply “low-wage conservatism” which has always been the philosophy of the US rightwing dating all the way back to the US South, where it got a lot of its impetus. It is simply baffling and amazing that so many working class Whites have gone along cheering themselves hoarse at “low-wage conservatism.” If you are a conservative US worker, I need to ask you, “How exactly is it that low wage conservatism benefits you as a working class person?” There is also a segment of the transnational neoliberal elite (of which Obama and Rahm Emanuel are part) that wants to dissolve all nations and have corporations and the super-rich (themselves) rule the world. They actually intend to create some sort of a modern neo-feudalist or caste like society because this best serves their economic self-interest.

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  1. When asked if I am a conservative or a liberal, I reply “That’s like asking if I rather be shot to death or stabbed to death.

    1. “Our people cannot afford rice” and “our computer chips are not competitive on the world market” are both economic problems, but are hardly the same KIND of economic problem, and I don’t think either liberal or conservative approaches are appropriate to both of them.
      Conservative economics works well when markets are well-regulated and negative consequences can be confined to the economic sphere. Liberalism is better at adapting to externalities (e.g. protecting the environment) and when economic consequences threaten a more general social breakdown.

      1. If the economy is well-regulated, it’s not conservative economics by definition. Conservative economics is generally some sort of radical free market economics or some version of crony capitalism or even crony socialism. Conservative economics does not believe that externalities should be dealt with at all. Externalities are ways of losing money. Those are best sidelined or pushed off onto someone else.

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