Project Middle Class Death: Leftwing Version

BAG suggest in the comments that the US Left cares noting about working class Americans anymore. This isn’t exactly true, and to the extent that labor struggles in the US exist at all, it is the Left that supports them. And in many other ways, the US Left supports US workers politically in opposing anti-worker projects and supporting pro-worker projects at the state level.
So, the Left does support US workers, but they also advocate flooding the US with illegal aliens that have a catastrophic affect on US workers. They are also silent about the huge tidal wave of “guest workers,” – the Hindu 1-B’s and whatnot.
The problem is that the Left has a phobia about attacking immigrants. It’s not that they are plotting to destroy US workers with immigrants – though some on the Far Left do seem suspiciously like that. Mostly they just don’t care, and they find the whole conversation unseemly and racist. For the most part, they will insist that mass immigration of illegals or even guest workers has absolutely no affect whatsoever on the earnings of US workers. Then they will whip out 10 “scientific studies” that actually show that, and also show how great hordes of illegals and guest workers are for the US economy. For the most part, the Left and liberals have simply drunk the Koolaid about immigrants. They really do believe the immigrants of all kinds are the greatest thing since sliced bread.
In some ways, it seems that only workers that the Left loves in the US are the foreign workers! It’s not that the Left hates US workers. It is more that when it comes down to a conflict between US workers and foreign workers in the US, the Left will always support the foreigners and oppose the natives. This is a very anti-nationalist position and it is opposed to the interests of the Homeland. In this way, the Left is extremely unpatriotic.
But if you point out that the Left supports foreign workers over US workers, they will get mad and say that there is no conflict in the first place and you are racist for suggesting that there is. So their support for the foreigners over US workers is more unconscious than conscious. People on the Left really are goodhearted people, but too many of them have just drunk the Koolaid of various flavors and they end up promoting nasty stuff more out of naivete and self-delusion than out of actual desire to do harmful things.

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0 thoughts on “Project Middle Class Death: Leftwing Version”

  1. During my politically formative years in the 60s and 70s, the main global issue pushed by liberals was limiting population growth, because our standard of living couldn’t survive continually increased numbers.
    Somehow, that turned into the requirement to keep growing, by opening our borders to anyone who could get here. What happened to the idea that we’d be perfectly happy at 250 million Americans?

  2. Dear Robert
    In Canada, we have a leftist party called NDP (New Democratic Party). It is revealing that didn’t dare to call themselves SDP (Social- Democratic Party). Anyway, they like to present themselves as the party of ordinary Canadians. When you say to a NDP’er that you can’t defend the interests of ordinary Canadians and at the same time support the mass immigration of foreigners who are going to compete against them, they look at you as if you had just turned green. They can’t accept it. As you said, it isn’t that they don’t care about ordinary working stiffs, but they are blinded by political correctness.
    Cheers. James

    1. Unfortunately, that article is pretty terrible and almost nothing it says is true. Typical rightwing rant that more or less promotes falsehoods. The truth actually looks much better to liberals. It is true that many educated White liberals do not exactly want to live around Blacks and proles, but educated rightwingers with money don’t want to live around them either! At least the Lefties will support the Blacks and proles from sidelines. Who cares if they don’t want to live around them. At least they support them in some way, and that is good.
      What I really dislike is Classism among Lefties. I told a Marxist professor once that I was working at the IRS for $5.75 an hour and she said, “Is that all?!” She almost sneered when she said it.
      If there’s one thing Lefties should NOT be, it is classist, but unfortunately, income creates class in the funniest places, including in the minds of academic “Marxists.”

      1. Angela Davis makes six figures at Berkley; Tim Wise is rolling in it. I’m not sure what the doublethink process is like for rich Marxists, but I have seen both Davis and Wise go through some pretty significant contortions, so I’m sure they could rise to the challenge if publicly questioned.
        My favorite instance of a rich lefty getting ambushed is Michael Moore, when he went to Portland to rail against the 1% and urged them to donate one-million dollars to charity.
        “What about one million of your fifty million, Michael?”

  3. Have been the new niggers for a long time now. The killers of the Pietrzak couple were just sentenced to death. You never heard of this couple, because it was a white man and his black wife who were tortured, raped, and murdered by three black men:
    The mother of the white man sent a letter to Obama requesting the act be classified as a hate crime. Obama sent back a form letter which goes out to any soldier killed in combat.
    All you have to do is a little tweaking of the story to see how it could have become a media sensation, cause celebre that would have lit the 24 news media on fire. If the couple had been a black man and a white woman, and the three killers had been white men, we would have never, and I mean NEVER, have ever heard the end of it.

      1. Yeah, maybe. You have to concede that if the story was tweaked to fit the NARRATIVE (TM), Spielberg would be mounting a “Mississippi Burning” sort of production to remind us of the lasting stain of white oppression.
        I like comedian Bill Burr’s take on this. I’m starting to run out of white guilt:

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