Left Support for Mass Immigration: The Role of Bullying

Hizzle writes:

Don’t know how you feel about linkage, Rob, but this is an interesting fellow whose post is very related to the anti-worker social pathologies of the Left:

It’s not really true that the Left is anti-worker. They think they are pro-worker. They are just blinded fools, that is all. However, there is a type of White Far Leftist who does seem to hate US workers. They repeat the lies that US workers (especially White workers) are fat, lazy, rightwing and crappy workers. They say we need to import millions of illegals because US workers are such crappy workers. These types are actually rare, but I did meet one once. He was an “anarchist” in his 20’s. He found out how I felt about illegals, and he went fullon nutso at me, screaming and yelling. He called me “fascist.” This is the type of bullying they do to their fellow Lefties and liberals. If you are on the Left, most of your friends are also on the Left. Probably a lot of Lefties (especially liberals) are dubious about mass immigration (especially illegal immigration), but the other Lefties simply browbeat and harangue them about immigration until they fall into line. If they continue to be non-PC on immigration, most of their Left-liberal friends will scream and yell at them, calling them “fascist,” “reactionary,” and “racist’ and you don’t knuckle under, they simply end their friendship with you in a really mean and cruel way. Further, they go around telling all your friends on the Left what an evil fascist racist you are, and then you lose even more friends. Left-liberals are very fanatical about politics and they will actually end friendships over political issues. They will remain friends with a conservative because they think they are hopeless, but they will end a friendship with a heterodox Leftist who wanders off the plantation. Most people don’t like to fight, especially with their friends and allies, and having your ally friends break up with you in a very mean and vicious way is painful, and most folks will just chicken out and avoid it by going along to make peace. Also, liberal-Leftists are very susceptible to name calling. We hate being called reactionaries, fascists and racists by our fellow Lefties, so those terms are very effective at bringing us into line. It is still painful for me to read the things Lefties say about me on the web – it really hurts my feelings when they call me racist, I have to admit it.

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15 thoughts on “Left Support for Mass Immigration: The Role of Bullying”

  1. This name-calling can sometimes create feeding frenzies, as we saw in the extreme case of the Stalinist show trials wherein the Menshiviks loyal to Trotsky were purged, but it happens with other issues. You can’t just assent to the Left’s agenda; you must be full-throated. All of my liberal friends have those gay marriage equality symbols on their facebook pages, and I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t a “Passover Syndrome” thing (to use the term coined by Jim Goad), that they put the symbols up to ward off potential charges of homophobia that might come their way if they aren’t ardent enough in their support of gay marriage. The intimidation tactics of the Left can be subtle or outright, and they police their own harder than they do their enemies.
    A really horrible example of this Orwellian public flogging is something that keeps coming up at Huffington Post (which I can’t avoid, since I use AOL) involving the celebrity chef Paula Deen. It has been revealed that she has used “the n-word” (horror of horrors!) and now she is being humiliated by every news outlet for her evil transgression.
    Update: She has now been fired from the Food Network: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/21/paula-deen-fired-food-network-cancels-show-after-racism-scandal_n_3480517.html?utm_hp_ref=black-voices&icid=maing-grid7|customfirefox|dl2|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D334186

    1. Deen is pathetic. If she knows that many jokes target and possibly offend minorities why say them? Also, saying the n-word which is obviously an offensive word used against blacks, and the high number of other celebrities who said that word and then lost a lost a lot for speaking it, she obviously hasn’t learned the mistakes other famous figures have made.

      1. No one’s life should be destroyed for saying the “n-word.” And white people should impose a little sanity as it pertains to this issue instead of behaving just as irrationally as black people about it.

  2. I’m mixed race. I don’t have a high opinion of any race, i espcially dislike whites and blacks. However my mum is black and i respect her a lot so i’ll defend her race.

  3. South asians act and behave similarly to whites ( i’m probably one of a few who think this to be so) so i think you can guess accurately my own thoughts about them.

    1. I’ve noticed that south Asians are little more friendly than most other foreigners, and they tend not to assimilate into either black ghetto culture or degenerate white culture.

      1. One thing I’ve noticed about East Asians: They are very direct and even rude about things Westerners tend to skirt around, like physical defects as in your example. Chinese in China or among other Chinese will actually have loud public discussions of their latest bowel movements.
        I wonder if you two are each referring to different groups in your discussion of South Asians/Southeast Asians. South Asians are usually people from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan maybe… Southeast Asians are Vietnamese, Laotians, Thais, etc. It sounds like you might not be talking about the same people.

    2. The chick at the local Subway always smiles and attempts to briefly talk to me when I go there for lunch during the week. The last time someone working at a Chinese restaurant attempted communication, she pointed to a pimple on my neck and said, “what happened there?”

  4. Robert, Anarchist ideology is way outside the Left and Right political spectrum, they seek to end the governmental system completely. That is totally far away from the usual leftist want for a leftist type government to replace the non leftist government in power.

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