Modern Identity Politics Is Insane

Hizzle writes:

I ask because your stance on illegal immigration and George Zimmerman is pretty heterodox for a Leftist, and it’s part of what drew me into your orbit (and could make more conservatives amenable to the economic Left). The less identity politics the Left plays, I believe, the more amenable people become to economic leftism (which I have no problems with).

I am Left on economics, and I am basically a liberal, but the modern Western Left is simply insane on Identity Politics. None of it makes any sense. All of these people are insane. Modern feminism is lunacy, but women do deserve equal rights. Thing is that here in the West, they already have them.
The Left is insane on the subject of race, first saying that there is no such thing as race (and violating modern science and common sense) and then saying that White people are evil and elevating Blacks and to a lesser extent Browns as permanent, bleeding, reeling victims of “White Supremacy” which has been fading for decades and now barely even exists.
I do not agree that Black folks are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Instead, they cause a ton of problems in America, most of which are 100% their fault and 0% anyone else’s fault. Racism doesn’t cause them to screw up like this; Blacks simply screw up, fail and act bad of their own ridiculous free will. They just choose to act terrible.
I do not agree that White people are evil.
I do not agree that mostly Blacks but also all non-Whites are reeling under horrific White Supremacy.
I do not even think racism is very important in modern America.
I do not think that women are brutally subjected to a Dictatorship of Patriarchy. It’s just not true anymore.
I do not agree that men and masculinity are evil, and women are all that.
I do not agree with female puritanism and a rejection of the sexual, which is the modern feminist agenda.
I do not agree with man-hating, political lesbianism, lesbian separatism and other forms of psychopathology if not outright lunacy.
As a radical environmentalist, the stupidest thing I can think of is flooding this country with millions more humans. Flooding millions of poor 3rd World peasants here is a terrible idea; they will just reproduce their failed 3rd World culture here in the US. 3rd World peasants and their offspring behave at a low level, cause a ton of problems, degrade functioning neighborhoods and cities, and cause an unholy mountain of gang and crime problems. They’re just lousy immigrants flat out.
I am very much uncertain of flooding the US with backwards, reactionary, ultra-racist Indians who come from the most failed state on Earth. They come from a poisonous culture, and most Indians come out of their culture poisoned by it to one degree or another. We let these poisoned people into our culture, and they will start to reproduce their poisoned culture here in the US.
Guest workers and illegal immigrants have caused massive job loss among Americans. Illegals nuked jobs for working class Americans, and now the guest workers are ruining the lives and livelihoods of countless upper middle class and even upper class American workers. I am pro-worker, and I say that mass immigration, especially guest workers and illegals, is a catastrophe for US workers.
This is a project of the US rich and corporate America designed to use low wage immigrants to destroy US workers and their unions, ruining the American middle class and even upper middle class. The US elite and corporations want to reproduce some sort of feudalist, caste-like society via mass immigration, and incredibly the Left is going along in this project.
The Left is on board with destroying working class, middle class and even upper middle class US workers by replacing them with foreign coolies and slaves. What we have here is a Left that is full of hatred for Western workers and pushes an anti-US worker project designed to destroy them.
George Zimmerman is a hero, period. He killed a Black thug. The Left and the antiracist nuts have long since left real equal rights behind and now all they do is push extreme racism and discrimination against Whites in addition to promoting and defending Black criminals. All of the recent Black and antiracist heroes have been criminals, often very evil young Black men.
The Left is basically cheering on Black crime. Black Marxists often see Black crime and rioting aa revolutionary acts of sticking it to the White man. That’s crap. Black people riot because too many of them act like a bunch of animals. Black people commit crime not because they are revolutionaries but because far too many of them are depraved, wicked, debased, sociopathic lumpen criminal-minded human beings who belong in jails and prisons and away from civilized humanity.
It is painful for me to rebel against Leftist dogma like this, but the truth is that the modern Left is simply insane in many ways. In rebelling against them and taking “rightwing” positions, I am simply being logical and rational. I look out at the world commonsensically and see what I see, then I develop my opinions based on reason and basic common sense, Right, Left, Center and all the rest of the political BS be damned.

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81 thoughts on “Modern Identity Politics Is Insane”

  1. You could never have a radio show or television show outside of public access, because too many people would agree with you. Your concise speech here could permanently shatter the left-right dichotomy as we’ve been forced to understand it for awhile, if your message got out beyond the confines of a blog.
    On the Zimmerman tip, George is fucked. Huffington Post sent their Pravda moderators to destroy my post, but I basically said that because his jury consists of six white females, he is dead in the water. I’m not some misogynist beta, or an MRA type, but let’s be honest:
    The hardliners of PC propaganda are young white female college graduates, fresh from recent indoctrination at the diploma mill. I don’t know the ages of the six white women who are to be empaneled, but if they are under 30, this case has already been decided and no deliberation is necessary. Zimmerman is a White Klansman (not a white Hispanic) who murdered an eight-year old boy named Emmit Trayvon Till, who only wanted to buy Skittles and heal the world.

  2. You may find this interesting. An excerpt from the hard right European thinker Tomaslav Sunic, who posted this at Kevin B. Macdonald’s antisemitic Occidental Observer:
    Capitalism: the main enemy of the peoples of Europe:
    The blame for non-European immigration and the decomposition of the European peoples must not be solely borne by the immigrants. It is in the interest of the local capitalists to get a million-strong reserve army of cheap labor to Europe and to the U.S.; in turn, they can lower the wages of their domestic workers. Furthermore, non-European immigrants have little social consciousness, a weak sense of the trade union adherence and practically no sense for the European destiny. Therefore, they can be better manipulated by the local capitalists. One should consider therefore the globalists, the plutocrats and the financial “superclass” as the main enemy of the European peoples. A German stockbroker, or a Croatian or a Russian ex-communist speculator turned now into a capitalist shark, does not care where his nation is—as long as he can rake in big money.
    We are all witnessing a reemergence of the silent holy alliance today—an alliance between the ex-Commissar and the Merchant, i.e. the marriage between the left-winger and big business. The European Left is in favor of mass immigration, given that the exotic picture of the non-European immigrant represents for it now the ersatz symbol of its long gone proletariat. For the capitalist, it is beneficial to bring people from the Third World into Europe, because they can best serve the interests of anonymous capital. The capitalist strives towards the removal of his people, because his people are too expensive for his business transactions. A leftist “antifa” wants to erase his people because it will always remind him of the rising “fascist beast.”
    But the Church also bears a heavy responsibility for the decomposing situation of the European nations, especially with its ecumenical parlance of “help thy neighbor.” Americans, Europeans and White Christians are nowadays more concerned about the welfare of non-European peoples than the welfare of their own. A rich Qatari, or an oil sheik from Saudi Arabia could not care less are about the young unemployed and destitute masses in Moldova, or the working poor in France of Spain. He does not feel much inclined to help his own kind in Palestine in the first place, let alone give a thought to the suffering of the millions of the unemployed in Europe. The influential American Cardinal, Timothy Dolan, also known “as the American Pope” openly preaches in the American media the necessity of the open borders and openly advocates the protection of illegal immigrants in the USA. Therefore it is wrong to blame only stateless plutocrats, ethnic lobbies, or starry eyed leftists in their decomposition endeavors of the European peoples. Regarding the destructive equality doctrine by Christian savants, I’ will not discuss it here. I’ll refer you to my papers and books.

  3. I was with you 100% up until the Zimmerman comment. Fuck that guy. If that had been me walking down the street he’d have harassed me as well. If by some fluke you knocked up a black woman and had a brown skin son, he would’ve gave your son the same behavior. The cops told him not to interject himself and he decided to play vigilante anyway. Hero my ass.
    It’s nice to know that so many think that walking down the street while black is a criminal offense.

    1. Tulio, it is just that Blacks do commit a disproportionate # of crimes, so it is rational to be on watch when around Blacks you do not know. Zimmerman was assaulted by Martin, so he defended himself.

      1. The cops told him to stop following him. If he’d done that, Zimmerman would not be in jail right now. He was an idiot. That is the cops job to apprehend suspects. The cops would’ve showed up, found that the kid did nothing and was visiting his father and everyone would’ve went about their way.

        1. Does your definition of an idiot extend to people who are incapable of understanding the difference between civilians and officers of the peace, i.e. the substantive distinction between a 9-1-1 dispatcher, and a police officer? Who have you been getting your talking points from on this one, Michael Moore’s chef?

        2. Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch coordinator for his community. The key word being “watch”. Neighborhood watch participants keep an eye on the neighborhood and call the cops if there is any trouble. It is not their job to apprehend suspects and harrass them. Martin was under no obligation to answer any of Zimmerman’s questions and he would have no idea who the hell Zimmerman even is. Unfortunately we’ll never know for sure what happened immediately prior to the shooting as the only surviving witness is Zimmerman himself. Consider from Martin’s perspective that it is night and you have an imposing Hispanic-looking guy following you in a aggressive manner, Martin might have thought he was in danger as well if he had no idea who Zimmerman was. To me Zimmerman looked like a cholo:
          If I saw a suspicious person walking around in my neighborhood, I would call the cops and not get involved since I have no idea if that person is carrying a weapon or what. That’s what cops are for.They are trained and paid to handle situations like this professionally. It’s not the job of neighborhood watch members to apprehend suspects. People who have no training in how to properly deal with such situations. I’m sure there must be something in their charter stipulating that they call the police and let them handle such situations. This is exactly why cops prefer these people not to get involved, because they run the risk of creating a mess like this.
          And for some of you claiming that they’re glad Martin is dead and Zimmerman is a hero, I hope you are kidding, seriously. Unless Martin murdered someone, I’d love to know what he did in his life to deserve execution. Robert as far as I know is against the death penalty, but he seems to be in favor of it here all of a sudden. For those of you that respect the rule of law and justice, let’s not forget that it is Zimmerman, not Martin that is on trial. If Zimmerman committed an illegal act, it doesn’t make it any less illegal if Martin was an asshole or got suspended from school, or smoked marijuana. My hunch is that they are both assholes. Nonetheless, their personal characters are irrelevent here. The only relevant matter is whether shooting someone dead in the midst of a fist-fight is justifiable homocide. All I can say is if every fist-fight in America ended with a gunshot, this nation would be a sea of blood. Many of you reading this would be dead as well.

        3. Tulio, Martin deserved to die for laying his Black hands on a White Man. What Blacks and Asians have to understand is that we own this world and will not tolerate anything other than total sumbission to our will.

        4. I want to reiterate something here as it’s important. Zimmerman LOOKS like a cholo. If you don’t know what a cholo is, it’s a Hispanic gangbanger. These guys are usually identifiable by their shaved heads and goatee look as you see here:

          Here are Zimmerman’s photos taken the night of the incident:

          As you see, he could’ve fit right in with that first image showing the group of cholos.
          Now I’m telling you, if it was night, and a guy that looked like a cholo was following me around in a threatening manner and I had no idea who he is, I’d have thought I was the one in danger. But nobody here wants to see it from Martin’s perspective.

        5. I do oppose the death penalty by the state, but I do not care if scumbags get killed say in prison or in legal self defense or in any other ways. I often cheer when a scumbag gets killed in prison. I just don’t like the state doing it is all.

        6. He kinda does look like a cholo, LOL. He just needs the shorts and high socks.
          What I find interesting about Zimmerman is how everyone on the left is making him out to be some evil white racist. These same people would be praising Zimmerman as a heroic “person of color” if he did something positive.
          To me, whether or not you’re white has to do with your looks. If you look like a cholo, it doesn’t matter if you have a white last name or white ancestry. I won’t think of you as a fellow white person, period.

        7. Bay Area Guy, what would you say about the Ainu? They look White, so would you judge them by phenotype?

        8. I have may own take on the Martin-Zimmerman “incident” of 2012…Two overly aggressive asshole thugs meet in the night. One has a gun and manages to kill the other during their little “scuffle.” The one with the gun now faces a wasted life in prison. The other will never have to go to prison. Both have more or less removed themselves from the gene pool. It’s a major “win-win” for us here in civil society.

    2. If I had knocked up some brown-skinned woman (a distinct possibility in the earlier part of my life), my son would have never ended up like Trayvon because I would have raised him to understand that, when someone asks you where you’re going and you don’t wish to tell them, you should respond “None of your business,” but you should not proceed to slam the man’s head against the ground until it is bloody. If someone asks you where you are going, that is a little forward, and maybe rude, but slamming peoples’ heads against the ground is highly illegal, and may get you shot. Responding to forward language with physical violence is never the solution.
      See? My son wouldn’t have ended up like Trayvon, because I wouldn’t have raised my son to be a dangerous scumbag.

        1. If it sounds racist, take it up with Tulio, whose words I was paraphrasing. Tulio said: “you knocked up a black woman and had a brown skin son.” I used Tulio’s words in slightly different order. The fault lies with Tulio.
          Troll harder, Vishnu.

        2. There are two types of African-Americans; Blacks and Niggers. As far as I am concerned, Tulio is a Black man with some White admixture.

        3. Yeah Blacks are subhumans. I do not even respect the educated ones with White admixture.
          I love and respect dogs a lot more than I like Blacks. On my hiearchy of organisms I dislike, Blacks are at the top, followed by cockroaches.
          I really do not like Asians either.

        4. @ Tulio
          The high black homicide rate proves that many fights & feuds between blacks end because a person fires a gun.

        1. I am a Nordic/NE Asian hybrid. However, I do not like Asians or Blacks. I like my niggers chained and whipped. A hearty “Yessuh” from them would be nice.

        2. Thank you. My father met my mother during the Vietnam War. He was an American soldier and she was a Korean refugee in Vietnam. At least he did not bone a nigger bitch.

        3. I am tall, with tomato red hair and ivy green eyes. However, my facial features are almost like that of a pure Mongoloid, with less Neoteny. I have a flat nose, wide cheekbones, and triangular Chinese chin, but my face looks hard, not soft and Neotenic.
          My penis size is also 3.5″ smaller than my Dad’s. I am a 5″er, he has a 8.5″ dick. Friggin huge mate!

        4. @House of Fables
          You sound so egoistic, faggoted and childish, you shouldn’t be allowed to keep your daughter. Let’s hope she doesn’t become negro symphathiser huh! I guess you was once a typical teen with the general rock styled hair, sarcastic and know-it-all personality ( you probably knew and still know very little about anything beyond yor prefered subjects) and unable to live without the company of superficial friends.

      1. If you want to divide Blacks into Blacks and niggers (acceptable though not PC) Tulio is for sure not a nigger. He is a Black man. If anyone called Tulio a nigger in my presence in meatspace, I might just tell them to shut up. Someone called Alpha a nigger in meatspace once, and I told them to quit calling her that.
        The word nigger if used at all should only be used for real niggers not for Black people in general. Using it in the latter way is so base and low class.

        1. I have nothing against Tulio personally, though you will notice I rarely engage him on this blog, even when he addresses me first. There is always one eloquent African-American on race realist blogs (like Black Guy over at SBPDL or Obsidian Files at Gucci Little Piggy), but their eloquence does not always translate into logic. Tulio’s essential argument on race relations can be boiled down to, essentially: “Stop judging black people by what the vast majority of black people do, and start judging them by what I say.” Or “Stop noticing the preponderance of black on white crimes captured on film (many times in celebratory fashion by the black criminals) and instead watch this video of several Russian Gopnik beating the crap out of their fellow Russians halfway across the globe.”
          I feel bad for intelligent blacks, because they are in the minority, and they have the unenviable and honestly untenable chore of defending modern black America, but I don’t engage them in debate, because, as HAL 9000 once said, “This conversation can serve no purpose anymore.”

        2. Heil Hizzle Mein Nizzle, I would rather have my daughter marry a 90 IQ hillbilly redneck with some inbred pedigree than have her marry a glass-wearing tall 140 IQ Black mulatto lawyer with as much degrees as the length of a porn star’s dick.

        3. Hizzle, I have little interest in debated you as well. The feeling is mutual. And your summation of my views is rather bastardized I’d say.

        4. One thing though, you said, “Stop judging black people by what the *vast majority* of black people do.”
          So you are saying that the vast majority of blacks are criminals?

        5. Tulio, 1 in 2 Black men will be charged with a felony. So yeah, the majority of them are criminal Back 2 Apefrica scum.

        6. Yeah, I do not agree that most Black folks are criminals. But a lot of them are.
          I did not know that 50% of Black males will be charged with a felony.
          OTOH, that in and of itself does not really mean much. I myself was charged with a felony once at age 22 (possession of a deadly weapon – a billy club). The charges were reduced to a misdemeanor and I never did any time.

        7. Interesting how undesirable blacks are to be sent “back” to Africa. That assumes that Africans actually want such people in their own sovereign countries. Would England and Germany like to receive white American criminals? Sorry to break it to you but black criminals and deadbeats are as American as apple pie.

        8. They like that sort of thing in Black Africa. You read stories all the time about some Nigerian guy having 100 kids by 50 different women or whatever. That crap has been going on there forever, and no one cares anything about it.
          It goes back to the evolution of Blacks in Africa. They evolved a polygynous system whereby the chief and maybe his pals monopolized most of the best women and the rest of the men hardly got jack. So it’s been normal forever in Africa for the chief to have 50 kids by 30 different women. That’s the way that Black people have evolved over there, so most Africans don’t think it’s weird or bad or anything like that.

  4. I know that I’ll be saying this for the umpteenth time, but the left has almost completely abandoned its position as the defender of civil liberties and the working man. They’ve even neglected their anti-war stance.
    They were silent when Obama sent more troops and bombs to Afghanistan. They were silent about the Obama administration’s drone attacks. I haven’t noticed much outrage from them following this latest NSA wiretapping revelation.
    They don’t have much to say about outsourcing or the destruction of the working class. In fact, as you pointed out, they celebrate it in the form of praising mass immigration and “diversity.”
    What do they get their panties in a wad about? Shit like slutwalks, whether or not trannies can use the bathrooms for their new gender, “privilege,” “rape culture,” multiculturalism, etc.
    They’re the people responsible for political correctness, which, as Matt Forney/Ferdinand Bardamu once pointed out, is almost purely female driven, as it’s a logical extension of female thinking. Schools, workplaces, and other public spaces have become almost completely feminized courtesy of them.
    If this is what the left has to offer, then I want absolutely nothing to do with them.
    It’s more important to be sensitive to trannies than it is to secure our increasingly eroding civil liberties.

    1. All true, though I think most of the Left (sans Tim Wise and the Huffpo types) see the NSA scandal as a bridge too far, and they are as disgusted as we are. I don’t read the op-eds in the New York Times, because they’re all either insane, foolish, hypocritical, or some combination of all three, but the commentors are pretty sane, New Deal democrats. Nothing wrong with them except that they don’t set the tone for the party line anymore than conservatives like me can shift mainstream Republican perceptions on immigration.

      1. Counterpunch is a good hard Left website. They hated Obama’s adventures in Afghanistan, they don’t like his drone strikes, and they hate the NSA spying stuff.
        What BAG is referring to is more the standard Democratic Party lines. Truth be told, the Democratic Party is not really a PC party. They are no more PC than society as a whole. I have been to many Democratic Party functions and no one ever talks about White privilege or gay rights or trannies or CRT or any of that bullshit. No one says “CIS” or “check your privilege.”
        All of that hardcore PC stuff BAG refers to generally comes out of a segment of the modern Left, especially modern gender feminism, CRT antiracist types and the lifestyle crowd around gay rights, tranny rights and all the rest of that BS. And it tends to be mostly young people who talk like this. This sort of radical PC stuff is all coming out of the universities, but really it originated on the Far Left with actual Marxists.

        1. Forgive me Rob, but you seem to be sending conflicting signals and I need some clarification. You indict identity politics in this post, yet in a previous one you endorse “liberation theology,” which, at least in its James Cone iteration holds, among other things, that “the white man created AIDS to kill off black people” along with easily debunked Afrocentric pseudoscience (see Mary Lefkowitz’s “Not Out of Africa”).

        2. What you are talking about is some sort of “Black Liberation Theology.” What I am talking about is the stuff being promoted in Latin America and the Philippines, which really says almost nothing whatsoever about race.

  5. I ment to post this on the open topic but I want to know what robert lindsats stance on usuery is. It is the main reason for the obscene concentration of wealth in the hands of a few but few on the left will address the issue. The only people who talk about it are third positionist, traditional catholics, and even fascist. Is it because the views the issue as anti-semitic?

      1. Replace it with public banking that does not charge interest. Look up the public banking institute. Also there is social credit.

  6. Among some conservatives (Hannity, Beck, Coulter and their fans) you often hear liberals called idiots or a synonym, or a phrase like “liberalism is a mental disorder.”
    WRONG! Protecting workers, the environment, consumers, and the financial system from the excesses of capitalism is not a mental disorder. But identity politics that attributes any disparities in outcomes to barriers erected by white males, is.

  7. Dear Tulio
    I find your comments sensible and I agree with them. This Martin may not have been the most admirable person in the world, but to say that he deserved to die is quite callous. Zimmerman was indeed a fool.
    It may be true that about 50% of black males in the US commit a felony some time in their lives, but it doesn’t follow that they commit crimes all the time. I know several productive citizens, all white, who have criminal records.
    BTW, in Canada, we don’t use the term felony. The term used is indictable offense. When does a crime become a felony in the US?
    Finally, the distinction between a black man and a nigger is racist. If a black man who is not a solid citizen should be called a nigger, what special term should we use for white men who aren’t solid citizens? A wigger? There are also white men who aren’t productive, who have chaotic sex lives, who neglect their offspring, and who are constantly in trouble with the law.
    Regards. James

    1. Thanks, and I agree. Although I question the 50% felon rate someone blurted. I asked for a citation on that and so far nothing. So I’ll assume it’s bullshit till someone posts the evidence. I know damn well that every other black man I know is not a criminal.

  8. What I find so hilarious is that Tulio is using the “Zimmerman looked like a Cholo” argument to justify Trayvon’s beating of him, when this is only the obverse of the “Trayvon looked like a thug” argument on the other side. The difference, however, is that if one avails themselves of internet resources, from Google Images to cached pages of both men’s facebook posts (as well as the posts of their friends), there is a mountain of evidence that Trayvon really spent a lot of his time emulating thugs, while Zimmerman’s career as a cholo exists solely in Tulio’s mind. Perhaps, George Zimmerman is also a Gopnik of some kind, since he is a white Hispanic, lol.
    Once again, Tulio’s problem is the same as the problem of most of Trayvon’s supporters, as Chuck Rudd recently wrote in his Daily Caller piece: Trayvon’s supporters don’t know what they don’t know. I caught him in one lie (about the 9-1-1 dispatcher being a cop), and he moved on to another lie (that there were no witnesses to the event). Not only were there witnesses, one of them has already perjured herself for the prosecution. The hits keep coming! I take back everything bad I said about Tulio. He is comedy gold!

    1. By witness I’m referring to someone who was there and saw it unfold. A person on the phone is only a “witness” in a court sense, but not someone who can give a play-by-play testimonial of the fight that took place leading up to the shooting.
      I didn’t say Zimmerman was a cholo, you bozo. I said he LOOKED like one. And I even posted pictures to prove that his look was IDENTICAL to that of a Cholo. People who by the way are notoriously anti-black. If a guy that looked like that was running up on me at night, I would be prepared for the worst as well.
      Now why don’t you explain to me why it’s justified to shot someone in a street fight. Especially one that you provoked.
      Should this be the rule? I can go out and stalk someone tonight and if they start kicking my ass for following them I should be able to pull out a gun and blow them away and then walk free? I bet if a black man did that to your son, you’d change your tune quick. You know damn well you would.

      1. Again, you don’t even know what you don’t know. You castigate me for misquoting you as saying that Zimmerman “was” a cholo when in fact in the first paragraph I quoted you correctly as saying that Zimmerman “looked like a cholo.”
        You’re getting desperate, and it’s deteriorating your reading comprehension skills. You’re lashing out at me and projecting your own faulty logic outward. This is also evidenced by you’re calling me a “bozo” when I have yet to stoop to anything so undignified with you. “Name calling,” as someone once observed, “is the most graceless way to admit you’ve lost the argument.”
        Please find a more graceful way to admit your defeat, and please read each post two or three times in advance, to avoid getting basic facts wrong, so that you don’t bury yourself any deeper in lies and misdirection than you already are.
        The argument that Zimmerman wouldn’t have even been beaten up by Trayvon if he hadn’t asked him what he was doing is the most hollow bit of anti-logic your side has attempted in this debate. You’d be better off going back to conflating 9-1-1 dispatchers and policemen; that’s how sorry this tactic is.
        Hey, a man on my street had his poodle mauled by a Pit-Bull while taking his dog for a walk. If he hadn’t been walking that poodle, none of this ever would have happened. A trial should consist of legal evidence, not should-have could-have circumstantial alternate universe theory.
        Maybe George Zimmerman is an asshole for being a zealous neighborhood watchman, but that is not illegal. Maybe he is racist for noting the disproportion of robberies committed at the Twin Lakes by young black men and also for noticing Trayvon was a young black man, but this is not a 2nd Degree murder transgression; maybe he was an asshole for asking Trayvon what he was doing, but as we have already established, being an asshole is not illegal.
        If Trayvon initiated physical violence, slamming Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk because Zimmerman questioned him, then this is most certainly illegal, and Zimmerman had a legal right to defend himself.
        How about I go walking tonight through a middle-class black neighborhood where young white men have been robbing and vandalizing (far-fetched, but possible) and then, when some black man asks me what I’m doing, I’ll pound his head into the concrete. If I get shot, I’m sure Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump and Tulio will defend my memory, because intellectual consistency and impartiality are the black community’s strong suit.

      2. Tulio are you not Athlone McGinnis?
        Why doesn’t he post here? Do you have a forum.biodiversity account?

      3. bullshit, i wanted so enter that forum, but it says: an error has occurred Guest. The Admin does not allow forum visitation behind proxy servers

      4. “The argument that Zimmerman wouldn’t have even been beaten up by Trayvon if he hadn’t asked him what he was doing is the most hollow bit of anti-logic your side has attempted in this debate.”
        Listen bozo. I love how you reduce the incident down to simply “asking him what he was doing” while omitting the context of following him around in the night. If a strange man that yes, looked like a cholo was following YOU at night, and you have no idea who the hell he is, and he starts aggressively questioning you, you very well may assume he is up to no good. Once again, put yourself in the place a person walking at night with nobody else around and being accosted by someone in a bellicose manner. Secondly, there was simply no need to confront him. The confrontation simply wasn’t necessary, period. I don’t know why you don’t get that. The cops were being dispatched. End of issue, it’s their matter to deal with. Unless Martin was witnessed committing an actual crime, confronting him was absolutely unnecessary if the cops were already on their way and ended up arriving at the scene within a few minutes. End of discussion. Zimmerman’s provocation led to the incident.
        “Hey, a man on my street had his poodle mauled by a Pit-Bull while taking his dog for a walk. If he hadn’t been walking that poodle, none of this ever would have happened.”
        Non-sequitor. Unless the man with the Pitt intentionally approached the poodle for the purpose of provoking a dog fight. Zimmerman’s behavior was intentional, not incidental.
        “Maybe George Zimmerman is an asshole for being a zealous neighborhood watchman, but that is not illegal. Maybe he is racist for noting the disproportion of robberies committed at the Twin Lakes by young black men and also for noticing Trayvon was a young black man, but this is not a 2nd Degree murder transgression; maybe he was an asshole for asking Trayvon what he was doing, but as we have already established, being an asshole is not illegal.”
        Whether Zimmerman is a racist is irrelevant. It’s not illegal to be a racist so long as you don’t violently express it or practice institutional discrimination. I have no idea if Zimmerman is a racist or not at heart. He may or may not be one. But this isn’t about what’s in his soul. It’s about whether his use of deadly force was justified. Since nobody actually witnessed the fight all we have is guesswork. I don’t think this was a hate crime, it certainly wasn’t pre-meditated murder. It was clearly one of those heat of the moment things. But I think we need to send a message that it’s not okay to shoot someone in a one-on-one street fight. So what if he got his head slammed on the concrete. That happens in just about every fight that takes place outdoors. As I said before, if a shooting resulted from every street fight, then half this country would be in prison since I don’t know anyone that’s never been in a fist-fight in their life. He seems to have survived it just fine, he doesn’t appear to have any brain-damage or anything beyond superficial trauma. My guess is that Zimmerman’s pride is why he pulled the trigger. All Zimmerman would’ve had to do was brandish the weapon and that would end the fight right there. Who’s going to fight a man with a gun?? Or one shot in the leg would’ve ended it. He WANTED to kill Martin.
        “If Trayvon initiated physical violence, slamming Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk because Zimmerman questioned him, then this is most certainly illegal, and Zimmerman had a legal right to defend himself. ”
        The thing is the stand your ground law may apply equally to Martin who was standing his ground while being followed by a man at night.
        “How about I go walking tonight through a middle-class black neighborhood where young white men have been robbing and vandalizing (far-fetched, but possible) and then, when some black man asks me what I’m doing, I’ll pound his head into the concrete.”
        There’s a bit of a difference between someone simply asking what you’re doing, and someone getting out of their car and pursuing you down the street at night when you don’t who the hell they are…
        “These a**holes always get away,” Zimmerman said in a call to a nonemergency number.
        Dispatcher: “Are you following him?”
        Zimmerman: “Yeah.”
        So Zimmerman had already concluded the guy was an “asshole” for the simple crime of walking to his father’s house with a fucking ice tea and bag of skittles in his hand. And you are telling me he wasn’t an aggressor even though he even admits to following him? Martin’s girlfriend was on the phone with him while he reported to her that he was being pursued by someone.
        According to his girlfriend:
        “He said this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on. He said he lost the man,” Martin’s friend said. “I asked Trayvon to run, and he said he was going to walk fast. I told him to run, but he said he was not going to run.”
        Eventually, he would run, said the girl, thinking that he’d managed to escape. But suddenly the strange man was back, cornering Martin.
        “Trayvon said, ‘What are you following me for,’ and the man said, ‘What are you doing here.’ Next thing I hear is somebody pushing, and somebody pushed Trayvon because the head set just fell. I called him again, and he didn’t answer the phone.”
        The line went dead.
        This sounds a lot different from your scenario of “simply asking what he’s doing”.

      5. hey, everyone, i finally could join the forum, but from my smartphone, if you wanna message me, i am Alejandra Flores

      1. My meat space identities?
        I take it you read the roosh forums were he posts then? Why doesn’t he come to post here? He seems like a fairly complex and intelligent poster with a passion for politics ans social issues. Although I disagree a lot with a lot of his views and stances.

        1. I don’t know your identity, but for instance, Tulio has written me emails with his name in them. I can’t remember it offhand though. A lot of you guys do that. But I have to protect people’s identities on here. I even protect the identities of banned people for some reason.

      2. It he could post, why doesn’t he post here? He would contribute a lot on here, aside from the usual Hinduvta/Indian moron thumpers and the creepy/weird posts from random posters posting about their sexual preferences/fetishes/disturbing thoughts and their wierdo bizzaro writings, he would be a refreshment. I would like to see him debate people like BAG, Cyrus, Dota, Schipper, Wade, Mott, Brengunn, etc etc, that would be quite a shift and bring back a lot of the sane commentators again.
        If I may ask, what were the topics of some of his emails to you?

      3. When he first showed up, he got banned right away for fighting me. Then he petitioned me to get unbanned and he told me a bit of the story of his life. He also wrote me once asking to delete a comment that I think got posted with his meatspace identity.

      4. Deleting your comments doesn’t work. They’ll still forever be inextricably linked to your profile both online and IRL.

      5. Xera, I have no idea why Athlone doesn’t post here. Maybe he doesn’t know of the existence of this blog. Or isn’t interested. I don’t know. He is a student at a NE Ivy League University and I’m sure he’s got his hands full already between studies and his regular column on Roosh’s Return of Kings blog. I don’t even post in here consistently and may skip out for weeks at a time.

      6. athlone attacked you robert?
        If Athlone has the time to post in roosh, the scammer’s, website then surely he has enough time to post in Robert’s blog. He knows this blog exists, b/c i have messaged him before. If he uses his time to write nonsensical articles on “game” and also look up and post pictures of partially to full on nude girls on forums, repeatedly for hours to days to weeks for attention then he should have no problems coming here. What is he majoring in? Ivy league isn’t impressive anymore these days because of the libertarian, Jewish business theory school crap grads and the entitled dumb dangerous spawn these places have produced.
        After all, most of the current Western world is a scam and so are it’s institutions

      7. damn, my smartphone later send me the same message as the computer: an error has occurred Guest. The Admin does not allow forum visitation behind proxy servers…i was dying of curiosity, but anyways i did research and it seems the site is full of trolls from the middle east and South asia, not very worth it, from what i read from more mature (and more accesible and easy to see) forums, here some negative opinions about that site

  9. This blog tends to pedestalize the working and underclassmen (while disparaging the new left’s stance on other groups which I wholeheartedly applaud) Can you at least give them their due credit for picking up and maintaining negative habits that lead to social and financial failure?

    1. “Can you at least give them their due credit for picking up and maintaining negative habits that lead to social and financial failure”
      I’m pretty sure many of the new Left’s pet groups maintain quite a few “negative habits” which you may be overlooking. Another thing is that the Left is discarding some of its old pets (blacks), in favor of newer, cuter ones (Hispanics).
      I also don’t see how subalterns who have practical skills are somehow displaying pathologies that could be categorized as “failure.” A carpenter, for instance, has far more practical skills than someone with a PhD teaching a junk humanities, Liberal Arts (and crafts) elective on phallic symbols in ancient Greek Literature, or something to that effect.

      1. Note that I said I applaud his attitudes towards the new left
        I was referring to behavioral issues that working class people tend to display (in larger percentages), not the blue collar trades or dead end jobs themselves.

        1. To be honest, I’m not even sure a working class even exists in America at this point, so it all may be moot.

        2. That’s for sure. They are not as distinct. I know that many skilled technicians are making more than my father and I know upper middle class families who are floundering. I was referring specifically to the underclass who also display these traits.

      2. Can’t you say something similar about IT degrees, and some of the so called “business degrees”? The business degrees are far more dangerous and threatening due to the effects it produces. Some of the science degrees are useless, astronomy for example can give you research posts but its really highly impractical.

  10. “I am very much uncertain of flooding the US with backwards, reactionary, ultra-racist Indians who come from the most failed state on Earth.”
    Indians are but a tiny fraction of a percentage and always will be… Whatever are you talking about?

      1. I know too well. But they are not in the same league as hispanics when it comes to crime and massive environmental problems and straining the health care and education systems.

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