"Dog Is Dead, or The Crucifixion Reloaded"

Got this off the Internet. Nice. It is actually from error3


2 thoughts on “"Dog Is Dead, or The Crucifixion Reloaded"”

  1. For me, beating up on God in the 21st century just ain’t really all that transgressive, unless you go to Eastern Europe where they still believe in him, a la the stunt group Pussy Riot desecrating an Orthodox church in Russia; that took some balls.
    It’s part of why Christopher Hitchens never really moved me; well that, and the fact that he got snookered good on Iraq and was allowed to distance himself from it (like everyone else who fucked that one up big time).
    The writing in the vignette is good, though; terse.
    Rob, short of going through all the trackbacks and previous entries, as a communist-socialist (or someone sympathetic to that outlook) is it your view that Christianity needs to be jettisoned, that it’s only real purpose is to keep the peasants under control for their master? You know, cooperating with the feudal lords in the hopes of attaining something in the hereafter?
    I ask because your stance on illegal immigration and George Zimmerman is pretty heterodox for a Leftist, and it’s part of what drew me into your orbit (and could make more conservatives amenable to the economic Left). The less identity politics the Left plays, I believe, the more amenable people become to economic leftism (which I have no problems with).

  2. O/T but I just shot over to Timwise.org (pure masochism on my part), and the guy has a post up saying that the reason we’re all angry about the NSA spying scandal is…you guessed it, racism against Obama: http://www.timwise.org/2013/06/whiteness-nsa-spying-and-the-irony-of-racial-privilege/
    To create a tool for one purpose and think that it can’t be used for others is rather short-sighted. Well meaning whites created anti-racism to give blacks equality with whites, and now it’s being used to shield The One from legitimate criticism. If Obama fired a thermonuclear missile at the Palestinians and killed 300,000 people, Timmy could hop out to say that “Hey, FDR killed a lot of Japanese with nuclear weapons and he got away with that, didn’t he? Don’t be racist and deny Barack the opportunity to do what FDR did.”

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