Mogwai, "Yes I Am a Long Ways from Home"

Video here.
Great music video by a band called Mogwai. The song is called, “Yes I Am a Long Ways from Home.” Beautiful song, makes you want to hug the whole world. Love it. Sounds a bit like the space-rock of old. Reminds me somewhat of a French band called “Gong.”

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77 thoughts on “Mogwai, "Yes I Am a Long Ways from Home"”

  1. Mogwai are a very good post-rock band, but not really my favorite. Better ones (just my opinion) would be This Will Destroy You or God is an Astronaut. Still, I admire Mogwai for making a song called Stanley Kubrick.
    There is a band from the 80s, The Housemartins, that I have just rediscovered. They were into simple Lefty politics. The boys all had crosses shaved into their heads on the back of the album, and the liner notes said: Choose Marx. Choose Christ. Choose Love:

    1. Heil Hizzle, what? ‘The Housemartins’ are a weak facsimile of ‘The Smiths’ in my opinion. The Smiths had it all, the politics, acerbic witty lyrics, jangly guitar better than the ‘Byrds’ ever had, songs that will make you cry and laugh, and style, they just looked cool. Brilliant. You seem to be into your music so I’m sure you’ll have heard of them before. For my money they are the best band of the 80’s, if not that, they’re certainly the best British band of the 80’s.
      The Housemartins drive me mad, I just have flashbacks of my mate’s older brothers clad in corduroy listening to them non stop in the late 80’s. They actually had a second outing in the 90’s as ‘The Beautiful South’ with a couple of lineup changes, they were really successful, too. And, I still hated them.
      I’ll have to check out those bands you mention. The only other post rock band I know is ‘God speed you black emperor’ which I like but they’re nowhere as good as they think they are. They try to build that music but it never quite gets there for me, certainly not like Mogwai, who can build great riffs.

        1. You’re right, he is a bit of a gobshite but it doesn’t take away from the songs. In fairness to Morrisey though, he has been hounded by the press for no other reason than sport, seemingly. In the 80’s he was funnier than most comedians, his interviews with the NME were absolute gold but then they ruined him, attacking him, branding him a racist and bigot because he said he didn’t like disco music and his song ‘Bengali in Platforms’. So, he has some reasons for his cantankerousness.

  2. Have you noticed almost all the top selling artists of all time are either Caucasian or Black Africans ? Hardly any East Asians. Afraid we cant add in PSY Gangnam as he copied everything from the black Rappers & became famous due to his youtube video being clicked by a zillion East Asians ! This obviously a factor that shows that Blacks are closer to Caucasians than East Asians.

    1. You know, that’s a really strange one and if it could be figured out why that is, we would be well on our way to understanding some of the true differences between the races.
      Anyone who has taken their child or been taught to play a musical instrument with East Asians will know that they have an amazing ability to learn and play classical music from a young age, becoming virtuosos before they’re in their teens, yet they have little ability when it comes to composing and as far as I’m aware have little improvisational skills either. Whereas Africans will take to any instrument and create an idiosyncratic style full of personality and improvisation. Europeans seem to be in the middle of the two, having some attributes from each style. Maybe this is why we are so successful.
      As far as I can tell, this fits in with the usual – African – European – Asian continuum which we see so often in things from IQ scores to personality types to physicality to testosterone levels.

      1. Africans >> Europeans >> East Asians
        Certainly in music, sports, athletics, dance, martial arts, sex, giving speeches
        Possibly in literature, poetry…
        East Asians >> Europeans >> Africans
        In IQ, diligence and hard work

      2. asians at least japanese, ceirtainly are better than blacks in videogames, whites are also pretty good too, most games and consoles are made by whites or asians; without videogames life would be more tedious ,thanks Nintendo, Sony, microsoft;

      3. ///Have you noticed almost all the top selling artists of all time are either Caucasian or Black Africans ? Hardly any East Asians.
        June 16, 2013 at 2:17 PM
        You know, that’s a really strange one and if it could be figured out why that is, we would be well on our way to understanding some of the true differences between the races. ///
        The main reason is that the West has been setting the standards and norms of what is desirable in the past few hundred years.
        Take beauty contests for example. Different cultures have different norms for beauty, but it is the West that sets the standard. By this standard, very few Asians have been picked as beauty queens. This standard has been studiously copied by the Latin American beauties with silicone and plastic surgery and Farah Fawcett hairdo.
        Same with fastfood.
        And same with music. The Chinese and Indians have had music long before the barbarians living in caves stumbled upon music, but hey a guitar is more popular than a pipa. Who controls the music industry?

    2. wrong, there are facts such as most of the best selling artists, come from english speaking countries like United States, Canada or United Kingdom; english is the most common language,most caribeans countries speak english too, Rihanna or Nicky minaj had the advantage language already; you lack good information ,because youtube is blocked in China, plus just read the comments in Gangnam Style, many non asians; music talent is just 1 of the few things blacks are good at

      1. Except it’s not only that though is it? English may be one of the more common languages but pop, rock, r&b, rap, metal, dance, rave, folk etc. all have their origins in English, any one else using those forms of music is borrowing to some extent.

      2. Are there not many 2nd generation East Asians in Europe, America etc who speak English ? Both East Asians & black Africans hardly have any musical instruments in the past, but vocally an African can definitely sing better. Also the African music lyrics are also better. PSY is good, but he is certainly not the innovator of rap. Classical also is innovated by Erupeans and it doesnt involve vocals/lyrics which are also very important so its not a very good comparison. Even Caucasians from Asia are not good in music but only slightly better than East Asians. eg. Paul Anka, but even he wont be able to match the European Caucasians or black Africans.

      3. Kratos, PSY is NOT good. Gangnam Style sucked, and so did Gentleman. It is just garbage. How can you call that trash Music?
        You make me feel young again.

      4. “No. As far as innovating Music goes, Whites are at the top. ”
        “Innovating music” is as much an economic process as it is an intellectual one, if not more. East Asians have more natural talent for art, period. This is something anyone with even the most miniscule exposure to either worlds knows. The thing is, talented East Asians have priorities and are too focused on making their nations stronger.

      5. You’re a dumb subhuman nigger. Nigger music sucks. The fact that you’re too retarded to know what you’re talking about doesn’t constitute fact. Each Chinese dynasty has countless “genres” of music, dumb nigger fuck.

      6. “All Chinese Dynasties were founded by Tocharian White Men.”
        Now I know you’re mentally retarded. It’s good to see that you subhumans aspire to a superior civilization, but please, the Tocharians were retards who needed handouts from the superior Chinese to survive until they were ultimately annihilated by Northeast Asians.

  3. No way, I didn’t know there were any Mogwai fans on the other side of the ocean. Fucking brilliant band. Before my Mac packed up and deleted my whole itunes library I had three or four of their albums, all of them were great with absolutely no filler. They do that rising hard rock euphoria as well as anyone out there, they have some real edge. Also, I like the fact they don’t have mindless lyrics layed over the top of great tunes, like so many other bands do.
    An interesting fact about the band is, their drummer has some kind of heart condition where he takes his life into his own hands everytime he travels on tour but he loves the music so much he says ‘fuck it’ if he dies he’ll die doing what he loves.
    Great Scottish band and named for a great 80’s film, what’s not to like. This reminds me I may go out and get all their albums again.

    1. Try “Russian Circles.” They are like Mogwai, but with a harder edge. What made The Smiths was the guitar and those liquid bass lines. (This Charming Man has the most exquisite bass ever).

  4. I saw them live back in 2006 to promote their new album, and “Yes I Am a Long Ways from Home” was the opening track!
    I was a little disappointed with the rest of the gig though, because it consisted mostly of their new material, which i don’t really like.
    Boards of Canada are another Scottish band, who are great friends with Mogwai. I recommend this particular track (the video is quite beautiful):

  5. It’s certainly as idiosyncratic as your posts, which is always a plus point. It’s OK but I find the might/fight rhyme to be a bit simple in the context of the song. Also, I don’t know about your mother turning up at your college campus, maybe it could be a memory of your mother that brings you the perseverance you need. Your mother turning up makes it seem like you need your hand to be held.

    1. Oh, still in high school? OK, that makes more sense.
      Anyway, I hate to see you fall out with your own culture, so her is a piece of music by a black man as good as anything you’ll hear by a European and certainly better than that Chinese stuff, though that was great, too. So sit back, smoke a spliff and drift off because it’s all ‘Kind of Blue’.

    2. I thought you’d gone to Jew heaven! I’ve been keeping a low profile myself here lately. But there are some great new commenters, full of self hatred and disrespect for all their parents hold dear, you’ll like them. That’s when the Paki’s aren’t stinking the place up droning on about how much they hate India.
      Anyway, where ya been? Have you been letting the real world come between your clandestine love for muscular Nazi’s and denigration of all things sacred?

    3. Well, CC, the first half of the album he’s only really getting into is stride. Wait till you get to the second half! It’s some of the most beautiful music you’ll ever hear. it’ll tear your heart right out. I’ve just listened to it for the first time in about a year and I’d forgotten quite how good it was, so melancholy, full of regret and longing. It doesn’t really get any better than this.

    4. “That’s when the Paki’s aren’t stinking the place up droning on about how much they hate India.”
      There are more? It might be entertaining if I really had a dog in the fight.
      “Have you been letting the real world come between your clandestine love for muscular Nazi’s and denigration of all things sacred?”
      I’ve been finding ways to integrate that into my life in the real world!

  6. Love it. If you close you’re eyes and travel back, deep, deep into the mysts of time. You can see yourself naked on the Savannah, running from the Hippos, Lions, Apes and shit. It’s return to the cradle. It’s what Whitey needs, nay, it’s what white women crave.

    1. Fuck. You all are turning into a bunch of bits and data points.
      The post was intended for the video of the African food riots.
      My apologies for the contusion.

      1. Why is your profile avatar different biatch?
        Having a low dick is an oxymoron of low intelligence, your sarcasm is failing to put a dent in my belly Hace. Please, don’t get so impatient, your time is coming as it says in your shintoist zen philosophy book

      2. Asians do have small dicks bro, there has been actual stats and links that has been posted here from time to time that proves that (not by me though). Look there are truths to stereotypes and that’s that, no conspiratory forces will overcome this simple honest good old fact.
        Look, Jews are a spawn of “sand niggers”, and are a minority yet control most of the wealth of the Western world, it’s policies, and culture and have been for quite some time. If Jews can somehow destroy and inhibit your latent hidden sexual abilities and social worthiness/flexibility despite being smaller then you guys then more power to them.
        Even most of the Greco-Roman culture had it’s origins in Egypt. Modern culture and society is too fakey, shallow, transparent, metallicy, and plasticy without clearly defined goals or purposes. There are scientists admitting now that even the Ancients were even more intelligent on average then the average person today. You can have your “accomplishments” in this modern society as much as you want, it is yours and I could give a damn. Since after all it’s not really worth much at all. Be careful of the Jew though, he is one of my satanic cousins and I heard from my relatives that he puts mines in those chess pieces.

        1. Yeah no, the only reliable studies put North Chinese on top, with Northeast Asians and South Chinese following. Then it’s blacks, whites and Arabs in that order.
          Sucks that you’re not particularly good at anything.

        2. White average is 6.8 ins.
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          That is why Genghis Khan, a RED HAIRED WHITE MAN
          I don’t think so, nigger.

          “Genghis Khan is believed to have belonged to Haplogroup C-M217.”
          low Testosterone.
          Nah I don’t think so, small-dicked ugly mulatto retard:
          “The proportion of men with total testosterone levels suggestive of hypogonadism, defined as less than 230 ng/dL, differed between populations: 5% to 6% among U.S. white and Swedish men compared with 3% in Hong Kong and Japanese men.”
          Go choke on your fish lips and die, nigger.

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        4. Caucniggerretard is really a sad, pathetic creature. There is absolutely no evidence of any of the retard shit you’re spewing, niggerboy. Genghis Khan was Northeast Asian. A subhuman white simply can’t do what he did.

        5. and where did you find those BS statistics Ichigo? From a white retard propaganda site?
          The French stat is a lie and the Japanese are slightly bigger than Americans (mostly roach and nigger)

        6. You’re deeply disturbed, roachnigger. Genghis was 0% white. I think you need to take a look at a world map, and then realize that whites are subhuman scum incapable of any real accomplishment without outside help. Apparently the great white roach was so busy building civilization in China that they never bothered to create anything of worth in Europe for thousands of years. AHAHAHAHA

        7. in a random internet research, however everything is mathematical and logical; each race has the right size for their height, you don’t need to claim yours is bigger, for that to happen, asian men would need to be taller as well than whites in first place; men from a certain race are designated primarly for the women of their races, here the list (the mexican size is too big, but is in fact Self-reported and not measured like the others) some sizes of the Middle East and Africa are too big despite their height; maybe because they are poor they are smaller, but the true potential of their race in good health is taller; in latin america some measured sizes are kinda big, maybe the measured men were too caucasian and not very amerindian

        8. Your source is make believe and pure BS, sorry if that’s impolite. Second, Northeast Asians are about the same height as whites.
          in a random internet research
          Uh, those are not reliable.
          each race has the right size for their height, you don’t need to claim yours is bigger, for that to happen, asian men would need to be taller as well than whites in first place
          How does this even make sense? Gorillas are larger than humans but have smaller penises. Bone length depends on several factors aside from testosterone.
          here the list (the mexican size is too big, but is in fact Self-reported and not measured like the others) some sizes of the Middle East and Africa are too big despite their height; maybe because they are poor they are smaller, but the true potential of their race in good health is taller; in latin america some measured sizes are kinda big, maybe the measured men were too caucasian and not very amerindian
          Uh that whole list is BS and has been spreading like wildfire because small dicked whites need to prove something. And yes generally speaking Mestizos are bigger than whites … guess who they are mixed with?

        9. “The Persian Historian Rashid-Al Din writes”
          al Din was born decades after Khan died, you stupid fuck. And none of his sons had colored hair.

        10. Not on what he looked like. Nice try, cockroach. Many Central Asian tribes had a vested interest in claiming descent, but no, a low IQ subhuman white could never conquer China.

        11. If by “conquer” you mean win what was essentially a sneak attack while the bulk of China was away, only to keep for itself the biggest shithole in China (which later developed simply by merit of not being Communist)

      3. Yet another pissing contest between Xera and Hacienda. How many times have we seen this play out before? I’ve lost count.
        This is what I mean by quality control, Robert.
        It’s a damn shame, because there are so many quality ideas expressed on this blog, but more often than not they’re overshadowed by the petulance of various commenters.

  7. ‘I like this one song called “Brick In the Wall”. It is a rock song, I think, but I forgot who sings it’
    sigh. The sound of the generation gapping.
    Axially there is whole album called “Brick In the Wall” by a modest little band called Pink Floyd. They were big for a minute. Might have once been referred to as the originators of ‘space rock’.
    Check them out. They be a favorite of some of us old timers..
    I’ve heard there might even be a song or two on the youtubes.

  8. East Asian made music’s are the best.
    Don’t believe me? Type down anyone of these on youtube; Vagrant Story boss theme, Dragon Quest 7 & 8 boss theme, Skyward Sword Moldarch/ Koloktos boss theme, Skyward Sword mini boss theme, Final Fantasy 12 boss theme, Final Fantasy 13 battle theme, Final Fantasy 13 boss theme, Molgera boss theme, Playing with Waka, Crimson helm begone!, Okami final boss theme, Dragon quest 8 Final boss theme and many more.

  9. The tarim basin is still quite a loong way from the Yangtze and Yellow rivers where Chinese civilization was born.
    The mongols have stocky hair and sometimes blonde and ginger hair because of the latitude they reside in. You can also see some berbers and arabs with blonde hair sometimes due to the intense climate they live in.

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    1. Nah those Afreakan turdbabies are starving because they’re dumber than animals. Even with sumo wrestlers Japanese people are some of the slimmest on the planet and their world highest life expectancy proves it for them – not counting insignificant microstates like Monaco, Andorra, and Your Mother.

  10. I can’t ban Huax. He is a troll, obviously, but it legal to be troll on here. Huax is one of the shrewdest trolls I have ever had. He has read the rules very well, and he is very careful not to violate even one rule. I think he is just smarter than the rest of the trolls is all, or he has more self-control.
    We can’t be banning people for their views on here, unfortunately. This is pretty much a free speech blog except for a few things.

    1. Robert, I admire your dedication to free speech.
      But from a pragmatic standpoint, allowing in too many trolls degrades the quality of a blog and scares away quality commenters. Dota, myself, and Cyrus for a while all shied away from commenting because we were sick of all the Hindutva pissing contests.
      And now Huax is back, yet again, for his hit-and-run trolling act.
      At first we were willing to combat or indulge the trolls, but we simply don’t have the energy anymore.

    2. Robert, I have to agree with BAG. Your site, at least on the surface, looks like a spam site. And seeing that you want to get a message across, that`s not the impression you want to impart on first-time visitors, and especially regular visitors.
      Sure many of these trolls share your sentiments, but at least prevent them from regurgitating the same lines over and over again. Also, ask them to use short, more appropriate names, rather than the sentence names some of them seem to have.
      The key is to have a relatively professional portal for debate, not one that looks like it has been neglected for far too long.

      1. Thing is, I don’t think Hacienda is a troll; more shockingly, neither is Huax. They are a bit insane . . . OK, Huax is completely insane and insecure . . . but they don’t exhibit the behaviors most associate with trolls.
        I actually find that “india land of rape” fellow and those like him to be trolls because not only are their names trollish, but they also seem to regurgitate the same lines non stop, as if they don’t even read what Robert and others write. Seeing the word India is enough to set off their tirades. Context? To them, who cares?
        I actually had a bout with Haux long before you came on this site, and there is no winning against that guy. Sure there were instances where he came across as insightful (he’s not stupid), but he is generally bonkers most of the time, fabricating facts whenever he gets trapped in a corner.
        Just don’t debate with him facts that put Asians, especially the Chinese, in a not so dominant position and you’ll be fine. Actually, as you mentioned, you’ll be best off if you refrain from entertaining his antics.

      2. I am not into any of these fucking Nazis. Ethnic nationalism is just Nazism.
        Huax is a Chinese Nazi. Hacienda is a Korean Nazi. La Raza are a bunch of Mexican Nazis. Afrocentrists are Black Nazis Hindutvas are Indian Nazis. White nationalists are obviously White Nazis. Nordicists are real Nazis, the real deal, Hitler himself. Arab nationalists are Arab Nazis. Turkish nationalists are Turk Nazis. Zionists are Jew Nazis. And on and on. Screw all the ethnic nationalists. Screw all the Nazis. There is nothing for the Left with any of this Nazi bullshit. Ethnic nationalism is crap. We buried it at Nuremberg!

      3. I actually had a bout with Haux long before you came on this site, and there is no winning against that guy.
        Yep, there’s no winning against me because I’m generally smarter and better informed than anyone who has had his little e-fights with me here.
        fabricating facts whenever he gets trapped in a corner.
        I source my statements better than anyone who has disagreed with me. Period. The fact that your real boy feelings are damaged by my posts is kind of amusing. The reason why go way over the top is to make a point that I escalate things to an infinite degree if you chose to be stupid. No loss here because my feelings aren’t fragile fluffy unicorns If you want civil discourse try being civil in the first place.

      4. I’ll call you Roachnigger until you lose your double standards, Roachnigger. You should have been a coffee-colored turd in the gutter with a coat hanger.

      5. Coward, my dear nig,
        Can I call you nigger, as a term of affection?
        I know crackers can’t cross that line, but what about a chink? Aren’t we buddies?

      6. Huax is a Chinese Nazi. Hacienda is a Korean Nazi.
        LOL! Nice try Bob. Nazi is a term for whites, specifically Germans and like minded, like looking whites. Doesn’t cross the street- the yellow barrier.

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