Food Fight at Wal-mart

Video here. This is a video of a food fight at a Wall-mart in Jacksonville, Florida. I found it on a site that was talking about Black riots. The site has a White racist perspective in that it claims that all of these riots are Black people rioting and deliberately targeting White people in the riots. Sadly, there have been some cases of this which we really ought to discuss on this site. Especially at fairs in the Midwest, young Blacks have gone on rampages, calling them things like “Beat Whitey night.” In some of these riots, only White people were targeted. Although the site lists many recent Black riots and flashmobs, most of these have not targeted White people at all. Some were just general Black riots at fairs and whatnot. The rioting often began with rival Black gangs targeting each other. In other cases, young Blacks flash-mobbed shopping malls for the purpose of stealing stuff. Although these riots targeting Whites are an incendiary issue, we really do need to look into them. The ‘Beat Whitey” riots do seem to be increasing in recent years, as is “Polar bear hunting” and “The knockout game.” The White nationalist and White racist perspective on this is that US Blacks are declaring war on White people. This seems overdrawn to say the least. Another one of their lines is that this behavior has increased since Obama took office. “Obama has empowered the Blacks,and now they feel strong, so they are declaring war on us,” is the line. The problem with this ugly line is that Blacks in the US can apparently never be empowered because they will just use it to attack White people. We must always keep them down so they don’t feel empowered enough to attack us. Raise their self-esteem, and they will just go after Whitey. That is a very depressing analysis, and I certainly hope it is not true. As I noted, this Wal-mart riot was said to be one of the “Beat Whitey” riots. In fact, it is called “Food fight at Wal-mart.” If you look at the video, all it shows is a crowd of ghetto Blacks acting all wild and crazy in a Wall-mart. The odd and disturbing thing about this is that these Blacks act like this is their idea of a great time. As a White person, if I were at this scene, this crowd would spell “dangerous place” and “someone is going to get hurt” to me, and I would try to get the Hell out of there as fast as possible. But many of these Blacks are laughing, smiling and hooting it up like they are having the time of their lives. It is as if they find chaotic, dangerous scenes exhilarating or something. I have noticed this many times before – that ghetto Blacks actually seem to get off on wild, insane, chaotic, dangerous, urban jungle like scenes that would send most White people running for the exits. I really don’t understand Black people at all.

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16 thoughts on “Food Fight at Wal-mart”

  1. I don’t really get what’s going on here. I see a lot of commotion and yelling and people walking about but I don’t see what’s actually happening. It says “fight” in the title, but people seem to be laughing and giddy like they’re at a big party or something. Is there a news article that accompanies this video?

    1. but people seem to be laughing and giddy like they’re at a big party or something
      I don’t get your point, Tulio. In all the vids we watch on here, most f the time young Blacks are laughing and joking when people are getting their heads stomped.

  2. This is one of the major mistakes of the age. it creates an atmosphere where young blacks think they can do whatever they like without recriminations. It also happens to be white paternalism, which is it’s self a kind of racism. In a just world blacks would be held to the same standards that whites are, but that’s not going to happen. Instead we have the situation where poor whites are the new niggers, anyone can say what they like about working class whites, and they do, with much gusto and vim. Too bad it’s creating an atmosphere where one day young blue collar whites will run amok, like blacks do, except more organised and targeted. Lets hope they don’t target blacks though, as they aren’t the people who caused this mess.

  3. I have no idea what is going on here. I don’t directly see property being destroyed or stolen, but yes, I would regard this as a very unsafe environment. And what happened to the videographer? Toward the end it seems like he or she is getting pummeled or knocked about… There were no white people in sight so far as I could tell, so it was not a race riot. Pretty disturbing nonetheless. Like you Robert, I just don’t get it.

  4. The real jack-assy thing about those fools is all the video-ing of each other they are doing. They are hooting and hollerin like it’s the time of their lives, while involved in a criminal endeavor. If there is any karma -some of that video , or what others filmed , is used to incarcerate those fucking animals.

      1. “At least they’re living it up, not “posting it up”
        That’s about the lamest response imagineable.
        All the fucking sub-humans that participated and thought it was ‘fun’
        Should be shot in the genitalia, chemically castrated, something- anything
        to not further pollute and degrade the gene pool.
        I would go further and say that anyone who viewed that and thought it was anything less than a heinous criminal act deserves the same fate.

  5. We, as humans are flawed. We go from one terrible mistake (being horrible to black people) and then we swing the other way and allow them to be racist and also have the establishment attack poor whites. Why couldn’t we just have a balanced view, where all racism is racism.

  6. While doing a bit of research on riots and those that have been white or predominantly so I have come across a lot of riots where the idea of the riot was just to terrorize blacks and destroy what little they had. The riots were always after the gossip of some black man or men after their white woman whether it is for rape or just any type of relationship. The next reason was the fact that blacks had a nerve to actually get jobs to support their families. For people to make statements that rioting shows that blacks can’t control their angry violent nature and are prone to mass violent outbursts is totally irresponsible and an outright lie. Following is stories of a few violent white riots followed by a list of others, as H. Rap Brown said, violence is as American as apple pie.

    1. “For people to make statements that rioting shows that blacks can’t control their angry violent nature and are prone to mass violent outbursts is totally irresponsible and an outright lie.”
      Bullshit Rhonda. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about , or one of the sub-humans that enjoy crime as a pastime.
      I could give a shit the flavor of human being that participated in the orgy of crime. Rioting is WRONG. Especially as depicted in that video. It was gang/criminal mentality. An evolved , educated society does away with that shit.
      You are probably comfortable living a compromised life that way, Smart people aren’t.
      H. Rap Brown sounds like one backward fuck. He can go to hell.

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