Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper Was Banned

Look folks, you cannot come here and spam the blog with endless one-note posts. A lot of people do this, and I have a lot of tolerance for this, but this guy just went too far. In particular, you cannot make endless off-topic posts about your one-note theme. No matter what the subject of the post was, this guy somehow found a way to tie it into his obsession with the New Age Eastern religion he was pushing. You can’t do that. If the post isn’t about New Age Eastern religion, don’t make comments about New Age Eastern religion. I also note that his endless spamming was starting to make a lot of the other posters pretty angry. I felt that he might have been driving off other commenters too. This is a problem with these off-topic, one-note spammers – they tend to drive off most of the other commenters and soon all you have left are trolls, one-noters and spammers of various types. Most of you regulars are ok, so don’t worry about this.

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80 thoughts on “Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper Was Banned”

  1. I have a feeling he was swedish shit but on a proxy robert, the posting pattern was the same and everything..

  2. Its ridiculous how many of these Hindu assholes pretend they are not Indians. It is so stupid because their posts betray their race.
    I don’t think anyone is going to miss that annoying idol worshipper.

      1. OTOH Dota tried to turn every thread into a dialog about how terrible India was, no matter how far he had to stretch.

  3. AAD was one of the most annoying commentators I’ve encountered anywhere on the net. Good riddance.

      1. No he hasn’t scared me off, I was beginning to wonder when you were going to ban this guy Robert, what an annoying prick this guy was.

  4. It’s not that he really scared us off. I think we all just pressed pause for a moment while his terminal case of verbal diarrhea worked it’s way through.
    Also h

  5. oops, spazzed and hit ‘post ‘
    Also, his ‘one note’ act was monotonous.
    I like the way you run things on this ship Bob.
    I kinda think he did no damage in terms of scarin folks off.
    His kind are cannon fodder here.

  6. Good riddance…That little Indo-American shit was getting fucking annoying. Couldn’t read through a thread without seeing it field up with half of his “yoga” rants.

    1. Cyrus, do you have a contact email I could message you on? I have so many questions, if you don’t mind me asking.

      1. Feel free to ask away on here, Xera. I am sure Robert won’t mind it. As a rule of thumb, I’m a pretty private person on these Interwebs…No offense should be taken. I’d say the same for everyone and anyone.

        1. First question, do you think that the Persian culture, the one that was fighting the Roman empire and that exhausted the Romans, was equivalent to the classical Greco-Roman civilizations in antiquity, both in terms of civilization, technology, culture, cognition, influence etc etc? Do you think that Iran, if given sufficient input, in an ideal scenario, would be able to develop as a country almost to surpassing developed countries like Japan/Germany?
          How did the Arabs and Turks manage to conquer so much territory in so little time, and what factors led to them to take over so much territory of prime empires with such ease?
          Last question here, can you tell us some more Indian/Paki stories and any other interesting tid bits about the diverse family of the human race?

        2. Xera Wrote:
          “First question, do you think that the Persian culture, the one that was fighting the Roman empire and that exhausted the Romans, was equivalent to the classical Greco-Roman civilizations in antiquity, both in terms of civilization, technology, culture, cognition, influence etc etc?”
          In the same sense that the U.S.S.R was equivalent to the U.S.A. There is a reason one did not outright conquer the other. Both were at least where it counted, militarily, on par. A greater context might be China vs. The Roman Empire vs. Sassanid Persia vs. Hindu India…Technologically, the had their similarities. None were in any way “backward” by the standards of the time in relation to one another.
          “Do you think that Iran, if given sufficient input, in an ideal scenario, would be able to develop as a country almost to surpassing developed countries like Japan/Germany?”
          In some ways it already has developed greatly, from both an industrial and technological standpoint. One can drive Iranian made cars, and they’ve even put really crappy satellites into space, all on their own. With the current regime in power though, and the climate emanating from both Tehran and Washington D.C, seeing Iran as the next “Japan” or “Germany” would be impossible. What it might evolve into in the next few decades…Who knows? A newly industrialized nation with oil and energy reserves and a population heading towards over one hundred million, that is both well educated an highly nationalistic? It will be interesting to watch, along with the rest of the Middle East, as well.
          I think what is more interesting though, is what will become of the “Arab World” in the same time frame. That I believe is where a lot of the social and economic change will take place. The Iranians and Turks have already made their beds. Now it’s the Arabs turn. Interesting to see what happens.
          “How did the Arabs and Turks manage to conquer so much territory in so little time, and what factors led to them to take over so much territory of prime empires with such ease?”
          The Arabs hit the Persian and Byzantine Empires after they had experienced nearly a century of cold war between each other, that at times turned extremely hot. Both were worn-out, tired and bankrupt. The Muslim Arabs hit both at exactly the right time, conquering one, and sending the other reeling. The Arabs even sent the Chinese a “warning”…But that was just fanciful wishing on their part.
          “Last question here, can you tell us some more Indian/Paki stories and any other interesting tid bits about the diverse family of the human race?”
          Depends? What kind of stories would you like to hear? I’ve never been that close to either of the two.

        3. All the negative funny ones that you post on here
          Also did the Turks took over Anatolia and Iran at the same time? How come they adopted Islam?

        4. Xera, the “Turks” were originally brought to the Iranian plateau as “slave” soldiers, and they had a tendency to take over the very people they were paid to protect…Those silly Turks!

          If you really want to learn about the history of the Turks and their relationship to the Middle East, then I suggest reading about the Seljuk Empire.

          That’s really where it all came fruition.

        5. Do Gypsies exist in Iran Cyrus?
          Is there any hope for these Muslim countries to turn back into their former cultures before there conquest?

        6. Xera Wrote
          Do Gypsies exist in Iran Cyrus?
          Yes, at least they were were prior to the revolution. I see no reason why they are still not there. Like everywhere else, people do not like their “ways”…Ironically, the Gypsies lived in Iran for several centuries before migrating/fleeing to Europe during the Mongol invasions. As such, there language, called Romani, has a heavy dose of Persian in it, and shares some similarities. Freaks me out those times I’ve met Gypsies, when they start to speak to one another.
          Is there any hope for these Muslim countries to turn back into their former cultures before there conquest?
          Religion is fluid and constantly morphing in the presence of different cultures. The problems afflicting the so-called “Muslim” world, of which there is really no such thing in reality, stem directly from the problems and failures of the Arab world. Baathism failed, and since 1973 has been replaced by Islamism as the main ideology of the Arabs. The sooner the Arabs fix their “issues,” the sooner their is no problem in the “Muslim world” to speak of. The Arabs are still battling colonialism, as they had been under the rule of non-Arabs since the fall of Baghdad to Hulaku Khan and Tamerlane, and even in part to a time before the Crusades. They are currently suffering a major crisis that is based in identity, economics, military power, ideology and culture.
          In other words, the Arabs still have to figure out what it means to really be an “Arab.”
          We already are starting to see the Arab world reel under the inevitable changes that it is going to face. The status quo wasn’t producing any results, and rather to the contrary, was pulling the Arab world backwards for the most part. I assure you though, this is going to be a long drawn out and bloody affair, and one that every non-Arab nation on the planet is going to try and take advantage of…It will be interesting to see where this all leads.

  7. Someone should make a highlight of the best anti-Indian posts from Robert, Cyrus, Dota, Atheist Indian, Mott, Creaders, Bay Area guy, Wade, Thamir, Babi, Oneoftoomany, Indian_Man Brahmin etc etc etc although that would be hard…
    Given how many people and how much hate Indians get in real life, on this blog, and virtually every other blog of a person that has had to encounter them in real life ROFLMAO!!!!

      1. Yoours kinds the one with a significant black admixture and indians have ZERO black in them.heck even the whites are closer to blacks than us.This makes us much more civilized and smart.

      2. It is true that Indians are some of the most divergent Caucasians. I don’t know about European Whites being closer to Blacks than Indians, but I do know Indians plot pretty close to East Asians on a genetic map.

      3. I don’t really have siginificant black admixture, I don’t display it and never have in my life sorry.

      4. mmm ,if you are not indian then better for you to see ur rivals weakened, but for the whole India not; just an example is that China has done far more than India to raise life expectancy,expand general education and secure health care for its people,India has elite schools of varying degrees of excellence for the privileged (the high castes), but among all Indians 7 or older, nearly 1 in every 5 males and 1 in every 3 females are illiterate (the low castes) most schools are of low quality; less than half the children can divide 20 by 5, even after 4 years of schooling

      1. Cyrus, what you are implying is that the penis size of Indians are so small that a little Asian blood might actually make it bigger. Wow…..that has got to hurt.

      2. Right Egyptians can come in all forms and appearances, I have a Levantine-pseudo Greek/Anatolian phenotype, and there are others with varying appearances. There is no one single ethnic group in the place other then being arabicized due to recent conquest. In same sense, the Lebanese, Maronities, some Syrians and others in the region, including Berberids would be “Arabs” when they really aren’t.

      3. Xera is right. I have met many Egyptians who did not appear to have any Black in them at all. If they did, it was not noticeable. Many of them just more or less looked like regular White people, maybe like a Greek or something.

      4. Robert, you always write about all these different ethnic group members you have met. Is your town ethnically diverse?

      5. Cyrus, look at your face in the mirror without puking for a second dude.. then you’ll comeback with a grovelling apology you lowlife piece of a trash

    1. It’s funny that WNs are more tribalist and primitive than the people they hate, and that they reject the open minded curiosity and universalism that has distinguished the Western Civilisation they claim to revere.

      1. I am kind of a “private” WN, in the sense that I am not affiliated with any WN groups, I merely do my own thing, which roughly boils down to;
        1: Move to a White neighborhood
        2: Marry a White woman
        3: Have lots of White kids.
        Sure all my kids have a little Asian in them but I would prefer they do that than have some Black in them.

    2. I encountered a fat Jewish kid with a yarmulke passing out fliers on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica last year…He was conceived the end times are near, and that it would be the USA, Israel and India vs China, Russia and all the Moooslims in some kind of massive world war.
      It strikes me as so strange how the crazed Zionists, Evangelical assholes and Hinduvata cocksucker types make such warm bedfellows…Weird.
      I’ve even talked with Hindooos who openly espouse copying the “Jewish model” in the American political and financial landscape…Fucking creepy.
      Oh well for them. No way they’d win that war. Anyone dumb enough to piss off China, Russia and the 57 or so Muslim countries all at once, has got some “issues” to say the least.

      1. Cyrus, do you think China is capable of inflicting great damage when sufficiently provoked, or are they just all talk like North Korea?

        1. Very capable, yes, but still largely dependent on the outside world. Do you think they’d take that final step?

        2. Depends GSG…Like I said, they are very patient as a civilization, and very practical. What unfolds over the next decade and a half should be interesting to watch. If by a final step you mean some kind of massive war between the U.S and China in the decades to come…Who the hell knows? There are just too many factors involved for anyone to predict. My advice to the U.S though, is don’t push them. America had it’s chance, and it already blew it.

        3. Cablinasian Coward Wrote:
          Cyrus, what is your IQ? You sound very intelligent to me.
          Robert tested my IQ at 69 a few years back…He said if I ever reached 70, I’d eat shit. 🙁

        4. My I.Q was tested by a state Psychologist when I was a ten year old kid. It was either 128 or 132. I just take the mean, and say 130. Might be different, now that I am long since an adult.
          Oh, and I ain’t El Salvadorian. I was joking. My name handle should be a dead give away as to my ethnic background.

        5. That is good to know Coward; I tested my IQ with a professional and apparently I have a IQ of a 146, but I’m very lazy and I don’t work hard which is why I haven’t accomplished much with my goals in lifee, or try to help myself. I am also very disorganized and very neurotic in my thinking and lifestyle.

        6. ok IQ is the average; in United States is 98, in Germany is 102, in Japan is 105; according to that internet test i am 110, so i am in the gifted category too, but not as much

        7. It is good to know that Cyrus has a upper percentile IQ score, it seems as though that this blog attracts people in the upper percentile in the intellectual range, even though IQ tests are flawed. discounting the trolls it should remain that way.
          Robert’s blog sometimes feel like some sort of refuge, it’s like a house or porch you go onto in the middle of a thunderstorm or a lighthouse when your trying to reach land on rapid waters. Of course the storm is the current destruction and advancement of our insane deluded society. I also like this blog, forum.biodiversity, Anatoly Karlin, JAW, and anthroscape for the PC deconditioning solutions it adds. It’s like putting a mental patient in a psychiatric ward and curing them of their mental ailments with nothing but cold hard facts and logic+reasoning.

        8. Cablinasian Coward
          Anyways, I probably won’t get anywhere in life. But if I really wanted to….IDK.
          You can be whatever you want…If you are sociopathic enough.
          Cyrus, I am guessing your IQ is mostly verbal. Your writings mesmerize me. You are one of the best writers I have come across, and I have read Hemingway, Dickens, and countless others. You are not as good as they are but definitely one of the best comm enters on the site.
          Thanks. I intend to put it all to good use. (read profit)
          I’ve read very little Hemingway and Dickens, though. My interests have always been in history, film, science(namely it’s relationship to history) and science fiction…Studying history makes one rather cynical, to say the least.
          What is interesting is that both of you are Meds. I guess Meds are better than Nordics after all.
          Yah, I guess we’re all just a race of little Al Pacino’s running around. 😉

          *In all honesty, I’ve always admired the East Asian mind, from the standpoint of logical deduction…But that’s just between you an me. 😀

        9. Robert Lindsay Wrote:
          Cyrus is a towelhead.
          Yah damn skippy…
          *P.S…I won’t tell them about out gay film career back in the 70’s…Hairy chests and all. 😉

      2. It’s absurd because all they are doing is drawing attention to the zionist role in neocondom, and baring it for all the world to see. Don’t see how they can’t see the writing on the wall and I know there are jews who are much smarter than me who still buy into this mentality. An old school jew would have controlled from the sidelines and gone out of their way to hide the jewish angle from public view should a controversial event or situation arise.

        1. @GSG:
          Well, in all fairness to my Jewish, Christian and dare I even imagine the occasional Hindu friend…I’ve had some REALLY FUCKED UP encounters with Wahabist/Salafist Muslim types to. Back in college, right up until the present. Talk about ugly, stupid motherfuckers. It’s like, could you POSSIBLY try any harder to make people hate you, and think your kind suck and are from another planet? Could your outlook and worldview be ANYMORE RETARDED?!?!?! They are almost always Gulf Arabs, Pakis, and “converts”(converts are usually the worst). Their religion is their culture, and their culture sucks.
          I mean thick and full of shit isn’t even enough to describe these idiots
          My conclusion: All these people are suffering from serious mental illness. It’s seems pandemic to a certain percentage of Human Beings, regardless of race or background. I suspect certain aspects of their psychology never developed in adolescence. These people can become doctors and scientists, and still harbor delusional thoughts of the reality around them. I refer to these people as “losers,” regardless of how much money they make in life.

        2. I would agree but a lot of the ziofundamentalists are secular. I’m not questioning their morality or introspection, but foresight and sensibility.The modern day organized jewish community puts all other’s to shame in ways that will undoubtedly inflict untold backlash on the Jewish community. I know there are ordinary brilliant and well established jews, much smarter than myself, but who are blind in this regard. I know I’m not the smartest person, not by a long shot, but I saw the writings on the wall long before September 11th 2001 and understood that the OJ was playing a dangerous game. Is there a name for this type of intelligence?

  8. I’ll be honest, Robert.
    The various spammers and trolls, Hindutva or otherwise, are the primary reason why I don’t comment on this blog anymore.
    It’s simply hard to motivate myself to comment when I look around and see a quagmire of flame wars or repetitive slumdogs with an agenda.
    Your dedication to free speech is truly admirable, Robert, don’t get me wrong. It’s simply my constructive critique that you’ve been just too lenient with trolls and spammers.
    The way I see it, don’t be strict, but don’t suffer too many fools either. A few fools such as JohnnyUK are fine and can provide quite a bit of entertainment. But too many fools, and the quality commenters start to be driven away.
    Anyway, this is your blog. You can do with it as you please, and it isn’t my intention to be combative or overly critical. I make these comments with the best of intentions. This was one of the very first blogs I ever commented on, and the first one where I became a regular. I’ve had many quality debates and have even made a friend courtesy of you.
    That’s why I implore you to exercise some quality control, and make this great blog what it once was back in the days of me, Dota, Wade, Lafleur, Mott, etc.

      1. Haha, miss your dry, sarcastic wit Cyrus! 🙂
        Had you been here to talk some sense into some of the Hindutva turds, I might have stuck around a little more.
        For some reason, my internet accounts were either deleted or altered, and I had to let Joe Pesci get killed by Frank Vincent. Sad.

      2. Just like you BAG, I got tired reading all their noxious bullshit…It’s like arguing with a retarded kid hopped up on Ritalin…Who the fuck has the energy?

      3. I might comment every now and then, especially now that one of the blog’s most quality commenters, Cyrus, is now back.
        But it will only be occasionally. I still have mad respect for Robert and his work, it’s just some of the retarded commenters that keep me at bay.
        I used to be willing to confront the trolls, and have my occasional tiff with Huax or Andyboy.
        Like Cyrus, however, I simply don’t have the energy anymore. Trolls can be trolls, but I’ll have nothing to do with them.

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