"Illegals Turning Our Towns into Cesspools"

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This is an article from a rightwing blog. All of the commenters are also rightwingers. But you don’t need to be a rightwinger to figure out that illegal aliens and their offspring ruin towns and cities. That is obvious to any Californian.
The problem with attacking illegals is that the Hispanics and the rest of the liberals always say, “You are not attacking illegals! You are really attacking Hispanics!”
This is a most interesting question that needs to be addressed head-on. Is it true that the illegals are only a problem in that they are Hispanics, and when we say illegals are no good, we are really saying that Hispanics are no good? It is quite an accusation, and I have to think deeply about whether or not it is true. The truth is that Hispanic legal immigrants have not caused a lot of problems in the US.
If you live in California, you can rapidly figure out that the problem is the illegals and not the legal Hispanics. Why is that? Because the illegals are particularly low quality immigrants. These are the peasants, the working class and the lumpen proletariat of Mexico. Say what you want about them, but they are basically pretty low quality people. Maybe they are just fine for Mexico; after all, folks like this form the backbone of Mexican society. Then again, Mexican society is pretty much of a mess, and it is these folks who have arguably created that mess. But it is not our responsibility to attack or fix Mexican society. That is an issue for the Mexicans themselves.
The problem is that the base of Mexican society simply does not provide high quality immigrants for the USA, a 1st World Country. The base of Mexico will simply tend to create Mexico in its dregs version, and that is exactly what they do.
Even if the 1st generation of illegals are pretty much hardworking folks, their children are another matter altogether. It is common knowledge here in California that the gangsters are the children of the illegals and not the illegals themselves. This is pretty much true, and I can attest to that firsthand as I got to know a number of gangbangers who live around me. In fact, for a while, a lot of them were hanging out over here.
Illegals and their descendants will tend to trash a town once they get to a majority. Going from a White town to a majority illegals + anchor babies town is, all other things aside, a downgrade. It is not as much of a downgrade as going from a White town to a ghetto Black town, but it is still a noticeable downgrade. I live in such a city now, and while it is relatively safe, there is a certain amount of petty theft, and I have had some items ripped off. The grand total over 5 years comes to ~$360. That is about $70/year. It’s pretty much nickel and dime stuff, but it is still annoying. This is not a ruined of unlivable city so much as a downgraded one.
Another lie is that the illegals come from all over and not just Mexico. Actually, ~85% of illegals come from Mexico and many of the rest come from Central America. The illegal alien problem is a problem of illegal, low quality Mesoamerican immigrants. There are some other nationalities that contribute some illegals, but they don’t add up to a large number and in general they are not causing significant problems, so they are not important.
A very large number of Mexicans and Mexican Americans here in California support the illegal aliens. So the illegal issue is really all about Mexican nationalism. It’s all about the La Raza, the race, the people. White people can’t be ethnocentric, but when Mexicans do it, it’s the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel. Mexican ethnocentrism is no less atavistic or reactionary than any other kind of ethnocentrism.
We really need to get clear on what the Mexicans and Mexican Americans want. What they want is an open border with Mexico for Mexicans to cross in as large of numbers as they wish. That’s what this whole illegal alien argument is all about. Mexicans don’t care about immigrants from any other country; they only care about La Raza.
The current outrage of an amnesty bill in Congress will legalize 11 million illegal aliens. However, with family reunification, it will eventually bring in 30 million more Mexicans very quickly. The vast majority of those 30 million will be low quality immigrants, the lower classes of Mexico. They will come up here and degrade and debase our communities the same as the ones before.
The argument is that we will legalize these 11 million (or 30 million) and then we will seal the border and not let any new ones in. But that’s not how it works here. We have done amnesties before. After each amnesty, they say they are going to seal the border. They never do it. It’s probably not even sealable anyway. Illegals will pour across the border into the foreseeable future. But we won’t let any new ones in! This won’t work either. The demands of the Mexican Lobby in the US are that once an illegal makes it across the border, he’s home free and we have no right to detain him and repatriate him.
The Mexican Lobby has the following demands:

  1. Legalize all illegals and let them bring relatives in.
  2. Do not seal the border, in fact, don’t even police it at all.
  3. Do not repatriate any new illegals who come across.

The problem is that after we legalize the 11 million, since we won’t seal the border (can’t be done) and we won’t detain or return many new illegals because the Mexicans throw a screaming fit whenever we do, very quickly, a huge new pool of millions of new illegals will build up in the US. Soon this pool will swell and there will be demands for another amnesty. This will keep going on into the foreseeable future in sort of an endless repetition.
The troubling issue is that both parties are now apparently captive to the Mexican Lobby in the US (the so-called Hispanic vote). Once you are a prisoner of the Mexican Lobby, you are committed to the three steps above. Eventually we will end up being a northern version of Mexico, with all of its attendant problems.
The following headline and news extract for the Selma (California) Enterprise appeared on this week’s edition of my old hometown paper. Note all of the little neighboring cities are also suffering from the explosive crime rate.

Selma’s Crime Rate Highest in County

By Doug Hoagland

Of all the cities in Fresno County, Selma ranked first in crime during 2010. At least that’s what one measuring stick used by the FBI shows. Citizens, city council members and police in Selma have been talking for months about a rise in crime. Some might see the FBI statistics as confirmation of an alarming trend in the city. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report — which comes out every year — shows that Selma had the highest crime rate per 100,000 population in 2010. Fresno was second, Kerman was third, Sanger was fourth and Parlier was fifth — rounding out the Top Five.
The list then goes: Mendota, Kingsburg, Clovis, Coalinga, Firebaugh, Reedley, Fowler and Huron. Figures were not available for Orange Cove and San Joaquin.
When one reads the rest of the crime report article, the Selma Chief of Police is asked to cite the cause for the crime rate. He responds: “I really don’t know”.
“I really don’t know”…..that response says so much about how California has capitulated to a degree of political correctness, derived from the realization that illegal immigrant invaders have saturated the entire state of California…..to the extent that is now impossible for a public official to utter the truth about the causative factors for soaring crime rates throughout the state. This state of denial is compounded by the need for public officials to continue coddling Hispanics “legalized through past amnesties” who support the illegal invasion as some misguided effort to boost Hispanic political power.
This, despite the fact that they are all fowling the cesspool in which they live. Most of the white and black contingent of “legal” residents are now cowards; too fearful to speak out less they offend a Hispanic acquaintance. Fair enough: let them dwell in the squalor of illegal infestation. They have earned it. They have become so blinded to it that they don’t realize that a high quality of life exists elsewhere. Being cowards, they have adopted the practice of looking the other way at the graffiti, the gang activity, the soaring crime, the degradation of their children’s schools.
Three decades ago, before past amnesties opened the flood gates to illegal criminals, all of the farming communities mentioned in this report were thriving small towns with low crime rates and an extremely pleasing quality of life. Now, every single one of these once fine little towns are cesspools of crime, infested with drug smugglers, anchor baby welfare trolls, where decent people can no longer walk the streets at night. According to the latest census report Selma is, like most of California’s invaded cities, 78 percent Hispanic….and likely half of them illegal.
Also cited in this same report is the tragic fact that the local jails are so full these criminals must be turned out early to make way for the next fresh batch of arrestees. The Chief of Police lamented the fact that the “criminal early out” program allows the newly released criminals to go out and commit more crime.
During my entire 22-year Air Force career I always dreamed of retiring to my sedate and peaceful little town where I grew up. Then I came home, took a look around, saw the gangsters and the prolific graffiti that graces every street in town and decided to dwell elsewhere.
California is now a lost cause. It’s citizens have neither the will nor the backbone to drive the illegals out. For those of you who feel your town is immune from the ravages of illegal immigration, think again.
Illegals are spreading across the U.S. in unprecedented numbers now. You have a chance to stop it before you are infested.
The choice is yours. Write your Senators and Congressman and the President and tell them you oppose illegal immigration in any form. Stand strong against it…or be prepared to live in a cesspool.

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84 thoughts on “"Illegals Turning Our Towns into Cesspools"”

  1. I wrote Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman, and called both of their offices. I’m going to become a one-issue voter on this. I am a conservative, but if a Communist says he is for stopping this nation-destroying invasion, and the Republican is for “humane immigration reform,” then all I have to say is “Sign me up, comrade. The proletariat has had enough.”
    O/T but Rob, I sent you an e-mail (at the address you have listed on this site) with a link to a film which I think you with your anti-capitalist bent would find most informative. If you don’t know who Louis Theroux is, he is an endlessly fascinating interviewer who talks to everyone from gambling addicts to prisoners to white supremacists.

  2. As I recently mentioned, I was down in central Mexico for almost 2 weeks last month. After that experience, it’s really hard to see Mexicans as this monolith of poor hordes swarming the US. What I find upsetting is how our picture of Mexicans is so unfairly colored by our limited experience with them. I met Mexicans that are as patriotic about their country as the most right-wing American is about his and have no intention or desire to leave. Met many with good middle class jobs who would fit right in here in the U.S. I met many wonderful people. Even on race, Mexico is hardly monolithic. There were quite a few whites in Jalisco. One of my new friends is a white Mexican woman from Monterrey who is college educated and has worked for international banks and created java software. I’m actually glad I’ve been exposed to Mexicans like this so that I don’t turn angry against their country. I dont’ like the illegal immigration problem, but I think that’s mostly our fault for allowing it and not having sane and rational immigration policies. All we have to do is copy word for word Mexico’s immigration policy and we’d be perfectly fine. The problems is we let people take advantage of the system, give people automatic citizenship for being born here and allow people who aren’t citizens to have access to benefits. What other country allows this? What we are largely getting in the U.s. is the peasant class of Mexico. There are many Mexicans living well down there but obviously they aren’t the ones coming here.
    I have nothing against people coming here to work if they truly are doing jobs nobody else wants to do. In that case, some sort of guest worker program is fine.
    Interesting thing is I met taxi drivers down there that told me they used to pick fields in California. As I was walking into my hotel in Morelia, a guy standing outside asked if I could spare a few pesos, he’s trying to get a bus ticket so he can ride to the border and try to work in the US. He seemed like a genuine and hard-working guy. Even though I felt like a hypocrit being opposed to illegal immigration, I gave him a few coins. Maybe I was hypocrtical, but I felt like I just wanted to help the guy out.

  3. “Illegals Turning Our Towns into Cesspools”
    Of course they are. It’s not a matter of racism. It’s a matter of logic. An illegal immigrant will rarely if ever make the money needed to support themselves. Their options are just more limited. At some point they just start to degrade society. Doesn’t matter if they prefer bean, rice or curry.
    I like Latinos. Some of the nicest folks I’ve met in California. I ranted previously on the fucking stoopid ‘The border crossed us ‘ mantra.
    What really binds my tighty whiteys Is the way the Mexican government treats illegal immigrants from their southern border. Guatamalans and folks from EL Salvador are treated poorly. Think Black/White relations circa 1950.
    They Mexican authorities have zero tolerance for illegal immigration. They toss their asses in jail or drop them back into their own country -pronto.
    THEN they have the fuckin nerve to print survival guides and safe routes for citizens trying to border hop to the U.S.
    Hypocrisy – Alive and well in Mexico.

    1. Just want the “glaciers” retreating back to their natural confines.
      If they do all disappear, then they need to own their own extinction- “Global warming”. Fuck the Fords.
      Mozart was Austrian, my pesky little black boy. Einstein is vastly, vastly overrated.

    2. Not beautiful at all. If Whites die out, there will be no more Mozarts, Einsteins, Wright Brothers, Alexander the Greats, and Robert Lindsays. We will all revert back to a primitive lifestyle, and innovation will cease. Is that what you really want, Hacienda-san?
      Einstein and the Wright Brothers are cool…But Alexander the Great can got to hell.
      Also, Robert Lindsay is gay. Every time I read his blog, I feel like I’m getting fucked in the ass.

    3. But hey, @ least there’s always the possibility of the East Asians potentially picking up the slack if white people were to go away of the dodo bird. Their I.Q. points tend to be 5-7 points higher than whites. But what they lack,relatively speaking, is creativity & imagination(the ability to think outside of the box,sort to speak.). So you may still have high level civilization, but not as much creative art/entertainment or a slower, more incremental,but more advanced progress in the arts & science fields.

  4. Just for the record illegals generally are not harnizos but harnizos set the groundwork as they form a political and economic elite for non-white Mexican Americans.

  5. Its 2013 and I think most of us on the blog are under 50, many under 40. My predictions to what the US will look like by the time we are all 85 is this;
    At least 30% of babies born will be mixed race. As I see now that number is pretty close to 20% if not higher today.
    The upper middle class Jews, South Asian Indians and East Asians will keep the economy going and welfare flowing for the rest of us through their taxes.
    Americans in general will become more attractive as diversity enters the gene pool in the form of mixed babies who are cute as buttons and grow up to be attractive adults.
    Of course not ALL mixed adults are attractive, but many of them are.
    Our standard of living will not go down because the upper middle class people as I listed above will keep us at the same standard we enjoy today.
    Hopefully GMOs will have been banned by then.

    1. Indian American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper
      The upper middle class Jews, South Asian Indians and East Asians will keep the economy going and welfare flowing for the rest of us through their taxes.
      – The population of Jewish folks will decline as a percentage of the population of over the next century. This should be obvious to anyone. How that relates to their political power and influence should be interesting to see in the coming years.
      – South Asians are like Middle Easterners. Their numbers will be irrelevant. The Hindu obsession with modeling their identity and political aspersions of the “Jewish” model will and already has met with some great success. Numbers are still an issue, though. A growing Muslim population also can also create problems for them. Muslim numbers are a big “if” over the next few decades. It can explode, hardly grow, or even decline…Who knows?
      – East Asian numbers will continue to grow over the next century. Though, they will never, ever, match the numbers of Hispanics or previous European and African migrations. They will politically always be small potatoes, for two reasons. One, they are hated by everyone, and their culture is too different to adapt. Two, a war/cold war with China will make East Asians about as popular as Arabs/Muslims in the political realm. Perhaps even worse. Good old fashioned Asian chauvinistic racism doesn’t help their political chances much, either. Oakland and New York City or recent examples of this.
      Just my two cents.

        1. Wrong kid.
          You say you are Zoroaster, not Mohammedan. What you are is a projector.
          One is caucasoid label flipping. The other is the way things are.

        2. Oh, my little mongoloid Hacienda…Whatever am I going to do with you?
          Do what Xera does and MEs have since the Khanates, pretend to a make believe status consisting of empty ritiualistic, racist insults of the kind your kind specializes in. IOW, be yourself.

        3. Hacienda are we forgetting Ayn Jalut and the four subsequent battles that followed where the Khans got their asses handed to them?

        4. This guy is my hero! Greatest “Middle Easterner” to ever live!
          He didn’t just beat the Mongols at their own game in battle while outnumbered…He also massacred millions of Christians!
          Genghis Khan was reported to be so amazed at both his military skill, and sheer brutality and relentless need for violence, that he told two of his own sons that he wished Jalal ad-Din was HIS son, and that they should be more like him.
          Just brings cheers to my heart thinking about it…

      1. I haven’t been to Oakland or New York and have not had the privilege of living there so I could not be enriched.
        Can you enlighten me about the behavior of East Asians there that would indicate Asian chauvinism and racism? Give us some background and stories Cyrus.

        1. Asians are hated. Nintendo and “anime” is irrelevant. White guys will enjoy the fruits of Japanese culture, steal your women, and still hate your guts behind your back.

        2. : ( japanese are ur best allies against the authoritarian China, go hate them to lose their support, ungrateful americans; being from the same race doesn’t mean you are one block, between yellows not only China is enemy of Japan, the white West is enemy of white Russia in many many things; white Russia and yellow China are allies, White United States and yellow Japan are allies

  6. From Hacienda’s link
    “He predicts that white retirees “will be on the receiving end of an economy which will be fueled largely by the efforts of Hispanics, blacks and Asians,” whose birth-to-death ratios are not headed in the same direction.
    Frey sees the next few decades as “almost an inversion of the 20th century, when the white middle class was the engine of our demographic and economic growth.”
    In this century, he says, the USA’s young people are “from Mexico and Guatemala and China and India — and I think that’s going to be one of our challenges this century, having a large part of the old Baby Boom understand it’s the young people who are really their benefactors.”

    > Upper middle class Chinese and Indians are the “benefactors” – not only for old people, but for the Mexicans, Blacks and Guatemalans.
    “which will be fueled largely by the efforts of Hispanics, blacks and Asians”
    > The ecomony will be fueled largely by upper middle class Asians; South and East.
    Hacienda says, “It’s a beautiful world we live in. The Ice Age is ending.”
    I agree it will be physically more beautiful as Black people increasingly mate with Indians, East Asians, and White people. Black people’s role in this country is to beautify the others throw miscegenation as Black babies and babies mixed with African genes are the cutest and they generally grow up to be attractive adults.
    I can’t see Black Americans carrying the economy though. That is the role of the middle to upper middle class Indian and East Asian immigrants and 2nd and 3rd generation of the children and grandchildren of Indian and East Asian immigrants.
    “African American” people as we currently know them will also gradually become extinct here as they inter-marry and inter-mate with Indians, East Asians, Hispanics and Whites.
    As long as we can keep bringing in Asians; both South and East, the USA will still be able to thrive economically.
    If we don’t? Well, you do the math.

    1. no, admit that chinese ,korean and japanese have the same capacity of make a good country; on the other side, whites can be pretty imcompetent too, you are the first person here who doubt east asian capacity, in the case of whites; Russia could have been the number 1 since the soviet era, yet they made lots of mistakes and now they are a developing country, and the european crisis, right now Spain and Italy are a mess, east asian countries also made their mistakes, but white countries as well, yet whites and asian are still better countries than the rest

      1. i only have 3 favorite cultures right now: 1 asian (Japan) and 2 whites (Germany, France) ;i already pick up 1 asian and 2 europeans

    2. “Black Nationalists are okay with and support interbreeding,”
      You are absolutely WRONG about that!

  7. Let’s hope the right wingers can vanquish this bill. Nothing would make me happier than to see them save the day, flying into the battle on bald eagles with flags waving.

  8. We all want intelligent, spiritually evolved Americans. In order so that Americans become intelligent and spiritually evolved, as well in order that this country attract only intelligent, spiritually evolved tourists and immigrants, we all, each American citizen today, need to chant mantras to that effect.
    See here;

  9. “For most of History the East-Asians have in fact been ahead of white Europeans, but there have been one or two little blips where we are close enough that these blips can put us slightly ahead.”
    “East-Asians are now reverting back to their natural level of being slightly ahead of whites.”
    – J. Phillipe Rushton.

    1. It all depends on how you define being “ahead”. Some niggers believe Lebron James is one and true King of the World. And you can’t argue with them, because a large portion of blacks are beneath thinking.. Some niggers and most whites believe Obama is a black man. Cause they are stuck with the infantile (but very useful) concepts of their childhood.
      I will say, though. the Eurasian scale competition of whites and NE. Asians (I’m excluding everyone else), whites are being clocked in everyway, except for the upper 1%. But you get the feeling, even they, will experience their Marie Antoinette moment.I mean death by nicks and cuts, always leads to a head shot.

      1. Yes, but a lot people like Coward, Xera and Brengunn use “chink” and “gook” to describe East Asians, sometimes unnecessarily.

      2. I even created a variation and combination of those two slurs, it’s pronounced “chingook”. No wonder i’m so creative, it is really because I am Med, which means I am white supposedly.
        I am a bed covered defacto Medo-centrist, unlike Nordicism, Medo-centrism actually has some legit basis and evidence for superiority. Every single grand Ancient civilization was created by Meds: Romans, Egyptians, Carthagians, Persians, Indians, Greeks,, Anatolia, Byzantines, Assyrians, Babylon, Sumeria, Mesopotamia, Sassinids, Vinicians, Akkadia, Etruscans, Basque, Atlanteans, Minoans, Crete’s, Hittites, Maronites, Canaanites, Hebrews, Elamites, Athenians, Hellens, Macedonians,Urartans, Illyrians, etc etc etc. Nords had all the time in the world, had gigantic rivers in the Rhine and elsewhere, but were living like African tribes and weren’t amounting to shit with all that they had; not until the Meds had to conquer them and show them personal hygiene, and good old science to get them out of the stone ages.
        it’s debatable whether the Ancients were more content and advanced then us, I am of the belief that they were. After all, the world that the Nordics have created for us, is too plastic, to roboty and machiny, that I can’t help but think it’s poisonous like air pollutants on Planet Earth. It’s a toxic unhealthy world we live in, unlike the Ancient world that had boundaries and a spiritual connection to the afterlife and higher realms of consciousness without too much celebrity plastic doll industrialism or reverting to attachments of the fake poo stuff.

      3. “it’s debatable whether the Ancients were more content and advanced then us, I am of the belief that they were. After all, the world that the Nordics have created for us, is too plastic, to roboty and machiny, that I can’t help but think it’s poisonous like air pollutants on Planet Earth. It’s a toxic unhealthy world we live in, unlike the Ancient world that had boundaries and a spiritual connection to the afterlife and higher realms of consciousness without too much celebrity plastic doll industrialism or reverting to attachments of the fake poo stuff.”
        Christianity’s fault.
        Christianity sought to make the entire world Christian so people lost touch with their roots, their environments, their traditions, their spirituality, everything.
        What’s left after that?
        ” too much celebrity plastic doll industrialism or reverting to attachments of the fake poo stuff.”
        That’s what’s left after that!

      4. Hacienda is a keyboard warrior. Talks tough behind the safety of his monitor but in real life he’d wet his pants if he had a confrontation with a black man. If Hacienda ever visits Los Angeles, I’d be more than happy to meet him somewhere and see if he dares to call me a nigger to my face. My foot will go so far up his ass he’ll taste the sole of my shoe.

      5. I appreciate that, CC. I don’t ban on it, and I don’t comment on those who use slurs, but I do prefer that commenters not use racial slurs on here. I think better of them when they don’t, let’s put it that way. It is degrading to the person who uses the slur.

      6. It is degrading to the person who uses the slur.
        Whoa, there my Germanic friend. When the religious conversion?

  10. East Asian numbers will continue to grow over the next century. Though, they will never, ever, match the numbers of Hispanics or previous European and African migrations. They will politically always be small potatoes, for two reasons. One, they are hated by everyone, and their culture is too different to adapt. Two, a war/cold war with China will make East Asians about as popular as Arabs/Muslims in the political realm.
    The war with Japan Korea and Vietname does not make one hate yellow more. Even with naughty boy N Korea around does not change public opinion iota against the yellow. The yellow may have bad government but everyone knows we are good people, law abidder and hardworker.
    The white man eilte dislike us not because of our culture but white man elite carries the burden of making white states hegemony, and they know that the greatest threats against white nation is not Islamic civilization but the Confucius alliance headed by China.
    Like it or not, there are many white man, middle easterner, African (surprising few Indians), making a living in China today. There are many white man begging to come to Singapore, my country, especially Europeans. There are united nations in HK. In China Manchuria, many far east Russian girls are even marrying poor farmers.
    Today, many people still talking unnecessarily disparaging about yellow. within 20 years, it will be PRC Chinese who talk about regulating immigration of white. In fact, Singaporeans are talking about it everyday, especially against Indians aliens in Singapore.
    Right now, white man companies are still better than yellow. And yellow still like white man tech companies. But the gap is narrowing. The European tech is no longer deem attractive in Singapore.
    The Chinese tech MNC like Huawei are deemed highly lucrative. China’s Huawei is the biggest telco vendor today, trashing Cisco.
    Who here know China is a clear and undisputed lead in at least one hottest biotech field like Genome sequencing? Go and look at the top world genetic lab below.

    1. I am talking about “hatred” from an American perspective. As the century progresses, and China becomes a true threat to American economic, military and hegemonic might…The yellow man will be the target of American disdain once again. It inevitable. East Asian numbers in the U.S, and the sheer difference of their inherent culture and physical appearance, will always make them the “other,” I don’t care how much money they throw around.

    2. Creaders,
      I’ve seen less and less hatred against Asians each year. Jews report less anti-semitism in the US than ever before. This is because there’s America, then there’s internet America. Cyrus, the Clown, obviously is a vegetable that lives internet America. He thinks he’s so smart because he uses Google.

      1. Also coward is not wrong in his suggestions. If white feel yellow incompatible with their culture, they should regulate import of yellow.
        I support 100%.
        Hey guys I am open minded. We need to be frank.

      2. honestly i don’t care about who is athlectic or agressive, my admiration go towards who is more brilliant and who makes more awesome things, i see ur debate about mongols and pearl harbor, honestly i don’t care either about military stuff, that is just destruction and who kills more people, what impress me is who is brightest, who makes more awesome stuff, my 3 favorite countries are: Japan, Germany and France; if China is the United States rival ,then Japan is ur ally because China and Japan are adversaries, more cultures deserve hate than japanese; the jihadist muslims, the casteist hindus, the nigerians stealers; and finally Japan is a much better country than corrupt China and Korea,thats all i got to say

      3. Cablinasian Coward Wrote:
        Remember Hacienda, Asians will never assimilate with Whites like Blacks will. Asians are like a foreign species to Whites. Slanty eyes, huge round head, small dick, cowardly, subservient, nerd people. Whites and Blacks are both big, aggressive, athletic, big dicked, and dominant.
        That’s just gospel.
        Jews report less anti-semitism in the US than ever before.
        You got that one backwards, Sparky…Just ask the ADL.
        Besides, some of the biggest Antisemitic types I’ve ever met are pie-faces. Go figure.

      4. ADL reports very slight increase in anti-semitic attitudes. I was referring to Gallup poll which showed reported decrease according to Jews polled.
        Personally, in 2013, I don’t believe Asians or Jews really give a fuck about the amount of “hate” against them in the good ole, USA. Only a vegetable Mohammedan would see this as an issue.

      5. Hacienda Wrote:
        ADL reports very slight increase in anti-semitic attitudes. I was referring to Gallup poll which showed reported decrease according to Jews polled.
        By definition, Antisemitism can never be “allowed” to go down. Regardless even if 80 million Americans are creepy Christian Zionists who jack-off to pictures of the Israeli flag every night…It’s called politics.
        Personally, in 2013, I don’t believe Asians or Jews really give a fuck about the amount of “hate” against them in the good ole, USA. Only a vegetable Mohammedan would see this as an issue.
        Asians whine and bitch amount racism on a never-ending basis…Thing is, unlike Jews, nobody gives a shit. Whites don’t have much “white guilt” for Asians, and non-whites hate your guts as either competitors, or perceived oppressors.
        “Mohammedans” as you like to call’em, are just a side show for the time being.

  11. I like white man culture. There are still many things Chinese need to learn from white man today. White man’s beacon of democracy, human rights, rule of law, socialism and universal values are what I would like to import. Chinese elites despite resenting USA on the surface are sending all their kids to Harvard.
    We know what is good and what is bad. China is so big. There are so many special interest groups that many good thing of white man cannot be ported to China without harming special interest.
    USA is also helpless about their special interest. Try taking down TBTF banks in USA?
    But Confucius society did have one good feature. It has high inherent stability and continuity. It is very rationale. Unlike the Brahmin who keep knowledge to themselves, a Confucius sought to spread knowledge.
    China has always the highest literacy in all major civilization.
    Confucius is non racist. We do not make dalits out of conquered people, despite so many claims that Northern Chinese discriminate Southern Chinese.
    I am a Southern Chinese from Singapore, roots in Fujian, or you can call me tribe Taiwanese. I have been to China many times. I have never felt any discrimination from Beijing people and in fact I often joke to Beijing people that they are bastards of Mongolian and Turks. They speak Mongolian language. I could have got a girl friend in Beijing when I was younger.
    When we got conquered by Han Chinese, our ancestors are not make Dalits. In fact, we are civilized as empire thrown in scholars. Same as Guangdong, and Vietnam. By the Ming dynasty in 14th century, my tribe, formerly barbarians started to ace in imperial exams. We are the 2nd or 3rd top imperial scholar producer.
    My lect is Min Nan. We are 100% mutually unintelligible with Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghai-nese (Wu). Min Nan, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shangainese has zero mutual intelligibility with one another and despite of that, all Chinese never mind he is Cantonese, Min Nan or Shanghai nese impose Mandarin on everyone and no one claim discrimination.
    In the WW2, no tribe seceded from China, other than Tibet and Mongols due to the support of UK and Russia. Japan wanted some tribe to go independence but everyone fight Japan instead.
    Up to now, very few people can see the high centrifugal force of Sinnitic civilization, that make us great people.

    1. I like white man culture.
      That’s not the issue faggot. Damn you’re so SE Asian. Suck cock first, speak after.

      1. filipinos don’t have an original culture, thats why; i admire more countries with strong cultures; whatever with assimilation; i support all democracies, this is not a yellow vs white war at all, i support the block: whites Germany, France,United States and yellow Japan and maybe yellow South Korea against the block of white Russia (homophobic country) and yellow China, dissapointing in many things, bully of Japan and authoritarian

      2. Naruto,
        You’re honest about the strings that pull you. I can respect that. That’s unlike Coward, who I give something of a pass to because he’s just a boy.
        And is apparently in a world of unacknowledgeable pain.
        But be honest. Manga, Anime. That’s for teenagers, pedophiles, and gays over 20. It represents a significant diversion, but isn’t “core” Japan. And your frontloading too much on it.

      3. Coward,
        Lighten up man. Literally, Learn to dance like Michael, sway like Beyonce. Bleach yourself. Shit.

      4. Correction Cyrus,
        You’re both white wannabees because that’s the highest ceiling you both can aspire to. That’s a pretty low ceiling, but we all gotta have goals, don’t we.

    2. A very worrying trend in USA is the degeneration of elites I am seeing now.
      Thanks for the concern, faggot!

  12. A very worrying trend in USA is the degeneration of elites I am seeing now. USA used to have very moral elites.
    Recently I saw in news report that Obama and the clown McCain accusing Syria Assad of using chemical weapons against FSA. That is a BIG LIE. The western government credibility has almost gone to zero.
    The Russian are much honest. Their RT is very credible if you exclude any Russian domestic news.
    Today western news channel are very much less credible than the past, especially those of USA. The German is the most credible. I still trust Spiegel. I have lost my trust in Le Monde and Le Figaro, NYT and washington post, FOX, CNN.
    I am neutral with Reuters. Al Jazeera is good but it has the problem of lying in favor of Sunni.
    I am seeing a kind of repeat of Roman empire in USA.Recently Obama just fired Gary Genseler. So no hope of reforming TBTF banks. Also there is the appalling Snowden gate brewing.
    I saw so many white elites trashing the USA constitution and its quite worrying. The Chinese make a cartoon on Snowden gate below. It has English subtitle.

    1. sorry, United States is also evil, but right now China is even more evil, with its authoritarism, this is not race loyalty at all, personally my respect goes towards the most admirable and less evil countries, i choose the alliance of Japan, Germany, France and United States, over Russia and China, the first alliance has less corruption, more freedom and less crime; my admiration and loyalty is to the brightest yellows and whites, not to all of them by default and not to only one of them; i chose yellow Japan and whites Germany and France as my friends; this link is proof that that could happen

    2. I agree China is very evil in Mao’s time. Now it is not so evil.
      The USA state external conduct is just a little better China today.
      The white man state internal conduct is many many times much better than China today.
      Total up, China is still more evil than USA. I agree with both hands. Lets see whether China can change. Few weeks ago, the communist Vietnam ushered its democratic reform. Many Chinese elites awed.
      Chinese elites is not as monolithic as one believe. There are many forces. Hope good win the bad.

      1. There are many many evil Chinese. Claw, claw at you. Little Chinese girls with hidden agendas. Hidden thoughts. Smiles inside their brains, frowns on their faces.

      1. Who cares about ‘classical’ music? It’s classical within a certain context (of the society who deemed it classical). Hence, it is mostly subjectively classical.

  13. Some great insights here (despite the vitriol racial slurs). But I see a lot of assumptions being tossed around here based on ethnocentric and anachronistic thinking,.
    Whatever the ultimate genetic differences between races turn out to be, I think too much emphasis is being placed on whether other ethnicities can pick up and carry the ‘white mantle.’ Civilization as we know it is the result of a cumulative process over the years, with various societies rising and falling and other, neighboring societies carrying the torch, until it’s their time to fall.
    The Sumerians and Egyptians built impressive empires back when Europe was a series of inbreeding clans and warlike tribes. The Greeks/Romans were next in line. And speaking of this; had the Greeks not stopped the Persian advance, our world might be very Persian-oriented, and Zoroastrianism might be the world’s dominant religion.
    Whatever ends up happening with white genes, I don’t think we need to fear what will happen to our economy. The current method of Capitalism is not the only way to do things. It’s what’s developed here in the US, largely due to the fact that . American society came of age as a country with no real external threats, and an abundant supply of ‘unused’ resources and in mostly fertile and hospitable and land with comparatively little natural dangers (ie. Tsunamis). I am of course, speaking of Americans of European dependency, not the now-displaced people who had settled here from Asia about 10,000-13,000 YA. I can imagine this would give a sense of safety and individualism and with the addition of countless natural advantages over other major players, the US stands as the current leader in world power.
    Another reason not to worry: there appears to be ample evidence that differences in ‘intelligence’ are mostly environmental (see Ron Untz’s latest analysis below), hence the Flynn effect. 40 years ago, Ireland had a national IQ of 87. Today they are on par with their British siblings. I do believe that increased urbanization will result in an overall ‘evening out.’ Even many of the genetic differences in intelligence may have more epigenetic reasoning than something that’s permanently hard-wired.

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