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Repost from the old site. That does it. Something has finally driven me to the edge. What was it? Nine-digit zip codes, what else? I swear to God if I ever have to deal with another of these otherworldly abominations, I will grab a shotgun and climb a tower. I’m so flaky I can barely even keep track of my cell phone, car keys and wallet. How they heck do they expect me to remember nine random numerals?

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14 thoughts on “This is a Psycho Blog”

    1. Yogi Sadhguru J.Vasudev says,
      “When you meditate, your whole system functions with ease, and you are restful all the time. There is no such thing as stress, and chronic ailments can be easily relieved. If your system is properly balanced and kept in full vibrance, psychological and physiological ailments cannot exist.”

      1. Symptoms are being diagnoses as “mental illness” that are not really mental illnesses but rather lifestyle habits. But Big Pharma became a trillion dollar industry by name these things “mental illnesses.”

      2. “AAVAIW, you need to be more considerate when shaking off mental illnesses as life habits.”
        Maybe, maybe not.
        Perhaps you are an extreme case and perhaps yours really is a “mental illness”. However many people with light cases of OCD and ADD and depression because of lifestyle choices are being diagnosed and put on drugs they don’t need.
        Some lifestyle changes and meditation/pranayama is all these people need.
        I’ve worked with hundreds of cases like this.

      3. In addition to the above, my advise for you is to become OCD about something that will change your life for the better.
        Scroll up and watch all the videos by the meditation/pranayama instructor I posted. Start practicing what she says and become “obsessive” about it. Channeling your OCD tendencies into something like that could really transform you for the better, even make you a self-realized human being.
        As you obsess more and more about meditation, you will spend less and less time online, and become more and more happy, content, peaceful.

      4. “I medicate a lot too.”
        Robert said MEDITATE, Coward. He meditates a lot.
        And so should you. Don’t stop your meds, just add meditation. As you meditate more and more, you will need less meds.

      1. Yes Naruto, the Sister Civilizations of China and India are taking over the world;
        Tai Chi
        Chi Gong
        TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
        Confucius Wisdom
        BRING IT ALL ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. “ADHD was actually an advantageous trait for warriors back then.”
        Well,One of the main symptoms of adhd is lack of proper focus so I dont see how ti could’ve been an advantageous trait in warriors since they required rapt attention during battles to fight the enemy a slight deviation of focus could be brutal.

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