Caucasian Nationalism – A New Movement

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I just created this movement because no one else did. I did it because it is so dumb I do not expect anyone to join. It’s called Caucasian Nationalism.

I figure if you are going to be a racist, you may as well hate the fewest number of people possible.

I don’t have a breakdown on the population of humanity by race, but being a Caucasian Nationalist will possibly allow you to love as many as 1/3 of all humans as brothers. You won’t like the other 2/3, but most of them have big lips or squinty eyes anyway, so why would you want to like them in the first place?

Compare this to Nordicists who hate anyone not a Viking, Arab nationalists who hate the 97

I advocate for the cause of all Caucasians everywhere, including Jews, Indians, Berbers, Arabs, Iranians, Egyptians, Afghans, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Tajiks, and Uzbeks. You need to be over 50

If you have less than 50

For the Asians, we will just fuck their women and take over their laundromats, and if the men object, we won’t care about these inscrutable yellow girly-men because they are skinny, wimpy, nearsighted, and weak, and we will kick their asses. If they try to defend themselves with martial arts, we will just respond with firearms.

For the Aborigines, Papuans, Melanesians, Polynesians and Micronesians, there is not much to do. They all live on islands, and Caucasians mostly don’t dig islands. Abos are pretty much history anyway, so no worries. Polynesians will be offered jobs playing steel guitar and dancing in our tiki restaurants.

Melanesians and Micronesians barely exist to us, and are too messed up to attack us, so we will let them catch rays on their beaches and leave us alone. No one even knows what a Papuan is.

For American Indians, if they are 51

If they ever get uppity and ornery, we will just mass-ship alcohol into their regions and get them all drunk like we did to the Chinese in the Opium War.

US Blacks will need to supply proof of at least 51

Mestizos will need to submit applications to see whether or not they are over 50

We beat ’em many times in the past, and it was usually a 15-0 wipe-out on our side. They barely got to third base. They will never get off the couch to rise again, and most are too overweight to do so anyway.

We don’t regard Amerindians, even with White admixture, as a serious threat to us. That they are considered a threat to entire nations is one of today’s best jokes. If they ever really rise up like Sendero, we will have to deal. Watchful waiting.

At first I thought that this was a brand-new movement, but unfortunately, one of the most horrible people on Earth, Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network, supports it too (although he wishes to excise all Jews and kill them). I’m a horrible person too, but I suspect that Linder has crossed the boundary of horribleness.

When I read that he was a pan-Caucasianist (except for the Jews), I had to respect him, or at least .0001

There is a very serious problem with Caucasian Nationalism. First of all, many of these folks will refuse to admit to being Caucasian. Others insist they are White, but no one else will believe them.

Tell a Malian they are White, and they will hug you and agree, but no one else will think they are.  Jews truly despise the idea of being White, but they hate shvartzes even more, and Jews are certainly not Chinese.

Tell a Moroccan he is White, and he will embrace you, pack a bowl of hash for you in the waterpipe, invite you to marry his cousin, and start shouting about how the Berbers were the original humans. Tell a Pashtun he is White, and he will run up to you, kiss you on the cheek, invite you in for tea in the men’s room, and regale you with tales of being the original Aryans.

The real problem here is not one of identity; it’s more that so many of our Caucasian tribes hate each other so much they will never get together to join the movement, much less have each other over for tea. At the moment, many of them are busy massacring each other. This time-honored tradition is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.

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60 thoughts on “Caucasian Nationalism – A New Movement”

    1. i would prefer a yellow japanese over a brown indian or arab, japanese culture deserves more respect than muslim and hindu culture, no matter if they are caucasian, even Hitler sided with yellow japanese against white communist russians; this vacations i will buy a Nintendo 3ds (and some japanese games) and some mangas like Hunter x Hunter and Magi, the non european caucasians have doing nothing of contribution to me; ancient inventions doesn’t count, start from zero in the modern era and they aren’t valuable allies

      1. Chinese Culture and History deserves the only respect in East Asia, the Japanese are one hit wonders, who will be totally useless in the future..

      2. The Japanese are the purest East Asian race so the only “Sinitics” that can assimilate with them are the Koreans and the Han Chinese. Most Thais, Viets, Burmese and Laotians don’t qualify as N East Asian.
        Given the occurrences over the last 100 years I would rank the Japanese above all Caucasians excluding those from GB and the US. So that includes; Northern, Central, Southern Europeans, Slavs, middle easterners and Brahmans of the Indian subcontinent.
        Since the start of the new millennium Japan have won more Nobel prizes in Physics and Chemistry than Germany and the UK combined, the Japanese government plan to win over 50 Prizes by the year 2050.
        Japanese cars are more reliable than German and Italian cars by a long way according to statistics, the same can be said about their trains which are the worlds fastest(JR levitation train), and most advanced. Even the latest British high speed trains are imported from Japan.
        Sony are making a comeback with their new range of water proof phones(Xperia), tablets and 4k televisions (which they pioneered). The BBC,FIFA and Hollywood are starting to use Japanese 4k cameras because the technology is so revolutionary.
        As for pop culture, Kurosawa was one of the best film directors of the 20th Century, his films had a huge influence on the biggest directors; Scorsese, Bergman, Lucas, Spielberg, Fellini, Coppola and Ridley Scott.

      3. I am a southern Chinese. I feel a lot of affinity with Thai, Viet, Laos, Burmese, Yunanese tribe and Cantonese than North East Asian.
        NE Asians are Mongol, a pretty different tribe. Although we speak different lect, I just feel close to the Southern non malay mongoloid tribe for reasons I cannot explain.
        Certain Malay tribe like some of the Nias, the Borneo Dayaks somehow behave exactly like us and they look 100% like us, even they speak Malay. I feel close to them as well.

      4. I am a southern Chinese. I feel a lot of affinity with Thai, Viet, Laos, Burmese, Yunanese tribe and Cantonese than North East Asian.
        Me too. I love the “Jungle Bunnies”.

      5. some show me some good points, which i won’t debate, i guess there is some truth on them,i am here to search for SUPPORT TO A NEW MANGA HIT IN JAPAN, the manga of Magi, the thing is, a successful manga in Japan isn’t always a sucess overseas, mangas like Bleach, Naruto, One Piece or Fairy Tail have been sucessful worldwide, but mangas like Gintama or Reborn, while immensely popular in Japan, failed in North America or Europe, i read the manga of Magi and i am really into it, so attached to it to this point, i give some credit to muslim caucasian culture, because this japanese manga’s plot is original, however the names of the characters and the setting they live in, is mostly inspired in arab culture; this manga will be licensed in 13th August, read it please, mangas like Soul Eater, Naruto, Bleach are ending, Magi could be a new hit

      6. ah, and a P.S “As for pop culture, Kurosawa was one of the best film directors of the 20th Century, his films had a huge influence on the biggest directors; Scorsese, Bergman, Lucas, Spielberg, Fellini, Coppola and Ridley Scott.” …Ken -.- i understand that u are not into manga, but that is 1 thing and other is just talking about what other people follows from Japan as a pop culture influence, you omitted manga! where i live ,apart from me, i knew a lot of anime fans (not necesarily otaku like me, but people who at least have watched and liked some few animes) but i never knew someone who knew Kurosawa O.o, this video is proof,and by the way my vacations really start now, so my real hiatus begin now, bye everyone

      7. I like these Mangas and manga artists, i think they are as skilled as any western master:
        Kazuo Oga (Ghibli)'s_moving_castle_concept_art_background_08_kazuo_oga.jpg
        Hiroaki Samura (Blade of the Immortal)
        Katsuya Terada (Monkey King)
        Cowboy bebop, Ghost in a shell and Dragon Ball i loved when i was really young. I’ve never watched or heard of the big three, but might check them out one day, thanks.

      8. i haven’t pay much attention to that topic, but my quick opinion is that is ok in few dosis, but i don’t want pure races to be lose, i don’t have favorite interbreeding, everything is ok

      9. Ken I agree 100% about Akira Kurosawa being one of the greatest and most influential directors of the 20th century. Naruto, manga is fine entertainment but if you want to experience something on a much higher level you should try watching a few of his films, after some viewing if you later feel unchanged in any way or just feel indifferent then I just don’t know what to tell you.

      10. all right, i will find my way to Kurosawa films; and Ken, if you for real, will watch the big 3, i will do my review now; i haven’t read until the last chapter, i read each time a new chapter, and i am in the beginning, i can’t judge all the plot, but i will talk about their starts; i recommend all of the 3 in manga, however in anime, i had issues with Bleach and One Piece; anime Bleach i think the pacing is slow,the same scenes from the manga didn’t impact me many times in anime, i really like the manga but the anime leave me indifferent; One Piece, is the same issue, slow pacing, however the american cable channel Toonami started to broadcast the One Piece anime until a certain season (episode 207) and it was entertaining, maybe the quality of the animes vary, however i had little problems with Naruto anime, i have enjoyed it perfectly until now; about Fairy Tail, which is more recent than the big 3 but a lot popular, the anime version while is ok, lacks some strong direction 🙁 ,the manga is better; Magi the anime is very fast paced on the contrary, i prefer the manga too; apart from Naruto,the other animes i like are Soul Eater and Hunter x Hunter 2011; the last Hunter x Hunter (2011 version) being the more recent and made by a very competent studio, has the best quality animation and art i have seen,that is my opinion

      11. The cutest most cherubic babies are African babies or babies with some African mix in them.
        Asian and black mixed babies are adorable, as are babies that are Asian, African and white European.
        Indian and Black also makes a beautiful mix, particularly for women, which I noticed when I did a Caribbean lecture tour with my disciples in Trinidad and Guyana.
        I find Northern Europeans to be the least cute babies and the least attractive adults, having a very short shelf life since their skin ages so hard and fast, plus the prevalence of thin lips doesn’t help.
        Northern Europeans’ peak years are 14-24 and its all down hill from there.

      12. i fond and AMV with better scenes, i guess, to show how good the character design and animation of Hunter x Hunter 2011, however the koreans have their credit too, i read many of the labor which made the anime is from Korea, some american cartoons are also made by korean labor

      13. I also was commenter Naruto Uzumaki, Ichigo Kurosaki, etc basically all commenters with Anime names, i still remember my days as Naruto, anyways i am here to share my new views, after a period of acceptance to all Caucasians, once i quit my obsession with East Asians, i defined myself pretty well know, i consider my siblings, all the Caucasians in Green and Gray in this wiki map, but i reject the Caucasians in red (not only because many of them are poor ,India is a lot poor yet i embrace her, the problem are a clash of values, all the Caucasian countries in red, all Muslim , are anti Gay and anti Atheist, two groups that i support, they rejected me first. To me the Caucasians in red are like another race and another world.

  1. “Tell a Moroccan he is White, and he will embrace you, pack of bowl of has for you in the waterpipe, invite you to marry his cousin,”
    As long as you convert to Islam, that is.

  2. So Obama would be considered Caucasian because he is 50% white even though he looks far more black?? That doesn’t make sense…

  3. The white man ascendancy over yellow is a quite late event in human history. In the 19th century, the moribund Qing dynasty is still the largest GDP in the world.
    In early 15th century, Admiral Cheng Ho of China sailed to Africa. 80 years later Vasco Da Gama then “discovered” India. In the Tang dynasty of 5th century, Chinese maritime vessels frequently reached India.
    I would say Greece and Roman are as advance as China on their days. But after the demise of Rome, China is the most scientifically advance and more prosperous nation uninterrupted on this planet for around 1200 years.
    The modern western civilization is could be a spark, just like the Rome and Greece. Then western could went into slumber again.
    While there are many problems in Sinitic civilization, one salient good feature in inherent stability. Also I realize through interaction in chat forum and daily that the yellow race especially China, Thai, Viet, Burmese, Laos, Japs, Korean could assimilate into one another without much problem. These states would be like to form the core Sinitic sphere. I do not know about Mongols.

    1. Thanks.
      Blond people in China saga is almost over. Nothing much left to write other than Uzbek, which is similar to Uyghur and Kirghiz which is similar to Kazakh.

      1. That is Ana Chapman. I am a guy.
        I write my blog to spread truth and promote humanity. I do not like religion bigots and those who spill people’s blood to show their faith.
        I hate caste-ism and racism. I also do not like Singapore’s style of meritocracy, which is a code word for exploitation.
        I am a socialist.

    2. “The modern western civilization is could be a spark, just like the Rome and Greece. Then western could went into slumber again. ”
      No slumber. The West is becoming Asianized, therefore its waking up.
      East-West Fusion with a slight lean more on the East side for the win!

      1. ” No Asians, Africsns, or Indians should tell US what to do with OUR policies.”
        Too late.

      2. Asian Caucasians (Persians, Arabs, Jews, Indians, Pakistani, etc) are the same race as European Caucasian and many do look white. White/brown/black is not important and is not used scientifically. There are dark Spanish/Italian/Greeks who will pass off as Asian easily and blonde blue-eyed Persians/Arabs/Afghans who look like whites. Ralph Nader (Arab – Green Party and former Presidential candidate) and Nikki Haley (Indian – Governor) cant really be distinguished from a white unless you know their origin. However there are still some important behavioural differences between the Asian & European Caucasians, hence its very unwise to let them in freely.

      3. Blonde/red hair & blue/green/light eyes are present in all Caucasians from Britain to India. the frequency decreasing from higher in West (except in Southern & Eastern Europe) to very low in the East. Its not due to mixing buts its from ancient genetic expressions. The Kalash tribe on the India-Pakistan border has lots of blondes & blue eyes but genetic testing has determined they are not linked to any Europeans or Greeks. Lot of Lebanese & Palestinian Arabs have it, Persians also. The Chinese blondes are due to mixing with Europeans because light hair & eye color is practically nonexistant in East Asians & black Africans.

  4. The problem with this is that it includes harnizos who are the Mexican casta that is 60 to 70 % caucasion. What’s with all the guys in Fresno who tax harnizas?

      1. “No wait, you have to be 75% or more White to get in.”
        First you said 51%.

      2. Interesting concept, but you should make it at least 90% to be valid. There is pan-East Asian Nationalism and pan-black-African Nationalism, so I guess this wont do any harm. The first civilizations were by Caucasians from Asia (Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, India). Almost major religions are by Caucasians (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism). Most science both ancient & modern is by Caucasians (Greeks, Indians, Arabs, Jews, English, Germans etc). Also literature & philosophy. But there are still some important behavioural differences between the Asian & European Caucasians, which are too sensitive to discuss here. I will email you soon about this, please check your email & reply.

        1. the best 3 countries are 2 caucasian: Germany and France, and 1 mongoloid: Japan; all of them are developed, the best state a country could achieve, by default all developing countries are out (that includes caucasians such as india and arabia) ;United States is the most powerful country, but is hollow inside without a culture; other developed countries like United Kingdom or Korea are out because their economies are smaller than the top 3; also they have some lameness ,strong ones, despite their achievements; Korea and United Kingdom lack beautiful architecture; China, a major economy is still developing; another factors for them are coolness, here an example of japanese coolness and influence

        2. Re: Naruto Uzumaki – while Japan is without doubt the most advanced of the East Asian countries, you should not forget that they are occupied & closely controlled by USA. S.Korea is also controlled by USA. Else they will be pretty much unstable & backwards such as N.Korea/China. Arabs, Indians are Asian Caucasians and are older versions of the more advanced ones in Western Europe, even though they have many characteristics in common. Arabs are very backward now. India is also, but not as much as China (there are other factors than economy to compare). However I agree, Japan is the only East Asians who is any competition for the Western Europeans.

  5. You forgot the Finlandic Black Metalists(not medalists, menstrualists or minstralists) who are actually white. So they claim. I believe that to be welcomed into their milky tattooed bossom you must, in addition to being white also provide evidence that you have burnt a church to the ground in the last six months. Being albino is not acceptable. Sorry.

  6. ”No slumber. The West is becoming Asianized, therefore its waking up.”
    If anything, Asia is becoming Westernized, as it has been since the late 19th century.

    1. Not so fast RWN.
      I used to think the East and West would trade places because I orignally saw the East becoming westernized as the West became easternized. And for some years it was like this.
      But in the last 5 years of travelling throughout Asia, a renewed pride in their indigenous traditiions is awakening.
      Basically what will happen as the world becomes smaller is that we will take the best of all cultures.
      And here’s one of the best ;

        1. East becomes west, west becomes east , multi cultural overlap. Is this historical development new in your opinions. Constantinopolis was an east west distillation was it not. Or farther back what about Persian culture and Greece..Or do you think it is cyclical swinging back and forth.

        2. VonGeezer
          June 13, 2013 at 10:43 PM
          East becomes west, west becomes east , multi cultural overlap. Is this historical development new in your opinions. Constantinopolis was an east west distillation was it not. Or farther back what about Persian culture and Greece..Or do you think it is cyclical swinging back and forth.
          Of course it is cyclical. This phenomenal world is SAMSARA.
          As we become more and more Easternized, this cyclical view and the cyclical nature of the existence will become obvious to us!
          Come, let us chant.

  7. Another shot that is so totally captivating. I didn’t even read it through, the first lines were astounding enough to buy the whole thing blind. I’m in.

    1. This can’t happen, Iran and Pakistan with their islamic bullshit hate the West, plus their values are the opposite of our values in many ways; the Caucasian Middle East is the most violent region in the world, worse tan Africa or Mongoloid countries in terrorism= in Global Peace Index rankings the worst of the worst are AFGHANISTAN, SOMALIA, SYRIA, IRAQ ,SUDAN (SUDAN IS LIKE HALF CAUCASIAN ARAB / HALF BLACK) ,PAKISTAN.
      They are the worst sexists= selective abortion of female fetuses is most common in areas where cultural norms value male children over female children, especially in parts of India, Pakistan. Some research suggests that culture plays a larger role than economic conditions in gender preference and sex-selective abortion, because such deviations in sex ratios do not exist in sub-Saharan AFRICA.
      So even Africans are better gentleman than Middle East and Indian people, i am sorry but i deny them as my family, instead i adopt East Asians in their place.

  8. Ale: “So even Africans are better gentleman than Middle East and Indian people, i am sorry but i deny them as my family, instead i adopt East Asians in their place.”
    Hell, yeah. Rwanda. Kongo. Nigeria. Circumcision of little girls (supported predominantly by the Black WOMEN, not man and by no means – Caucasian men, I was there and saw it and don’t fucking quote Google news again please:)). I’ve been to Sudan right after the war in Nuba mountains (and exactly there) and if even the northern Sudan is ‘Caucasian’ – I am from Titan as the Sirens (Vonnegut).
    The islam thing is a fact of now. Let’s face it. Compare now what you ever heard of Iran and of, say, Mali? Whether good or bad, Iran is something. The Persians are simply more CLEVER whichever end they support. And – if I got Lindsay right – this is what the club is for. Not to let the dumb ass in and weaken the whole thing. In the Caucasian mad house so graphically painted by Linds, there is a lot of hatred in many directions. Let it be at least NOTABLE and PRONOUNCED hatred instead of dumb and lame hatred.

    1. Haha at least Africans let us women LIVE, even if they do circumsicion against our clítoris, Indians don’t even want their females to be born, as a White woman why i would like them? : P ,and honestly all the bad news of India in google news are worse than the bad news of Germany, and Iranians do stupid things like persecuting Gays or Atheists and Indians do stupid things like caste discrimination, my friend Killua / Luffy is Agnostic / Bisexual, Iranians wouldn’t like him , and Indians wouldn’t like me for being femaleeee. We like Caucasians that are compatible with our Western values too.

      1. PS you talk about your positive experinces with Indians, but duh, the bad news of India are negative experinces of journalists with India , so they are equally valid : D

        1. you hit it on the spot ale, India has a pretty backwards culture. escpecially annoying are the hindutvas who bombard us with their nonsense.

        2. Ale is 100% right : P ,and “The islam thing is a fact of now” … the Arabs were the ones that created such an evil religion like Islam, the fault is theirs,their twisted minds give birth to Islam, so is still a bad things about Caucasians from Middle East

  9. Robissimus – what was wrong with my say? It wasn’t friedmanite, it wasn’t ad personam. Lemme know so that I dont post things you throw away. No irony here, just pragmatism.

  10. Ale – if that is the case, Western values, then we land in the well known circle defined roughly by NATO, Turkey still checks in as arguably the most secularized state system in the Muslim world. The other thing is, if we align with the efficient and successful instead of the relatives, Greece should leave and Turkey should stay. Now, considering the attitude toward women, theoretically we shouldn’t have any Muslims aboard. The worst of all in this regard are probably the Muslim India clones like Pakistan and Bangladesh because their mentality is distorted twice: by the Indian tradition and by Islam. The woman has it hard in both. On the other hand, it’s another point against Greece (which I really love, it’s not personal). The ancient Greek civilizations we are so proud to relate our heritage to, basically applied institutionalized bias against women. The non-wife had civil rights close to none and the wife’s role boiled down to household management and safeguarding the family property, passing it to the right heir, etc. which at present we would call mergers and acquisitions among the clan corporations.
    The Google News on Germany I quoted are less bad than those on India (not: better, less bad) but the difference is slight. The point was you can easily find bad news about Germany. And Germany is probably the only EU-zone economy of global importance that has been doing well over the past 5 years. Poland was doing way better, the best in the Eu actually, but it’s globally meaningless. So – Germany should be almost only praised. If the contextual analysis of news was of any value, Germany should have had 27/30 absolutely triumphant news, 2 neutral and one bad (as notable exception: “Look, even to THEM something bad can happen”). You perfectly know that it’s not the case: the ultimate balance of news on Germany is close to that on India. That’s not a good reference, I swear. News are bad because they sell best if they’re bad – in general. We didn’t change that much from Roman times: we want blood. If not in the arena, at least in the news. The underlying mechanism is the same: ‘ohhh, that’s terrible, poor you (sob sob), how good it wasn’t me!”
    I don’t know what to do with Iran. It has a terrible present day and lots of credits for the past. The first cities were here and unlike the case of Turkey – Rayy, to name the first, on the outskirts of Teheran is dated about 8000 years back but the peoples who are said to have build it are still there and have always been there. I tend to think, despite the present-day blind fury of the Iranian state, the very Persians are worth attention. It can’t be that all these centuries of development suddenly mean nothing once an old ayatollah with a long white beard grabs the power.
    Ah, yeah, forgot. If we want anyone with a Muslim majority with a relatively good position of women, take Indonesia. This country in fact is ruled by the women – they decide on most of the family matters, their vote is decisive in the general elections, they are faster, cleverer and way more outgoing than their men and it holds true whether in the Javanese village or in the Trisakti campus. Indonesia even had a lady President (Megawati) chosen in the general election and I attribute certain share of her election blitzkrieg to the fact she was a woman. She was dumb, really thick but the crowd preferred to think there was a second bottom in her lame speeches that seemed devoid of any specific quality, not even the smallest or the annoying one. She didn’t seem devoid. She was devoid. And she has won in spite of this lameness because no one dared to say it out loud. No one likes to be publicly crucified as sexist, especially: a Muslim sexist.
    In a long run, I wouldn’t recommend trading Middle East and India for East Asians. To put it simple or coarsely simplified: Indo-Iranian folks are bright but they face their Middle Ages now (hell, we’ve all gone through that shit, haven’t we?)
    The Chinese have it the other way round: they are obedient and fast but their brains are seat belt fastened not to touch any subversive thought that is against the line. Due to the coincidence of several factors, the Chinese flourish now. But with their trade mark sacral worshiping of the collective and a direct despise for the individual and their crazy ideas (an extremely hilarious stance in the 21st century yet fully legitimized and incredibly catchy in the Chinese society), I can’t really see the East Asians leading the region or even coping for too long. The world basically divides into two kinds of subjects: 1) those who create any kinds of things or concepts that never existed before, 2) those who make things others created. Now, we live in times when the share of creative thinking in the value of products is several times higher than the manufacturing costs and few hundred times higher than any savings on the mfg costs. In a long run, the 1) must eventually overwhelm the 2). And India is close to the 1) while China is all about the 2).
    Apart from it all, I’d rather shag a Persian or an Indian girl than a Chinese. More than that: judging feom your comments on Latin America, Ale, I am pretty sure you’d prefer to shag an Irani or even Punjabi (not so different from the Italian after all) than to get wet on the East Asians. Unfortunately, the East Asians and their offspring (except of the late Bruce Lee) look like as if they just had failed the auditions for ‘Star Trek” (alien characters).
    Last argument: we shouldn’t let the tonal languages in. They suck. Especialy if they lack both: verb conjugation and verb tense. How can anyone possibly express themselves in a language that doesn’t differentiate whether one did, is doing or will do something. In Chinese, just with verb you can’t express shit. You must say additionally “yesterday”, “right now” or “next month” to specify what the hell is happening and if it IS happening, happened or is thought to happen soon.
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the East Asians in their perseverance to excel in the fields we wouldn’t even want to sweat on. But let’s not overestimate their potential and our mutual affinity.
    It’s a novelty, the Earth looks on it with warm amusement, it’s no more than a flavor of the week. The Chinese prosperity of the last 20 years came after a few hundred years of deep shit age (Coproprofundozoic) stretched between the feudal danse d’macabre, the imperial abhorrence of people and the final master piece of all 20th century demons in one: the Chinese Cultural Revolution. You couldn’t actually fuck more things up in one go, the Cultural Revolution designers and stewards brought the old government craft of harming their own people (and lamely blaming it to the external enemy) to the new heights. Unbeaten until now. Let’s not risk that they will produce the next season.
    Last argument: aesthetics. I’m not saying the Persians are cuter than, say, the Koreans (East Asia) (even though of course they fucking are and everybody knows that). I’m saying the genetic mix of the European Whites including the USA and Australia, with Indo-Iranian tribes is more likely to produce children that look nice because the gap is not wide: we all share wide eyes with no fat tissue, slender nose, non-sticking cheekbones and all necessary enzymes to cope with the alcohol. A mix of, say, a Pole with an Iranian will result above all in leveling out the melanin levels between the parents. SMS: your or my kids would be slightly darker. The same mix with a Han Chinese or a Mongol would result in a discolored, diluted, larger version of a Chinese. Remember General Patton when he was supposed to have a victorious toast in Berlin with the Russian commanders? He looked at his red-cheeked allies in enormous bizarre hats and said: we fought the wrong enemy.
    Why did he say so? Because most of the commanders were such racial mixes and even Josef Flavius, Herodot and Tacit agree on describing the Soviets then as ugly fucks.
    We don’t want our kids to be ugly fucks, do we?

  11. This post makes me wonder why modern nazis insist that non-Euro Caucasians do not belong to the same race as Europeans, I assume it is because they thate non-Euro Caucasians and think of them as inferior.
    It makes no sense to separate these two Caucasians groups into separate races, anybody who believes they are distinct races is a delusional lunatic. Their motivations are ideological, because on a biological level you can’t separate them.

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