Reasons and Nonreasons for Right and Left Support for Mass Immigration

Marek writes:

For the record, I said, quote: “Strong enforcement of immigration laws are needed.” A ban for saying the word “Democrat party” as Republican propaganda? That not even propaganda strictly speaking. And note that I criticized the right as well. (“look in the mirror”)
So let’s see: The slumdogs and other leftist racists are rising up from useful welfare recipient bread-and-circus voters to now demanding that the leftist white males give up their jobs and now you don’t like it. I’m sure you needn’t ban Indian race entitlement seekers. They’re more than happy to vote Democratic (note non-propaganda term) and as traditionally oppressed by people like you, they need only preferential treatment for themselves and 600 million others like them for the next 1000 years or so.
Josef Stalin had a nice building in Moskva where he had a back door for each apartment unit so that GRU could come in the middle of night to take out-of-favor people away. Your turn has come. Welcome to paradise, Tovarisch! But at least in Soviet czasu, they knew how to use toilets.

The Right is just as horrific on this question as the Left is, and the capitalists are behind it 100%, so it makes no sense to single out the Left. Most of the impetus for the Hindu 1-B’s is coming from the corporate sector which owns both parties.
Also, I really doubt if “Leftist anti-White racists” are waging race war on White workers in order to replace them with foreign workers.
First of all, “Leftist anti-White racists” are really not that common. Leftists in the first place are as rare as hen’s teeth, and I live in California. The Leftist White anti-White racist is a rare bird; if you ever meet one, consider yourself lucky. There are anti-White racists among the Blacks and Browns, but they are not common. Most Blacks and Browns, even the White-haters, would not be in favor of wiping out White workers with imported foreign invaders. These folks simply want a piece of the pie themselves.
There does seem to be a project on the part of the elite, the 1%, and the corporations, to genocide American workers, White or otherwise (they don’t care what color workers are) and replace them with immigrant workers, mostly Hindu-1B’s and similar guest workers but also illegal immigrants. The purpose of this is simply class war and an effort to drive down wages. The author of this comment is requested to read Karl Marx to understand why the 1%/corporations act this way.
It’s all part of an effort to drive down labor costs – there is no other way to put it. Under neoliberalism, labor is an “externality,” and any way you can reduce externalities is a great idea. If you can reduce your labor costs, you are mandated to do so, and if your corporation is publicly owned, you can actually be sued or fired by your stockholders for your failure to maximize profits as this is your fiduciary duty to them.
To some extent, the 1%/corporations are pushing a lie that US workers are lazy, incompetent, etc. The purpose of this lie is to denigrate them so that they can be replaced by foreign coolies of various types. There are a few Leftist types who denigrate US workers in a similar way, but those folks are quite rare.
This is all part of an unholy alliance between the corporate/capitalist Right and the pro-diversity Left. They are pushing this project for different reasons.
The Diversitists mostly don’t care about US workers, and they believe all the lies that the invaders do not steal US jobs or drive down wages. Support for unlimited immigration is mandatory on the Left and in liberal circles, and if you object, your fellow Leftists and liberals will blast the Hell out of you in a frightening way. If you don’t back down, they call you terrible names and then end the friendship in a belligerent way. The whole thing is a great big ugly fight. Most people are wimpy and don’t like to get screamed at or lose their friends.
Those of us on the Left and liberals like our fellow travelers despite their racial and immigration nuttiness, and it’s really painful to get ousted and blasted like this. The Diversitists also use shaming tactics on us by calling us Nazis, racists, Klansmen, etc.
In my town, if you go against the illegals, people will tell you to shut up and act like they are going to hit you if you don’t. The Hispanics are really crazy on this question, and they hear you blasting illegals, they act menacing you start to worry if you’re going to get hurt.
So many to most on the Left and liberals don’t so much believe in all this pro-immigrant junk as they are just bullied, harangued, coerced or menaced into going along. If you’re on the Left or liberal, you need to check the “I love immigrants” check-box. If you don’t, your good friends throw you out of your friendship circle, and now you are all alone. You can go make friends with some conservatives who share your views on immigration, but you need a barf bag most of the time you are around them, and every now then, they blow up at you and starting ranting at you for being a “Commie.”
So if you take a line like I do, the world becomes a lonely place pretty fast. People are social creatures and don’t like rejection or solitude as it is painful.

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18 thoughts on “Reasons and Nonreasons for Right and Left Support for Mass Immigration”

  1. ” If you’re on the Left or liberal, you need to check the “I love immigrants” check-box. If you don’t, your good friends throw you out of your friendship circle, and now you are all alone.”
    You sir , are a truthsayer.
    The comment that makes me nuts, induces me to bite my tongue real hard around my beaner pals;
    ” We didn’t cross the border , the border crossed us !”
    I fuckin hate that line with a passion. Unles yur like 165 years old and actually lived in the very northern portion of Mexico were the border lies-
    That line means NOTHING.
    You were born in one country or another . That’s it. Luck of the draw.
    I just saw Eva Longoria received a diploma for ‘Mexican Studies’.
    I just know my train of thought on the subject is gonna kill whatever chance I may have with her.
    That being said I am a huge fan of latinos. Actually love me the latinas , and I feel guilty about ignoring the dudes…. Same thing as my jungle fever, except with a mariachi beat.

  2. If many to most leftists don’t buy into pro illegal alien hysteria, why don’t they find each other?

    1. They do buy into it. They get bullied into it to where it just becomes part of their ideology, or else they just go along with it in the first place in an effort to be ideological. US politics does not allow you to bake your own political cake. If you choose Right, Center or Left, there are long checklists that you have to go down and check every box, otherwise you get thrown out of your movement. Most people just accept it without thinking and the rest are bullied until they wimp out, surrender and go along. It takes a lot of nerve to be an anti-immigration Leftist like me. I get yelled at all the time, often by people close to me. And people never stop calling me racist and worse. It’s difficult.

    1. That’s right, but the “Left” in the US is small. I think only 20% of Americans call themselves liberals. 40% call themselves conservatives and 40% call themselves liberals. The Left and the liberals (the Democratic Party) is pushing mass amnesty for illegal aliens. That only affects working class and low paid Americans. And the entire US corporate and business class supports illegal immigration of low skilled Mexicans. Now much of the Republican Party is also down with amnesty. Almost all of the media has been pushing amnesty for a long time now, possibly because it is corporate media. All liberals, most centrists and way too many conservatives are pushing amnesty.
      It is indeed true that almost off of the opposition to illegal immigration and amnesty in the US is coming from the Republican Right, the base of the Republican Party (the Tea Parties). The Republican political class loves amnesty, but their base hates it. I do not like Republicans at all, but I am very much grateful for the Republican Right for fighting illegals and stopping amnesty. Not too many people or things are all bad, and that is one great thing that they do.

  3. I’m a leftist and I sure as heck ain’t anti-White. Infact my concern is that many non Europeans emigrating to the US bring their shitty tribal,racist & casteist attitudes with them .

  4. For
    ‘Arab American Vedantist & Idol Worship’
    I found your comments … trite.
    this part here….
    “Welcome the shift. Be the change”
    Does that mean you realize that the westerners are onto the scumbag ideology of the East ? That you will shut the fuck up and leave the country? That you realize you are taking our jobs ?
    That’s the shift I see. Americans have had enough of being beat over the head with PC bullshit and are starting to really see how inferior indians are to us ? How they degrade our culture and put nothing back in..
    Is this the shift you are speaking of ? If not you are wrong.
    Please feel enlightened.

    1. With what ? Handfulls of shit ? You don’t even know how a sewer system works. What an impotent threat. I guess you are used to that by now……

  5. Scenario 1 : Two guys are fighting & a third guy comes along, sees them and walks on..
    That’s MUMBAI..
    Scenario 2 : Two guys are fighting & a third guy comes along and tries to make peace.. The first two get together and beat him up..
    That’s DELHI.
    Scenario 3 : Two guys fighting and third guy comes nearby house and says “don’t fight in front of my place, go somewhere else.”
    That’s PUNE..
    Scenario 4 : Two guys are fighting. A crowd gathers to watch.. A guy comes along and quietly opens a tea stall there
    That’s AHEMDABAD.
    Scenario 5 : Two guys are fighting. Both of them take time out & call their friends on their mobiles.. Now 50 guys are fighting..
    You are in PUNJAB.
    Scenario 6 : Two guys fighting. Third guy comes and shoots both of them..
    You are in WASSEYPUR..
    Last Scenario : Two guys fighting third guy comes along with a carton of beer.. All sit together drink beer and abuse each other and go home as friends..
    You are definitely in GOA

  6. Dear Robert
    The population of Latin America is now 540 million. That includes Brazil of course. Brazilians are Latin Americans too, although they aren’t Hispanics. If all these 540 million crossed the border into the US, would the diversitists still think that it is cool? I doubt it very much. People love diversity in the same way that they love animals in a zoo. These animals are so cute as long as they remain in their cages. Likewise, minorities are cool as long as they don’t become powerful majorities. Scratch a diversitist and you will invariably find a hypocrite.
    It is also wise to bear in mind that hardly any illegals compete with journalists or academics. If they did, these illegal-loving, self-styled progressives might change their tune.
    Regards. James

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