IT Workers All Over the World Are United in Their Contempt for High Caste Hindus

Creaders, a Chinese programmer from Singapore, points out that White, Chinese and Arab programmers, while they like each other just fine, are all united in their dislike of Indian programmers. At American Renaissance, I heard story after story of the horrors of high caste Hindus in the US IT industry. Their behavior was in general utterly contemptible. I was amazed that we even let them into this country as their hatred for Whites, Christians and the West seemed to be boundless. They had a poacher attitude that they were coming into our country to steal Whites’ jobs, and they were overjoyed to be undermining our people and our land. They were like an enemy force of spies, traitors and double agents in our nation. When three whole ethnic groups all hate you, you know you are doing something wrong.

I found it so puzzling and I cannot found satisfactory explanation that why white man managers like Indians. I found them extremely difficult to work with. This is not my personal opinions. Almost all Chinese I worked found Indians very difficult. I personally knew middle east Muslim who commented the same thing. White engineers have the same problem although I got this information from internet. My experience with white engineers are good. I like middle east engineers. For me, the fewer Indians the merrier. Nevertheless one white managers tell me personally she like Indians very much. This white manager (a she and Machiavellian type) often ask her yellow subordinate to help her Indian subordinate as Indians seems not being able to get the job done. Most Indian engineers are not strong in their technical skills. But they know how to BS and they supported managers 10 In Silicon valley, you cannot find so much Indian if white managers and HR hate them. Indians often told me USA Tech prefer Indian because Chinese engage in industrial espionage. That could be one of the reason. I think Indians engage in more industrial espionage. The difference is China is able to leverage on the intelligence to develop while Indians are not able to make use of the knowledge. With white, yellow and Islam engineers resenting the Indians, their good days may be over soon. Also Indians engineers and managers will cover Indians are use others as scapegoat. So bad Indian engineers are likely to survive (white managers like Indians as well even though they are lousy, Indians help managers to suppress dissent) One big black sheep is Indian tech workers. I found that they lack of many ethnics of all tech workers. I cannot tell the political leanings of Indian IT workers. But I am sure Indians engineers are quite reactionary in their behavior. Also high caste Indians are cognitive elites of India and majority of Indian tech is high caste Indians. They will bring racism and caste system into work place. I believe Indian engineers may be quite right leaning.

I don’t really like these high caste Hindus. They seem like the greediest, cruelest and most callous human beings on Earth. It’s like a land full of 1.3 billion Mitt Romney Republicans. They are the most money- and status-obsessed people I have ever met. Plus in general, they are just not very nice. They seem like they will lie, cheat, steal, walk on anyway, and smash anything in their way, all to get rich, which seems to be the only human value that they have: to get rich! I worked with one Hindu on a job. The scumbag we worked for never paid us, and the Hindu couldn’t really get the program to work for the guy. The Hindu oversold himself with extreme overconfidence and said he could program anything. He could not write the program right, and I had to fix it for him. And I don’t even know how to program anything! I just looked at the program, figured out the system and rules involved in what was going on, and fixed the errors. After the guy stiffed us, the Hindu blamed me somehow, saying it was my fault. Then he said that I should pay him anyway even though we never even got paid for the job. For some reason, I sent him $150, which he gladly took. I believes he thinks I am a sucker. Then he had some plan to run all the other webpage designers in town out of business using his outsourced labor. We would ruthlessly undercut everyone in town, drive everyone out of business and clean up for ourselves. As a socialist, I am a crappy businessman, and this whole idea seemed repulsive and horrific. The guy was like 100 Jews all wrapped into one. Then one time I was talking to his brother, and the guy ridiculed me for not having a digital camera. He was going to college in the US, and I told him that in the US it was really uncool to brag about how rich you were, make fun of poor people or ridicule the working class. He acted like I was speaking a foreign language. He was one arrogant little status-obsessed upper class twit! Another one I met was a journalist who was “only” making $18 K/yr (six times the average Indian income), and all of his high caste Hindu yuppie friends were ridiculing and attacking him for not being rich. He was constantly being humiliated by his social climbing friends. Another one constantly bugged me to hire his Indian outsourcing business and bragged about how wonderful outsourcing is. I told him that I felt bad about hurting my country by being a traitor like this, and he acted like I was speaking Old Gothic. This guy had no concept of honor, patriotism, or duty to the motherland. He was all about treason and ripping off the homeland. I don’t think he even believed in a homeland, except he was a fanatical Hindu nationalist. Actually all of these guys were. I have met a few more high caste Hindus, and I must say that they are the worst human beings on Earth. They are utterly, base, cruel, callous, disloyal, status-obsessed and greedy. At ground floor they are deeply reactionary people, basically a parasitic ruling class. Color me unimpressed! I think I like Sikhs a lot better. The very idea of defending the weak sounds great to a socialist like me. I can’t imagine any Hindu would ever believe such a thing.

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107 thoughts on “IT Workers All Over the World Are United in Their Contempt for High Caste Hindus”

  1. “I think I like Sikhs a lot better. The very idea of defending the weak sounds great to a socialist like me.”
    Ha! But they defended the Hindus from the Muslims!
    Anyway, I’ve never had a problem with Hindus per se (I became one myself in adulthood, afterall) but some Indians, regardless of religion or SES are peculiar. Let it be.
    Here’s something you might find interesting:
    [My granddad, the Bengali peddler: An African-American writer finds her roots]
    In 1896, almost a century before Mira Nair’s Mississippi Masala caused a stir by daring to show a romance between a black man and an Indian woman in the American South, a Muslim Bengali peddler from Hooghly married a black Catholic woman from New Orleans and settled down in that city. There’s no record of how they met or what the neighbours made of them. Shaik Mohammad Musa died in 1919, a few months before his son was born. His widow Tinnie raised their three children as black and Catholic. Their Indian heritage was lost in history.
    “We had a hookah, and we had a picture, and then we had family stories – that was all we had,” says Fatima Shaik, his granddaughter. And their names. They were the only Shaiks in the phone book. Her classmates teased her, singing Shake, Baby, Shake in the school yard. Sometimes lonely Indians landing up in New Orleans would find them in the phonebook and call them on the off chance they were from the subcontinent. Her father, she says, was always wistful after those conversations. “Perhaps he would think maybe he had family too somewhere in India and some day they would call up.”
    This year, Fatima Shaik came to India for the first time to try and solve the mystery in her family tree. Jeffrey Reneau, the director of the American Center in Kolkata which hosted her says “her story brings home this international issue of belonging and who am I. When you start deconstructing identity you find pieces and threads of who you are. The only thing bringing all the pieces together is you.”
    Who is Fatima Shaik?
    It’s like a detective story but one with “no footprints, no contemporary clues,” says Kolkata-born filmmaker and Fulbright-Nehru fellow Kavery Kaul who is filming Fatima’s journey. Even the name of the ancestral village was lost in transliteration. “We had to unscramble the English,” laughs Kaul. An academic reminded her there were many villages in Bengal with similar names. But an old letter from Shaik Musa with the name of the post office helped them finally track it down to Khori village in Hooghly.
    “What will surprise many people in America and Kolkata, is that there were many villagers whose grandfathers had left about the time Fatima’s grandfather did. Some went to America, some to Panama. Some came back, some didn’t,” says Kaul.
    Vivek Bald has just written a book about these forgotten migrants – Bengali Harlem and the Lost Histories of South Asian America. Bald writes that at the turn of the 20th century there was a flourishing network of peddlers from places like Hooghly in America. They sold chikan embroidery – shawls, handkerchiefs, bedspreads. Women in their villages hand-embroidered them. Once they used to take them to cities like Calcutta but when the British flooded the market with cheap factory-made goods, they needed to find other markets.
    Eat Pray Love – circa 1900
    America was going through an “Oriental” fascination at that time. The Indian nautch dancer was part of American burlesque. There were tobacco brands with names like Hindoo and Mogul. In New Orleans the Mardi Gras parade had floats with themes like Hindoo Heaven and Light of Asia. These peddlers worked the boardwalks of resort towns like Atlantic City and carnival cities like New Orleans selling a bit of that exotic Oriental fantasy to Americans even as the country’s borders started to close on Asian immigrants.
    “These men came to the United States on a thin edge between Indophilia and xenophobia,” writes Bald.
    The 1900 federal census found twelve men from “Hindoostan” living in New Orleans. There were stories in newspapers about men as “wise as Solomon”, with “black skull caps” and “long tailed frock coats.” One newspaper wrote a long account about being transfixed by amazement watching a “Hindoo” wobbling on a bicycle – “humped over like a camel trying to keep his balance”. By 1910, the number of peddlers had increased five fold. Bald estimates between the 1880s and 1920s, approximately 300 to 500 men from Hoogly/Calcutta moved through the peddler network in America — a small number but crucial in establishing the continuity of the South Asian migration story.
    Fitting between black and white
    Many of these peddlers returned to their villages. But some, like Fatima’s grandfather, did not. Some even became American citizens throwing courts into a quandary because only whites and persons of African ancestry could become US citizens. “Abba Dolla”, an Afghan silk peddler from Calcutta, for example, applied as a “white person”. The district court judge made him roll up his sleeve and was satisfied that though his face and hands were tanned by the sun, his unexposed skin “was sufficiently transparent for the blue colour of the veins to show very clearly.”
    But even if these men slipped through the cracks of immigration law, the colour codes in society were stricter. That determined where they slept at night and the women they married. Indian immigrants today do not realise they owe a historical debt of gratitude to the black community. At a time when lawmakers viewed them as part of the “Asiatic horde” says Bald, “African American neighborhoods and communities provided them with shelter and the possibility to build lives.”
    “In New Orleans the African American community was welcoming and I’d like to think Shaik Mohammad fell in love with Fatima’s grandmother, Tinnie,” says Kaul.
    The men in the middle
    But this was not just a story of the odd romance of Bengali Muslim men and their Catholic wives and whether it made the gumbo spicier. Men like Shaik Musa were really the men in the middle of a story that was being stitched by women at both ends. Bald writes “(A)s much as the Hoogly peddler network relied upon the work of Indian women in home villages, it functioned in North America because of the labour of US women of color.” These women made New Orleans a home, not just a boarding house.
    “I don’t know if the men wrote at length about their wives, the race and religion of their wives,” says Kaul. “The men did what they had to do, I am sure the women embroidering chikan missed them. I have no doubt about that.”
    Unlike the Punjabi farmers of the west coast and their Mexican wives who left behind gurdwaras, the chikan peddlers of New Orleans left few physical traces of their American lives. There are no records of mosques or ethnic enclaves. Within a generation, their children had been absorbed into the black community although Bald says we should remember in New Orleans “‘blackness’ was incredibly expansive and mixed — it had room to incorporate the Bengalis and their descendants.”
    He says he has heard there is an African American family in New Orleans descended from the Bengali peddlers who still get together every Sunday to make a big pot of biryani.
    And there were mosquitos
    Fatima Shaik says before her trip she wanted specific answers about the grandfather she had never known – “What were the similarities to me physically, what did he like to eat?” But as she traveled through Kolkata and up the Hooghly to the village he was from she just started imagining him walking to the main road, taking a cart to the city, and then boarding a ship for the New World. Kaul says as much as her film is about Shaik Musa and his journey from India, it’s also about Fatima Shaik, the African American writer’s journey to Kolkata.
    “When I got off the plane I was struck that Calcutta was very much like New Orleans,” laughs Fatima. “So hot, so humid at night. And there were mosquitos. In that sense I felt I was home.”
    Then she says with a smile that she likes to think her grandfather felt the same as well when he got off his ship in New Orleans.
    “When he encountered the same heat and the same humidity and the same mosquitoes – he must have felt like he was home too.”

  2. I’ve told you some stories about the Indians I met and worked with at grad school. Atrocious!
    As someone who was too idealistic and even naive (I have no shame in admitting it now) about how society works, it was an eye opener.

      1. Are you the Persian Cyrus that used to post here?
        BTW you never told us about your experiences with Indians, although you did drop some hints when you used to post here more often. Give us some stories man.

        1. Yup…That’s me. A few years older, meaner, and out for world domination through enslavement of the lower I.Q masses.
          For the record, “Cyrus” was never my real name to begin with. In case anyone was ever wondering. 😉
          As for dealing with Indians/South Asians in general, my experiences were in work(had a Paki boss, who’s family was from deep-down within India. Paki, Indian, same fucking shit to me), dealt with them in college(real hit and miss there, even for American born “Desi’s). Saw how rich American labor attorneys were getting, through the importation of “Indians” into middle management positions in both Irvine and the Silicon Valley, here in California(“That’s right Kumar, you can’t repeatedly tell American Linda how you want to fuck her in the ass, just like they do in those dirty internet movies”)…They just loved to sexually harass those white womenz…And they had ZERO concept of Americanlabor law or employment rights, as opposed to their American counterparts. This made a lot of California attorney’s rich, between 1999 and 2008. Trust me on this. 😀
          Oh, but I have to hand it to our South Asian friends, though…They know how to kiss an ass with full tongue action, and REALLY have a sense for social and political currents in the Western world. Case in point: They are racially lumped into the category of “Asian-American” by the E.E.O.C and Labor department/Department of Education, etc. That means the second Raj get’s of the plane from Mumbai, he already qualifies for affirmative action benefits, minority loans, special grants from the S.B.A, blah, blah, blah. That’s no accident. The second we have a war with China, those same fucking Hindus will be clambering about how “white” they are, and how they are our Caucasian brothers.

        2. “Oh, but I have to hand it to our South Asian friends, though…They know how to kiss an ass with full tongue action, and REALLY have a sense for social and political currents in the Western world. Case in point: They are racially lumped into the category of “Asian-American” by the E.E.O.C and Labor department/Department of Education, etc. That means the second Raj get’s of the plane from Mumbai, he already qualifies for affirmative action benefits, minority loans, special grants from the S.B.A, blah, blah, blah. That’s no accident. The second we have a war with China, those same fucking Hindus will be clambering about how “white” they are, and how they are our Caucasian brothers.”
          Foreign students in US have to pay the full amount (very expensive) to attend uni here. And that is precisely as it should be. That helps us help our own citizens afford college. If you mix with college students this topic is a common one – the Japanese and Chinese often complain how they do not qualify for affirmative action (I’m talking those who are US citizens now), because they are not the “right kind of minority” i.e. black or hispanic and thus cannot receive help even if they need it.
          The Indians (both citizens and not) complain that on forms there is no option to check “South Asian” or “Indian” so they have to go with “Asian”. For a while the only other choice was “Pacific Islander”.
          So in the pan-Asian student community (citizens and non) all these things are hashed out regularly.
          Supposely a few forms have now added “South Asian” and/or “Indian” but that does not change the fact that South Asian non-citizen students do not qualify for student aid because they are foreigners and have to pay the full price (as they should).
          Asian-American citizens in general, with some exception like I think Filipinos and Pacific Islanders – but any Filipino or PI-er can correct me if I’m wrong, do not qualify for affirmative action because they are perceived as “model minorities” – or those who are successful enough that they don’t need help.
          As far as my identity which a few seem to be curious about (and rightly so, as you should be), I explained elsewhere that I am a born and bred Arab American from a culturally Muslim background but got into the new age American Yoga and Buddhist scene early on which took me to India several times for yoga retreats and since then my social and cultural circles have comprised a lot of Indians.
          You want to get an idea of what my world looks like? I don’t blame you. I have recently returned from Shakti Fest in Joshua Tree California (shown below), and if you would like to meet me in person, I will be at Bhakti Fest, in the same location, in September. In November I am taking a group of Americans on pilgrimage tour to India and you are welcome to join us. Life is good.

        3. Indian American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper Wrote:
          “I explained elsewhere that I am a born and bred Arab American from a culturally Muslim background but ”
          Bullshit. No Arab/Arab-American would ever refer to themselves as “culturally Muslim.” You are either an Arab Muslim, or you ain’t. That kind of silly terminology is only used by Paki and Indian wogs in places like the U.K.
          You don’t even know enough about “Arabs” or “Middle Easterners” to pretend to be one online! You’re a fucking idiot! 😀 😀 😀

        4. “Bullshit. No Arab/Arab-American would ever refer to themselves as “culturally Muslim.”
          As you like, my friend.
          How would you describe growing up in a family that gathers together on Eid but doesn’t fast for Ramadan?
          That doesn’t eat pork but will occasionally drink alcohol?
          That attends masjid a few times a year and not a gurudwar or synagogue?
          I call it “culturally Muslim”, but you can call it what you like.

        5. Cyrus, you seem not to be an American (that’s ok, nothing wrong with that) and have no experience with Arabs in the US or our long history here. You seem to be under the impression that Arab + Muslim must always mean “strictly practicing Muslim” or worse, Islamic Fundamentalist.
          There are literally millions of Arabs and Muslims worldwide who neither strictly practice Islam nor are extremist Fundamentalist.
          Many of us just happen to be born into a family that is “Muslim” in name because that is the culture.
          Arab immigrants and their descendents have a long history in the US.
          Families who have been here a long time are totally assimilated.
          The sexiest belly dancers here come from Muslim families.
          How “Islamic” is that?

        6. @Indian American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper:
          I am American, and I was married to an Arab-American for five years, and you are a class ‘A’ dumb ass.

  3. Robert,
    I am warning you, Sikhs are no different from Hindus, and neither are the Muslims. The Sikh may look more dignified with their beards and turbans, but they are no different deep down. They may be more subtle in their engagements, but its the same predator underneath.

    1. On the surface the look avuncular and give you less hurdle on your work.
      The differences between Sikh and Hindus are Sikh generally do give less trouble to you day to day. When you clash with them, they are no less toxic than Hindus, even though they are at the wrong. Most other tribe will be more reasonable that you have less frequency of deteriorate to the point of showdown. Not Indians.
      Hindus are more petty bureaucrats type. They make sure they poison you until you got to stooge day in day out. They give you all sorts of trouble. They lie non stop.
      Also if you report to Sikh or Hindus, they are equally toxic during appraisal time, dishing out sarcastic remarks, manipulating people big time. Both Sikh and Hindus ship in their whole village, kicking out white, yellow, Middle east man wherever they go.
      In a team, its good for Indian that there is some non-Indians. He will get all shit. If there is 100% Indians, the Indian managers will bite Indians like a snake until Indian themselves checkin mental hospital.

      1. Ha! I googled ” avuncular” and look what it says!
        1. Of or relating to an uncle.
        Of course this totally outs you as a closeted Desi.

    2. Perhaps. Indian Muslim sure does not equate to either “Middle Eastern” or Arab, that’s for sure. My experience was with Pakistanis(of the clear Indian flavor).

  4. Sikhs’ like most groups tend to stick to their own, but unlike most groups, can be the most loyal subjects of their new country. Qualities include: Loyalty, honour, honesty, integrity, bravery, fair play, and they’re allowed to drink alcohol. I put it down to the vast number of them who were brought up in the British military.

    1. I beg to differ. In World War 2 Malayan campaign in Singapore, the Indian 3rd corp which consist of many Sikh units proved to be the biggest coward, directly responsible for the most humiliating defeat never seen in the British military history.
      Japan are fighting an expeditionary war having a 4000 km supply line from Japan. The British colony units are fighting on homeground. According to wikipedia, Japan throw in 70, 000 soldiers while Allied has 140,000. According to various books, 60% of Malayan command soldiers were Indians.
      Then the Indian force consist mainly of Indian 3rd corp, several independent battalion, and Sikh gendarme. People blame the white man of cowards, it was Indians who surrender without fighting that caused Malaya to be defeated. It was the Indians who allowed the Japanese to penetrate defenses.
      If Indian unit can fight like Spartan in Thermopylae, Japan would exhaust her supply and got defeated. And after the Malayan campaign, 2/3 of Indian soldiers joined Japanese imperial army to fight British under the infamous Subhas Chandra Bose. All Indians soldiers are from so call “martial race” like Sikh…etc and they proved to be biggest bragger bullshiter and coward.
      Their worst character are fully manifest during Japanese occupation of Malaya. Then the Sikh policeman formerly stooging under white man, change job and work for Japanese. They start raping white man woman POWs.
      The British and whiteman elites KNEW all these shit. I wonder why they import Indians into India and USA big time.
      In 1962, again the Sikh show their big cowardice facing Chinese PLA. (would not like to elaborate)
      In 1984, Indira Gandhi trusted Sikh body kill murdered her.
      Hi Robert, maybe you can research on Malayan campaign and clear white man soldiers from their infamy.

      1. Oh man Creaders your are tearing those Indians apart!!
        All we need is for Car Guy, Brahman_man Indian, Shazam, Mott to return and some others too and then we can get the entire storm on these despicable Indians down.
        BTW this is a forum not to dissimilar to this blog when it come to racial issues; it is also filled with Indians, Hinduvta’s, and various kinds of their ilk covering themselves up and trying to conceal their behavior and ways. You should go visit that forum and give those Indians an ass beating.

        1. If you think Its just high caste hindus ,you are mistaken.,these vermin have no contempt.
          I have mentioned it several times, both high and low caste have become degenerate vermin
          Chinese steal american trade secrets ?., thats a propaganda , the reality is its Parasite H1-B scum you imported from India do it

          They not just do, they feel its their birth right to get away from such crime, just read the title of this news
          “US gives no quarter-Even to India “, when it comes to High tech secrets
          Now tell me, how these scum slumdog H1-B are different?, they feel privileged and its their birth right to get american citizen ship
          IT’s their birth right to do what ever it counts and cover up with hipocrisy
          India in the longer run will prove to be a geopolitical liability, these scum from india have no problem in selling themselves short, they have done it in history and will do it again
          Americans are thinking about Power and Geopolitical Advantage in backing india against Rising china
          Trust me chinese are laughing with their Ass,India will become too big liability to USA, these ungrateful parasites will leech on American system.
          American work ethic gets transformed into Indoo caste ethic
          Many scum managers in India are caught in sexual abuse cases in USA, they can’t control, once they get money, their next target is to abuse white Women
          Sadly american men have become feminized
          I request you , not to fall for Hindu Fake Spirituality and mysticism , Bullshit Vedanta and stupid ritualized Fakery
          These scum will say anything to feed on you.
          They are like mosquitoes , you can request mosquitoes not to spread malaria, but they do it…Spreading diseases is mosquitoes way of life
          Spreading parasitic way and corruption across all levels of management is “Hindu way of Life”
          Ever wondered why Every company in India neck deep in Corruption?., its part of work ethic of decadent nation india

      2. Hah! “Fortress” Singapore! That’s always a good laugh to read!
        For more laughs, India is now building or planning to build several aircraft carriers, to compete with China in any potential future war…I think we all know how that’s gonna end. 😀

        1. I dont understand why muslims are conducting jihad against other islamic nations when they had gigantic degenerate shithole india up for grabs
          Jihad from all corners of globe must be launched on india, we need million Mohammad ghaznavids today more than ever in entire human history
          Or this filth will spread across the world and humanity will end up becoming more corrupt and degenerate
          Entire world would resemble on gigantic SODOM and gomorrah where millions starve and few upper caste would fiddling with little boys and engaging in tantric anal rituals
          Perhaps Hinduism is encouraged by our Elite for the same reason, it perverts human psyche and destroys the will
          How on earth you think lower caste continue to clean the shit excreted by upper caste and some indulge in manual scavenging picking up left over shit of other humans. Hinduism makes your mind defunct,your intellect will be dead, its like a slow cancer which will create a “Brave new world” of totalitarian slavery where lower class will never revolt and embrace their slavery
          Aldous Huxley envisioned this world of Voluntary slavery of humans, he got this idea from Hinduism and if you read “Doors of perception by Huxley” you will get to know what he means
          Elite like Hinduism for same reason, it kills human will more than any other faith in this world and finally humans will surrender and become voluntary slaves.
          Every form of revolt will disappear and finally the upper class will enjoy their riches and privilege for generations to come
          This ideal goal has been the dream of many Elite since the dawn of civilization no other ideology than hinduism creates such people and voluntary slavery
          This is the prime reason why i think american masses and many western masses have been programmed to the virtues of Hinduism and its cult Gurus and their filthy beliefs
          Having said this i dont endorse other filth like Islam which basically subjugates your mind and seeks subservience.
          Western culture is highly evolved and today it faces million parasitic cultures ready to invade and corrupt the Western culture and work ethic
          This process happens in every evolutionary phase of culture where parasitic cultures like ISLAM , hinduism will seek to destroy more productive and creative cultures like in west
          It remains to be seen if West will preserve its identity and its culture, if not , human race will enter into dark ages
          On one hand you have submissive filth from Arab land and on the other hand you have HINDU degenerate culture straight from Bronze age cults ..
          These 2 filthy ideologies will create a permanent darks age which might last for another 1000 years . perhaps the output of such dark ages might be extinction of human race itself
          For this reason alone,i support american Wars on Islamic nations and if west of China /pakistan invade india and Filthy indians engage in nuclear conflict , its a greatest day of Human species
          Every progressive human has all reasons to celebrate such a conflict if at all it takes place in near future
          If maoists launch a nation wide civil war in India which balkanizes india, its good but it will never solve the problem
          Indians will immigrate and take refuge status and enter into West
          Europe is already infiltrated by Arabs,Somali african apes—Add pagan phallus worshipping sly indians to this bunch, the by product of this union would be something extremely dangerous
          A corrupt,sly,violent,rape addicted,drug peddling species with no use other than pollute the earth, if that happens i will commit suicide
          Earth will become horrible place to live, i am sure entire white population will become extinct by then,even chinese might become extinct
          Entire earth might be inhabited by Hindus,muslims and africans and some aboriginals—A complete recipe for disaster and back to stone ages….

        2. highly evolved japanese worship phallus like hindus,be neutral on phallus worshipping since it don’t make better or worse a culture, japanese culture is excellent the way it is, creating many soft and chic culture like the nintendos and playstations and the animes and mangas

      3. Look, some research on that campaign clearly shows that the British, in effect, underestimated the Japs and to some level, didn’t give a shit. They committed their resources to the Middle East, Europe and North Africa, and left only dregs for Singapore. While the manpower was sufficient, and they had the foresight to leave some warships to defend a port, they somehow forgot that the Japs would bring their bombers and fighter planes in huge numbers, and left only obsolete and aging fighters (and those too in pitiful numbers). No wonder the Jap planes killed all the outdated Brit ones, and once deprived of air cover, the Brit skeleton fleet was made short work of. After that, it was open season on Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and the like, where the defending Brits had no air support or naval support (both vital in the Pacific). The experienced Imperial Japanese Infantry just put the icing on the cake and killed off or captured any remaining resistance. So even if 140,000 Spartans under King Leoniadas were defending that doomed place, it wouldn’t have mattered.
        On a side note, the 11th Indian Infantry (comprised mainly of Punjabis, Jats and Gurkhas with some Brit Whites thrown in) is reported to have “caused heavy casualties to the Japanese” in a side show during the battle of Kampar in the Malay theater, where they were almost wiped out.
        As for surrendering to the Japs, it was either that or a lost war without the possibility of being ever resupplied by either men or material (if you have been paying attention, there was no air or naval support), so if I was the CO, I’d probably do the same.
        Don’t blame the Brits for not thinking Malaysia was really worth the effort when V2 bombs were falling in their own capital.

    2. Namadhari Sikhs do not drink alcohol or eat meat.
      As far as “allowed” to drink alcohol, yes Islam forbids it. Some Hindu sects may be against it but it is nowhere “forbidden” like it is in Islam. The Hare Krishnas take vows against it but it whether or not they are truly “Hindu” is debated – by them.
      I grew up in a culturally Muslim household where we did not eat pork but the occasional glass of wine was present. Nobody in my immediate family was very religious but some members of my extended family were and a few still are.
      There is a fusion in my country (the US) of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism etc going on at all these “fests”. Time and money allowing I attend as many as I can and I can tell you, cultural change is wafting on the American breeze!
      Bring it! I love the fusion.
      Speaking of Sikhs, you may know of H30 or Kundalini Yoga created by the Indian Sikh “Yogi Bhajan”.
      Sat Nam Fest!

  5. Putting in all factors due to my formative experience, I should have like Indian very much. At least more so than Islamic people.
    I am deep into Chinese culture. I studied Buddhism and attended Buddhist missionary Primary school for 6 years (even though I am a Christian.).
    All classical Chinese works lare sprinkle with Buddhist tenets. Up to now, I still love that. I am always grateful to the beauty infuse to the Chinese culture by Buddhism. It is so subtle. It is nothing similar to the Buddhist book published in English.
    To give you a glimpse, the whole beauty of Buddhism is like you walk into a Zen temple in Japan, like Kinkaku-shi or Kyomizu tera. In Chinese, it is even more beautiful.
    Chinese poems after AD 600 are full of Buddhist sense of beauty.
    But India is real shit. I wonder its people is so far away from the wisdom describe in Buddhist teachings.
    Also Buddhism is one of the culture that unite Chinese with the rest of South East Asian and North East Asian countries. A Chinese can assimilate easily in all SE Asia Buddhist country like Myanmmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and vice-versa.
    But India culture today is so far from Buddhist teaching that today, one of the worst hater of India is Myanmmar Buddhist monk. The recent pogrom against Indian descendant in Myanmmar (Rohingyas) was started by Buddhist monk.
    In comparison, all these SE Asian countries like Chinese, and Chinese like them.

    1. @Creaders
      And you just hit the nail on the head, in regards to the Rohingyas of Myanmar. It is not a “Muslim” vs “Buddahist” religious stand-off, as the idiotic Western media presents it. Rather, it is a racial confrontation, between the Asian “Mongoloid” Myanmar population, and the “Indo-Aryan,” i.e Caucasian Rohingyas. It would be no different if this were taking place in Central Asia or Northern Asia, with Slavs are Iranians substituted.
      This is not my wording, but that of the Buddhist Myanmar Priests themselves. Islam’s just the excuse. Could just as well been Hindus, Christians, etc.

      1. You are right In a way. But there are more dimension to it. In fact the Burma Indian wage “Jihad” against the Burmese, and many Burmese got shit. Burma Indian lost the civil war and Burmese hate against Indian explode during the counter insurgency campaign.
        In addition, the British import Indian to Burma. Indian took advantage and take a large number of civil service jobs, bragging they are talent. Not unlike what is happening in IT sector now. Next these Indians with administrative backing conduct usury and create exploitative food distribution network that bankrupt the Burmese.
        The last factor is Burmese being a frontier state of yellow people are more aware of the sufferings and pogroms of yellow in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura—and the Himalayan state of Sikkim, as well as Chittagong of Bangladesh.
        The Hindic people conduct ethnic cleansing there.
        The even wider picture is British, and Aryan state are helping Hindic people another Aryan state against the yellow.
        While I think Burmese should rein their nationalistic monk, I fully understand why Burmese behave in a certain way. The Chinese are treated very well in Burma.
        The Kachin, Karen, Wa, many of them are Christian. Without counter-insurgency, they would be well-treated also.

    2. But India is real shit. I wonder its people is so far away from the wisdom describe in Buddhist teachings.
      India is shitty because the Hindu Brahmins succeeded in wiping out Buddhism in India. They are proud of it too.

  6. Actually white man elites like Indians, but seems that Indians keep sabotaging white man. I give an example.
    During WW2 Malayan campaign, the Malayan Chinese volunteered to be armed to fight the Japs. The British refused and import Indian instead. Indian’s cowardice cost British their SE Asian empire.
    If British was able to defeat Japs, it could still be able to retain Penang, Malacca, Singapore and British Borneo, while the rest of Malaysia got their independent.
    If British arm the Chinese, the most likely outcome is Malaya jungle would become a guerrilla nightmare for Japs, just like what Vietnam did to USA 20 years later.
    If Indian would be a bit braver, I am sure Singapore today will be controlled by Indians, as British imported them more and more and give them all the top administrative jobs, just like what happened in Burma.
    Unfortunately, Indians were too coward and their conduct were too disgraceful. They surrender. Then 60% of ex-Indian POW change job and fight for Japs. They even raped white woman POWs. The British fumed.
    This is why Indian soldiers got kicked out of Malaya. They could have stayed and become majority as I am sure British will import more of them to neutralize Chinese.
    Unfortunately, USA and Singapore government are importing Indians like mad today. The elites like Indians. The people got screwed.

  7. Hi Cyrus
    I read your previous comments. You are a very educated Iranian. I am now doing some research of Shia Islam in western countries,
    From my findings, I am aware that Shia are doing very well in Germany and USA. In Canada, their performance are below average.
    Do you have more information on this?
    Right now I am doing on some studies on Shia and Sunni behavior in western countries. It seems that Shia are model citizen in Germany and USA. After the death of Ayatollah Khomeni, Shia has never conducted any terrorism (I do not consider hezbollah terrorist).
    It seems that Sunni are the one who got radicalize and perform poorly in schools, in western countries.
    I would need more data on this topic.

    1. Well, I’m no expert in schooled Shia Islam, so I won’t ratify myself as some sort of expert on it. I never been in a Shia Mosque, or really any Mosque other than as a tourist.
      As for Shia “success” or failure in Western countries, there is/was actually and Indian-Canadian of Shia-Islamic background on here named Dota. He was far more knowledgeable about such matters than myself. He might still be around here maybe? He is actually a good person to respond to your posting.
      If I had to guess about “Shia” demographics in Western counties, it relates to country of origin and related ethnicity. An educated Iraqi suffering from severe PTSD who is a refuge-immigrant in the U.S will be very different from rural Afghan Ismaili, a poor Shia of Pakistani background in Canada, a relatively wealthy Indian Shia working in the Silicon Valley, or an Iranian in Germany who refuses to even identify as religious, Shia, Muslim, or otherwise.
      So, I just don’t know what is the best answer I can give you.
      Here in California, I only know of one “Shia Mosque” built by Iranian-Americans in the greater Los Angeles area. It is a hang-out for Persian senior citizens, and facilitates a specialized cemetery in the hills. There may be another around, but for a region with the second largest population of Iranians outside of Iran, that should tell you how irreligious this group is, Shia or otherwise.
      Interestingly enough, when I lived in the Bay Area, there were an a surprisingly large number of Shia Mosques. All were built by Indian and Pakistani immigrants, who were I assume their largest congregationalists…Ironically all offered free “Persian” lessons. Never did figure that one out.
      Once again, maybe our friend Dota could elaborate, since I’d just be guessing.

      1. Cyrus is essentially correct, Shias need to be examined through the lens of ethnicity and culture rather than religion.
        From my experience, Iranian shias are very successful in North America for a variety of reasons. As an outsider who does not speak (but can read) Persian all I can offer you are guesses. For starters, Iranian culture truly does stress the value of education more than their Arab counterparts. Iran’s post secondary education system is actually really good with their universities churning out lots of research in collaboration with western ones.
        Another reason could be that since the revolution of the 70s, a lot of Iranian elites or upper class Iranians have been migrating to the west. Even today it would seem that Iran suffers from brain drain as talented Iranians continue their westward migration trend. I have an Iranian acquaintance who works in research at the University of Saskatchewan. I’m told he isn’t the only one.
        Third, and this is the only reason which might be attributed to religion, Shias in general have a very different religious outlook from Sunnis. Shia Islam lays a stronger emphasis on orthodox tradition instead of Orthopraxy (Sunni Islam). In this regard Shia Islam bears some resemblance to Catholicism with its emphasis on belief in the correct doctrine and the infallibility of its clergy. How does this benefit Shias in the west? According to their sunni opponents it enables them to discard traditions at will (like dietary restrictions) enabling them to more easily assimilate. Bear in mind that this argument is generally bandied about by Sunni opponents to shiasm so I’m not sure of its validity. In any case it’s impossible to prove but I’m throwing it out there for the sake of discussion.
        As far as Shia Indians are concerned, I’ve said this a million times, they were converted from the merchant caste of Hinduism. I’d posted a list here some months ago about the 100 richest Indians. There were only 4 Muslims on that list of which 3 were Shias.

        1. Hi Dota
          How about research and data on Shia achievements especially from the Persian community? Do you have it.
          I am doing a research on comparative Shia and Sunni, In reality all the trouble maker of Islam is Sunni while Shia (especailly Iranian) are over-achiever in places like USA. In Germany they are doing fine, In Canada, its a mix bag.
          Sadly, all western media blame all sorts of things on Iran. In reality Islam terrorist got to do with Saudi. Al Qaeda is funded by Saudi and USA, and trained by USA.
          Shia muslim would be appreciated if you send me information. I would like to write something to tell people the truth. But first, I need evidence.

    2. @Creaders:
      Also, as for Sunni Islam and it’s relationship to the Western World…I’d harken to guess that our problems stem from those of the current “Arabic Speaking” world, which is of course vast majority Sunni Islamic, and post-colonial in nature.
      Even the insanity of Pakistan can be traced both to it’s post colonial creations, and the psychosis of exported Saudi Arabian philosophy.
      So I guess you have to take the Sunnis on a real case by case nature. The difference in behavior of Sunni Muslims in the U.S as opposed to Western Europe, for example, and even what flavor of Sunni Islam we are speaking of. A wealthy Sufi practitioner from and educated background in the U.S, as opposed to a peasant Moroccan in the Netherlands, and an African-American convert in a U.S prison…A certain flavor of Sunni Islam, and an extreme one at that, seems to get a real hard-on for converts, anyway they can. Recent violence in Europe and the U.S by such converts is a prime example of this reality.
      That, and the Shia of both the Arab world and those of the “Indian” to my understanding take on the characteristics us a clannish and some time persecuted minority, such as Jews, Mormons, Armenians, etc.That I assume accounts for some of the differences in success at least.
      Then again, maybe it’s the old paradigm. Sunni Islam is the “Arab” take, and Shia Islam the “Persian,” though I have some real problems with that as well, as it is very simplistic model, and far from entirely accurate.

    3. In fact, come to think of it, perhaps one of the major problems is that Sunni Muslims, and Sunni Islam as a whole, is unaccustomed to being dealt with and living as a minority religion with the context of a greater society? That could very well explain there inherent inflexibility.

      1. Iranian Shias were/are inflexible with Iranian Bahais and Zorastrians, so much so that most of them got outta there as fast as they could.
        Both lament the state that Iran has been reduced to by hardline Shia religio-political leaders.
        The best thing would be if Westerners like this group could infiltrate Iran and return it to the caravan of the Beloved;

  8. We have to be diligent though as Hindu Brahmin Hegemony infiltrates the American New Age and Yoga scene. Below is a video of a brown Hindu priest performing fire yagya at Shakti Fest in California 2012.
    (Also to be noted, it appears there is another ethno-cultural demographic that seems to be at the helm of this American scene. Any guesses which?)
    Watch the video and discuss!

    1. Well, by promoting Hinduism you are aiding and abetting this infiltration. What is Hinduism without casteism?

      1. In my experience, the “Eastern” religions of Hinduism and Buddhism proselytize just as much as the Western ones…They just do it indirectly. They don’t want to “save” you…Just point out how inferior your worldview is to their own. Therefore…

        1. Buddhism is the original missionary religion. And the original monastic religion.
          Hinduism must have been spread by force and/or deception. The majority of Hindus, some 80%, are low caste. Who would willingly convert to a religion that makes him and his descendants servants and untouchables forever to the hereditary upper castes?

        2. “In my experience, the “Eastern” religions of Hinduism and Buddhism proselytize just as much as the Western ones…They just do it indirectly.”
          I’m doing my part to be more direct.
          Join me in September in Joshua Tree California or November in India.

  9. “What is Hinduism without casteism?”
    Puja, archan, dhyana, japa, kirtan – so many things. That’s why I love it and welcome the Hindu-Buddhist-Sikh fusion that is taking place in the American New Age scene.
    As the Eastern traditions go global and get adopted by Westerners, the old world baggage gets left behind. Of course Westerners have their own baggage which they then attach to it, but as they progress in the processes of chanting and meditation, they will get purified of that too and what remains is essence.
    This is what I teach in my classes and you can learn more if you meet me at Bhakti Fest in September or join my tour to India in November.
    This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius!

    1. You mislead people by associating meditation, kirtan etc with Hinduism. You open the door to hindu casteism, Vedic sacrifices, animal and human sacrifices, astrology, superstitions.
      I think you need to read up on the real source of Yoga and Meditation:
      The Shramana (Skt. Śramaṇa; Pāli. samaṇa) was an ancient Indian religious movement, parallel to, but separate from, Vedic Hinduism. The Shramana tradition gave rise to Jainism,[1] Buddhism,[2] and Yoga,[3] and was responsible for the related concepts of saṃsāra (the cycle of birth and death) and moksha (liberation from that cycle).[4]

      1. Attack the Liars, your mistake is thinking that Hinduism is a religion, and 1 single religion at that. What it is a term that signifies the indigenous traditions of South Asia, which are many and varied.
        Shramana was nothing more than the grihastas who left the plains for vanaprasta and sanyasa, or single villagers who did so without ever having been married. They would go to the mountains and meditate or wander from village to village teaching people spirituality.
        Like I explained before, South Asian traditions, whether vedic, tantric, or otherwise, had no caste system but there was a varna and ashram system.
        Grihasta is the married household life but after that comes vanaprastha and sanyasa when you are older and renounce family responsibilites to focus on attaining moksha through meditation and other means. You can also skip the grihasta stage altogether and go straight to vanaprastha and sanyasa.
        South Asian society was a symbiosis between the householders who stayed at home and did their fire sacrifices and provided charity to the shramans like food and shelter in exchange for being taught whatever it is they had learned about life through renouncing mainstream society.
        Not only were the two NOT separate but they depended upon one another. If you come on my tour of India in November you will see how this system is still alive and well in many areas.
        Til then, I suggest you read some books from ISKCON. Don’t take everything you read in them seriously, but they do give a good foundational understanding about the varna and ashram system of South Asia and the interplay between the householders who keep mainstream society going, and the vanaprasthi and sanyasis who renounce mainstream society for meditational pursuits once they get beyond their reproductive years.
        Don’t get too caught up in linguistics. The word Hindu is not found in any Veda, Purana or Upanishad.
        Meditation, kirtan and other things you would erroneously label “shraman” are performed in every practicing Hindu’s household today.
        Common to the Hindu household is the home temple room and the house functions as one’s personal place of spiritual practice.
        I can teach you all you need to know to enter into a serious South Asian spiritual home practice if you meet me at Bhakti Fest in September.

        1. You are either ignorant, or you are lying. Did you even read my link? The sramans rejected Hinduism, yet you are claiming they are Hindus!

        2. Indian American Vedantist & Idol Worshipper:
          your mistake is thinking that Hinduism is a religion, and 1 single religion at that. What it is a term that signifies the indigenous traditions of South Asia, which are many and varied.
          Oh, boy…Now Hinduism ain’t a religion. Hindus and Buddhists make this bullshit argument all the time. It’s all part of the “soft” sales pitch.
          I suggest you fucking go look up the definition of religion, asshole.

        3. Liars, it is neither your native nor adopted culture so you are misinformed. Wiki was incorrect. They could not have “rejected Hinduism” because there was no Hinduism to reject. The shraman tradtion is the vanaprastha and sanyasa tradition of the ashram system.
          Again, it is not your fault that you don’t know these things, it is not your world. However you can learn if you join my Indian tour.
          This is not a money making scam. We will not be staying in expensive hotels but rather dharmashallas and ashrams. If you can’t afford it then I can maybe provide a sponsor for you.
          You will love what you experience and learn – I promise!

        4. “Oh, boy…Now Hinduism ain’t a religion”
          Nope, its not.
          If its a religion then what specific religion is it?
          Kashmir Shaivism?
          Tamil Vaishnavism?
          How about Bengali Chaitanyaite Bhakti?
          None of those?
          OK how about Bengali Shaktism then?
          Then is it Agora Tantra?
          You see my friend, Hinduism is not 1 religion. Rather it is a broad term that signifies the many divergent religions and traditions native to South Asia.
          “I suggest you fucking go look up the definition of religion, asshole.”
          A gentleman of culture, I see.

        5. They could not have “rejected Hinduism” because there was no Hinduism to reject
          You are such a brazen liar. The sramans were not Hindus: they rejected the Vedas, the Hindu gods, the efficacy of the Vedic rituals.
          Buddhism is a sramanic religion. Buddha rejected the Hindu holy scripture, the Hindu gods, the Hindu caste system. How on earth could he have done that if Hinduism did not exist?

        6. Hinduism is not 1 religion. Rather it is a broad term that signifies the many divergent religions and traditions native to South Asia.
          These Hindus are actually proud of being such slippery snakes. Basically these guys are spiritual con artists. See how he keeps trying to sell his trip to India?
          You are lying when you claim that Hinduism is not one religion. Look it up. By your reasoning Christianity must not be one religion either since it has so many sects. Ridiculous.
          By definition a believing Hindu, an Astika, is one who believes in the final authority of the Vedas. Buddhists are not Hindus because they do not believe in the Vedas.

    2. Arab American, I’m really not impressed nor amused with you plugging your hippie cult, I think your on the wrong website.

      1. Sat Nam Robert!
        I know you have some experience with Kundalini Yoga. You are in Calfornia. Did you go to Sat Nam Fest in Joshua Tree?
        What is your experience with this western “tantric sex” meme?

        1. No, I did not go, but I have been to Joshua Tree quite a few times. We used to go there and rock climb LOL. Lots of fun.
          That was a joke, but I used to be able to have sex for 1-4 hours off and on and more or less keep an erection the whole time without orgasming. The women and girls I was with all thought I had a rare talent! 😉

  10. There is a particular “God” Who told me All Beings on Earth are in Hell. Now taken exactly at this point of time it might not be true. But, it is the truth, even if takes 100,000 years all you motherfuckers will be in Hell. So, fuck on.

  11. We need another Genghis Khan now to Cleanse Shithole India, World needs million Genghis khans or Mohammad Ghaznavi ,if not Hindu filth will turn entire world into a parasitic Shithole

    1. Coward, did you watch the music video of Ravi and Anoushka Shankar that I posted for you on the other thread, mate?

    2. He is a brahmin and one of those High Caste ones; I doubt he is self-hating as much as he is critical of the nature of his society. I think he is fine being by himself and having the freedom of not being forced to associate with anyone and also not performing aztec like rituals. That pretty much is his philosophy, being an individual..

      1. If you live among Lower caste Australoids for 1000’s of years , you will lose your cool immediately
        Vedas even say the same, “Tolerance of Evil ” is biggest crime
        Krishna even fought a war for the same reason, I support violence , but not of intellectual people as world needs intelligent ones
        Stupid corrupt crooks from india must be beaten down
        I will tell you how indian idiots work, if you are sympathetic to indians, they misuse your hospitality
        Indians are bullies, but they dont bully you directly, indirectly they love to bully others by shaming them
        If you give up, they will shame you more, insult you more, abuse your system more….they cannot reason, but you beat them, whip them, they will listen
        Of Course they will complain racism, discrimination and all bullshit, but trust me. if you dont give it back to indians, they consider your tolerance as your weakness, and will bully you, cheat on you more
        The only remedy against such scum is beat them, bully them , abuse them, mock them, taunt them
        I Actually do all these things on indians when ever there is social gathering, and guess what no slumdog opens his mouth and starts his rant about “So called great indian history”
        If you give some space to indians, he will immediately display his hatred towards you, he will indulge in self.Glorification and belittling your culture indirectly and if you tolerate him, he will do it more until you become fed up with his bullshitting
        Indians are masters of fakery, under hand compliments, indirect communications, self glorification and using indirect abuses on others
        Best way is to bully them, i teach many germans same stuff, belittle indians , show to other friends about Hindu urine drinking,Cow fecal worship and all nasty things, this keeps their Over Hyped EGO in check and your stupid indian will become more pleasing and respectful.
        Dont consider his respect as his character, actually your indian is waiting for a chance to pounce on you and stab you.
        Trust me, the ones who abuse ,exploit indians more are not white people but other indians
        To many it may sound inhumane but indians know it very well, how to treat their fellow compatriots , harsh it may sound, most indians deserve this.
        West is tolerant and this is why they abuse your system, immigration and exploit your kindness and they pay back you with hatred,deception and corruption.
        Indians are one hugely fucked up people, and only other indians know this truth
        Like they say, the best enemy to one indian is another indian

      2. “I doubt he is a Aryan Brahmin. I have never known more Nordic-like Whites to lose their cool and go on fanatical rants like that.
        I think ILOR is a hot-headed Dravidian.”
        He could be Dravidian Brahmin.
        But it seems non-South Asians are more interested in caste then South Asians are.
        I think because a lot of Westerners have no cellular memory of their pre-Christian roots and they feel lost, like “we have no tribe, no identity” so they are fascinated by the identities of people who they perceive as being more intrinsically connected to their roots.

  12. Hallo, my name is Raj, and I am a Hindu with small dick. I am looking for compassionate White woman who understand me and want to have a sex with me. Even a ugly hag will do. I haben’t had a pussy in the 45 years. I also like to put boy’s private parts in my mouth until white stuff come out of their pee pee hole. Please if you are big Black man with huge cock please contact me so you can sticky it in my arsehole. Thank you!

      1. shut the fuck up,brahmin.You filthy priests have always esdtablished urself as superior to us kshatriyas.We ought to be at the top of the caste system actually since we took up the administration and defended our land and now you suddenly turn an anti-indian?

  13. “Raj Guatama”
    You meant “Raj Gautham”.
    If you’re going to troll successfully, you have to be accurate and believable.

      1. Attack, you say its “obvious” I’m Indian because of my knowledge of Hindu cultures. However you will find that A LOT of non-Indians have this knowledge, and in greater depth than even I if they involve themselves in any of the neo-Hindu groups like Hare Krishnas or Ammachi or whatever.
        Same with western Buddhists who seriously study their tradition.
        I’m telling you mate, I don’t know which country you live in, but there’s a huge cultural shift taking place in the US right now.

        1. This is a lie. This is clearly a hindu posing as two groups they’re vociferously against – Arabs and Americans. Lying, filthy Hindu Trolls. You can often find the Hindu troll (the only kind that looks like one in real life too) posing as white Christians online.
          Btw, I’m an Indian Christian and I hate Hindus. You have to grow up in India to know how evil they are.

  14. ” I got the “Guatama” from Buddha’s last name; Siddharta Guatama. ”
    Its Siddhartha Gauthama or Siddharth Gautham, mate.
    Did you see the Ravi and Anoushka Shankar music video I posted for you yesterday?

    1. No worries mate! I didn’t post that one because I thought it was great. I was also suprised that a few commenters left comments like “masterpiece!” since it was disjointed.
      Here’s an entire concert by Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan.

      1. “I think you have a great cultural thing going on”
        I do!
        And I say everyone should ride the wave of the cultural and spiritual shift that is taking place in the West.
        Many of the women involved in this scene are thinner and better looking than the rest of the female population as well, for those of you looking for girlfriends.

      2. Coward, I enjoy Southern Europe. Northern Europe is too cold for me. The new age spiritual women in California aren’t anorexic, just on average less likely to weight 200 + pounds than the rest of the women in the States.
        Which country do you live in?

  15. American Middle class is living in hypnotic world , they were seduced my the lies that Indian NASSCOM lobby PR machine was telling them,
    Worst thing is . American managers are kowtowing to Indian lobby
    Many are opting out of ICT and Science streams because they find no future in that
    Seems Elite of USA are threatened by American Whites, American College Dropouts have created entire Stream of Products that we use today
    If these kids were given free run they might challenge the status quo.
    So Eites are bringing in more and more Indian idiots who cant program anything other than Basic functions and setting relational Databases or working on Regression / load testing , maintenance support.
    Actually those jobs that Indian Idiots are doing in US today were once done by Fresh college graduates, Community college graduates and lower income bracket Students who have no money to graduate from ivy league
    IT job is best thing that they dreamt, it offered them some money and if their work gets sold, they made huge bucks and entered into higher income bracket
    This story is common theme in post 1970’s middle class and lower income White families
    Now entire middle class has been wiped off, and junk from india has entered into USA, worse they are not even grateful of this, infact they feel as if they are entitled .
    Indian immigrants are touted as ” Best and Brightest” where as americans are called bastard childs, kids who sit in basement, drop outs,useless drug addicts
    Entire generation of Adult American men have been shamed
    This is classic indian PR tactic to shame their opponent , bully them into submission
    Upper caste indians have employed this tactic on Lower castes for 1000’s of years in India, the result is most fucked up culture that you see in India
    The only way of out of this is to expose indians, shame them and bully them, dont be sympathetic to their crocodile tears, bully them back, they will bark and settle down .
    British know this tactic , dont know why they are not employing this.,
    Brits employed this tactic in India, shamed Entire indian population , called them misfits, use to beat indians with Big Stick–Called Lathi, basically use to beat animals
    At one point brits use to call indians “Dogs” a term mainly used to call upper caste indian clerks who use to serve their masters and do everything to protect their jobs
    Inhumane it may sound, indians loved it,and also had deep respect for British, many upper caste hold deep respect for british, although they envy White people for their creative abilities
    Lower caste indians are straight into modernity from bronze age,. they may wear Giorgio Armani, but when they open their mouth you will feel an idiot is dressed in Million Dollar suit which he doesn’t deserve.,

  16. Robert, I’m curious…what is the true purpose of this piece? Is it just that you’re trying to be a provocateur, or were you trying to put across a point I may have missed? I’ve read enough of your blog to see that you have a problem with Indians in general. But this post is hardly anything new. And the level of comments from the troll audience seems positively deranged and not worthy of being called a debate.

    1. I am going to keep on hammering this point home. No one is these people. They have invaded my nation as a hostile force, are stealing my jobs and are laughing all the way to the bank about it. They hate us, hate our country and its culture and just see as competition to be destroyed.
      These people need to be EXPOSED. Way too many Americans think that Indians are the greatest thing since sliced bread. The Muslims, Blacks and all the rest have been exposed. Everyone knows what they are like and we are shaming them are griping about them all the time. That is good. People need to understand what people are like so they can deal with them.
      Also it is important that this ethnic group behaves so horribly. You see that Asians, Whites and Arabs all get along in IT and respect each other. And they are all united in their hatred for the Indians. That is because these Indians behave horribly. They don’t have to. Instead they could act exactly the same way the other three groups do and everyone would like them and get along with them. They CHOOSE to act like monsters, so they need to be exposed.
      I really feel that these Indians are some of the worst people on Earth. I am blowing the whistle on them, calling them out. This is a wake-up call.
      Furthermore, our elites are using the hostile Indian invaders as a club to beat the American workingman over the head with.

        1. Probably not. I live on ~$11-12,000 K/year, and physically, I am not even in good enough shape to drive down there. I could not stay awake enough to handle the trip.

        2. Sufi Qawali group Fanna Fi Allah also attends Bhakti Fest.
          Love, Peace, Fusion Unity, the Beloved!
          The old ways of being are dying.
          The 60s started but couldn’t finish The Revolution. They weren’t spiritually mature enough. The seeds were merely planted back then. The flowering is now!
          This is the future of America!

        3. -my hiatus end; and: in North America most indians are hindus ,but a good % convert to christianity, in the other side, most whites are christian,then irreligious and a tiny minority are hindu, is more common that indians are absorbed in the dominant culture

        4. Robert, ” I am not even in good enough shape to drive down there. I could not stay awake enough to handle the trip.”
          Really? Why is that? What health issues are you facing? Maybe I can help.

      1. Extreme fatigue for 15 years. The only thing that has helped it is allergy shots and a couple of sinus operations. I can’t drive down to Joshua Tree. I can’t even drive 2-3 hours in any one direction really. I would need 5 cups of coffee to do that, otherwise I would fall asleep.

      2. Sliced White Bread is one of the worst things one can eat for Health reason, Same case with your Coco-Cola.

      3. Stole My Job! hahahahahaha.
        you bastards sell the world your worthless dollars that is right you are the one cheating the world what the fuck are you crying about? getting products and services in return for PAPER and you blame us Indians especially Hindus?!!!
        Listen you stupid socialist fuck, Upper Caste Hindus are insular and proud of that but we do not force our religion or ideology down other people’s throats like you do, we do not kill people for changing their religion like you gesucks loving x’tians. We do not challenge the US political or social system or the U.S constitution, we work hard.
        you are a man of low intelligence that is why you think your job is to offend people, just because you are white does not mean you have to be stupid, look at the Germans they are smart, you can be too.
        An idiot like yourself can only expose his stupidity and nothing else ha wants to expose Indians and Hindus! hahaha, jobless madman!!
        Lazy arabs and whites want to get overpaid thats why the jobs problem.
        lets even not talk about asians because it is china which is screwing you in your ass not India, they stole 10 times more jobs than India has and yet your stupid brain (cause you are a dickhead) blames Hindus, hahaha!!
        want to know why Hindus win the spelling bee contest so frequently? We Work Hard and have NO feelings of Entitlement you socialist scum.
        Next time somebody does something for you pay them with something real not useless paper and stop crying because it is not other’s fault that you are a fat looser.

        1. FOAD you slimy Hindu worm. You are the vilest, evillest and filthiest human beings on the planet. Sheer morally retrograde criminal minded trash. The lowest form of humanity is Hindus from India.

        2. I life off a trust fund. Other than that, I work as a therapist. I haven’t lost my job to an Indian Hindu dog. I’ve never lost any of my jobs to an Indian Hindu dog. I’ve never been fired from a job so a nonhuman from India could be hired to replace me, and I feel sorry for anyone who has. You Hindus are poison, and I will do everything I can to keep you poison out of my country. We are a great country, and we don’t need the worst example of ethnoreligious barbarism known to mankind (Hinduism) poisoning our great, proud, moral, humanistic Western culture.
          Chinese are at least humans. I respect humans. I would feel bad too if I lost my job to a nonhuman worm from India. We don’t mass import Chinese programmers to replace great White workers at their jobs. We only import nonhumans from India for that.
          PS I am 5’11, 167 pounds.

        3. “You Hindus are poison, and I will do everything I can to keep you poison out of my country.”
          And yet you practice Kundalini Yoga.
          Here’s my take; Indians should “give back” to America by teaching us yoga, meditation, pranayama, The Dharma.
          Some of them are, but more often than not its non-Indian Americans who are teaching other Americans these things, such as myself.
          There’s a lot of philosophy and mind-body-soul wisdom Indians could share.
          I’ll encourage the Indians I know who are not doing so to start. (But then that might cut into my disciple demographic, LOL!)

  17. Naruto,recent Indian converts to Christianity are strange for me to see but Malabar Jacobites (Syrian Orthodox) have been in Kerala for almost 2,000 years now and they are different than this new breed of Evangelics.
    Christianity has been dying in the West and global North since the 60s so the Vatican and Evangelicals have really upped the ante on the East and global South conversions but here’s the catch – as the West and global North becomes increasingly Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Sikh, etc, the East will wake up and be like, “Hold on, we are accepting the West’s rejected religion. We need to think about this for a sec.”
    In this way Christianity will be completely finished and without a trace by 2050.

    1. Are you here to spread your filth on forum,are you the same swedish shit.
      No wonder USA is becoming a Land of SODOM and GOMORRA , Hindu culture and its filth is spreading across USA , this will turn America into another Shithole
      Seems Adolf hitler has chosen bad Target., he should have chosen Hindus, that would have been a great thing

  18. We as a people have been brainwashed to accept our replacements with happiness; to “embrace diversity” because our numbers are being diluted with poaching foreigners who abandon their low IQ toilets for better living around white folks.
    I think whites are the only race in the history of earth that have not risen to fight their extinction. Rather, all too many of us celebrate it.
    Why? Media slogans tell us to.

  19. India_landoofRapes fucking coward go and eat your shit and crawl back to the rat hole through which ever u you emerged from you bloody bastard!!! . you seem to be the most disgusting piece of fucking crap of a animal who happened to be an Indian you are what everyone hates about india u fucking homo opportunistic pig who thinks life is all about talking eating breathing filth.. Take a gelusil Oh know gelusil is known only to help humans

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