Walmart: Enemy of the People

Walmart is a ripoff. It kills good jobs with good wages. It kills towns, cities and small businesses. And all it sells is cheap crap made by slaves in China. Walmart is an enemy of the people.
Walmart is a ripoff. It kills good jobs with good wages. It kills towns, cities and small businesses. And all it sells is cheap crap made by slaves in China. Walmart is an enemy of the people. The largest employer in the US is one of the most evil companies in the country. USA! USA! USA! We’re#1! We’re #1!
Actually that photo above is from a report and it is somewhat incorrect. The cost for all social programs for that store was $900K/year, not the cost just for food stamps. According to the report, Walmart had more workers enrolled in the state’s public health care program in the last quarter of last year than any other employer, with 3,216 people enrolled. When the dependents of those workers were factored in, the number of enrollees came to 9,207. “When low wages leave Walmart workers unable to afford the necessities of life, taxpayers pick up the tab,” the report says. After accounting for the total number of Walmart stores and employees across the state and the per-person costs of BadgerCare, as the state’s health care program is known, the report’s authors estimated that the cost of publicly funded health care comes to $251,706 per year for a 300-employee Supercenter. The authors then added up the projected costs of other public-assistance programs available to families on BadgerCare, such as reduced-price school meals, Section 8 housing assistance, the earned income tax credit and energy assistance. Assuming all those workers avail themselves of those additional programs — granted, an unlikely scenario — the report extrapolates that the final tab would top $900,000. From the website where I got this:

Wal-Mart is the number one employer of welfare type program beneficiaries because very VERY few people make more than minimum wage. They make such a low paycheck because the corporate profit of Wal-Mart is not only put ahead of the people who work there (which is normal), but it is also put ahead of these employees well being (ability to thrive and pay for life). The fact that this is not only a tolerated social norm, but also one that society supports by buying things from Walmart is kinda terrible. If we want to lower the national deficit, and increase the quality of living in this country then companies like Walmart should pay for the cost of living of their employees. Instead of the govt paying these employees way because the employer is a cheap ass hole. My thing is that if Walmart wants to build a solid base of loyal hardworking employees, why would they not pay them well? And why would they now implement some kind of profit sharing system for their bottom tier employees. Statistic is not surprising when you take into consideration that Wal-Mart is also the biggest private employer in the United States. Therefore, it is an unfortunate nessecity that we must regulate business practices for the benefit for society as a whole and not the companies themselves. From a theoretic stand point, many would argue that the free market does regulate itself but since the free market is a non-existant myth, there is no self-regulation to make sure that employees are treated humanely – especially not when supply far exceeds demand in terms of jobs. In other words: There needs to be much higher minimum wages and more control on corporate employment like Walmart so that people are secured a pay they can live on and have a doctor they can see if they get sick. Capitalism insists that this would come by itself due to the free market but since that does not exist, government must take over responsibility for regulations and are doing a piss poor job at understanding that. Capitalism is based on the assumption that wealth and power distribution obey linear laws; in reality they obey power laws. Capitalism is also based on the idea that humans act (individually AND collectively) with “rational self interest” when nothing could be further from the truth. tl;dr: capitalism is a delusion built on a heap of lies. Corporate America makes me SICK. This idiots rake in BILLIONS while abusing and exploiting employees. Ban Corporate America NOW. The point is, people think its capitalism (Walmart’s success that is). And in ways it is, but, when employees are paid shit wages, and your profits are through the roof because your govt pays the rest of their cost of living, you are, at that point, a beneficiary of corporatism. Fuck that. Just start tariffing the shit out of China. Cost to get it to US shelves just went up 400 percent. Bam. Now china has to make top notch goods, worthy of that price point, or we can shop American. If you paid them a better wage they could afford better food, and have fewer lifestyle related health problems, and the amount of money they would have to spend on healthcare would go down. Or we can start tariffing china, and actually put a shit ton of money in the government’s pocket, all while restoring America into a nation of makers, instead of resellers and middlemen. I used to work in a Walmart Tire center. They purposefully under-trained their employees and didn’t provide any services that could be used as experience in getting an ASE cert specifically to stop the people working in the shop using their experience to get a better job. Social equality is the only way to fix the SLEW of current American social problems being thrown around here by petulants, idealists, and imbeciles. Pay people a decent wage. Give them opportunities. There are people who want to do just about any job you can think of, but people feel forced to get ‘good jobs’ (read: jobs they can make a decent living doing). So, people end up in jobs they hate, or in jobs they can’t thrive in. Denmark, Norway, those countries are doing it right. Tax high, provide for you people, allow people to do jobs they love, without having to worry about things. Costco pays about $20 an hour on average per employee. At a minimum, they pay $10 per hour. How come Wal-Mart can’t do that? this is why there is welfare. unless something is created for these people to do, you have to give them the basics or they will kill you and take from you. it’s that simple. so, people much smarter than most of you realized this many moons ago and decided that welfare, while vile, is necessary for society to exist. so , blame the douches that only cared about making $ and moved our work to china. find a way to fuck them over. stop buying their Chinese garbage. jobs will come back here. less welfare for you assholes to bitch about. Right, cheap food is healthy. That’s why the poor in America are dying left and right of diabetes and heart disease. The problem with Wal-mart and the companies like it is that all of their production is done in China for pennies, taking all of those jobs away from hard-working Americans. Tax and tariff the shit out of imports from China and force these companies to move their businesses back to American shores. Yes, prices would also increase somewhat to compensate for the higher wages they’d be paying American workers, but at least the money would be in AMERICA and would be spent by AMERICANS. Increasing the minimum wage is only going to send MORE money overseas instead of keeping it here in America where it needs to be spent. America is known for its income inequality, because the top 400 people own 40 The problem is the Corporations, and the government. The Corporations bribe the politicians for passing laws that favor the wealthy jerkoffs, and their companies. They own the textbook companies, and test that educate the rest of the population. So they are making Americans dumber, so they won’t vote against corporate interest. LMAO outsourcing is good. This nigga believes neoliberalism works. Companies sent jobs overseas to make a quick bucks for the execs themselves. This one giant pharm company starting with the letter M, I think its mercer. They bought back jobs in 2004 or 2005 and what they did they fire 3000-5000 R&D and other staffs. The money bring back jobs would of increase company profits, but instead they gutted jobs, and the execs gave themselves bonuses. You have been brainwashed by neoliberalism. but there is a difference between a company being ethical and fucking you in the ass because they just see you as a walking pile of cash that could be in their pockets instead of yours instead of another human being. but hey humans gonna be humans. Typically a median income for a family of four yearly to make ends within reason is 25-30k assuming both parents work. For a family of 1-2 it’s halved. In American I think the lowest minimum wage is $7.20/25. Unless you’re working a lot of overtime it’s not really possible, especially paying for insurance and car, etc bills. Not only welfare guys, but a lot of kids in our schools can’t even eat proper meals or are in the free lunch program. And what do you think would happen if that 900k were to just disappear? Do you think Wal-mart would cover the difference? You’re confusing cause with effect. Social services are getting more use because of the poor economy, not the other way around. We already have economic regulations. Things like laws concerning child labor, minimum wage, etc. I don’t see why adding a few more to ensure livable wages for Walmart employees is so unthinkable. People think regulation will ruin capitalism but they don’t realize that we aren’t completely capitalist anymore. We have a mixed economy which combines aspects of capitalism and socialism and that’s a very good thing

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  1. “Typically a median income for a family of four yearly to make ends within reason is 25-30k ”
    What? You need a LOT more than that to make ends meet for four people in this country!

  2. Good point. In a sense, Wal-Mart is contributing to the so called “welfare problem” by not paying employees enough.

  3. Dollar stores get most of their stuff from China. So does Harbor Freight. I used to buy a lot of my work tools from them because people would borrow and not return them.
    A lot of used SKSs came on the market. They were Chinese, Russian and Czechoslovak. The prices were $130, $140 and $160 respectively. It sounds like a racial stereotype but the steel of the Norincos, Chinese, had a yellow tinge.
    I’m poor, but I only buy Chinese goods if I don’t expect to use them long.
    Chinese-made shoes, such as those at Walmart, are a whole other rant.
    Food? Never!

    1. Much of the problem is that corporations exist. The persons who manage a corporation do not own it. Often, they aren’t even around long. They just milk it for a quarter or a few, then leave to manage some other corporation. They may spend the corp’s reputation (bought a Maytag lately?) but they don’t care because they’re rich and it’s no longer their problem.
      It took a Henry Ford, a guy who owned the company, to see that if the producers of the goods were well-paid, they would be better motivated and even be customers.

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