The Jews Genocided the Native Americans and the Buffalo!

Via the wildly anti-Semitic Rebel of Oz site run by noted anti-Semite Andrew Winkler, here is one of the most humorous bits of anti-Semitic nonsense I have read in a while.
Not only are Jews the font of evil for the whole universe, but they genocided the Indians! Those sneaky bastards! Yes, Christopher and Bartholomew Columbus were born in Genoa and raised as Genoans, but they sailed under the flag of Spain. There were no countries as such back then, and words “Spaniard” and “Italian” had no particular meaning as ethnonyms, at least not like they do now. Back then, describing the Colombuses are Genoans would probably be more accurate than anything else, as people identified themselves as the residents of a city or town and little else.
Columbus didn’t even speak “Italian” as there was hardly any such thing back then. Instead he spoke a language called Genoan, a dialect of a language called Ligurian, which resembles French more than modern Italian. Even in Spain, many other languages were spoken, and many Spaniards would identify themselves as Catalans, Aragonese, Asturians, Galicians,Leonese, Andalusians, Basques, Cantabrians, Aranese, Murcians, Extremadurans, Machengans etc. In Aragon and Asturias, there were actually crowns competing with the Spanish or Castillian crown. The queen was more the Queen of Castile than anything else.
It is doubtful that Jews played any larger role in killing off the Indians than any other Whites. In fact, their role was probably much lesser. The few Jews that existed in the US prior to 1890 lived in cities, mostly on the East Coast. The folks who killed off the Indians were Whites, mostly Scots-Irish but also Frenchmen, Dutch, etc.
The railroads probably did not hire people to exterminate the buffalo in order to protect trains. This the first I heard of that. The buffalo were mostly killed off by scumbag White Gentiles like Buffalo Bill. As the trains moved across the plains, “typical American” yahoos pointed guns out of trains and shot at buffalo as the train moved along. Any buffalo that fell just lay there as there was no one to pick up the corpse. In many other cases, typical red-blooded Moronicans, seeped in Mom, the flag and apple pie, would shoot buffalo after buffalo. Then they would go to the corpse and cut out only the tongue, leaving the rest to rot on the plains.
The vast majority of buffalo were simply exterminated, and their bodies were left to rot in vast piles in the plains in what is one of the one of the stupidest acts of anthropocentric viciousness towards our fellow creatures in the past 200 years. Further, the bodies were not even gathered up for food to feed humans or hides to be used for this or that. The meat could have been salted and would have kept for a long time even in a pre-refrigeration era.
Alternatively the buffalo could have been rounded up and farmed like cattle, or the plains could have been fenced off and turned into giant buffalo ranches like modern cattle ranches. It was a tremendous act of incredible idiocy and monumental cruelty by the “civilized White race,” supposedly the finest race of humans on Earth. The Indians who used the buffalo in a healthy symbiosis with nature for millennia were much more civilized about their relationship with this animal.

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19 thoughts on “The Jews Genocided the Native Americans and the Buffalo!”

  1. It’s True Bobby…
    I have shit loads of evidence on that as well…
    That was just an intro…
    I can name u jews – Pizzaro, the Hidalgos who over ran Latin America….
    Jewish General Amhurst with all the other jewish generals and the blankets he rigged with small pox to mass distribute to the innocent and naive natives – most being fucking clueless, and the 4 top jews in the British Army that conquered Canada and the Northern USA and exterminated the jews and the jews that funded the “conquest” and genocide…
    American generals Tommy Franks (Russian Jew), Schwarzkopf (German Jew), Mike Mullen, David Petraeus (in his case a fucking Mossad double agent), and others are behind the Jewish-led genocide against the Muslim world…..wakey wakey…Qur’an is accurate about the jews and their lust for war!

    1. If everybody is a Jew, no one is a Jew. And that’s what it comes down to in analyses like yours. Virtually everyone who’s done anything significant is a Jew, according to you. The Goyim have been snoozin’ and losin’, so why should anybody feel sorry for them?

  2. ”The few Jews that existed in the US prior to 1890 lived in cities, mostly on the East Coast.”
    A lot of Jews lived in the South. The third highest ranking Confederate was a Jew.

  3. A group does not need numbers when it is an expert in something.
    Look at bluestar, chamkaur, and saragarhi for military examples.
    my 2 cents, jews exert a higher influence than their numbers would suggest.
    Zorasatarians are 0.08 of India’s populaton but have 40% of the wealth.
    What about jews?
    Rothschild banker’s stole the gold of mysore (tipu sultan, south india) in 1799 and went on to control the british banks causing more strife and stealing the jewels of lahore, which held the most royal jewels out of any court in the world.

    1. Hmm. Most “royal,” what an interesting phrase. Royalty assumed some mandate from “God,” yet assumed the position usually by force, supported by a class of armed “nobility.”
      Basically, nobility and royalty were just bandits who set up shop in one place and forced the locals to pay tribute or work their newly acquired land through extortion in return for protection from others of the same kind (other bandits). So in essence, Singh, you are complaining about bandits being robbed by other bandits.

    2. 35 percent of americas population are homo sexual. Those are the ones out of the closet. so i would say that the same percentage of homo’s as hetero’s serial killers matches mainstream. What percentage of those blacks are 100 percent black. What does crime mean, violent crime are the only figures we should keep as all others can be manipulated for budget. i’m talking about the pot smokers arrested for a criminal act when none was commited. Coward start using facts and we will listen.

  4. Just added the history which I recently learned, as just saying jew this or that seems to give jewish banking cartels an almost mythical undefetable stature, simply put they robbed a guy and then reigned in the king of england.
    Not, that hard to do if you think about it. The system works by people consenting to it, just don’t be apathetic, Sikhi has commands such as keep weapons and defend the weak so I’m not worried about the world, things will get harder but we have half the population or more following ideologies that say to hell with everyone else.
    What would you expect to happen?
    The eastern philosophy stuff is bs, btw it’s the same. Bhudd, Jain, and Sikh involve universal love 70% of indians used to be bhuddist, if you want to see what a small learned elite can do study India.
    Now, if you need a reason to start doing stuff, look at India, the west will turn into that, as they both have the same structural system (governance) and are both ‘democracies’.
    I would ask everyone to give up any beliefs, and only read and make your own conclusions. A democracy is not inherently better than a kingdom where the king swears to help the people and hold everything in trust.
    Better to have an accountable ruler than a thief who runs away every four years.

  5. “Bhudd, Jain, and Sikh involve universal love” ….
    “Now, if you need a reason to start doing stuff, look at India, the west will turn into that”
    I’m doing my part!
    You are right that the west, at least US, will turn into that, spiritually at least. Buddhism is the fastest growing religion here. Yoga, Vedanta, Tantra, various forms of Sikhism and Hinduism (Jain not so much) are on the rise.
    I am teaching yoga meditation and Vedanta and doing my part to spread the love.
    Sat Nam!

  6. “The Indian was frugal in the midst of plenty,” says Luther Standing Bear, a member of the Lakota tribe. “When the buffalo roamed the plains in multitudes, he slaughtered only what he could eat and these he used to the hair and bones.” Indeed, for thousands of years the huge bison herds were able to accommodate the loss of the relatively few animals taken by Native Americans. In the 1500s, however, things began to change. First, Spanish explorers introduced horses to the region. By the 1800s, Native Americans had learned to use the speedy steeds to chase bison, dramatically expanding their hunting range and effectiveness. Next, guns made their way into the hands of buffalo hunters, making them increasingly deadly hunters. But it was that arrival of vast waves of white settlers in the 1800s — and their conflict with the Native American residents of the prairies — that spelled the end for the buffalo. Among the earliest waves of settlers were trappers and traders, people who made their living selling meat and hides. By the 1870s, they were shipping hundreds of thousands of buffalo hides eastward each year: more than 1.5 million were packed aboard trains and wagons in the winter of 1872-73 alone.

    1. I’m guessing that he probably mixes it up, along with everyone else. The Jews are the Semites who followed Isaac and the Semites who followed Ishmael are the Arabs, both sons of Abraham. So calling Arab hate against the Jews anti-Semitic, its pretty moronic/ironic.
      The guy who is claimed to have instigated this reactive article is named Winkler, which seems to be associated with the Jewish Semitic branch that intermarried in Germany. I don’t have anything against Semites as a whole and find certain individuals very personable and good people to know, and others just annoying. Its like any other group, based upon individual personalities, not stereotypes, which are usually inaccurate.

  7. Hating anyone without knowing them is ridiculous and simply a waste of time, for that matter, hate is a ridiculous waste of energy, indifference is not.
    Using stereotypes is a tool of the weak-minded to classify things that they don’t know or to generalize limited observations and generalize to an entire group that are perceived to be homogenous; it makes life less confusing to them, but is usually highly inaccurate.
    Those with stronger minds admit they don’t know but evaluate on a case-by-case basis and can live with a higher degree of ambiguity.

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