Should I Leave My Notes Up on the Site?

I accidentally put my Blogging Notes up on the Net and published them. Formerly, they had been a draft. I am wondering if I should keep them up there. It is all supposed to be turned into posts at some time or another, but it is just that I am too lazy to do so.
One worry I had was that people would steal my stuff and make their own posts out of it and beat me to it so to speak. But no one ever steals my stuff anyway, so I am not sure this is a big worry. I may copyright it just in case.
So weigh in. Should I leave this up there or not?

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0 thoughts on “Should I Leave My Notes Up on the Site?”

  1. At least five years, maybe even longer. Five years for sure. A lot of posts started out this way. It’s all supposed to go up at some point, but transforming something from notes into a finished document is a bigger job than you think.

  2. I thought it was an unusually disjointed long ass post.
    Imho I would take it down. Sure it looks harmless and it’s just basic notes..
    Then somebody copies it , takes a few tabs of blotter and turns it into
    blockbuster movie or novel ….. t’would burn me fursure.
    Or the fuckin Chinese ! They hack and steal everything. There could be a whole sweatshop of underage bastards making product out of yur work !
    The swagger of waving the fruits of your labor out for the less intelligible to paw at is impressive. Me…. I wouldn’t do it.

  3. Yes leave them up. Who cares if someone copies them or makes blogs out of the material?
    Be open source. Be free. Be happy.

  4. Just leave them up. you had interesting reading materials here. Normally if i want to share someone’s works i will put the original links.

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