America, RIP

Via the “Tunnel Rat”‘s excellent High Tech Insurgent website. Tunnel Rat is a fine US IT worker, currently slaving at a Hindu-infested US IT firm. His identity is a closely held secret. He is widely hated by Hindu Indian H-1B job thieves and their parasitical cheering section, which sadly includes much of the US Left, of all people. The US IT worker is an icon, a dying icon, dying like the buffalo exterminated on the US plains. A traitor class of US upper middle class and upper class managerial and corporate elite have conspired to kill the best and the brightest of US minds, our great IT workers, by importing vast numbers of Hindus to steal their jobs. Many of these great Americans were forced to train their replacements before they were fired. One man trained his replacement for some days, was summarily fired and then went out into the parking lot and put a bullet in his brain. Those are the remains of the US engineering elite, scattered on the asphalt like those splattered brains. While the first responders race to the scene to mop up the blood and guts, the rich and their henchmen and hired guns party it up in their mansions and yachts. They could as well by swilling the blood of US workers instead of the alcoholic spirits they down, for the effect would be the same. Americans, stupidly, worship the US high tech corporate elite as some variety of “cool,” “modern,” or “hip” capitalist. But a capitalist is a capitalist barring a few nonconformists rebelling into ethics or outdated noblesse oblige or whatnot. But I have always said that the IT capitalists are some of the worst capitalists of all, particularly the corporate software vendors, who sunk corporate evil to new dives. There is nothing cool or hip about them. They are not even modern, except where modernism has trashed a lot of the decency of old business culture and replaced it with a capitalism stripped of anything human or humanitarian at all. Noblesse oblige is so 1950’s. Fordism is is in the ground with Henry. All of that is outdated now. If you don’t believe me, go to Harvard Business School and ask around. The talk now is all profit maximization, globalism, outsourcing, privatization, deregulation, efficiency and externalities. An “externality” means the notion that a corporation should have any duty to anyone other than its shareholders. Their communities, consumers, workers or our shared environment or state be damned. Responsibility? What’s that? Revoke their damned charters already.

Alas, poor middle class Americans, I knew thee well!
Alas, poor middle class Americans, I knew thee well!
Many of the IT workers on Tunnel Rat’s site are very rightwing, as is typical among highly paid workers, who do not see themselves are real workers. They are hostile to unions and very pro-capitalist but anti-corporate capitalist, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. Much of their scattered and unfocused rage is misdirected into Libertarianism, neoliberalism, rightwing populism, the Tea Party, the get rid of the Fed movement and other nonsense. This is what happens when people don’t have a proper sense of class consciousness or understanding of economic systems. Nevertheless, I see them as allies. I would love to promote worker ownership of high tech firms as a possible way out for them: kill neoliberalism and even capitalism while promoting the cooperative movement, retaining rent-seeking and other forms of self-interest and allowing tech workers to maximize their salaries and other privileges even vis a vis other workers, which is the root of their rightwing politics – they see themselves as a “worker elite” that is better than other workers and hence they are not really workers somehow, but instead, bizarrely, they are “capitalists.” But a worker is a worker, and they are all exploited and easy fodder for MBA types looking to reduce “externalities,” no matter the worker’s salary. IT workers as workers should form unions, ally with other workers instead of with their enemies, the bosses and managers, and join the working class movement, which after all is a movement of all workers, high paid and low paid.

Tunnel Rat: C.Z. Nnaemeka has a great essay that touches on America’s obsession with worthless apps, Wall Street get-rich-quick schemes, and the hi-tech junta’s tendency to ship in indentured servants from India instead of training and utilizing the millions of veterans, single mothers, middle-aged, and Appalachian rednecks. She sums it up nicely here: …Meet the people who have the indignity of being over 50 and finding themselves suddenly jobless. These are the Untouchables of the new American workforce: 3+ decades of employment and experience have disqualified them from ever seeing a regular salary again. Once upon a time, some modicum of employer noblesse oblige would have ensured that loyal older workers be retained or at the very least retrained, MBA advice be damned. But, “A bas les vieux!” the fancy consultants cried, and out went those who were ‘no longer fresh.’ As Taylor Swift would put it, corporate America and the Boomer worker “are never ever getting back together.” Instead bring in the young, the childless, the tech-savvy here in America, and the underpaid and quasi-indentured abroad willing to work for slightly north of nothing in the kinds of conditions we abolished in the 19th century. For, in the 21st century, a prosperous American business is a soaring 2-storied cake: 1 management layer at top thick with perks, golden parachutes, stock options, and a total disregard for those beneath them; 1 layer below of increasingly foreign workers (If you’re lucky, you trained these people before you were laid off!), who can’t even depend on their jobs because as we speak, those selfsame consultants – but no one that we know of course — are scouring the globe for the cheapest labor opportunities, fulfilling their promise that no CEO be left behind… Tunnel Rat again: This is a great read, and I recommend it to all those interested in hearing a shocking indictment of Silicon Valley, Wall Street, VC’s, academia, MBA’s, and the rest of the collaborators that have colluded with the likes of Vikek Wadhwa to promote the denigration, displacement, and discrimination of the American IT worker.

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42 thoughts on “America, RIP”

  1. From where I sit, more and more Americans are dropping out and tuning in and turning on to Eastern Spirituality, so I think the future of this country will be great. Very different from what we know now, but much better. Less materialistic, simpler, happier, hippier.
    We will be hippier than the hippies of the 60s and 70s because those hippies are today’s greedy capitalists, but these new hippies are dropping out for good. And we are not doing drugs to get high. We are meditating.

  2. Hi Robert
    I found it so puzzling and I cannot found satisfactory explanation that why white man managers like Indians. I found them extremely difficult to work with.
    This is not my personal opinions. Almost all Chinese I worked found Indians very difficult. I personally knew middle east Muslim who commented the same thing. White engineers have the same problem although I got this information from internet.
    My experience with white engineers are good. I like middle east engineers. For me, the fewer Indians the merrier. Nevertheless one white managers tell me personally she like Indians very much. This white manager (a she and Machiavellian type) often ask her yellow subordinate to help her Indian subordinate as Indians seems not being able to get the job done. Most Indian engineers are not strong in their technical skills. But they know how to BS and they supported managers 100% of the time.
    In Silicon valley, you cannot find so much Indian if white managers and HR hate them. Indians often told me USA Tech prefer Indian because Chinese engage in industrial espionage. That could be one of the reason.
    I think Indians engage in more industrial espionage. The difference is China is able to leverage on the intelligence to develop while Indians are not able to make use of the knowledge.
    With white, yellow and Islam engineers resenting the Indians, their good days may be over soon.

    1. Interesting. A few of my disciples are Indian, even though my guru is Indian and taught me all I know about the philosophy and practice. Now I’m “giving back” I guess to the same community that taught me.
      They do have some quirks.

      1. Your not an Arab because Arabs despise Indians, are too ethnocentric to submit to another religion and are way too racist and narrow minded to follow another religion other then their own. I don’t see Arabs ever submitting to an Indian religion of any kind sorry, too much common sense.
        So Swedish Shit, you were banned on two accounts and now you have come back a third time, when will you stop and figure out that your a pathetic dumb shit that no one cares about?

        1. “Your not an Arab because Arabs despise Indians, are too ethnocentric to submit to another religion and are way too racist and narrow minded to follow another religion other then their own. I don’t see Arabs ever submitting to an Indian religion of any kind sorry, too much common sense”
          Never been to Sweden. I am American born and bred. Ethnically Arab. Family was largely culturally Muslim with some other truth claims mixed in. There are a few devout Muslims in my family. While growing up culturally Muslim, Islam itself never moved or impressed me on a personal level.
          I got into the American yoga scene pretty young. Went to India for yoga retreats every couple of years. From there took an interest in going deep into a specific tradition and never looked back.
          The American New Age-Buddhist-Hindu-Yoga scene has people from a lot of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds in it.
          See here for just one example;

          The scene functions as an amalgamation of various Eastern traditions but also as a gateway to go deeper into one or more of them as you see fit.
          While Vedanta is my chosen path, I move with ease between many.

  3. Actually tech workers in major USA internet MNC like google, facebook, linked, yahoo have one of the best working environment. (though the bank IT department is extremely politicking)
    Tech workers like to work late. But many tech workers has a lot of freedom. Tech workers have flexi time. They can leave their desk anytime. Also a minority of tech worker have large freedom over their bosses. Tech workers can overrule their boss (more frequently than others). Those in USA net MNC has free snacks, bread, cake, coffee, coca cola. Some even have free lunch, free gym…etc.
    I look at myself. I believe I am one of the luckier workers. I see many of my friends and in comparison, I do not have to stooge so much. That is really a big blessing. (Nevertheless I have met managers who manipulate people big time)
    I think tech is more democratic than most jobs. I think many tech workers are left wing. We are there because of sheer reasoning abilities. The right wing rhetoric cant bluff us.

  4. Tech are being exploited in a very clever way. You exploit a production line worker by forcing them to work OT and giving them a KPI on yield rate.
    Although working environment can be good for tech, our exploitation are very hard as well. In companies like google, you can go through 7 rounds or more of interviews or screening. (or less)
    The recruitment process can take years. You fail, prepare again fail prepare again until you get in. (If you pass every rounds of interview, it will be quite fast. )
    We are being force to write algorithm and programs in interview. One colleague told me he got a 6 hours interviews, most of the time writing program, without the presence of interviewer. (The not so prestigious tech are easier to get in)
    With so much selectivity, many high IQ people are gathered in places like google or facebook.
    That is how the exploitation works.
    Your mangers throw you a task. You complete it never mind you OT like crazy. And elite tech workers are those from elite schools and we are use to working late, in college or in labs.
    That is why there is a lot of OT in tech. You read Bill Gate, Steve Jobs and Paul Allan biography, you will know how these startup kid make their engineers go through coding marathorn.
    If we fail in any of our task, prepare to resign.
    Many good engineers are fired because they failed to deliver out of bad luck, cost over-run, or some unforeseen circumstances.
    The tech workers are generally thrown into the sea, and you learn to swim. If you got drown, too bad, no one pity you.
    There are exceptions. As companies like google is so big, there will be departments who are quite idle. Also Indians engineers and managers will cover Indians are use others as scapegoat. So bad Indian engineers are likely to survive (white managers like Indians as well even though they are lousy, Indians help managers to suppress dissent)

  5. @creaders One thing I’d say is that for a just man, neither a slave nor a master are allies.
    Indians most likely you mean hindus believe they have been slaves for 1000 years, history books overflow with chapters on even the most petty muslim chiefs but disregard entire sections of rebellions, or stuff like Hari Singh Nalwa who conquered afghanistan and even the west ignores that the richest regions of Afghanistan are in Pakistan today due to that legacy.
    This mindstate creates a person who is extremely greedy and needy. Worse than the somalian refugee culture.

  6. Someone summed up America RIP thusly;
    “Young women want to spend their late teens and twenties messing around with a string of attractive men (alphas). Because men will “date down” in terms of attractiveness when it’s just casual sex and not commitment, the women develop an over-inflated sense of what level of man they can attract, so they are unwilling to “settle” for men who are truly at their same level of attractiveness (assortive mating). Once the women hit their thirties, they stop being able to attract the hottest guys and start to worry that they will never be able to get married. Baby rabies kick in and they start earnestly looking for a man to marry. They end up having to settle for someone who is less attractive than the men they previously had. After the children are born, the women kick their beta provider husbands to the curb and resume their alpha chasing ways.”
    1. Is it true?
    2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
    3 How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
    4. Who would you be without the thought?

  7. Who cares? If ur the alpha (a ‘singh’) does it really matter? And we don’t participate in that culture of mockery (atleast me) I see those women all the time, I’ll really only go for the hottest because women even the hot ones are a dime a dozen.
    But, I don’t do that whore (man-whore) stuff..

  8. “And we don’t participate in that culture of mockery (atleast me) I see those women all the time, I’ll really only go for the hottest because women even the hot ones are a dime a dozen. ”
    Dime a dozen. What a great way to view fellow human beings!
    Singh is your last name, Sardarji. It in no way means you’re “alpha”.
    But on the internet every Lallu from the pind is a sher, right?

  9. IT workers are left wings but we generally see ourselves a league higher than the average workers. There are reasons to this.
    For people working in prestigious tech MNC, most of us gone through very elite schools surviving a draconian life of 12-14 hours of studies everyday. We burn midnight oil in labs and many of us endured 24 hours without sleep before exams.
    We saw the liberal arts, business school type partying, making love.
    In working we are very focus and solution oriented. We despise the MBA type while MBA type are very wary of us, trying to cut down our power on every opportunities. We found MBA type BS, politicking and talk cock, but we are forced to submit to them.
    I would say the elite IT workers has a certain amount of pride, that make us look right wing. But IT workers having sheer abilities in logic and reasonings are generally left wing.
    Its just like the Jews. The Jews studied a lot. They are left wing.
    I do not doubt we may show superiority towards lower status workers. One of the reason is we found ourselves having better reasoning skills and logic to get things done. Also we have the discipline the lower status workers do not have. We are able to go sleepless for many nights and get the job done. (If lower status workers are paid high enough salary, I am sure they will work more OT)
    One big black sheep is Indian tech workers. I found that they lack of many ethnics of all tech workers. I cannot tell the political leanings of Indian IT workers. But I am sure Indians engineers are quite reactionary in their behavior. Also high caste Indians are cognitive elites of India and majority of Indian tech is high caste Indians. They will bring racism and caste system into work place. I believe Indian engineers may be quite right leaning.

  10. Thanks for the post, Robert. We are fellow travelers in this occupational genocide that is being conducted by the hi-tech junta. May we all survive in the end.

    1. Thank you comrade! If you support the workers at least in the form of the IT workers versus their class enemies (their exploiters in management ownership), then you are a pro-worker guy. That means you are one of my comrades. Up with the workers!

  11. In general, upper level academia in the 80’s when IT was flourishing were leftist because it was considered cool. Back then, there was still some starry eyed idealism but also hypocrisy. Leftist are in love with Europe, which is full of white people, and prefer to be around other whites and upper level Asians (Japanese, Chinese) and regarding hispanics and blacks are useful voters but also too poor to get to their level. So life was good for these IT leftists back then.
    Indians are the uppity n****** of IT. It’s caused many hypocritical limosine liberal leftists to rethink their anti-white racist leftist agenda. Sure, right wing IT folks who are pro-capitalist need to look in the mirror and ask themselves about crony capitalists trashing companies via Indian labor. Strong enforcement of immigration laws are needed. I’m amused at how leftists think that “single mothers” should be getting IT jobs and other leftist race entitlement groups. Indians are playing that game well to their credit. They aren’t white so they milk it to the max. But even after the last white male is eliminated, then what will the USA much less the world look and be like? Sweden or Mumbai? But don’t worry, the Democrat party will be in charge and stupid Republicans will have lost. And 1000 years from now, humanity will be living in huts with slightly more advanced smartphone apps.

    1. Hi Marek, you can’t attack liberals and Leftists on here from the right, and you can’t refer to Democrats as the “Democrat Party.” That’s Republican propaganda. This is a socialist website and I ban on that stuff.
      “Strong enforcement of anti-immigration laws” ain’t gonna cut it bro. The “laws” are being enforced LOL! That is the whole problem right there.

      1. FYI, from google and findlaw:
        8 U.S.C. § 1324d : US Code – Section 1324D: Civil penalties for failure to depart: shall pay a civil penalty of not more than $500 to the Commissioner for each –>day<– the alien is in violation of this section.
        8 U.S.C. § 1325 : US Code – Section 1325: Improper entry by alien: imprisoned not more than 6 months […] and, for a subsequent
        commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18, or
        imprisoned not more than 2 years.
        And the H1B laws are obviously not being enforced since such aliens should not be hired while laying off local workers.
        In addition, anchor-baby citizenship is also technically illegal under the Constitution.
        A properly motivated executive administration could deport the lot of them in less than a year via penalties against employers, limited amnesty for whistleblowers (say, a well qualified illegal gets a work permit for turning in 10 of his friends) and maximum fines against aliens before deporting. Take everything but the shirt on their backs before they're kicked out. Did you see that above? $500 a DAY!!!!
        Anyways, you probably don't want me around so if you ban me, or just ask me to leave, adieu.

    2. “They aren’t white so they milk it to the max. But even after the last white male is eliminated, then what will the USA much less the world look and be like? Sweden or Mumbai?”
      Ever been to the upper middle class neighborhoods of New Jersey and California where professional Indian immigrants and their children live?
      That’s what it will look like.

      1. Why are you so desperate to call yourself an Arab Mr. Pakistani American! Don’t be a wannabe Arab, Plz!

  12. For the record, I said, quote: “Strong enforcement of immigration laws are needed.” A ban for saying the word “Democrat party” as Republican propaganda? That not even propaganda strictly speaking. And note that I criticized the right as well. (“look in the mirror”)
    So let’s see: The slumdogs and other leftist racists are rising up from useful welfare recipient bread-and-circus voters to now demanding that the leftist white males give up their jobs and now you don’t like it. I’m sure you needn’t ban Indian race entitlement seekers. They’re more than happy to vote Democratic (note non-propaganda term) and as traditionally oppressed by people like you, they need only preferential treatment for themselves and 600 million others like them for the next 1000 years or so.
    Josef Stalin had a nice building in Moskva where he had a back door for each apartment unit so that GRU could come in the middle of night to take out-of-favor people away. Your turn has come. Welcome to paradise, Tovarisch! But at least in Soviet czasu, they knew how to use toilets.

  13. Lindsay
    Quit pretending life in the post war period was such a utopia. I’ve seen that floated around a lot lately. We all know better.

  14. I remember well the attitude of many IT workers when the waves started to breach the levees. They didn’t need to worry or join a union because they were so %^&*() good. And those who felt otherwise could just … I can also remember when one man working one job could support an entire family. Of course, I’m 3rd generation IT, and it was a delight to find my grandfather’s patents (for IBM) in Google to show my kids. Speaking of IBM nowadays …

    1. “They didn’t need to worry or join a union”
      Maybe American IT workers need to start a union in order to not have wages driven down due to cheap labor from temporary foreign workers.

  15. Most of you cry babies are much better off now than ever before. You were nothing but savage, barbaric morons running wild. You learned how to bathe, clothe, talk, write and behave from the very people you now hate. Prejudice is a powerful tool. You want to be better regardless of capabilities. Grapes look better than raisins. The concept of a ‘Job’ was alien to you. Some exceptional minds have laid foundations to much of modern science. After a long fight with ridiculous religions and hundreds of years of learning from older civilizations that you now hate. Mankind unfortunately has to progress in this hierarchical fashion. There is too much infighting within the same kind of people or ethnicity. We need comparisons and prejudices to retain the competitive spirit. Within a century millions of you have begun to live in a much superior way than before. Most of your grand mothers and mothers prostituted themselves on streets. Considering the history you should get a perspective of who you are, how you robbed, killed others and continue to do so for your survival. And you continue to rant and cry like babies.

  16. The biggest worry about Latina immigration is not depressed wages a return Christian Hegemony. They are Catholics, after all.
    If Christians gain majority again in this country you can kiss your religious freedom goodbye!
    The only way to fight it is through the chanting of OM and other sacred mantras.

    1. nah, while me being agnostic make me disagree with some things with christianity, i don’t see hinduism as a good counterbalance, the culture where hinduism comes from don’t impress me, India is such a bad culture; i don’t support any of the 2 religions, but at least christians have done more to the modern civilization than hindus, thats why i lack admiration and interest in this Hare Krishna thing, there is no way they are divine and the truth

  17. Need Contact..
    Infosys has won the case against Jack Palmer. But i have one strong case against Infosys.
    Infosys has changed resumes history of employees to file H1b and shown them as working for Walmart in the past but employees have never worked for walmart. Petition will show (it will be with embassy) and when walmart will be contacted then it will be proved that employee never worked for walmart in the past.
    May I have some good contact of reporting to immigration fraud. I will provide details later..

  18. Robert and India Landofrapes gaandu
    Your country not only allows Hindu indians, there are quite a lot of christian indians as well if you target hindus alone it shows u are pussilianimous animals, there are quite a lot of Christians from India and other south asian ountries mirating to your countries., if you had any balls you should attack both resering your filth just for one religion shows the double standard in which you run your blog someones paying you ILOR u lowlife Sust Lund ki padaish to write these rubbish This is for you Lindsay ,if Teri Chute Mai Chuglee take a shower u cockroach

      1. A glorious dog of full pedigree. His strength, his power, his stamina was a delight to behold. He sniffed out the drugs from the brains of Robert Lyndsay who was bereft of the hallucinatory chemicals in his drug dazed, addled mind and in fit of frenzy banned that most excellent dog with a job. Still that most excellent creature’s work was done. The great cleanser has cleansed and moved on to newer pastures. Surely he will go from strength to strength.

  19. I wouldn’t even go into computers these days (unless it’s physical repair). All the big money is in math, a related subject, and it can’t be outsourced.

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