The Invasion of Oakhurst

Repost from the old site. I lived in Oakhurst, California, off and on for 16 1/2 years. I moved there in December 1990, then moved down to Fresno, California for a few months, then back up to Oakhurst for the next 16 years. About 2-3 years ago, illegal aliens invaded Oakhurst. Why it took them so long to come there, I have no idea. You tell me. During my time in Oakhurst, a friend, who is frankly a racist (he openly admits it) was telling me about the catastrophe called Southern California. My former town, Huntington Beach, is unrecognizable. There were “non-Whites” everywhere. I’m not sure that is a catastrophe. One of the things he pointed out is that illegal aliens, almost all Mexicans, have exploded across Southern California. I believe it. Growing up in Orange County, California, there were always a few Mexicans around. I started learning Spanish at age six, dated Hispanic girls at age 17, and had assimilated Mexican-American and Hispanic friends. In my youth, I worked as a janitor, in factories, in warehouses, as a forklift driver, in housekeeping, as a dishwasher, in landscaping, in construction, driving an ice cream truck, you name it. Almost 10 Landscaping (Yes! We worked in the yards of the White middle class!) was all Whites, except for one illegal alien I met in 1979. Housekeeping was all middle-aged White women. Ice cream truck drivers were Americans and legal immigrants (mostly Iranians) of all ages. In factories, it was mostly White Americans, except in 1979 when I discovered a factory full of illegal aliens. I went to the INS to turn them in and the idiot flat out told me that would not investigate the factory, and gave me some sob story about “trying to feed their families”. There was no labor shortage in Orange County in the 1970’s. All of the jobs that “Americans won’t do” were being done by Americans, often White Americans, and not for much pay either. Hell, I did these damn jobs myself, with pride. This crap about “jobs Americans won’t do” still mystifies me. There were few illegal aliens in Orange County in those days. The INS regularly conducted raids and was continuously deporting illegals. This policy was supported by super liberal Jerry Brown and by Californians across the spectrum. Strange, isn’t it? Enter Ronald Reagan. With Reagan came the devaluation of the American workingman, especially the White worker, and apparently a total devastation of enforcement, raids and deportations of illegals. The illegal population seemed to grow and grow all through the 1980’s, with Reagan’s apparently tacit encouragement. During this time it also became fashionable to try to get rich and to devalue the working class. The notion that American working class workers (especially White workers) were lazy, undependable, “losers” and just plain crappy workers was hoisted as a meme, while the White working class continued to march off and vote for their destroyer, Reagan, due to racial, religious and cultural conservative themes. At the same time, Reagan was promoting a total invasion of Mexican cheap labor into the US, and with it the ruination of the US working class. In the 1990’s, the invasion completely exploded, as first Bush Sr, for cheap labor reasons, and then Clinton, for idiot liberal reasons (Or maybe for elite class reasons?), refused to enforce the labor laws. Whenever the Right and Left agree that something is a great idea, you know it is probably one of the worst ideas on Earth. The Amnesty of 1986, which has utterly failed, comes to mind. The deinstitutionalization of mental hospitals does too. Under Bush in the 2000’s, enforcement and raids plummeted to almost zero, way down from even Clinton’s low level. And the invasion completely exploded and moved all across America. With it has come the rage of Middle America as they experienced the invaders for the first time. Ensconced in Oakhurst, I scarcely saw this invasion. But I went to Orange County in 2004 and was stunned at what I saw. Parts of it were simply a Third World country (Garden Grove) with Hispanics – apparently almost all illegals – as far as the eye could see. In other parts of Garden Grove, it seemed to be all Asians, often Koreans, Vietnamese or Chinese, with a few Filipinos. Many or most of these immigrants seemed to barely speak English. It was a site to see. I hate to say that it simply did not look like America. Not the America I was used to. Not the one I was brought up in. Everywhere in Orange County a radical caste-like class system seemed to have taken hold. There seemed to be two classes, like in any Banana Republic – the rich and upper middle class (staying in my hotel and running it) and this vast, teeming, unwashed, underclass of proletarianized laborers. It could have been San Salvador, Lima, Bogota, Manila, Calcutta or Jakarta in that sense at least. The middle class was either nonexistent or very small. Later, I went to a wedding in Irvine, California. On the way, I drove through Mexico. They told me it was America, but I knew better. I’ve been to Mexico. This was not America. At the wedding, the underclass was nowhere to be seen. The people in the bar and at the restaurant, and to some extent at the wedding, were the nouveau riche, mostly Whites with a few Vietnamese. This elite plus servants with teeming slums on the hillside scene is not the America I grew up in. It looks like 3rd World semi-feudalism…Latin America, the Philippines. Back to Oakhurst. 2 or the 3 years ago, it got invaded. Why? Who knows? I guess California is so flooded with illegals that they are finally worming their way into the mountains. Before, Oakhurst was mostly White with some Indians. The few others assimilated to the White mountain rural culture. Jobs Americans won’t do!? For 14 years I lived in Oakhurst. In that time, there was never any labor shortage. Americans worked in fast food, as janitors, in construction, in landscaping, as handymen, waiters and dishwashers, housekeepers and maids, and roofers and painters, usually for low wages. There was no problem finding Americans to do this work. Got it? No problem! Now, something has changed. My friends in construction tell me that Fresno is mostly illegal aliens in construction. Some illegals are now working construction in the mountains. My former landlord brazenly hired illegals to do construction and roofing work on my apartment. Everyone knew they were illegals, but no one could do a thing. It was audacious and in your face. Who could we call? We seethed. My friend, working construction, clued me in. On more and more jobs, they saw illegals. The capitalist scum boss forced them to do all sorts of illegal work, violated every labor law on the book, forced unsafe work on his workers so some of them got seriously injured, and the whole time, threatened to fire them all and replace them with “Mexicans”. That means illegals. If anyone complained, went to the labor board or was anything but submissive, he would bring in the illegals. My friend also clued me in on more stuff. Illegals in construction generally do not work as hard as Americans, especially White Americans (my brother was not disparaging non-White Americans – he just had not worked with many of them). Furthermore, they do not do better work, in fact, they usually do lousy work. He said it is well known in the construction industry that illegals do lousy work, but the crooked contractors could care less. Landscaping work, formerly all American workers, was now beginning to be replaced by illegals. Fast food restaurants went pretty quickly mostly illegal. Janitorial went just like that, bam. They really flooded the restaurants. Most dishwashing now is all illegals. The housekeeping jobs were quickly gone, all illegals. My friend told me that Class 2 trucking (non big rigs) in Southern California had long since gone all illegals. My American friends worked these jobs when I was younger. Now the bottom has fallen out of the wages, and the illegals are lousy drivers. They are not paid enough to fix their trucks or maintain them. Accidents and broken-down trucks are a major problem. Homeland Security just decided that truck drivers out of the port of LA need to be US citizens, so the industry is going to fire 23,000 illegal aliens. The illegals in Oakhurst kept their heads down for a couple of years, as they often do when they invade a new town. When I left Oakhurst, they were starting to get brazen, as they always do. Car thefts were being reported. Car thefts, in Oakhurst?! Almost unheard of. Now they are quite common. Could it have been the illegals? I asked. Nope, it was the “speed freaks” – the Mexicans had nothing to do with it. Oh really? We’d had speed freaks in Oakhurst since I moved there, with little to no car thefts. The illegals show up, and now there’s car thefts. Hmmm. Gang graffiti appeared for the first time. Where there are illegal Mexican invaders, there is gang graffiti. Despite all the nonsense you hear about “White gangs”, there were never any White gangs, nor any White gang graffiti, or any gang graffiti, in Oakhurst before the illegals invaded. Spanish was now heard everywhere. The new illegals could barely speak a single word of English. Good thing I can speak the invader language – Spanish! Excuse me? You don’t speak a word of English? How do you suppose you are going to support yourself in our society? How many countries let you invade them at will, take any job you want (Steal it from a citizen!), refuse to learn the language, and then defiantly demand citizenship? Almost none! You can’t invade at all – few countries allow it. Very few countries allow most foreigners to work, certainly not those who invaded. If you refuse to learn the language, fine, but most countries won’t bend over backwards to help you, you may have a hard time getting along there unless you learn the language, and you certainly cannot become a citizen until you show some proficiency. Except America, excuse me. So many of the jobs in Oakhurst that were being done by Americans were now being done by the invaders. Gee, what happened to all the Americans who were doing those jobs? Who knows? But I started seeing an awful lot of unemployed and underemployed Whites around, especially young Whites. And I started seeing an awful lot of homeless young Americans, mostly White but a couple of Blacks. They never existed before. Gee, do you think the young homeless and under- and unemployed Americans had anything to do with the invaders? Hmmmm. A friend, who has a house painting business, told me his sad story. The competition is hiring illegals for junk wages and underbidding him. He knows many construction contractors who have been hiring illegal aliens. They openly brag about it at the gym. Most of them are living in fancy houses on huge lots and driving Mercedes Benz’s and BMW’s. That’s the result of illegals in construction – wildly increased profits for corrupt contractors and a Latin American-like society. How much of the much-heralded recent wealth gap is due to invaders driving down wages? My friend recently went out on a construction job in a development just outside Yosemite National Park. The guy who was going to hire him flat out told him that he was not going to hire my friend – that he was going to hire “Mexicans” instead. In California, that means illegals. Forget Republicans and Democrats. This new immigration amnesty is a war of elites and their servants against American workers. The goal – cheap labor. You know, it really ticks off that $300 an hour attorney – Republican or Democrat – that he has to hire that American plumber for $50 an hour. You know he’d love to have an illegal invader do it for $10 an hour. How many people on Ted Kennedy‘s street have lost jobs to illegal aliens? How many in his neighborhood? Zero. The elites want to replace the entire US working class with immigrant, preferably illegal alien invader, labor. After that they are going to go to work on professionals and skilled labor. Already illegals work in Class 1 trucking (big rigs), where they buy licenses from crooked licensors for $1,500 (don’t worry about passing the tests). The accident rate is starting to go up with big rigs and all these corrupt immigrant scammer-drivers. A US company just announced that they are bringing in huge numbers of truckers from India to drive big rigs. Why? It’s a job Americans won’t do, that’s why, right? I must admit a secretive glee when I found out that the jobs of schoolteachers are being replaced by immigrants from Mexico (!?) while others are being outsourced to “tutors” from India who “teach” classes to rooms full of students over the Internet. Schoolteacher had always been one of those middle class home-owning occupations that was pretty much pro-illegal. Why? As long as your job is not being replaced by illegals, you tend to support them. Now the immigrants are replacing them. Haha! And all over America, perfectly qualified Americans say they can’t find a teaching job. White collar workers better quit grinning. They’re being replaced by immigrants too. The California Republican Party recently hired two high ranking officials. Obviously, no one in the US was capable of doing these jobs, so they had to hire immigrants from Australia and Canada. Who were willing to work for less money, no doubt. It is beyond me why the Left and the unions are supporting the invaders, seeing as how they have devastated the wage structure for working class Americans while taking their jobs. Now the elites and their immigrant buddies are going to work on professional Americans. Where will it end? I thought the Left and the Democratic Party was pro-worker, pro-average guy? Most of the Democratic bigwigs in the party are wealthy elitists, let’s face it. I guess they want servants too? Or do they cynically want to legalize 11 million illegals just to grow the party? Can someone clue me in? It’s pretty sad when the only voices supporting the working class against the invaders are on the Right. Where is the Left? Why is it siding with the invaders and against US workers? What’s going on? Anyone?

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8 thoughts on “The Invasion of Oakhurst”

  1. Hi Robert
    Same thing happen in Singapore. Now Singaporeans are complaining that jobs goes to foreigners (legal). Its not easy to fathom what the management class of people are thinking.
    Even the locals are willing to accept same pay as foreigners, managers still prefer foreigners. I am sure in USA, many whites would like to have a job even if drawing same wages as the illegals. They are not going to have much luck.

  2. In Singapore, local engineers are being kick out. If the manager is Indian, soon he will ship everyone from his village to replace all Singaporeans. Now, local doctors, lawyers are gradually being kick out as well.
    Our government keep on insisting that Singaporeans will not want to do the job or are too stupid to do the job.
    Foreigners push up home prices, as they compete for housing. The landlord cheers. Young people got sterilized, because of heavy debt incurred if they want to move out. Our young married couple got into 30 years debt.
    And with so many foreigners, we have no job security. When we lost our job, our house get foreclose and we got kick out. When there is economic crisis, we got into negative liability due to housing loan, and it will take an entire life time to clear the debt. Next moment, our government and MSM will blame us for not living within our means.
    Our government give scholarship to foreigners. Even though Singaporeans outperform foreigners, they do not have scholarships. We are put on debt due to student loan.
    I believe it could be a conspiracy of world wide elite. I see similar things happening everywhere in the world.
    Meanwhile I notice that luxury cars are becoming more and more prevalent here. There are a lot or porsche and ferrari around. There are also a lot of private yacht recently.
    My apartment cost USD70,000 at the time when my mother bought it 28 years ago. Today, it cost USD700,000. The starting pay of our fresh grad increase only about 50% during that period.

  3. The only solution is for the US to invade Mexico and make part of it part of the US. Then we send our corporations down there and Americanize it.

  4. It seems like the Upper Class wants a caste system. You’re right on the money with your point about white collar workers too–we’re just as vulnerable.
    Unless you *own* vast tracts of the economy, you’re a serf. Too bad, learn your place, peasant.
    But if the Upper Class keeps this shit up, there is going to be an American revolution 2.0 pretty soon. Western White (and probably Black) culture has been conditioned since the Enlightenment not to tolerate feudalism.
    There is going to be a backlash I predict among the younger generations. Especially when you’ve told the working/middle class White ones that you’re lazy, entitled and stupid, and evil their entire life. Let’s hope this revolution is more progressive than reactionary.

    1. There won’t be a revolution. Revolutions are a shift in order backed by an ideological force. Most of the goyim live paycheck to paycheck and are easily distracted (sports, sex ect). You’re hoping for a rebellion, a chaotic tantrum. But even that’s unlikely.

      1. Soooo.. how much actual support did the Bolsheviks have among the real people of Russia? Not much.
        A small group of sharp people can make a big difference. Perhaps, for once in three centuries, the right people will be the ones making those changes.

  5. Robert,
    Everything you’re describing could be said about Western Europe, with the exception that fewer jobs are taken by illegals because many of them live from children allocations and organized crime. This weights on the economy and justify ever increasing taxes. You always talk about ‘left’. There is no left or right. There is an upper-class which mostly want to reproduce itself and has developed various theories, be them progressive or conservative, to protect its rank in society. A small share of the conservative upper-class put its loyalty to its country and fellowmen above its class interests. A even smaller share of the left upper-class do the same.
    Admittedly, a very, very, very small share of the latter. Aristocratic societies were more protective toward their next of keen for that matter. Since the white middle and working classes cannot but see that their assumed protectors (the left upper-class) are betraying them, they must choose an lesser evil and support the so-called racist conservatives. Speaking of Bolsheviks, they certainly didn’t protect the russian culture and values at first, and only under Stalin, the ‘eternal holy russia’ values knew some kind of resurrection.

  6. “Enter Ronald Reagan. With Reagan came the devaluation of the American workingman, especially the White worker, and apparently a total devastation of enforcement, raids and deportations of illegals. The illegal population seemed to grow and grow all through the 1980′s, with Reagan’s apparently tacit encouragement.”
    You say he deported illegals and then encouraged their numbers to grow here simultaneously. Please explain.

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