Mexicans Belong in Mexico

The illegal ones, anyway.
The legal resident alien green card holders can stay. The Mexican-Americans obviously can stay. Is that radical, arrogant or racist? Fine, call me names. Scream and yell.
Let’s look at some other arguments:
Argentinians belong in Argentina. Haitians belong in Haiti. Russians belong in Russia. Chinese belong in China. Indians belong in India. The illegal ones, anyway. If they want to jump through the hoops and become resident aliens and from there citizens, all the power to them. It may take 15 years.
Presidente Jorge Boosh wants to give illegals one day to automagically turn into some kind of Z-card legal citizens. What a slap in the face to all the green card holders, legal immigrants and others who spent so much money, filled out so many forms, and waited so long to secure their dream.
Why would anyone do it the legal way ever again when they can just go illegal and do it on the easy and cheap?
Suppose we had 12 million Argentines, or Chileans, or Indonesians, or Costa Ricans, or Uruguayans, or Dominicans, or Albanians, or Egyptians, or Angolans, or Bangladeshis, or Nepalis, or Laotians, or New Guineans, all illegals, invading our shores? Would it make any difference? Regardless of their plights, they belong in their own countries.
If their reactionary, nightmare, third world rat holes suck, well, then, they need to make revolution there, hopefully peaceful revolution. In some cases, maybe with the gun. That’s the Leftist in me talking.
Name one Communist country that insanely opened its borders to anyone who wanted to invade in order to crush the working class of their own land. There never was one. Marxist rulers were not stupid. They defended their borders and their workers.
Why do their lunatic acolytes believe in the insanity of “open borders”, with its massive security risks and attendant ruination of the American working class?
“But people are so desperate in Mexico”…Wa wa wa. Yes! People are desperate, starving and living in horrible conditions the world over. Why single out Mexicans? If desperate Mexicans get a free get out of jail pass to invade America, why not open up our borders to the miserable of the entire Third World, many of whom are far worse off than the average Mexican?
“But the Mexicans have children!” Hell, everyone has children. All over the world, people have kids. No kidding! So everyone who has kids, and I guess is desperate too, gets to invade America and drive our wages into the gutter forever. Surveys show that about 1/2 to 1/3 of the population would come to the US if they had the chance. That is 2-3 billion human beings.
This is what the lunatic Left and cheap labor Right in the open borders Lobby wants. Can you imagine? After that 2 billion man march on America occurs, America will be Calcutta writ large. And we can sign the death warrant on our republic, too.
The vast majority of nations in the world do not allow visiting or residing Americans, or anyone else I guess, to work, as long as you are living in or visiting the country. Why? They are leaving those positions open for their own people. The Open Borders loons would say that virtually every country on Earth, then, is racist, for not letting foreigners work in the land.
Even if that is racist (let is play games for a moment) is that really such a bad thing? And if the vast majority of nations are viciously racist, does the word mean anything anymore?
Many nations make it quite hard to become a citizen. The Arab World is notorious for this. The Koreans and Japanese have decided that the future residents of their land should be overwhelmingly Koreans and Japanese. And they are not the only ones. This is very common the world over.
Where is the Open Borders crowd? Why are they not screaming at the Arabs, Koreans and Japanese for being horrible racists? How dare these nations exercise sovereignty over the question of citizenship in their lands!
After all, the only way to be nonracist is to open your borders to any army of invaders that wants to invade, to grant the invaders citizenship on demand when they arrogantly demand it, and to let them steal every job they can from your citizens. Now that we know hat it takes to be a “racist” and a “nonracist”, “racism” is starting to look like sanity, eh? (Being sarcastic here).

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0 thoughts on “Mexicans Belong in Mexico”

  1. I’m actually in Puebla, Mexico right now. Was in Mexico City a few days ago visiting some friends and hanging out. The thing is, illegal immigration gives Americans a very bad impression of Mexico. When Americans think “Mexican” they think of illegals and poverty. The whole country gets tarnished by that image and it stigmatizes all of them. There are lots of middle-class professional Mexicans here who are assets, but those aren’t the ones coming here. One woman I recently met in DF is an economist that works for a think-tank. Another is a business analyst with a background management information systems working for a major bank. Another is journalist and manages the internet department. But Americans think of Mexico and mostly negative things come to mind unless it’s drinking Coronas in Cancun. That’s one of the really bad side-effects of illegal immigration. It tarnishes Mexicans in general and you aren’t exactly getting a cross-section of Mexicans, only the most desperate with the least human capital.

  2. My plan would be that 85% would have to have a high degree of human capital, e.g. highly educated, viable skills for the modern workforce. We could make room for 15% or so who are poor and want to better themselves. As long as you keep limits on the poor ones, they can be absorbed. There would be no welfare for recent arrivals and the Constitution would have to be amended so that citizenship is granted to any kid born in the US by parents here illegally.

  3. Actually Korea is racist. So is Japan and god forbid don’t even mention Arabs. Americans just don’t care because they don’t live in Korea. Personally, Korea is too zenophobic at its own cost. We’re the ones concerned with lowering birth rates and lack of workforce when the rest of the world is dealing with overpopulation. Future Korea will do much better with more immigrants instead of whining about its own stagnation.
    That said, I do agree illegal immigrants should be ejected.

  4. The architects of the libertarian strain of the right believe that they can destroy the welfare state through negative externalities like open borders, low quality immigrants, etc. They agree with Richwine, for example, but, for them, onerous collective costs are good not bad.
    They are wrong, however. They will destroy trust among Americans by driving to extinction those who care about anyone other than their own families. And without that trust, free markets are impossible. All that will be left are bands of relatives who only cooperate with each other and not strangers.

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